Broke Dick Medium Ground Coffee
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Broke Dick Medium Ground Coffee

$9.95 available on subscription


Our medium coffee is hand-crafted right here in Tampa Bay, and roasted in Seattle, WA.

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Great Coffee Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

Single Origin, Fair Trade, Certified Organic, Kosher…

Look. There are lots of terms people try to use to justify charging you more for great coffee.

At Broke Dick, we’re doing things differently. You’ll get the same great coffee without the fancy mark-up.

Yes, our beans are single-origin. Yes, our coffee is organic. But it’s our mission to deliver you that quality without breaking the bank.

That’s why we put in the work. Our medium blends are hand-crafted right here in Tampa Bay and roasted in Seattle, WA.

Great coffee doesn’t have to be expensive. Brew up your own Broke Dick Medium Coffee, and order a bag today.

✔ Goldilocks Can’t Get Enough – This medium blend is that just-right blend you’ve been waiting for. Not too dark and toasty, not too light and fruity, our Broke Dick Medium Coffee Blend is a crowd-pleaser.

✔ Roasted in the Pacific Northwest – While you may have heard of some other small coffee start-ups from Seattle, Broke Dick Coffee is changing how great coffee is consumed.

✔ A Cup That Costs Less – Your coffee should help you work your shift, not cost your whole shift’s pay. At Broke Dick, you’ll get premium fuel for the day ahead at an affordable price.

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Weight 12 oz
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