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This juice is so good, you might just put a case on layaway so you never miss out on its deliciously magical flavor. It’s the marshmallow cereal you know and love that we aren’t legally allowed to say. Let’s just say you’ll be doing a little leprechaun jig when you try this one.

You get it all in every puff. Cereal, cream, and marshmallow flavors collide in a nostalgia-inducing experience. It’s so good, you might even think we mixed every batch up in a pot of gold or something. Maybe we did, maybe we didn’t. Order yours and see for yourself in 2-3 days.


  • Cereal
  • Marshmallow
  • Cream

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

257 reviews for Layaway – Marshmallow Cereal (120ml)

  1. Jon

    Pretty good flavor, true to description. Personally, the flavor could’ve had a bit more kick to it – been stronger

  2. Randy

    I just got this e-juice delivered and loaded it up and am loving it. The flavor is amazing. Running on a Kylin RTA with dual clapton coils.

  3. Tamara G

    Layaway is an awesome marshmallow cereal vape! I get more marshmallow than cereal, but the flavor is spot on. And, it’s not super sweet, so your coils will love it!

  4. Jerry T

    It’s fuckin delicious an I will continue to purchase more an more if availible. The 1st is my favorite aside from layaway.

  5. Cameron

    I was surprised by the amazing smell of TRIX cereal because the description says it’s supposed to be marshmallow cereal. This is what AMAZES me… when I inhale, it tastes like TRIX cereal, when I exhale it tastes like lucky charms marshmallow cereal?!!? AND the aftertaste is phenomenal! IDK how you do it broke dick but GOOD JOB. This is one of the best e juice cereal flavors I’ve had yet in my 4 years of vaping. Thank you for the fast shipping and thank you for the awesome deals! You have a customer for life.

  6. Beth H

    This was amazing! This and payday have become my favorite e juices all time. Please keep this e juice I will buy 2 120s a month along with my usual 2 120s of payday. The taste is on point I freaking love it!

  7. Stefany

    My boyfriend ordered this upon HIS payday and we received it yesterday. Since I was almost low on tank ejuice, he took it upon himself to clean, add a new atomizer and load up with the bankroll #2.

    He is over the MOON with this juice. He hasn’t stopped raving about it last night and initially he kept stealing my vape until he filled up his own. He’s in love and wants to see this go 120ML. I think it’s absolutely delicious as well. Make it happen, BD!

  8. Treybizzle

    Went online to order layaway happiness turned to heartache when I saw that only 0 nic is available.ohno!

  9. Treybizzle

    Tried to order Layaway Friday but it was sold out.That fact alone lets me kno that this juice is gonna b FYAH!!Tried again the next day and success!!This will b my 2nd time ordering and based on the flavors of The 1st and Payday,let me just say this:i friggin love this juice.the flavors were blended beautifully.So I ordered 2 bottles of Layaway.Thanks to you BD,I’m saving $$ and tasting great juice.Thanks for lookin out for us(everyday people).

  10. Thomas Stone

    I almost lost my shit when Richard announced Bankroll #2 was gonna become 120ml. This is my favorite juice of all time hands down. Even Gandalf vapes this! So magical you might get an invite from Hogwarts! Thanks Dick for being the best!

    Its really not that hard… We just listen to you, our customers. If you love it we make it. Wait till BankRoll 4!

    Richard Broke

  11. Greg Walters

    Great e juice! The hard cereal type marshmallow flavor really shines through here. I would say that is definitely the main flavor profile. I sometimes get the spot on Lucky Charms flavor. Other times I feel like I am vaping Trix with marshmallows. I don’t know if there is a touch of fruit flavor in this juice, or if it was simply a previous reviewer mentioning Trix and it’s just my mind playing Trix on me?(Heyooo!) Either way… this is a damn good flavor. If you like marshmallows and are on on the fence, just pull the trigger. You will enjoy

    I have just come to expect quality juice from these guys. Quite a feat considering it’s the cheapest juice I have ever found. I am just at a point where I can order any new juice from here and expect a great vaping experience. Thanks for making great juice, Dick! You have turned me into a loyal customer. Why get juice anywhere else when I can get great flavors here at unbeatable prices?

  12. Sandra Dedmon

    Layaway is so delicious. I mix it with Payday and I have a hard time putting down my vapor cig. Good Job Broke Dick!!

  13. Luis O.

    I suggested you let this one step for max flavor. Had this for a week and only getting better. Gives a satisfying vape and doesn’t disappoint. I have tried one other cereal from another place but this one is far better and satisfying. The notes are there and not to overpowering that make this enjoyable. Thanks again Broke Dick.

  14. ED REED

    I absolutely love this juice. They have a picture of lucky charms posted as the thumbnail, but it doesn’t really taste much like lucky charms. It has more of a trix taste to me. Either way it’s delicious. I thought Watercup and Prepaid were good. This is easily my new favorite. Please keep making this in the 120ml bottles. I will buy it forever.

    Thanks to our customers reviews this is a permanent flavor for us.
    Richard Broke

  15. Harvey MacFarlane

    Once again dick does it just as advertised tastes amazing just like lucky charms in a nice bowl of milk flavor is spot on another awesome job Richard

  16. Pat Swart

    I couldn’t wait for the Sunday cartoons to go back to my childhood. Loaded a fresh tank and this shit is SPOT on!
    Thanks again Richard, I’ll be ordering again!

  17. Paul Johnson

    Pretty good could use a little more marshmallow flavor in my opinion but over all highly satisfied as always

  18. Roger

    Tastes just like the cereal! All day vape for me.Bought 240mls. Would buy it again!

  19. Sarah Owens

    Really good juice. Great prices. The fasting shipping ever! Love this cereal Vape! Will for sure order again.

  20. John

    One of the best ejuices I’ve tried after experimenting with other ones. I love this company so far!

