Payday – Adult Milkshake (120ml)

Payday – Adult Milkshake (120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(534 customer reviews)

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What’s better than getting paid? Getting a little more than usual. Whether it’s a bonus or you finally mustered up the courage to ask for a raise, that extra cash goes along way when you’re a Broke Dick.

Payday takes all of that original bananas foster, bourbon butterscotch flavor and cranks it up to 11. Trust us, if you don’t prefer those kind of sweet and sticky flavors, stay far away from this one. But, if you crave that dessert on payday flavor, you need this ASAP, and with our crazy stupid fast shipping, we can make it happen.


  • Bananas Foster
  • Bourbon
  • Butterscotch
  • Twist of Orange
  • Cappuccino
  • Whipped Cream
  • Toasted Coconut 

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

534 reviews for Payday – Adult Milkshake (120ml)

  1. Todd B.

    Love, Love, Love this juice. Its complex and simple at the same time. Exhale through your nose and you get an amazing coconut finsh, exhale through your mouth and its butterscotch and banannas. I would give it 10 stars if it would let me.

  2. Matt O

    This is great for anyone who loves a dark, delicious flavor! The banana and butterscotch overtone with the slight undertone of vanilla bourbon makes for a wonderful evening vape! I love it!

  3. AJ

    Great juice. Nice hints of banana and coconut, nothing overpowe

  4. Diane Romeo

    This juice tastes amazing. When I opened it is smelles like you could get drunk off of this juice but when you vape it you taste a creamy caramel banana vape.

  5. Dancer

    It is a decent flavor but I like my juice pretty sweet. At lease it was not aweful and I wold but again because Broke Dick is pretty cheap on Juice.

  6. April Long

    This juice is Awesome… can really taste the bourbon, butterscotch, cappuccino and cream. It reminds me of a drink I had at an oyster bar when I was younger. The whole time I’m vapin ima wantin to be a drankin.

  7. mike hill

    is the best flavor i have tried since vaping. vary smooth. will buy again.

  8. Chris Osborn

    I love this flavor, I should have purchased 2 bottles. I can’t get enough of the bourbon, caramel, banana goodness,

  9. Ron Berst

    This Shit Is Delicious Period! o.m.g I was blown away by this from the first rip <3

  10. Jonathan

    Really you can’t complain about this liquid. It holds up to other stuff that ranges from 25-30 bucks for just 60ML. 22 bucks for 240ML? Count me in all day!

  11. Drew

    I’m mostly getting banana/butterscotch/cream. Great for the price.

  12. Chris Kahmar

    Word just can’t describe how delicious this juice truly is. The combo of caramel, Bourbon, banana, and so much more of this creaminess is an ADV and I do mean all day everyday! Get yourself some asap!

  13. Brandon Adkins

    As soon as you unscrew the cap on this you will catch hints of coconut and butterscotch. This vape is perfectly sweet, all of the flavors are there and blend excellent. This is now my go to juice. Out of this world!

  14. Keith Thurmond

    This juice is one of the best that I have ever tried. Smooth as hell!!!! Customer for life

  15. scott

    flavor is there with out being sweet.!

  16. Rick

    I’ve bought a lot of e juice the 2 months I quit smoking I came across broke dick and just laughed so it was my very first online purchase that was vape related be cause I like to be able to support my local stores but I now have my new juice guy best of all no STEEPING

  17. Dylan McMannis

    Just got my order and immediately had to put it in my mod of course? And this Juice is what I’ve been searching so hard for! Thank you guys for this awesome juice and these awesome prices Oh don’t forget the little card you guys sent me to i enjoyed that. Everyone right now questioning this juice go get you a bottle of whatever flavor that fits your interest from here these guys hit the head right on the nail! I do want to say order the head piece as well for the bottles to funnel the E-Juice because they don’t come with it but they are only $0.50 and they look extremely good quality.

  18. Shawn brown

    Okay I’m going to be completely honest here, I have no idea what this ejuice is in a good way. I’m not sure what I’m tasting or how it’s supposed to taste but in a good way. It’s pleasantly sweet but not to sweet. I don’t get notes of the flavors in description but that maybe because they all just came together nicely. I’m impressed with this one honestly. It’s odd and satisfying, uniquely beautiful hahah

  19. CoffeeFuel

    The name gave me low expectations and the price even more. But when I tried the juice, I was very thoroughly impressed. Check out my thoughts at


  20. gadget

    For the price I had to try it…
    What a pleasant surprise! The flavor is spot on. It’s not to sweet but just sweet enough.
    Definitely one of my new favorites!

  21. Fashji

    I, like most who encounter the company name, just didn’t know what to expect. But, I’m here to tell you that I am so in love with Payday that I am thrilled I found this wonderful company. I think that Richard has a wonderful flavor palate and is able to really go to the core of these flavor profiles and come up with an almost exact replica of the descriptions. I am so very impressed with this juice and will be a customer for a long time to come. Thank you!

  22. Scott D.

    When I first tried payday in my tank, for some reason it tasted like that hard bubble gum that came with baseball cards. I was discouraged and the bottle sat on my shelf for a week and a half. Then I decided to get out my RDA, built a quad Clapton coil setup, loaded it up with Payday, and gave it another shot. I’m glad I did. That cheap bubblegum mystery was gone, and replaced by a myriad of of flavors mixed together in which I can only describe as the bottle says, “Adult Milkshake”. It’s a unique flavor that is absolute bliss in a bottle. Good enough to use all day, and strange enough to keep you interested. Get some, and if it tastes odd, let it mature on a dark shelf for a while and try it again. It matures like a fine wine. A fine wine for broke dicks like me, and snobs alike. Easy on the wallet, but doesn’t taste like poverty.

  23. mike arthur

    an awesome and well thought out flavor i have had other bourbon custards but the other hints of flavor is what makes this one shine above the rest.

  24. Clayton R Davis

    And I took that change and bought me some payday! Good flavor out of the box can’t wait to taste this after some steeping!!! Thanx to Broke Dick for the best deals on flavors online!!!

  25. ChuckU

    Scanned the QR code on the bottle and it told me the juice had a month to steep (production date was a month ago). So I tried it straight from the mailbox. This juice will surprise you with every vape. Bananas Foster on one inhale and Orange Bourbon in the next. Toasted Coconut on one exhale and yet Whipped Cream in another. A complex juice that will probably get better with more steeping time. At this insane price point, you have to wonder if Dick is the dumbest business man or a mad genius!

  26. thomas vitale

    so i was intrigued by the name of this company and the juice. Entered in the stimulus package giveaway and won. ordered payday and got it at my doorstep hella fast,like two days fast, and i live in central cali. The juice is top notch no one flavor is ever present. one rip bourbon, caramel next rip the coffee and whip. Its truly a divine vape for the buck, full of sweetness and adulterated goodness all in one vape. now time to pour up some bourbon and pull out the chocolate and carmel and have some fun.

  27. Taisha Ray

    Received my first order of Payday yesterday and I must say I was blow away. The flavors compliment each other so well this will easily become one of my all day vapes for sure!



  29. Jagged Ice

    This is my third time ordering this near masterpiece. Think nine out of ten stars. I’ve tasted hundreds of juice flavors and this is near the top. Bourbon, caramel and a hint of orange is what I get. For sophisticated palates only. 😉

  30. Ronald Penn

    Tried prepaid first being a fruit guy. So impressed, I thought I would venture into uncharted territory for me. Wow, this one rocks as well. Complex flavors that Finnish very smooth. Nice treat to change it up a bit on occasion. Hard to flush this flavor out of coil though, so I set up an additional tank for this one. Will try more flavors religiously now. Well worth the effort. “I’ll be back!”

  31. Tyler andrew

    When I heard about broke dick juice I just knew I had to try it! Such amazing juice for so cheap it’s amazing! The payday is my favorite, it’s so on point you can taste every different flavor that is described. I would be a broke dick with no juice if broke dick wasn’t around. Thank you for your amazing juice and service! -tyler

  32. Laura Kirklin

    So I’m looking at the power bill and at the same time I’ve got some Broke Dick juice in my cart…looking at the power bill, looking at the juice…what to do?? That payday rocks so hard, I’ve gone thru a bottle already. Finally I decided I would rather sit in the dark and vape my broke dick, than sit in the light (and a/c) and be without. Vape On, you Broke Dicks!

  33. Brenda Park

    Smooth, creamy and bursting with delicious flavors! Absolutely yummy Adv!

  34. Christian N

    What can I say? I’m very glad I found this site PayDay turned out to be the BOMB! I can’t wait to try out the different juices. :star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️:star:️

  35. Rich

    A good overall vape. What I mostly tasted upon receiving it is banana and buttery popcorn. I like adding a bit of this to my DIY tobacco juice. Good stuff and great prices.

  36. Dustin Tidwell

    Dick’s juice comes really fast! I like this flavor a lot! Have only been very pleased with the speed of shipments I have received and the quality of Dick’s juice! Way to go, I love your Juice Dick!!!

  37. Joshua Henry

    This was the first juice I tried from this site. I gotta say I’m actually impressed. I usually make my own juice (DIY) but figured for $11 for 120mL, why not try this stuff? I mostly taste the coconut and bourbon flavors (very light hint of the bourbon). If you’re a fan of coconut in mixed drinks this will probably be a winner for you. Make sure you order the unicorn top though if you don’t have them already! Just $.50!

