Dollar Menu – Lemon Cake (120ml)

Dollar Menu – Lemon Cake (120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(379 customer reviews)

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You know the only way Broke dick is eating dessert is if it’s off the Dollar Menu, but oh does that Dollar Menu pie taste like a million bucks after a long day. This juice takes all of that fruity, cakey flavor and swirls it all into a puffy experience, delivered right to your door in just a couple of days.

Not too sour, but tart enough to let you know that it’s lemon-y, this is quickly becoming one of the most popular ADVs (All Day Vape) on this site. If you have a little tart side to you, you’ll want to get this juice in your tank ASAP, and with our crazy fast shipping, we make it happen.


  • Lemon Cake
  • Lemon Meringue
  • Icing


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.70 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 2 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

379 reviews for Dollar Menu – Lemon Cake (120ml)

  1. Sean Templeton

    Really hoping this gets added as a full-time flavor. I got a sample with my last order, and it is the best e juice I’ve gotten here yet, hands down. This is some good stuff.

  2. Dawn Beauvais

    Lemon pound cake, smells and tastes awesome. I will update this after I vape it … can’t wait to try to vape it

  3. Loveit

    Please make this in the bogo size. Great flavor. The lemon taste is right on. I want more.

  4. Chris Kilpatrick

    You folks nailed this one it’s a keeper. Will most definitely be purchasing in the 120.

  5. Tim Blackford

    Dick! you are insanely awesome at creation. I received my order today..Layaway, bankroll #4, & 5. After reading all the fat loving reviews of bankroll #4 I decided to try #5 first and WTF, I will shit myself if Bankroll #5 doesn’t become a regular in the lineup. I love it more than Layaway but still love it too. Keep up the great work Dick and I will be buying all my Juice from you for sure. Cant wait to try that caramel apple pie that’s as awesome as your mothers!

  6. Charlie Hull

    This needs to be accepted to the 120ml line juice yesterday. I thought the !st was my favorite juice you made till i got this bottle in the mail. If this does not make it to the 120ml line i will cry. Now you dont want to make a 300lb grown man cry now do you?

  7. Shon Church

    Please make this one in 120ml I will buy it I thought you can’t get much better than the 15th and then came bankroll #1 and now bankroll#5 and my mind is blown best juice ever and if you ever do a rerun on the bankrolls I will be buying a shit load of the number 1

  8. Nancy Erie

    This stuff is wonderful. I cried when they discontined Cash Advance, but this #5 makes up for it. I couldn’t bake a lemon pound cake
    that tasted better than this. I hope they put this in the 120 ml. line. Not to mention the clouds of vapor. Excellent e liquid. You need to read the article on here by David Baker, about the price for e liquid. It’s true
    This is the 4th flavor I’ve tried from Mr. Broke and they are all good, really good!

  9. Shawn C.

    Dick you did it again! This flavor is spot on I didnt think I could find this flavor profile that isnt too overpowering unlike other companies I have tried. You keep having me change my favorite from your line with these limited edition flavors! Please make this a 120 flavor I would buy this with every order while cycling my other faves.

  10. Kelly Corder

    Great e juice

  11. LLAMO55Great

    Great lemon vape. It’s hard to find a good lemon vape but this is it.

  12. Dawn in Ohio

    I have been a lemon flavor fan since I started vaping and it’s hard to find good ones with a balance that either don’t taste like dish soap or are so sweet they kill your coil in one tank. This e-juice flavor has the perfect hint of lemon tartness with the follow through of sweetness. I really hope this gets put on the list of every day flavors! I was a fan of Cash Advance, and this is a superior replacement. Premium flavor!
    Thanks Dick!

  13. Pedro C Carrazana

    Dick, you blew my mind with this juice. My first order I snagged this, and let me tell ya – it surpasses all of my expectations. Wonderfully layered, not too heavy on the cream and I can honestly even taste the flour. I’m begging ya Rich! Make this a 120ml!

  14. Quentin Stevenson

    I don’t really even need to say it, but this needs to be the next 120 ml, you guys at broke dick already know you hit the mark but I am here to agree with that, this stuff is delicious

  15. DH

    This is the best lemon desert flavor e juice I have ever tasted! I urge all to try it. I especially urge Dick to keep this flavor for a very long time! Call it the 3 day weekend…

  16. David L.

    Tasty vape juice that I hope will get better a week or so after opening. I can really taste the cakiness–kinda like licking the beaters after the batter’s been mixed. No real lemon tartness yet–it’s more like a mild lemon candy. Citrus flavors always need time to mature. This one’s close!

    Hope I can come back in a week or so to update.

  17. Lance

    This is one of the best ejuices I have tried. Sweet, creamy, with a little tart. Very Good.

  18. Pete Bucaccio

    Dick really hit it out of the park with bankroll #5. Hard hitting lemon flavor with a hint of sweetness, please make a 120 ml e juice ASAP!

  19. Amy P.

    I love this e juice flavor. Please make it available permanently. I’ve been vaping it nonstop since I received it. The lemon is becoming more subtle and tasty. The cake is delicious. There are no unpleasant notes in this juice. Until this arrived I was vaping the pumpkin roll. I’m sad it gets no chance!

  20. Waylandn721

    Knocked it out with this flavor, Please add this to the 120 line!


    This is the best flavor in the line. Please add this e-juice to the 120ml line so I can get this every time!

  22. Adam

    Add me to the list of people that want to see this in full size e juice. It’s delicious. This is easily the best Lemon vape that I have tried. The lemon flavor is spot on, slightly tart with a wonderful sweet and creamy finish. If you like lemon cookies cake, try this and you won’t be disappointed.

  23. Avery Thrower

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MAKE THIS A 120ML. This juice is FANTASTIC! I’ve had lots of lemon pound cake flavors but this one tops them all! Thanks Dick!

  24. Clint Durrant

    Excellent flavoring, you can result taste the lemon on your inhale then a hint of Meringue on the exhale . Wish it came in a bigger bottle.

  25. John Hagan

    OMG! I usually HATE citrus flavors. This is SOOOOOOOOO damn good though!

    Easily an Adv!

  26. Willis Corbett

    More like vaping a lemon pie, it’s that dang good ! I agree, should be available in 120 mg

  27. Pete Bucaccio

    PLEASE MAKE THIS IN 120 ML. This is the best flavor you have made to date. Perfect combination of lemon and sweetness, I want this to be my daily Flavor. Hell, I would buy a 5 pack of this flavor alone its that damn good!!!

  28. Wolff

    Good but not what I expected, to me it tastes exactly like yellow fruit loops, was expecting more of a creamy custard lemon flavor. Still would highly recommend if you like lemon fruit loops!

  29. Jason

    Most lemon Vapes just taste like cleaner, but this is simply exquisite!

  30. Andrew Grumbling

    It’s hard to find a good citrus. This one is the best one I’ve ever had! I will get this every time I place an order (for however long it lasts).

  31. Glenn Hitt

    I just got my 2 bottles in this week. Oh My GOD! I never thought I would like lemon but this stuff is great. PLEASE put this in the 102ml bottles and I will keep buying it. PLEASE!


    Best Broke Dick juice yet !!! Give me a 120 !!!!

  33. Doug Bierly

    Need this in 120ml. 60 ml gone in two days. Lovely so lovely. And bring back cash advance too

  34. James Wood

    This sauce is legit! Freaking awesome! Turn this into 120ml ASAP!

  35. Roger Thompson

    GREAT! – This has a wonderful lemon flavor. I hope this makes the cut. I would buy this monthly.

  36. Craig Jenkins

    Very tasty ejuice! Was stocking up on some staples and thought I would give it a try, glad I did!

  37. Valeina Taber

    Simply amazing! Fresh burst of lemon followed by creamy cake like yumminess. Is it cheesecake? Is it pound cake? Oh no, it’s all of that in a crisp, bright flavor packed juice. I will definitely be purchasing this one again!

  38. Callie Eckelkamp

    This is spot on. So fresh and cool. My mouth waters just thinking about it. I say, pucker up and give it a try.

  39. YUMMY!!!!!

    Really like this vape. Not to sweet but not to tarte

  40. Patrick Nelson

    Great taste. If you like lemon dessert flavors you’ll love it. I didn’t need to steep it to get the flavor. I’m partial to Bankroll #4 and would rather see it in the rotation but…this is a good juice.