  21. Brandon

    Really enjoying this layaway even more after steeping and breathing. The flavor is just sweet enough, has a great marshmallow flavor and you can taste the cereal notes on the exhale. I would enjoy a little more cream flavor but other than that its great and i have been vaping this flavor on a kangertech k kiss, which runs 60 watts and always has great flavor. Thanks broke dick for a great deal, super fast shipping and tastey e juice !!!

  22. Joseph Economu

    No harsh hot throat hit

  23. Neesa Whitaker

    This one did not disappoint!! The same delicious flavor of a certain yummy cereal. There are some other brands out there with this flavor, but they’re flavor is too subdued and they’re about 3 times the price!! MADNESS!! I’m tired of getting F*cked by ridiculous prices on ejuice! I’m in love with Richard Broke!!

  24. Jeffrey Sanchez

    Fruity cereal is one of my favorite e juice flavors. I’ve had good ones, I’ve had bad ones…Layaway is the best of the bunch! It’s so perfect! Most cereal e juices are WAY too sweet, this one is just right. It’s so good it brings me back to the days of a giant bowl of cereal plopped in front of the TV watching saturday morning cartoons.
    Broke Dick has done it again. Layaway and Overdraft are my go to flavors! In fact, I’m not bothering with any other e juice brands. Thanks Dick!

  25. Tim

    Tastes just like it says! Great job Dick!

  26. Lorentsen

    I didn’t think it was possible to capture such a delicious flavor, but here it is – Layaway. One of the best e-juices I’ve ever tried and I’ve tried many dozens of different flavors from numerous different brands, spending hundreds of dollars.

    Now every time I place an order here at Broke Dick I will have to grab a couple of bottles of Layaway to make sure I never run out.

  27. Teresa

    This isn’t my favorite, but it’s just because I like some of the fruit ones better. It’s a quality e juice and I’m so glad I found this brand. It’s overall my brand of choice now for price and quality.

  28. Ayla Jean

    I got this for e juice flavor for my boyfriend on top of ‘The1st’ and he absolutely loves it. Very mellow he says, and is just one of his favorites. I will definitely be buying again soon.

  29. Abbey

    Great cereal ejuice flavor without the calories

  30. Steve Dau

    Did’t think I would like it as much as I do. It’s my current all day since I received my bottle shortly after ordering. When I picked it I didn’t even read the description I just like the marshmallow rainbow pic 😀

  31. Brad Bishop

    Not only for kids anymore!

  32. kim

    Love this e juice the marshmallow taste reminds me of Saturday morning cartoons this juice is magically delicious

  33. Temecha

    Tastes amazing and is exactly as described. If you like Lucky Charms, you’ll love this juice! Great blend of flavors. It’s currently my adv. love the price too. I highly recommend!

  34. Erik

    I really like this e juice. At one point or another I’ve gotten every flavor in it. However I’m not getting as much of the marshmallow taste as I would hope for. I did just get this juice, though, so hopefully after steeping it for a little while it will get better. Even right after opening the flavor was still amazing. I only gave it a 4 star for the lack of marshmallow. If that was fully there (and it might be after steeping) I would easily give it 5 stars. Great job guys keep up the great work! I would recommend this flavor and would buy it again.

  35. Randy

    Awesome e juice for an awesome price

  36. Crystal

    Shipping time was awesome, as always. This was not my favorite flavor, it choked me up at first. My husband loved it after letting it steep a few days.

  37. Gary Mills

    First of all, I ordered this e juice on the 20th of January and I’m vaping it on the 22nd. That is mind-boggling shipping! Then I open the package to find a card that tells me that best results would be to leave the cap off for a day for steeping. Folks, that’s the definition of caring for your customers right there. Then I started vaping……..unbelievably amazing experience! I haven’t even let it steep and this e juice is probably the best vape experience I have had. By the way, that all cost me a measly $23.00! Also, that’s not just one bottle of e juice, but two. I will not go anywhere else for my e juice needs. I’m a dedicated Broke Dick and I wear that name with pride!

  38. Joseph Wrightmire

    Still amazes me. The flavor profile is dead on and similar to that of much higher price e juice. Awesome flavor and even better pricing. Customer for life.

  39. adams.christiand

    Wonderful cereal flavor that is light and airy. The flavors add for a good all day vape.

  40. Tony Glock

    I just got my 120 of layaway today along with a bottle of the 15th. The Layaway definitely needs a good steep I can tell from what I am getting from it now that once it steeps it will be a great flavor. The 15th on the other hand was definitely pre steeped and delicious right out of the mail..I gave 5 stars cuz I didn’t want to bring the overall rating of this juice down before I gave it a good steep to determine how good it is but I can definitely tell it has potential already.

  41. Austin

    Ordered on Wednesday night, vaping it at lunch on Friday. I was going through 60 ml of premium e juice per week at 18 bucks a bottle. That shit is done. Keep up the good work.

  42. Amanda

    Definitely needs to steep but I’m positive I’ll be coming back for more of this one. Price and flavor is outstanding!!

  43. Tony Glock

    After a good steeping this stuff becomes magically delicious. Great cereal and marshmallow flavor I am happy with both of my bottles of juice and will be ordering again.

    Vaping in the Advken Manta RTA at 95 Watts running a triple core dual stainless fused clapton build at .18 ohms on the Tesla Nano 120 watt mod.

  44. Kari Eversole

    Love the flavor, could be a little sweeter/ creamier for my tastes, but it’s really a fantastic juice. Boyfriend drools over it!!

  45. John Malenfant

    Very good ,cheap e liquid

  46. Emily Brownfield

    It tastes like I’m eating lucky charms.. highly recommended…

  47. Chris Wilson

    Broke Dick can’t seem to make an e juice that I don’t like, but this one is my new favorite!

    I enjoy my cereal Vapes, but until now I’ve been forced to pay $30 for a 60 mil bottle at my local vape shops.


    Keep up the great work!