  38. Chad Cummings

    Gotta admit I didn’t really like this flavor when I first tried it for some reason. But the second time I loaded it in my tank I was in love. Lol. Love the bourbon flavor and coconut with the caramel. After steeping a little the banana started to come out too. Goes good with a few beers! Loving it. And the price point is awesome. Just bought 2 more bottles of payday! Also shipping was quick and I live in Hawaii. Thanks brok dick for updating your system to ship to Hawaii, I was the one that emailed you because I won the stimulus but couldn’t order because of the shipping. Almost gave up on you, glad I checked if you shipped to Hawaii again I would have missed out on some good juice!

  39. Milo

    This juice is very yummy, but it doesn’t taste like the description, it’s more like a Carmel Graham cracker

    You need to try to turn power up or down to bring out the other flavors. I think you will LOVE it.

    Richard Broke



  41. Lee

    My second order from Broke Dick…and Payday did NOT disappoint, full flavor, excellent but not overpowering sweetness, yet complex enough to keep tasting different things every pull. Im getting banana up front, followed by caramel? bourbon…this and Prepaid and Cash Advance are alllllll truly great, especially given the price. Fast shipping. Got the 3 mg and its not harsh nic at all, jist a really pleasant, full flavor vape. WELL WORTH the money and gets my recommendation! Cheers.

  42. Clear to write a blanck check!

    Have you ever had that feeling when you taste a new a flavor you’ve never tried before and you get the goosebumps cause it’s off the charts! That feeling when you are so happy because PAYDAY has arrive and you receive a blank check! PAYDAY is and will always be amazing! Never taste here in Costa Rica a e-liquid so good. It blends its unique flavors on an rda or rta you will enjoy this 24 hours a day, 354 days for ever! This will be your one time favorite! Are there 360ml bottles available I need to get ready and stock this for tons! In case of an emergency!

  43. Mendy

    This juice tastes very good, not exactly what the is says it is, more like a toasted coconut and some butter scotch, no whisky taste but still good.

  44. Beth

    I haven’t found anything I love as much as Payday! Freaking amazing!

  45. Jeff

    Im so glad i tried it… So out of my normal flavors i thought i take a shot in the dark..but taste incredible i am now ordering my 4th or 5th 120ml and that is saying alot. I have so many half full ejuices that just turn blah . im now a broke dick lifer

  46. Jeff Beedle

    This one is definitely my favorite, such a good combination of flavors,this will be my third order and I will definitely order more

  47. Andrew

    Took a chance on ordering this even though I was hesitant. The price is too good to believe and I had a bad experience with a banana bread juice not too long ago. It was way too overpowering to be an all day vape. But Payday is one of the best flavors I have ever tried. At first the banana was a tad too strong and the other flavors were muted, but after a little time steeping and shaking the bottle thoroughly, everything has mixed to a perfection. The main flavor I get is the butterscotch with the banana and bourbon a close second. It is the perfect blend! I vape this all day at work and haven’t got tired of it yet!

  48. Mike Cummings

    What can I say but stop wasting your hard earned money on the other shit!
    I have been hooked on this since I tried it, GREAT flavor for an unbelievable price. If you don’t buy it your a moron!

  49. Jason DePeaux

    I’ve tried this on two devices. One is an RDA on a regular regulated box at 30W, the other is a GeekVape Ammit 25 on Temp control at 475F with a flat clapton stainless coil.

    On the RDA, the dominant note is the bourbon. The flavor is overall sweet with a bit of smokiness and slight boozy burn. It’s simple, but good.

    On the TC setup, the flavor of this is dominated by the butterscotch. The whiskey comes through just barely, though nicely, as a smoky and almost cinnamon-like taste in the background. In this setup, the alcohol burn is totally gone. More complexity overall comes through this way with the banana and other fruits occasionally peeking through here and there. The cream doesn’t really land as a distinct flavor note, so much as just mellow out and blend the other tastes.

    Higher temperatures bring out the bourbon taste, and bring back a bit of the booziness.

  50. Antonio Dominick

    Very enjoying Vape

  51. Steven in Florida

    What an amazing blast of flavor, and you can’t beat the price with a hammer!!! Lol. Lovin the inhale ,the caramel,butterscotch hits you straight on, while the exhale you pick up the cappacino,nice!! Oh I’ll be back, I went through two babybeast tanks

  52. Fuggzy

    So I just got my first order of this and “The 15th” and I have to say straight out of the mail this tastes pretty damn good. I’m used to 12mg, so it’s a bit light on the throat, but if you are used to 6mg it should be right what you’re looking for. I’m eager to test it out again after some breathing and steeping, but first impressions are I’ll be buying more of this later. Thanks Richard!

  53. Joe

    Well to start I have this a 5 star due to the immense flavor this gave off first rip in my rda so I put it in my kylin and it’s still amazing so tasty and I’m so glad the nicotine was changed it’s so smooth now and very satisfying keep your dick up Richard this one is great

    Take the sexual overtone out of this and Im all in.
    Richard Broke

  54. gadget

    Very nice flavor, I’m normally not a big fan of fruit flavored juices but this one is spot on!
    The flavor is just right, not to sweet, not to tart, it just works!
    Try it, you’ll be glad you did. 🙂

    That and for the price you can’t go wrong.

  55. Amy krummich

    Absolutely love this juice! The flavors together are awesome! Especially the mocha flavor! Together with all the flavors combined makes a great flavor! Definitely ordering this again!!

  56. David Stutesman

    This juice is guaranteed to knock your socks off, if not a truck will! Keep up the great job producing quality juice!

  57. John

    This is a great all day vape strong enough to taste but not over bearing good product

  58. Cortnee

    I really love this flavor. My boyfriend likes it more than me because he likes the nicotine. Luckily I have a payday 0mg on the way.!! Will definitely be our new go to.

  59. Tessa Buttram

    Very smooth. Love the caramel notes

  60. Diane Moran

    I hit the payday when I received this ejuice! Never had bourbon before so wasn’t sure If I’d like it, I was right, I didn’t.. I freaking LOVED IT. It’s better once it’s opened and had a chance to breathe, bourbon taste softens just enough, the butterscotch comes through nicely, by the 3rd day the banana came through and everything blended together in a smooth tasty ejuice with a bit of a light smoky, spicy taste on the inhale, and on the exhale is the butterscotch, bananas and Caramel,. This is my new ADV, I will definitely be ordering more.. Today! This just sprinted to the top of my favorite e juice list.. Actually it kicked all my other “favorite” e juices asses ❤️

  61. loomeye

    This stuff is awesome. One of the best juices I’ve ever had. It’s just a perfect combination of flavors that can’t really be described. Try it and you’ll love it.

  62. C Tucker

    This flavor is good in that you get all the the notes just maybe not in the order you like them an that is my only gripe with this juice it is just not for my flavor profile the Banana fosters which I love comes together hard with the bourbon on the exhale which just doesn’t do it for me.It is like I like both flavors but together not so much.But for someone else it might be ecstasy in the bottle different strokes for different folks.The one thing Broke dicks always get right is if it says the flavor is in there you are going to taste it.Even suttle notes come through

  63. Eric Grubb

    My ADV right here. So much flavors at once it’s incredible. You all must me ninja wizards cause the premium stuff doesn’t even taste good anymore. Broke dick in my mouth from now on!!!

  64. Samuel Fontenot

    I love this flavor it’s my favorite one so for but now I’m ready to try overdraft

  65. Not A. Neckbeard

    Seriously? You did this? You care about the vaper? The little guy? I have not been supporting vendors using customer purchases for fast cars RVs and not humbled by the sheer fact that people actually like their product. Look, what you do with your money is not my business. But, when you throw it in the face of your customers who are shelling out more for a 60ml bottle than you can buy 240ml from Richard that is a problem to me. Now, on to the Payday liquid…..Afrigginmazing. Keep up the great work, and maybe one day you can trade in the Pinto and PBR for a Lexus and Budweiser. Just keep it to yourself, your customers will appreciate it.

    Ive got my eye on a sweet 88 Mustang 5.0 …. ‘MERICA.
    Richard Broke

  66. Deb

    My new favorite!

  67. Eric

    Great combo of flavors. Just got it in the mail today and been enjoying it since.

  68. Dustin Dunn

    I’ve tried a fair few numbers of juices from different companies, different blends, flavors, etc etc

    As soon as I took the first vape of that delicious, golden nectar of the Gods, I knew instantly that this is my new All Day Vape

    I haven’t touched any other juice since =P

    Fast delivery, awesome customer service and social media presence

    Love this company

    I’ve also tried Prepaid, Water Cup, the 1st, and the 15th

    Loved them all as well

    Great, flavorful, high quality juice that doesn’t wreck your coils

    Btw…I cannot wait to try Cash Advance next. Key Lime Pie? Yes please ^-^

  69. Gary

    I have to admit that my expectations were low but I LOVE this adult milkshake. I can vape this stuff all day and at 11 bucks it’s a steal.

  70. Anthony Wickline

    Very quick shipping and a great deal! Let it steep for a day or two and it gets even better.

  71. Bryce

    Payday might just be the best juice I’ve ever had. I could tell by smelling it that I was going to love it. I am very picky about e juice. Payday is the perfect mix of sweet and rich. Also, it shipped from Florida to Missouri in two days.

  72. Richard Fava

    Ok so this is like the vape I’ve been looking for since I’ve started I literally don’t even know what to say about it, it’s literally that good the rating bar is messed up I wanted to put 5 Stars but it won’t pop back up again this is a 10000 stars it’s gold it’s worth it’s weight in gold honestly I jus got it today and I love it so much I jus have to promote it an tell ppl about it jus buy it it’ll be the best dessert vape u ever buy and I’ve been vaping dutchess reserve latley but not anymore payday is the best it deserve awards it’s that good can’t say enough good things wow thanks guys u hit a grand slam

  73. Chad Cummings

    Can’t get enough of payday! Has been my adv since I first tried it a couple of months ago. Loving the new chubby bottles also!!

