A Beginner's Guide to Vape Drip Tips

Posted by Richard Broke on Mar 8th 2019

When you're new to vaping, it's common to be overwhelmed by the different terms that you come across. Some vaping terms you may be able to figure out on your own, while others require a little help. For instance, while researching vaping, it's likely that you've come across the phrase "drip tips," and if you've never vaped before, it's likely that you have no idea what this phrase means.

Basically, a drip tip is one of the options you have for drawing vapor from your vape pen into your mouth. That's not all there is to drip tips, however, so it's a good idea to explore this vape pen accessory in a little closer detail.

What Are Vape Drip Tips?

The best way to understand a drip tip is as an alternative to cartomizers or cartridges, which is what most people use with their vape pen. Every vape pen includes something called an atomizer, which is the component that turns your e-juice into vapor. Cartomizers, cartridges, and drip tips are delivery systems that direct the e-juice to the atomizer.

Most people who are new to vaping start out using cartridges and cartomizers, because they are easy to use and widely available. That being said, these delivery systems do have certain drawbacks, which is why more experienced vapers prefer drip tips.

For instance, the biggest drawback with cartridges is a lack of consistency. After you take your first draw, the vapor from cartridges can be inconsistent, which means subsequent hits aren't as satisfying. Also, it's possible for cartridges to leak vape juice into your mouth, significantly reducing the quality of your vaping experience.

A cartomizer combines the atomizer and e-juice into one convenient package, which means the only thing you need is a mouthpiece to help you draw the vapor. Cartomizers are convenient and easy, which is why many vapers prefer them. While cartomizers are better than cartridges, they also have certain disadvantages that new vapers should consider.

A lack of variety is the disadvantage of cartomizers. With pre-filled cartomizers, you're stuck using the juice the cartomizer contains. You can also purchase empty cartomizers, but then you'll have to fill it yourself before you can start vaping, which can be more time-consuming than new vapers may expect. Fortunately, you can avoid the drawbacks of cartridges and cartomizers by using a vape drip tip.

What Does Drip Tip Mean?

A vape drip tip is a mouthpiece that you can add to your vape pen or e-cigarette, and with this tip, you can do something called dripping. Essentially, dripping is the process of pouring your e-juice directly onto your vape pen atomizer. Adding the juice directly to your atomizer results in a much more consistent vapor, and it also allows you to try as many different juice flavors as you wish, which means dripping eliminates the biggest disadvantages of other e-juice delivery systems.

Drips tips can be made from either metal or plastic and are hollow, so dripping juice onto the atomizer is easy, and you'll also be able to easily take a draw from your mouthpiece. Using a drip tip creates a much cleaner vapor flavor and allows you to harness the full potential of your vape pen.

How Do You Use a Vape Drip?

Now that you know what a vape drip tip is, it's time to learn more about the process of dripping, which is a little more complicated than you might think. Never fear, however. With a little practice, you'll be dripping like an expert in no time at all.

Dripping is basically just what it sounds like. You attach your drip tip your vape pen, pour your e-liquid into your drip tip bore, and let it flow onto your atomizer. Although the process is simple, there is something of an art to dripping successfully.

The biggest trick to dripping is deciding exactly how much e-juice you should use, which will take you a little bit of time to get just right. Using too much e-liquid is common for people using a drip tip for the first time. While it won't harm your atomizer, dripping too much juice will affect the flavor of your vapor. Adding too much juice can cause your wick to burn, which will give your vapor an unpleasant burnt taste.

Adding too much juice to your drip tip can also get downright messy. If you're using a shorter drip tip, pouring too much e-liquid may result in overflowing, creating a mess and wasting your juice. When you first start dripping, it's best to only use a little bit of e-juice at a time. Pouring too little is always better than using too much. After a little experimentation, you'll figure out exactly how much juice you should drip for the best vaping experience.

Vape Tips


Image via Flickr by jonnwilliams

If you're interested in dripping, you need to take the time to make sure that you choose the right vape drip tip. A wide range of drip tip styles are available, and the option that you choose will have a big impact on how you vape. For instance, if you want the strongest flavor possible, you should choose a long tip with a small bore. On the other hand, if you're looking for an easier draw, you'll want a tip with a large bore. This will allow you to draw more vapor, but you should be aware that the flavor will be less concentrated.

Before you choose your drip tip, you should consider what type of hit you want to take from your vape pen. If you're new to vaping, then mouth to lung (MTL) hits are the best option, which means you'll want to invest in an MTL drip tip. An MTL hit means that you're drawing the vapor into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. MTL hits are easy and similar to how most people smoke cigarettes, which is why they're popular with new vapers.

