Overdraft – Caramel Vanilla Tobacco (120ml)

Overdraft – Caramel Vanilla Tobacco (120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(471 customer reviews)

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There isn’t a worse feeling than over drafting your account, but it might be worth it to get your hands on our coveted tobacco juice. We made this one specially for Richard Sr. because he said he could not find a tobacco flavor on the market worth a spot in his tank.

We changed that with this smooth, rich flavor that can send you back to childhood memories of your granddaddy smoking his pipe in front of the fire. Yeah, it’s that good. See for yourself why Overdraft holds a special place in the juice rotation for so many and order today. We’ll get it out to you faster than a check can bounce.



  • Caramel
  • Vanilla
  • Hint of Tobacco

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 9mg

471 reviews for Overdraft – Caramel Vanilla Tobacco (120ml)

  1. Vtecgods@yahoo.com

    If this is Anything like my three favorites that I have already tried I cannot wait!!!!

    OMG Thank You For Everything Richard!!!

  2. Joe

    This one is very unique I’m not a fan of tobacco flavored juice I did try it a few time but I have a friend who really enjoys tobacco flavored juice and she thinks it’s amazing so I gave it 4 stars ✨ keep it up dick

  3. Pangskicks

    Best tobacco flavor juice I have ever had, can’t wait to purchase more!

  4. Amy krummich

    I thought flavor was epic! Delicious flavor of Carmel and vanilla! The tobacco flavor was a great touch! Can’t wait until it comes out to get it in 3 mg!!!

  5. Marc

    I was fortunate to get a free sample i did not know what it was going to be but i was supprised when it arrived it is delicious the perfect mix of caramel vanilla and tobacco now i dont like mixing flavor with tobacco usally but this was great defiantly gonna order from broke dick from now on.payday im gonna get one of every flavor cant wait

  6. Eric

    Really enjoyed it. The flavors were blended just right.

  7. Nad

    You done did good Dick. Ya did good

  8. Kika

    this is the first time I ordered from here, delivery was fast, I absolutely love this juice! cant put my vape down since I got this stuff, Overdraft is the bomb y’all

  9. Ray Daley

    Absolutely perfect!
    The flavor is just what I was looking for. I have tried all of the Broke Dick flavors, Payday was my favorite until now.
    It’s a refreshing mix of my 3 favorite flavors blended together for the perfect vape!
    Very smooth with just the right amount of tobacco flavor.

    Combine that with the fact I’ve ordered on Friday and received it on Monday!
    Couldn’t ask for better.

  10. Eric

    Got today. Was vaping payday but wanted to try a tank of this. I had a 10ml bottle sample and bought a 6mg 120ml bottle when it came out. First tobacco flavored juice I tried but is really good. I enjoy the Carmel flavor in it. Only problem I had was putting some in a smaller bottle to take to work and piped the lid and lost most of it on the floor.

  11. Jeff S.

    Broke Dick hit it out of the park with this one! Caramel is the highlight of this flavor with the tobacco and vanilla taking a subtle yet predominant role on the exhale. I will certainly buy this one again. A total all day vape. Keep it up, Broke Dick!

  12. Amy Parsons

    Tastes like the smell of the pipe tobacco shops in the mall when I was a kid. Mom says it smells like a pipe when I vape it. So there you go. I find it pleasant. The tobacco is the strongest flavor right out of the box, with mild caramel and vanilla.

  13. nancy c jaeger

    i am so pleased with this juice. this is gonna be my favorite for now on.Thanks Richard.

  14. Tyrone Powers

    When i got the sample i couldn’t wait to get a 120 bottle of it, so I ordered 2 !!

  15. Rachel

    Ok. The wait was over. The vape juice was ordered. Tracking success. Left work early. Drove to mail box. Glory!!!!!!! Score. It’s there. Mad rush inside. Open packaging and there it is….my glistening broke dick order. But…wuaaaa? the bottle cap, is straight pissing me the fugg off. Im jonesing here. I mean really? Is this a cruel joke. Ok calm down. Vape your stash. It’s ok. I will climb this mountain. I will read the instructions on the cap. Yeah. Yeah. I will read. Ok. push down…Im doing that…and turn…and Im doing that. Ok vape break.
    It’s open.
    And it’s good. Good af.

  16. Josh E

    Taste good mostly tobacco flavor(pipe/raw) little Carmel and vanilla. Good juice personally I would like a little less tobacco flavor. Otherwise good all day vape and for the price it’s a really good deal.

  17. @ohmbray

    Takes me back to the days when I first quit cigs and started vaping. Been a long time since ive used tobb flavors but this is a spot on rich and full bodied ruyan 4 if ive ever tasted one. 5 stars because most tobacco flavors taste like balls these days. Keep up the good work guys.

  18. Casey

    We just received our order of Overdraft yesterday. We had been waiting a long time to try it. We figured it would be good, with all the taste testing that went on before production, and it didn’t let us down. Great vapor production, sweet carmely vanilla with a hint of tobacco. ITS GREAT! WE will definately be ordering more of this one. Oh and there was even a cool dick pic in our package! Thanks Richard.

  19. duplinprint@yahoo.com

    The Good. I personally love the favors in this juice and it my favorite e-juice of all time but there is some problems for other smelling your vape. The smell lingers hours after use. Do not vape in a bedroom that’s not yours. Alcoholics that I encounter while vaping late at night liked the smell and it reminded them of morning breakfast. Go figure. The taste is worth the lingering smell that may or may not offend others (depending on alcohol content) and if it’s not a friend or family member that’s making you money then why should you care? T-shirts for E-Juice http://www.duplinshirts.com

  20. Mercedes

    I really love this juice and all other flavors they are the best ones yet this one especially just the right amount of each flavor freaking awesome

  21. John Hostetter

    This e juice was a great surprise! Always looking for a good tobacco flavor, and this one more than fits the bill. Sweet tobacco on the inhale with caramel on the exhale. All overlaid with a hint of vanilla. Perfect with a cup of coffee or a beer. Thanks Broke Dick, I’ve finally found a juice that fills the need for a tobacco flavor and adds so much more. Highly recommended. Keep up the great work. It is much appreciated!

  22. Bruce

    Honestly, this flavor ended up making me sick to my stomach. But, objectively it is a good product at a great price. Plenty of flavor, fantastic price for the amount. Hopefully I can find one of my friends that will enjoy this one.

  23. Chad Cummings

    Has a good tobacco flavor with some caramel on the inhale and mixes with vanilla on the exhale. Had to give it a try as this was the only flavor I haven’t tried. Kinda tastes like perique black? Gonna let it steep a little longer. Loving this one also. Would be good with coffee. Has a coffee caramel smell from the vapor. My wife doesn’t complain about the smell

  24. Dylan Hicks

    Its so damn smooth, cant exactly taste the caramel too well but the vanilla and tobacco is great.

  25. gadget

    Great flavor, silky smooth tobacco flavor with just the right amount of Carmel and Vanilla.
    Great job on this one!

  26. Sarah

    This juice is the best quality juice I’ve ever purchased. I’ve been looking for a creamy/vanilla tobacco juice. It’s almost absolutely perfect! It’s very smooth. I wish the caramel was toned down just a tad. My perfect mix would have the vanilla and tobacco be the stars with just a hint of caramel in the background and the option for a 50/50 mix with a higher nicotine content. It’s really enjoyable! My order arrived a day EARLY. I placed my order on a Thursday night and it arrived Monday afternoon! I will be looking forward to trying the other flavors! Keep up the awesome work! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for this brand. Thank you for providing such a great product and keepin’ it real, for real people.

  27. Traci R.

    Really loving this one Richard! Knocked it outta the park for me and it shows that you’re just getting better and better! Awesome juice! Thanks!

  28. Greg Baker

    Love this flavor (overdraft) and the delivery was very very quick! will be ordering more of this for sure and will be trying out some of the other flavors too

  29. nigel cooper

    shipped in 2 days (I live in FL) nice taste after a quick steep. Richard has a great company and great juice, and always straight up with you.. and great daily comps for a 1 cent bottle.. give him a try he is legit and so is the e juice

  30. allan Novitski

    I ordered 2 120’s of OverDraft , the juice shipped fast and got to me very quickly.. I’ll start by Saying i love ry4’s and this one is no different it’s a VERY good juice and a awesome smell and flavor.. if i had 1 little bitch i wish there was a touch more caramel and vanilla, but overall i AWESOME vape from a AWESOME company

  31. Tim

    One of the better RY4 flavors at possibly THE best price! It’s definitely worth a buy.

  32. Gabriel

    I ordered from Broke Dicks and got my order 3 days later just in time for my new mods to show up at the same time. I was excited as I love RY4’s and every company’s recipe is different. I don’t like this one that much because its mainly just caramel. I cant taste anything else and the caramel is BAM! In Your Face! If you really like caramel you will love this. Maybe it will mellow out after it has steeped. I will put this one up for a few weeks. I am really impressed by the quality though. You can’t beat these prices. For two 120ml bottles this is a steal. I ordered the PrePaid flavor along with this and I love that one. I will be ordering here more often. You cant go wrong with Broke Dicks. Even if you get one bottle you really like and another you don’t care for, you still came out on top for the price and quality.

  33. John

    Amazing flavor. My favorite by far! I need more…

  34. Gail D.

    I had been waiting for this one with baited breath, and boy oh boy I wasn’t disappointed! Overdraft is a smooth and creamy delicious blend of tobacco, vanilla and caramel that is spot on. Never thought I’d like anything better than Payday, but this stuff is running a close second.

  35. Marcy

    Awesome flavor….my newest “go-to”. Pairs well with my pod pens, a little strong for the mod.

  36. The Dude

    I got this a sample flavor, and would like to first mention I thought it was a caramel, vanilla, granola. And much to my surprise its actually a tobacco flavor. And hands down the best I’ve ever had. It incredibly rich and smooth, and the vanilla has an almost alcohol taste, like a nice whiskey. Incredibly tasteful and aromatic, wish I cold give more stars.

  37. Keston Orie

    I am vaping overdraft in my Aromamizer plus rdta, with a dual staggered fused clapton build at 85 watts. Very, very tasty. It has a cigar like taste, but still smooth and nice!!! Keep up the great work guys & gals!

  38. Mothusi Thusi

    I usually try avoid juice with tobacco in it but I thought to myself I’ve never had bad juice from Broke Dick so I decided to give it a whirl. The caramel and tobacco is what I taste first, and its rich in a good way. Then comes the vanilla which wraps the flavor together. It is also great for cloud chasing. My new favorite!

