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We all get in a bind sometimes and when you’ve got someone breathing down your back, the Cash Advance can feel like the almighty savior itself. After the check clears and the debt is paid, you’ve earned another slice of the pie. Most key lime pie flavors lean way too hard into the sour lime flavor but we wanted a rounded profile that captured it all.

You get it all here. Buttery graham cracker crust. Creamy custard. Whipped cream. Lime that isn’t too sour, not too sweet, just perfectly balanced. For those celebratory days, load your tank with this. Get it in a couple of days with our dumb fast shipping.


  • Graham Crackers Crust
  • Ripe Limes
  • Creamy Cheese Cake
  • Whipped Topping


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.70 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 2 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

248 reviews for Cash Advance – Key Lime Pie (120ml)

  1. Trevor Marks

    Wow. That’s all I can say, honestly. I expected the juice to be “okay” especially at this price but it blew me away. Keep it up, please.

  2. Matt ODonnell

    Seriously, I’ve tried at least 10 key lime pie flavors and they all had something missing. This juice is perfect with a smooth blend of lime and pie crust with a touch of cool mint, it really feels like you are taking a bite out of a fresh key lime pie!

  3. Hazozita

    This is a spot-on key lime pie. The lime has a very fresh taste to it – nice and punchy, but a nice balance between tart and sweet. The cream smooths things out very nicely. The graham cracker is perfectly done — like the lime, it has a very fresh taste to it rather than the usual “burnt” taste that graham cracker can get. Absolutely wonderful!

  4. AsWangs

    I admit I was really hesitant but I think I found my to go juice.

  5. Jonathan Hillman

    This wins the prize for tasting great and tasting exactly what is supposed to. They went bold on the graham cracker; you can really smell the graham when you open the bottle. But it balances out nicely when you vape it. The awesome lime filling flavor is more prominent but the graham doesn’t get overwhelmed in the mix. I’ve bought klp flavors and mixed my own. This is the best.

  6. Paul Nowotny

    Tried this product for the first time with the stimulous package…Good flavor and I know taste buds are all different but tastes more like custard to me…I am a Floridian and may be a little more critical than some people having mad many a key lime pie…great deal and will be trying other flavors soon…Thanks for including a pour spout as I was afraid it didn’t come with one…

  7. Kelly Runberg

    Bang for the buck? Absolutely! Lightning fast shipping… awesome deal all around!

  8. Kevin Brunjes

    This became my top 3 juices of all time. Spot on with tart of the key lime and perfect with the crust and cream WOW Fell in love with this one

  9. Brandon Adkins

    I am by no means a Key Lime Pie snob, but I do enjoy some Florida KLP, and this is spot on. All of the flavor notes are there, you will not get any closer than this. You will not regret getting this, I can’t put it down!

  10. Quentin Stevenson

    I was very reluctant to buy this flavor at first, I almost exclusively vape fruity/citrus/tropical flavors, so when ordering I was sad I couldn’t get prepaid and water cup, i decided that this was the next best looking option, the surprise is that I cannot get enough of this flavor, in the last 4-5 days that I’ve had this flavor i’ve barely used anything else, you have to have a clear palate to really enjoy the lime, vaping with morning breath for example i can barely taste the lime, but that’s me not the fluid.

  11. James Carmichael

    Got my juice a few days ago and it’s truly amazing quality juice for the price. I’m a big fan of the naked juice line and usually buy their flavors but after hearing about Broke Dick’s I’m not sure I can go back. The flavors have a strong throat hit, a plus in my book. As for the lids/caps they kinda suck since they have 3 holes making it impossible to drip into my tank. But luckily I had a 60ml bottle laying around and used that to hold the juice and it works perfectly.

    Overall for the price and quality you can’t go wrong and I’ll be sure to tell all my vape buddies about this company!

  12. Shawn

    Overall it’s the best key lime flavor I’ve found. I personally don’t like the mint cooling taste to it. The gram Cracker taste is good and the lime flavor is amazing. Don’t take it personally I just dont like mint, not a fan of a mint vape but overall this ejuice is well worth the price!

  13. Nathan Nickell

    When I first received this juice, it had an almost floral lime flavor. I let it breathe a bit and now I can taste the sweet cream and lime perfectly. At the end a delightful crust comes through and balances it all out.

  14. Justin

    Amazing key lime pie flavor one of my top 5 favorite flavors

  15. Brian

    This is one of my new favorites! Been vaping over 8 years now and this juice is one of the best with a great price! Taste that gram cracker and lime top of the line key lime pie. Thanks go out for great juice at non rip off prices!

  16. Wayland

    I love key lime and this was a no brainer that I was going to try it. Most are strong and good but not ADV good. This was potent first 2-3 pulls but quickly smoothed out and its great. If you like key lime, get this! Will get more for sure!

  17. Skyler Spigelmire

    I recieved my 120ml bottle of cash advance today and I must say I am very impressed! The taste is spot the fuck on! 11 dollars for this is an absolute steal and I will 100% be buying from Broke Dick again!

  18. Shawn brown

    Ok if you scroll down your going to see my review about a mint taste with four stars. Forget that one lol After continuous vaping it has become a flavor that last a life time. Richard I don’t know how you guys do this but this ejuice is freaking amazing lol the price is awesome the flavor is amazing idk how else to put it…if your reading this buy this ejuice give it a try I promise you’ll be ordering again! Thank you guys for being awesome!

  19. Brian McLeod

    I love a good Key Lime pie… born and raised in S. Florida I’ve eaten my weight in it over the years. Never thought I’d actually vape it, but damn am I glad I did. This is so on point, fellas. It’s creamy and sweet on the inhale, then the lime flavor blooms fresh and tangy without being overly sour, the graham crust is subtle but noticeable and the slight cool mint finish is a pleasant surprise that ties it all together on the exhale. Excellent!

  20. Eric Harms

    Terrible straight outta the package, but after 3 days of some steeping and breathing this stuff is the shit! I was incredibly disappointed at first because it was pretty much all graham cracker and no lime flavor but after that steeping whooooh its good. Price is ridiculous, 10000% worth it.

  21. Joe

    In Spite Of A BrokeDick He Mixed Up A Great Recipe On This One. I’ve Tried Many Key Lime Juices & 95% Of Them Are Crap. I Saw Dick Giving This Stuff Away For A Penny & I Figured He Was Out Of His Damn Mind.

    Ran A Tank Full With A Fresh Coil & This Stuff Is Great. Couple Days Later I Dripped It & I Believe Cash Advance Is A High Quality, Spot On Flavor That’s In The Upper Eschelon Of Key Lime Ejuice.

