Frozen Account – Menthol (120ml)

Frozen Account – Menthol (120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(86 customer reviews)

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This juice brings the freeze in the best way possible. For tons of ex-smokers, all they really want out of vaping is a good menthol flavor that reminds them of their old vice. We delivered with this one, keeping it simple and to the point.

No whacky flavors here, but you can use this to add a chill to your other favorite juices too if you want. Frozen Account is just mint on top of mint on top of mint, thrown into the freezer, and then bottled up. You asked for it, and we delivered—crazy fast with our speedy shipping.



  • Menthol
  • Menthol
  • Menthol

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

86 reviews for Frozen Account – Menthol (120ml)

  1. Richard Broke

    Do you LOVE menthol or want to be able to add a little kick to your other vape juices? Well Slo Co made this one JUST for you. Its literally menthol, with some more menthol and then Slo just added a pinch of menthol LOL.

  2. Morella

    I absolutely love this vape juice! I will definitely order again! I like to mix it with Overdraft! Please make it in 120ml bottles! Thanks Richard!

  3. Eric Decastro

    Great vape juice. Didn’t steep it just mixed it with payday in my tank and just kept adding it in. Really frozen menthol. I’m hoping this becomes a regular 120ml flavor

  4. Laura Hamilton

    Just received Frozen Account today and I must say by far the best menthol flavor out there. Hoping you guys keep this flavor around. LOVE IT!

  5. Josh

    This is exactly the vape juice that I have been wanting you all to make for over a year now. I can easily see me buying two 120mL bottles of this every month. Please please please please make this a regular in the 120mL bottles!!!!

  6. aaron bebaeff

    Sweet taste with a deep menthol throat hit.

  7. Justo Hernandez

    I just tried the Menthol for my first time, being that I typically add menthol to my flavors I was a bit skeptical. After adding it to a few flavors it was immediately evidence that it was exactly what I was looking for smooth and did not take away from the Flavor I was adding it to. Definitely worth checking out!

  8. Erika Whitt

    I’m a menthol addict. I ordered several Broke Dick flavors for the first time. Added this to Bankroll #11 and it’s PERFECT! I will be ordering more and adding it to all my favorite flavors.

  9. Stevan

    Great taste. Keep it available

  10. Susan L Moore

    I love this e-juice!!! I’ve been wishing you’d come up with a menthol/mint flavor. So refreshing!!! Thank you.

  11. Jeffrey Sanchez

    I love extreme menthol flavor juices and this is the best I’ve had. One of the ultimate “chill” flavors! PLEASE make this in 120ml. I’ve already bought 2 and I’m going through it like crazy. HIGHLY recommend.

  12. Morella

    This is my second order of this juice! Again please make it in 120 bottles! I don’t know how many reviews you need to make it in 120 but I hope you do! I will definitely purchase again! Thanks Richard!

  13. Adam Gill

    Holy bat shit Batman! This must become a full time offering, unfreeze the account now!

  14. Brian Young

    we need this on the BOGO deal

  15. Tim Jenkinson

    Good quality, good flavor. I bought this to use as an additive to add flavor to other flavors but it’s also good by itself! I’d definitely buy it again

  16. Joe

    This is hands down my new favorite vape juice! If you, like me, are a huge fan of mint/menthol flavor then this is your ticket to flavor town. It can be surprisingly hard to find a good pure menthol juice. Hopefully this stops being a limited edition and goes into the regular rotation of 120mls because I can’t go back to other brands.

  17. Dave

    Please make this a 120!
    It’s great by itself or mixed with other juices! It’s worked well with every juice I’ve missed it with so far.
    Sadly I’ve run out and I need my fix!

  18. Dale Baker

    Best there is hands down

  19. Adam Glenn

    I was very excited to see a menthol juice come to the broke dick line up and I was not disappointed. Its great by itself and in my opinion a great juice to mix other flavors with! Really hope this goes to the 120 ml bogo

  20. Aaron Tom

    Honestly, this isn’t my favorite menthol-flavored juice, but it’s still very good, and cheap AF. Nice minty aftertaste and smooth going down, with some nice, big clouds. As a former smoker, I do prefer more of a throat hit, but I understand these juices are more for people who don’t, so no big deal. Will definitely order again, no doubt.