  39. Scotty mountain

    I’ve tried alot of ry4 flavors and had only found one I liked until I tried this sexy summabitch. This shit blew me away. I get a very robust but not over whelming tobacco flavor on inhale with Carmel and on exhale i get all of the vanilla caramel and tobacco. Usually I like a cream flavor in this particular flavor but I don’t miss it at all with overdraft. This is Merica all up in my mouth baby. Get you some snowflake!!!

  40. Amber Kervahn

    This e juice is simply amazing. It’s in my top 3….I was afraid to try a tobacco flavor since I’m definitely more of a fan of sweet dessert vapes……they blended the tobacco just perfectly with the caramel and vanilla!!!! Everyone saying “I wish it had more vanilla” or “I wish it had more tobacco”….go buy some flavor boosts and tweak it. I think Mr. Broke did the best job finding the perfect balance to please everyone’s palettes. THANK YOU, RICHARD!!!!

  41. JOE D


  42. Juan Sanchez

    On Delivery, it was insanely tobacco heavy with barely any caramel or vanilla. I let it steep for a month and all I can say now is, WOW; definitely worth the wait!
    You guys hit a home run with this one!

  43. scott

    Its sweet! Very sweet! Its good and its sweet! I am hitting it right outa the bottle and then Waiting for a bit of a steep, if I can make it last that long hoping that tobacco comes through. Did I mention its sweet?

  44. Michael Messina

    This is great, flavor is really good, will certainly be re-ordering.

  45. Dan

    After some steep time this stuff is starting to get really good. Kinda tasted like butterscotch out of the mail box. Now it’s developing it’s own flavor. Which is growing on this broke dick.

  46. Tyrone Powers

    The perfect vape for all day everyday. Definitely my go to

  47. Angie B

    I’ve looked high and low for a good tobacco flavor and this is it! Smooth, delicious flavor. Love it! I”vet found my forever juice.

  48. Mike Johnson

    U got a one stop shop customer here now

  49. Richard Fava

    This stuff really surprised me to didn’t think I’d like it but I def do an I jus got it it only get better thank you

  50. Summer Gomez

    I have tried upwards of 10 tobacco flavors, and I LOVE THEM. They are my favorite flavor to vape. Overdraft initially has a very strong tobacco flavor with light notes of vanilla and caramel. At first, I wasn’t a fan. I started to vape it and was off put by the strength of the tobacco. It has been 2 days since I received my order and I am now loving it! I can taste all of the notes evenly, and it is really tasty. The e juice is smooth and easy to dispense in my big baby beast, and I like that the tip is plastic because 90% of the time the glass droppers from other e juice brands break inside of my mod because it is small. I am going to be ordering vape juice from Broke Dick for all of my vaping friends for Christmas and continue to buy for myself. Such a great deal for a great quality, not to mention I live in California and received my package within 3 days, AND I ordered on a weekend. Good Job Broke Dick!

  51. Fuggz

    I wasn’t sure about this one at first, but man has it grown on me. It’s not as sweet as I had expected, but more of a subtle blend, very well done. The tobacco flavors normally scare me away, but this has a nice taste. Reminds me of slow cured Virgina tobacco. Two bottles in, and I think this is going to be sticking around.

  52. Ryan

    First time ordering this flavor and was not disappointed. The tobacco notes were highlighted by the mildly sweet vanilla and caramel bringing together a tasty vape. Great job!

  53. Christopher Polson

    Great tobacco flavor, just enough caramel to give it a sweet taste.

  54. Charles

    Excellent e-juice -smooth flavor with just enough sweetness.

  55. Paul Hearn

    What can I say? I LOVE caramel and this juice is fantastic. Would highly recommend this e-juice.

  56. Frankie

    Always interested to try a new RY4, because tobacco flavors (I was addicted to cigarettes, not fruity pebbles okay?) are so hard to come by, especially when you’re NOT willing to shell out premium ejuice prices. It was good. The “tobacco” component was non-optimal, but not actually obnoxious, and it got better with steeping. That’s okay, tobacco’s hard, and its a BIG bottle, it will have time to steep. Was it the best RY4 I’ve ever had? No. Was it the best RY4 I’ve ever had for ¢10/ml? Yes it was. Will definitely continue to order at this price (bogo sale).

  57. JOE D


  58. terry kemp

    nice flavor, would buy again

  59. Beatriz Matherne

    Taste really good and has a good price

  60. gadget

    If you like RY4 e juice you’ll love this!
    The perfect Tobacco, Carmel, and Vanilla blend, very smooth and the taste is fantastic!

  61. Gil

    Hands down best mix of Carmel , vanilla and tobacco e-Juice.

  62. Peter Heineman

    I’m always looking for a good tobacco flavor and this one has been working out nicely. Great stuff and doesn’t gunk up my coils like a lot of ‘discount’ juices usually do. The flavor has only been getting better as it ages and it is very mellow vanilla tobacco with a few other slight flavor notes that creep through the main flavors. Highly recommend this ejuice and I will definitely be ordering again. You can’t beat that price people!

  63. Tony

    This is my new favorite juice!! Nailed it on flavor!! I’ll be ordering it again. Thanks guys for making a quality product at a more then fair price!!!

  64. Roy De La Fuente

    Two words…..Good Shit !

  65. Billy Wilson

    awesome e juice will buy more at some point

  66. justin smith

    So I’ve ordered almost every flavor from broke dick and this is one of my favorites! was not a fan of water cup or prepaid but over draft, payday and the 15th are awesome!

  67. Linda Harmon

    I love the e juice flavor and the value is super awesome!! My now favorite place for all my ejuice !!!

  68. Abbey Gingrich

    Not a favorite. Came in a timely manner. Its blended well. Just not a tobacco person. If you are its just a hint.

  69. David Cox

    Not usually a fan of tobacco vapes but couldn’t turn down the price. This one was surprisingly well made gives off a very butterscotch vibe

  70. Matt

    All of the flavors in this e juice are proportioned perfectly! The tobacco flavor doesn’t taste like cigarette tobacco, either. It’s more like a great pipe tobacco ( raisin, honey, and a slight earthy note, something like a sweet mushroom). The one thing missing from this, which i am glad about, is the burning flavor that usually accompanies tobacco flavors.

  71. Star Sherrer

    This is one of my favorite juices by far. I love the rich Carmel taste! Definitely good for an all day vape ❤️ Good job!!

  72. Richard Horn

    My wife and I received our order yesterday, she ordered the cash advance (Key lime pie) but I will review that later.
    First thing I get when I draw some Overdraft is a kind of sweet yet nutty taste that lingers for a moment or two then after that I get a nice smooth hint of the tobacco. The Carmel and vanilla blend together very very nicely but personally I feel there should be just a tad more of tobacco. but that may just be me.
    Overall Overdraft is an amazing juice from Broke Dicks and I know for sure I will most definitely ordering this again. If possible I would have given more than Four stars and given Four and a half but the selector only allows whole stars.

  73. Peter Heineman

    Pretty much all I’ve been using for the last couple months has been Payday and Overdraft. Pretty much covers my needs. Try either and you probably won’t regret it.

  74. Carl

    this has been my everyday vape flavor since it was released. I’m not much for fruity flavors, don’t go good with coffee in the morning but this is the best flavored vape juice I have ever put into my cleito 120. I probably would smoke cigarettes again if I never come across this e juice. Funny to hear feedback from people around you and they try to guess the flavor. Most say it smells like pancakes or waffles and maple syrup and that’s about right with just enough harshness of tobacco flavor to balance out the sweetness of overdraft.

  75. Beatriz

    This one Is one of my favorites. Taste really good and the price is just right.

  76. Lorentsen

    I’ve never been a fan of tobacco flavor e-juice, that is until Overdraft. Overdraft offers a perfect blend that gives a great vape those times a I want a little tobacco flavor.

  77. Sean Templeton

    This is by far my favorite Broke Dick ejuice flavor. I’ve tried a few others since I’ve been ordering, and this is the only one that I really like a lot- I think it’s more my own taste though on the others (not a big fan of the fruit juices in general but thought I’d try- others seem to like them a lot). This is pretty much just my regular flavor at this point- even if I try something new on the BOGO offers, I’ll always get one of these.

    Hey Dick, I hope you make the Lemon Pound cake one a full-time flavor though, that’s some really good stuff.

  78. Greg Walters

    I am starting to sound like a broken record on these damn reviews. Just add whatever flavor sounds good to your cart and check out. You’ll probably become a loyal customer like me and won’t get your e juice from anywhere else from now on. Unless you like spending more money that is…

    As far as this specific flavor is concerned. Don’t let yourself be turned away from giving this one a chance if you don’t like tobacco flavors. I am not typically a fan of tobacco flavors, but this one is pretty mild. The tobacco adds a raisin-like flavor to the mix. Which perfectly balances the sweet vanilla and caramel notes. This might be my new favorite!

    The only juice I have yet to try is the 15th, which I will be picking up in my next order. I can wholeheartedly recommend each and every other juice in Broke Dick’s standard 120ml line-up.

  79. Beatriz Matherne

    Overdraft is the best I like it alot

  80. Valeina Taber

    This is by far my favorite vape thus far. I could puff this all day. I am excited to try all of your flavors.

  81. Dennis Leedom

    I have been vaping RY4 and tobacco flavored blends for years and I must admit this stuff is fantastic right out of the bottle. I cant wait till I steep it for a few days. The price is unbelievable for the quality of this juice . I heard my wife and daughter laughing their asses off and went to see what was up. My wife got the mail and they were looking at the package. My daughter asked me ” dad what did you do to yourself” and my wife asked me how I broke my dick . I saw the lettering on the package and I had to show them that it was e-juice in it. I still heard them giggling for hours. Thanks for making our day and for making a great juice at a reasonable price. You now have a lifetime customer and I have a great all day vape.

  82. Debra

    Absolutely great vanilla caramel and the tobacco gives a custardy taste which i love my local vape shops wont be seein me any more since i discovered brokedick

  83. Bogle

    First off, I typically don’t write reviews but this is worth the time. If you find, as I have, that most RY4 flavors from other e juice companies have missed the boat on tobacco flavor you have to try this. This is solid tobacco flavor with just the right amount of caramel and vanilla to smooth out the harshness. Unbelievable flavor for the price.

  84. Penny Radigan

    This is good. Taste more like tobacco than anything else. It is smooth with a very little throat hit at 9mg nicotine.

  85. Boog3r

    Nice smooth flavor one of the best tobacco flavors I’ve tried.