    I Will Buy More Cash Advance & Everything Else He Sells. I’m Really Glad He’s Got A BrokeDick Now I Have Got One Too.

  22. Chevin Kan

    Dang this stuff is good, after reading all the positive reviews I had to give this brokedick a try and it blew me away. Straight out of the bottle the lime taste was really sharp and crisp, I didn’t get all that much ghramcracker or custard flavor; but after a quick steep in hot water and some vigorous shaking the full flavor really came out.
    Only complaint was the bottle cap was really banged up and chipped during transport, but the juice made it and that’s all that really matters.

  23. Matt The Beer-Guy

    Seeing as I’ve never had a GOOD Key Lime Pie vape, I was dubious about purchasing this juice. Then my co-worker let me try his, off of a Kanger Subtank no less, and it was phenomenal! Dripped onto a Troll V2, it’s even better! The Lime shows up first, with a creamy body and a hint of whipped cream, with just a hint of graham cracker on the finish. This is, to put it plainly, the best damned pie-flavored juice I’ve ever had. Spend that paper y’all, and help out a Broke Dick. Cheers!

  24. william hayes

    first off had a question about shipping and richard responding with the info i needed super quick!

    second off this juice is great, esp for the price!

  25. ChuckU

    If you need a good punch in the mouth, get this juice. It has a good lime kick with a smooth Graham cracker fullness in the middle and end. A good rotational juice to cleanse the palette.

  26. Mike Sutter

    First time buyer, was skeptical because I’ve tried cheap juices before and they tasted cheap. Glad I took the chance though. Got Cash Advance and Prepaid (haven’t tried that one yet) and I’m loving this key lime pie. I’ve never found a key lime pie juice that was this good…and right out of the box at that. Looking forward to trying more from you…just gotta make myself put down this one first lol.

  27. GnomeDomO

    Broke dicks gather around in a circle! I ain’t jerkin’ your chain when I say that this is THE Key Lime Pious flavor that you have been looking for. This juice is to smooth as lime is to sour.

  28. Amy P.

    I bought Cash Advance and The 15th. I shook them and tried them immediately. They are both tasty and have no unpleasant flavors. I got the 3mg and am smoking them with a V2 Ex. I taste the graham and the tart lime and maybe a little mint but it’s also creamy. I’m very happy to buy juice that is immediately vapable. I will write more on The 15th after they steep a bit. Thanks for the juice!

  29. Karlos

    For such an economically affordable ejuice I am pleasantly surprised. I got this and water cup, as I am a big fan of fruity flavors and was unsure of the key lime I decided to fill a tank of the lime first and must say, so far I’m enjoying, plan on allowing it to steep for a while before filling another tank but until then I give this one a double thumbs up.

  30. Karlos

    Everyone keeps saying something about a minty taste, I don’t really taste it and just wondering why some people in their reviews make a comment about it. There’s definitely a full bodied lime/graham taste but as far as minty I get no such tatse

  31. Pennyless Karl

    This is by far the best key lime flavor I have ever had. I have vaped for a while now and I keep going back to the same flavor for my all day vape. The magically taste of a cool refreshing piece of key lime pie! I started with puffsusa dimepiece and then I tried a lemon meringue that tasted very comparable, but the cash advance was second to none. The first time I hit it I was playing Mega Man 2 and I was so surprised with the great taste that it made me die my guy! If you are into citrus then this is your new ADV.

  32. Vape luvr

    Dick your juices are flowing through my shit now I bought water cup and prepaid first absolutely love them now I ordered cash advance can’t wait Dick your juice is huge in my book and my box mod

  33. Brenda Park

    This is the most delicious key lime pie ejuice I have ever vaped! I just received my order today and vaped a tank of it! Wow! This is the perfect recipe for this yummy ejuice! If your debating whether to try it!? Then debate no more cuz this ejuice awesome!

  34. Vaper x

    Some dicks have their ups and downs but broke dick is straight up unbeatable

  35. Rachel

    This is my first broke dick experience, and the only thing I can say is… it’s good AF. Key Lime has been a long time favorite of mine from other vendors, or mixing it myself. I’m completely satisfied.

  36. Karen L.

    I absolutely love this! The key lime in it smells and tastes just like a real lime you just cut open. Nothing chemical or artificial. Everything is perfectly blended into a creamy smooth and delicious vape. I’m really liking this Broke Dick company. Customer service is friendly and helpful. I’ve ordered five of the juices and love them all….Prepaid is my favorite. Can’t wait to try the new caramel vanilla tobacco….hope there’s other flavors in the works.

  37. Todd

    Put it in my TFV12 straight out of the box, taste great! Speed Steeped it and the flavor is awesome! Shipping was super fast and loved the look on my mail ladies face when she handed it to me!! Will be buying this again!!

  38. Greg Cumby

    First time trying this liquid. Straight out of the package as it is on freshly cleaned coils and new cotton. TM 24 atty with .14 ohm fused claptons on a PWM box mod set to 4.5 volts. Right from the get go the flavor just pops. I get fresh lime, creamy and a buttery crust finish. Complex flavor profile that is totally on point. Very impressed here, I’ve eaten Key Lime Pie a few times, but know nothing of it like you folks would in the florida Keys. All I know is that I vaped this for 4 hours before I even bothered with anything else. Fantastic quality and value for my buck. ADV material here IMO .. 5 stars Mr Broke Dick

  39. Nicholas

    Can’t complain about a single thing. This juice has a good lime tang. Great for switching between sweeter flavored juices. I’ve been buying from vapewild for a while now and you guys too them hands down by flavor and price. And I can’t see any other place especially as you guys develop more flavores.

  40. Brian Jacobs

    Would buy again if they would learn to ship like a professional. Item arrived with lid broke and luckily it didn’t leak much

  41. Ricky Vong

    The smoothest key lime pie I have yet to come across! Beautiful stuff man! FYI I got the 6 nic and smooth as air, but all the flavor!

  42. Turk

    It’s hard to beat the quality:price of the Broke Dick line. I ordered this and Water Cup as my first samples from the company.

    The flavor is definitely key lime pie, with a not too overpowering lime, and a sweet crust to it.

    Good to go out of the mail, where as my Water Cup definitely needed to steep.

    5/5 stars for price/quality. I’ve vaped about 40ml in 4 days, easily one of my favorite juices in my collection.

  43. Jason

    When I got this, and gave it a sniff, it smelled like pure koolada. Vaping it was pretty much the same. Given all the good reviews, I figured something was off, so I did a few rounds of opening the cap to give it air, and shaking the devil out of it.

