2017 The Best Vape Mods (Tanks & RDA's too)

Posted by Richard Broke on Jun 7th 2017

2017 The Best Vape Mods (Tanks & RDA's too)
  • How to Choose the Right Tank and Best Mods, Tanks, and RD(T)A’s of 2017

Getting the right device and tank are extremely important to your vaping experience! There are endless options for vape tanks and devices, so these tips can hopefully help you in your decision! Let’s get started!

Are you new to vaping?

Are you trying to quit smoking? If you answered yes to either of these questions, I strongly recommend a Positive ohm tank, such as the Aspire K1.

  • These tanks feel and hit more like a cigarette
  • They are generally smaller/skinnier
  • These tanks use positive ohm coils, which are much better for the higher mg nictotine juices

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Are you a more seasoned vaper?

If you have been vaping for awhile and are ready to step up to something that will deliver more clouds, I recommend going for a sub-ohm tank, such as the Aspire Cleito or the SMOK Baby Beast.

  • These tanks are great for getting more cloud
  • They do not require you to know how to build coils
  • They use the higher VG juices, so a lower nicotine level is usually required.
  • A step up from the positive ohm tanks

Do you think sub ohm tanks just aren't good enough?

If you have already experienced the Sub-Ohm tanks and are ready to move up from there, I recommend trying out an RTA, RDTA, or RDA! These do require more work, since you have to build coils. If you want to try building, check out my blogs on coil building! The first can be found here!

  • If you enjoy the feel of a tank, start with an RTA. RTA’s are Rebuildable Tank Atomizers. This requires you to build coils and install them into the rta, then fill tank with juice. It is the easiest way for rebuildable vaping.
  • If you want to go all out and want to try dripping, this is where your RDA comes into play. This option has no true tank (some may have drip wells for storing juice).
  • If you want something that you can use as either a dripper or a tank, this is where your RDTA comes into play. This combines both the RDA and RTA options into one device and you can use it either way!

While it is still early in 2017, the mods on this list have been voted by those members of Vape Nation to be the best currently available in 2017! This list will be updated frequently as more products come out, but so far, I don’t think anything will overtake these mods!

Best Mods of 2017

Smok Alien 220

  • Yeah, this is no surprise at all. The Alien 220 is easily the most popular and sought after device on the market since it’s release date. Being a compact and small mod that can push 220 watts of power, it is easy to see why vapers are flocking to it! Despite the early paint chipping flaws, this mod has great battery life (it takes dual 18650 batteries), temp control, and all the settings that vape enthusiasts love. It definitely is deserving of the #1 spot on the best vape mods of 2017 list.

Wismec Reuleaux rx200(S)

  • The rx200, while being in circulation for quite some time, is still one of the most popular mods on the market! A 3 battery mod that has great battery life and can push 200 watts of power (250w with the upgrade), it is a great option for anyone. While it is a bit bulkier than the alien, it is definitely worth having! Anyone who owns a Wismec device, especially the RX series, will tell you these mods just don’t seem to quit!

Sigelei KAOS Spectrum

  • This is one of the coolest mods out there right now. The KAOS is a dual battery, 230 watt device that brings some serious attention to itself. While Sigelei already has the 213, this device will easily outsell the competitors. It has many different color options, plus TFT lighting where you can choose the color that the mod lights up! Easily deserving the #3 spot on the best vape mods of 2017 list. (I just ordered mine recently)

Smok GX350

  • This is a mod that will absolutely blow your socks off! First, it takes 4 18650 batteries, so it is quite large and has, in my opinion, the best battery life on the market. Offering 350 watts of power and a sleek, easy to grip construction, this mod takes the cake for 300+ watt mods! If you are a Smok fan, you will absolutely love this thing!

SX Mini G Class 200W

  • This mod right here is normally out of the average vapers price range. Easily over $200, this is the only high end mod that made this list, and for good reasons! It features the ever-loved YiHi chipset and offers 200 pure watts of power in a small, sleek, and unique device! If you ever want a mod that will make you rethink every other mod you have purchased, this is the mod for you! While I believe this should be #1 on this list, it came in at #5 on the vote, so that’s where it will stay on this best vape mods of 2017 list!

There you have it! The unbiased, voted best vape mods of 2017 list! If you haven’t checked these mods out, it is a must! Everything on here is great quality and loved by the industry! If you don’t see your favorite mod on here, comment below and we will see where it fits! Vape On!

Best Tanks of 2017

Let’s face it, everyone wants to know what the best tank on the market is. If you try searching for best vape tank, you come to these websites that are pay-for-play and will endorse any tank that is popular or that they are paid to be put on their site. Well, this list has been created with the help of the members of Vape Nation, a Facebook group that currently has 38,000+ members and is growing rapidly. Out of all the responses, these were the top 5 best vape tanks of 2017!

Smok TFV12 Cloud Beast King

  • Yep, we all should have known this tank would make the list. Smok is currently the reigning champ in vape popularity right now. More and more people are switching to the TFV12 than any other tank on the market, and most are loving it! This tank will definitely chuck some serious clouds!

Smok Micro TFV8 Baby Beast

  • Of course a second Smok Tank comes in at #2. This is the mini version of the TFV8 and it performs just as well! Only downside to this tank is that with the small juice capacity, you will find yourself refilling it quite a bit. The flavor is great and the vapor production is quite surprising!