  41. John

    What a great surprise, usually not a fan of lemon flavors, but decided to try it since I loved the other e juice flavors. Perfect balance of citrus and cake. Hope it makes to 120 size since I’m going thru small bottles too fast. A desert lovers paradise! Another home run for this fantastic company.

  42. Dara

    loved it!

  43. Chris

    2nd review on this flavor after multiple purchases, by far best of all. Please release in 120s along with bankroll 6 as well

  44. Bob

    Love the lemon! Make it in the 120!


    one of the best vape juices I have tried. Honestly haven’t found one of your ejuices I didn’t like

  46. LQ Jones

    Damn, this is tasty. I like RY4’s and pastry flavors. Gave this a shot and glad I did. I saw one review said it tasted like lemonheads. To me it tastes like a super tasty lemon cake. I hope Broke Dick makes this in the big bottles. Will buy more if he makes it. I vote yet.

  47. This is my all time favorite Kari Byas

    This lemon Cake is my favorite ejuice! I don’t even like lemons but I had to try this one and I am glad I did. I just ordered four bottles and paid priority shipping because I can’t wait a day longer then I have to to get it !!

  48. Thomas Stone

    I got a 30ml of this from Broke Dicks countdown to Christmas. I knew right away after my first inhale this beauty would become a 120ML. Hats off to you Richard as well as your staff. Oh yea can’t forget Slo! He’s prolly passing kidney stones as we speak. Great job like always!

  49. James Van Heel

    Not getting the meringue or cake flavors out of this juice. But I opened it from the mail five minutes before posting the review so it might need a few days for those flavors to come through. As it is however, a very good lemon drop flavor deserving of five stars. Thanks for adding it to the 120 line. Now how about the apple pie next? 😉

  50. John Holland

    This was my first purchase from this site, I just cracked open the bottle, didn’t even let it steep and I’m in love! This is the best lemon flavor I have ever tried and since I’ve only had it for a couple hours it’s only going to get better! It’s sweet but tart, it’s creamy perfection with a hint of like a Graham cracker crust on the end, simply amazing! I’ve been vaping for going on 7 years and as long as this flavor is on your site you have a customer for life! You nailed it on this one Dick! Keep it on the menu!

  51. Sue Wilson

    Wow, what a tasty juice. It’s not even steeped — well, I speed-steeped it, sorta — and it’s delicious. So refreshing. Light, sweet but not too sweet, lemony in the best way; I could vape on this all day, and in fact I have been.
    I didn’t even like a lemonade-flavored juice I bought from another company (for much more); but I took a chance on this because it sounded so good and the other reviews were so positive, inc. from some non-lemon-lovers, and I’m SO glad I did.

  52. MIKE

    for me, the best flavor that you make. tastes exactly like the description, which is rare for any juice. will buy this one forever. I like tart flavors the best. maybe make in lime too?

  53. rich

    Spot on

  54. John

    Damn Tasty. So glad to see it went 120ml Bogo. Another superior juice and flavor from these fine people.

  55. Jared Johns

    This one is also one of thier best that I have tried I love the lemon and then How the cake comes it its super good highly recommend if u like lemon cake

  56. Erik Baumann

    To me this tastes just like lemon Fruit Loops. I like it

  57. Wallace Brown

    Great flavor, my new ADV!!

  58. Joshua Springer

    When I received this in the mail some of the eliquid had poured out in the package but Rick fixed the issue for me. I absolutely love this juice if you’ve tried vapetasia killer custard lemon my personal opinion the dollar menu is 110% better then that! I love this juice

  59. Alton Rice

    Wow! This is the absolute best lemon flavored juice I’ve ever tried. Very smooth and tasty. Not harsh like most lemons. This is one of my favorites.

  60. Ronald Upson

    Opened this straight out the mail.let me tell you this is one of the best flavors I ever had.ive bought a lot of juice over the years.this is the

  61. Peter carella

    I came across this site by accident it was the best accident I ever had. Try it you’ll love it. Great price Great Taste and cheap! Don’t miss out.

  62. Donna Conner

    Right out of the box, I didn’t like it. Tasted like a cross between Lemon Pledge and that white dust coating that’s on lemon drop candies. And then I took the cap off and let it breathe for a day. Never thought I’d find anything I like as well as Payday….but this stuff rocks! Good think I have two vaping systems. I vape Dollar Menu during the day and Payday in the evenings. Every. Damned. Day. So good. Our two go-to flavors. (Though we do mix it up with a bit of 1st or 15th sometimes!)

  63. Shon

    This is the best ejuice ever!!!!! Have you tried it yet? If not that’s cool more for me thanks for putting this in 120 ml

  64. Emily

    Of all the different eliquids that I own, this one has BY FAR become an absolute favourite!

  65. Aron

    This is my all time favorite e-juice. The lemon flavor is , not TOO overpowering, but SPOT ON. Great job creating this!

  66. Patrick Sovine

    i really love how i taste that really good lemon cheese cake type custard. the flavor really explodes on your taste buds and its actually like being in a bakery eating on a lovely slice of lemon cheese cake. i really love this juice. So far, this has to be my most loved flavor from the other two i have tried so far. Support #brokedicknation with me and buy these peoples’s juices everyone. Trust me, it’s worth every cent!!!!

  67. Jeffrey

    An absolute orgasm in a bottle! BD just keeps rolling out delicious flavors! Some folks say this tastes like lemonhead candies but not me. It’s pure heavenly lemon pastry to me. Damn it’s good!

  68. Paul Johnson

    Wasn’t sure how I was going to like it but I absolutely love it nice mellow lemon cake flavor not too strong

  69. Charles Joiner

    I’m a layaway man, but great juice for a change!!

  70. Chris

    Great vape juice the flavor is really good! Best deal on e-juice I’ve found, and the quality is not sacrificed by the cheap price! Defiant all day vape for me! The 1st another great flavor! These two juices are all I vape now! Try them you’ll be back for more! I was

  71. Willy

    BD you did it again, another winner! It’s like biting into a sweet frosted lemon cake! I can’t put it down, placing another order right now. Keep this up and I’ll have to buy more mods and atty’s…. I now have five of your flavors in daily rotation.

  72. Scott Novelli

    Great flavor

  73. Ronvadar

    This stuff Shure is good. Doesn’t touch prepaid as my all day vape but Shure gets close. Nice lemony after taste and smooth kunda cakie inhale. It’s interesting n surely a winner in my book. “Keep it up dick”. No pun intended, thanks

  74. brad

    taste exactly like a lemon pound cake AMAZING

  75. Travis

    My new favorite

  76. Redhead7

    Sweet lemon cake. In layers. Didn’t steep at all, vaped as soon as it arrived. Get some.

  77. Dawn Nolan

    I wasn’t sure about this juice, but with the reviews and the price I couldn’t resist trying it. I have tried tons of juices and this juice is awesome. My new all time favorite. It tastes like lemon cream pie with a lovely hit of vanilla at the end. If you love lemon you have to try this. This was straight out of the bottle with no steeping.

  78. Eleshia

    As a newbie to the vape world having recently quit smoking, (I thought – who wants to smoke cake? Ha!) I immediately ordered the most popular lemon meringue pie/s and pound cakes I could find online because that is the only pie/cake/dessert that I would say I like. I found myself so horribly disappointed and let down by the others that I wasn’t even excited to open this when I got it that it sat for a couple days but THANK GOD I did! Hands-in-the-air! Oh my god. This… this right here… is GOLD. Exactly what I wanted and have been looking for. 5 STARS! Fast shipping

  79. Amber lint

    I just ordered this e juice two days ago and received it already, fast shipping, good job guys. I love lemon so I saw this juice was finally in the bogo 120 size and said eh lets try it. Ammmmmmmazing. Don’t change a thing please. Just keep making this juice, its spot on. Great job, keep it up and ill spread the word.

  80. Mr mac

    My initial thought was no way. I let it steep overnight and my opinion changed when I tried it again. Good job Dick, great dessert vape.

  81. Shawn

    Its great vape flavors like this that make the company have a 4.9 rating,well that and awesome prices. Ever since i tried BD back when they just started out I havent gone back to other companies and dont plan on it. I could go on and on but probably should review this flavor lol. Dollar menu is lemon goodness from inhale to exhale spot on flavor BD never fails to deliver! #BrokeDickForLife

  82. robert wicker

    the title says it all like my grandma’s lemon bars she made way back in the 60’s lemon with a light glaze put this flav in ya upcoming hemp yummm

  83. Mo S.

    The lemon layered cake flavor of this juice is absolutely amazing, will definitely be ordering more within the next few days.