  86. Damon

    Everything blends together so well, definitely one of my favorites juices

  87. Steve Corbell

    Love it, it became my daily all day choice. Can’t beat the price either. Thanks guys for a great product!!

  88. Mary

    This e juice is absolutely perfect to go with that morning cup of coffee. The tobacco isn’t too overpowering but the vanilla and caramel definitely stand out. It’s my go to morning vape!

  89. Jerry

    Overdraft is great when I’m at the house relaxing. The warm vanilla and caramel is also a perfect match when heading out to the beach. Love this ejuice.

  90. Roberta Johnson

    Broke Dick has awesome juice and I have no complaints. I’m very happy with this order. The only thing is – be sure to add two bottles to your cart or you do not get the buy one get one free. On my first order, I didn’t do this. I only received the one bottle. I almost made the same mistake with this order – but noticed in the order confirmation that only one bottle was on my order. I sent an email – thankfully prior to it being shipped and the other bottle was added. I will be smart on all of my future orders. I will continue to order from Broke Dick – as it is awesome juice at the best price. Thanks.

    Its the only way we could do the mix and match flavors.
    Richard Broke

  91. Mike T

    The best ry4 I have ever vaped. Just the right amount of caramel sweetness on the exhale with a hint of tobacco

  92. Jacob sonier

    Up until today iv not been able to find a tobacco blend I like but this juice!!! I can taste every flavour from inhale to exhale . by far the best juice iv ever had and I believe I’m a life long buyer now lol can’t compete with the price. Just all around incredible craftsmanship

  93. Chris poole

    The best and very consistanat love it i have been useing it for a year and its great

  94. LQ Jones

    I’ve been looking for the perfect RY4. I found it. This stuff is delish. This is my new ADV. Highly recommend

  95. kali kai

    the flavor is great, can’t complain. it’s just well, ahh nevermind. tastes great. thanks guys, i need stiches.

  96. Ken Perkins

    Pretty good and smooth and the price is fantastic! I’ll be ordering it always, me new go to

  97. David Gray

    Best damn e juice on the market. I’ve ordered from most you can’t beat this

  98. Pelfrey

    Overdraft is an awesome e juice. I’m not a huge caramel kinda guy, and this juice is a little heavy on the caramel but the vanilla and tobacco flavors compliment it nicely. Well done Dicks

  99. John Dugstad

    Very good E juice and inexpensive, will reorder! Will the flavor selection ever increase?

    We only release a flavor if we think that it’s the best we have ever had. Then we do a small run that we call Bankroll series to see if you agree with us. It make for a slow release but some damm good juice.
    Richard Broke

  100. Joe Devine

    Some of the best juice I have had and at this price you can’t go wrong.

  101. Ashley dame

    Excellent liquid for a great price. Will be buying again.

  102. Sandra Robinson

    I must admit, I was not expecting much, considering the price–but WOW was I mistaken!! This juice is absolutely delicious!! With the great 2 x 120ml bottle deal, I ordered 2 different flavors, and Overdraft is by FAR my preferred choice if the two! I also ordered Payday, which I wasn’t crazy about (it too was very flavorful, I am just not as much a fan of THOSE flavors, I seemed to get a strong banana flavor) I haven’t stopped vaping it (after steeping) since I recieved it!!
    It also was equally satisfying and enjoyable in my Nautilus mini as a mouth to lung Vape as it was in my sub ohm tanks using a direct lung hit! (I am a weirdo I guess, I really enjoy vaping both)
    I will definately be ordering again, and this time I will be ordering BOTH BOTTLES in the Overdraft blend! Overdraft is a Homerun for me!

  103. Rob

    Best cigar based RY4 I’ve ever tasted!!!

  104. Ryan mcarthur

    I usually don’t do tobacco e juice flavors but this was the only Broke Dick flavor I haven’t tried. I put it in my rta and I like it. I really don’t understand why people get on here and say Richards juice is disgusting and don’t see why he has so many positive reviews, the reason the positivity floats here is because the guy is selling a premium product for less than the competition. It’s simple, the guy developed some primo stuff and sells in volume. Sure they’re juices that my palate doesn’t agree with but yet have I found one that’s disgusting or pure shit. This Broke Dick stuff is very legitimate and anyone that says any different is obviously jealous because their juice is sitting on shelfs because the consumers are tired of being ripped off. Keep up the good work Broke Dick.

  105. Ellis

    My everyday juice. Can’t beat it!!!

  106. Penny Radigan

    Love it.

  107. Chris

    Iv been using this e juice for a lone time now its great consistanat

  108. robert rohm

    really a good ejuice let it sit for a day with top off for best flavor . I will be trying the rest of them soon.

  109. badmoose22

    this stuff is great

  110. Thomas Stone

    I have bought and vape every amzing flavor from this wonderful and proud American company. When I vaped it the first time I had to put it down and switch flavors because it tasted like a caramel ciggerette. Yes I read the reviews. But I thought it was gonna be like Payday but more sweet. Anywho my brother just quit smoking and I got him a starter kit. He has smoked for years and I had a good feeling this juice would be best for him. He loves it and it makes me happy he does. Especially knowing that he’s off the cancer sticks. I would never throw away Broke Dick juice and never have. My brother will be a returning customer. Thank you Richard for making this flavor.

  111. Michael

    ask the bank to hit us with more good tobbacc0

  112. Aussie Corey

    What can i say. Overdraft is my 5 star juice. With molten caramel with a hint of tobacco flavor, and a vinilla exhail just a slight caramel taste. Overdraft from Broke Dick stands out from the pack. This has become my daily vafe thus far. Hey you! Don’t think, just get your vape on with Overdraft NOW!

  113. Vickie Woodard

    Awesome flavor. Reminds me of midnight cowboy flavor. Tastes like a high priced cigarette flavor

  114. Mandy

    Great juice! Glad I decided to try it out!

  115. Elmer Clark

    By far this is my fav broke dick e juice flavor

  116. Kyle

    I was looking for a replacement for my $20 30ml juice and i found it! This juice is great! And super cheap! I will be getting this from now on!!!

  117. Daniel Hernandez

    Best tasting tobacco ever, smooth and delicious!

  118. Jmcm102103

    Awesome! Love it! Ordered Friday afternoon and got it Monday! Super quick! Great price. Will order more!

  119. brad

    this is definitely the best tobacco flavor ive ever Vaped to date

  120. Pete Bucaccio

    Quitting those nasty cigs for a cool vape? This is the one for you!!!! Very subtle vanilla and caramel flavored led by a STRONG tobacco flavor. Not my personal favorite, but a very tasty juice!

  121. Barbara

    Not too sweet. Great price and taste

  122. Ah13

    Doesn’t taste like tobacco or caramel to me, more like coffee with lots of cream and sugar. No complaints about that though cause I love the flavor and will be ordering more.

  123. Sidney Thibodeau

    I smoked 41 years. was able to quit using OVERDRAFT. The taste is GREAT and not too sweet. My wife doesn’t tell me I stink anymore.

  124. Paul Johnson

    This flavor surprises me everytime I hit my vape no matter if tank or an rda the flavor is on point and not over powering also very nicely layered on the inhale and exhale

  125. Jetta

    Really smooth and just a hint of tobacco e juice. Worth the buy.

  126. Verl Shaw

    This is the first we have tried from here and fell in love with it. It’s a pleasure to cape and others like the aroma. So glad I was referred here, thanks Robert

  127. Sara

    The flavors in this e juice are on point. On inhale you get a jolt of caramel and vanilla, on exhale you’ll catch a hint of tobacco. It all lingers very nicely and is hard to put down! I was expecting to enjoy this flavor but I didn’t know I’d fall in love. Truly an exceptional juice and company. If you’re all about the dessert flavors, I’d highly recommend giving Overdraft a try. Broke Dick lives up to the hype, fast delivery and excellent sauce… you won’t be disappointed!

  128. Tony Dee

    Just wow!! !! !! !! Like #@$¿killer man like killer

  129. Brandon Sullivan

    I love this flavor. The caramel and vanilla work well together. I would recommend this flavor to anyone who likes caramel and vanilla.

  130. Penny Radigan

    One of my favorite Broke Dick juices. Gotta let it sit with the top off for a few days to get the full impact of flavors.

  131. Lisa

    I was very disappointed that this juice is so heavy on the caramel and completely lacking in tobacco flavor (or perhaps it’s drowned out by excessive caramel). I should have read the description more closely as it does say “hint” of tobacco. My bad.

    If you like caramel, Overdraft will make you drool! Great flavor. Unfortunately, it’s a little overpowering for me and left my house smelling like maple syrup, which I also don’t like. Personal preference. Still giving a good rating because it’s great quality.

  132. CM. CARPER

    RICH , LUSH , & SMOOTH ….. I’m surprised 5 Pawns is not buying this in bulk , rebranding it , something like (Admirals Choice limited) and charging $60.00 for 30ml. Then making you think your lucky to get it!!! Yup, it’s really good this one…….

  133. Randy

    Try it ,You love it

  134. Angie

    This is the best juice available and the best price on the net! I will only use Broke Dick products! They are truly the best ever!

  135. Melissa Allen

    Love it

  136. Charles Snyder

    Been vaping for about 8 years plus, this is my new everyday vape!

  137. Mike

    I take my RY4 game seriously and I judge my juice manufacturers based on the quality of their RY4. Everyone manufacturer in the game makes their own RY4, its too popular not to. I’ve already ordered with Broke Dick but it was time to try their version of the classic vape flavor and of course they knock it out of the park. Its a great balance of the 3 flavors. With most others I get subtle hints of tobacco and mostly caramel but with Broke Dick the flavors are all blended nicely. Will be reordering.

  138. Deez Nutz

    I started vaping RY4 when I first switched to vaping. This is the closest ive found to a very good RY4 since going sub-ohm. Great juice, Great price. Fast Shipping

  139. rolman ceccato

    Two words…….. Amazing Flavor!!!!

  140. Brian young

    Will be ordering more great all day vape

  141. Shane

    Great taste and even better price. Thanks Brokedick!

  142. Jayme Harris

    Hands down the best tobacco,caramel vape out there.Amazing flavor!!!!! If you like a strong tobacco tatse with a lot of sweetness then try this.Used to vape on Watsons pipe vanilla & this is hands down better.I always order a bottle of this & try the others.Payday is freaking amazing, prepaid is freaking amazing,the 15th is freaking amazing 🙂 looking forward to trying this new almond coconut tobacco vape.It sounds delicious.If you like coffee.Overdraft & a cup of joe go together better than peanut butter & jelly.I love this company as a whole.Shipping is amazing,packaging is great,great A+company.Matter of fact this is the best vape juice company 🙂 keep it up Richard Broke 🙂 best wishes & success to you & your buisness 🙂

  143. Eleshia

    I LOVE THIS ONE ! This is not overbearing whatsoever, a lot of people are quick to run away with hearing “tobacco” in the flavor description but this is SMOOTH yummy DELICIOUS, I recommend this one, it’s perfect – 5 stars

  144. Ryan Good

    Ryan Good

  145. Matthew

    Hits the spot when you want a break from the usual flavors.

