Why Cheap Vape Juice Is Still Good Juice

Posted by Richard Broke on Oct 1st 2017

Why Cheap Vape Juice Is Still Good Juice

Why is this vape juice so much? Why is that vape juice so cheap? Vape juice prices vary for several reasons so let me enlighten you. First I'll explain why the prices are so high and then I'll tell you how I keep mine so low. Let's start with the expensive stuff.


Most people automatically assume that the cheaper the price is, the cheaper the quality of the product. This can sometimes be true but not in our case. But here's some things that affect the cost of your vape juice, or any product for that matter.

  • Overhead: Every business has to pay the bills. Overhead varies depending on the size and cost of running the operation. Example: A 2000sqft facility will be much cheaper to run than a 20,000sqft facility. You also have to take into account labor, the technology and equipment being used in manufacturing, as well as a warehousing and shipping department. None of this stuff is cheap folks. And believe it or not all of these things have a dollar and cents value that's broken down and assigned to every bottle.
  • Packaging: The packaging of your favorite vape juice is a big hit on pricing. That fancy glass skull bottle that your vape juice comes in is 10-20x more expensive than that plastic bottle the "cheap" brand comes in. Do you buy the juice for the bottle or the juice?
  • Brand name: That's right, the expensive vape juice companies are charging you more money strictly because of their name. A nice example of this in the retail world is the Jordan brand. $220 for a pair of basketball shoes because it has the Jordan name and logo on it. There is nothing special about these shoes other than the name. People ask how much is something worth? The answer is whatever someone is willing to pay for it.


Now that you know some of the main reasons the other companies charge the astronomical prices they do let me explain how and why I don't.

  • Overhead: We keep our overhead as low as possible. How? We RENT our manufacturing facility 3-4 times per year depending on supply and demand. We monitor our supply and demand very closely so that we don't have to make more than we need. Waste not, want not. Renting the manufacturing facility is exponentially cheaper than owning and operating it 24/7 365.
  • Packaging: We don't buy the super fancy, super expensive bottles for our vape juice. Why? Because you aren't vaping the bottle, you're vaping the juice. We don't include a dispensing top. Why? Because you may already have one. That's good for costs, good for you, and good for the environment. Every cent we save is a cent we pass along to you in savings.
  • Brand name: We aren't going to charge you for our name. We aren't Jordan, we're more like Jordache. And we're ok with that. This isn't a vape fashion show. We're here to provide a great tasting and cheap vape juice that's affordable to everyone. After all, we're like every other Broke Dick trying to get by in this world.

As far as ingredients go, well that's where we don't cut corners. We use all the same ingredients the "big guys" use because it's the right thing to do. However, by managing our costs we can actually make our vape juices better than theirs. By not going overboard on overhead we have the ability to add more of that wonderful flavoring to our vape juices. End result? Great taste, cheap vape!