Almond Tobacco Vape Juice (120ml)

Almond Tobacco Vape Juice (120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(63 customer reviews)

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We’re back – and we’ve brought Bankroll #8 with us. If you love coconut, almonds, and tobacco, this one’s for you!

Summer’s almost here – so there’s no better time to kick back and enjoy the tropical taste of coconut accentuated with delectable almond highlights and just a hint of tobacco in our latest creation. We think you’ll like this one even if you generally avoid tobacco-flavored liquids – it’s that subtle.

Whether you’re sitting at the beach, cruising around with the top down, or watching the sunset poolside, Coconut Almond Tobacco will get you into that summer frame of mind.

  • Almond
  • Coconut
  • Hint of Tobacco

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.70 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 2 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

63 reviews for Almond Tobacco Vape Juice (120ml)

  1. Richard Broke

    I honestly didn’t know about this flavor when Slo first mentioned it to me. Coconut, almond and a hint of tobacco? Sounded interesting but I had my reservations.

    I was wrong. This shit is delicious. Like order it now and prepare for a new ALL DAY VAPE delicious.

  2. Connie P

    Okay, so I’ll admit that I haven’t tried any of the juice with the tobacco flavoring because I just didn’t think that I’d like it. I received a sample of Bankroll #8 and I thought to myself, I’m not gonna like this one. I filled my tank up with it and took a hit. Just as I thought, I’m not so sure about this. Well, my broke ass ain’t gonna waste no juice (in my redneck voice lol) so I hit it again, and again, and again! Before long, I had sucked down the whole bottle and I must admit that it’s damn good!! The more that I hit it, the more that the other flavors came out and the tobacco taste became so subtle that I barely tasted it! Do yourself a favor and give it a try!

  3. Stephanie Roberts

    Made my first order… My fave of the bunch I ordered was by FAR Bankroll #8. Goodness. I immediately went to the site to order a 120ml of it.

    Sadly it’s not offered yet in that size. This flavor is just delicious! The coconut is done just right. I can taste all the flavors. It reminds me of RY4 in the sense that the tobacco is ever so slight. It’s there, but you gotta search for it lol.

    I want a big ol bottle of this stuff lol. This 60 ml ain’t gonna last long enough to get even better with a good steeping!

    Thank you to whomever came up with the flavor profile for this one!


  4. James Kelly

    I didn’t think it would be very good. But boy was I really wrong.bits the bomb

  5. Fish

    My ADV for the past 6 years has been a DIY with RY4 & 555. The flavors are at a very small percentage for the most part. Most people tell me they can’t taste them when trying. That being said, I’ve been searching for something “different” but yet good. Well, I found it! Bankroll #8 hits all that I’ve been looking for. I recently attended a vape conference and purchased 12 bottles to try. None of them seemed to be the one. Bankroll #8 arrived and within minutes I knew I found the flavor I’ve been searching for. Very subtle hints of tobacco with excellent flavor of almonds & coconut. Another order will be placed ASAP.

  6. Concetta Spinella

    You guys are smashing it with great prices and great flavor. I will def be ordering more juice. Thanks for all you do for your customers!

  7. Dakota Livingston – Khaos Vape Reviews

    Bankroll #8 is a very strange liquid when you first hear its flavor profile. Upon opening the bag, you’re whisked away by the smell of creamy coconut with a touch of almond. This takes you back to sitting on a beach with a Piña Colada in your hand enjoying the sweet summer sun and wonderful waves. Upon vaping this delicious concoction, you’ll be surprised by the flavorful tobacco burst at the end. You’ll start your cloud out with coconut, taste a touch of almond towards the middle, and exhale a beautifully blended tobacco. Definetly one for the books. One of my all time Broke Dick Favorites. If you dont buy this juice, you are truly missing out on a wonderful experience.

  8. Tamara Cegon

    I really recommend this one. Definitely the best so far. Very smooth. Not to sweet.

  9. Felix

    This may very well be the best flavor in the entire line. After letting this bad boy steep for a day, it was one of the smoothest juices I have ever had the pleasure of vaping – and I’ve been vaping for nearly 7 years! Please make a 120ml of Bankroll#8!

  10. Chad

    Won this E – Juice, from a online Facebook contest. All of the flavors taste amazing.