  21. Brad Lucas

    We asked broke dick deliverers finally a menthol only flavor sooooo good….

  22. Sally bovill

    Love the minty taste of this juice, it’s perfect!!

  23. OmarEVG

    Easily one of the best menthol flavors out there, and it is also competitively priced.

  24. Marcus aka Black Rican

    Frozen account is the best menthal juice I’ve every tasted please keep this one. and make another called ice ice baby yea man.

  25. Chris Hickmon

    Good flavor, smooth

  26. AP

    Keep selling this mint is my all day vape,and this is my new favorite for ML 50/50

  27. Kyle Richards

    Tastes Great! Nice Back of the throte hit! If you’re used to menthol juul pods it’s similar to that! #Recomended

  28. Stefanie Lucas

    I am pretty picky when it comes to menthol e juice. This juice ha great flavor…sweet and minty. Thank you for making menthol.

  29. Ammon Benner

    I was not surprised that this flavor was just as good as I have come to expect from Broke Dick. I got a surprise that I got the 60 mil bottle with another different flavored 60 mil bottle instead of the 120 I’d ordered,but look forward to that flavor also. I’ll miss those 60 mil if Frozen Account though as I REALLY like this flavor.

  30. Brian Adams

    Menthol flavor is really good quality! I like the taste way better than I thought I would. Tastes like mint and ice just like it says, everybody says it smells like cotton candy.

  31. GB ‘n Merica’

    Tastes great, can really get the mint flavor, I wish 2 things.
    1. It has more menthol, it’s pretty weak.
    2. Why can I only get Overdraft in 9mg? I love Overdraft but I also like the other flavors available but they don’t come in 9mg.

    1. Menthol is tuff, It can get overwhelming fast if you’re pushing any power on your mod.
    2. 9mg is petty hard core.
    My thoughts… Turn up your mod and I bet you fix both.

    Richard Broke

  32. J&A

    The wife likes it and so do I, and I don’t do menthol vapes, that’s her bag. Keep up the good work guys.

  33. Kenneth Patarozzi

    Really minty ,pure clean fresh taste . Good on its own or mint up orher flavours

  34. Lee

    It’s hard to find a good mint flavor! I’m stuck on this one it’s awesome!

  35. Jason Matano

    Just the right amount. Great as a stand alone vape, but also just as good (if not better) if mixed with one of the fruit flavors to make it a “chilled” version. Mix this with Magnum Prepaid, you’re welcome.

  36. Christopher Godfrey

    New to Broke Dick just got my first order in today. Super fast shipping.. I’m on my first tank now and super impressed, keep this menthol around

  37. Brock

    I’m a menthol lover and this is great! I’ve added it to fruity flavors from other companies and it sure does kick it up a notch! When I want that menthol cool vaping it alone is awesome also.

  38. Diana Luddy

    I just love this Vape juice. It’s the best Menthol Vape juice I’ve had. No nasty aftertaste not heavy crisp and clean I will definitely buy this again

  39. Brandon

    Solid juice, solid price. What more can one ask?

  40. Paul Miller

    I enjoyed it very much just the right amount of menthol flavor

  41. Helen G

    Way to strong to vape on its own, but perfect to add just a little to tank to mentholize (is that a word?!) any other flavor. Has a really good flavor once mixed and should last a long time so I liked the strength. Definitely more menthol than mint.

  42. Daniel De La Rosa

    Menthol good just righ amount

  43. KEVIN

    Best Menthol I think its time to add it the the BOGO!!!

  44. Ginger

    If your not into the fruity stuff. You should really give this a try. Smooth great taste at an even greater price. Will order again.

  45. Harry

    Ice Cold!! Love the menthol awesome flavor!

  46. Andrew Larson

    I really enjoy the taste and the price of this juice. I add more menthol crystals to it myself because I like it extra extra minty.

  47. Jeremy

    Minty goodness

  48. Robert Levin

    Perfect ADV.

  49. wayne GOYETTE

    great menthol taste

  50. Krista Fischer

    Frozen Account is the only vape juice I use anymore. I’m sure the owner can confirm that I place orders for this juice at least once a week. It’s a limited addition juice and it BETTER NOT ever go away. Flavor is spot on, menthol is my flavor of choice and I’ve tried many different menthol juicers and this one, simply put it outstanding. If it ever gets banned, I just don’t know what I’ll do. Oh, my orders always get here next day because I’m only about 45 mins or less away! BONUS!! Love you guys ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  51. Brian

    I think its more of a sweet mint than menthol.

