Blue Raspberry (120ml)

Blue Raspberry (120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(88 customer reviews)

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We know what you’re thinking. “Broke Dick, if Blue Raspberries aren’t found in nature, how the hell did you make a juice that so tastes so authentic?” If we told you that, you wouldn’t get a chance to enjoy this flavor.

All secrets aside, the Blue Raspberry juice is a tart, super flavorful, blue-tasting juice that is most definitely not just plain old raspberry. Maybe we raided your grandma’s raspberry patch to make this—who knows? One thing’s for sure, if you’re a tooty fruity vaper, you’re going to love this almost as much as people love our crazy fast shipping.



  • Wild Berry
  • Raspberry
  • Cotton Candy

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

88 reviews for Blue Raspberry (120ml)

  1. Richard Broke

    It doesn’t happen every time, but we hit it out of the park with this one. You know it’s good when it becomes my own all day vape.

    -Richard Broke

  2. Michael

    Just got this juice in the mail. I can say is this juice is possibly going to be my new favorite from BD the flavor is amazing. Yet another awesome flavor this juice is GREAT!!!

  3. Adam Arthur

    Hey Vape fam. I actually just ordered mine today, but I already know that it will be amazing. I’ve had most of the menu and great juice and service.

  4. Nancy E.

    Anybody who can make E liquid that tastes this good…Seriously, Very Berry. I came here to order my regular bottle of Strawberries and Cream. ( The 1’st). But, when I saw this new flavor, I really wanted to try it. One guy, reviewed it before he tried it, LOL ,but, you can trust Mr. Broke, and SloCo. It’s so raspberry and all these different wild berries. I’m letting mine steep, but had to try it. Not, too sweet, at all. This stuff is powerful! I’ve had cotton candy juice from other venders and none of them ever tasted this good.

  5. Sy

    Great as usual. Can’t wait to try again after steeping. A bit.

  6. Enjay Steele

    I was hoping it would be a blue slushee but to my tastebuds it’s more of a blue cotton candy with added raspberry. It’s not bad, but I probably won’t repurchase.

  7. Anthony Thuro

    Its got that good funk.

  8. David D

    This has got to be the first blue raspberry flavor I’ve tried that ACTUALLY tastes like blue raspberry and not fingernail polish. Seriously, I’ve tried 3 other places and they just don’t taste right. BD got this nailed down. Water Cup has been my ADV for months now and this will be replacing it. Thanks!

  9. Mo

    Really enjoying it, now going to be switching between this and payday for my all day vapes. Make sure to let it steep!

  10. Blue raspberry

    This stuff is a great all day vape. It’s something I don’t get tired of vaping which is saying a lot bc I always get tired of vaping same thing. But not with this. It’s like a propel grape/blue/razz – really good.

  11. Brad haman

    Very good

  12. Michelle Graham

    Just recieved my juice today…sooner than expected. I love this flavor and this will be my all day vape for awhile. Super cost efficient and way cheeper and most importantly better than any house juice.
    I think everyone should try this brand. If you don’t care for it then your no harm, no foul. What’s $23 for 2 120’s?!?! You can pass it on.
    Thanks Richard! I really like your juice and I’m a grateful non-cigarette smoker for a couple years now. Keep up the good work and quick service.

  13. Keith J. Crawford

    refreshing, puts you in a delightful mood

  14. Paris Hammond

    Love this juice, I only use brokedick juices now and wanted something new in my rotation, this hit the spot ! A very fresh and clean taste without any chemical or synthetic fruity aftertaste.

  15. Brendan Flaherty

    Good taste and very fast delivery

  16. Clint Simpson

    This is the best blue raspberry I have had and I’ve tried a lot. If you are looking for a good blue raspberry flavor. Pick this one up. You won’t be disappointed. It’s also hella cheap with fast delivery! Go Broke Dick!

  17. Debbie Lee Yutzy

    Smells good, not too overpowering

  18. Tessa

    My fav!!!! So flavorful without being overpowering. PLEASE keep this around!

  19. Reginald Cajuste

    Great taste. I would buy it again

  20. Allen Leszczynski

    Super good juice! I normally get watercup and prepaid but thus will be added to the list now! Thanks dick!

  21. Paul Carlberg

    I had a feeling I would like it, very nice flavor and a great treat vape after dinner, amazing product,I’ll be trying more later.a strong 5 star for me.

  22. Brad haman

    Very good.. ever consider adding some cool to it?