    After a few minutes of this, the edge came off the koolada, and it’s actually pretty damn good. The lime notes are on-point, and the graham cracker and cream are there, but they take second chair to the lime as they should.

  44. Shiestjoo

    It’s not overwhelming with the lime flavor which is nice. It will gunk up the coils and I rewick daily when vaping this juice, but that’s with all certain types of flavors. Good thing is, cotton is cheap, wire is cheap, and this e juice is damn cheap! Can’t beat the prices for these great flavors. Looking forward to trying them all.

  45. David Stutesman

    I am not a fan of key lime, but I can leave a bad review for me not liking key lime cause that is exactly what it tastes like. If you like key lime you will love this!

  46. Ron

    Little light on lime flavor but good none the less. Will let steep n check again. Otherwise KUDOS as always.

  47. Sabri Balcin

    So i got this juice for my girlfriend originally but after vaping it i fell in love with it. Im not a fan of lime or lemon but this juice is the perfect combination of lime and i find my self vaping in my other tank. Thank you for making another excellent juice keep up the great work!

  48. Nancy

    I have tried different key lime e liquids. I am a big fan of key lime. This one is the best. This Broke guy is a genius. He sells top of the line e liquid in huge amounts at inexpensive prices. He is an excellent business man and I wish him luck in his future. I believe he made sure his juice is THE BEST before anything else. Not too many flavors to drive everybody nuts, plus that would get expensive for him and his customers.This stuff is delicious. I can’t wait to try the,other flavors. I am on a really tight budget. God bless you.

  49. Lee J.

    This was my 4th bottle of juice, and gotta say hands DOWN my favorite…im so glad i took a chance on this product/buisness….the key lime flavor smells awesome, and tastes phenomenal. I absolutely will be ordering this again…i did have to let it steep, at first i could tell it was fresh and it did have a *slight perfume taste
    …to be expected…i let it steep, loaded up my smok coil and MAN is it good….i did add some sweetner, although it probably didnt need it, point being its great on its own and also a excellent foundation if you want to experiment. I have no idea how this guy captured lime, but gotta say its AWESOME.

    i cannot recommend this enough, my shipments have come super quick and that price is unbeatable. Take a chance here, this guy is onto something.

    I would like to see a 1.5 mg option, but im also a snowflake. hahahaha.


  50. Lyle W.

    Great! Let it steep for a couple days for best flavor.

  51. Tyler Burns

    Really enjoyed the flavor. Really enjoyed the lime taste along with the creamy flavor. I won this juice on a Facebook livestream the other day and really enjoyed my interactions with the company as well. Great job guys!

  52. Arturo barriga

    This is my second favorite I have ordered several times and will continue

  53. Zach

    This key lime juice is awesome. Not disappointed at all. I was hesitant to order such a large amount, not sure if I’d like it or not but I am glad I did and very pleased. Tastes like a lemon bar from Starbucks or something. Very realistic crust flavor, and a nice refreshing lime flavor. Definitely a good choice if any of this sounds remotely good to you. Try it out! I can vape this all day.

  54. C Tucker

    Key lime pie flavor is on point really good but wouldn’t say it is an ADV the lime taste good is a little sweet but almost wish it was a little more lush like the 15th

  55. Mike goss

    this is the most accurate key lime pie i have ever tried. this is the only e liquid from broke dick that i really dig the menthol with the flavor. (again not bashing any broke dick flavors, they are all great. just not a menthol fan) i think it really works with this liquid so well because the key lime and graham cracker taste is just as in your face as the menthol. this and the banana flavor are my two fav broke dicks

  56. Andrea Hendrickson

    My absolute favorite of all all though I haven’t tried them all this so far is my most favorite!!!

  57. Money

    Tastes like pound cake

  58. Lynne

    This is my favorite Broke Dick flavor by far. Just the right blend of key lime and creaminess. Love it!

  59. Carlos Hirahoka

    This is my second time ordering from you guys , and I have too say . It’s not what I was expecting for the price I’ve tried 4 e juices out of there line and they are 5 stars for my taste and the shipping is supper fast . I love the new chubby bottles too . Thanks

  60. Taylor

    The absolute best key lime pie. Already ordered more just so I don’t run out

  61. Dylan Hicks

    You can for sure taste the buttery crust, but the lime is just a little too sharp, makes it taste kinda like a margarita.

    Let that steep for a day or two and its amazing!
    Richard Broke

  62. Adam D

    This juice is the equivalent of having an oral orgasm. ‘Nuff said.

  63. Shawn Hardesty

    got this in my desert pack I got flavores are on point from the gram cracker crust to the creamy cheese cake to the ripe lime to even the whipped topping if I had to recommend this to a friend I would

  64. Jeffrey Sanchez

    This is the best key lime juice I’ve ever had. Smooth, flavorful and produces massive clouds of key lime goodness. I see what some say about the menthol taste, but I found it to be very light and just right.

  65. Marcy

    Not as wonderful as Overdraft, but still good. Thanks!

  66. Frank Bostardi

    Jesus, why did Broke Dick have to make this taste so good. There’s no way to describe it other than its a piece of key lime pie blended up and made into an ejuice. Actually, this might taste better than a real pie. The lime kind of acts like a light menthol, but then the crust and cream hits you in the face like a brick. This is an all year vape. Now I know why it comes in 120ml size. God Damn…

  67. deborah adkins

    Very good!

  68. Brandon

    This is my very favorite juice of all times. It is like having a piece of pie after a big dinner. AMAZING. And with the price who could ask for better.

  69. Greg

    This juice is pretty good, my only small complaint would be the minty taste you get, however I’m sure a good stepping will fix that. Besides that I love the cheesecake after flavor you get when you exhale

  70. Gunner

    I was skeptical about this at first but right out of the mail this stuff is amazing. I’ve never been good at identifying flavors but you get the lime on the inhale and you can literally taste the pie crusty goodness on the exhale. Let my co-worker try it and he’s in love too

  71. Carlos

    Just as advertised. Great flavor and good pricing. I am not buying any other e juice out there.

  72. Mike

    A bit concerning just how legitimately like Key-Lime pie this stuff tastes…what did you do, kidnap a plethora of grandmas to bake the pies for liquidizing purposes? Hmm? I’m onto you people.

    Seriously though, great liquid and a great price, ya’ll will definitely have repeat business from us.

  73. Richard Fava

    This s*** right here this stuff right here is banging I definitely didn’t think that I’d like this as much as I do good-looking mr. broke

  74. Justin lee

    I’d give it a five but it needs a little more graham cracker crust flavor and it would have a 5 star rating all day long

  75. ernest schweidenback

    The lime flavor is pretty dominant, but very tasty. Getting a little bit of the graham cracker. The menthol-ish cooling kind of caught me off guard. Once again, a little steeping and it should be fabulous.