  11. David Jones

    Best I have had, hands down. Smooth, slightly creamy taste. Up till now, Payday was my favorite.

  12. Loyal Customer

    The wife and I are both thoroughly impressed by this one SLO – nicely done! Please 120 BOGO this soon.


    Very smooth and easy to smoke. I mainly taste the coconut and think it’s delicious. Not too sweet, just right.

  14. Whitney Suson

    I need this in a 120 ml bc this is my favorite ever.

  15. Morella Foster

    This juice is ok. The coconut is pretty strong. I don’t taste the tobacco as much! Not a ADV for me but it’s not that bad! I love this company! The service is excellent and I will continue to purchase products from here instead of my local vape shop!

  16. Thorin Cumming

    I ordered this and payday. I feel this gives me more flavors than payday. I love the combo of this flavor. I hope it hits 120 ml

  17. Tamara Cegon

    This is bar far my favorite. It’s very smooth not to sweet. Perfect.

  18. Tommy Srygley

    I am really please with this juice. Great flavor but not over powering . Kinda reminds me of a almond cookie. Great clouds too.

  19. Terry Long

    One of your best flavors yet. I really hope this makes it to the 120 size soon.

  20. Frankie Valdez II

    So…. how to describe this juice well it’s kinda hard to since it’s such a complex mix regardless of it only being constructed of 3 major flavors which is mostly a coconut base which hints of almond on the inhale which is very smooth and pleasing. While on the exhale I get nothing but the tobacco flavor which in my opinion could be a bit more prominent since sometimes I get it and other times I dont but hey when I do it is very bold and flavorful so this is a 10/10 for me!

  21. Lori Hoover

    Love this flavor! This one is a keeper. Hope it makes it into the 120ml!!!

  22. Ruben

    Great tasting juice, Vaping the hell out of it this rainy afternoon in texas. Love the combination of coconut and the almonds with the little hint of tobacco. I will definitely order me more gor sure

  23. Patrick

    I’ve bought four of these. Hope it makes it into the 120ml lineup so it’s more affordable. Great coconut flavor with a little tobacco on the inhale and a little almond on the exhale. Well done.

  24. Mary.pope.1023

    Love this flavor!


    Payday has become my all day go to flavor. However, this is even better! PLEASE add this to the regular line up! It’s hands down the most delicious flavor by Broke Dick! –> 120ml

  26. DOUG

    I like the taste it is like almond and then coconut. Definitely different!

  27. EnZed

    This is one where I actually had to stop and write a review on it. I wasn’t expecting it to be this good… you should DEFINITELY put this one into your lineup!

  28. Megan

    Love this flavor! Full bodied and excellent cloud!

  29. Hayden

    really great flavor. blow through this stuff fast. really unique and not too sweet, can just vape it all day

  30. couch

    I’m buying another bottle and I really hope this juice doesnt go away forever

  31. GB ‘n ‘Merica

    I asked for an RY4 Pistachio, this is better!
    I asked, no idea if you listened to me, someone else or the community at large but what you created is stunning!
    You should send a bottle to Grimm Green, I’m sure he would like it.

    GB ‘n ‘Merica
    We would love for Grimm Green to review our products but we can not afford his fee! So you’ll just have to tell everyone you know.

    Richard Broke



  33. Terry Pearson

    One of the best I’ve ever vaped! Almond and toasted coconut tobacco delight. Everybody needs to try this juice!!!

  34. gary chandler

    love the flavor another great product way to go broke dick

  35. Matt

    This juice is the perfect blend of almond, coconut and tobacco. No one flavor overpowers the other and just the right balance of sweetness.

  36. Walter Miller

    I’m in love with this flavor. Broke Dick is top notch juice at affordable prices. Love it.



  38. Kris Cope

    Definitely the best tobacco juice I have ever had.

  39. hunterjuly

    I have had all types of coconut e liquid, and ‘almond crunch bar’ , e.l. Is one of my favorites. But I never tried coconut and almond together. I was so glad to see this e liquid made a come back. It must have sold out, before. I was going to make sure I bought this , this time. Oh yeah, it’s good, it’s really good. The two are combined perfectly. I’m hoping his Key lime pie will return. Can I suggest some kind of pineapple cream pie? You guys are geniuses. I am so glad I bought this. It’s very creamy and not candy sweet. It tastes naturally sweet.. I hate candy sweet flavors. My tight budget also thanks you.

