Cash Advance - Key Lime Pie (120ml)

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We all get in a bind sometimes and when you’ve got someone breathing down your back, the Cash Advance can feel like the almighty savior itself. After the check clears and the debt is paid, you’ve earned another slice of the pie. Most key lime pie flavors lean way too hard into the sour lime flavor but we wanted a rounded profile that captured it all.

You get it all here. Buttery graham cracker crust. Creamy custard. Whipped cream. Lime that isn’t too sour, not too sweet, just perfectly balanced. For those celebratory days, load your tank with this. Get it in a couple of days with our dumb fast shipping.




  • Graham Crackers Crust
  • Ripe Limes
  • Creamy Cheese Cake
  • Whipped Topping


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.
Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.
Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

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  • 5
    This key lime...

    Posted by Trey Jones on Jun 29th 2020

    This is one of my new favorite flavors. Y'know how some brands try to create flavors, and over do it in part or whole....and make it taste horrible?That's not the case here.The lime was subtle but present,the cream was the kind that makes you snack your tongue to the roof of your mouth,and for a moment there...I tasted crust on the back end. Well done,BD.Its definitely on my reorder list.

  • 5
    5 stars

    Posted by Matthew Hayes on Jun 10th 2020

    very excellent flavor

  • 5
    5 stars

    Posted by Matthew Hayes on Jun 10th 2020

    outstanding flavor

  • 4
    Cash advanced

    Posted by Cameron Allen on May 14th 2020

    It’s surprisingly good, the lime is there and the gram cracker crust is there.
    I love key lime pie flavors, if it wouldn’t be a bother, can we get it with 25% extra flavor. That would be amazing. Plus I’ll be buying more soon.

  • 5

    Posted by Dillon Mincey on May 5th 2020

    One of the best!

  • 5
    Cash advance

    Posted by Matthew Sise on Apr 23rd 2020

    Definitely one of my go to favorites!! Key lime flavor is spot on!! Not to sweet and has been my all day vape since it arrived.

  • 5
    Holy cow this is good!

    Posted by Robert on Apr 15th 2020

    Is it just me or can you taste the pie crust too?? This juice is awesome!

  • 5
    This is a great juice!

    Posted by Bret Stone on Apr 9th 2020

    I have tried quite a few other Key lime Pie flavors, and this one tops them. It's REALLY good! Hell, the price can't really be beat for 120ml!

  • 5
    Key Lime Pie

    Posted by Shelly on Jan 8th 2020

    Absolutely love, love, love this one. So happy you brought it back. Been vaping your products for a year and a half faithfully. Definitely a smooth and creamy favorite.