  74. Landon Pugmire

    Delicious blend of flavors, it’s one of my favorites.

  75. Tim

    It is rich and smooth at the same time. Nice notes of Bourbon and Vanilla. Definitely worth a try. Price is amazing.

    I was shooting for amazing e juice at an unbelievable price!

    Richard Broke

  76. James Bielefeldt

    I ordered this on the 6th, and tried it today. I normally let juice steep at least two weeks, but try a little after about a week. Very good already. I dont know if the bottle will last long enough to make 2 weeks. Very complex flavor, that, while its hard to pick out any dominate flavor, is fantastic. Well worth the price and I will be ordering this again, in more than one 120 mil bottle.

  77. Yvonne

    So far the best out of the 4 I ordered!! Definitely on my next order

  78. Kenneth Osborne

    Very nice combination of flavors. Can really taste the Coconut and butterscotch. my wife loves the scent of my vaping since I have started using this juice.
    really love it.

  79. Ryan Mcarthur

    Def a primo taste vape, I honestly don’t know how they sell it so cheap. It’s exquisite on the inhale and exhale. Broke dick has changed my life, thanks broke Dick team. #brokedickfanboy

  80. Jacob Diamond

    By far my favorite juice from the website, I was a little skeptical when I first bought juice here because the prices were so low but man I haven’t bought from another brand since. The payday juice is fantastic, strong banana at first then smooth burbon after with a hint of orange on the tail end, I’ve bought a total 480ml of this juice. I can’t get enough, 10/10 must try

  81. Mickee B

    This juice is friggin amazing, complex, satisfying and an ADV for sure. For years I vaped juice that cost $32 for 60ml(whoa!!). Even if they bring it back it will never replace Payday. And the unbelievable price and super quick delivery from B.D. make this a no brainer.
    Oh and his other flavor selections are top shelf too.

  82. Lyle Wood

    Love the nutty flavor!

  83. Dan

    This is the best ejuice that I’ve had. Loads of flavor, super cheap and shipping was very fast. This has better flavor and clouds then most premium juice I’ve had. I can’t believe I was paying 20$ for 30ml bottles. This is my new everyday vape. Thanks Richard your product surprised me on quality and price. Can’t wait to try your other flavors. Water cup was also killer. Keep it up.

  84. VapinVinny

    Very flavorful and smooth, however I did not taste any bourbon, or orange. The smell of the ejuice is mostly banana, but that flavor doesn’t really carry through for me, which is a good thing. I didn’t notice banana in the description until after ordering, or I might’ve been hesitant. I don’t taste any orange, and very little coconut. Here’s what I do taste: Cream, lots of vanilla, butterscotch, roasted caramel, a hint of coffee.

    I don’t like flavored coffee, but all we had at the house the other day was “Vanilla Creme Brulee”. I made some, and noticed a staggering similarity with PayDay e-juice.

    It’s rich enough that I won’t be going through it very fast. Not an all day vape for me, but I like a tank or two during the day.

    My setup: Kylin by Vandy Vape w/Single coil. Aspire NX75 MOD using temperature control. Tried various temps.

    The quality of the packaging, shipping speed, and juice are all on par with any of the more expensive juices I’ve tried. Thanks Broke Dick! Will be ordering more of your products.

  85. Dale

    Great juice

  86. Jonathan Yoo

    Although this one isn’t my style, it is full of flavor all the way through. In my experience, I noticed the banana and coconut flavors first and felt the bourbon as an aftertaste. Again, isn’t my favorite preference but it is a full of flavor in your face delight!

  87. Scotty mountain

    This flavor is the best thing to hit my mouth since groceries. I was iffy about trying a bourbon flavor but I was surprised that it wasn’t very strong and the Carmel, butterscotch and coconut was there for me on inhale and exhale. I will definitely be buying more along with the strawberries and cream and banana cream pie. Now just need to try water cup. I’ve tried all the flavors except water cup and haven’t been disappointed. BROKE DICK IS THE SHIT!! TRY PAYDAY TODAY!!!

  88. Greg

    This has to be hands down the best juice I’ve ordered from here, it’s so good and smooth! I was iffy on getting this one at first, but I’ll more than likely get it again.

  89. Chase

    I love this e juice with all my heart , pull the trigger on this one , you won’t be disappointed

  90. Aaron Muñoz

    Sweet, smooth, and delicious..payday has always been in my hands reach

  91. Christie Bewick

    This e juice is by far my fav! It has all the things in it that I love. coconut, cream, and Bourbon!! What could go wrong with that? NOTHING!!!

  92. Juan Sanchez

    Tastes great upon delivery but, if you let it steep; it becomes one heavenly vape!
    If you’re on the fence; just DO IT.

  93. scott

    Bananas first with hints of other stuff. Good stuff that makes you want some more. Wish there was a way to dial down the bananas and increase the bourbon tho. Maybe after a steep, if I can make it last that long, the bourbon will come through. Thanks BD for good juice that doesn’t break the bank.

  94. Joseph Ray

    I don’t normally like fruit flavors (I’m a desert guy) but this was such a surprise. Love the banana after note. I accidentally ordered 2 120 ml bottles of PayDay, best accident I’ve had. Just love the flavor.

  95. Linda

    Payday is great it has become my favorite of all.

  96. Richard Fava

    This is the best sauce yet, this is the best one in the line, in my opinion and I jus can’t get enough of this stuff I have the whole line there all good but payday is def my fav thanks Mr. Broke

  97. N.

    I ordered Payday and The 1st, Payday being the favorite of the two.

    All the advertised flavors come through except the orange; must be a minuscule amount to help round out things. The bourbon isn’t that strong so don’t let that intimidate you. This stuff is very good and definitely worth the price.

    I’d order it again for sure.

  98. Fuggz

    Hot damn this is some good e liquid. Going to be in every order!

  99. Maryann

    The price, taste and delivery is phenomenal

  100. Alina

    It’s really good, and price is Great!

  101. Ian

    This juice and a cup of coffee is the closest thing to an orgasm you’re going to get in the morning.

  102. Tiffany Waldrum

    Oh man. Got this in the mail today so
    I just put a new SSOCC coil in my beloved Kanger Topbox and filled it full of Payday and y’all weren’t lying on here when you said this stuff is awesome. It’s already my new favorite ADV. It’s not over the top sweet where it will gunk up my coil fast, but it’s still sweet and very flavorful. I’m tasting all but the orange, I suppose the orange may just be a balancer in it. I also ordered Water Cup along with it so I’ll review that when I get around to it.. But if it’s half as good as Payday, I know I won’t be disappointed, and neither will you! A+!

  103. Kimberly Brown

    The smell and taste of this stuff is beyond delicious! I’ll definitely be ordering and ordering and then ordering again. Well done!

  104. Josh Manning

    Great tasting eliquid cant wait to try the others

  105. Dave

    Delicious, Full Figured, Sensual, Exotic….that’s what I’m getting. My Dick was broke, now they call me Daddy Long stroke! All day & all night, a sheer delight.

  106. Joelene P.

    This e-juice is soooo good! I highly recommend it!

  107. Christopher Polson

    Awesome taste, good blend. A good vape to relax with after a long day.

  108. Terry Drawbaugh

    At first I wasn’t sure what to think about Payday. It reminded me of a fancy store-bought latte coffee drink. I really could not pick apart all of the flavors but they all worked together and I rate it at 5-stars.

    For me, Payday is not something I can vape all day or for hours-on-end… I’ll hit it for awhile then go to a sweeter vape like Prepaid; Prepaid is some good $hit…

    Payday with 3mg of nicotine was good but would I buy it again, not sure. I’m into sweeter fruit flavors. I bought some Water Cup and after it steeps a little longer will be trying that. I am just finishing up a bottle of The 1st with 3mg of nicotine which I will be reviewing soon.

    I vaped Payday on a Aspire Atlantis Mega with a fresh Kanthal 0.50 coil on Power mode at about 45.0 watts and a Kangertech Dripbox 160 sporting the Pulse 22 BF RDA with a Kanthal 24ga. 3.5mm 7-wrap coil at about 50 watts.

    Broke Dick gets a 5-star rating with great pricing, fast shipping and damn great flavoring for a cheap priced e-liquid. Most importantly I will be ordering from Broke Dick again.

  109. tony creaney

    just wish we had the option for a max vg for the e juice

  110. Greg

    Great e Juice! Gone through 240mls so far and just bought another 240mls! Fantastic flavor with just the perfect amount of throat hit at 6mg! I love Broke Dick!

  111. Thomas

    Tastes pleasent when you get it a few days after ordering.
    The complex layered flavors need to come out. Steeping,

    Shake them 1-2 times a day and keep in dark cool place. Great thing is it is so inexpensive you can try every week to see how it develops into an all day Vape!

  112. Heather

    This is my first time ordering from Broke Dick and I couldn’t be more satisfied!! I love the taste and the strength! It’s exactly what it is described in the reviews!! Thanks!! I will be ordering again!!

  113. Ronnie Adams

    I order a bottle a couple of days ago didn’t expect it till next week, two days later it arrived, I tried it and LOVED it, this is better then what I was using that was costing much more, the great taste and quick service I’m not going no where else, do your thang broke dick

  114. Joe Hemingway

    I believe that Payday is a wonderful e-juice. Will buy again!