  146. Gayle

    Oh my gosh!!!!! I’m so happy with your product! The flavor is right on. Not sickening like so “others” we shall not mention. This was my first order, and I will definitely be back for more! Thank you Dick (I always smile when I say that)

  147. Benjie

    Intense flavor… great in the morning with breakfast….

  148. James Kelly

    If you prefer tobacco or are switching to vaping, this flavor is for you. I’m not a huge tobacco fan since I quit smoking 7 months ago. This is a very good flavor. It’s smooth sweet and rich, with a heavy tobacco taste. But for me it would be a great flavor without the tobacco.

  149. Deb

    Perfect blend, just love it.

  150. Glenda McFarland

    Overdraft is the reason my husband quit smoking. It is a top shelf juice at a clearance price. I am sold….Why pay these High prices at the stores when you can order Broke Dick!

  151. Shannon Gambill

    Love this flavor!

  152. David Petty

    Very tasty.

  153. Roy Marshall

    This is my ADV and I will be back to buy alot more

  154. Ralph Kitchens

    Nice flavor

  155. Tim

    This stuff is amazing! Shipping was just as great. I’ll be buying more

  156. Joe A.

    Man this stuff is great. Smooth and a welcoming flavor to switch to when you want a break from the fruity juices. The carmel is delicious and blends will with the tobacco and vanilla flavor of course. A mix of this and PayDay would be great. Once I try this new coconut & almond bankroll flavor I think it will be tough to decide between the two.

  157. Donnie Naugle

    I’ve never tasted anything like this…
    It’s like a sweet but raw Tabaco. Strange.. But surprisingly good!!
    Great job dick

  158. Shannon

    Did not think I would be a fan of the tobacco flavor but this is good.

  159. Allen ragland

    I absolutely loved it the perfect flavor for me. Thumbs up guys. I can’t say enough good things about it. This is going to be my go to flavor from now on

  160. Justin Hunter

    I’ve stayed away from tobacco vapes since I started vaping. I quit smoking to enjoy more than just that flavor. Being broke dick juice I had to try this one though and just wow! The flavors blend incredibly well together. You get a hint of tobacco but nothing overpowering and the sweetness of the caramel makes it a unique deep flavor all it’s own. For the first time I can say payday has competition! Great job you guys! Why you are the only juice I vape and share with others. I’m always blown away! Thank you!

  161. Jerry

    My absolute favorite !!!! Always ships fast

  162. Dean Harrell

    You guys hit the flavor. When I order it again I’m going to have some vanilla to add to it ☆☆☆☆

  163. Laura

    My absolute favorite flavor that Broke Dick offers. Great job on this one. Will definitely be ordering more.

  164. Paul

    wow i was extremely impressed with this juice it has easily become my go to. Its creamy camel taste really blew me away. im not really a big fan of camel but the mix of it and a hint of vanilla and Tobacco really have made this my favorite 10/10

  165. Elmer Clark

    This is my favorite broke dick flavor damn good all day vape i order three bottles a month

  166. Billy Wilson

    I loved this juice so much but i ran out and money is tight so have been able to buy any more it is a very smooth tobacco easy on the throat i loved it so much just wish i had money to get more

  167. Aaron

    Great caramel and vanilla flavor. Sitting overnight in my take gives it that cigarette hit in the morning

  168. Ted Karling

    Started my vaping 4 years ago with this flavor and this is the best I have had. And my coils last longer with all Broke Dick juice. Keep up the great work!

  169. Brandon Tampke

    Tastes like caramel, vanilla and huffing a newly opened pack of Marlboros

    Very good. Always loved the smell of tobacco… the taste is the same

  170. Morella Foster

    This juice is ok. It has a earthy tobacco taste mixed in with caramel. I don’t really taste the vanilla. It’s not a ADV for me but it’s not that bad. The service is excellent and I recommend broke dick to anyone!

  171. Scott

    I like it, its a nice smooth taste, love vaping overdaft in the mornings with my coffee.

    Me too.
    Richard Broke

  172. Diane

    It’s very smooth and I like the taste – good for an all day vape. I’m very grateful for the price. I would like it to be available in a higher nicotine level but other than that it’s great.

  173. Chris

    Great jucie ben vapeing for a year now with this product and i cant find better quality and price any where else

  174. Robbie Robinson

    Pretty standard RY4 with a caramel finish. Was vaped on a .2ohm parallel single coil, and a .225 dual coil alien clapton build. Tasted the same on both.

  175. Morella

    I did a review of this juice before I let it steep. I didn’t like it as much but it has definitely grown on me. I like to mix it with cash advance! It’s so good and it has become a adv for me! I gotta make another purchase of this! Thanks Richard! I love your company and please keep up the good work!

  176. Benjamin Rodgers

    This is a great juice if you are looking for an RY4 tobacco! Caramel on the inhale with subtle vanilla notes sitting on a base of sweet RY4 tobacco. ADV worthy! Goes great with the morning coffee or a nice iced tea. Will be buying more!

  177. Patrick

    Nice taste Nice transaction Nice price

  178. Paul Linebaugh

    this juice is fantastic.. without any steep it’s super yummy. I was outta juice when it arrived so hadda tank up right away and it’s fantastic! I’ll be buying this one again.. thanks broke Richard

  179. Shannon

    Great Vape! Fast shipping

  180. charles

    but not consistent, is battery voltage culprit?

    Its not the juice I promise you that. Every batch is checked 3 times before it makes it into your bottle.
    Richard Broke

  181. Lynn

    Best price for juice anywhere. Great taste and quick delivery.

  182. J. Mayer

    Excellent RY-4 example and the best vape I have had yet.

  183. Gary

    Payday is always my favorite, but now Overdraft is close behind, thank you very much

  184. tyger13us

    This is a very good RY4 Double,, Just enough flavoring that it dont fade after vaping it all day……on my top 3 list

  185. Gary

    Very good flavor almost as good as Payday, I like all of the flavors I’ve tried, keep up the good work

  186. Joshua n

    Perfect reminds me of a vanilla Dutch I love it

  187. Garth

    Very good vape, it has a little better taste than payday

  188. Chris

    If you like caramel and vanilla this is the juice for you very smooth and flavorful my vape for any occasion

  189. Stephen

    Great flavor, smooth and slightly sweet. Nice work! As always best service and quality from Broke Dick

  190. Megan

    Excellent no matter the time of year! Great flavor!

  191. Brian young

    Greatest tobacco flavor I’ve ever had its light and sweet but does amazing on coils will be ordering more soon

  192. Janet hamel

    I love this juice flavor. Has become my most favorite and I NEVER run out. I made a mistake on my last order and only ordered one container. I contacted Broke and was immediately acknowledged and perfectly corrected. Could not ask for better customer service.

  193. Travis

    I can’t say much. It’s amazing juice.

  194. Sandra

    This one with the tabacco flavor is perfect for my husband that is making the switch from smoking to vaping. Great flavor.

  195. Clayton Davis

    I usually vape tobacco based Juices and I find Overdraft to be a very unique RY4 blended flavor… Great Job

  196. Corey Winters

    Reminds me of the limited edition Dulce de Leche swisher sweets but without the nasty burnt taste.

    Has a great blend of caramel and vanilla with a hint of fresh tobacco which almost tastes like a light coffee .

  197. Jacquline Dalton

    This is the only juice my husband will vape. I tried to get him others but I just have a shelf of unused juice.

  198. Angela P

    I have been buying this juice for about 3 years now and it never dissapoints. The flavour is wonderful and the prices cannot be bet! Best place to buy vaping supplies on the internet. Highly reccomend Broke Dick for all your vaping needs,

  199. Paul Carlberg

    I liked it, can be mixed with cigar flavor makes a great mix nut flavor.

  200. Carl

    Been vaping this flavor everyday since it first came out about a year ago. Got my last order about week ago and flavor was totally different. It was not the normal smooth great taste of carmel vanilla tobacco which in my opinion with this combination of flavors gave it a syrup waffle exhale which I love. This made it my favorite vape juice of all time. I hope this new flavor of overdraft was just a trial. I placed another order yesterday and just hope it’s the normal overdraft flavor I crave. I hate to not give a 5 star review for this company or juice bc all my reviews are 5 stars for these guys, great company! You can’t beat the given customer service. Same day shipping and I live in Washington state and geat my products within 3 business days. But like I said I wasn’t a huge fan of these last 240 ml of overdraft. I give 5 stars though to this company, brokedick is great!! Bring back the original overdraft flavors!

  201. Gio

    This is my First Love of your line of juices. Great taste! Its definitely an all day Vap juice. No better juice on the market. Brokedick juice is the best.

  202. Mike -Vulgar Vape Dude

    A very smooth caramel tobacco. You get a very light caramel on inhale & that light smooth tobacco flavor on the exhale. It’s a very nice balance. Not sweet, just right. 3mg seems to be spot on. I’m not getting much Vanilla if any at all. It might be mixed w/ the Carmel up front.

  203. Doyle Coody

    My go to juice for over a year now, love it

  204. Mark

    Fine vape. I may have found a new favorite.

  205. Cynthia Wade

    I can say, after purchasinng from a few local and online shops, that all of the Vape, and Hemp products I have purchased, have superb vape,flavor,last and very much worth the amazing prices that you offer us! And every order, i receive withinn2-3 days of ordering it, free shipping! I live my Overdraft, lemoncake, sgrawberry/banana flavors!! Keep on making these superior vape oils!!

  206. Bobby Gardner

    I tried this juice just because I like to save money. Not only do I save money I get a quality tobacco flavored juice. This has been my go to juice for over a year now. Try it and you won’t be disappointed.

  207. Cory williams

    Broke Dick is the way to go all out if your on a budget Broke Dick is the way to go period if you dont your fucking crazy!!