Aspire Cleito

  • Ahh, an old favorite of mine! In my opinion, this is the absolute best all-around tank you can find! With fantastic vapor and flavor, it’s almost incomparable to anything else! The new EXO Cleito was pretty high on the list. It’s basically the same tank, but with a new look. (Much more protective around the glass)

Aspire Cleito 120

  • I was actually surprised that this tank make the list! While I love the 120, many people have pushed it away, ever since Smok started making their name. The Cleito 120 is a more powerful Cleito. It gives much more vapor without sacrificing flavor! Definitely a tank that any cloud chaser would love!

Tobeco Super Tank Mini

  • Coming out of left field, Tobeco makes it in the #5 spot! The Super Tank Mini is one of the most durable tanks I have ever come across. Most like this tank because it is small and gives amazing flavor! Cloud production is decent, but seriously, this thing is built to last! I’ve personally witnessed a co-worker throw this tank and hit a brick wall, and it was completely fine!

There you have it! One of the first unbiased “Best” lists! I have personally tried all of these tanks, and love every one (besides the TFV12- it gives almost no flavor). But, this isn’t an opinion article! This is coming straight from the Vape Community! Those are the top 5 best vape tanks of 2017 according to our peers! Comment below and tell us if we should add anything!

Best RDAs of 2017

This list was probably my favorite “best of” list to compile data for! If you know me, I am big into building coils and love testing out hundreds of RDAs! Without any further waiting, here is the unbiased list of best RDAs of 2017 (voted on by employees of Lizard Juice and members of Vape Nation)

Goon RDA by 528 Customs

  • Easily the most popular RDA on the market, so it’s no surprise that this comes in at the #1 spot on the best RDAs of 2017. This is a 2 post clamp style build deck that offers tons of building space! It is perfect for beginners or more advanced builders with the ability to fit many size builds! Definitely a great RDA to have!

Armageddon Apocalypse

  • One of my personal favorite RDAs, the Apocalypse is a Goon clone, but with better airflow. It’s no wonder why this RDA takes the #2 spot on the best RDAs of 2017, since it was modeled after the Goon, but has better performance (in my opinion). A second rda with the 2 post clamp style deck, it can fit almost any build. I would definitely recommend this RDA to anyone who enjoys building and using RDAs!

Geekvape Tsunami

  • The Tsunami is a very well known and highly acclaimed RDA. It has a velocity style deck for ease of building. I will have to say that this RDA is definitely in my personal top 5 list for the simple fact that it is easy to build on. More geared towards beginner builders, the deck isn’t quite big enough for more advanced builds (such as alien coils). Overall, this RDA is nicely built and sturdy, making it one of the most popular and loved RDAs on the market!

Mason 30mm

  • This is a very large RDA and will have quite a bit of overhang on most mods, but the massive size makes building so much more fun! The size of coils you can shove into this RDA makes it worth buying, especially for more advanced builders! If you are familiar with building, I can fit an Alien Coil wrapped 11 times on one side of the deck! That’s absolutely nuts! This is an extremely fun RDA to use for those advanced builders who enjoy testing the limits! This RDA is my #2 favorite, but it lands at #4 on the best RDAs of 2017 list!

ModFather 30mm

  • Just catching the #5 spot is the ModFather 30mm RDA. ModFather products are a bit hard to find and pretty exclusive, so it makes sense that this is a crowd favorite! Again, the deck is huge, making building advanced coils even more fun! If you love building and enjoy the bigger, bulkier coils, this RDA is perfect for you! This thing chucks clouds and keeps a good flavor, so overall, it definitely deserves to be on the best RDAs of 2017 list!

Well, if you enjoy building and are a RDA fan, this list will get you what you need! The unbiased top 5 best RDAs of 2017 list voted on by your peers! If you haven’t tried these out, you really should! Vape On!

Best RDTAs of 2017

Time to take a look at the most loved and best RDTAs of 2017! Out of all of the RDTAs that made this list, one was definitely a major standout to the members of Vape Nation! We will start with that one, then move down to the next 4 on the list of the best RDTAs of 2017!

Geekvape Avocado 24mm

  • Yes, the undisputed champion of this list! This RDTA has been named best RDTA by many sites and reviewers, and I definitely agree! The easy to build on Velocity style deck, accompanied by the 5mL capacity juice reservoir, this RDTA is literally unbeatable! It has also been voted best device for flavor!

Limitless Plus RDTA

  • Ijoy makes some fantastic RDTAs, and this is the best yet! Easy to use and larger than the original Limitless, the 6.3mL capacity juice reservoir and 2 post deck makes this a real competitor! It makes sense that this falls at the #2 spot on the best RDTAs of 2017.

Dragon Ball RDTA

  • This RDTA is one of my favorites! It is easily the hottest, most controversial item on the market! Many say it helps the FDA’s campaign of driving teens to vape. Either way, it’s performance speaks for itself! The Velocity style deck and 4mL capacity for juice, this device almost mimics the performance of the Avocado!

Limitless RDTA

  • Yep, the original and the plus both made the list! The Limitless RDTA has always been a crowd favorite! Even being on the market for long long, it still manages to break the #4 spot on the best RDTAs of 2017! It was made unique with a convenient side filling tank!

CoilArt Azeroth

  • Much like the original Limitless RDTA, the Azeroth was an underdog in my opinion, so I am surprised it made this list. It has a 4mL capacity juice reservoir and the 2 post clamp style deck, making it perfect for any type of build! While being an underdog, the Azeroth falls at #5 on the best RDTAs of 2017!

If you are looking for a great performing RDTA, look no further! These are your top 5 Best RDTAs of 2017! This list will be updated if anything changes, so be on the lookout! Vape On!