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Delta 8 Pro Live Rosin Delta 8 + THC-P + THC-H
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Delta 8 Pro Live Rosin Delta 8 + THC-P + THC-H



With these 4 components combined, each of their individual euphoric effects are enhanced to produce an uplifting experience with increased feelings of relaxation in mind and body and a delightfully smooth flavor.

Recommended Use: Remove protective cover on mouthpiece. Gently inhale for 2-3 seconds. These disposable vapes can hit very hard, so take small puffs. Exhale the vapors within 1-2 seconds. There is no need or benefit for holding in your vapors for a length of time. Store your vape cartridge upright, at ambient temperature and out of direct sunlight to prevent leakage.

Size: 2mL  LIVE ROSIN + Δ8 + THC-P + THC-H (approximately 2g)

Serving Size: 1 puff

Coil: Ceramic

Tank: Glass

Ingredients: Δ8 THC oil derived from 100% industrial hemp, Δ8 THC-P oil, Δ8 THC-H oil, Live Rosin oil, blend of full spectrum botanical terpenes and extracts.

100% Natural. No harmful cutting agents used.

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