  84. ryan.padgett

    Love this juice definite all day VAPE!

  85. Charity Accaria

    Dollar menu can’t get any better this lemon layered flavored vape is awesome no complains

  86. Jetta

    I thought I was going to hate it, not too big of a lemon vape fan; but wow! This stuff is good. This 120ml maybe gone sooner than I thought.

  87. Alexandra Gastelum

    So far my favorite ejuice!!!!!

  88. joey kimball

    this stuff is amazing!!! cant wait to see what they up with next… keep up the great work

  89. Bill Fairbanks

    This is my new all day vape. Killer juice….Thanx BD

  90. Edward Fletcher

    Ok so I’ll start by saying I HATE lemon flavored anything that being said I did not have high hopes for this as much as I love broke dick I just didn’t. Very happy to say I have been converted. Without even steeping the flavor is AMAZING! It taste like a soft lemon pound cake with some of that light glazing icing on top. It’s just perfect. The lemon isn’t over powering at all not to sweet but it is sweet enough. The key lime pie use to be my go to then the 15th became my favorite well move aside because dollar menu is by far my favorite. Great for a all day vape and cloud chasers will not be disappointed the vapor production is excellent. Can’t wait to order again! #brokedicknation

  91. Ronald Penn

    After pre-paid, this is the next best thing to perfection. Smooth and satisfying flavor that grows on ya, for sure. No over powering flavors or sweetness to this one. “Keep them coming”, Dick. Your a man after my heart.

  92. Cereal Vapist

    Awesome ADV. For bonus Broke Dickishness, try using 3 ml of Dollar Menu and 3 ml of The 1st in a 6ml tank. Shake gently. Then take a few lung shots of that and tell me it’s not delicious.

  93. Tommy

    The flavor description of this juice is so spot on. I opened the bottle and it literally smells like delicious lemon cake. A lot of times juices will smell better than they taste (at least for me with the mod I’m using), but this juice tastes pretty much exactly how it smells. I was a little worried that the lemon flavor would be tart, but the cake/icing flavors balance it out perfectly. Tnx BD!
    Also, plz make the Rainbow Sherbet in 120mL 🙂

  94. Steve

    Now unlike Water Cup, this juice is fraking fantastic! A bit subtle, but the lemon cake flavor is not only Spot On, but delicious… I find that I can vape this day after day and not get tired of it for a good while… this is going to become part of my regular juice rotation

  95. Travis Houck

    Awesome flavor! The lemon is spot on <3

  96. Phillip

    I’m not real big on lemony flavored stuff…but this crap is awsome! Lemon heads candy yes at first, then later get a trix vibe once it steeps. Very very satisfying…will be regularly ordering this one…great job Richard!

  97. Jonathon Misch

    It taste more like a lemon pastry to me than a lemon cake but that’s what I prefer anyway. This one is an ADV for sure.

  98. Shane Scalise

    HOLY FUCKING SHIT!!!! This stuff is good.

  99. Justin

    The best lemon flavor, taste like a lemon pound cake… Best ever

  100. Neesa

    You hit a homer in with this one Richard!! It is THE best Lemon ejuice I have tried anywhere at any price!! Love it!! I will be ordering this one regularly.
    Thanks for always adding new QUALITY flavors!
    Now…how about an OATMEAL SKOTCHIE COOKIE??!! An oatmeal cookie with butterscotch chips!!
    I’ve always thought this would make a great ejuice if it’s done right.

  101. Jeremiah Frank

    Awesome juice. Great tasting vape at a great price.

  102. curt cournoyer

    This is the bomb

  103. Shannon Gambill


  104. Stephen Piccolo

    I didn’t think I would like a lemon flavor. But this might be my new all day vape along with prepaid being my favorite. This lemon pound cake is hard to get sick of.

  105. Cervical_fusion

    This has got to be the best juice offered. Just received it let it steep overbite. This stuff is the smoothest tasting juice I have vaped. Please buy it and try it.

  106. Helen Gibson

    So let me start by saying I’ve only ever had one other dessert flavor I liked and it was a key lime pie I sampled. (Not Brokedick.) it was way good but also way too expensive ($22 for 60ml.) It seems like other company’s dessert flavors always have a chemical or fake flavor and kill your coils fast!

    However that was NOT the case with Dollar Menu. This shit is awesome!!! Its like spot on Lemonheads on the inhale and then the lemon cake starts to come in at the end of inhale. On the exhale you are left with feeling like you literally have a cool whip frosted piece of lemon pound cake in your mouth.

    Y’all at brokedick are fucking amazing!!! Please, please, OMG PLEASE, bring back the key lime pie. My mouth waters just dreaming about how good it must be although sad to say I found you guys too late (feb 2018) to have tried it. Oh and big bottles of sherbert would be nice.

  107. Joey Bevins

    I love desert flavors and this one doesn’t disappoint. The discription is on point a layered lemon pound cake with icing. Glad I went out on a limb and bought two

  108. Randy

    It is the best

  109. taylor martin

    excellent lemon zing vape

  110. Leif Anderson

    Great flavor. Lots of lemon with a cake after taste.

  111. tracywalters

    great flavor and great price,

  112. Mark

    Great lemon taste! An ADV for sure. Keep up the good work.

  113. Deez NutZ

    Great juice, just like everything else I’ve ordered. This is my new favorite. Great company to do business with. More personal than any other company I’ve bought juice from. This Lemon layer cake is just great. Love It

  114. Lysa B

    This is absolutely the tastiest lemon vape I’ve ever tried. It’s a burst of zingy flavor, every time! It’s just like what it’s described as – a tangy slice of lemon cake with frosting, very lemony but in the best way possible. AND, like all Broke Dick juices, my coils are SO CLEAN!!! This is huge for me, and every Broke Dick flavor I’ve tried is amazingly easy on the coils. If you like lemon cake, you’ll love this tasty flavor! Hear that Dick? Don’t phase this flavor away, make if a forever flavor, PLEASE!!! 😉

    I think your safe with the “FOREVER FLAVOR” its a huge seller. Better chance we will run out.
    Richard Broke

  115. Mike

    The juice itself gets a 5 star rating. Im a lemon fanatic and this is exactly what Im looking for. This isnt my first order with Broke Dick so Im a bit surprised on the bottle itself. The drip tip cap on them is usually on super snug I cant get them off with pliers which is good but for this order of Dollar Menu I crack open the new bottle and start loading my tank and the drip tip cap fell right off and I lost half the juice. I havent seen that before and I hope to never get a bottle like that again from Broke Dick. Zero seal whatsoever and it made a huge mess.

  116. Rodrigo

  117. rolman ceccato

    One of the BEST vape juices I have tried. Soooooo Goooood!!!!!

  118. Connie P

    I didn’t try this when it was first released but I took a chance and ordered the 120ml. Glad that I did because this flavor is goooooddddd! It’s gonna be in my top 3 fav’s that I order regularly!!

  119. Moxie Bryan

    This is the best lemon variety I have tried so far. Lots of lemon vapes come off very chemical, but this one is very good. I get lemon on the inhale, and sweet cookie on the exhale. The lemon gets brighter with higher wattage for me. This flavor reminds me of those plain little lemon flavor cookies that look like daisies with a hole in the middle.

  120. Steve Funk

    A nice sweet lemony flavor, sort of the lemon version of a key lime pie, doesn’t taste too strong or like a can of Pledge, my current all day vape!

  121. Susie cherry

    Dollar menu vape juice flavor was lacking the “punch” that I prefer (just a bit more flavor would make me their biggest fan), but it did produce nice clouds, was delivered in a timely fashion, and the price can’t be beat! I will probably order again…..but I would love to hear that they are increasing the flavor drops on their recipes!

  122. William Newson

    Taste like fresh bakery style lemon poundcake

  123. Scott Brown

    Absolutely my favorite flavor

  124. Jacob Ellison

    Juice was great… But the bottle was cut or something. It leaked all in the package.

  125. Andrew Sievert

    This is my favorite flavor I have tried in years. The lemon is great and it strangely reminds me of fruity pebbles.