  76. DavidMad

    This one steeped for a week before I tried it very flavorful and excellent cloud production I’m vaping this one with my alien kit if u like keylime pie look no further and just add to your cart

  77. Jeanne Downey

    Cash advance is the best! Tastes just like key lime pie with a buttery graham cracker crust. I ordered on Friday night and had my juice on Monday afternoon super fast shipping!! So glad I found this!!

  78. Robert Hatch

    I am a person that loves candy flavors and was not fond of creamy dessert flavors but, when I tried this I was blown away by the quality and most of all the awesome flavor. Richard, you have earned a life long customer. This is also the reason that I WILL be purchasing the 5 pack dessert next. I would like to see a future raspberry cheesecake…. Overall you will not go wrong with this flavor 5 stars.

  79. Kensley Robertson

    I heard many great things from my fellow vapors about Broke Dick, so I decided I would try this lovely Key Lime flavor. I was already expecting something great, and it fulfilled every expectation. I love this flavor. It only keeps getting better the more I let it steep. I prefer this flavor over Water Cup, but that’s only because Water Cup has a very prominent pineapple flavor. I don’t care for pineapple, but that’s no ones fault but mine. Though I am not into pineapple that much, they are both incredibly great flavors, and I will be ordering more. Thanks Broke Dick!

  80. Thomas

    I have tried 15 companies and a hundred plus flavors and I always have a tank of this as my go to ADV!
    Gets better every week it steeps!
    Just great flavor and clouds! I have ordered multiple times!

  81. VS

    Impressive e juice. Has all the elements of key lime pie. Nice dessert juice. Nuff said.

  82. John Lehman

    This e juice is so good if you like a touch of a sweet finish. Not over the top on sweetness.

  83. Eddie Odom

    Far exceeded my expectations. It is all that they say and then some. Can’t wait to try more flavors.

  84. JOSEPH


  85. Joseph Ray

    Good smooth flavor e juice, not over powering . This will make an excellent ADV

  86. Mel Barber

    This taste just like key lime pie. You taste the lime on inhale, not to tart, just right. On exhale you get that gram cracker and whipped topping flavor. What a great flavor. I love this stuff. I will be trying more of your flavors.

  87. Thomas

    Has pretty good flavor. Limey, creamy, and minty. I wish there would have been SOMETHING in the description about coolada though. It is not overpowering but it is still not something you forget to leave out. The nicotine is really strong…definitely more than 3mg.

  88. Amanda Glasscock

    Great flavor; true key lime pie flavor without being over sweet. Good ADV!

  89. Andrew

    I ordered four flavors to see how they stand out and this one was the winner. You can taste the lime, the dairy and even a slight crust flavor that is damn good. I love Key Lime Pie so I am thrilled that this one is so kick-ass. I don’t feel like I’ve got a broke dick when I puff on this one! (Pun intended, lol)

  90. Greg Walters

    This is a fantastic e juice! Probably the best Key Lime Pie flavor I have ever tried. I am not a big dessert juice guy, so this is definitely not something I could make into my ADV, but that doesn’t change the fact that this is a damn good flavor and would likely be a great ADV for someone who loves to vape on those dessert juices all day!

    You can definitely taste the Lime, Cream/Custard, and Graham Cracker crust flavors. I get the creamy lime up front and the Graham Cracker comes on the exhale and lingers.

    Highly recommended!

  91. Steven T. in Florida

    This was a first time purchase of this blend, myself being a key lime pie lover,I had high hopes,expectations for this blend. I was NOT disappointed!!!; this is a hard blend to pin down, being a blender myself; trust me its a delicate mix! With that said, Richard? You guys nailed it with this one!!On the inhale, you pick up the lime right away,just hint of the graham cracker crust; but on the exhale? Smooth,oh so creamy nice flavor profile. Oh I make my own juice; BUT!? I’ll be keeping this onhand for a constant in my ejuice rotation, just because its just that d#&* good!! Lol. Keep it up guys/gals. If you’re on the fence on getting this one? DO IT, DO IT NOW!!!

  92. Linda Harmon

    great flavor great price and will recommend to my friends

  93. Angelika

    Another juice that taste just like Richard says it would even for me WOW. I still have trouble tasting ejuice even so called premium juice but this ejuice is out of this world. One of my very favorites and I was never a pie or dessert fan but I am now! Oh and shipping is super fast I just luv it

  94. Matt

    OK, this one is something special. This is the only vape flavor that my wife likes to smell (she doesn’t vape). also, i like it more than any other pie flavor vape that i have ever had. The crust comes out perfectly!

  95. Michael

    This is a good tasting and smooth flavor.

  96. LINDA

    This is my favorite of all your e juices !!!! I dont want to see it retire !!! I think you should retire water cup 🙁

  97. mike

    so you are deleting the one flavor that I truly enjoy? I don’t much care for berry tastes like your other flavors. you force me to go elsewhere for tart juice.

  98. Star Sherrer

    I heard you will be taking this out of stock and I am bummed! This is one of my favorites!

  99. Benjamin Hooker

    Really, such a shame to see it go. If you’ve been on the fence about this you’ve got to try it. When I got it the mint that they use came off a little strong, and the pie was kinda muted, so I followed Slo Co’s advice and threw it in my glove compartment for an afternoon. I tried it the next morning and the flavor profile completely changed. The mint is much more subtle now, and the pie is outrageously good. You can taste all the individual flavors and they are phenomenal. It’s like I’m trying a brand new flavor for the first time my taste buds have never experienced. Honestly this is by far my favorite BD e juice and I really am sad to see it go. I’ll be stockpiling this one. Please BD don’t take this one away, you got a great one!

  100. Luke Brantley

    This is by far there best e juice!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t retire this e juice!!!!

  101. michael kreiser

    Gr8 ejuice,gr8 price,and super fast and free shipping. The perfect balance of that fresh key lime flavor with just a touch of graham cracker on the exhale absolutely love this juice was sad to hear it’s being retired hope it comes back soon

  102. vicki gates

    can’t believe you are gonna cancel this e juice! its one of my faves! sooo sad………NOW I’M MAD!!

  103. Angelika

    Just ordered some more but I am to broke to order a whole bunch. How can you discontinue on the BEST KEY LIME PIE ever???? I really don’t wanna go out and find me another one! Hasn’t work in the last 3 1/2 years and it’s not gonna work now after I had this one! This is one of my daily vapes and I need it to function correctly 😉

  104. hunterjuly29

    I read this was discontinuing…NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US!!!!!
    Why???? It’s so rich and creamy and lime.. Its the Best KEY LIME PIE around.F@#$%&℅™¿¡!!!!!!

