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In the argument of what the best syrup-drenched breakfast item is, French toast is always the clear winner. End of discussion. We spent months sampling the best that French toast has to offer so we could recreate that buttery, cinnamon-y, syrupy flavor you know and love. Judging by the reaction, we did pretty good with this one.

This is the sweet, buttery, vape juice that you’ll have a hard time unloading from your tank. It’s got all of that breakfast-for-dinner goodness packed in a super cheap and quickly shipped bottle.


  • French Toast
  • Butter
  • Syrup

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

57 reviews for French Toast (120ml)

  1. Richard Broke

    What can I say, SloCo did it again. This flavor is my new ADV- If you love French Toast, don’t miss out – quantities are limited!

  2. Timothy Smith

    Best French toast Vape juice I have tried so far

  3. Doug

    It’s a good French roast, not overwhelming which is nice. Cinnamon flavor taste natural unlike some juices with cinnamon. If it had a more maple forward flavor I’d give it a five star. Will buy again though.

  4. Krista Tracy

    Love this juice! So glad I found your company!!

  5. RoiAleTea

    I was hoping for a maple cinnamon but it’s more like a sweet butter. Still a nice flavor though

  6. Debbie Martin

    It is one of my favorites. You can taste each one of flavors, its awesome

  7. Nick Beam

    This is a very generic flavor that’s usually named: cinnamon sugar cookie, buttery sugar cookie, sugar cookie, etc… If that’s the flavor you like then this juice is for you. The flavor is pronounced but not overbearing and the throat hot is there but not harsh. I’ll probably order this one again.

  8. greg cumby

    Delicious French toast !! Buttery and yummy.. it needs to stay

  9. Michelle Cope

    Cinnamon can be a tricky ingredient in vape juice. Either it’s too overwhelming or no where near enough. This one is on point! I taste the buttery toasty goodness and then… there it is on the exhale. The light cinnamony yum! This one goes on the reorder list for sure! Lightning fast shipping and low prices? Yeah, that works.

  10. Walter Miller

    I encourage everyone to give this a try. You will love it….

  11. Amanda Rye

    I’ve tried French toast juices from other companies and this is by far the best! I hope it will be continued. It’s also so easy on my coils. It’s very complex in flavor. You can taste the maple, batter, and vanilla very well! Thank you for making the best juices at amazing prices. I’ll be sticking with your company as long as you’re open!

  12. Christopher Wall

    Very good

  13. marty cocke

    love this juice,but wish u would bring coffee cake back

  14. Kris Cope

    One of the best vapes I’ve ever had. It tastes just like french toast. I can’t wait to try the magnum version of this juice.

  15. Debbi Kline

    Very good, my husband had been a customer for numerous years, however he quit vaping. Since I still vape and am familiar with your company, I recently placed my first order. Your product is premium with an excellent price.

  16. Doug b

    Freaking awesome and WILL became my new adv.

  17. Megan Mahanes

    Not bad at all, please make it in the MAGNUM for us flavor loving hogs!

  18. Deanna

    I order this for my husband and he says he LOVEs it. Best vape juice he has tasted!! Thanks

  19. Steve Marks

    Delightful, Does leak out like oers. Recommend

  20. Thomas Williams

    Great all around juice, good flavor, great price, and burns great. The only reason not 5 stars is I’m saving the extra star for the magnum version!!! Keep it up DICK!!!!

  21. Frederick Fennessy

    This has to be ONE of my Favorites. I would recommend this to anyone.

  22. Steve Marks

    I only give 5 star if it make me orgasm, but it does Cum close 🙂
    Time to reorder this one. Wife like it also.
    Exceptional price.

  23. julie connors

    I am about to ear my vape with this one. Just like french toast. I swear I can almost taste bread…Or is that in my mind. Thanks guys. Julie

  24. Mary Thompson

    Mild smooth flavor. Another awesome e juice from BD

  25. Wayne Goyette

    Great flavor and great price

  26. Vivian Denton

    Payday has been my favorite until yesteday when I tried French Toast. OMG. All the flavors of a delicious slice of F.T. come through in this great juice. Yum yum.

  27. Charles Latour

    I don’t get a whole lot of the french toast flavor. I get a little bit of butter & syrup flavor, but, not much else. It is still a good juice, just not good enough to lure me away from my Layaway…

  28. Kent A Greeno

    This and the coffee cake are definitely for those of you that are vaping so that you can QUIT SMOKING I smoked marlboro lights for over 30 years tried all the vaping devices and flavors nothing satisfied my addiction to cigarettes until I tried these two flavers. So if you seriously looking to kick the habit of cigarettes give these flavors a try

  29. Nikie Robertson

    I was very happy w this juice. The flavor was great, but not overly sweet, and very smooth. Overdraft is my every day juice, until trying French Toast, I had not found anything else I could vape all day, and not get sick of. If you want to try a SUPER YUMMY mix, I mixed the French Toast and Overdraft 1/2 and 1/2, it is an amazing mixture!! I would definitely buy this again!