  48. Jay

    Smelled great as soon as I took the top off! Taste the same as it smells nice and flavorful. Glad I chose it.

  49. Dylan Grimes

    Most cereal vape juices either forget the marshmallow or taste like condensed milk. Layaway is perfect. By far the best I have ever tried. I will definitely be buying this again

  50. Valeina Taber

    I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor. It’s like eating that bowl of marshmallow mateys late at night after you are comfortably numb. It’s sweet, creamy and satisfying. Love It!

  51. Mike Mosley

    Amazing juice love it just ran out today now no e juice until i get paid Thursday but best believe I’m buying this thank you guys for making juice so cheap and taste so good everyone has there thoughts but you guys rock broke dick fan and.buyer for life

  52. Layaway marshmallow cereal

    Smooth great taste eJuice


    ok, not great, i feel it is lacking in flavor, i let it steep about 5 days and still didnt gain any flavor, not quite as sweet as i would like for my taste. but for the price of these juices I didn’t expect it to be out of this world. if you are looking for cheap and decent e juices these are the way to go.

  54. James G

    Love my cereal flavors and this is one of the best ive had.. great job guys!!

  55. Ashley

    Excellent liquid. Just the right flavor and punch. Will be buying again.

  56. Kayla Gilvin

    I had never tried a lucky charms juice before and this one to me is spot on to eating the crumbs from the bottom of the bag.

  57. Ryan Mcarthur

    Layaway is on point. Flavor is incredible. Adding this to my normal rotatation. Nothing but quality all around from Broke Dick

  58. Olivia

    Quick shipping, The juice tasted kinda like burnt marshmallows and then I steeped it for a few days and it started tasting better and more like something i want to vape. I had just changed my coil and primed it with this juice so it could’ve been any coil taste really.

  59. Kelley King

    This is a hard to describe it taste like a candy cereal sweet but not to sweet i bought Two bottles so far can’t wait try them all I am sold, your my only vape company

  60. Kelvin

    This juice is on the money. Taste great and the price is out of this world. I’ll be the first to say that I was unsure with purchasing because to price was so cheap, but 240ml of juice for $23 you have nothing to lose. Going to order all the different flavors.

  61. Donna Conner

    This one is good! A great marshmallowy flavor without being too sweet with a nice cereal finish. Love all the Broke Dick juices!

  62. James Kelly

    Amazing flavor! Tastes just like lucky charms. Sweet and creamy goodness

  63. Melissa Reitz

    This is the best vape juice I’ve ever tried. I have tried many and we’re not satisfied. I recommend broke-dick and their products to all my friends and everyone I know that Vapes. I really do think that you guys have the best vape juices out there

  64. @ohmbray

    Delicious after a good 3 – 5 day steep.

    Didnt get cereal note right away but its coming out more as time goes by.

  65. Kathleen Aguilera

    I wasn’t sure about ordering this eJuice flavor, but I’m sure next time will be my first choice! Thank you for your great products and fast deliveries.

  66. Andrew

    Amazing flavour

  67. John

    Wasn’t sure at first on how the flavor would be, after a 3 day steep, flavor bloomed into a magical array of goodness! Wife absolutely loves it as so do I.

  68. Moe

    This is the only time I can actually say… Having broke dick in my life is a good thing.

  69. Shannon Gambill

    Like breakfast & always fast shipping

  70. Charles Joiner

    Really awesome flavor. For the price u cant beat it

    Great juice!!!!! Cant beat eat for the price

  71. Jesse

    Nothin to complain about, exactly as advertised. Damn good juice for a f-ing amazing price..

  72. Barbie

    My new favorite!!

  73. Donnie Naugle

    This is the best price ever! And the juice is amazing I am 100% satisfied and impressed.. Im making this my go to site for ejuice for sure. Thank you guys.

  74. Daniel Hernandez


  75. David McCann

    Layaway is a truly spot on Lucky Charms. The cereal, the marshmallows, the creamy milk. It’s all there. I must be honest, though. It’s not really my thing. I tried it on a whim and it really is a great juice. It is exactly what it is supposed to be. Delicious. I’m just not a Lucky Charms guy. I can’t fault the juice for my preference, though. I still enjoy it and will happily finish the bottle I have. I just probably won’t reorder it. Also, I might be a little spoiled by “The 15th” right now because I am DEFINITELY a peanut butter and banana kind of guy. Anyhow, still giving this juice 5 stars because it is exactly what it says it is. If you like Lucky Charms, give Layaway a whirl. You’ll love it.

  76. Amanda Piller

    If you’re looking for a yummy ‘lucky charm’ type cereal vape, this is the ONE to get especially if you’re on a budget! Will definitely be coming back to Broke Dick for this one, and more! Also, I would like to suggest that perhaps you guys consider producing juices with 1.5 nic, for us vapers that love a flavor so much, we forget we are using a sub-ohm tank and give ourselves nicotine poisoning! 😛 (YES, its THAT GOOD!)

  77. Buddy Watson

    This was a juice I was scared of didn’t think it would be what it’s supposed to be but it is it tastes just like Lucky Charms cereal I promise you it does don’t be scared to buy this it is amazing

  78. Phillip

    Good everyday vape. Doesn’t get old or tiresome. Order it with every order. And then lemon cake, or dollar menue came out….just as good

  79. Jeff Parker

    Never disappointed in the quality of this product

  80. Richard Flores

    Ships fast
    Taste is on point.
    I found a new everyday vape. Taste is sweet with a cereal finish I love it.

  81. 2tha9s

    Fantastic Full Flavor!

  82. Donna Erickson

    LOVE this juice – great flavor, now one of my favorites. Also good for mixing with other flavors. I will be reordering this!

  83. Jimmie Sanchez

    Have ordered this juice back to back since the 120mil version was released. This flavor alone keeps me coming back for more. Lucky charms flavor on point and BOGO price… why buy anywhere else. Great job Broke Dick!