  105. Thomas Glassner

    Wish you weee not cancel this is best flavor on market! 100 e juices this is my all day vape! Bought 2 bottles.

  106. Nancy Erie

    I am So Happy to see they are coming back with Cash advance.
    This stuff is so delicious and inexpensive, he was probably getting death threats of he didn’t bring it back. Luckily I ordered 2 bottles
    and I still have some left, that was in July, it’s January. Talk about generous
    amounts. How many ml’s is in a gallon? I’ll need that. Tons of vapor..
    Hopefully, I won’t run out, before the new batch is available.

  107. James VH

    Sad to see it go over water cup. This was a favorite of mine. Hopefully the new lemon will replace it.

  108. Tiare

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE bring this juice back! I must have missed the promo but hope the good reviews can bring it back again. Smooth desert flavor not too sweet with a great cool finish. I can vape on this for weeks straight and still taste the flavors. One of the best juices I’ve had and at such a great deal!

  109. Dale

    Best flavor hands down. Really miss this flavor

  110. kenny

    I miss it

  111. Jerry Winderweedle

    Best piece of pie ,since my girls last night !!

  112. Michael

    Juice is awesome and quite tasty…

  113. Morella

    I ordered this juice because it was limited edition. It’s ok not a adv for me! I was hoping it was more of a graham cracker with a hint of lime. The lime taste more like fruit loops than actually lime. I still love this company and I will continue purchase my juice from here! Lightning fast shipping and great customer service!

  114. Justan

    overall not bad, however the flavor is lacking in some way.. I think it needs a little more Key, and a smidgen less Pie… its taste is sweet, but i don’t really get that strong sour Key Lime kick i really want out of my flavor. Key lime pie (the actual dessert) is tart, and strongly tastes of lime, with a mild sweetness to it, but the sour stays in your mouth longer than the pie ususually does..

  115. Jacob Lindsay

    Fuckin dank juice buying more for sure

  116. Wayne B.

    Love this juice!

  117. Ryan

    Absolutely the best broke dick flavor. I hope it never goes away!!! Perfect blend of all the flavors!!!

  118. Taylor McCullough

    Dicks cash advance is the hands down best key lime pie out there. Don’t know why it was taken away though happy it’s back even if for limited time. After purchasing 2 bottles of juice I saw it was back and had to make another order for 2 bottles.

  119. Shane

    I waited FOREVER for Richard to get off his dick and offer this to us again. I found key lime on other sites, but I refused to buy them, well, because Dick’s juice is badass and I kinda like the guy.
    Then it came back in stock…YES!

    The first taste of this, I was disgusted.
    WTF did you make Richard?!
    But I forced myself to give it another go, mostly because i’m stubborn.
    After letting this little bottle of confusion steep, and breathe, and steep, and breathe…The mystery was solved.
    Good stuff, but not unless you give it time. The color of the juice threw me off, and seeing how Richard makes his juice in large batches a few times a year, I figured this might of had some time to mingle.
    Do yourself a favor, order it and then forget about it for awhile. You will be disappointed if you don’t.

    Hey Richard, can we get a “Born On” date on the bottles, so we know how long these bad boys have been sitting?
    Love your work Bro, don’t stop doing what you do.

  120. Morella

    At first I didn’t like this juice as much but after a few days of steeping it has grown on me. I like to mix it with overdraft! I already have two bottles of it but I might make another purchase before it’s gone! Thanks Richard!

  121. Chris W.

    Very great flavor if you enjoy key lime pie! The only thing that I would say is that the flavor goes quickly. After about 3 days of vaping this juice you almost get sick of it due to the powerful lime flavor, I would hands down recommend this juice if you are switching between flavors throughout the week,

  122. Chris

    Flavor as great just as described.

  123. Robbie Robinson

    Was vaped on a .2ohm parallel single coil, and a .225 dual coil alien clapton build. On single parallel coil. On the parallel single coil, nice crisp lime but not overpowering. Finished with a creamy “pie” flavor, with gram crackers on the tail end and just barely a touch of whip cream. Just enough. Very balanced. On the dual coil alien claptons, I unfortunately get too much lime for my liking and lose the other flavors. I enjoy this soooo much on a single coil tho.

  124. James kelly

    Amazing, smooth, rich flavor. I’m so glad I had a chance to try this!! Keep this juice around Richard!!!

  125. Cheryl Scott Johnson

    Love it

  126. Griss Griss

    One word: BANGING!!!!!! I love the lime in this and that creamy cool exhale! Also the nic in this one is very smooth, no harsh throat hit or my new coined phrase “pepper throat”….

  127. Bobby White

    This juice is very good if you like key lime pie. I can taste the gram cracker first with key lime on the exhale with hints of the pie filling.. I am very pleased with the result of this e juice. ( if you have the right build and coils this has very nice flavors ) vaped on a pulse mech squonk with a wasp nana addy

  128. Cheesehead Vaping

    My name is Cheesehead Vaping and I approve this flavor

  129. Carl

    Very lime flavored. Cannot taste the crust and only a hint of the cake part. Letting it steep for a bit and hopefully more flavors will appear.

    Change your power and you’ll get all the flavors.
    Richard Broke

  130. Marie Rolon


  131. Sam

    The eJuice is suuuper tasty! My boyfriends and i really love it and we just got it. We are astonished at how truly good the juice is and that it’s such a great price!

  132. Robert Michael

    I have been looking at “Broke Dick” Juices for awhile now, reading reviews. They are located in my hometown and I really want to support local businesses, (but i also want to know the product is worth it). I have only ever found one Key Lime Pie flavor that I really liked and it is super hard to find by a smaller company. I decided to go for the Cash Advance. When i first got it, I vaped it immediately to compare it to my other KLP juice. It was pretty decent. The other flavor I got from Broke Dick, (The 15th), was OUTSTANDING, so I put Cash Advance to the side. A week Later I went back to it and… WOW. Not only did it live up to what I was looking for… It Surpassed it. I LOVE this flavor. SO with my first Purchase from Broke Dick, both flavors were home runs. I will be ordering more soon.

    As an added bonus, I ordered my Juice on a Tuesday and I received it on Wednesday. Of course I live in the same town, but that just shows how fast they get the Juice out the door. Broke Dick just might be the Best Juice company out there. I will soon find out.