    GREAT STUFF. I usually only vape tobacco e-juice, with ADULT MILKSHAKE(payday) being the exception. This e-juice has me thinking …its good

  24. Stephani Adams

    Best flavor by far!

  25. gary

    I liked it. would be a bit nicer if there was a little bit creamer > good work dick

  26. Greg Cumby

    There are many juice companies that do a Blue Raspberry and they are either muted flavor OR unpleasantly harsh. This one totally exceed my expectations. Broke Dick struck a balance between candy flavor and fruit flavor bringing the blue Raz to a level that I have never experienced.. not overly sweet, or sour. Easily an ADV and one that I hope stays on the menu here. Fuck 5 stars – this gets 6 – a great blend that will satisfy any of the blu raz fans out there. Just cart it and vape the shit out of it.

  27. Nicole Kahrig

    Love the blue raspberry! I wasn’t too sure at first but so glad I tried it!!

  28. Ben

    Love the new flavor and hope you keep it available… I add a little Ice to mine that makes a nice cool aftertaste.

  29. Hyrum Steven Estes

    Nice to change it up. Very good flavor.

  30. zachary musser

    Tastes just like the blue raspberry mio water flavor. It’s great

  31. James Lemkie

    I only gave it 4 stars because to me it needs more flavor, I like it just more flavor

  32. John

    this is a great blue razz flavor. on part with some of the premiums ive had. 5 stars for sure! we could use a magnum in this flavor

  33. David Owens

    Great flavor. Would recommend to anyone

  34. Nathan Kellie

    This is my new number

  35. Peggy Collins


  36. Jason Matano

    This is a weird flavor for me. I’ve tried at least 10-15 blue raspberry vapes, and they always come up short (or disgusting). This is the cleanest blue raz taste. The best way I could compare it is to a blue raspberry Warhead, except much more muted. I think a Magnum version of this would get 5 stars.

  37. Ronald Pennington

    I need this to be a full time flavor. I’d buy the fuck out of it!

  38. Brendan Flaherty

    Great taste, quick delivery

  39. Chris Lauerman

    Great flavor juice. Lots of vape. Couldn’t be happier lol

  40. Bill

    Good flavor, clean and crisp vape, All Day Vape

  41. Paul Carlberg

    This is my favorite flavor I could buy this twice a week just to keep it around I’ve tried other BlueRaspberry brands but Mr. Dicks spin on this one is amazing

  42. Sariah Ladd

    Blue Raspberry is ALL I WANT!! I love it and now I’M OUT…. NOOOOO!!! This should be a regular on the menu. I’m gonna significantly reduce the stock when its available again!!

  43. Elizabeth LeJeune

    This flavor is delicious!! I actually just made a purchase last night but somehow either missed this listing again or they JUST released this again but I highly recommend snatching up a bottle. I was beyond pleased with this blue raspberry candy flavor. It was right up my ally and hope to grab some next time I need to order more from Broke Dick!

  44. Justin Brooks

    This is my latest flavor of the week! I love keep the good juice flowin guys

  45. Brad Haman

    Very smooth, only one problem it dissapears way to fast

  46. Carrie Wisner

    I’m so glad I tried this!! I’ve tried this flavor profile from other vape companies & and they were never this Damn Good!! Wow, it’s NOT overly sweet, its NOT at all tart, its JUST DAMN GOOD!! Definitely an all day vape for me & I totally agree with the other reviewers that this NEEDS to be a permanent juice, PLEASE!! THANKS SLO-CO, you made a WONDERFUL FLAVOR xoxo

  47. Shane O

    This needs to be a regular. It’s so freaking good! I’ve tried other flavors like this, but this one has to be the best

  48. Norma M.

    Just tried this juice has great flavor big clouds get it before it’s gone you’ll be glad you did definitely recommend

  49. Nat

    It was my first time trying this flavor I really like it for the summer nice smooth and fruity a little sour great for a 100 degree weather I would definitely buy it again

  50. J

    This is the first blue raspberry liquid I’ve tried. It’s a very accurate blue raspberry flavor, but I think I just don’t like it as a vape for me.

  51. Justin brooks

    This needs to be a permanent flavor!

  52. Eleni Boyle

    okay so normally im a layway girl, like i have stuck to that flavor for some time now and this has become my new favorite!!! Please make this a regular flavor!!!

  53. David De Alejandro

    This has been my ADV for quite awhile. You learn more with a product as time passes. I wish this had a higher PG rate. It’s pretty thick and can burn out my wick easily (vaping ~60 w). It would have a bit more flavor as well which helps since I get vapor’s tongue really fast. Hope there’s a Magnum version of this in the future (as well as other sour type flavors).

