How To Choose the Best Vape Juice

Posted by Richard Broke on Mar 20th 2020

There's more to today's vaping scene than just nicotine. What about all those delectable flavors? For the new vaper, picking out a selection of vape juice can be a blast €” or an overwhelming situation. With so many options to go for, where do you start? Knowing more information can help you choose the best vape juice for you.

What Are the Ingredients in Vape Juice?

Image via Flickr by Broke Dick There are a seemingly endless number of vape juice options on the shelves, from your basic grape to a concoction of tastes that you might never expect €”like Lava Flow. You may have heard the rumor that vape juice is full of toxic chemicals like antifreeze, but this propaganda is just wrong. If you buy your e-juice from a company that lists their ingredients, you're going to know exactly what you are getting. However, most vape juice starts with a combination of these five basic ingredients:

1. Water

Water has a prominent role in most vape juice brands. Your device likely has a reservoir for vape juice and a heating element to fire it up. These are the basic components of most atomizers. A cotton wicking material draws the liquid to the metal heating coil, where it is vaporized with the help of water.

2. Vegetable Glycerin

One of the two most common ingredients you'll find in e-liquid, vegetable glycerin (VG) is a thick oil that's a suspension agent for nicotine and flavorings. It's considered completely safe by the FDA, as it comes from vegetables. While it does make the best vapor, its main benefit is that it is hypoallergenic. It does lack preservatives, which may or may not be a good thing, depending on where you stand on that issue.

3. Propylene Glycol

The other common ingredient in vape juice, propylene glycol (PG) is a thin liquid. It carries flavors better than VG, yet it produces inferior vapor. Some vape enthusiasts are allergic or sensitive to PG because it's a synthetic by-product, making VG a better choice for them. It's also a preservative and may extend the life of your vape juice.

4. Nicotine

Nicotine is a stimulant. It's what gives you that pleasant buzz when you vape or smoke cigarettes. Scientists found a way to extract this natural ingredient found in tobacco, and suspend it in e-liquid for vaping. The amount of nicotine in your vape juice is measured as milligrams per milliliter (mg/mL), from zero all the way up to 32 mg/mL. Depending on your smoking habits, you may want to start around 12 mg/mL and see what you think. Nicotine is a prime reason why people take up vaping, and while there's a bit of controversy around nicotine, if you look at the ingredients list on a pack of cigarettes compared to the one on your favorite vape juice you will notice a difference.

5. Flavoring

Vape juice comes in all sorts of flavors. Those tastes come from the very same food grade extracts you're probably eating in your foods every day. These concentrated drops are used to flavor pretty much every packaged food item that you put in your mouth.

How to Pick the Best Vape Juice

So, what makes one type of vape juice the best? There's no simple answer to this question. It's about what is right for your individual needs. However, what we can explore are PG/VG and nicotine ratios. When shopping for vape juice, you'll notice that a lot of products revolve around different concentrations. Here's what you need to know:

Choosing Your VG and PG Ratios

Remember two of the main ingredients, vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG)? They are the two most common ingredients in vape juice, and most products contain both ingredients in a specific ratio, such as a 50/50 blend, or exactly half of each. It's the most common mixture and seems to serve the majority of vapers well. A higher ratio of PG, the thinner of the two substances, will help avoid sticky residue on your vape coils and may deliver stronger, more intense flavors. High VG vape juice works best with sub ohm vaporizers that provide increased power output because it is challenging to create vapor from this viscous liquid. You're also going to have to clean or replace your coils more often than with a lower level VG blend.

What's the Right Nicotine Content?

Vape juice comes in a variety of nicotine strengths. While each manufacturer is different, most offer each flavor in a choice of a couple different concentrations. Nicotine levels are clearly labeled, so it's easy to pick the right one for you. Vape Pink's Cookie Butter, for example, is a sweet concoction that comes in levels from zero to 12mg/mL, as well as a choice of VG/PG blends. If you're looking to reduce your nicotine intake, it's as easy as purchasing the next level vape juice, and gradually working your way down. By taking it slow, you can reduce or eliminate any nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You can even work your way down to nicotine-free vape juices, and still enjoy the taste and experience of vaping with an atomizer. To better understand the numbers, a vape juice labeled 0 mg/mL is completely nicotine-free, while 3 to 6 mg/mL is considered low nicotine. Bump that up to 12 mg/mL for a midrange experience, or from 18 to 24 mg/mL for a high dose of nicotine. There are e-liquids on the market that feature as much as 32 mg/mL of nicotine. However, that's more stimulant than your average smoker is likely to take in at one sitting. The average cigarette contains around 12 milligrams of nicotine, as a basis for comparison.

What are the Best Flavors to Vape?

There are 400 million people around the world who vape. One thing they all have in common is the desire to find that ultimate combo for the choicest experience. Some of these aromas are so alluring, they may help you quit smoking cigarettes for good. There's a flavor for every vaping enthusiast out there, and what you put in your vaporizer is what really matters. If you like the freshness of a menthol cigarette, you'll probably love a vape juice with a blast of peppermint. Some new vapers stick with the familiar taste of tobacco while others enjoy the sweeter, dessert and candy-like vape juices. Whether you're curious about new products or you're wondering what are today's most trendy flavors, here are a few you should try out.