  126. Justo Hernandez

    This review is not only for this particular flavor, but for all of the flavors that Richard broke Carrie’s.
    I have tried 5 E Juices from broke dick, and I have to say that all five have super exceeded my expectations. From the quality all the way on down to the prompt free shipping. My whole experience with broke dick has been nothing short of phenomenal. I am not being paid for this review, I am just calling it how I see it.. all I can say is that if you are paying outrageous prices for what is considered by many premium e-juice, you need and I mean you need to check out broke dick

  127. Justin

    The vape juice came pretty quick only took 2 day to receive it from order date and the flavor was pretty good taste like a lemon froot loop to me still pretty good vapeing it as my daily right now

  128. CptMorgan

    This is some pretty killer juice! I haven’t a lemon flavored juice in very long time but I’m glad I went back. Taste pretty much exactly like lemon zinger cakes. Beautifully done, Dick. This was my first purchase from you guys and I will be back for sure!

  129. Greg Webster

    I originally had a problem with my order (which was partly my own mistake) and Richard and his Team were genuinely concerned of the situation, and rectified the problem immediately. Thank you Richard for your great service!!!

  130. Maks Kosmowski

    Such a smooth flavor, I was expecting it to be more tart/sour than it is, and damn is it spot on Lemon layer cake, the soft notes of the whipped cream, the slightly tart, but not overbearing lemon zest, the fluffy cake, this flavor is so dang good as an ADV.

  131. TNvaper

    Definitely has a good strong lemon flavor on the inhale, almost too much. Not getting any bakery notes at all, so I wouldn’t really classify this as a pound cake flavor in the description. It is more like a lemon flavor in general. Vaped it on my Dotmod RDA and Crown 3 tank.

  132. Matt M.

    This juice is just like eating a lemon pound cake! Flavor is spot on! Will reorder over and over!!!!!!

  133. Justin Hunter

    I’ve said it before but the balance of this juice is amazing. A subtle savory with sweet and tart. If you love citrus with a little sweet but not overpowering this is for you. Love how the lemon is the star and the rest goes around it. I enjoy vaping this and sharing it with others. Unique and delicious. Another great juice!!


    A great lemon cake flavor. My favorite bd liquid!

  135. Justan

    So this was my first order from Broke Dick, and it does taste just like Lemon cake. my only complaint really would be the Lemon taste isnt very strong, but then again thats usually my problem with any lemon flavored food that isnt strongly flavored like Lemon Merengue pie or Lemon Curd. Definitely has flavor though, so if you like Lemon poundcake, this is probably a good flavor for you.

  136. cyprin

    taste like $50 juice

  137. Joaquin Herrera

    Don’t hesitate on this one, really good on point juice.Lemonie creamy cake as requested!!

  138. Tyler morrison

    Just vape it

  139. David Petty

    Good but tastes more like lemon drops than lemon cake.

  140. Thomas Machin

    I’ll make it simple this juice is the best if you get it I guarantee you will love it

  141. Hugh G. Recksun

    OK I know sweeteners wreck the coils but this deserves some more sweet

  142. Jason

    Said it on Google, saying it here: Dollar Menu is straight up the best vape out there, hands down, no questions, if you disagree, you’re fuckin’ wrong.

  143. Wyatt

    This juice was amazing this is my first time trying broke dick products. But I am already looking at more this is an all time favorite of mine and the price is amazing now I am looking towards the rainbow sherbet all though it’s a little pricier. This lemon is such a good lemon taste it kind of reminds me of like a lemon pea and it is delicious!!! 5 stars highly recommend this one!!!!

  144. john b

    Two weeks steep time but, after that, not too bad at all. I’ve definitely spent more for a lot worse.

  145. Gail K

    Once I started vaping Dollar Menu I could not go back to any other juice. It’s the perfect combination of lemony sweetness; not too much lemon or sweetness. I am not a lemon flavor lover but purchased this based on the reviews. Very glad I did & happily recommend this to anyone who likes a mild, sweet juice for an everyday, all-day vape product. Excellent stuff!

  146. Paul Johnson

    Was worried that it would be too much lemon but when I inhaled that first vape I was blown away and not from an overabundance of lemon but by the smoothness and deliciousness that ensued

  147. Ralph Kitchens

    Really great Vape flavor

  148. Theresa

    Very refreshing and not overpowering with the lemon flavor! Not sure I could vape this all day every day but it’s a nice change to have every once in a while! Would buy again

  149. Danny Hernandez

    Reminds me of Grandma’s Lemon Glazed Bunt Cake.
    Good memories, and a great all day vape. ☺

  150. David

    When we think Broke Dick (BD) can’t even get better they do! First of all, we are not big fans of citrus juices but this one is so mellow with the “whipped cream” that it makes for a great ADV. Inhalation has a nice tart on the tip of the tongue and on exhalation there is this mellowed out cream cake taste. The thing is that the flavors all meld & come together just with the right amounts and makes for a great vape experience. This is both me & my wife’s favorite juice compared with even the most expensive premium brands. BD should keep this one forever!

  151. Aven Goodrow

    This is one of the best juices I’ve ever had. Great lemon flavor but not so strong it hits you in the face. Will definitely have this as a juice staple.

  152. Ej

    Awesome liquid for the price. I’m truly satisfied.

  153. james

    one of the best lemon flavor ever
    will be buying again

  154. Db

    So good. I can actually taste every flavor in it. Usually with this type of juice I just taste a creamy lemon but you get it all with this one. I was really surprised at how much I could taste the Graham cracker crust!

  155. Val

    My favorite so far. Not sweet, light lemon taste. Love it.

  156. Moxie Bryan

    I’m not the biggest fan of pastry/cake/cookie vapes, but I wanted to see how the lemon flavor was on this and I’m not disappointed. Comes across to me as a simple lemon pound cake kind of flavor. Other lemon vapes I have tried usually taste very “chemical” to me, but this one is just nice and lemony, sorta like a LemonHead candy taste with a sweet cake finish.


    This is my new go to broke dick juice, while i have other favorites on the broke dick line,, this has quickly becone my top favorite. It is sweet but not over whelming, it is a prefect combo of citrus and sweet and it makes you go for another hit every time, i definitely recommend this juice, give it a shot, what are you waiting for!?

  158. Lulu Girard

    If you have ever had Dinner Lady’s Lemon Tart thing, this is very similar. Elements of lemon tart and butter. The price is right.

  159. Rob Lyons

    This E-Liquid is really good but the lemon is a little overpowering would love to have more of the cream but other than that really great taste and flavor

  160. Travis

    2nd time getting this and im still incredibly impressed how I still don’t get tired of the flavor. The lemon is so spot on <3 great ADV

  161. Sally Forth

    My ADV! Loved this from the first vape but it took me a few days to get used to the tartness. At first I mixed it with a bavarian cream juice I had on hand. My first purchase from Broke Dick and I’m ordering this again today! Not a fake lemon taste.

  162. Igor Grubor

    Great juice!!!

  163. Sarah

    Lemony, creamy, and subtly sweet vape. This is me and my husband’s go to vape!! You won’t be sorry you bought it!

  164. Danny Hernandez

    This is the 3rd time I order this flavor, the lemon is not too potent. It has a subtle cake taste on the exhale. It doesn’t kill my coils. Thanks BD for your awesome creations.

  165. Heather Lynn

    I generally steer clear of dessert flavored vapes, but I figured I would branch out and this did not disappoint!

  166. Ken

    Very decent juice right on day 1, wish there was just a little more lemon taste to it. Would buy again due to Broke Dicks excellent prices.

  167. shannon

    Another one of my favs

  168. Charlie Hull

    The quest to find a good lemon cake flavor started 2 years ago when i stopped smoking to pick up vaping. The journey was long and expensive as i tried every company i could that had the flavor or one like it. Then Broke Dick in their infinite genus made bankroll #5. As soon as i tasted it i heard angels sing and a rainbow appeared in the sky and at last, after 2 years i found an adv. Then when they put this in the 120 line i did a dance of happiness that i can order this whenever needed. Thanks Broke Dick the journey was long but you made it worth it.

  169. Keith Bentley

    Creamy lemony goodness

  170. George

    This is the 4th flavor I have bought. The taste is good. I am happy with the purchase. The juice is nice and light and does not gunk up my coils. I have purchased from other well known companies but they are overly sweet and also destroy my coils. I will continue to buy from brokedick.

  171. Scott C Loyd

    Scott C Loyd: Been letting my friends try this and family they love the thick lemon zest. I carry two brokedick products around but this one is by far the best.

  172. Heather Tharp

    How the hell did you read my mind? I’m kinda creeped out a bit Richard! Lol. This was what I’ve been craving. Takes just like a lemon meringue pie, yet better. If I could drink it all day, I would. If this juice was a person, and single, i’d marry it.