  115. Alexander T Gallo

    Just wow. Everything about this company and products are outstanding. I received my first two bottles payday and cash advance. Because I’m a dessert connoisseur, I didn’t expect much, however both flavors have exceeded my expectations. Can’t wait to try the other e juice flavors. Just placed another order…

  116. Frankie

    I ordered just because there are only a couple of flavors on the whole site that I could see possibly liking (I HATE fruity). Was a little scared of the banana factor, and it IS a little strong at first, but after steeping it mellows out, and its a really yummy vape. For the price, its unbelievable. Will reorder.

  117. terry kemp

    very good but pretty strong flavor. willl buy again

  118. Bobbijo Sherman

    Lovin this e-juice, it’s like payday with every vape. Everyone asks “what are you vaping? It smells so good!” I tell them they should taste it. One of the best ejuice by far..

  119. Peter Heineman

    This stuff is pretty damn good. Especially when you consider how affordable it is. Despite that it is of a high quality that compares with the best e-liquids I’ve used. Doesn’t gunk up my coils at all. Highly recommend.

  120. Glenn

    As a newbie to vaping… what a unique e juice flavor!
    I like this one! I get the bourbon and I get the hint of coconut. Nice job!

  121. Joseph Ray

    Im going to let it steep for a while because the tobacco is overpowering everything else.

  122. John

    back at school id whip up all sorts of weird beverages for my friends cuz my dads a bartender and I kinda got the blood for it in me, this tastes better than the bourbon milkshakes I’d make! I gotta mess with my recipes now, see if I can get something as nice as this. The boozey flavor in this isn’t too intense, just like it ought to be for a mixed drink, it really accentuates the vanilla and some of the heartier flavors.

  123. Lesha

    I love this e juice I vape it everyday. It’s smooth with a great after taste. I am new at vaping and have failed many times because I never could find the right juice. This juice was the right juice thank you for having it right.

  124. Karolyn

    I really liked this e juice. Will order again and again.


    Payday is the only e juice I vape now. It’s perfect. So glad I found BD.

  126. Roy De La Fuente

    I was already gonna try this e juice. Dick just happened to have a 240ml for the price of one. How awesome, is that ? The flavor, is truly enjoyable. The butterscotch, the banana, the coconut, topped with bourbon flavor. DELICIOUS ! Will definately, purchase again.

  127. Billy Wilson

    awesome e juice

  128. Coastal Cowboy

    … the police would come over and tell them to break it up! That’s literally how many “characters” there are in this profile. It’s like a flash mob of flavor.

    When we were trying this stuff, we came to believe that there are at least two juices in one. It was like we accidentally mixed a whisky cappuccino with a tropical dessert.

    This juice is fantastic. It will get reordered, and soon, because I can’t put it down. All of my other setups are getting jealous, and two of those have Broke Dick juices in them, too.

    The only reason this doesn’t get a fifth star is because I could have gotten a BOGO deal if it were split up.

  129. John

    Good bourbon flavor.

  130. Greg Walters

    What the fuck!?

    First off… this ejuice is well outside of my normal flavor profile. I normally go for sweet fruity vapes, and was taking a “risk” by ordering this one. I took a few puffs off of this juice and I almost dumped out the whole 120ml. I thought it was the worst juice I had ever tried by a long shot. I was so disappointed that I had chosen to take a risk and get this flavor instead of one of their other flavors that I already knew I loved.

    I kept vaping on it for a few tanks worth of ejuice just to give it a chance. The whole time thinking it was going in the trash can. However… it slowly but surely made me a believer! Holy shit this e juice is good! I love it!!! It’s so unique and different from anything else that I had tried that it just tasted weird to me at first. I think it’s just an acquired if you’re not used to flavors like this.

    I think Richard just slipped me the surprise Dick! =O

  131. justin smith

    So I’ve ordered almost every flavor from broke dick and this is one of my favorites! was not a fan of water cup or prepaid but over draft, payday and the 15th are awesome!

  132. Mike Meacham

    I have tried ejuices everywhere. Some, if not most I hated. And few I liked. Got to the point I was about to quit it all until I ran across a link to Broke Dick. Of course with a name like that had to wonder, but for the prices they have thought I’d give it a try. Bought the Strawberry and Cream and the Keylime Pie to try it out. And I bought 240 ml. for only $23.00. 

    Unbelievably awesome taste. As good or better than they claimed. Thought nothing could taste a good till I bought their Payday. Its a bourbon and caramel, etc mix that is out of this world. My new favorite juice.

    Broke Dick is my only source for ejuice now. Great products, awesome delivery time. In summary Broke Dick “gets it”. He truly does !!

  133. Abbey Gingrich

    I liked this e-juice. It mixed well all the favors. I received the product very quickly and as a first time we I’m pleased.

  134. David Cox

    I can’t really describe why it is I like this one so much, but it is an ADV for me. All the flavors mesh well together

  135. Angelika

    Let me start by saying I have NO taste buds after smoking for years and years. I had to hardest time to find any e-juice I could taste without additional flavor. Payday is the first juice I can taste every single ingredient Richard says is in it even the coconut! Payday made it into my all day list from the get go. I do have about 8 tanks running just to keep my taste buds from getting used to any of them. Still vaping this juice in a sub tank but I will have to try it in RTA just have not seen a need to do so yet. Thank Richard I do love ya 😉

  136. KEVIN


  137. Luis O.

    I got to say that this is a Premium e juice without the premium price. I tried other discount ejuices but this is a great e juice… Thank you. I will be placing a another order on my payday… 😉 also want to mention Fast Delivery i got just in time as i ran out of e juice… very happy….

  138. Tom Stone

    I read the all the reviews on this juice and was like…ya know what fuck it! Man is this one hell of a flavor. First off this is my 4th flavor I have tried from Broke Dick and they still blow my mind. Payday is amazing. Buy this e juice, vape it while watching some pornhub. Thx again DICK!

  139. Pat Swart

    I was very,very skeptical about ordering online let alone from a company that was offering 240ML for $23 with free shipping, boy, am I glad I bit the bullet and did! Richard Broke, this PayDay is amazing! The best part is I ordered on 11-16-17 and it arrived to my door in Oregon on 11-20-17! Even though the thank you card inside said to best let steep a day, I just couldnt resist! I do have my freebie 120ML of Prepaid steeping right now though. Freaky fast shipping, AMAZING flavor, you sir just got a loyal customer. Cant wait to try the rest of your flavors, if they are anything like the PayDay!

  140. Brieann S

    Pretty sure i’ve tried every broke dick flavor, this is by far my favorite flavor and my favorite company. Super great flavor and still doesnt burn the coil out quickly like other sweet flavors do (from other brands). I can’t remember if I’ve left a review yet or not, but this is the only company ill buy from now

  141. Paul Johnson

    Was skeptical of this e juice with all the different flavors in it but went ahead and ordered it. I do not regret my decision at all I can NOT put it down every hit is amazeballs. Think I might have found my new favorite flavor. Would give 10 stars if I ciuld.

  142. mike hill

    this e juice is my all day juice is the best tasting e juice i have used will be buying more have been enjoying payday for almost a year

  143. Peter Heineman

    Pretty much all I’ve been using for the last couple months has been Payday and Overdraft. Pretty much covers my needs. Try either and you probably won’t regret it.

  144. Lisa T.

    I have never tried an ejuice with so many flavors going on, until now. I’m so glad I did! What an amazing blend. I can taste every ingredient. I thought the coconut might take over, but it blended perfectly with the other flavors. I am so happy I tried this. It’s not too heavy to vape all day. Thank you Richard Broke!

  145. Ricky fava

    So this is Like my forth bottle payday and like my second or third review of this awesome awesome stuff so that right there should tell you it’s good it’s not a waste of money trust me

  146. Taylor Martin

    on the first vape I was hooked!!!! Even my picky sister in law loved the flavor and that is saying something

  147. Bruce Cameron

    This e juice is really good for the price. I’m really pleased with my purchase I will definitely be buying again. Kinda wish the coconut was more subtle and the cappuccino was stronger, but its my new all day vape.

  148. PAL 702

    Payday is actually pretty badass! I love PB, Vanilla, Banana flavors but never found a e juice that had all in one. Payday has all of this and they could sell it for 27.99 and I would pay. The BOGO discount on the 120ml deal they have is a steal so get on this Dick! Also, they give you a card that advises you to steep your e juice for a day. I actually let mine steep for 5 days while just vaping my 2nd bottle the day i got it and HUGE difference. So steep your Dick because (no joke) it makes a major difference (but even the bottle i didn’t steep was good…just not AWESOME like the one I did)!!!

  149. Harvey MacFarlane

    This stuff is like crack just amazing been my ADV For months can stop vaping this concoction

  150. Prin

    I love this e juice! Smooth, all day vape. Not too over powering but just enough flavor. No bad after taste. The flavor never gets old. I will order again.

  151. Neesa Whitaker

    I love this ejuice flavor! One of my FAVS! Uniquely delicious with the subtle background of warming bourbon, yet just the right sweetness with the caramel and banana.
    I’ve turned on a few friends to this one too!

  152. Lyle Wood

    Great juice! Not to sweet, not to pungent or creamy. Just right! (And you won’t have any alcohol-breath or get tipsy, despite the description!)

  153. Ron Lanza

    Great all around e juice will by again

  154. Lorentsen

    The flavor profile just pours right out of the bottle and into my rta, absolutely wonderful vape.

    I’m left wondering how Richard comes up with these wonderful concoctions that leave me relaxing on my couch enjoying a delicious vape while watching a movie.

  155. Edward Rex

    really enjoy this flavor reminds me of a e juice that I got in the past but cost a lot more. The flaor comes out great.

  156. Sarah Perry

    Get enough of this adult milkshake its my adv now! Please never get rid of this e juice flavor.