Iced Up Chocolate by JVapes

If you're looking for a smooth all-day puff with tons of refreshing minty flavor, go for Iced Up Chocolate. It delivers the essence of an after-dinner mint, plus big clouds of vapor. It's one of the most highly recommended dessert-flavored vape juices you can buy.

Hawaiian Pog by Naked 100

The Naked 100 label is best known for their exotic tropical tastes, and lack of artificial sweeteners. Despite its light and clear coloring, Hawaiian Pog's combination of passion fruit, orange, and guava is rich and powerful. It's one of the best of the best, and Naked 100's e-juice won't clog up your coils the way dark juice does.

Bourbon Tobacco by Kohiba

Looking forward to 2019, Bourbon Tobacco is on deck to be a top contender on your vape shop's shelves. Its rich, bold tobacco twang with a hint of aged bourbon pairs perfectly with your inner cowboy. Take it with you on your next camp-out. Pair a puff and a dark beer, and have a seat next to the fire for an authentic outdoorsy experience.

What Is the Best E-Juice Brand?

The hobby of vaping is clearly on the rise, and so are the players. Every year, new manufacturers and labels are hitting the market place touting the best e-juice on the planet. Don't let the best vape juice brands fall under your radar. Try a few of these favorites today, and see what you think.

Naked 100

Naked 100 is one of the most popular, premium vape juice brands. Out of Southern California, this company is on top of its new products division and is always putting out fresh flavors. Its reputation for high-quality vape juice is unsurpassed. Their delicious blends of e-liquid started with yogurt flavors, and today it creates some of the industry's most popular juices. If you've got a taste, Naked 100 carries it, from fruit like All Melon and Really Berry to tobacco, including the Cuban blend and Euro Gold. Unfortunately, counterfeiting has become an issue in the marketplace, and Naked 100 took steps to make it easy to authenticate their products. Verifiable features include a glass bottom and dropper cap embossed with €œUSA VAPE LAB.€ If you don't see it, it's not the real thing.

Air Factory

One of the first in the vape industry to offer 100mL juices, Air Factory remains one of the top lines today. They take the time to craft perfect blends that lead to an exceptional vaping experience, from its products that include frosts, treats, and nicotine salts. Voted 2018 Vapelection Winner, try their Blue Razz Ice or the Crisp Apple.

Black Note

For those that crave a genuine tobacco flavor in their tank, you're going to appreciate Black Note. This top-tier vape juice label is one of the most sophisticated brands out there. They specialize in authentic tobacco-flavored vape juice in two available nicotine strengths. Designed to cater to a mature audience, Black Note is tobacco reborn. Made from hand-selected leaves picked at their peak of flavor, they then go through Black Note's cold maceration process. This step delicately extracts the plant's flavorful essence. Each bottle delivers the taste of pure tobacco and nothing else, leaving minimum gunk behind on your coils. Select from a robust and intense Cavendish blend or the Kentucky that's both earthy and nutty. It delivers a true premium experience for tobacco connoisseurs with a powerful symphony of rich aromas. Some other top names you might see on the shelf at your local vape shop include Ruthless Vapors, Bad Drip Labs, Marina Vape, Bazooka Vape, Cosmic Fog Vapors, and Barista Brew Co. No matter which ones you have the clerk ring up, you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Premium E-Juice Explained

Premium is a word you hear tossed around a lot in the retail world, and vape juice is no exception. What does "premium" really mean, and why does that label cost more? What makes a truly premium e-juice is years of experience, quality ingredients, and thorough testing. There are a few key points that make premium vape juice better than your standard variety. You can expect a consistent flavor made with proprietary or rare ingredients, using secret recipes. Often premium labels are made in smaller batches, and their unique taste is hard to clone, so you're less likely to be enticed by a knock-off. There's also a difference in the manufacturing process. Typically made by an International Organization of Standardization (ISO) certified lab, premium e-juice is then batch-tested by an independent, third party to ensure quality and traceability. Proprietary ingredients used to flavor premium vape juice aren't cheap. Neither are the chemists some brands use to develop new and unique products, such as those from Black Note and others mentioned above. When it comes down to premium or regular, let your wallet and your taste buds guide you. If you can afford to go with the good stuff, do it. If your favorite e-liquid is cheap, you might be satisfied with the premium vapes on special occasions. Taste is subjective, and what sits well on your tongue might not go over as well for others. Some vape juice tastes better after a couple of days of curing, and some are best when fresh off the shelf. The great thing about choosing the best vape juice is that if you picked wrong and you don't like it, there's plenty more where that came from. With vape juice, you've got the opportunity to explore a variety of flavors. Remember to stock up on your favorites, so they're always on hand. Like what you just read? Consider clicking one of the affiliate links in this post or using the Vape Deals page on the site to make your next purchase. You get the chance to buy products (at a discount) from great companies, and we get a small commission when you use these links -- which helps keep the lights on and pay for more great content. It's a win-win!