  173. Meka

    Tastes amazing, not too much lemon and the right amount of “cake” flavor. Great job on this one! I thought that the lemon would be overwhelming but, I was pleasantly surprised with this amazing juice!

  174. Andrew Muenster

    Not the biggest fan initially, but it is groaning on me.

  175. Carl

    Tastes like a lemon head candy.

  176. curt c.

    very lemony and tastey

  177. matt

    nice lemon cake juice not sweet all day vape smoth

  178. Lewis Mello

    I really enjoyed this e juice. I would suggest more lemon and less cake, also adding crust flavoring would be perfect. Overall this juice is great.

  179. Benjamin Rodgers

    This flavor profile is one that I always fall back on, and only certain companies do right. Broke Dick is one of those companies. It’s blended well, and I don’t feel like I’m vaping furniture polish! Lemon layered cake is exactly what I taste when I vape it. Cake, filling, and meringue . A home run!

  180. Sabrina Hopwood

    Great taste vape! Great prices! Fast shipping! It was my first time buying but I will defiantly being purchasing more! Thanks for everything.

  181. Kevin

    pretty good.. not huge on lemons but had to try. truly outweighed all my expectations.

  182. Anonymous

    I was hesitant to buy this after being let down by so many other lemon flavors, but this hit the spot I was looking for. Could be a bit more cakey but the lemon is on point.

  183. Trevor

    strong taste of lemon heads at first.I let it steep for a week and its now my favorite juice.Will be keeping a bottle of this around at all times.

  184. Nangy Owens

    Wish I could give it 10 stars

  185. Harry Poehlitz

    All I can say is wow I just wow there’s juice so amazing and he keep thinking that I’m vaping even more and more and more I can’t get enough I also got another bottle

  186. Chase

    Hit it out of the park

  187. Lynn

    This is one that definitely improves with a little age. I couldn’t taste it when I got it. Broke it out tonight and it is superb. All flavors coming through. I think the Dinner Lady has some serious competition. Premium taste at a super bargain price. And free shipping.

  188. Greg Cumby

    This juice is delicious, I love a few different lemon flavored e liquids but this one is a stand out .. like the best one I’ve ever tried .. smooth, delicious, sweet but not overly sweet. and just plain yummy .. You knocked it out of the park here Richard !!! Fast shipping up here to Canada as well .. Great service, great liquid, great flavor, and superb value

  189. nicholas wilkinson

    This is by far one the best lemon flavored vapes I have ever vaped. The lemon is not over powering in the slightest, I get a graham cracker aftertaste. The cream flavor is very pleasant but not overdone. Altogether this liquid is amazing.

  190. D

    I love this juice so much I have only vaped it and no other since March. I am sure their other juices are just as good but I am totally hooked on this flavor. Perfect blend of lemon, cake and powdered sugar. Everyone asks me what that great smell is and I love telling them its my Broke Dick!

  191. Barb

    I loved, loved, loved it !! My new All Day Vape for sure!!!!!!

  192. Aardvark

    This is one of the few juices I’ve tried that are exactly as advertised. Broke Dick nailed the flavor; it comes out nearly the same across a variety of setups. Dollar Menu – if you like lemon meringue, lemon custard, or even lemonade slushies – should definitely be on everyone’s list for a good, inexpensive juice.

  193. Greg Cumby

    This is the best lemon dessert vape i’ve ever had – bar none !! Not just saying this but it is perfectly lemony, creamy, sweet, and has that pastryish cakey finish that just drives me back for more and more .. ADV material here. Seriously I’ve tasted MANY lemon flavors both drinks and desserts and nothing has the magic this delicious liquid has … it will be in future orders I make here … Richard keep this one on the list ! It’s a winner

  194. BluE

    Trust all the great reviews on this one. I did and I’m hooked on Dollar Menu. It’s more than an all day vape, it’s so tasty you wish you could vape in your sleep.

  195. Greg Walters

    I knew this would be a good flavor (all of the BD juices are), but I didn’t know if it would really fit my normal flavor profile. I am more of a fruit flavor guy and not so much into desert vape flavors.

    I am happy to report that the lemon flavor is by far the most prominent flavor in this juice. The cake and cream flavors are present and beautifully round out the tartness of the lemon to bring it all together.

    Just try it!

  196. John Dungan

    Good taste clean burning

  197. Matt

    I like I order 2 more

  198. tyger13us

    This is some damn good juice,, Lemon cake with cream, my number one e juice pick from Broke Dick,, so

  199. Tbrady

    This lemon-y dessert is one of my favorite juices available. So glad it came to the 120. This brand is the only juice I vape, can’t beat the price, or the flavors! Keep doing what you do best!

  200. Jas

    Absolutely love this juice. Lemon and vanilla flavors are both present and mix really well together for this kinda mellow, sweet lemon dessert. Props to you brokedick, I’ll definitely be buying again

  201. Megan

    Excellent summer time Vape treat! Lemon is smooth and cool!

  202. Harry

    Simply the best one out of the menu i keep coming back for more so this time i got 2-120 ml lemon layerd favorite vape

  203. Steven

    This is the perfect all day vape for me… a hint of lemon and that sweet desert flavor I had hoped to find. Plus, you can’t beat the price. I ordered on a Saturday and was vaping by Tuesday. I’ll be spreading the word about this company for sure!

  204. Kevin Dowell

    My absolute favorite. I need like a case of this stuff like yesterday. A+++ right here. My EDV. Buy it now….

  205. Paul

    This has a smooth lemony flavor that is not over powering., Love it.

  206. Corey Winters

    Great e-juice, tastes a lot like lemon oreos!

  207. Amanda

    Well, I’ll just be blunt like Richard would be… F*** that Expensive stuff! This Juice is very high quality without feeling that regret of paying for high dollar Ejuice instead of your light bill. I’m very pleased with my purchase, and will continue to be a loyal broke a** customer. Thanks again BrokeDick!!!

  208. Stephen Piccolo

    A satisfying lemon cake flavor that you can vape all day to.

  209. Kevin Dowell

    Thanks Richard

  210. doug

    I loving this juice, I will be buying more. This prices are no joke either that is another point in why I’ll be a repeat customer. I highly recommend this product, customer service is stellar and extremely fast also. grand slam product.

  211. Dylan Cole

    It’s the best juice broke dick got the flavor is so good I order it every chance I get

  212. Mike- Vulgar Vape Dude

    This one is probably my favorite. You know you have a great juice when you Vape it & your mouth waters! It’s spot on Lemon Pound Cake. You get every flavor, just abs if you took a bite of a lemon pound pound cake! I really love that the lemon is light. Nice & creamy too. My ADV right now

  213. Gary Flanary


  214. bikemendo707

    I’m more of a fruity guy than a dessert guy but this is amazing. I gave it five stars because it’s very smooth and tastes exactly like the description.

  215. Ryan Kennedy

    This may be the best tasting vape flavor I’ve ever had. Very similar to the taste of fruity pebbles cereal. I gave it 4 stars rather than 5 because it tears through coils like crazy. My coils are dead after 1-2 days after using this flavor.

  216. Thomas Srygley

    This is one of the two juice I use as my ADV . I like desert flavors but they kill coils , but not this one. It’s perfect for flavor and coil kindness. Just enough sweetness. I like to mix a little prepaid with this one. You can’t go wrong with this one if your looking for a All Day Vape in a desert flavor.

  217. Steven Lupher

    I love this juice. This is the second time I’ve bought it. The first time I got it I couldn’t get enough of it . but this time when I got it I got the right bottle but when I vaped it I found that it wasn’t the same lemony flavor.

    In fact it taste exactly like Layaway which I’m not a big fan of. So I was disappointed cuz I was looking forward to vaping the lemon flavor of the Dollar Menu but didn’t think it was worth paying the shipping cost to return it and complain about the problem…
    Sorry Broke Dick, I still love ya and
    I’m not going anywhere..I hope you get it right next time around.
    I really like the real Dollar Menu.MmmmYeah

  218. Joe k

    Great sour but sweet lemon flavor

  219. Michelle M

    I am not much for dessert flavors. I am more for the fruit ones. This one though I love. It tastes just like lemon cake

  220. John Busuttil

    I now see why he went with the company name Broke Dick.
    “You can’t beat it”

  221. Ken Hillman

    A definite keeper. Will order this one again 100% for sure

  222. David S.

    This juice has a lemonadeish flavor more so than a lemon pie flavor, followed by loads of meringue~ Very good flavor, and though I prefer Dinner Lady, this juice is totally worth picking up again, as I do find this flavor to be quite good~ So far my decision to give Broke Dick a shot has been a home run, in more ways than one!~ Thanks, Dick!~ 😀

  223. George Gilliam

    Delicious lemon cake taste. Definataly an all day vape. Would buy again.