  133. Travis Houck

    Usually not a huge key lime pie fan when it comes to vape juice but, gotta say, this hits the spot <3 Well done Richard and the gang. Impressed !

  134. Harry Poehlitz

    I tried this product for the first time and all I can say is wow it is so good when they say key lime they need everything I could taste the key lime I could taste the cheesecake I could taste the graham cracker crust it was phenomenal and I’m already on my second bottle now

  135. Chantell Kirby

    I was concerned about trying a lime flavor but it was great!

  136. Monstro

    Talk about an explosion in your mouth. Get it while it’s still around…

  137. Chris Maricle

    I’ve had Key Lime pie made by other places and this one has the perfect balance of all the flavors

  138. Shannon

    Great Vape! Fast shipping

  139. Suz

    If I could give this 15 stars I would. I’m very very picky about my juice. This tasted realllly good right from the jump. I was expected to be disappointed, figure the lime would be super overpowering. You really get a taste of the creme and the graham cracker crust. Probably tastes more like what it is describe as than any juice I’ve ever tried. I will be buying multiple bottles of this stuff. If I could buy 5 gallons I would. New favorite FOR SURE!

  140. Andrew

    It seems that the problem with most key lime pie flavors is that they’re missing that creamy element. Well Broke Dick got this one right. I can really taste the cheesecake element here and it is balanced perfectly with the lime. I know that others have mentioned not liking the koolada or minty flavor that’s present, but I think it makes sense here and is not overpowering by any means. This one should stay on the menu permanently. Good job Dick! Keep this one around!

  141. Deborah Mills

    This is a superior tasting juice, reasonably priced with prompt delivery.

  142. Chris

    I’d take 9″ to the throat just to get a bottle of this stuff. Richard, keep that in mind next time stock gets low.

  143. Deborah Mills

    I think Cash Advance E juice is one of the best tasting juices Broke Dick has to offer. Keep up the good work!

  144. tyger13us

    This is some in your face Key lime pie Just how i like it,, steeping will only make it better..

  145. Shawn

    Damn good juice. I’ve made this my every day vape. All aspects of the Key Lime Pie are there. You get the key lime on the inhale and the crust on the exhale making this one HELL of a delicious vape.

  146. G Robinson

    Love the bite of the Lime and The Crust Flavor that is not overpowering. Good Job Broke Dick Crew. I have found another ADV.

  147. Garry Swearingin

    Only been vaping like 2 weeks…tried alot of flavors so far…this is the shit that brought elvis back to life and killed his ass again…love it!!! Also got payday for second bottle…not quite as good very very light vanilla flavor compared to cash advance…so thats a no go on that one…but will reorder some cash advance as soon as i can though!!!

  148. Cathy

    At first I didn’t like it. To find out was issue with my vape. New to vaping and loving the sweeter juices. This is amazing! Taste like a fresh homemade me like pie without the calories. I can vape my heart ❤ out.

  149. Ben

    One of my favorite flavors from any juice sites, never get rid of this Dick!!!! Tastes exactly like eating a slice of Key Lime Pie 🙂

  150. Devin W.

    Honestly didn’t know what to think of this juice, because of the low price…but I’m amzed at how great it tasted. This brand is so underrated and deserves so much more attention. Stop smoking cigarettes with this brand. You won’t regret it, guys.

  151. Kevin Dowell

    Right out of the box great flavor and cloud production. You will not go wrong with Cash Advance. Thank me later.

  152. Sheri

    I expected to really love this juice but I only like it. It doesn’t have the bright zing of Dollar Menu (Lemon Layered Cake) and, instead, has a teeny bit of a bitter zing. Still, it is definitely vapable.

  153. doug

    when I first discovered this product, the product name was quite comical, after coming to the website and observing the prices for the quantities I thought it would be worth a shot. the Fact is the key lime pie tastes exactly s such…spot on. the price for the bottle (buy one get one free) is excellent. the juice quality, I’m satisfied. I will be continue to be a repeat customer. I highly recommend this flavor as well as the others to all interested you won’t be disappointed. the flavor profiles are on point with the other expensive ass brands out there. save your money and buy from here. it’s worth it

  154. Gio

    I enjoy all the juice from your company. Keylime is another great addition. I would give you it a 10.

  155. Gary Flanary


  156. Gary Flanary


  157. Gary Flanary


  158. Kevin Dowell

    You cant go wrong with Cash Advance. Absolutely love it.

  159. Justo Hernandez

    talk about setting the standard for Quality juice at a very affordable price

  160. Justin

    Everything that broke dick stands for is legit from the concept to the
    flavoring, Etc

  161. Timmy Copley

    One of my favorites. A perfect blend of creme and lime. Very satisfied!

  162. Darc

    Great flavor, for me best used at home. I live in Texas, ride a motorcycle, and work in a bakery. Key lime flavor is amazing, but it fades with the heat I live in. It’s a common problem for most ejuice flavors.

  163. Lucas

    Most key lime pie flavors lack the “pie” aspect of the flavor. This is not the case with this juice. It has a even blend between the key lime filling and the crust! Also very smooth nicotine.

  164. Tim Welsh

    Smooth great taste vape.


    Thi is MY FAVORITE BD Flavor, it is SO GOOD and well prepared! You can tell they took their time with this one!! Crispy, just barely browned, buttery crust, filled with that rich fluffy, creamy and almost cool keylime filling. It is so great for summer and definitely an ADV!!! I didn’t notice it in any other comments but I swear it has a slight cooling effect on the exhale & the little lingering tangy aftertaste. DEFINITELY NOT MINT OR MENTHOL! I REALLY dislike menthol, just a bit of coolness just like a nice stiff but fluffy slice of keylime pie straight out of the cooler at your favorite Florida eatery! I can taste it, sitting on the deck at Catches listening to some live music, the sun setting behind the water…aahhh

  166. Lisa Harvey

    This is my favorite from BD so far. The taste is perfect. Please don’t ever stop making this one.

  167. Susan Meyers

    Fantastic Vape!!

  168. John

    Cash Advance has such a smooth balance.

  169. Tim Christiansen

    U got this

  170. Justin Davis

    Please make this juice full time and not just limited runs! I will be a permanent customer if you do. This was my first order from Broke Dick and I am very impressed with this juice. I’ve tried a few Key Lime Pie flavored juices and none of them compare to this. It’s delicious, the flavors are all there and it honestly tastes like a piece of pie. Also tried Layaway, Prepaid and The 1st, all pretty good but I’m not sure about the Prepaid only because I’m not really a fan of the candy berry taste. If it had come creme or custard flavor added it might be better. Anyways please keep this juice full time. It’s definitely my favorite of the 4 I tried. Well done.