  84. Danny Maloy

    Great taste, flavor more of marshmallow little hint of cereal but al in all good juice. easy to vape this all day for sure!


    The overall quality of the juice is on point. Some juices you loose the flavor after a few puffs not with this one 5 stars for that. The layaway was not what I expected to be. It is a little creamy for my taste. I tried it at different temps and Watts to see if it makes any difference. It is something I will have to grow into. Good job y’all. Will be back for more.

  86. Gary Herren

    Very good e juice, thank you

  87. Casba

    Marshmallow cereal in a bowl of milk taste. Great taste and at a price that is tough to beat. Well done!

  88. Brandon Barker

    By far one of the best juices I have yet to try! I’ve been smoke free for 4 months now and still somewhat new to flavors but this one takes the cake.

  89. Kalin Crowe

    I have tried all the flavors an this is the best. It taste like milk an cereal

  90. Anthony

    I haven’t tried EVERY Broke Dick vape juice. But pretty close. I think there’s one or two. But that’s besides the point. LAYAWAY IS HANDS DOWN MY MOST FAVORITE JUICE TO VAPE at all the jucies I have tried. I don’t know about you guys. But when I sit down with a bowl of Lucky Charms. That box isn’t going anywhere. A bowl turns into two into the BOX. And the way Broke Dick captured the entire essence of Lucky Charms in a juice it’s… um… IM SPEECHLESS. No words can describe my delight with this exact flavor and the entire Broke Dick site, other flavors, customer service. Shipping speed…. shit, im rather VERBOSE my wife used to say. Notice how I said “USED to say,”. Yup. Who know I’d get divorced and that very same year fall in love with BROKE DICK… shit, that didn’t come out right, let me…. TEASN. LOL. THANKS DICK AND ALL YOU LOYAL BROKE DICK vapsters.

  91. Jay

    I’ve tried many different cereal flavors and I must say this is by far the best one I’ve had yet! Definitely would recommend to others!

  92. Eleshia

    I didn’t think I would like this one but this has been my ADV aside from overdraft since I got it (THANK YOU FOR SENDING THEM OUT FAST and getting here quick!) Happy this isn’t creamy/milky/milk tasting where I feel like a fat kid who needs to nap in bed all day. A++ Thank you for fun emails and great prices

  93. Kevin

    Tastes Great

  94. Tara B

    I don’t mind this one at all, wasn’t as sweet as I had hoped with marshmallow and the cereal was more of a custard-y taste to me but it definitely could still pass as a cereal & milk. Worth trying for sure.

  95. Allelan ragland

    I really loved the layaway flavor. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and milky flavor. Very delicious. It’s the only flavor I have vaped since I received it in the mail. Great work guys

  96. Chad

    The common household person enjoys a morning bowl of cereal. With this E – Juice, you can ejoy it every single time you vape.

  97. Ryan

    I love this flavor! Im vaping it right now

  98. James Kelly

    It’s really really good. One of my favorites. It’s an all day vape. Tastes like the lucky charm marshmallows

  99. Michael Johnson

    Great flavor and couldn’t come closer to eating the cereal itself. Very impressed!

  100. Jeanene Colby

    I have never been a cereal lover, my entire life growing up I actually hated cereal but this ejuice is amazing. The marshmallow kick is on point. If you love lucky charms, give this a try and if you don’t love lucky charms…. still try it. It won’t disappoint!

  101. Tanner Bowman

    I was skeptical to try this juice but decided to go for it when I received a 1 cent 120ml code. I love the cereal Lycky Charms but wasn’t sure how the marshmallow would taste in vape for but let me tell you, it is awesome. I haven’t had the chance to steap it yet and I’m already having trouble putting it down. If you like lucky charms it’s definitely worth trying, if you don’t like lucky charms stay away.

  102. Crazed Ink

    The juice has a nice end of the box marshmallow dust taste. The Mrs loves it. And I’ve even filled my tank a few times with her juice 😛

  103. Dave

    I never liked cereal growing up but have liked cereal vapes. This one is at the top of my list. It’s a sweet flavor very similar to that famous breakfast treat. Will definitely be ordering again when it runs out. (Which at the rate I’m vaping it will be pretty soon.)

  104. Danny Hernandez

    Tastes just like cereal milk. All day vape.

  105. Bobbie

    Will get again

  106. Jerry

    Taste good

  107. Kaycie Price

    I was skeptic but they did a great job!

  108. Mike Meacham

    Got to admit, thought I’d test the waters again, and buy juices from my local vape shops. Found a couple I really liked, but now back to Broke Dick, as no one …. and I mean NO ONE, sells juices as good as Broke Dick at the value he offers. Frankly I have decided to come back to Broke Dick as tired of paying twice as much for inferior , or even equal, tasting vape juices. You simply cannot beat Broke Dick for quality, value, and taste.
    And this flavor is one of my favorites.

  109. Sdot

    Very pleasent juice. Flavors match exact as advertised.

  110. Mitchell Bledsoe

    This is a great juice. I’ll definately order more.

  111. Danny Hernandez

    This flavor has be a regular so far when I order from Broke Dick. I have been purchasing from BD more lately due to the price and they don’t destroy my coils.

  112. Nathan

    Great taste great smell amazing prices and great deals Definetly will be ordering more

  113. Kevin Hsiao

    This flavor is absolutely amazing. At first I was kinda skeptical of this flavor/brand because 1) I’ve never heard of Broke Dick before 2) Why would someone do a buy ONE 120ml juice and get ONE 120ml for free 3) I’ve tried lucky charms before, the juice by EFX Vape, and it tastes like SHIT (so that only adds more concern about this flavor

    When I get a new juice every time, the first thing I do is smell and flavor. And boy, it was actually lucky charms!! I was so surprised on the smell since the EFX Juice didn’t smell like lucky charms at all! The packaging of this juice is great too. Nothing super fancy, but nothing low quality either. I absolutely love it.

