Broke Dick has Big Bottles at Small Prices

Posted by Richard Broke on Jun 12th 2019

Broke Dick has Big Bottles at Small Prices

Once upon a time, we were just some folks with bank accounts and vape tanks running dangerously dry. Instead of continuing to pinch pennies just to keep our tanks full, we decided to do something about it. It didn’t happen overnight, but after some trial and error mixing up some tasty vape juice flavors, we packed them up in big bottles and started a website. That’s how we started Broke Dick, your best source for cheap 120ml vape juice.

It may sound like a simple plan, but sometimes a simple plan is the easiest to follow after polishing off a six-pack or two. Our whole model is based around making sure our customers can get the juice they need without having to pay absurd prices. The whole reason we’ve been able to shake up the vape juice industry is the fact that our customers, unsurprisingly, love getting 120ml of great juice for less than our competitors would charge for half of that.

So how can we pull this off? Well, we looked at how the big vape hogs run their operations and we started trimming the fat. Are we spending thousands on big ad campaigns? Nah, we just make juice that’s worth sharing and our customers give us all the publicity we need. Instead of buying a big expensive factory, we just rent a state of the art production facility when we need to pump out another run of juice.

Once we have our juice, we don’t deal with middlemen, we just sell our juice straight to our customers. No need to pay that store markup with Broke Dick, just save that cash for the weekend and thank us later.

That’s why we operate online. Customers all over the world can pick up Broke Dick’s juice without needing to drive to a store and deal with some clerk trying to squeeze you for an extra buck. Wouldn’t you rather just find the juice you want and have a bottle shipped right to your door? That’s why we make it so easy to get our cheap 120ml vape juice, to keep your life simple.

Our big 120ml ejuice bottles are another way we save you money. The big vape hogs are all about nickel and diming you, and one of their favorite tactics is size options. Do you really want a small bottle of juice? They’ll sell you one, but at a higher price point. Broke Dick isn’t gonna scam you like that, we only offer cheap 120ml vape juice.

The 120 ml size is a favorite for most vapers. They fit easily in your bag or pocket and can keep your tank full way longer than an overpriced little bottle of junk juice. Plus only selling one size means we only need to buy one kind of bottle and print one label size. Just another way we can save enough to offer such insane prices.

All this cost-cutting lets us focus on the most important thing, the juice! Some juice brands might see the bottom line as the biggest part of their business, but we focus on the product. Making a little spare change is nice, and it keeps the cooler full of tallboys, but it’s not why we’re in this business.

We want to change how people see vape companies. Vape users have been sold the narrative that “expensive equals better” when it comes to juice. When we sell our vape juice, we know that your taste buds won’t believe your wallet.

Putting quality ahead of profits is how we’ve always wished companies would think, and that’s what makes us a new kind of vape juice provider. We know our juice is top of the line, even though we price it like reasonable people. If you don’t believe it’s possible, grab a bottle of our cheap 120ml vape juice. We know you’ll love turning our great deals into tasty clouds.

Once you’ve tried our vape juice, you’ll be hooked on getting such delicious flavors for so cheap. When you’re pumping out clouds this tasty, you’re gonna have folks lining up asking for a drip in their tank. You can feel great handing out tasty rips to all your buds like some kinda Johnny Vaper-seed, all while knowing that you’re not gonna go broke in the process.

So change how you look at vape companies by dealing with Broke Dick. Find a flavor you love and we’ll ship it out to you as quick as we can. Grab two or more bottles of our cheap 120ml vape juice and we’ll even cover the shipping for you. Just another way we’re here to save you some dough. Vape with Broke Dick and you’ll only get the best for less.