  208. Glenda McFarland

    My husband quit smoking completely because of overdraft and the cost is so much cheaper that we are cruising in December

  209. Lawrence

    I have been working my way through all the various flavors that Dick Offers and I have to say that this one has become my all time favorite, the nic content at 6 Mg is spot on for me, the flavors in this juice come through clearly with the Caramel being the clearest flavor on the inhale and vanilla on the exhale, the tobacco is very faint but just enough to round the other flavors off nicely. I do not like Tobacco flavored e juice but this one is fantastic so much so that its the main one that I order these days, if you have not yet tried it, do yourself a favor with this flavor, its totally awesome and a cheap vape! I dont buy my e-juice any where else the customer service from B/D really is second to none. their products are among the best I have tried and I have tried A LOT! you cant go wrong with 240 ML for a lousy 23 Bucks, if it were not for B / D I dont think I could still be vaping. thank you Richard for all that you do for us Broke Dicks out here

  210. Jessica

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this flavor. It is smooth and mellow, creamy yet not to sweet. I was very happy with the price and quality I will order this particular flavor again.

  211. Kent Greeno

    If you have not ordered Overdraft I highly recomend I smoked for over 30 years and when I retired from the Marine Corp 2 years ago I decided to switch to vape. I have tried just about every flavor possible from various vape shops around the country. I was about to give up on vapping and go back to my marlboro lights when I stumbled onto this site and ordered 4 flavors one being Overdraft. If your vapping to get rid of cigarettes you Must get overdraft you wont be dissapointed

  212. Terri D

    This is the best vape juice I’ve tried to date!!! And the best price out their!!!!!

  213. Savage Stephen

    My new fav….letting it steep definitely improves the flavor.

  214. Brandon Green

    Came across this site by chance and not regretting it!!! Love overdraft so much just bought 4 bottles

  215. Travis Linton

    It’s the best RY4 on the market. Yes, I think it’s much better than even Tribeca. Make the orange candy bogo please!

  216. Michael

    One of my favorite vapes!!

  217. Jesse

    I was a little hesitant with the “hint of tobacco”…. but this is a wonderful caramel vanilla flavor! It’s not too sweet and is great for an all day vape. I normally prefer butterscotch/custard flavors and tried Payday but Overdraft just hit the spot! Highly recommend!

  218. Jesse

    Awesome flavor great price. I will be buying more from these guys.

  219. Billy Wilson

    Overdraft and all the other juice is the best i love #BrokeDick juice so much thank you keep up the great job the best .

  220. Bill H

    Good stuff.

  221. Shana higgins

    Love it. Great flavor

  222. Debi Leak

    Can really taste the caramel and tobacco flavor

  223. William Wintersteen

    My favorite juice. Been vaping this for awhile now and it has been by far my favorite juice. Payday in the mornings with my coffee and Overdraft all day long. Noticed a little difference in my last batch though. Flavor was a little muted and tasted off. Broke Dick has been the most consistent vape juice co that i have used. Hoping that it was just a bad batch. Richard keep it up bro, thank you for helping me quit those cancer sticks.

  224. Leonard Alexander

    I’m new to vaping but I’ve found that at Steeping is very important to ejuice flavor. At first taste I thought overdraft was lacking in flavor, after steeping I love it!

  225. Chris W

    This juice is for those of us who didn’t use their PAYDAY correctly lol. Love the taste!

  226. robertmike

    Great tobacco and caramel flavor with a touch of vanilla

  227. Shawn Graham

    I love this juice. From the ever so slight hint of a mild sweet tobacco and vanilla(and just a hint of caramel)on the inhale. And the creamy caramel flavor on the exhale. This juice hits all the right notes in a perfect balance. Not too sweet. No harshness like some tobacco flavors have. Just an all around great tasting juice. And it produces some nice clouds too. Excellent product Broke Dick keep ’em coming. You have a new loyal customer.

  228. David

    I’ll admit I am surprised at how good this is especially at this price. I would definitely purchase again.

  229. Roy Davis

    This deal is insane. Had to steep juice for 24 hours prior to use, doesn’t come pre-steeped. Flavor of juice is amazing to say the least, I would of paid double the amount for this quality. I refuse to buy juice from ANYWHERE else, vape this good at these prices. Shipping was fast received product faster than expected.

  230. Howard Huck Jr

    Great e-juice with just a hint of tobacco. Thanks,

  231. Robert

    Mix some coconut with overdraft? That would kick ASS!!!

  232. Robbie

    Broke Dick’s Overdraft is my favorite vape juice offered by broke dick. Quality is A+ and the price is ridiculously cheap. I’m grateful to my good friend for introducing me to Broke Dick and I tell every vaper I know about them. You really can’t beat their price which is only matched by their quality.

  233. JT

    One of yalls best vape juice flavor

  234. Gloss

    Great everyday vape juice.

  235. KevinWi

    I’ve been vaping over 5 years and have tried many RY4 tobacco vape juices … and this is the best I’ve had. It’s not overdone with sweet thrown in your face, although there are notes, letting the tobacco through to satisfy. PERFECT for the new vaper coming off cigarettes! (and relics like me that still likes a tobacco)

  236. Tim Lint

    I’ve been using Broke Dick for a while. This is my #1 favorite.

  237. Ferdinand Burgos

    Still my EDC vapeJuice of all time!! Keep up the good work guys!

  238. Joe

    Smooth sweet tobacco flavor vape juice

  239. Denney Enos

    Love the flavor. Y’all the best

  240. Brian Ferguson

    This one is currently my favorite such a smooth blend of flavors. On initial hit the vanilla and caramel taste is very smooth with the tobacco taste being just right and never harsh. A perfect blend and a very satisfying experience. I recommend this to anyone wanting a juice that satisfies 24/7. I’d give it ten stars if possible.

  241. Donita Reese

    Absolutely the best flavor. Strong smooth caramel flavor with a nice shadow of vanilla and the tiniest hint of tobacco, but its there. Honestly you owe it yourself to try this.

  242. Wilmer Erbe

    Great flavor with full body that truly satisfies your Tabaco craving, this flavor is helping my wife to put down her menthol cigarettes

  243. Patrick

    Had the 6mg of Overdraft and loved it but thought it could use a touch more so I tried the 9mg on my latest purchase and it is very strong. Thinking about purchasing 3mg and mixing in a bottle. Great juice otherwise, just 6mg is the way to go.

  244. Daniel Murphy

    Perfect! The hint of tobacco is great and the overall flavor amazing. Been vaping it as adv. just placed 2nd order for dollar menu and watercup. Have already referred this site to many others. Great juice. Crazy awesome prices and light speed delivery!!

  245. Shawn Gardner

    Highly recommended! I would die if this was ever discontinued! Love this company. Only place ive bought juice for over 2 years now!

  246. Bryan

    This is my second time ordering overdraft, and it’s just as good as the first time. I mild tobacco flavor with a kick or caramel and vanilla is delicious. Will absolutely be ordering again in the future.


    Not a big tobacco fan, this juice is decent. needs to be sweetened a bit more for my taste.

  248. Charles Kirk

    Definitely want to let steep for a day or longer if possible. This is my adv. After steeping, the flavors combine wonderful. This is my new ry4. Great prices and speedy shipping. Top shelf all the way

  249. Jack

    Great vape juice!

  250. Travis Grizzle

    This juice is smooth. Caramel sweetness, hint of vanilla and a tobacco finish. I wish it had some bourbon in it but thats ok, i’ll just vape this while i’m sipping my whiskey on the rocks

  251. Leonard alexander

    This is the best juice I’ve had & I’ve had a lot! It’s my go to juice. Great price point with the BOGO offer. Keep up the great work, Richard & friends! Your shipping program is outstanding too!

  252. charles klein

    really good flavor, i find myself puffing this stuff probably more than i should. the price is unbeatable

  253. Bruce Radcliff

    Very good juice best RY4 I’ve ever vaped. I’m sure it’ll be even better after steep.

  254. Candi Leonard

    OMG!! I am so lucky….Why? because I just found the greatest juice at the bestest price. It tastes just like RY4 which is my most favorite but too expensive for me to indulge. I ran out of coils and had to use my last gunked up nasty one, filled my sub ohm with this juice and at first puff, I was in heaven. I think I am in love with Broke Dick (insert disgusting nasty thought here). I found your site by accident just looking for something of quality at a price “cringe” that I could manage. I do not think I will ever run out of juice ever again. The taste is a bountyfull deliciousnous that is pure of flavor. very distinct taste of each ingredient blended to perfection. Oh, and don’t stop sending those great emails, you are a bunch of insane crazy folks that I can relate to. Thanks for being there.

  255. Wes

    This quite possibly the best ry4 ever

  256. J

    The smell is nice, and the taste is pretty normal; yet, the tobacco finish is strong and doesn’t work as well as I thought.

  257. Mike Harlow

    Best juice period!
    Give it a try, ya won’t go back!

  258. chris

    The caramel vanilla is great. The tobacco flavor I’m not sure about. Kinda reminds me of pipe tobacco. Over all its good. Very easy on my coils.

  259. TC

    This is not a traditional RY4 but rather one that is very heavy on the caramel and vanilla and super light on the tobacco (to the point where it’s not really noticeable at all). That’s not entirely a bad thing since the caramel is done very well. It’s a little sweeter than I would prefer, but still a very nice, rich, creamy flavor. While I would prefer more ‘bacco flavor in this, it remains something I would get again.

  260. Steven Beckley

    This is one of the best tobacco Vapes I’ve ever tried

  261. Mike V

    I have tried every Broke Dick flavor (minus the limited editions) at this point, and Overdraft is definitely my favorite. The blend of caramel and vanilla is right on. The tobacco is a subtle, earthy note on the exhale that reminds me of pipe tobacco…I personally smell it more than I taste it, but it works well. I prefer this to any other tobacco flavor I have tried, most of which tend to have an overwhelming toffee or nutty flavor to me.

  262. Penny

    Very nice juice.

  263. Gavin Barnett

    Really nice balanced flavor and great in an MTL at 9mg.
    What I need now is for you to do a Pistachio RY4.

  264. Jesse Lee

    Smooth and mellow. Just the right sweet notes without being too overpowering. I use Overdraft as my every day vap juice.

  265. Penny Radigan

    Great juice. Smooth.

  266. John York

    Overall the taste is exactly as described, to me the three flavors blend to taste like maple syrup, not bad at all.

  267. Louis Mares

    Great ry4 probably the best I’ve tasted!

  268. Angela Plunkett

    I’ve tried other places but kept coming back. The juices are fantastic and customer service can’t be beat! I’ll never buy from anyone except Broke Dick.

  269. Logan

    Very nice RY4 variation.

  270. Shawn Roth

    This is the best tasting e-juice I have vaped. I love it Great Job. I from Canada it is worth the wait to get definitely will order again 10 out of 10.