  157. Athena Athens

    First time I’ve ordered from this site. I’ll tell you now I won’t be ordering from anywhere else again. This juice is fantastic! So hard to find good e juice at a good price! If you like bakery flavors this is on point!!!

  158. Valeina Taber

    Yummy!!!!! I do not like banana anything so I was skeptical about this one, but the banana is very subtle and I love it.

  159. Chad Reed

    Really damn good juice real smooth with awesome flavor definitely ADV

  160. G Devant

    My favorite vape in the morning. It pairs well with coffee. It has a complex flavor and each time I get different flavors and can taste something different depending on how I vape it. You really hit the bullseye with this one!

  161. Joe Way

    This e-juice favor is on point ..taste exactly what it says it is …I’m a happy guy

  162. Chad Roberts

    This is the first time ever I have done business with BROKE DICK. Truly, I just didn’t know what to expect of the juice I purchased. A few days later however, I was not only enjoying but also relishing the sweet dessert taste of this juice every time I inhaled. I couldn’t put my vape unit down. What a terrific surprise that was for me. These people are GREAT! Not only in the product they sale, but their customer service is AAA+.

  163. gena baker

    I ordered juice not knowing what to expect it arrived very fast. I ordered on Friday and it was delivered on Monday. Great tasting e-juice hands down!!!!

  164. Judgestone

    I have gotten to where only some sort of Strawberry flavored toot e juices do it for me and haven’t found any other flavors that just made go “Wait a minute – That’s some good stuff there!” until I tried Payday. Most juices that taste like this cost a mortgage payment and I just want pay that much when I can grab something in my Stawberry profile for lots less. Payday has changed my whole way of thinking on that subject. Just love this e juice and The 15th also. Honestly, I have a hard time telling the difference between the two if I had them side by side but then I think about it and the caramel, milky smoothness of the Payday comes through and has me hooked. It’s like they switched the Peanut Butter on The 15th with Caramel and maybe that’s what they were going for. Regardless BOTH are outstanding juices and I will be returning to buy gallons of them.

  165. Christopher Simons

    When I got this I opened it right up and dripped it.
    I was horrified, it was terribly bland. I felt like I was vaping saw dust.
    I left it to steep for 24 hours, dripped it again, and the flavor was there.
    It’s not my favorite flavor, but its got a nice smooth throat feel.
    This would be good for those who don’t like the BAM IN YO FACE kind of flavors.
    I’d say its 4 stars for 3 reasons.
    1. Smells great
    2. Good throat feel
    3. Fantastic deal

  166. Derek Wilson

    Hands down one of the best banana vapes on the market today.. I’m a sucker for dessert vapes and this hits home with the combo of bourbon and banana. Always love payday.. #keepit

  167. william alexander

    Great ejuice flavor at a great price! Keep up the great work!!!!!

  168. mark harrison

    Ok this is really good. Hard to describe all of the flavors going on. This could be an all day vape for sure. I’m not really tasting the butterscotch, but it might be melding with the other flavors to make a unique flavor.

  169. Dave

    I cant believe I used to literally spend hundreds on so-called “PremiumJuice” before I Found this one, did not know what to expect for about eleven bucks per 120 ml, it ships fast and is well packaged in a good quality bottle that is easy to fill from. when it arrived I could not believe the amazing flavors that came through clean and bright with just the right nic hit, this is seriously one of the best vape juices I have tried and I look forward to being a long-term customer, I’ll always have a Broke Dick Close at hand! thanks Dick.

  170. Debra

    Awesome juice full of flavor rich banana bourbon butterschotch its all here brokedick has a new regular customer

  171. Randy

    Awesome e juice for an awesome price

  172. Steven T. in Florida

    Read my above comments.

  173. Steve

    One of THE best flavors I’ve ever tried. Trust me, you want to get some of this spectacular e juice. Yum!!!

  174. Robert Oliver

    I’m amazed. My new favorite. I didn’t think it was possible to make a banana flavor that I liked and I don’t like this one. I love it!

  175. AndyK

    This ejuice is pretty good. It kind of reminds me of bananas foster. I do think the flavor could be a little stronger and that is why i gave it 4 stars instead of 5. Great ejuice for the money. I will definitely be buying it again!

  176. Penny Radigan

    This is my ejuice favorite of all. I love you the smoothness of it. I personally can’t taste the different flavors but I love it just the way it is so it doesn’t matter. Great juice. Thanks Brokedick.

  177. Jaimie

    I ordered this eliquid along with one other, this was ok at first, I let it sit for a day in my tank and then it was amazing. Awesome blend of flavors!!! Thanks Dick 🙂

  178. Austin

    I had gotten into the habit of picking up juice locally, and had forgotten how great this juice is. Ordered on Wednesday night, vaping it at lunch on Friday.

  179. Joshua Miller

    I Love this stuff great flavor and my new everyday vape.

  180. LesVapes

    Okayyy the day has arrived! Dick you did it in with this one! I AM impressed! Today I swapped things out and pulled out my Payday! Wow! Great great flavor, robust, I’m hitting that banana, that vanilla wafer taste and that creamy exhale! It’s super smooth, and goes so well with hazelnut and coffee. Thanks Dick and staff!

  181. Teairra

    I have been a customer for almost a year now and I have to say I’ve tried other “affordable” e-liquids and nothing really compares to this I’ve tried “premium e-liquid” that I’ve had to steep for 2-3 days to get the flavor I get from this straight out the package. Best juice ever. Flavor is phenomenal, price is amazing. 1 Bottle lasts me about a month or a little less.

  182. jwoodward


  183. Abbey


    Keeping it short and simple… I like it.
    Richard Broke

  184. Jacob sonier

    In par with a banana milkshake. You guys have something here with your e juice creations. Keep it up. 5stars all the way

  185. Ryan Mcarthur

    This is my 2nd bottle of payday and it’s as good as the first. I also bought the 15th with my order. Both really good e juices. Thanks to Richard and his team I’m living high on the hog now. Vaping is affordable!!

  186. James Kelly

    Very good combination of flavors. Produces great vapor

  187. Kelli Crews

    I have never actually taken the time to review an E-Liquid before. I literally have tons of high end juice all over my house, most from overrated and overpriced companies. Richard makes good juice and sells it at reasonable prices. Payday is hands down the best flavor that I have ever vaped. I haven’t touched anything else in two weeks. It is complex with just the right amount of sweetness. The mix of coconut, banana, caramel and bourbon is just spot on unbelievable. Thanks, Broke Dick!

  188. Valeina Taber

    An all day long vape. Smooth and creamy with just a hint of banana. I have several bottles.

  189. Ted

    Lots of butterscoth up front and on the first couple of days, much better after a few days steeping. Great flavor.

  190. Ah13

    At first this juice has a very over powering bourbon flavor but after vaping it for about 10-15 minutes it tones down and the other flavor comes through. I don’t really taste banana, caramel, or cappuccino I get more of a creamy, little bit of coconut, bourbon, brown sugar flavor. Great price, great taste, fantastic clouds, and it smells SO GOOD and doesn’t gunk up my coils!

  191. Robin Gauldin

    Awesome e juice

  192. Amber Hill

    All of the flavors can be tasted while some are subtle the over all effect is fun for the pallet. It’s never a boring hit

  193. Seth Jasiewicz

    Great taste

  194. Koki

    LOVING my new PAYDAY e juice! Wish it had a stronger sweet taste but still love it!

  195. steve cahill

    I just started buying from Broke Dick. I bought the dessert 5 pack. Since then I purchased four more bottles of PayDay. It’s an awesome flavor for an awesome price. I’m a fan, and I’m sure I’ll be a loyal customer. It’s nice to get a good deal.


    Not a bad juice, but to me it tastes more like a banana creampie then an adult milkshake.

  197. Brandon L

    Great juice at a great price! Smooth even taste from start to finish.

  198. Danielle

    Definitely will buy again!

  199. Rich Baumann

    Great flavor. Just as advertised. Will definitely reorder.

  200. James G

    Awesome flavor definitely will order again

  201. Michael mullans

    reminds me of a mudslide drink

  202. Some Dude


  203. Corey

    Love it and can’t stop vaping it

  204. Teresa

    I liked this one a lot. Not my favorite one but all of the ejuices are really high quality and great price. Broke Dick is now my go-to for eliquid.

  205. Paula Kay

    Great flavors! One of my very favorites! This is my go to ejuice! Love it!!

  206. Morella

    This e juice is absolutely amazing! Lightning fast shipping! Thanks

  207. Carl Link

    Really good banana milk shake, smooth vape n very tasty

  208. Karyn

    Not a bad juice. This is the first juice I’ve bought from BD, but you MUST let it steep. Otherwise, it has just a hint of a flavor. I prefer to steep my juices for at least 2 days prior to vaping. Nice flavor, nice hit, good price. Can’t complain.

  209. Ryan McClure

    Ok, I was skeptical about ordering juice from here…but I got this in today, and wow….amazing….tastes good, smooth, not hard on the throat and kinda does taste like a milkshake. Will be ordering more.

  210. Steven Romine

    Best E-Juice to date! Thinking of trying the Overdraft!! Thank you Richard Broke!!!

  211. James Kelly

    Love all the different flavors. Hits really smooth, tastes amazing. I can go through about 20 ml of this a day in my smok alien/ tfv8 baby. I can keep this flavor in my tank for days before I go tongue blind. I love it. Great job Dick

  212. Sara Wright

    My order was easy to place, juice arrived earlier than quoted and in perfect condition. Immediately filled my little T18 Endura primed it with a few unlit puffs and then….
    The sweet smell of caramel with a creamy coconut finish delicately enveloped my senses. There is zero throat kick and no gross after taste! I’m astonished that a vape can taste so good for under $30/30ml!
    You are making a serious difference in my pocket book (saving $60/month).
    Thank you for being real and understanding what integrity is.

