The Legend of Broke Richard

Our Mission


cheap vape. Great Taste

Broke Dick ain't your normal e-juice company. I know only too well what it's like to be truly broke and what it means to work hard.  Broke Dick juice was born out of that grit, hard work and American ingenuity, knowing we could make better juice and do it cheaper.

The Formula for a  Great Taste, Cheap Vape 

  • Start by using great ingredients - remember great taste comes before cheap vape.
  • Limit the number of flavors to keep production costs down.
  • Reduce costs by renting a top of the line manufacturing plant a handful of Saturdays per year (when they are idle).
  • Don't include caps you may not use.
  • Use larger bottles.  They fill fast for only pennies more.
  • No magazine ads, no trade shows, no brick and mortar stores, no Lambos, no Ferraris, and no race cars or planes.  Who do you really think pays for all that?  You do!

What does it get you?  GREAT TASTE, CHEAP VAPE!

So if not including a screw cap, not being politically correct, or keeping score in a little league game offends some of you snow flakes, then we are just not the company for you.  For the rest of us, have a laugh reading some reviews and some of our responses.

I hope you enjoy our juice as much as we love to make it.

Get you some,
Richard Broke