  271. Cory

    I don’t write online reviews often, when I do it’s warranted. I quit cmoking cigarettes 6 weeks ago. This is my go to juice. It’s good straight but I love using it as the base to mix with some other flavors. I usually add some tropical fruit and mango. He payday as an addition is also great. I am so happy I found this juice. It’s cheap and wonderful. I can’t imagine anything replacing it. I’ve bought 3 120ml bottles so far and I’m sure I’ll buy more. If these are flavors you enjoy, you will love it.

  272. james linn

    I am going to be a customer for life!!!!!!

  273. Munir KarKar

    So far all what I have purchased from you is very good. Excellent service.

  274. Aaron Tom

    My wife was hoping the vanilla flavor stood out a bit more, as that’s what she was wanting…and it missed the mark for her. But I actually like it. To simplify the taste, I’d say it’s a “nutty” flavor, but not bitter or too sweet. Great flavor to kick back and relax with.

  275. Gary Fassel

    Very nice vanilla with tobacco overtures. Cant beat the price! I am a new customer and will be trying other flavors.

  276. GB ‘n ‘merica

    Still my fave RY4 style tobacco, I have one request that still stands….
    Add a pistachio flavor shot option, I’ve been adding my own and it makes this flavor go from awesome to outstanding!

  277. Steve

    My favorite, crazy shipping though watching it travel from Largo to Tampa then Clearwater and finally to me in Pinellas Park. USPS needs to get a grip!

  278. Lola Gray

    I love the flavor

  279. Cameron Hunt

    Great vape flavor. Love it

  280. Dean Rhodes

    Overdraft needs very little steeping to get the best taste. I’ve tried many tobacco flavored juices, and Broke Dick Overdraft has the best flavor head and shoulders above the rest. Keep up the good work Guys!

  281. Gilbert Blackwell

    As usual Broke Dick has maintained the promise of a premium juice for a low price. Best Carmel Vanilla Tobacco flavor ive found

  282. Shirley Frazier

    This is amazing , one of the best ejuice I have tried . I will definitely buy again . I especially like the Payday and the 15th also . Broke Dick does free shipping and I received my order in just 3 days after ordering . Great Company !

  283. james linn

    Super flavor and even better price. Great value.

  284. Tj Pace

    I personally love anything caramel flavored, so this juice is pretty great.

  285. c klein

    best taste, best price, fastest shipping. good job guys keep it up and i’ll keep ordering………………….mike

  286. Leonard Alexander

    Great juice, great price, super fast & free shipping. DUH!!!! Get some now!!!!!

  287. Steve C

    Great Price… Fast Shipping…

  288. Glenise S wooten

    I buy this for my 81 year old mother and she absolutely loves it. The juice is lighter and easier on her coils, the service is outstanding and very fast shipping. Thank y’all for being so great.. peace

  289. Laura Hamilton

    I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Overdraft is the best flavor and quality juice one the market. All Broke Dick flavors are great but this is the best. Broke Dick ROCKS!!!!

  290. Joshua Springer

    My father in law loves it thanks Broke Dick

  291. Joe Knecht

    This is the first time I’ve ordered it in a while but I have to say its still the best Tobacco juice I’ve ever vaped

  292. Shawn C

    Really not a half bad juice for the price! The vanilla and Carmel dominate over the tobacco..but for the price I cannot really complain. Perfect for if you are on a budget!

  293. Ethelyn Bowers

    Even though I am not big on tobacco flavors, this is one of my favorites! I have ordered several times and will continue as long as it’s available!!

  294. Kathy Scott


  295. Debra

    Overdraft has become my favorite very quickly, it is so smooth and smells wonderful. Also really appreciate the fast shipping and the price is so affordable

  296. K Poling

    First time trying BD juice and wow, the reputation is well deserved. My previous juice from another vendor was my ADV for 6 yrs and not sure what happened, but it no longer tastes good. Always preferred a tobacco flavor because it goes with everything (food, coffee, drinking). I’m not big on changing flavors, just want my standard go to. Overdraft is really good and the flavor is exactly what I was looking for. Different flavors with the caramel and vanilla on the inhale, but that smooth tobacco exhale. I’ve been vaping more than normal going from 18mg to the 9mg offered, but overall it’s a clean and flavorful vape. I have found my new go to vendor, the challenge now is which one will be my new regular juice between Overdraft and Payday.

  297. Bill

    This stuff is really good. A creamy caramel pipe tobacco., but you definitely have to let it steep. As it steeps the tobacco flavor diminishes a bit and the caramel takes over with a balanced tobacco flavor lingering in the background. For the price you can’t really beat it. Premium juice at a rock bottom price. I will be using Richard’s service for all my high vg juice purchase. Thanks Dick!

  298. M.H.

    Flavor is as advertised .. make sure to cut more of the tip off .. first time using product I squeezed the bottle to load my tank a bit came out then the whole top of the brand new 120 ml bottle busted open and went every where.. luckily I was changing a coil at the same time and doing everything over the sink.. huge mess 120ml down the sink.. I cut the tip off a little more on the other bottle and it seems fine but after seeing the first bust open like that I’m pretty skeptical when loading now.. overall it’s good though be careful loading

  299. Ronald McGill

    Have enjoyed approximately 25 120ml bottles. Great all day vape juice!

  300. Stephen Erwin

    This was an extremely rich, deep, sweet flavor. I couldn’t get enough of it. Especially out of my Falcon tank. I will have to get more after I try a few other flavors. My Sangria is still full because I preferred Overdraft.

  301. Janet L. Hamel

    It is the best of all these flavors together.

  302. Peggy Schwalbe

    Love the creamy=carmel flavor!

  303. Col

    Great communication and fast shipping. To me it’s kinda fruity tasting. I was looking for a lightly sweet good tabacco taste.

  304. Angela Plunkett

    I started smoking this since I first discovered Broke Dick. The hype is true. You won’t find a better juice at a better price! I’ve been smoking this for years and will continue to smoke it and reccomend to others!

  305. Barbara Petty

    This is a great tobacco e juice! Would def buy it again!

  306. J Sutton

    Pleasant and smooth caramel/vanilla flavor. Nice size and inexpensive!

  307. Mohamed Sabry

    It is one of the best juice That said, Overdraft is damn good! As smooth as it is silky, this e-liquid offers all the satisfaction you’d want while kicking balance flavor and greet clouds to show off your enjoyment. An absolute personal favorite from Broke Dick.

  308. Tim

    I am very happy that there is a 9 mg option. It’s wonderfully smooth compared to all the local shops that I have tried recently. I will definitely buy more of this and look forward to others with 9 mg of nicotine

  309. Elton

    This is some of the best ejuice I have ever tried! Fast shipping. This company is worth a try, you will not be disappointed! Thank you

  310. Valerie Fugh

    It’s an enjoyable flavoie.

  311. Leonard Alexander

    After trying hundreds of e juice brands & blends overdraft is my overall favorite. I think overdraft should be one of the e juice’s in the “xtra flavor” blend’s you offer.

  312. Munir Joseph

    The product is GOOOOD. Regarding the name “Broke Dick”, my bank advised me once when my account number with bank to inform you in particular about the change of my A/C number with them. Can you tell me why??????????????

  313. Leonard Alexander

    My overall favorite e juice. & I’ve tried 100’s of them!!!!!

  314. Ronald McGill

    I go through 4 120ml bottles a month! This is the best all day juice I’ve tried!

  315. David Higgins

    Great juice for the price. Quick shipping! My go to website.

  316. Tyrone Powers

    There are many good juices out there but this is my go to all around favorite. Great for mixing others that aren’t so great and absolutely perfect for the ADV.

  317. Steve C

    YEP!!! Good Stuff!!

  318. Craig

    Tastes great I am really enjoying the flavor.

  319. Dean Rhodes

    This IS the best RY4 juice bar none. I purchased 4 bottles between 2 orders so I wouldn’t run out! Thanks Broke Dick!!!

  320. Kris

    So I was a dickhead myself
    And vaped it the second I got it. I had mixed feelings. I steeped it for a couple days and it’s like a totally different juice. The cloud it puts off is amazing. The way the juice wicks is like no other. The strong Tabacco taste goes away after steeping so
    Don’t be a dickhead like me
    To broke dick and vape it right off. Lol.
    Can’t wait to try some other flavors. Broke dick your my new favorite juice company. Thanks dick

  321. william henley

    I must say the RY4 has a nice rich and flavorable body! I enjoy the subtle hints of carmel and the tobacco blend ,very nicely done,right now its my all day vape.good job on this one Dick…

  322. Edward Cramer

    Ordered overdraft juice and i am quite satisfied. Shipping was very fast this time, ordered saturday, received monday. I am only a few miles from them and my first order tokk 5 days. Back to the juice, bought it thinking the smoothness of a carmel and tobacco flavor would be good with the morning coffee and it definitely is. A smooth carmel with just a hint, and i do mean just a hint of tobacco, not a harsh bite from it like other juices i have tried. This is perfect for those that miss their smoke with their coffee/after meal one. I did let it steep until the next morning giving it a shake every now and then. Not a hardcore vape guy here, running about 45-50 watts with a tobeco 25mm supertank on a sigelei fuchai 213.

  323. Stephen M Erwin

    This is a great flavor in the line up. Tons of flavor, almost too much flavor. May not be for everybody but I love it.

  324. Angela Plunkett

    Broke Dick’s Overdraft is the only juice I will use. Ben using it for years and reccomend it to everyone. Every bottle is consistent with the taste and the huge clouds. If you’re a tobacco fan, try it. You’ll use anything else.
    Broke Dick is the only folks I deal with. The lightnIng fast shipping is A+



  326. william pillsbury

    Got it today. Makes me want to throw the Blovape Equivalent in the trash. 5 stars!

  327. William Foster

    Its pretty good and makes a great base if you want to add on to it if it doesn’t exactly suit your taste

  328. Leland Barnard

    Amazing juice, I love the flavor profile. Only thing I’d request, offer it in 12 nicotine strength.

  329. Darrell

    I really like your juices, great flavor and not harsh on my throat. I’m glad I discovered your site, it will help me quit smoking cigs by stopping the cravings.

  330. Patrick Rahilly

    Awesome and Quick. I will be back. Thanks

  331. Mike

    Perfect blend great juice

  332. Frank DeMarzo

    Incredible price. Quick shipping. Wished it had a little more tobacco flavor. Only reason I didn’t give it a 5.

  333. Walter Miller

    My second favorite of all the flavors. Great stuff right here!