  224. Joe


  225. Connie

    This E Juice is one of the best that I have had. I love lemon flavors. And I can’t believe that I got a total of 240 ML for only 23 bucks can you believe that. I am so happy that my son Nick Bowles referred me to you. I would have never known about this place if it wasn’t for him and now my friends are going to know. you can’t beat the price and the quality is excellent and the quantity


    This was my Very first juice from BD & I was PLEASANTLY SURPRISED! It is so lucious, LEMMONY & creamy, you’d almost swear you were eating a lemon layer cake from some fancy bakery! It is definitely an ADV and the juice that got me addicted & coming back for more tastiness!!!

  227. Ah13

    This is my favorite juice and I don’t even like lemon. This juice tastes just like vaping cake with a subtle hint of lemon, doesn’t gunk up my coils, has great clouds and the price is unbeatable.

  228. Angela Ullmen

    This is by far the best juice I have had

  229. Lisa Harvey

    Perfect creamy lemon without any odd aftertaste that I have found with other juices. No lemon Pledge here lol

  230. Ken Hillman

    One of my favorites. Will buy again and again and again. Wish they sold it in gallons

  231. Robert Skaggs

    Best bang for my buck and the flavor is a spot on.will be ordering again

  232. Jeremiah Baker

    This one is really good out of all the ones I’ve tried so far this one is my favorite taste just like a lemon cake. Needs to be sweeter though in my opinion then it would be perfect ADV

  233. robert blevins

    not bad. not big on dessert juice but it’s pretty good.

  234. Debra Girard

    This is good and lemony on the intake. Exhaling, I can taste an angel foo cake infused with frosting. It arrived quickly. I ordered it on Monday and it arrived Thursday, through regular USPS.

  235. Andy

    I have liked all the BD juices I’ve tried so far, but I keep coming back to this one. IT’S SO GOOD. And of course you can’t beat the price. If you haven’t tried Broke Dick yet and you’re wondering if the juice is any good because of the low price, believe me, this is good quality juice. I’ve tried other bargain juices that are absolutely terrible (*cough* Sauce LA *cough*) but this isn’t just as good as the premium juices out there- it’s better. All my juice comes from BD now and I have no reason to get it elsewhere. Unbeatable prices and outstanding flavors! Thank you Broke Dick!

  236. Jacob Faile

    Best lemon vape I’ve ever had!

  237. Jeremy

    I wanted to try 2 new flavors with the order i just placed but this flavor was so good i had to order it again. When i first ordered this i wasnt expecting much as im not big on lemon. It quickly became my favorite of all the vape juices i had on hand at the time. Even my friend who doesnt like dessert flavors really enjoyed it and kept asking if i had any left when i would visit.

  238. Chelsie Collins

    The juice is good if you like a dessert style vape! I ordered it hoping for a little more lemon but for me who hates dessert vapes can’t say anything bad. It does taste like a lemon layered cake but for me I get too much cake taste.

  239. Metal_beard_vapes330

    This is hands down one of the best liquids I have ever had. I haven’t been able to put it down.

  240. Big Rig Jig

    Very delicious blend of cake and lemon. Tastes just like a lemon bar or any lemon baked good.

    Will definitely order this again!

  241. Doug Clay

    Squonking is very good too. The only coil that I have tried it in where it was 50% less flavor is single mesh but I wouldn’t count it out for sure. I only tested with one mesh coil that was alittle gunked up already. Will test again, but for now I’m lovin it in my daily squonker – verts/horiz. With verts I sometimes squonk then drip on top cotton and get a burst of 6 star goodness.

  242. Kevin C Barrett

    It’s Absolutely good. This is the kind of product I would buy again.

  243. Ammon Benner

    Taste is just the sam6e as I look for in a layered lemon cake from an upscale bakery. On my dripper the flavor is balanced and not overpowering. Multilayered flavor is sometimes hard to get on a dripper and smpl mod. This is my third flavor from Broke Dick. All great.

  244. Aron Anders

    I had noticed that Broke Dick was sounding like something I would love so after I read tons of positive reviews I ordered I got it rather fast Tore right into it and was blown away by how tasty it was both bottles layaway is outstanding as we I liked it so much I ordered more and I’ll order even more is how good the juice is

  245. Stephen Lemoure

    Best lemon vape juice I’ve ever had, and for the price you just can’t beat it. Just ordered more!

  246. Hatman

    This vape juice is just what I needed and I got it right when I needed it! Great Price! Great Juice

  247. Chris

    This S#*t is the bomb, even non vapers comment on the smell.
    I said s#*t you shud taste it!
    Totally buying more!

  248. Ben Duthu

    I never really liked citrus type flavors until this one. Really nice vape juice

  249. Steven Beckley

    Great lemon flavor vape juice my go to juice

  250. jt

    awesome e juice flavor if u like lemon cake! a little more sweetener than dicks other flavors but worth some extra rewicking!

  251. Angela Ullmen

    This is by far the best vape juice I have had. Practically the only one I vape

  252. RBIII

    Kind of hesitant to vape this but it tastes amazing. Almost like you are eating a slice of the cake.

  253. Darren White

    This is my favorite vape juice so far it taste and smell just like a warm lemon layered cake fresh from the oven and when there is anyone around me as soon as theay smell the aroma theay want to know what it is and how to order it and when I tell them how little it cost theay are amazed that something so wonderful cost so little

  254. Erik Lehto

    This is the second time I received Dollar Menu. The taste is much better than the first time I got it. But I thought I ordered Cash Advance.
    I would like to request a coupon for Cash Advance.

  255. Cris Mabry

    It’s delicious, it’s more lemon then the dry cake flavor, for me personally it’s a better balance then most, I don’t usually go for the dry cake flavors, this is very juicy tasting. Lemon on the front, cool meringue taste in the middle and soft hint of lemon cake on the exhale. Legit my everyday vape now.

  256. Brian Ferguson

    This is just out of this world a perfect blend of lemon cake meringue and icing. What could be more satisfying for lemon lovers. Absolutely well balanced between flavors. Truly amazing.

  257. Wilmer Erbe

    Rich and delicious, like enjoying desert with every puff

  258. Zach K

    Great Juice! The lemon is mild therefore helping bring out the desserty flavors. It is definitely a must buy and I hate lemons!

  259. Travis Grizzle

    This juice is unique in my setup. I seem to have to chase the flavor with different temperatures. Start out at 270, up to 300, down to 220, back to 270. Dont have to do that with any of the other 8 juices i have bought from Broke Dick. Good juice, but i have to work to maintain the flavor

  260. Bill Pufky

    The flavor is remarkable


    best flavor from any brand or vendor. I was so happy when it was brought back

  262. W. PRATT

    Didn’t no what to expect with this one, as most Vapes that include lemon usually give me the sensation of licking a freshly “Pledged” coffee table. Not the case here. The wife enjoys it as well.

  263. Mike Caro

    I hadn’t tried this until two weeks ago. It’s a mellow blend. that is now among my favorites.

  264. Hunter Seeton

    Light and sugary cake mixed with a tart lemon meringue that tingles on your tongue. Dollar Menu is a lovely and light dessert flavor that is not heavy on cream flavor. Fresh flavor right out the bottle.

  265. chris

    This is the only lemon that I have found that I like. It doesn’t taste like lemon pledge furniture polish. I think it awesome. It’s a little harder on my coils then most of there other juice. But not horrible. Over all I gave it 5 stars.

  266. Eddie

    I love this company and I love this flavor. I have never had a problem.

  267. Susan Moore

    This is one of my go-to’s. Has a nice, light, fresh iemony taste. Not too strong, not too sweet……Just Right!!!!!

  268. Tomi Phipps

    This is one I always order. Lemon is my favorite flavor, and this one doesn’t disappoint.

  269. Eddie & Angela

    This is hands down one of the best juices we’ve ever had definitely our ADV choice!! To us it tastes like fruity pebbles which in our opinion is never a bad thing lol and Broke Dick is THE BEST company out there for your vaping needs their Prices/Quality/Customer Service cannot be beat anywhere on/off the web! If you give this juice/company a try I can promise you that you won’t be disappointed!… We’re both customers for life that’s for sure.