    After my first drip into my Dead Rabbit (DR) RDA, I was like ‘WOW, this shit is legit!” The amount of flavor and taste it gives off is amazing. Definitely for someone who is looking for cereal sweetness. I would highly recommend this flavor to EVERY ONE!

  114. Damon

    I tried it as soon as I ripped the package open and it was great, gonna let it steep and see if it can get even better!

  115. Bruce Cameron

    This juice is my new all day vape. I tried it along with payday which was my favorite, but this juice won me over. a nice fruity marshmallow on the inhale and a grainy cereal on the exhale. will defiantly be buying again.

  116. Robbie Robinson

    Was vaped on a .2ohm parallel single coil, and a .225 dual coil alien clapton build. On the single coil, I get marshmallow with a light amount of cereal flavor. But on the claptons it’s reversed. I get a large amount of cereal flavor and a light marshmallow finish. I enjoy both vapes, its worth the purchase. 🙂

  117. Kimberly Usry

    Love this one!! I’m excited cos I got the lemon one but haven’t tried it yet. So I can’t wait to try it!! I’m sure it’s gonna be awesome!!

  118. Dan

    Great flavor great juice can’t go wrong for the price. Taste like lucky charms

  119. Troy Nelson

    Love the juice will keep ordering from now on

  120. james

    very good vape flavor
    will buy again

  121. Manda Fruet

    I’m not going to lie, not my thing!! But I was optimistic about the BOGO 120ml for $23 and how it would be. Let me tell you it’s amazing!! Taste EXACTLY as described!! Will def be a return customer for all my vape juices!! Thanks Brokedick!!!

  122. Eric

    Been trying a bunch of different flavors and brands of ejuice as I just started vaping about two weeks ago to stop smoking. This is the third brand I tried, and Layaway is my favorite so far. Taste is on point to lucky charms and it isn’t overly sweet.

    Only issue I have is one of the tops on the bottles was seized and needed some convincing to get off. After I got it off … it won’t reseal anymore. Not a huge issue but kind of annoying.

  123. Anonymous

    It’s pretty darn good vape

  124. Joe Molina

    I really liked this flavor a lot and was pleasantly impressed with how smooth it is. Ill buy it again in the future

  125. Rick

    Tastes just like the marshmallows of Lucky Charms! I highly recommend if you like medium to higher sweetness and great vape flavor!

  126. James Upson

    My favorite e juice, been vaping for 5 years. I don’t like crazy sweet,rich,thick,chemically tasting,instant tired tongue juices. I think to myself this is my ‘crazy juice’. If you vape it awhile it does have a crazy magically delicious smell. So you may not like it but I do.

  127. DOUG

    It is not too bad. I have vape it with my coffee in the mornings!

  128. Jay D

    A nice and light cereal and marshmallow. Let it steep to reduce the alcohol smell. A great way to afford decent juice to quit smoking

  129. Jose Alicea

    Flavor is good, you can taste all the components of the flavors. But to me, its to lite, the nic is to low. If it were stronger on the flavor and nic, it would knock it out of the park! But it is good non the less. Thanks Broke Dick! Vape On…

  130. Shawn Eversole

    Tastes just like a big bowel of lucky charms. Yum!

  131. Brandon

    Hated at first. After one day of vaping it, it is now my favorite juice. Doesn’t destroy coils, tastes spot on to a bowl of lucky charms. Nice cloud production as well. No idea why anybody would buy from anyone else. These prices are stupid low

  132. Devon

    its nothing ground breaking in terms of flavor, but its a good enough daily vape that i dont get sick of it. doesnt have chemically burn like some other cheap sites, and my coils love this stuff. my last coil lasted me over a week with this juice.

  133. Tyler Szwed

    First time getting this flavor, and I have to say it’s already one of my favorites! Really tastes like Lucky Charms- sweet but not too sweet, milky, and super smooth. No complaints.

  134. Rad Zulu

    Giving big ups for this e-juice!
    Flavor is spot on no doubt & the price no other can beat hands down.

  135. Chris

    This is one of my favorites tastes just like lucky charms very smooth and flavorful

  136. Matthew

    I recently purchased a 120ml bottle of layaway. By far the best cereal tasting e juice I have ever had. You guys Rock keep up the good work broke dick and I will be a life long customer


    The marshmallow inhale with an almost sugar cream exhale makes this liquid one of my favorites.

  138. Jason

    I’m gonna be honest, the first few puffs of this I really didn’t like it. I’ve been puffing on it all night and now I’ve grown to love it.

  139. Jonetta

    Love this juice and it doesn’t hurt that lucky charms is my favorite cereal.

  140. Sandra

    I bought this flavor for my daughter and she loves it. It’s magically delicious.

  141. Corey Winters

    This Is one of the best cereal juices I’ve ever Vaped!

  142. Trey

    This is the juice of the gods! Such an amazing flavor. Feels like I’m crunching down a bowl of Lucky charms in ice cold milk.

  143. Dennis Enos

    Yay. Love it. Needs more. Every one needs to vape it

  144. Joseph McCann

    Actually tastes like marshmallows and cereal! Will definitely order from soon!

  145. Paul Carlberg

    my all day vape went through this bottle in three days! I’m back buying more!

  146. A L Faircloth II

    Following dicks instructions I let it steep for a day and wasn’t overly impressed. Not a bad flavor, just not for me. My wife likes it though

  147. Tatiana

    Super smooth yummy hits, warm cereal milk flavor that is reminiscent of lucky charms. Delicious and great to hit on a sub ohm tank. Works in the pod systems too! All around great flavor. Id highly recommend this to anyone who likes sweet or milk flavored juice as a potential all-day vape.

  148. mguessford

    Not only is this ejuice delicious, but you can’t beat the price. Shipping was fast, and I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

  149. Julie

    I will most certainly order this again!