MTL drip tips are designed to make it easier for you to draw vapor into your mouth. Because these tips are longer and have a smaller, curved bore, they produce less vapor so that you won't be overwhelmed when you take a hit. The vapor you draw from MTL drip tips is often packed with flavor, which is why they are such a popular choice.

Some vapers choose to use a wide-bore drip tip. These tips are designed for vapers who want to take direct lung, or sub ohm, hits, which means they inhale the vapor without drawing it into their mouth first. Wide-bore drip tips offer almost no resistance while drawing, making it easier to inhale the vapor. Using one of these drip tips also results in a much higher vapor volume than MTL tips. Finally, these drip tips are very short, which works to improve the vapor flavor.

Can You Customize Your Drip Tip?

For those dripping for the first time, it's common to purchase a drip tip starter kit. While this is the best way to start dripping, it also means that your drip tip will be on the plain side. Luckily, once you've gotten the hang of dripping, you can invest in a custom drip tip that allows you to express your personal style while vaping.

Like many vape pen accessories, drip tips are available in different colors and designs. This means that whether you want a wide-bore or MTL tip, you should be able to find an eye-catching drip tip that you'll want to show off to your friends.

When you're choosing a custom drip tip, make sure that you keep your comfort in mind. While you certainly want your drip tip to look great, you also want to be sure that you enjoy using it. Be sure that your drip tip fits comfortably between your lips and that you can draw from it easily. Your primary goal when choosing your drip tip should be creating a consistently enjoyable vaping experience.

You should also consider the drip tip material when making your purchase. Drip tips are available in a wide range of materials, but the most common choice is stainless steel, particularly if you're buying an MTL tip. MTL tips don't require as much power from the atomizer, which means the stainless steel won't get too hot.

For wide-bore tips, you would need a different material because the atomizer will use a lot more energy to produce the increased vapor, which will make stainless steel uncomfortably hot. Wide-bore tips are made from a heat resistant material so that you can vape comfortably. Vape drip tips can be constructed from materials such as:

  • Aluminum.
  • A combination of wood and metal.
  • Teflon.

Maintaining Your Drip Tip

After you've purchased your drip tip, you want to make sure that it lasts as long as possible. Fortunately, drip tip maintenance isn't all that difficult, and with proper care, your drip tip should be available whenever you want to vape.

Overheating is the biggest issue you should be aware of when it comes to drip tip maintenance, especially if you've purchased a shorter drip tip. Short tips generally aren't heat resistant, which means they'll warm up very quickly and may even burn your lips if you're not careful. If you find that your short drip tip is uncomfortably hot, you should either purchase a new tip made from a heat resistant material or start using a longer drip tip.

Even if you take these precautions, you may still find that your drip tip overheats. Generally, this is because you're drawing off your vape pen too frequently. Take some time between hits so that your drip tip stays cool.

In addition to preventing overheating, you need to make sure that your drip tip stays clean. There are several substances that can accumulate inside your drip tip and reduce your vaping enjoyment:

  • Saliva.
  • Skin from your lips.
  • Food and other debris.

E-juice can also dry inside of the drip tip, which will limit the quality of your draw and the flavor of your vapor. To keep your drip tip clean, you should run it under hot water and clean the interior with soap after every vaping session. If you've neglected cleaning for a while, you may need to use something a little stronger, such as alcohol wipes, to clear the gunk from inside of your drip trip. Not only will regular cleaning making your vaping more pleasurable, it will let you share your vape pen with friends without worrying about transferring germs.

Should You Use a Drip Tip?

After learning more about drip tips and dripping, it's time to decide if this type of vaping is right for you. The first thing you should consider before dripping is whether you want the flexibility to try new e-juice flavors. If so, then there's no better option than investing in a drip tip. Dripping allows you to try new flavors whenever you want, and they'll be much more enjoyable since drip tips result in more concentrated vapors.

If ease is your main concern with vaping, then using a drip tip may not be the right choice for you. Although dripping isn't difficult, it's not as convenient as other vaping options. With a drip tip, you'll need to regularly add more e-liquid into your atomizer, which can be hard to do when you're on the move. So, if you want to vape when you have a break from work or school, using a cartomizer is probably the better option. Also, if you like to choose an e-juice flavor and stick with it, there's no need to use a drip tip. Just choose a cartomizer with your favorite flavor and vape away.

Drip tips are one of the most popular accessories for vape pens. With a drip tip, you can get the full flavor of your e-juice every time you take a draw from your vape pen, meaning both new and experienced vapers can benefit from this accessory. While vape drip tips aren't the right choice for every vaper, many people who try dripping will never want to use another e-juice delivery system.