  40. Kerry Fisher

    Almond coconut is good just missing a lil Coconut.i taste almond with a hint of tobacco which is awesome.just a hint of vanilla mite work

  41. Frank DeMarzo

    Incredible taste!! Make this a regular. A little bit more tobacco flavor would be great. So glad I tried this. Quit smoking a year ago after a lifetime. Thank you Richard!

  42. JZ

    This is good stuff and I would have given it a five star rating if it had more than a “hint” of of tobacco. However, I also need to add that the “sweet spot” on squeezing this bottle is easy to fine and therefore easy to fill your tank. I will buy this again in the future and hpe they increase the tobacco taate.

  43. Ben

    Couldn’t wait to taste this juice and it didn’t disappoint! Beautiful almond flavour much like Amoretto liqueur and the tabacco is sutble, but gives that warm depth to the flavour. Highly rate this juice as a MUST TRY!!! Keep up the good work BD!!

  44. Danny

    Almond tobacco is the best juice I’ve tried to date, and I’ve literally tried every BD juice. Though taste is subjective, I’m sure if you try this one you’ll love it. Very sweet and flavorful,

  45. Bill

    Looking for a tobacco like this for a while absolutely amazing please I beg you make this permanent!

  46. Eric Given

    A decent juice, very smooth. Only down side is that it only comes in 0mg Nic level.

  47. Stephen

    This juice should be added to the 120ml lineup and never discontinued, it is that good! Add it! Also, the fastest shipping ever!

  48. Diane Cook

    This is by far the best juice I have tasted, matter og fact it is the only juice I buy.

    Great JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Gerard Blankenbaker

    First time trying this vape juice and it has an awesome flavor and is very good! The best part is an awesome price too! Order one bottle to try it and you will be ordering more!

  50. Paul (PVC3)

    This juice is amazing and I’m in total love. Great job Dick!!

  51. Martha Owens

    This is an amazing juice! The flavors are perfect. Definitely a fan! One of my favorites.

  52. Sam

    This is the only juice I vape. I’m a sweet vaper and this vape is sweet without being overly sweet. It also doesn’t burn my coils out. I’m a big fan–please please please offer this year round!!! Flavor wise it is exactly as described and very well balanced so that none of the flavors are overly pronounced. Love this!!

  53. Eric LaVoie

    By far one of the best flavors you sell. It’s a keeper!!!

  54. Scott Clague

    Its THE

  55. Lani Wolff

    I thought since I’m buying another round of bankroll to vape, I should let everyone know how much I love this juice! It’s supreme. The balance of the coconut and almond with a little hint of tobacco is so satisfying! Truly MY ADV . I LOVE FUGI APPLE TOO! Anyways, I highly recommend this to anyone whose on the fence! Give it a try. It doesn’t mess with my coils at all and the flavor is just amazing! I hope they keep it around!

  56. Lani Wolff

    I thought since I’m buying another round of bankroll to vape, I should let everyone know how much I love this juice! It’s supreme. The balance of the coconut and almond with a little hint of tobacco is so satisfying! Truly MY ADV . I LOVE FUGI APPLE TOO! Anyways, I highly recommend this to anyone whose on the fence! Give it a try. It doesn’t mess with my coils at all and the flavor is just amazing! I hope they keep it around!

  57. Cynthia Waddell

    Bankroll is a Great flavor. I usually Vape Strawberry and Cream. But I like switching up some.and this is Great

  58. Kimberly a jones

    I just tried this and i loveeeeeee it……carmel apple was my fav. But this is my new second one

  59. tiffany d

    I LOVE this juice flavor. Out of the several attempts of trying to quit smoking cigarettes and learning vaping this is the ONLY flavor that helped make that official 5 months ago. No flavor before this was good enough to make me put those down and not pick them back up. I mix 60 bankroll and 40 magnum strawberries and cream and the results OMG

  60. TA42

    Amazing flavor, I only hope this juice stays in the regular lineup!

  61. KeithG

    Great Juice for those that want a “Smoking” experience.

  62. Danny

    This juice is my favorite that BD offers, and I’ve tried all of them. This should be in the regular juice offering, not limited run. Great all day everyday vape!!

  63. keith simpson

    If you like a tobacco blend you must try this one. Cures my urge for a roll your own.

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