The Best Vape Pen of 2017

Posted by Richard Broke on Jun 6th 2017

The Best Vape Pen of 2017

So I’m sure there are a lot of you out there that may want to switch from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping. Let me be the first to congratulate you and say great idea. The hard part is what comes next, choosing your vape pen. With traditional cigarettes it’s simply a matter of picking a brand, opening the box, and smoking. The process isn’t quite as easy when it comes to picking your first vape pen. Your search for the best vape pen is probably what lead you to this article. Let’s go through the process of picking the best vape pen for you and then I’ll review some of the best vape pens currently on the market.

So, how do you pick the best vape pen for you? First we have to figure out what type of smoker you are. If you smoke at least a pack of cigarettes a day or more then I highly suggest you purchase a vape pen that runs on a positive ohm coil. The positive ohm coil will allow you to vaporize the higher amount of nicotine that you will need and not choke on it. Believe me, we want you to have a smooth transition from smoking to vaping and nothing ruins that experience quicker than vaping too much nicotine out of the wrong device. There are many great starter devices that may be right for you. Let’s go over a few below.


This is a great starter kit if you will require a high nicotine strength. The device itself is a pen style device that comes with everything you need to start your transition from smoking traditional cigarettes to vaping. The kit comes with a battery, top fill tank, a charging cable, and two replaceable atomizers. Both of the atomizers are positive ohm which give off a smooth, satisfying hit when used with a higher nicotine juice. The tank’s top fill feature make it very simple and easy to fill which is honestly a great feature for a first time vaper. If you like a small, discreet device then this may be the best vape pen for you.


Joyetech revolutionized the vaping industry when it released the AIO design. AIO stands for All In One which is exactly what this device is. The battery and tank are combined into one unit where the only moving parts are the top cap and the airflow ring. The Top cap is removed to both fill the device and change the atomizers. The kit comes with the AIO device, a charging cable, and two atomizers. One atomizer is a positive 1.5 ohm coil for high nicotine and a .6 ohm coil for lower nicotine juice once you have graduated to that level. The AIO also has a color change function where you can change the color of the led when you vape it. If you like a vape pen with few moving parts then the AIO might be the best vape pen for you.


The Wismec Motiv is essentially a larger version of the Joyetech AIO. The main difference is the Motive is more of an oblong shape where the AIO is round. The oblong shape is a nice feature that prevents the device from rolling off of desks or countertops which is always a plus. The Motiv comes with a charging cable and two .25 sub ohm atomizers. You may think that coils with such a low ohm would cause a much harsher vaping experience but both coils handle a high nicotine level fairly well and offer a good vaping experience. The Motiv also includes a color changing feature much like the AIO. If you are looking for a device that is easy to use and won’t roll off your desk then the Wismec Motiv may be the best vape pen for you.

Now that we’ve covered some devices that work with the high nicotine juices required for heavier smokers, let’s turn our attention to the lighter and casual smokers. That’s right guys, the vaping industry caters to you too! We literally have something for everyone! Since you aren’t a heavy smoker, the amount of nicotine you will need is much lower than that of a heavy smoker. Instead of 18mg, 24mg, or 36mg juice a vaper like yourself can use juices 12mg and lower. The devices I am going to suggest I wouldn’t venture above a 6mg juice but to each their own. Let’s go over a few of the most popular vape pens for the folks who don’t need as much nicotine and see if we can’t find the best vape pen for your style of vaping.


This device right here is a cloud chucking little beast. The kit comes with Smok’s highly touted Big Baby Beast tank on top of an internal 3000mah battery. The kit includes the battery, Big Baby Beast tank, a charging cable, and two atomizers. Both atomizers that are included are sub ohm coils that do well with juices that contain lower amounts of nicotine. The Big Baby Beast is a top fill tank that is easily to use and easy to fill. The battery is a simple 5 click on, 5 click off design that simple needs to be plugged in to charge. That’s it, super simple to use and enjoy! If you are looking for something simple to use that produces great cloud then this might be the best vape pen for you.


This starter kit is for the folks who are a little more technologically inclined. The Sub Box Nano kit is still a device that is on the smaller side but it comes with a lot more moving parts. This device also allows the user to adjust their wattage or temperature to dial in that perfect hit. The Kanger Sub Box Nano kit comes with Kanger’s top fill subtank nano, the battery base (single 18650 not included), a charging cable, and a few assorted sub ohm coils. This kit, while intimidating at first glance, is a very manageable and easy to operate starter device. The subtank nano is also compatible with several of Kanger’s coils that range from positive to sub ohm for a truly customizable vape experience. If you don’t mind buying a separate battery and pushing a few buttons to adjust your vape, then this might be the best vape pen for you.


This is another kit that comes with everything you need but requires little adjustment. The kit includes your Vecco One sub ohm tank, battery base, charging cable, and a few sub ohm coils. The greatest feature this kit provides to a starting vaper is that the battery does all the work for you. Simply put any tank on top of the battery system, press the fire button, and the battery adjusts to the perfect wattage for the coil being used. As the user you can still adjust wattage or temperature from there but really what’s better than just being able to hit the fire button and go? If you are a vaper that likes to just press the button and go but still have the ability to fine tune your vape then this might be the best vape pen for you.

This is of course a very short list of the devices available to you. Use this only as a reference to help you in picking out the best vape pen for you. Enjoy!