  270. Jeff Darrey

    Good juice is a must, cheap juice is a plus. Broke dick delivers both.

  271. Amanda

    I really like this flavor, I’ve tried a few from broke dick and this is up there for me. Sweet and tart it’s delicious, customer service was amazing with replacing my first bottle that came damaged. I’ll definitely keep repurchasing this flavor and others 🙂

  272. Nick Risoni

    Still my fav juice to this day love every part of it. Spot on flavor and love the way it feels I’m my mouth

  273. Charles Barnes

    I just got it out of the mailbox put it in my tank cant stop wont stop till its gone so so good

  274. KT

    Yeah, I am ordering from the Dollar Menu and it tastes like one of those expensive bakeries. Another great flavor Richard!

  275. Darren White

    Well I placed my order on Tuesday and received it on Friday this time I went with 0mg of nicotine I had to get right on the first bottle and the aroma and flavor ate wonderful the second bottle I have been letting it steep since theay arrived and just started vaping on it today and it was well worth the wait the flavors of this bottle have really developed and truly come alive and another thing is I am still on the coil I installed when the new juice arived it seems that without the nicotine at least to this point the coils are not turning black and burning out as fast as theay do with nicotine in the juice so that means even more savings in the long term and that is always awesome

  276. Dave B.

    This is one of , if not THE BEST lemon flavors EVER! I’ve ordered it a number of times and have never been disappointed. It’s my all day vape. LOVE this stuff! Such an awesome juice at a killer price! Definitely put this one in your rotation. Side note, switched to mesh and it tastes even better! Probably one of my most favorite juices ever!

  277. Jon Mabrey

    Best blend ive tried just the right twang of lemon with a cake batter finish

  278. Aztzura

    I’m not a big lemon fan as it can be overwhelming. This vape is absolutely delicious. It really tastes like a lemony pound cake topped with whipped cream.

  279. Evelyn K

    Dollar Menu is my favorite. Very smooth lemon cake with light cake undertones.

  280. Robert Bethany

    This is by far one of the best juices I have ever vaped..needed no steeping and is fucking amazing definitely going to order again

  281. Jim B

    It is a lemon flavor, and most of the time I really like lemon. But this one has some lemon zest in it. As a change of pace its pretty good, but Broke Dick has other amazing flavors that I like a lot more.

  282. Barb W

    This juice is friggin awesome. It has become my all day vape. It’s the best lemon cake flavor, just can’t get enough of it.

  283. Darrell Henley

    I love this juice amazing but if it had more flavor it would be the best of the best but still 5 out of 5 starz

  284. Kimberly Cunningham

    My only issue with this particular juice is I wish it were a bit more lemony, overall though a very pleasant vape and will order again. Nothing harsh or overly sweet about it, just a nice adv.

  285. Hope Gallant

    Wonderful flavor so delicious cake. With every vape im so satisfied like I’m eating lemon cake. Excellent all day vape.

  286. Diana Thompson

    Let it steep for about a week and your good that’s what I do every time great stuff

  287. Paul Linebaugh

    This one’s fantastic. To me, it’s perfect match to powdered sugar lemon filled donut! It’s absolutely delicious.

  288. Matt

    so nice!

  289. Gary Ellis

    Im not a fan of citrus vapes, but Dollar Menu is not too lemony. Its delicious and part of my rotation!

  290. terry clements

    I like this a lot, ordered on thurs, got it on sat, and the price point is on point, why are you not ordering this now ?

  291. Ricky

    The only lemon juice flavor I’ve found, that I keep coming back to!

  292. MIKE

    for me, the best flavor on the market from any vendor. order it every few weeks. I would like a blueberry cream like this

  293. Denney Enos

    I love it

  294. MacDav

    This juice is a delicious flavor of lemon cake, and it’s spot on. The lemon flavor is there and sweet, with a custard cake blend on both the inhale and exhale. Never take this juice off the line, Richard.

  295. Keith J. Crawford

    best price full flavor never stops, a real pick me up

  296. Harrison

    Dollar Menu is a subtle and smooth vape, ADV here for sure. This is an excellent juice! Be sure to let it steep per the directions on the website. Pro tip- once its done steeping pop it in the fridge. BTW the people behind BROKEDICK are champions when it comes to customer service.

  297. Marty

    Easily one of the best vape liquids I’ve ever tried if not the best. It has a good lemon flavor but the cake and icing is where this juice shines, and oh does it shine.

  298. AJ Devine

    Fast delivery and great price! I let this steep for a day and have been using it ever since! The flavor is delicious, reminds me of eating Fruity Pebbles as a child. I will definitely be reordering this!

  299. Ed

    The free shipping was a little screwy since i live 5 miles from broke dick, and it came to me via shreveport Louisiana…anyway
    I cracked it open when i got it and it is a nice mild/smooth lemon. This is the second day and the flavor is still the same. Will definitely order again….out

  300. Robyn Alspach

    I love this stuff. I was so surprised how good this tastes and it has become one of my favs. While a cloud is nice…the taste is what matters to me and this is the best.

  301. Mary Thompson

    I placed an order because a friend recommended Broke Dick. Shipping was really fast . It is the best ejuice I have ever used. Placed a second order already.

  302. Louis Nelsen

    This brings back so many wonderful memories of my mom. She made this lemon bundt cake from scratch with lemon piefilling in the middle and vanilla lemon icing. Inhale – cake. Exhale – everything else i mentioned. Spot on with this one.

  303. John R Crossland


  304. Dana

    Very quick shipping, and nice flavored smooth vape juice. Great clouds from this and I will definitely buy more.

  305. James Lemkie

    Just received this ejuice about 20 minutes ago this juice is good can’t put it down it is now one of my adv. I’ve stopped all of the other places I was getting my juice from, I’ll be buying all of my juice here from now on

  306. Walter Miller

    This flavor has become one of my top picks. I absolutely love it

  307. Valerie Cremeans

    Love lemon!

  308. Andrea

    This is the best lemon flavor I’ve ever had ..but you must steep it !!!

  309. RJ

    Amazing lemon and cream flavor. This has moved up to one of my favorite juices.

  310. Kim

    Love love love the dollar menu lemon it’s amazing will order again

  311. Van Downing

    So, after about a week of steeping, the flavor is on point! Nice lemon, with cakey and creamy notes. I’m enjoying it! Just vape something else while you let it steep, you’ll be happy with it in the end.

  312. Robin

    Very impressed flavor just keep getting better. Now my go to first !

  313. Travis Quiding

    I love this liquid, and I also kinda named it. Make it a Mganum, and I’ll gove it 42 stars!

  314. Steven Chaloux

    If this had a little more lemon flavor it would have gotten a 5 star from me, it has a good amount, but I absolutely love lemon so to others there is probably the perfect amount. This has a great combo of flavors that you can taste from the inhale to exhale. This will be a liquid I use on a very regular basis

  315. Marsha Ryan

    Let it steep breathe for a day or two then yummy the lemon on the inhal cream exhale I really like this one definitely an adv would buy again

  316. Walter Miller

    Absolutely love this stuff

  317. David Clark

    Delicious. Great flavor, no chemical after taste. This juices is real good, solid lemon and cream taste. Highly recommend, you will enjoy this, All day vape.

  318. Caz

    Loving it, great balanced flavor.

  319. Daniel Ewing

    I’m a big fan of lemon pound cake and if you are or anything lemon cake BUY THIS JUICE!!!! You won’t regret this decision I promise this is my favorite juice now and has became my all day vape

  320. DEBI

    Thank you Broke Dick for finally making a lemon pound cake that does not disappoint! I have tried others that taste artificial. Dollar Menu tastes just like it is advertised! Yet another Broke Dick e juice to add to my arsenal!

  321. Sherry Sanders

    I ordered for the first time last week.. got the lemon.. OMG it’s so awesome purfect flavor .. every time.. I can’t tell you how much juice I’ve bought and given away because I’m pickie.. if it doesn’t taste just like what it says.. I’m not going to vape it.. but this juice is awsome.. and I will be ordering several flavord.. won’t get my juice any where else.. and shipping was fast.. so glad my friend shared this with me.. if I could give 10 stars I would

  322. James Hearon

    Sweet lemon pound cake. Not an ADV for me but very good.