    Nice rich cereal flavor with a creamy milk notes really satisfied with this flavor would definitely pick it up again

  151. Paul

    My favorite juice all day vape great flavor buy one get one same flavor. I love it!

  152. Joseph

    Can’t go wrong 240ml for $23 like are you high? Don’t answer that. Great value great taste catchy ass company name , I love it

  153. Rachel Anderson

    Love the Layaway juice..all of Broke Dicks juice that I have tried so far are fabulous…great vape taste exactly as described!

  154. rose toole

    I love you,thank you for saving me a ton of $, Rose Toole


    I am thrilled to have found brokedick!!! Free shipping, BOGO, and AMAZING juice. Cant wait to try all the flavors, this one is amazing.

  156. Terri Cons

    1st time ordering from BD was looking for a new spot to order from and looks like I found it! Service is both affordable and FAST. The juice is pretty damn good. Not to sweet, NO nasty taste in your mouth. This juice is real good.

  157. Darren White

    I have been buying my juice from a store in town here at $ 24.99 per 100ml
    And the flavor of layaway is far better I will never pay $ 24.99 for 100ml ever again layaway at $11.50 per 120ml is better in price and flavor

  158. Brian Ferguson

    This brings back childhood memories on a Saturday morning eating cereal and watching my favorite cartoons. The flavor is an awesome all weekend experience or any time for that matter.

  159. Valeina R Taber

    It’s a definite favorite. One I can puff on all day long. The exhale leaves the taste of Lucky charms in your mouth. For us poor broke suckers that would be marshmallow mateys.

  160. Dennis Enos

    Love it. I need more y’all are the best

  161. robertmike

    A great marshmallow-cereal flavor vape juice!! reminds me of “lucky charms

  162. Stephanie Stafford

    This is an amazing vape juice. I was surprised and shocked at the cheap prices, but the juice was far from cheap. This flavoring was perfect. Tastes like lucky charms and a hint of ice cream. Flavor is on point, but not too sweet. From now on this is where I will be buying my vape juice, bc you can not beat these prices and still get good flavor. They sent me a tracking number the same day I ordered. Hands down 5 stars from me. Can’t wait to try their other flavors.

  163. Roy Davis

    Fast Shipping. juice tasted like the milk leftver from eating a bowl of Lucky Charms, doesn’t taste like the cereal but the milk after the bowl is done…no complaints. Mind blowing the amount of quailty juice you get for $23. Monster cloud production from my SMOK V8. I’d buy this by the gallon if they offered it. Had to pre-steep product before enjoying.

  164. Zach Knox

    Layaway is by far one of the best juices that I have had the pleasure of vaping! I will most def be ordering more. Very very smooth and taste amazing!

  165. mike arthur

    it is magic yum yum (because you can’t say the other catchphrase )

  166. Alex

    Great flavor and price.

  167. Zack

    If this vape juice was a little sweeter it would be perfect. It taste more like the cereal with a small hint of the mallow. Over all it is really good, but a little more of the marshmallow would make it spot on

  168. Gerardo Maldonado

    It taste like it suppose to taste

  169. Adrianne Roblin

    Me and my husband started using broke dick over a year ago. Best vape juice ever. I love how much i am saving on coils. Richard you save people money all the way around. Broke dick is in our budget. Thanks for making our lifes better.

  170. Richard Flores

    Can’t say enough good stuff about this vape juice. It’s my go to gotta have. Not overly sweet perfect balance. Just wish they still sent the dick pic’s (guitar picks) couple orders in and been waiting to see if I get one.

  171. KevinWi

    Pretty good. Are there better cereal vapes, yes. This does offer the sweet flavor without being devoid of it totally. For the price, can’t be beat.

  172. Tom M

    Got to have this with coffee early mornings

  173. Ruel Villa-Real

    High quality juice for a cheap price, flavorful. Thanks to Broke Dick

  174. Dane Krebs

    I love cereal vapes. So I was excited to try this. The juices I’ve been buying at my local shop go for $29.00/60 ml bottle and $ 17.00 to $23.00/ 60 ml online. So this seemed a little to good to be true. Really fast free shipping to Ca, I think it arrived in 2 or 3 days. When I first opened the bottle had a hard time vaping it because it seemed to have sort of a sour tang . I let it steep for a day and tried again and really couldn’t get passes the bite. I put it on the shelf and came back to it in a week and the bite was gone, can’t get enough of it. Really looking forward to trying the other flavors if they are this good, broke dick is a game changer!

  175. Erick

    I smoked a lot different vape juice and layaway is now my favorite this company is awesome I got my bottle super fast

  176. Charles Smith

    Love the juice. The marshmallow does taste burn at times but nothing that is too bad. Overall GREAT juice. I am very impressed

  177. Paul Carlberg

    This one is very good, I tried to make one like it myself and fell short, thank goodness I can get two for the price of one, great all day vape for me it’s 5 stars.

  178. Nicholas Moore

    By far my favorite flavor of all of them. Always getting compliments on how I smell like Cookies or how good my vape smells. The taste is the best part tho. Great job Broke Dick!

  179. Soulscapex

    This my new everyday

  180. Greg Lyon

    For the price it’s decent don’t really taste marshmallow or cereal

  181. Sandra Dedmon

    Great vape juice and great price

  182. Robin Farrar

    Since I don’t eat cereal this was a nice change for me. Could maybe use a bit more sweet marshmallow flavor but very good otherwise.

  183. Charles Joiner

    Great juice

  184. David Owens

    My second favorite juice will definitely purchase again

  185. Shelly

    Hands down my favorite vape! I buy 2 bottles from Broke Dick a month for the past 6 months. Layaway is the best. Clean, yummy, smooth. No coil problems with this juice. Been vaping 3+ years and this is the $hit.