  54. Lisa Stieghorst

    One of the best juices around

  55. Aaron Buracchio

    Very very good. I’d order again for sure

  56. Tessa

    This is by far my favorite!!! Please don’t ever stop making it

  57. Lee

    To start with, I couldn’t get the taste profile. I felt I was vaping a weird medicine. But, I stuck with it and B()()M… It was exactly as described! I stocked up and intend to keep it that way.

  58. bob ross

    It’s smooth, tasty and can’t beat the price.

  59. Lauren Allen

    I get this flavor every month. It’s fruity and not overpowering. Best of all, it doesn’t lead to burnt coils.

  60. Cody Butler-Arnett

    Excellent choice of flavor!

  61. Henry Motes

    Just got my first bottle from broke dick. I’m happy to say even without letting it steep it’s an amazing tasting juice. My first hit I tasted nothing but blue raspberry. It’s better than I expected but definitely worth every penny. Thank you all at broke dick keep up the great work looking forward to trying other juices!!!

  62. Glenda M Jackson

    Since I completely quit hubby was been vaping the vanilla caramel one. The smell got to me so I ordered this. Oh my it is so good smelling and I can handle it. Thanks for making Blue Ras….

  63. Rodrigo Ruiz

    100% satisfied

  64. Aron Anders

    Absolutely amazing flavor is spot on it’s the best blue raspberry I’ve ever had and I’ve had some good ones I’ll forever be a customer thanks

  65. edna shuck

    [ am a repeat customer on this flavor

  66. Julie Collins

    Tastes fantastic!

  67. Brad Haman

    Hopefully this juice sticks around. Its definitely my all day vape. The only thing i would change is maybe a cool hit to it

  68. kelli myers

    First time purchasing this one and it is fantastic and refreshing!

  69. Laura J Dupre

    Delicious, great vape

  70. Sarah

    This is by far my favourite juice. It is such a pleasant flavor without being too sweet. It’s all I buy now. I have a subscription for it, so I save even more. Highly recommend.

  71. Julie

    Excellent flavor…by far the best I’ve had in 5 years

  72. robert stanley

    This juice is damn good. All the juices I have tried are good . Great job guys keep the flavors coming.


    I had a problem with a batch of Bankroll #14 BrokeDick contacted me and sent me another bottle, this one is right on and I am back to ordering this again, thank you guys you’re the best.

  74. Paul Carlberg

    One of my favorite vape juices. all day vape I will order it again soon

  75. Tracy Sadewater

    Delicious almost too delicious. Go through it faster than I should Yum

  76. Michael Neal

    Don’t have a fat stack? Spare some change and get bankroll going for this one!!!

  77. Janice Coffman

    Very smooth excellent flavor. Just the right amount of flavor boost. Excellent price & very fast shipping. I highly recommend Broke Dick vape juice.

  78. Ashley Whitmore

    I have been buying from these guys for years and they never disappoint. This flavor is by far my favorite and I will always buy it from here on out. Thanks again guys!!!!

  79. Jason Blankenship

    This is an all day vape! I hope this vape becomes permanent and would be sad to see it go : ( This vape is sweet and tart in all the right ways.

  80. Brooks

    I love this flavor ! By far the best

  81. Tracy Sadewater

    Itl like the best blueraspberry ice flavor from being a kid it’s almost too good

  82. Tracy Sadewater

    Too good I go through it faster because its flavor is amazing!!!

  83. Rae

    I have tried a lot of juices in the past and I would have to say this is my favorite

  84. michael m rusenian

    I received the blue raspberry e liquid yesterday this was replacement for the bottle that was damaged during transportation by USP the juice taste delicious I have tried others before never happy with the flavors this tastes just like raspberry also customer service was very helpful no questions asked and send me another bottle very quickly I appreciate that and will order some more before the stupid vape mail ban.

  85. Brooks

    This is all i puff all day all night its the juice its all right!

  86. Julie Collins

    Great, as always!

  87. Deborah Leach

    Very delicious. Lots of great flavor.

  88. James Bauernfeind

    Best flavor I feel… Not overpowering, just right. One thing that gets me is no sweetener makes your coils last forever, and finding one that you can love with for a long time is golden. I have been using this flavor since it first hit the shelves. I do recommend that you steep for at least a week, but it is good right out of the mailbox.

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