  52. Eric Hodgkins

    Just the right amount of flavor…

  53. Carol

    Sweet menthol. Really good

  54. Adam

    Very cool vape. Love to add to my other juices.

  55. George Stefanescu

    I like mint good all day! I also mix with others flavors.

  56. Scott Martin

    I am very picky with my flavors{with a grocery bag full of unused juices to prove it}and this is one of my favorites.Good flavor with no weird aftertaste.

  57. Julie Collins

    Love it!

  58. James Lindquist

    Cheap priced juice with excellent quality very smooth vape. Pairs well with the Magnum juice for a smooth flavorful vape.

  59. Walter M

    Cool menthol flavor and a very competitive price. What more could you ask for?

  60. Cindy Curry

    Great juice!

  61. Edward Beach

    Really enjoying the flavor has a good hit to it, I just wish it was a little stronger but I do understand menthol can be a strong flavor just wish it had a little more of a cool punch

  62. Robert

    Perfect amount of menthol and a fantastic price. What a great deal!

  63. John

    Not so light that the flavor is muted after a couple of hits, but no so strong as to taste like Vapor Rub. Just perfect.

  64. Karen Earls

    Love the cool taste, I add it to my other flavors. You can add as much or least it’s up to your own taste.

  65. Judith Goodrum

    Very impressed with the flavor of this menthol. I’ve tried a lot of menthol’s but this one is refreshing. Delivery was very fast and I appreciate the fact that it is so reasonably priced.

  66. art slocum

    first time buyer and will order again fast shipping juice was real good.will be ordering again

  67. Nicki

    This is a perfect minty addition to any flavor! I don’t use it all on its own but I mix it about half with the other flavors and it adds a perfect crip!

  68. Manette Sutton


  69. Robert Whitehead

    This is by far the best menthol juice I’ve had. Hands down. I will definitely be ordering it again!

  70. ron sando

    Excellent Juice!!!!

  71. Tomas

    Amazing flavor. Just hits perfect is definitely my favorite right now.

  72. Brian Sennett

    Nice cool minty taste, I do prefer a strong icy-er flavor but is still very good. Very mixable with other flavors to freeze things up a little.

  73. Manette Sutton

    Love the flaor

  74. Christine Barker

    This is the only juice I use. It is so smooth and my coils last forever. The shipping is fast.

  75. art slocum

    this stuff rocks

  76. Alfred

    I have tried a lot of Menthol from all over and this is the best I have had. Very smooth and minty you will enjoy all day long.

  77. Zac

    Good menthol not a toothpaste flavor

  78. Clara

    Purchased this flavor for the first time from this company. Between how smooth it is and the price.. you can’t go wrong! Will definitely be a permanent customer going forward!

  79. Janet Teates

    I like the menthol juice but would LOVE it if it wasn’t such a mild, mild menthol! A little better after the 24 hr steeping suggested but still not enough and I’m a fairly ‘mild’ menthol person.

  80. Michele

    I have been vaping since the first e-cigarettes popped up as a smoking cessation aid. Even though my analog cigs choice was non-menthol, I found out pretty fast that menthol vapes are the only type I can use. I’ve tried lots and lots of flavors but this one is , by far, the best. Not too strong but definitely cool on the exhale. It never fails to have just the right flavor , since I’ve been using it. I also love the fact that it’s a clear liquid. Aesthetically, I prefer that because it just feels cleaner to me.
    I will continue to buy this flavor as my every day vape for as long as they offer it!!

  81. Henry Chandra

    Very satisfied, nice balanced hint of sweetness, and cooling blast!

  82. Debbie

    It is VERY MENTHOL. Love it.

  83. Judith Goodrum

    I really like the menthol flavor. It’s a nice cool flavor, not over whelming, just perfect. Delivery was speedy too.

  84. Kasia

    Absolutely fantastic. Full of menthol flavors

  85. Randy Rush

    Very nice menthol vape; very similar to arctic wolf that I’ve been using for years but can’t find now. This will become my new menthol juice

  86. Julie Collins

    Is great, as always!

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