How to Vape on a Budget

Posted by Richard Broke on Jun 25th 2018

How to Vape on a Budget
Finding vaping gear that fits within your budget isn't out of your reach. You can vape on a budget and we can tell you how!

Vaping is all the rage right now, but it's not exactly the most affordable hobby to get into(hence why this company even exists). Between buying a good vape pen and finding your favorite juice, the money you spend on vaping can easily add up.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to vape on a budget! Many suppliers in the market understand your financial availability and want to offer good products at a low price. Not to mention, you can also get expensive products at a cheap rate if you're smart about how you shop.

Here are a few tips for vaping on a budget to save money without compromising the overall experience.

1. Keep an Eye Out for Sales

Not everyone is like us, and just sells their products at actual reasonable prices, so you gotta stay on the look out for those Vape SALES. This first tip applies to pretty much anything in life. These days, there are plenty of online sales, coupons, and promotional codes out there for all the companies that live like Hogs. They're used in everything from fashion to travel to vaping, and there's no reason for you not to take advantage of them.

All it takes on your end is to find the right sales. Don't pay attention to the lowered price or the discount amount alone. Take your time to see which sales actually offer the best value.

That's right - a cheap rate and good value isn't always the same thing. One vape supplier may be offering a 50% discount on their juice while another offers a smaller discount, but gives you more juice in the container. Weigh these pros and cons before continuing in the check-out process.

2. Enter Contests

What's the absolute best price you can get on vape products? Free!

Vape juice makers and pen suppliers won't just give away all of their inventory, but many of them do create contests and giveaways. While you're looking for good sales, keep an eye out for contests from your favorite brands and a few up-and-comers, too.

You never know which new juice maker might become your next favorite, or when you stumble across an amazing contest from an expensive brand. There are even times when different vape companies will come together to create a huge grand-prize.

Most of these contests are social media giveaways you can enter in less than a minute. You'll often be asked to share a post or follow a new vape company; simple things that cost no money but have the potential to result in great returns.

3. Contact Suppliers

It's also a good idea to contact suppliers directly. Don't be afraid to reach out to your favorite brands and see if you can write a review of their products or become an affiliate or ambassador for them.

The latter creates more opportunities than you might think. Due to the heavy regulations on digital ads for vaping/smoking products, most of these companies grow their market through social media influencers.

If you know a thing or two about social media marketing or you have a large social following on your personal page, you may be in luck. It might sound like a long shot, but give it a try. A few DMs and emails could result in a big pay off.

4. Inquire About Referral Programs

Not sure how to make contact with vape companies? Ask them if they have referral programs.

A few of them might give you a promotional code or referral link to share with other friends who vape. This makes it easy for many people to vape on a budget by offering a small discount like 10% or $5 off an order.

The key is, though, every time someone uses your code or link, you get some sort of credit to use on your next purchase. If you know a lot of people who vape (or you know how to reach them online) this can end up paying for a significant amount of vaping products.

5. Be Smart About Your Juice

Another thing that easily adds up is how often you vape and how much juice you use. Getting a better value on your vaping products may be as simple as being mindful of how much you smoke every day.

Try to cut back a little bit here and there. Always double-check that your pen is turned off and research ways to get a good smoke without using as much juice. You may be burning more than you need to, which is a waste of hard-earned money and good products.

6. Buy in Bulk

Sometimes, saving money on vape juice isn't about using less juice, but actually buying more at a time. Look for bulk packages the next time you need to stock up.

This will give you plenty of juice to last a long time instead of having to spend money on the same thing over and over. Plus, it gives you a variety of options to try!

You never know, one bulk purchase may lead you to your new favorite flavor of vape juice or an awesome brand altogether. It's a little more money up-front, but it provides great value in the long-run.

7. Make Sure You Have the Right Pen

Speaking of how much product you use, think about the current vape pen you're using. It may be worth investing in a new vape pen of better quality now if it saves you money on oil/juice later.

Sure, you're going to have to splurge a bit but the pen eventually ends up paying for itself. This one purchase can save you a lot of money on future vape expenses. It can make one container of juice last much longer than you're used to, resulting in less of a need to re-up over and over.

Get the Most Out of These Vape on a Budget Tips

The smarter you get about vaping, the more money you end up saving. It's not rocket science; all you have to do is find the right deals and look for the products with the best value.

Combined with a little know-how of how to make your juice last, you're good to go! Try these tips to vape on a budget for a little while and see what happens.

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