  213. Penny Radigan

    Excellent all the way around.

  214. Donna Conner

    This is our favorite juice! Smooth, buttery and delicious. Been vaping it for days and I never want to run out!

  215. Aven Jace

    Great flavor! Will be getting more.

  216. Michael Lazarus

    At first I was really nervous about ordering 240 Mills for $23 we all have seen and tried it before I was actually very surprised the juices I got our great very well-balanced and delicious I’m a meth user and I drip 6 Nic and these juices are smooth as butter awesome job

    You have been getting F**Ked so long by the VAPE HOGS you thing that great Juice has to cost more. Its doesn’t!
    Richard Broke

  217. Michael

    love it very good stuff

  218. Travis Houck

    I can’t really describe what i taste but, this flavor is awesome. It’s so weird but, a good weird. Unique and full of flavor even right after i first opened it. Every hit is amazing and I’m glad i looked past my skepticism and bought it. Was really afraid i wouldn’t like it but, I’m glad i bought it. Also, gotta love the fast shipping. I’m from California and knowing brokedick is based out of Florida, i ordered it on Thursday and i got it today (saturday). Thanks Richard and the gang, keep doing what you are doing and that’s making delicious, affordable ejuice that doesn’t break my bank and lasts at least a month. I spend $23 a month on ejuice and it lasts every time.

  219. Travis Houck

    Every hit is amazing and I’m glad i looked past my skepticism and bought it. Was really afraid i wouldn’t like it but, I’m glad i bought it. Also, gotta love the fast shipping. I’m from California and knowing brokedick is based out of Florida, i ordered it on Thursday and i got it today (saturday). Thanks Richard and the gang, keep doing what you are doing and that’s making delicious, affordable ejuice that doesn’t break my bank and lasts at least a month. I spend $23 a month on ejuice and it lasts every time.

  220. Matt

    My batch, I only could taste the cappuccino and very little of the toasted coconut. It wasn’t bad, just not what I was expecting. I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis, but my wife does. She tasted it and was like, “yep, that’s cappuccino”. I guess I was expecting more of a caramel/sweet flavor and this was not. (I did let it steep for two days before trying)

  221. mel

    this stuff is great 3 rd bottle i’ve bought. vape it every day one of my favorites. try a bottle its good good good stuff keep up the good work

  222. Andrew

    Great Flavour

  223. Tiffany Spivey

    Really like this juice only con I see is the bourbon flavor really over powers the other flavors in the mix but over all I like this juice I can’t wait to try more flavors.

  224. Oz Fisher

    Tastes like it smells,best flavor e-juice I have ever had

  225. Taylor Martin

    this is my goto juice and I make damned sure its part of my order every time. subtle banana taste with overtones of banana and burbon followed by icecream. Closest juice to the taste of bananas foster I have ever tasted. Keep in mind that I am a retired chef with a well trained palate and taste buds. Definitely worth double the price in my opinion.

  226. Bill

    Unable to find all the flavors described

  227. Tony B.

    ive been vaping on Payday for about a week now. LOVING IT!!! I usually get sick of the same flavor every couple of days and switch it up. but this stuff just does it for me!! great job Broke Dick!

  228. Matthew searer

    Id have to say out of the three different flavors ive tried by this company this one is by far my favorite . Its smooth no harsh thraoty hit and it vapes very well out of my frieluke mesh tank.

  229. Jared Johns

    This is my fav so far out of what y’all sent me its super good an I just can get enough of it I love it if u love banama smoothies then this is for u !!

  230. Timothy Fury

    This ejuice has been spot on great flavor, been using as my all day vape!

  231. Ronald Upson

    I have 35 dollar 60 mils that dont even compare to this juice..

    VAPE HOGS are going down!
    Richard Broke

  232. Sheryl Robbins

    I’ll definitely order again!

  233. Geoff Martin

    This my new favorite all day vape. The flavor is great. I just can’t get enough of this one.

  234. Pete Bucaccio

    This is one of Richards best blends to date! Such a smooth and great taste. Love the hint of bourbon!

  235. Lake Rodgers

    First time buyer from this brand. Really surprised by the quality and quantity for the price and service. Really fast shipping and really good price for a really good juice. Definitely going to reorder from this supplier when I run out.

  236. Koki Niehaus

    This one is my favorite. I look for something REALLY caramel flavored and sweet WITHOUT tobacco flavor. So far I’ve tried OVERDRAFT and didn’t like tobacco flavor. My last order I tried LAYAWAY abs I can’t stand it. So DISAPPOINTED.!!! Wish I could return for PAYDAY.

  237. Daniel Hernandez

    All day vape, and not too sweet!

  238. Myron Drawdy

    I’m rich for one day a month. This is my indulgence. Best tasting vape I’ve ever had!

  239. Zulu469

    As always this juice is on point.

  240. pamela Johnson

    Amazing flavor no overpowering taste of one particular blend. Excellent incomparable customer service

  241. Travis

    Just one word awesome

  242. Christopher Stockwell

    Very flavorful and good clouds

  243. Ralph Kitchens

    Nice e juice flavor will order again

  244. Scott

    Cheap? CHECK. Quality? CHECK. Flavor? Check.

    This is hard to describe, other then fucking qwesome. If you love desert flavors, then you’ll love this one and if you don’t, well then, fuck you. More for me.

  245. Steven Mahabir

    fast delivery, tastes great, can’t beat this price, will buy again from this site.

  246. Paul Johnson

    I absolutely love this flavor everywhere I go I always hear people saying how delicious it smells and they wish they could drink it lol def in my top three vape flavors

  247. Jetta

    Just Amazing!

  248. Kyle Hall

    Great juice. Very interesting juice, but a good interesting. Best customer service I’ve ever seen as well

  249. Jonathon Misch

    I don’t get the milkshake that’s described on the label but damn… This is an ADV for me for sure. Just the right amount of real bananas followed by a perfect caramel. I would recommend letting this steep for a few days after you receive it as I almost tossed mine in the trash when I got it but I am very glad I let it steep.

  250. Daniel

    Now normally im not a huge fan of dessert flavored juices, but this is an exception. If youre like me, you can appreciate a smooth, rich milkshake. This juice is exactly that! With a strong banana milkshake flavor and hints of vanilla and caramel, this take the cake on my favorite juice to date, and for an almost criminal price too! Amazing work, Richard.

  251. James fowler

    What more can i say but Perfect…. Not too sweet, gives a pleasant throat hit without the harshness of other liquids. This is my favorite flavor of all

  252. Sherrie Bratcher

    I’LL NEVER BUY FROM ANY ONE ELSE! Best shipping from anywhere

  253. Sheryl Robbins

    Really good flavor!

  254. Norman Morris

    My all day juice. Just tried Lemon layer , love it! Richard makes the best tasting liquid drugs of all the makers I have tried . At 69 years old you can believe I have tried a lot . 100 % Broke Dick kind of guy!

  255. Mike

    A delicious escape that is truly worthy of being an ADV. I only wish I knew about Broke Dick sooner. Regardless, I’ve found my new home for juice. I 100% recommend this flavor to all. Thanks, Richard!

  256. Gary Herren

    One of my favorite eliquids

  257. John C

    Pretty much all that is listed you can taste. Bourbon not so much. But very smooth no harsh throat hit. I’ve been enjoying pairing it with a fruity IPA. Try this you won’t be sorry. Great vape, and great customer service. A+++

  258. Moe Isaac

    I got this wone a few days ago and been dieing to try it. I didnt steep it at first. Just got it right out of the mailbox and tried it. Wow it was gross But I didn’t give up on it. I steeped it for 2 days and tried again. NOW IT TASTE AND SMELLS GREAT. This is a really good vape juice. I recommend for anyone that like that Burgundy flavor.

  259. Chuck Charlet

    I was unsure of this juice upon receipt as the flavor seemed a little off. I removed the cap and let it breathe for a day and wow, what a difference. This is my fav of the 2 I’ve tried thus far (the other is good as well, just like this one more 😉 ). Awaiting arrival of my next order of 2 different flavors but will definitely order this flavor again and recommend it to all!

  260. Brian young

    Love it. Creamy and smooth will be my number 1 pick

  261. Crystal Hancock

    Have tried many juices, this is by far the most addictive flavor, sweet and smooth, LOVE IT, on my forth order

  262. Fox

    Great juice. Was sceptical because of the bourbon but wow!

  263. JD

    Overall smooth and delightful flavor, with a hint of banana on inhale, and can’t quite put my finger on the exhale.
    Wish they would put the vg/pg ratio on the bottle is my only complaint.

  264. Jason Vinberg

    Definitely one of my new favorites,I will be keeping some of this around!

  265. Buddie Blanca

    First Off………. I noticed the flav. Was lacking but then…….. I looked at the proc. Date and it says it was made a mon. Ago…. So I used my normal bake n shake Method. And Ever Since Then My Taste Buds Have Been Going Crazy. I Can’t Get Enough. Flavor Is Outstanding I Thought LAYAWAY WAS THE BEST BUT THAT WAS MY VERY FIRST ORDER FROM BD’S. But This Takes The Cake!!! I Wish The Had Sample Sizes For Sale Of All Flavors.

    We do have samples, they are 2 for $23 and they are 120mls.
    Richard Broke

  266. Charlie Williamson

    I will have to say its in the top 3 of all my juice! You will have to guess on spot but its a wonderful blender of caramel, cream and all the “goodness” of a world class milkshake!