  186. Sy Bush

    Love it! Tastes more like rice crispy treats to me…in five years I’ve not found a juice that beats hometown hero’s crispy treats until now. Super job! I’m a fairly new customer and have tried most of the BD BOGO line- layaway and payday are the absolute BEST. So happy I finally gave this juice a try. Oh and the shipping is rediculiously fast and after $23 is free. Don’t get better than that!

  187. shawn swank

    This is the best wake and vape cereal flavor, I have tried

  188. Jon Mabrey

    Right up there with Anarchists black and the flavor doesnt get muted after time awesome all day vape

  189. Gilbert Blackwell

    Broke Dick has done it again with an awesome Marshmallow Cereal, they are killing it with great flavor profiles, layaway has an Amazing flavor especially with mesh coils id definitely recommend it , if you want a great tasting Cereal vape try it you wont be disappointed

  190. Terisa

    Great tasting juice and a great price

  191. Wayde White

    When I’m out vaping this juice I get so much attention from the ladies seriously they want shotguns all night not to mention I enjoy every puff of the marshmallow flavor. This is definitely one the my daily juices until it gone and I have to order it again. Side note you might want to order 2 at a time.

  192. Danny Hernandez

    This is by far the best juice in their lineup IMO.
    Please make Layaway in MAGNUM !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  193. Lou

    Takes me back to Saturday mornings as a kid. Pour a bowl of cereal, kick back with cartoons and not worry about a thing! Best part is there’s no need to rush through because it doesn’t get soggy! Another home run from the Broke Dick gang!

  194. Danny Hernandez

    BD has always delivered quickly and Layaway has vaped with such delicious flavor every time. Other juice companies tend to taste different from time to time; but not Broke Dick……. Kudos the yawl. 🙂

  195. Harrison

    Layaway is a Blast from my entire childhood, Another ADV here for sure. This is a Stellar juice! Be sure to let it steep per the directions on the website. Pro tip- once its done steeping pop it in the fridge. BTW the people behind BROKEDICK are champions when it comes to customer service. ORDER IT NOW YOU WILL NOT REGRET!!

  196. Jeff Vahlstrom

    Only place I order from consistently fast shipping, low price, and great flavor. Zero complains in the last 1-2 years

  197. Josh Ring

    Spot on lucky charms taste. My only critique would be to have a little more cream flavor. This is my new cereal vape and I’ll be buying more. I got 2 bottles and I’m really glad I did. The cereal and marshmallow flavors are perfect.

  198. Joanne Yepes

    What can I say it’s delicious

  199. Jason

    A creamy, sugary delicious goodness that is true to its flavor profile all the way around This is all I have been vaping for the past week.You don’t understand, this is ALLL I have been vaping since I got it

  200. Jason Park

    A very accurate and spot on marshmallow land with cereal. This is by far my most favorite one with the Banana Cream Pie. I get a very mellow Marshmallow Cereal due to the cream, which makes it fabulous

  201. Mary Loucks

    Layaway is one of my new favorites. It has good flavor and you get a great amount for you $.

  202. John

    The initial taste of this is mild but the after taste is where this gets good. It’s very smooth with the marshmallow taste at the end.

  203. Joey Marks

    While it’s definitely not an all day vape. All the flavors are present and well balanced. Over all very tasty

  204. Di Gamble

    This is juice will immediately remind you of a Saturday morning, cartoons & a big bowl of ur favorite cereal & marshmallows! I get a fruity creamy inhale & marshmallow goodness on the finish. Yummy. One of my favs but not an all day vape for me. Flavors get a little muddy but still a delicious favorite.

  205. Jake

    I wouldnt say it too much of a cereal vibe to it. More of a vanilla marshmellow hard candy taste to me. But i can say it is the only desert flavored juice i have liked and it isnt too strong.

  206. Steven Chaloux

    One of the best lucky charms cereals I’ve had. I’ll be buying agAin for sure

  207. Crystal

    Of the three juices I purchased this was the best after steeping. This was the only one I’ve continued to vape and have enjoyed. Good flavor

  208. D

    This is my absolute favorite.Ive tried to find others like it at vape shops.Not even close.So glad I ordered from you guys.I will be a regular for sure.

  209. Sy Bush

    Please please PLEASE make a magnum version of Layaway. This would make me so unbelievably happy. If not, please consider making the flavoring (diy) available for purchase. Thanks, u guys are awesome. Absolutely my favorite juice line of all. Stay Blessed!

  210. Helen D

    Love it. It taste so good. Will order it again

  211. s cameron

    on point and smells great!

  212. Malinda Carvalho

    Great quality. Fast shipping

  213. Darrius Young

    The big question is, where’s the fruit flavor? I can taste the marshmallow flavor and the cream flavor but it has this weird after taste like chorine.

  214. Helen D Gwathney

    Love the taste and everyone that around that smells the flavor just goes “wow” I tell anyone who will listen
    where they can get Great vape juice for a nice price.

  215. Big Al

    Good flavoring! Got to try this stuff. I keep this in stock! Thank Dick.

  216. Domonick Lane

    Hold the bowl and milk for this one. Smooth and tasty.

  217. Eleni Boyle

    So I’ve tried almost all the flavors from Broke Dick, and I try to try a new one each time but I ALWAYS find myself adding this one to my cart for EVERY order. Literally almost every order of mine is one new flavor to try and one layaway just in case I’m not the biggest fan of the new one I’m trying. Layaway is by far my favorite vape juice of all time from Broke Dick, as well as all other brands!! Seriously, this flavor is like the perfect amount of sweet, and smells awesome!! I always get told “wow that smells great what is that??” If I could give this more than 5 stars, I totally would!!!

  218. Lisa Stieghorst

    Great juice tastes just like lucky charms

  219. Astrid Beauvois

    This juice is a great ADV and tastes spot on to my favorite marshmallowy cereal.

  220. Lee

    This is one that at first wasn’t sure about but it’s on my shelf permanently. I normally use it to mix with some other flavors to get a sweeter, creamier taste.

