Juicing the Juice: How to Find Your Best Vape Setup for Flavor

Posted by Richard Broke on Mar 29th 2019

Juicing the Juice: How to Find Your Best Vape Setup for Flavor

Juicing the Juice: 9 Tips to Find Your Best Vape Setup for Flavor

Nine million adults vape in the United States. And this trend¹ isn't slowing down.

People choose e-cigarettes and vapes for different reasons. Many people view vaping as an alternative to smoking. While others love vaping because of billowing vapor clouds.

Vaping also tastes better than traditional smokingº.

E-juice comes in hundreds of different flavors. And some people even mix e-juice flavors to create their own new ones. The possibilities are endless!

Many vapers wonder what is the best vape setup for flavor? Keep reading for our top 9 tips to improve your vapor flavor.

1. Avoid Vaper's Tounge

One of the biggest problems frequent vapers face is a flavor fatigue known as Vaper's Tounge. After prolonged use, your vape juice will start to lose its flavor. And you may even have trouble enjoying juices in the same flavor profile.

Avoid Vaper's Tongue by switching your flavor regularly. If you've been enjoying fruit flavors for a while maybe switch it up with some coffee or dessert flavors.

You can also use at home tricks to cleanse your palate if you're in love with your current juice. Sucking a lemon or sipping water to cleanse your palate before your next puff!

2. Airflow Position Impacts Flavor

Many atomizers have airflow holes to the side of the heating coil. While this design works fine for many vapers, the true flavor-chaser has better options.

Consider investing in a mod that has under coil airflow. Under coil airflow improves vapor flavor and taste.

Top airflow mods are another popular choice. Adjustable top airflow mods allow air to quickly reach the coil. This design is great flavor and cloud-oriented vapers alike.

3. Adjust Your Vape Settings

Changing your mod's temperature is one of the easiest ways to improve a juice's flavor profile. And many vapers invest in adjustable voltage mods to improve their flavor.

The flavor components of your e-liquid vaporize at different temperatures. So, different settings bring out different flavors!

Start with the lowest settings and slowly increase your voltage until you find the juice's ideal temperature. You need to try this with every flavor because every juice is different.

4. Carefully Select Your Coil

Your coil has a huge impact on your overall flavor. Some coils are better for creating monstrous clouds. While others lend their talents to flavorful hits.

The most important thing to consider when you're shopping for a new coil is surface area. Coils with more surface area are better for flavor. Bigger surface area means you can vaporize more juice each time.

Maximize your coil surface area by selecting a coil with a lot of twists and turns. This results in robust flavor with each hit.

5. Select a Higher PG Juice

The two most popular types of vape juice bases are Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG).

High VG juice is popular among cloud-chasers. But VG juice doesn't carry flavor very well.

Concentrates higher in PG yield the best flavor. Many flavor-chasing vapers hover around a 50 percent PG and VG e-juice ratio. And you can get even higher PG ratios for better flavor.

6. Choose a Narrow Drip Tip

Large-bore drip tips are wider and create a light and airy vapor. This makes them ideal for cloud-chasers looking to nail the coolest tricks.

But all the extra vapor from a wide-bore drip-tip dilutes your e-juice's flavor. Changing your mod's drip tip can really improve your flavor.

A narrow drip tip won't produce huge billowing clouds. But you will get the most potent flavor out of each puff. And the thinner your drip tip the more potent your flavor!

Experiment with different drip tip diameters and find the balance that is perfect for you.

7. Change Your Wick

E-juices taste better when you use a fresh wick. When you are switching flavors its best to change your wick. You don't want lingering flavor from your last juice ruining your new one!

Japanese Organic Cotton is a popular wick option. It performs better than synthetic materials. And these pure cotton wicks won't alter or dilute your e-juice flavor.

One of the benefits of using a rebuildable atomizer is that you can easily change your wick. Take the old wick out of the chamber and then dry out your coil by firing it empty. Wait for the chamber to cool then put a new wick in.

8. Reduce Your Airflow

High airflow is ideal for cloud chasers. More air traveling through your coil results in a lighter, billowing vapor. This is perfect for performing cloud tricks.

But all that extra air dampens your e-juice's flavor! Reduce the airflow to your coil to improve your vapor flavor.

Be careful not to close off your airflow too much! Cutting off too much air can leave you with poor vapor quality. And too little air will make your hits hotter and harsher.

9. Keep it Clean

A little basic vape maintenance goes a long way when it comes to getting the best flavor from your mod. Built-up grime can ruin your juice's flavor.

Dirty mods result in gross tasting vapor. Eventually, residue from your e-juice builds up in your vape. This can make your vapor taste burnt or can cause your flavors to mix.

Regularly clean your vape equipment to improve your flavor. Take apart your mod and thoroughly clean it once a week.

Find Your Best Vape Setup for Flavor Today

You can use our guide to find the perfect vape setup for you. But everyone's palette is different. You need to experiment with different settings and mods yourself to find your perfect vape setup.

Adjust the airflow and reduce your the temperature. Experiment with different wick materials and coils. Even try changing out your usual e-juice for a high PG variety.

Eventually, you'll find your best vape setup for flavor. But the best place to begin is by investing in the best vape juice.

What do you think of our tips for improving vapor flavor? What tricks do you use to get the best taste out of your e-juice? Comment below!


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