  30. Jerry Torok

    I’ve tried pancake vape flavors before, and without a doubt, they are my favorite. They had Strawberry, Blueberry, Banana Nut and Raspberry. Then they went out of business. Then Broke Dick comes out with a French Toast flavor and I’M IN LOVE! Forget the fruity flavored pancake juice, THIS IS THE ONE! Buttery, flavorful and syrupy! It actually tastes like you’re eating French Toast! A funny story, I was at the Veterans Hospital in Ann Arbor Michigan recently, and I had my vape mod in my pocket. My keys hit against the button unbeknownst to me, and I heard a lady say, “I smell French Toast!”
    Richard, PLEASE, I know this is a “Limited Edition” but I’m a subscriber and would LOVE you to make French Toast a permanent part of your lineup!
    Please don’t make me beg.
    It’s not pretty.

  31. Steve Redenbaugh

    This French Toast juice is Tasty! Very good… got the and the Overdraft… Overdraft has a Revoltingly Strong tobacco taste So strong it burns my throat.. no other hint of other flavor … just EXTREMELY STRONG Tobacco taste.. French toast is good though… so half of my order was a waist of money..

  32. Marcee

    Very nice flavor. One of the best I have tried. Would definitely recommend.

  33. Jennifer

    I love this flavor

  34. Heath Otterstrom

    Excellent Flavor


    A new favorite I don’t like trying new juice but Um glad I went out of my comfort zone it’s really good I will order it again

  36. Laura J Dupre

    Full bodied satisfying vape

  37. Paula Miley

    Oh. My. Breakfast!! This flavor is spot-on and utterly delicious! The subtle mix of butter, maple and a cinnamon/ nutmeg blend is fantastic

  38. Paul Carlberg

    This is one of BrokeDick’s finest vapes, I almost don’t mind that I go broke buying it, a smooth taste buttery and toasty, I buy this juice and before I know it, it’s gone and I have to buy more I only wish Dick was as broke as I am,


    My new favorite vape, nice toasty inhale and a slight hint of cinnamon on the exhale I really like it this is my 3rd bottle and I will be back for more.

  40. LLAMO55

    YES PLEASE … Thanks DICK!. This is a GREAT tasting vape. You get the eggy [in a good way] maple syrupy deliciousness from the beginning of the inhale to the end. GREAT GOING DICK!!


    I have ordered this juice a few times and I keep coming back, it has a buttery inhale and a nice cinnamon exhale very good on the coils.

  42. Dick Kickem

    I’ve tried quite a few of BD’s flavors but this is by far their best. A delicious French toast flavor that tastes just like the cereal from the 90s. Second time getting it and plan on getting it many more times.

  43. Max Lucas

    One of my favorites.


    My third purchase, it just keeps getting better the name says it all, great vape!

  45. Lisa Engle

    Fast shipping , great taste and excellent vapor production.

  46. Eric LaVoie

    First time I purchaced this juice. Love it, please keep it stocked.

  47. John

    love it

  48. james arnold

    Good company

  49. Angela Alvarado

    I’m from New York where you can’t even get Vape juice with nicotine in it anymore so I was very happy with this it came very quick they have the option of free shipping I chose to pay and get it in 2 days and it came so fast it tastes great I love it and definitely going to try the other flavors and I highly recommend ordering from this website you won’t be disappointed
    Its definitely good quality at a great price very happy.

  50. james arnold

    Very good vape juice.

  51. Toenail

    First off, this was my first order from Broke Dick! I have ordered juice online before and was ALWAYS unhappy with purchases. Broke Dick French Toast is a really good juice that isn’t too sugary sweet but plenty tasty! I am honestly happy with this juice and the fantastic price!

    Here’s my ONLY complaint about Broke Dick and his juices… i wish they offered their flavors in a little higher nicotine levels! I normally vape using juice that is 10mg’s… This flavor is only available up to 6mg. OTHERWISE, i am very happy with my purchase!

  52. Mike

    This is a delicious e juice!
    Has a smooth hit and great taste
    Goes great with a morning cup of coffee

  53. Theresa Keeney

    I’ve had many favorites and this is my new favorite you guys rock you’re the bomb thank you Brooke dick for all the awesome E Juices that you provide me with and the shipping is super freaking fast.

  54. Paul Carlberg

    The only problem I have with this juice is that it’s gone too soon I can’t get enough of this stuff This is the best French Toast I have tried, I had a few that mostly tasted like maple syrup, this doesn’t it has a toasted flavor inhale and a buttery exhale very good a little tough of the coils, but I put in cheaper coils and this is still really good


    Good Stuff tastes as the label says

  56. Sheila Hale

    It has a nice smooth flavor with hints of vanilla

  57. Paul Carlberg

    One of my favorites it tastes like its description, french toast baby

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