  221. Francisco Molina


  222. John Fowler

    Always satisfied with your products
    Thank you

  223. Al

    When I received Layaway I went ahead and cut the top like it said and then when I smelled it I knew it was going to be the best! I immediately gave it a try (even though I was going to let it steep and it turned out awesome! It tastes so good! Definitely my new favorite! I went ahead and subscribed to continue getting it at the lower price! I recommend highly!

  224. Bruce Arnold

    Great juice even greater value

  225. Charles Latour

    This just became my new all day every day juice. It immediately transported me back to those Saturday mornings in front of the TV with its’ magically delicious flavor. Customer for life.

  226. Tonya McGowen

    Ordered this on black Friday, got it the following Tuesday. I’ve ALWAYS had good experiences with buying from here! Really love the 30ml sample bottle I got too!

  227. Aron Anders

    Absolutely amazing juice once again Broke Dick killed it I’ve had many lucky charms vape juices and none compare awesome juice awesome price thanks for keeping it real

  228. Devon

    Always a good fallback for when I’m strapped for cash. Normally I go for the blue raspberry juice they’ve got but sometimes those few extra bucks are dinner. Layaway is a very mellow juice which does taste a lot like lucky charms marshmallows on the way out, and my go to cause most fuity juices are too acidic and burn going down AND back out, and a lot of creams lay in super hard with diacetyl or other flavorings that are just too offensive. This juice and the blue raspberry are neither of those and my daily vapes for the past 2 years. Not perfect, but good enough to not be sick of even after all that time.

  229. James Miller

    Had a empty tank and filled it right away and the best cereal vape I have ever had and have tried a few. Now will let it steep the rest of the day

  230. Gary

    To me this is one of the best cereal vapes on the market,taste just like lucky charms

  231. Brian owens

    Great flavor…best juice I have ever had…very smooth

  232. Moose Schooler

    Love this favor great taste

  233. Llamo55

    I tried this vape for the first time and it doesn’t disappoint. The flavor is spot on for LU*** C****S. There is a slightly sweet taste along with a definite cereal and light milk. I wish it was a .MAGNUM flavor since it has a light taste. Good times.

  234. Theresa Keeney

    All’s I can say is that you guys rock you’re the best at what you do my order came in a timely fashion. And I just love layaway it’s a beautiful blend of many different flavors

  235. Matthew Page

    Just got my order yesterday, ordered it five days ago, only 100 miles away, I think the Postal Service has a broke dick, just vaped my first tank of layaway right out of the bottle, nice toast marshmallow flavor, going to let it steep a while Hope the flavor gets better, great flavor, if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it , Dick!

  236. Dagoberto Cardenas

    This juice is awesome, is will definitely recommend this company to all my friends. The shipping was also very fast I’m completely satisfied.

  237. hunterjuly

    I finally got around to ordering this flavor because I am always ordering my favorite BD flavors over and over, so I made myself a solemn promise to try some other flavors and I wasn’t disappointed with this Layaway flavor. It’s creamy , marshmallow, toasty oats goodness, so now I say it’s a good idea to try some of his other flavors. And SLO CO is a friggin genius, this stuff is SO good.

  238. Gary

    Tastes exactly…I am talking EXACTLY…like the good part of that fortuitous jewels breakfast cereal. Best part is you don’t have to pick through the fluff to get to the. marshmallows ;).

  239. Kara

    This was amazing. Will definitely order again!

  240. Aric Mikula

    Nice smooth fruity flavor without being over powering or super sweet.

  241. Zaida Bonilla

    The lucky charm is really good to sweet for my taste but my son-in-law loves it nd we going to get more different one next time I really love this company thank u Mr. Broke Dick

  242. James Salerno

    Tastes just like Lucky Charms!

  243. Dagoberto CARDENAS

    Great flavor and a great price. 5 star review.

  244. Chelsea

    This smells amazing. I haven’t tried it yet but I am looking forward to it!

  245. Kerry Fisher

    Man great flavor and taste and smells better than lucky charm.great job Dick

  246. Brett

    It’s incredible, tastes exactly as you’d expect it to.

  247. Patrick smith

    I will continue to order with out a hesitate thought

  248. Jan

    Excellent quality & flavor for a first time experience. This flavor exceeded my expectations. I’m so glad I decided to purchase it. BD is always the best with fast shipping, flavor & price.

  249. Terry A Smith Sr

    My last two orders I was over charged by about two dollars each time. I then received an email that I only had a certain amount of time to reorder to be able to use the credit, however the time frame suggested didn’t work for me. If you need to charge more just tell me, I understand how business works. If I have to go through this again I will probably just find someone else to order from. Thank you.

  250. Cherity Lewis

    LayAway is hands down the best, as is broke dick. Fast, affordable, and delicious!

  251. RORY

    First time buyer, came quick. I will tell my friends about your site.

  252. Daniel Warren

    In my opinion this is the best flavor they have. Absolutely delicious.

  253. Kenneth Colton

    This is one of my favorite flavors. I have been camping this for over a year no. Just wish I could have a ton of it.

  254. Nathan Ward

    This the second time I’ve ordered with BD – this time I got marshmallow cereal. I was a little disappointed with this juice – there was a lot of hype on YouTube about this juice tasting like Lucky charms. It does taste like milk/cake but I was anticipating a more cereal flavor. It’s still a decent flavor, and I’ll use/finish it I just don’t use it as a all day vape. If you like milk and cake get it! I steeped it for 5 days to see if the flavor changed and the milk flavor came out more. Thanks BD!

  255. All day vape with great flavor

    Been a customer a couple years, just tried this and have been vaping it instead of my favorites since I got it. I absolutely love it. They got the flavors just right. Thank you, for the new flavor

  256. Daniel Cash

    Will buy again

  257. Jobe

    This is great stuff. Cant beat the price and quality

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