  334. Carrie Wisner

    ANOTHER GREAT JUICE! RICHARD HIT ANOTHER GRAND SLAM ON THIS ONE!! And I thought I was Done with tobacco forever when I went strictly to vaping 5 yrs. Ago. NOPE!! This REALLY IS THE SMOOTHEST CARAMEL, VANILLA, slight tobacco flavor EVER!! THANK YOU !!! Try some, it will not be disappointing!!

  335. Patrick Wall

    Just received this juice on Tuesday. Great vape, nuisanced and full bodied. I have tried other tobacco flavors and this is by far the best.

  336. Diane

    I have been buying this for a long time & continue to be satisfied. Great taste & great price. Super fast shipping. Just a suggestion – could you consider making it with 12mg nicotine?

  337. Frank DeMarzo

    Love this juice. I mix it with your almond tobacco juice. What a great taste. Keep it up boys.

  338. Mohab Sabry

    is agreed product excellent tast will balance but only need double the rent of tobacco and take a little of sweetness

  339. s cameron

    repeat customer, it works

  340. Leonard Alexander

    I’ve tried hundreds of ejuice’s & overdraft is my favorite. I’m flying to Vegas at the end of June I’m only allowed to carry 100ML of ejuice, I picked overdraft as my juice for the week long trip. Enough said?

  341. Tom

    The only juice I buy….

  342. Meg

    This has become my go-to tobacco flavor. I have tried so many because I don’t do fruit flavors. I like strictly tobacco flavors. After trying this one I just keep coming back to it because it is the smoothest. Wish it had a wee bit more tobacco flavor, but all in all my favorite. Now BD needs to do is make me a coffee flavored juice and I will have found my heaven.

  343. Steve

    This has been my go to for a year…. great flavor super fast shipping.

  344. Timothy Paige

    Excellent blend of Tobacco and sweet caramel/vanilla blend. Nicely done.

  345. Terri

    Love it just wish it had a little more tobacco flavor. I don’t like fruity flavor, this is really smooth and light. I will definitely buy it again! Honestly I think it’s good!

  346. Wanda Dietrich

    Fastest shipping ever! Smooth taste. Carmel Vanilla not to sweet perfect! Great price. Thank you for making this for those on a budget this is it!

  347. Kimberly

    This juice is also above average in tasty tobacco flavor as well as all their products offered, you cant beat the quality or quantity with the prices, lets keep Broke Dick around and support their cause. Enjoyable and affordable is what it’s all abou

  348. Mike Gephart

    I didn’t much care for this one but giving it 5 stars because the vape is good, the bottle ias good, i just prefer fruity in my doosh flute

  349. Chris

    Very good aroma and taste. Smooth not harsh. Great value!

  350. Twyla Kirby

    This juice is SUPER good, especially for the price. I’m sure I’ll order more of this soon. Or as granny would say, I’ll git me somore shortly.

  351. Melissa Bryant

    Amazing flavor and not a coil killer! Will definitely be ordering from here from now on! My daughter tried it and just received her bottle and is also hooked! Can’t beat the price either!

  352. Joe

    My everyday vape

  353. Shawn

    Great smooth taste, great mix of flavor. I certainly will be doing business with BD. Excellent prices and service. Great quality liquid.

  354. Steve

    By far my favorite… Shipping is extremely fast, almost always its in my mail box the following day.

  355. Brandon Case

    I was skeptical at first, but overdraft is easily my new all day vape. One of favs in nearly 2 years of vaping.

  356. Kris Cope

    The best tobacco vape on the market

  357. Albert

    I like the slightly sweet flavor with tobacco taste. It reminds me of a good cigar. The bonus is that for some strange reason my coils seem to last longer.

  358. Diane

    Great juice. Very smooth. Amazing price & super fast shipping. 12 ml of tobacco would be nice.

  359. Nikie Robertson

    The flavor in this juice is great, it has become my everyday, all day juice.

  360. Albert

    Good stuff y’all.

  361. William Marinello

    Super fast free shipping!!! A+++

  362. Scott

    This product is awesome it tastes great and it affordable and you get more for your money before I found this product I was paying way more for way less. I tell everyone about this product and suggest it especially for people that like to vape but dont have a big wallet because no worrys about it is fast in shipping and it about the same price as a small bottle

  363. Wanda Dietrich


  364. hunterjuly

    I order a lot of e liquid from BD and I am so glad, because of the stuck on stupid political landscape, I have all these 120 ml bottles that I stocked piled from BD just in case something goes wrong. This overdraft is fantastic! My husband ordered the overdraft in 0 nicotine, so I’m vaping this right now and you can taste the vanilla , etc just as described. I’m cutting it to 0 nicotine, for me I think it’s a good idea, just in case. This overdraft is a tobacco flavor, so maybe Mr. SLO Co can dream up some genius tobacco flavors like this one. I will continue to buy from Mr Broke . So I can continue to vape my 3 mg until the rediculous threats and political scare tactics stop. I bought 2 bottles of cash advance, my favorite and I would have ordered the almond coconut flavor again , but it was gone. Dammit!!. I am past 50 and quit smoking on flavored e liquid. Nobody ever helped me with that! Not Chantix , the suicide drug, And yes people have committed suicide on CHANTIX. Patches don’t work, either. But the e cig did and now these brilliant politicians want to ban it. Fuck them , pardon my French

  365. Wanda Dietrich

    Perfect! Any fastest on shipping I would have thought it was right next door!

  366. Robert Hall Jr

    One of the best tobacco flavors I have tried to date. With great vanilla flavor with hints of caramel and subtle flavors of tobacco..

  367. Kimberly Wren

    My favorite flavor. Pricing is great as well as delivery.

  368. Michael Johnson

    It definitely meets my expectations. Im on a tight budget (A broke dick) and so i save alot of money!!

  369. Justina Lemoine

    My husband loves this one the best and I will continue to keep buying from Broke Dick

  370. Adam Bird

    Ever since I started vaping I’ve been wanting to find a good tobacco juice to go with my morning coffee. Disappointed in everything I had purchased, I stumbled across this and thought “what the hell, it’s cheap so it can’t be good but I’ll buy it anyway”. Boy was I wrong, by far the best tobacco juice I’ve tried yet. Will definitely be ordering again!

  371. Bill Pills

    Best flavor. Best price. Best service. Period. So glad i found this after many trial and errors.

  372. james linn

    Best site I have ever found and customer service here is the absolute best!!!!!!

  373. Angela DeLucia

    Excellent taste, excellent price, excellent service !!

  374. Joshua Blue

    Bought overdraft as my risk flavor, the sounds ok but might not like it choice as it were.
    It’s good. No… it’s great. No… It’s shockingly awesome. Seriously amazing tasting ejuice. I’ve been an avid Payday fan for a few years now. This Overdraft is a close second. Definitely going to be a regular in my daily rotation.

  375. Deborah Mills

    Keep up the good work!

  376. Sebastian Anderton

    I purchased this juice and it was a milestone with helping me quit my camel addiction. I had already quit and stuck to vape but every so often I would have a cig. When I ordered this I finally quit! I haven’t ordered it again only because I am trying all of the other juices. So far I’m never disappointed with this company.

  377. Edwin Davis

    You Guyz Roq Across The Board !!!
    This Flavor is Epic and Brotherman
    Yer Juice IS THEE Best Quality and The Prices are Untouchable , Thanx !!!

  378. RoadTrip Eddie

    I love overdraft.
    For me it’s one to keep stocked up on.
    There is nothing in my mind that taste better.
    Don’t be a fool. Do it right the first time and just get overdraft

  379. charles klein

    how about an empty complimentry small squeeze bottle to transfer from the pos unicorn bottle to the vaping device. like a 3ml. fastest shipping ever great job on that

  380. William Marinello

    Great product and a great price!

  381. Wanda Dietrich

    Great price! Fastest shipping

  382. Leonard Alexander

    Overdraft has always been and still is one of my favorite tobacco flavors.

  383. Edwin Davis

    Smooth and Refine

  384. Norma Madore

    Tried as soon as I received gonna let steep some more tastes good first try tobbaco flavor vape I know will be good never dissatisfied with products great company

  385. David Mayberry

    I have made my own juice for a little over 4 yrs now. Occasionally I purchase manufactured
    juice for comparison to my own. I’ve bought dozens of bottles from various so called “Premium ” manufacturers and NOT ONE has came close to having the flavor and smoothness of my own. But, Broke Dick is the first to come close. They make a VERY good product! Ry4 is one of my personal favorites I make, and BD Overdraft is their version. and it is quite good! If I bought juice regularly, it would definitely be from these guys ! If your on the fence as to purchase from them or not, and the website may look a little to good to be true DON’T BE, give them a try….you won’t be disappointed!!!

  386. Mohamed Sabry

    Excellent A rich and smooth taste of fine tobacco, aimed to please the distinguished smoker. you improve it this time and make it sophisticated

  387. Scott

    Love the flavor but i need it in 80vg 20 pg. Because of my pg allergies. I can only vape this juice in cool weather if i sweat the pg makes me itch on the back of my neck and under my arms .

  388. Leonard Alexander

    Overdraft is my personal favorite e juice,and I have over 100 verity’s.

  389. Mouse

    This is my first time ever ordering a vape juice online. I prefer sampling it in a shop before I buy because I’m very picky about my flavors, however my store quit carrying mine so for the price I figured I would give it a try. I’m glad I did! I really like it. I would prefer the tobacco flavor be a little lighter but if I am not in the mood for that much tobacco flavor I mix it with Bankroll, caramel apple pie…OMG! Amazing! Way to go BROKE DICK! This has become my go to juice supplier.


    Both are good juices and well worth the money and I will order again

  391. Albert

    Good stuff. Tobacco base with enough sweetness to make it taste like you’re smoking a high dollar cigar.

    Good stuff. Tobacco base with enough sweetness to make it taste like you’re smoking a high dollar cigar.

  392. RoadTrip Eddie

    Repeat order for more than a few years now


    Juice review I love all your flavors they are the best and specially love the price

  394. Angela DeLucia

    I luv overdraft. And love the price&the customer service is gr8

  395. Justina Lemoine

    It tastes like tobacco

  396. Angela DeLucia

    I Luv this product so much. Spent 8 yrs.2find 1 I Luv. And BrokeDick is a gr8 company. Only had1problem, and they addressed it immediately !!!

  397. Lord

    I have been running this juice on a Kayfun V5 @ 24W with a .7ohm coil. The 70/30 blend works well. Good flavor. What I really like about BD juice is that they are not coil killers. I also have the 1st in magnum flavor running on my SMOK Baby V2 @80W and the coils last for weeks.