  323. Jeremy Voeks

    Delighted with this liquid! It’s not overly sweet and yet packed with plenty punch.

  324. Kris Cope

    Great all day Vape

  325. johnny b

    I normally dont write reviews just read them lol …So this is my second time purchasing juice from brokedick and I do have to say this flavor is amazing kind of reminded me of mr. Meringue from Charlie’s chalk dust really really enjoyed this flavor and will be purchasing from you guys again thanks so much

  326. julie connors

    Excellent lemon taste. Been vaping two days straight. Please never run out of this. I could vape this forever.


    0rdered it July 4th. Received it July 6th. Awesome shipping. Also like the fact that it was protected by Norton’s. Awesome flavor. Fantastic prices!! My new go to, all day. Wonder if you have something a little tarter? Not orangey. will be a loyal customer for the foreseeable future. Love those e-mails. They make my morning. Keep up the great work!!! think your “I’m not a robot” thingy needs some tweakin’. I’ve been waiting for 5 minutes now for the blue circle to stop spinning

  328. Jason Ohlgren

    Love this juice, I would have given 5 star if it had a touch of sweetness. Tastes exactly like lemon pound cake.

  329. David DeVries

    The lemon flavor is the best I’ve had. I will order again and again. Probably my in my top 1 or 2 Broke Dick flavors.

  330. Susan

    LOVE this juice. Just the right amount of true lemon flavor and is smooth. So excited that this is so good.

  331. Dee

    I am now addicted to this Lemon E-juice 🙂 awesome flavor!

  332. Cameron

    Interesting how there are so many excellent reviews….. well now I know. This Vape Liquid is super good. Fantastic price and flavor. You have to check it out. Low investment….. crazy high return. Vape On!!!!

  333. J

    This juice tastes just like a lemon bar with whipped cream and powdered sugar. As someone who can no longer eat many foods I used to enjoy, liquids like this fill a huge void for me.

  334. Austin Jessup

    I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed in a Broke Dick product. Always fast shipping, always impeccable quality. This lemon cake flavor is almost as good as cake itself!

  335. Randy

    The lemon pasty is the best I have ever tried. Just ordered two more!

  336. Chuck

    This juice is 100% great it taste just like your eating lemon pound cake

  337. Tracy

    The best Lemon flavor that I have ever tasted

  338. Jan

    Love that lemony flavor. Extremely fast shipping. Highly recommend.

  339. Robert Hall Jr

    Very awesome lemon cake flavor. A desert lover’s dream come true..

  340. Lee

    I have tried many but this is the best! I hope BD will do a Magnum of this! I have had this on my shelf since it’s birth. I have ordered this more times than I can count. I don’t think I have ever reviewed any flavors. But I felt it was about time I publicly let BD and everyone else know how much I value BD and all they do in keeping great juices at great prices and fast, reliable delivery! Feel free to look around to see reviews I have finally taken time to do.

  341. Gail Kelly

    This is the only vape juice that I use. I’ve purchased a few other flavors from Richard and while they are good, Dollar Menu is my one and only favorite! Try it!

  342. Justin Ceneviva

    Reminds me of Fruit Loops.

  343. Raine Rich

    Great all day vape or perfect for switching between incompatible flavors. Lemon is sharp and sweet, but comes with a frosted baked flavor that makes your mouth water. Love this stuff!!

  344. Aron Anders

    Simply the best lemon juice on the market I know good lemon when I taste it Broke Dick is definitely a top shelf juice company with low low prices I’ll always buy from Big Dick

  345. julie connors

    Another order of this. Got two bottles a it is my favorite. Lemon and meringue taste with a smell that is delicious.

  346. Paige Pierman

    Not too sugary-great flavor. My go to’ all day vape. I also love it mixed with The 1st! My other fav!!

  347. Shanel Smith

    I usually order another brand of lemon. The flavor isn’t lemony enough for me but it is a good value and vapes very well. Overall, impressed with Broke Dick products.

  348. Christine Farrell

    Lemon cake flavor really comes through on this one! Adv for sure. May be a tie with prepaid for favorite???

  349. Ronvader

    Adv for sure. Stays flavorful but never overpowering. Lemon comes straight thru with the cake in the background. Nice!!! Keep it up dick

  350. Melissa Townsend

    I have not had a better lemon meringue flavor! This is sweet but not too sweet. It’s addictive with how delicious it is.

  351. Kellie Stulz

    I’ve been vaping another company’s “Lemon Sansation” for at least 2 years. The other company stopped producing it and I’ve been on the hunt for a good lemon juice for months. Brokedick’s Dollar Menu is exactly what I’ve been searching for. Smooth, sweet lemon. This will be my new all day vape. Excellent price, too!

  352. julie connors

    This is my favorite of all their vape juices. I ordered two of these, plus 2 of my other favorites. Great service, fast delivery as always. As long as I vape this is my vape juice store. Love it. P.S super lemon flavor that you can taste, not just a hint of it, but full flavor and smells great.

  353. John

    Lemon cake done right. This stuff is so good.

  354. Michael

    Lots of flavor and cloudzzz…..

  355. Robert Gutierrez

    Aswome product fast shipping I will be buying more of this product for now on the Vape juice is amazing every time you Vape the flavor is amazing and it keeps getting better and better

  356. Anthony Minner

    This juice reminds me of eating a glazed lemon pound cake as a kid.

  357. Lisa Engle

    Love the vapor production and great taste.

  358. CJ Williams

    How could a good vape be this cheap? Well, I don’t know, but they nailed this one! The flavor is perfect. I’m so glad I tried it! I’m really picky about my vape juice and have been looking for a replacement and now I’ve found it. You really can’t go wrong. If you like lemon cake give it a try. They’ve perfected this one!

  359. Luis Castro

    I’ve tried many many liquids since i started vaping , and this has now become my absolute favorite. Perfect blend of flavors and tastes fantastic

  360. Luis Castro

    This has become my new everyday vape

  361. Jan Coffman

    The best of the best!! Love this flavor. It is so smooth with the perfect flavor to compliment your taste buds.


    my fav flavor of all

  363. scott fasone

    This is the best and most delicious juice I’ve ever tasted! Definitely my favorite!

  364. Yvette Gordon

    Unbelievable taste of lemon but smooth, as an exhale you get the rich creaminess of the frosting. The merengue is definitely there!
    Thank you BD!

  365. Jan

    I love Dollar Menu. It has the perfect flavor every time. Very smooth with just a slight taste of lemon. It’s the best!! Shipping is always beyond fast.

  366. Sirvapesalot

    Again it took steeping time which I can’t stand however flavor was there and it’s good juice. Be even better in the magnum but whatever,it was straight

  367. scott fasone

    This is the best flavor of juice I’ve ever tasted!! This is the only flavor I get, it’s so good I don’t even feel the need to have anything other flavors.

  368. Julie Gorman

    Happy customer, my first purchase and I’m greatly satisfied.

  369. Yvette Gordon

    Absolutely one of my favorite vapes ever! You cannot mistake this juice at all for anything but lemon layered cake!

  370. Anna

    Omg! My new favorite! I have used many brands and many flavors, love this BEST!

  371. Andy

    I love this juice! It tastes good and the price is amazing compare to other places. I have been vaping this flavor for nearly the last year or so. I’m going to continue to order it!

  372. Elizabeth

    Excellent flavor, huge clouds and I can’t believe the price. I’m hooked!

  373. Rachel Bolen

    Beyond happy! This is one of the best lemon juices I have tried. I will order again.

  374. Darrell Henley


  375. john corsetti

    VERY good! will order again not a lemon fan untill now.stupid fast shipping!!!

  376. Teresa Garcia

    Excellent flavor. Very smooth.

  377. Nathan Ward

    This is the second time I’ve ordered with BD. I ordered Dollar menu and another juice. Dollar menu is amazing! I love this juice. I steeped it for a day and the lemon flavor came out a lot more. If you like lemons and cake this is the juice for you. The inhale is lemon heads and the exhale is birthday cake/sweets… the exhale changes but the inhale is always strong lemon. My next order I plan to stock up on this flavor – it is that good. Thanks BD!

  378. Suzanne

    One of my favorites !!! Phenomenal Company and product !! Perfect Lemon taste – not too tart or sweet.

  379. Nathan Ward

    This juice in amazing – if you like strong lemon and a little bit of cake of the exhale this is for you!! It taste like lemon heads and is delicious. This is My second time ordering and my everyday day vape. I’m going to stock up before the ban.

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