  267. Fred

    It is a pretty good juice. I cant make out all the flavors. My wife says Payday goes well with her coffee. I do wish it had some sweetness. Since I had Bells Palsy last summer my taste buds have been off.

  268. Theresa Stark

    I had my personal care attendant go to a local e-juice store and all I got was this little bottle and I can’t believe how big they both of the bottles I got in the mail were, and they arrived right on time. I just love that I don’t have to use a tracking number with USPS. Thank you broke dick and I just love the flavor of payday.

  269. CloudChuckin’VapeMonkey

    No math required here, just ordered some more!

    I’ve found this juice to be nothing short of awesome! It’s great after you let it “breath” for about a day and then let it “steep” for a while, or if you’re like a giddy little kid and just can’t wait it’s good right out of the mailbox too.

    Thinking about ordering? . . . Well Stop that and just do it! What do you have to loose? Don’t fall for the Hype with so called “Premium” Juice, unless you like giving your money away! I have yet to find this Mythical “Premium” Creature, think I’ll just hang on to my Broke Dick and stop the search!

    A big Thanks to you Richard and crew! Thanks for keeping it Real!!!

  270. Rupert Webster

    Awesome flavors


    Excellent flavor

  272. Stephen Vermilyea

    Fast delivery

  273. Eric Guzman

    Best banana flavor juice I’ve had tasted just like a banana cream pie

  274. Chad

    I am highly impressed, great quality for such a low price.

  275. Nicholas Marshall

    Good flavor, tastes great.

  276. nic

    adv for sure the butterscotch banana and bourbon are the most prominent flavors that stick out to me and i cant get enough of this juice, not to sweet which i prefer and super smooth. all around good vape….. im impressed

  277. Jolene

    Absolutely love this juice. Shipped fast. Excellent taste!

  278. Lance

    Banana, cream & caramel come through.
    I can’t taste the bourbon notes @ 6nic.

  279. Danny Stolzheise

    I was worried about ordering this one, but I wanted something new. I am so glad I got this ejuice! It is AMAZING!!!! It has such interesting twist of flavors.

  280. Matthew

    What can I say, tatse exactly like the description.

  281. James Kelly

    I could keep this in my tank for days. It has soo many amazing flavors and they all hit you just right. If I had to vape only 1 juice this would be it.

  282. Sabra

    My wife and I both love this juice! It has a great flavor. The only reason I didn’t give it a 5 star rating is that it burns a little faster than a store bought juice. On the bright side of that is that its probably easier on your coils.


    Just got my order this AM and I got Payday, Dollar Menu, and Bankroll #8. The only one I’ve really been vaping so far is Payday and man, is it good. I’ve got it in my Kayfun 5 and this flavor is really pleasing. It’s not that coat your mouth type flavor, but it’s still really flavorful and lots of layers. I’m getting bourbon over vanilla ice cream with hints on banana drenched in caramel and butterscotch. It’s really well mixed. Not overdone. I’ll definitely buy again this flavor. 2 120ml’s for $23 you really can’t beat it.

  284. Michael Johnson

    Awesome juice with great flavor. I was really impressed with all the different flavors that were very pronounced.

  285. Greg Tursic

    Excellent job mixing the flavors delicious! All blend together very nicely

  286. Adrienne

    New to vaping and love this juice. Cant wait to try out other flavors from Broke Dick!

  287. Tyler morrison

    Just vape it

  288. Hugh G. Recksun

    Great flavor!

  289. Ralph Kitchens

    So far my favorite

  290. Joe A.

    MMM MMM Payday exceeded my expectations. I love the sweet caramel flavor, the butterscotch is smooth and the banana is good but not overpowering. I can vape this all day. I often pair it with PrePaid on my orders so I can mix thing up a bit. Coming back to it is always heaven.

  291. Bobby White

    Very nice flavors that come together very nice.. I can’t wait to try some of the other flavors.

  292. Crystal H.

    addictive flavor, sweet, no bad after taste, AWESOME!!!!

  293. mike hill

    payday is my favorite juice love the taste is my all day vape great taste

  294. David Danek

    This is my new favorite vape. I never thought the word premium should be so expensive. Now I know for sure that its not. Great Ejuice.

  295. Scott Jackson

    Great,need to re order

  296. Joshua Stephens

    Payday is amazing! Wonderful dessert flavor

  297. Sally Forth

    Ordered this with my first order from Broke Dick. I expected it to be wonderful, and, it is! Very smooth and mild. I will definitely be ordering this again!

  298. Cathy Stewart

    Love payday!

  299. Steven Romine

    First ADV! Love this juice! Thanks for your service! It is always pleasurable!!

  300. Jon Mabrey

    Awesome juice all day vape

  301. Igor Grubor

    Great ADV.I’m really enjoy it!

  302. Linda Demarco

    Thank you Richard,Payday one of my best favs

  303. Aaron

    Great taste. Wish it had a bit more banana flavor but great overall

  304. Susan

    I’ve been vaping for 4 years while searching high and low for good juice. I have found that place with Broke Dick. This is the ONLY place I order from. Also, the shipping is amazingly quick!

  305. Ted Karling

    Very complex and all parts work together to make my ADV

  306. Brandon Tampke

    I can’t get enough of this one. The hint of Coconut with all the other flavors hits the spot.

    Very good juice Richard. Keep them coming

  307. Matt

    Great stuff…i only vape broke dick

  308. Brian Zett

    Great taste! Can’t beat the price!

  309. Shannon Gambill

    one of my favs!

  310. Scott C Loyd

    Scott C Loyd: Greatest Vape ever, man this flavor sizzled in my sqonker 24-7.

  311. Joshua Stephens

    One word… Awesome

  312. Robbie Robinson

    Was vaped on a .2ohm parallel single coil, and a .225 dual coil alien clapton build. The parallel single coil presented with banana’s and milk on the front with a butterscotch finish. Now, on the dual alien clapton tho things changed drastically! Burbon, Irish Creme and spice undertones on exhale. This is a nice juice and im generally not big on banana but the flavor they used is clean and natural tasting. This is a win!

  313. Funky

    This is a pretty good juice. After a few weeks of steeping, flavor has gotten more complex. The coconut flavor turns me off, and I can’t really pick out out of the flavors it says it has. Definitely one of the better pairs with a morning cup of coffee, super tasty. The bourbon flavor , to me, is the most present. Personally, I’m starting to get a little sick of it after a few weeks, but that’s also in part because it’s the only flavor I have right now. All in all its a good tasting juice and I’m sure that different coil builds can help to bring out different flavors.

  314. Shon Vander

    Great e-Juice, tastes good and you can’t beat the price

  315. John Miller

    This is the best and my favorite fluid you make.

  316. Jonathan Curtis

    Receently did a review on Overdraft. While usually a big fan of tobacco flavoured juices, not the biggest fan of Overdraft. However, absolutely recommed Payday. This sits on my coils all day, without tire. Would absolutely take another bottle of this, and plan on ordering again in the near future. Rich has saved me from emptying my bank account for e-juice with this single indescrible liquid alone.

  317. Lynn

    I bought Payday a month or so ago and put it back to steep. With so many flavors to try I kind of forgot about it. Vaped it today and it is so good.

  318. Paul Linebaugh

    juice is good but I don’t taste any of the flavors described. I taste bannna.. and coconut but still, I like it g

  319. Tim

    One of my favorites! Good stuff, Dick

  320. Shannon

    Great Vape! Fast shipping

  321. nicholas wilkinson

    This liquid is delightful… The first time I tried it, I was amazed by how amazing it tasted. It’s all around an amazing flavor and easily an all day vape.

  322. Dar

    Love this juice, love the price and I love the quick delivery! My new go to vape company and I couldn’t be happier!

  323. Barb

    Very good but I would have liked just a little more caramel & ice cream.

  324. Teairra

    Payday is without a doubt the best flavor they sell it’s delicious and I don’t need to steep it too long before using it. Gives off great flavor regardless. If youre new to the sight of just wants something different definitely try this flavor

  325. Andrew

    I was not expecting a juice from a “budget line” to be so complex. I’m truly impressed with this one. I can taste every element in Payday. The caramel, banana, butterscotch, and bourbon really come through on the inhale. On the exhale I get all of these and then that hint of orange comes out. Excellent! Definitely on the reorder list.

  326. Erin Jones

    Payday is fantastic e juice! It’s great, straight out of the mail, I’m sure it’s only going to get better as it steeps. Couldn’t be happier with my first purchase! Fast shipping, great juice

  327. Jessica

    This Juice is absolutley amazing ! Creamy Banana hits you on inhale and a smooth suttle burden on exhale ! I absolutely love this juice !! I can’t wait to try more from you guys! Layaway sounds Dank

  328. Danny

    A friend put me on to Broke Dick and this juice in particular and I have not been disappointed. Always great flavor. One of my go to flavors.

  329. Mardy

    I ordered this for my son. 100% satisfaction!

  330. Adam Strahl

    Arrived early, very tasteful juice

  331. Jessica odom

    Great product I’ve order a few times, I do warn. I was filling my tank the other day in my truck and the lid popped off my new 120ml bottle and I was baptized with most of a full bottle, it blew off with fierce explosiveness went everywhere steering wheel, shifter, window seatbelts, lap all over my shirt on my face, I felt like a industrial tube of porno lube was dumped all over me, I smelt amazing, a hour of cleaning later a damp seat n a clean seat belt was the end result, no oily residue was left, it even came out of my clothes I’m only saddened I wasted so much of the juice..

  332. Ron Lanza

    Best Juice ever !! Try this stuff and you will agree !!!

  333. Paul Mory

    I just tried my payday on 3mg… ITS FREAKING AWESOME!!! You should start selling it in Costa Rica!!!