  398. Seneca Smith

    The caramel and vanilla stand out most in this vape. Very slight hint of tobacco. All around great vape.

  399. Charles Klein

    fast shipping

  400. Angela DeLucia

    Love BrokeDick

  401. Edwin Davis

    The Only Reason I can’t Quit , Your Perfect Tobacco Mix Blend , It Roqz and Thanx Richard Brotherman , Peace-Out ☮️

  402. Audrey Bradden

    My favorite flavor. Love it and the price

  403. Wanda Dietrich


  404. Diane

    I have been using this for almost 2 years which should say something about the quality of the product. It’s the best tobacco flavor and I’ve tried many. 12 mg tobacco would be nice. Super fast shipping and great prices. Thanks Broke Dick.

  405. james linn

    great product super price and fast shipping

  406. Janet Dyar

    Love the taste although I wish it had a little more of a vanilla flavor.

  407. John Bryant

    Overdraft is one of the better tasting vape juice I’ve found anywhere. And the price doesn’t overdraft my budget. Way to go Broke Dick.

  408. Sheila Bendo

    I have really enjoyed this flavor it’s everthing they said so for every flavor I have tried has been very good a lot better than some other companies I have bought from online can’t wait to try more

  409. Kathleen Adams

    I love this flavor! Product shipped fast and was in perfect condition when it arrived. Fantastic deal!

  410. Harry J. Dennis

    Tried the product the first time by adding to my original vanilla caramel that we have been using and it added more flavor. So far so good.

  411. Tim Vaughn

    Many long-time vapers will recognize this flavor. It’s gone by make names under many brands, but not all brands are created equal. Broke Dick provides the luxury and comfort of a vaper’s favorite old-school juice, and offers it for the best value on the market at the moment. You’d be stupid to pass up getting a bottle of ‘Overdraft.’

    I buy two bottles every two weeks from Broke Dick, and while one of the flavors I get changes often, the other bottle is ALWAYS Overdraft.

  412. Harry Dennis

    I use Overdraft and like the flavor & taste. My wife uses Payday and enjoys it

  413. George

    Really good tasting juice, got it in 2 days, stupid fast shipping, let it steep!

  414. Robert Purvis

    This vape juice has great flavor. Really like it alot.

  415. Deborah v

    My absolute favorite vape! Very smooth.

  416. Diane Hines

    Love love love this juice and company! Flavor is always amazing and always fast shipment!

  417. Kristin Johnson

    Quitting smoking is hard! I vape for nicotine replacement, and I was missing something… The smell of a cigarette freshly rolled. The tobacco flavor is perfect. The 9mg is great for my crazing moments.

  418. John Loss

    I Love the fact I now can get my favorite juice to me in 2 days or less. But the flavor’s and I do mean flavor’s are PHENOMENAL! The First Thing I Taste Is The Caramelized Tobacco On The Draw. But On The Exhale I Love The Fact The Vanilla + Caramel Is Just As Prominent. But Then I Realized Today It Comes In 9mg And I Had To Get Some To Try Some. So I Bought 2 Bottles And Was Not Disappointed Thanks Rich Otherwise I’d Be The Broke Dick Who’s Pissed Off.

  419. Mark

    Really impressed! Smooth all day vape, not too sweet. Broke Dick has won me as a new customer. Thank you for the fast shipping and quality juice.

  420. RON


  421. Leonard Alexander

    I love over draft OB been vaping it for a long time, I always end up back with it. I mix mine with some xtra tobacco e juice & I like it even more! I wish you would consider making over draft in a magnum form. The more over draft flavor the better! But overall it’s still one of my favorite flavor’s. Keep up the good work!

  422. Justin Evans

    I was very hesitant to try this flavor in fear of the “tobacco” flavor but it is very mild and compliments the caramel and vanilla so nicely! I can’t put it down. No matter the strength, the flavor does not change. This is my one and only vape now! Nothing else compares imo.

  423. Bruno

    Most brands advertise a hint of tobacco and it usually tastes and smells very synthetic. Brokedick get the flavor right! Caramel comes through strong almost overpowering the vanilla, but the hint of tobacco is like old grandads pipe. One of my favs!

  424. Brandy Havers

    I had just got a brand new vape- and ordered a new juice to go with it- vape came- juice is stuck somewhere around LA- you guys shipped so fast- it got here double quick- I’m letting it steep now- but it totally smells yummy! Can’t wait to try it ! Thank you guys so much for going above and beyond for us Broke folks!

  425. Harry J. Dennis

    Great taste

  426. Donald Gonyeau

    great product/ great price/excellent service

  427. Diane Birchfield

    If you like a good tobacco flavored vape then this is for you.the combo of vanilla and caramel complements the light tobacco.tastes wonderful and smells good too.the best thing is when my package arrives at work and everyone giggles at the BrokeDick stamped on the box…..

  428. Stephen Harris

    The best flavor I’ve tried! Magnum flavor in this juice would be nice!

  429. Kerrylynne Groch

    Great juice,great delivery time

  430. Roger Goode

    Overdraft has become my favorite Tobac/RY4 because it doesn’t have more exotic flavors. This juice is a perfect balance of flavors and I like how the Tobac’ is well pronounced throughout. I’ve not been vaping a long time, but I’ve vaped a few similar flavors and LOTS of regular crappy tobacco juice because of bans. This is the juice I enjoy on the bridge of my tug with coffee and jazz.

    I enjoy Overdraft with morning espresso and it’s my 2nd ADV from BD. The only thing I would change? Make it in Magnum for the bold! PS: Richard Senior knows what he’s talking about.

  431. Angela DeLucia

    the only juice I enjoy!!

  432. John Bryant

    Overdraft is one of the best tasting vape juice’s I’ve found on the internet or in the vape shops. The price is definitely on the budget side without sacrificing quality. Thanks Broke Dick.

  433. james arnold

    Outstanding product! Superflavor!

  434. Angela DeLucia

    This is the BESTest Juice I’ve ever had, the most for your money. And god do I love the name!!

  435. John Chaney

    Great vape juice, great price, and fast shipping !
    Broke Dick is the only juice I buy now.

  436. Toenail

    First off, this was my first order from Broke Dick! I have ordered juice online before and was ALWAYS unhappy with purchases. Broke Dick Overdraft is a really good juice that is plenty tasty! I am honestly happy with this juice and the fantastic price!

    Here’s my ONLY complaint about Broke Dick and his juices… i wish they offered their flavors in a little higher nicotine levels! I normally vape using juice that is 10mg’s… This flavor is only available up to 9mg. OTHERWISE, i am very happy with my purchase!

  437. Dave

    Great price the liquid is decent. I’m going to try other nic levels and flavors

  438. Bill Morse

    Fast shipping, price is right and love the flavor. All day Vape.

  439. Robert Cole

    First time buyer nice flavor fast shipping will order again

  440. Daniel Quarterman

    This is one of the best juice they have. The flavor is great and on point. This will be my go to juice. Well worth getting.

  441. Jeff Brown

    Nice smooth taste

  442. Harry J. Dennis

    Easy order-fast shipping

  443. Angela DeLucia

    I Love this juice! Spoiled me, can’t vape any other juice! Just wish it stayed $11! Lol

  444. Scot B

    This stuff is great. It’s strong and tastes delicious. I recommend this for everyone.

  445. Angela DeLucia

    Love OverDraft! Taste Gr8@

  446. Thomas Lake

    My wife says it has a pleasant carmel flavors.
    As always fast free shipping.big bottle lasts a minute

  447. Jeffrey Scholl

    Just received my order today. Ordered on Friday and received it on Monday. One day earlier than expected. I live in las vegas nv. That’s quick. The juice is really good and half the price from the place where I used to buy it locally. I used to pay 25 dollars for 100 ml here in Nevada. Thanks for helping the broke people. Keep up the good work and service. I am recommending this company to everyone I know.

  448. Angela DeLucia

    BrokeDick had gr8 prices, awsum juice, and excellent customer service! Thanx BrokeDick!

  449. Bill Morse

    Haven’t received product yet

  450. Oleda Neuner

    I used RY4 for several years and thought it was great. The online distributor that I purchased it from went out of business so I went in search of a product that was close and affordable. I hit the jackpot when I found Broke Dick and Overdraft!! Not only is your product less than half of the price of the others that I found but the taste is much superior to even the RY4 that I had been so crazy about. Thank you Broke Dick for your low prices and such a great product.

  451. Elizabeth

    Very sweet but not overbearing caramel taste with huge vape clouds. My first time trying this. It is excellent!

  452. Shell

    Love love love it. It’s my all day, every day. Don’t be afraid because it says tobacco! It’s very subtle and is more like a deep butterscotch caramel. Every time I stray to a different flavor I regret it and circle back to overdraft. Great customer service, fast shipping, unbeatable price..

  453. Angela DeLucia

    Still Love BrokeDick!! Sending you new customer!! Keep up the gr8 work!!

  454. Scott Clague

    great flavor and vapor products buy some today

  455. John Chaney

    Overdraft is perfect for former smokers with the tobacco flavor coupled with carmel and vanilla.
    I never even want a cigarette anymore

  456. Angela DeLucia

    I love everything about brokedick!! Trump just might ruin my vaping life!!

  457. Harry J. Dennis

    Enjoy the price and taste

  458. john corsetti

    2nd time ordering that should tell you something. fast shipping

  459. Angela

    As you know I love brokedick. Gr8 service. Idk what im gonna do when I can’t get it. Very upset

  460. sherri wells

    The flavor is amazing. Love broke dick products so far.

  461. James Arnold

    Always good from Brokedick!

  462. Wanda Dietrich

    Excellent fastest shipping everywhere awesome product!!!!A++++++

  463. Harry J. Dennis

    Like the flavor

  464. keith simpson

    love this tobacco blend

  465. Dawn Torrey

    It also has a good smell and the bottles have a slim tip for filling . Great taste and great price. Thankyou broke dick

  466. Joseph Fileccia

    This is by far the best juice I have ever had in my 15 years of vaping I’ve tried many other brands but they don’t compare broke dick juice is the g.o.a.t get it while you still can

  467. Donald H Gonyeau

    great product,great price, great shipping

  468. Nick Homer

    Slow on receiving product. Due to Covid-19

  469. Dawn Torrey

    For the price a 120ml bottle the overdraft is great all around

  470. Diana Burns

    This juice never disappoints! The Staff is amazing. Been a customer for almost 2 years! Great Customer Service!

  471. Dawn Torrey

    It’s the best I’ve had over all the tobacco flavors I’ve had

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