  171. Forrest Bellue

    The first key lime pie vape juice for me to try and man is it good! So smooth and flavorful!

  172. Thom

    The best! Needs to steep – but was made 4 days ago!
    I quit vaping until they brought this back! I was going to sell all my kits and tanks!
    I bought two bottles last November and had stopped completely for 3 months until I got Ad it was back!

  173. Howard Huck Jr

    This flavor is the cat’s meow! Best Key Lime pie I’ve ever had.

  174. Casual T

    This is a good key lime pie flavor e juice. I’m pretty sure I would prefer more of the cream and pie crust taste at the front, but those elements are present enough to keep this from being too sour or mistaken for some kind of lime-aid. This is a flavor that I share with friends who almost always say it’s pretty great after they first try it.

  175. Zack

    This was a good vape, still not exactly how I feel about the flavor. It was good but something just did not sit too well. It is a flavor I swap to when I want something different for a little bit

  176. terri brockett

    I’ve vaped for over 5 years and I’ve tried a lot of different oils but I have to say…this is the best one yet! Love…love…love it! Thanks

  177. Spencer Paulson

    So I don’t write very many reviews. But I feel these guys deserve it 100%. The vape juice taste awesome, the price is cheap, the bottles/logo is cool… shipping was fast as f**k. Ill be a reapeat customer for sure! Thanks DICK!

  178. Brian Ferguson

    Currently my favorite by far this vape juice made me crave more and more as I vaped it I envisioned a sunny beach with a very relaxing atmosphere with my Key Lime Pie in hand. Absolutely one of the best juice purchases to date.

  179. Eric

    Just quit smoking with this juice. It’s my all day vape. Great flavor.

  180. Ronald Herman

    I received an email saying supplies of Cash Advance were running low. I respectfully request this becomes permanent flavor. It is my favorite of the Broke Dick line and what I vape most of the time. I will be very sad when this flavor runs out. Thanks for the awesome juices Dick and keep up the great work.

  181. jt

    great flavor & clouds. clean e-juice, not too sweet. could be an adv!

  182. Brandon Rogers

    Can’t say enough good about this e-juice instant favorite ADV(all day vape). The consistency in batches is as I would have hoped. I recommend this flavor to anyone considering I have yet to find an actual key lime pie I enjoy. Thanks Richard and all at broke dick.

  183. Travis Grizzle

    Great vape juice straight out the bottle after the 24 hours of steeping. Just keeps getting better as it sits

  184. Christina

    Nice flavor. Will purchase again.

  185. Cindy

    This is my favorite flavor that I’ve ever found. It’s sweet, but not overwhelming. I highly recommend it!

  186. Joe

    I’ve been vaping with this flavor for the past few months and never went back to smoking. I’ll be back to restock as soon as I’m out!


    If you don’t got it, get it! If you got it, get some more!! I don’t like key lime pie but I can vape this all day! It tastes amazing! I squonk so fresh coils and cotton makes this one of my top 3 flavors!! Good F’n job with this one Broke Dick!

  188. Dan Cloutier

    It’s true to its name. You’re getting something you probably don’t deserve, but you’re getting it anyway. Luckily, it pays for itself. Cash Advance has certainly gotten better and I hope it sticks around.

  189. Daniel Allen

    Was so excited when I seen this coming out!! This is so crazy good for the price its unbelievable!!!! BROKE DICK!! DONT TAKE THIS AWAY!!!!! PLEASE this is one the best juices I’ve tried in s long time. Taste just like a slice of key lime pie it’s crazy..

  190. Eric Hall

    My favorite ADV. Don’t get to attached,they don’t always carry this one. Best flavor by Broke Dick.

  191. Mark

    This flavor is amazing. It deserves to be on the permanent lineup again. If your thinking about buying a bottle of Cash Advance….. do it!


    tastes exactly like description. very tart with cream finish. needs to be permanent flavor. got 2 bottles just in case

  193. Should not be a limited time on this!

    Hopefully will not be a limited run on this liquid. Refreshing lime and buttery crust with creamy topping. What’s not to like?!

  194. Heather Robinson

    I love lime so this is one of my favorites!

  195. Cam

    Tastes just like key lime pie

  196. Debbie Martin

    The best juice ever. My favorite juice. Taste just like key lime pie.
    I was so sad when they took it away and now I am so happy they brought it back. Please, please don’t take it away again.

  197. Chris Morris

    Great juice exactly as described flavor . Y’all should keep this around

  198. Marty

    Easily one of Their best flavor next to Dollar Menu, in my opinion. Description is spot on.

  199. Christina

    I wasn’t sure if I would like this flavor. It’s very tasty. Shipping was fast. With definitely be a return customer.

  200. Jerri

    I may be a bit of a key lime snob as I think this juice is good and has potential but I think if it was a bit stronger on the lime taste it would be phenomenal

  201. Michael Watson

    Great flavor. Subtle key lime flavor with loads of fluffy whip creme . Would like to see this in the magnum edition

  202. Debi Lucas

    I love this juice! Absolutely tastes as advertised. Please keep this juice around!

  203. Sherry Sanders

    Great flavor.. taste just like key lime .. definitely one of my favs and will buy more and more ..

  204. Parkerk

    The flavor is awesome. Get exactly as described and could not ask for a single change.

  205. hunterjuly

    Cash Advance |ket line pie| was the first flavor I ever ordered from BD and it still remains my favorite. I am hoping they will make this into a Magnum and that they will stop running out of this or what ever and KEEP IT in stock! It tastes exactly like a key lime pie, crust and all. All his e liquid s are good, but this one is the best.

  206. SJZ

    Each juice I try from this company is better than the last.
    I thought my favorite was the Banana w Penutbutter ( it’s so good). Then I tried this one . Gawd, it’s delicious. So creamy, tart, & just sweet enough. I did let it steep for about 3 weeks (only because I love that banana one so much). I just ordered two more Banana Pie’s and the apple carmel pie( I can’t remember the juice names). I am definitely ordering a ton more of this!!

  207. Jorge-Luis Navarro

    Best juice ive had in a very long time!! Tastes very smooth and as described, Im gettin a refill every time im out

  208. Samantha Rutter

    This juice is simply amazing. My 1st juice from this company and definitely didn’t disappoint. The flavor is spot on, price is well awesome need I say more and the shipping was fast as hell in fact it came a day early. Can’t wait to get more juices from this company. Keep up the gr8 work fam

  209. David Clark

    I tried several key lime pie, this by far is the very best! Wow, can’t put it down, all day vape, never gets old. If your a fan of key lime pie, this juice tastes just like it. Love it, and would highly recommend. Web site says, for a limited time, I hope not.

