How to Change Vape Juice Without Affecting the Flavor

Posted by Richard Broke on Sep 6th 2018

How to Change Vape Juice Without Affecting the Flavor

How to Change Vape Juice Without Affecting the Flavor

There are many different e-cigarette and mod varieties on the market. One of the key differences between all of these options is the way it affects flavor.

One of the reasons why some devices leave a bad taste is when you change up the vape juice.

The device isn't properly cleaned so the flavors mix together. The key to changing up your flavors without leaving a bad taste is using the right device and cleaning methods.

Here's how to change vape juice and not get a bad flavor.

Find a Flavor That Fits Your Wattage and Airflow

There's no one-flavor-fits-all. Certain devices work better with some flavors than others. To know which flavor works best with your device, pay attention to the wattage and airflow.

Depending on the device you're using, the airflow could be customizable. But if it isn't, know what flavor works best with the set airflow. Larger airflow means weaker flavor and lower airflow means a powerful flavor.

Like the airflow, the wattage can also be customizable. But using a device with a set wattage will reduce your flavor options. High heat can affect the vape juice flavor.

Read the instructions manual and know what temperature your device draws at.

Now, this gets a little complicated. Here are the best flavors at the best temperatures:

Lower Heat:

  • Menthol
  • Fruit

Higher Heat:

  • Creamy
  • Desserts

If you prefer vaping multiple flavors, use different tanks. Memorize which flavors work best for your different tanks. This is inconvenient if you're on a budget, but it will ease the process.

Only Fill Up Your Tank to the Correct Amount

The more juice, the better the flavor, right? Wrong. Most vapers fill their tank too full. Especially when they experiment with flavors. Each tank should have a fill line. You only fill the liquid to that point.

You can even fill the liquid below that line. If you like experimenting with flavors, you should always fill the liquid below the line.

Make Sure the Tank is Empty Before Switching Juices

A common mistake most vapers make is adding a new juice before the tank is empty. This can easily ruin your vaping experience.

First, vape until the tank is empty. Before filling the tank again, clean it out. Take about your device and clean each piece by rinsing it out with water. Let each piece dry and then fill up the tank with the new flavor.

Now You Know How to Change Vape Juice

It's common to try a new flavor and get a bad taste. You may even be surprised how overpowering and strong the flavor is.

But this is likely not the liquid itself. You need to know how to change vape juice.

Make sure you have the right device for the juice you want. Before changing the flavors, make sure your device is properly cleaned and dry. After you're done, you can enjoy all of the vape flavors you want.

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