  210. Walker Lapinet

    This is the crown Jewel of all Broke Dick juices. Please don’t limit this deliciousness, keep giving us the pleasure of vaping this awesome juice…

  211. Greg Snyder

    I really like this juice it vapes well snd has a great flavor ..Love the price.
    Thanks again.

  212. Kris Cope

    Amazing flavor and a great all day vape

  213. Cameron Halliday

    Nicely balanced after a little steep. Good creamy tartness with a little graham

  214. Bob Barnhart

    A slice of tart, juicy Key Lime Pie, in a kick ass Vape juice form! Quit stalling and grab it! Tart, and smooth with a dab of whipped topping for sweetness. Get it now!

  215. Lauren Armwood

    I LOVE key lime cheesecake, it’s my favorite desert! I could eat it for breakfast lunch and dinner. Broke Dick has nailed the smoothness of the custard, the bite of the crust and the tart of the limes. I’ve only had it for 3 days so I am letting it steep more but I’m sure that once it has sat for at least a week, I won’t be able to put it down. Broke Dick manages to get these amazingly accurate flavors for such an unbelievably cheap price. I am beyond grateful and glad! Lifelong member.

  216. Dorothy DeMario

    Very good juice, lime tart on the inhale and cheesecake on the exhale!!!

  217. Raymond

    Excellent as always.

  218. Bruce arnold

    Great flavor good all day vape

  219. Jessica

    Tastes exactly as described!!!! love this place!!!!

  220. Eric Hall

    Awesome. The flavor that got me off the cigarettes.

  221. Ray B.

    Overall a very good key lime vape! Not too sweet and a little tart on the back end..

  222. Bobby Herrick

    great flavor great price

  223. Ron Welsh

    Very good well rounded flavor. It’s mild yet tasty.

  224. Cody

    Very good flavor ordered this as a backup flavor just in case i didnt like the other flavor i picked but its waaaay better than i expected thanks guys!!

  225. Matthew Mund

    I have tried alot of different key lime juices and they never get the right notes of lime to sweet to gram cracker crust. With this product you get the right amount of all the important notes if you are a key lime pie enthusiast. I fully recommend this juice and on a different note, from the time I pressed order to the time I received this excellent product in the mail was very fast.

  226. Shelly

    Absolutely love, love, love this one. So happy you brought it back. Been vaping your products for a year and a half faithfully. Definitely a smooth and creamy favorite.

  227. Bret Stone

    I have tried quite a few other Key lime Pie flavors, and this one tops them. It’s REALLY good! Hell, the price can’t really be beat for 120ml!

  228. Robert

    Is it just me or can you taste the pie crust too?? This juice is awesome!

  229. Matthew Sise

    Definitely one of my go to favorites!! Key lime flavor is spot on!! Not to sweet and has been my all day vape since it arrived.

  230. Dillon Mincey

    One of the best!

  231. Cameron Allen

    It’s surprisingly good, the lime is there and the gram cracker crust is there.
    I love key lime pie flavors, if it wouldn’t be a bother, can we get it with 25% extra flavor. That would be amazing. Plus I’ll be buying more soon.

  232. Matthew Hayes

    outstanding flavor

  233. Matthew Hayes

    very excellent flavor

  234. Trey Jones

    This is one of my new favorite flavors. Y’know how some brands try to create flavors, and over do it in part or whole….and make it taste horrible?That’s not the case here.The lime was subtle but present,the cream was the kind that makes you snack your tongue to the roof of your mouth,and for a moment there…I tasted crust on the back end. Well done,BD.Its definitely on my reorder list.

  235. John Browning

    Nice cloud
    Good taste for key lime pie

  236. tammy cooper

    very good flavor and goes in sommoth and good on the exhale and i would tell my freinds its a good flavor it to anyone

  237. Maura Munro

    Absolutely delicious ADV. Not too tart, not too sweet. Perfect vape!

  238. Harry J. Dennis

    Wife hasn’t tried as yet but she loves keylime pie

  239. Joey Marks

    a very well balanced juice, not to limey not too creamy. There is a very very slight kiss of coolata at the end to invoke coldness and it works well with the other flavors here. Decent buy 8/10

  240. Eric Hall

    Still one of my top five all time faves. If you haven’t tried it try it.

  241. Justin Witter

    I have paid 3x as much for half the size bottle that had less flavor than this.

  242. Yvette Gordon

    Definitely a great vape! Hints of lime, creme and graham cracker in each hit! If you like the 3 flavors, you’ll definitely love this vape! Great robust clouds too!
    I’m amazed how quickly the product ships and delivers to your door!

  243. Benjamin

    This flavor is strong enough to taste, but not so rich that you get sick of it. The lime and the pie crust flavors are well balanced. I will be buying more in the near future.

  244. Art Warda

    I usually never just order juices without knowing the brand, but I was looking for a good Key Lime flavor. I found Broke Dick through the search and gave it a shot. Outside of the longer wait time to get it, due to Christmas and Covid, I finally received it and it was WELL worth the wait. I did what was recommended, except I let it steep for about 10 and a half hours. *I’m an impatient man*
    So I switched over to my Smok Mag 225W with a TFV12 Prince Max Mesh coil, at 100W, and the flavor is amazing and just uncanny how it tastes natural not chemically. All the flavors of a Key Lime pie was there. I will definitely be getting juice through here for sure!!!!

  245. Eric Hall

    This is the flavor that got me off the cigarettes for good. Over two years later It’s still one of my favorites.

  246. Walter Miller

    I loved this flavor, taste like fresh key lime pie. It’s a really smooth vape. You just can’t beat the quality of Broke Dicks products. Pricing is far better than any other competitor.

  247. Art Warda

    Slap my ass and call me Shirley, this juice is AMAZING. I usually never just order juices without knowing the brand, but I was looking for a good Key Lime flavor. I found Broke Dick through the search and gave it a shot. Outside of the longer wait time to get it, due to Christmas and Covid, I finally received it and it was WELL worth the wait. I did what was recommended, except I let it steep for about 10 and a half hours. *I’m an impatient man*
    So I switched over to my Smok Mag 225W with a TFV12 Prince Max Mesh coil, at 100W, and the flavor is amazing and just uncanny how it tastes natural not chemically. All the flavors of a Key Lime pie was there. I will definitely be getting juice through here for sure!!!!

  248. Benjamin

    This flavor is strong enough to taste, but not so rich that you get sick of it. The lime and the pie crust flavors are well balanced. I will be buying more in the near future.

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