  334. tyger13us

    I get the banana and caramel,, Not in your face strong,, its lite and flavorful.

  335. Cheryl Dees

    I like this one….wont Vape any other juice

  336. Jeffrey Wilkinson

    An interesting balance. I get a different flavor from the juice every build/hit.

  337. BluE

    There’s simply no explaining how great Payday is. Every flavor pops in this complex and masterfully blended ejuice. Another 5 star ejuice by Broke Dicks.

  338. Gary

    Very good flavor, actually my favorite ejuice out of all the flavors I’ve ever vaped, thank you

  339. Dustin

    Was a nice smooth taste to similar to layaway for me though overall great juice still

  340. Tracy Pringle

    awesome vape

  341. Stephen

    Wow. I tried 2 bottles, payday and overdraft, and am amazed at the quality for the price! I’ve been using a couple of cheap juice companies, and it took an order from Dick to realize how harsh the juice from other companies can be. I used to mix myself, and realize cheap nicotine bases can be harsh. Dick’s is some of the smoothest vapes I have experienced. This is my first order and we’ll see how the second goes, but so far, I am very impressed!

  342. Ronald Herman

    Over the past few weeks I’ve tried several flavors from Broke Dick. Like a lot of people I’ve wasted money trying juices from different online companies and local vape shops. Most, in my experience, either taste terrible or taste good for a few tank fulls and then I can’t stand them anymore. Broke Dick is by far the best e juice I’ve had and they will now be my go to company.

    Payday- this flavor took me a few days to get used to. At first I wasn’t sure about it. Now I am enjoying and am able to taste the various flavors in the profile.

    Cash Advance- is my favorite from this line. A very clean flavor and is easily an all day vape that tastes exactly as advertised.
    Water cup- not a flavor that is usually in my flavor profile. However, it is very good. Tastes exactly like fruit punch. I’m able to pick up most of the flavors listed. Not perfumey like a lot of fruit flavors are.
    Layaway and the 1st- I didn’t like them. Not because they are bad juices, but because they are not flavors I usually like but I wanted to give all the flavors a shot. That being said, if you are a fan of strawberry and cereal vapes I recommend you try these.
    Bank roll #9- just like vaping a glass of pink lemonade with raspberries floating in it.
    The last flavor I want to try on my next order is Dollar Menu. If it’s as good as cash advance then it’ll be a standard flavor when I order.
    Lastly, none of the flavors are overly sweet. The biggest plus for me, none of them destroyed my coils. My coils are lasting longer with Broke Dick than any other company I have tried.
    I have never reviewed a juice before, good or bad, mainly because I couldn’t be bothered. This juice is just that good. If you’re on the fence, pick two flavors on the BOGO deal and give them a try, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you Richard for putting out a quality product and saving us all a lot of wasted money.


    My favorite flavor

  344. Benjamin Rodgers

    What can I say, I was on the fence at first but after a few tanks of this stuff, I absolutely love it! Pro tip: Try mixing it with Overdraft if you’re into that sort of thing.

  345. Robert Pavlovsky

    Fast shipping and crazy good juice

  346. mike g

    will re-oder

  347. Jason D

    Love this juice as well as The 15th. A bit boozey with a hint of caramel and banana blended up in a shake.

  348. Josh

    An awesome juice I did not expect this flavor to be simple and yet complex flavor. A very satisfying vape and produces great clouds. I will be buying this one again and keeping it in my rotation on must buy juice.

  349. Thomas Lake

    Ships free and fast delivery right in your mailbox
    My wife likes it.

  350. Thomas Lake

    Ships free and fast delivery right in your mailbox
    My wife likes it.
    Ever think about a tobacco flavor
    Cherry or vanilla tobacco maybe both

  351. Sandra

    Awesome flavor. I can taste all the flavor notes in this juice.


    Only vaped 10 m out of 120, and I have already reordered. Great vape.

  353. clayton blachly

    I vape this and the banana cream (the 15th) back and forth ADV material if yiu like bananas.

  354. william tucker

    All of the Broke Dick flavors that I have tried (now being 3) have all been very good. It seems that they all need to steep. If that is all I have to do to save so much money and still have great juices I am in! Thanks guys!

  355. Lee

    By far the best flavor. Even when my atomizer starts tasting bad I can put some Payday in it and get more time and good flavor. I have adjusted to 6mg but was originally wanting it in the 9mg which is not avaible.

  356. Chad Roberts

    I have been enjoying this juice ever since I found BROKE DICK on line which has been for quite some time now and I keep returning for my purchases never tiring of the delicious dessert flavor. Thumbs up!!!

  357. JM

    This has been a very odd vape. And that’s not a bad thing. I was a bit skeptical at first, I over looked it had orange in it. I didn’t think the orange would go well with the rest of the flavors. But I don’t even taste it. Anyways, it never tastes like the same thing. One moment, I will taste the butterscotch. The next, I’ll taste the cappuccino. Next, more of a banana / cream flavor. And so on. It’s complex, that’s for sure.

  358. Michael Baulis

    I was turned on to brokedick by a friend and amazed at the quality and flavor of his vape. Brokedick has a quality product, amazing pricing and lighting delivery. Thanks guys!

  359. Aaron Ojeda


  360. Abbey

    Love the juice. But would love it more with a bit more flavor. Yes I’m a flavor hog. But really love the juice and buy it all the time. Its very smooth.

  361. Mo S.

    At first I was a little hesitant about how all those different flavors would mix but not am I happy I decided to give it a chance. It’s absolutely delicious and I can definitely see why it’s the most reordered juice. I will definitely be getting more when I start running low

  362. Susie

    This juice is unbelievably amazing. The description doesn’t lie when it says it’s an all day vape. Already repurchased, and plan to continue to repurchase.

  363. Justin L Siefert

    This juice has quickly become my All Day Vape. I am absolutely in love with the balance of flavors. Its just an all around delicious milkshake vape that hard to describe.

  364. Paige

    So I thought I had found my favorite flavor….then I tried Payday. OMG, ya’ll. Incredible!

  365. Sam

    I ordered this juice after being so impressed with one of the Bankroll editions. I’m amazed at how true the vape tastes to its description. It’s toasty with subtle flavors of banana. It’s very good but not my favorite. What I love about BD is that I can afford to try different flavors. I don’t know who said it but, Life is a buffet and most suckers are starving to death. With, I’m not starving any more.

  366. A L Faircloth II

    Following dicks instructions I let it steep for a day and it is awesome

  367. Julie

    I would order this again!

  368. Norman Morris

    Lovvvve it!

  369. David

    Complex yet I can Identify the different flavours! One of two go to flavours! Dont get rid of this one ever!

  370. David S.

    This juice reminded my wife and I of the candy circus peanuts that old people used to give you as a child~ I had all but forgotten about those orange little bastards until I tried this juice~ What a nice memory this flavor evokes~ I know it’s not supposed to taste like circus peanuts, but it does, and I like it~ Will be reordering this juice for sure!~

  371. Zach

    This juice is amazing. You can taste every little flavor in the description. I highly recommend picking it up its a unique one of kind juice. That’s broke dick for being original and having high quality juice for a cheap price.

  372. Savage Stephen

    Third time reordering for me I can use these all day…only got better when I opened it and clipped the tip and let it set for a day.

  373. Adam Burke

    My favorite vape by far!!!

  374. Everett Massotti

    Absolutely love this ejuice. Will be ordering from now on .

  375. Sarkis Aleksanian

    Excellent juice. The flavor is there on every hit I take. Unlike other juices that fade away. This one tastes great whether you take a long hit or a short one. Currently my go-to juice.

  376. Osvaldo Villafane

    Amazing taste
    Sweet and. Buttery it is a. Piece of sweet heaven. Thanks

  377. Sk

    A favorite I always come back to!

  378. Lisa Davis

    Really good flavor love the big bottles and the price

  379. Kim

    Love it!!!

  380. cheryl marques

    Unbelievably Awesome Vape! I could carry on and on but I won’t….. 5 stars is definitely not enough for this product. I’m in love with the flavor and honestly can’t see myself buying anything else & if I do it will definitely be with this company.

  381. Thomas Elsharawy

    Awsome vape and u cant beat the price

  382. AngryGnome

    Love the caramel and banana flavor, it’s a great evening Vape after a long day at work.

  383. Patrick H

    This is my all-time favorite juice. Not just my favorite from Broke Dick’s lineup; my favorite of all time. Wow. Just… WOW.

  384. paul wasielewski

    By far one of the best ejuices i have ever tasted. 10 out of 10 for flavor! This is my 3rd bottle ordered and plan on getting more.. I never get tired of the taste. Shared some with family and friends and they loved it too. Thanks, keep up the good work and excellent price

  385. William Denny

    Great taste and value, this is my daily go to!

  386. Rachel Anderson

    Love Broke Dicks…love their juice …they all taste exactly as described…..I really love the emails keep them coming….

  387. Peter Kugler

    Amazing . I can taste all of flavors in this juice.the ice cream, bourbon,banana and butterscotch mix well together on the inhale and then it hits you with that smoothe hint of coconut on the exhale.great ADV ,and can not say enough about this company ,you can not beat these prices with this quality of juice’s A no brainer this is a 5

  388. Nathan Livingston

    Great tasting unique juice, never had anything like it.

  389. Bill H

    It’s good.

  390. Brian Ferguson

    While most other juice products claim to be palatable and end up being discarded Payday hits you with a refreshing flavor worthy of smiling all the way to the bank. With it’s mix of flavors and it is very flavorful you can go all day and wake up at 3 AM and want another taste. Everyday is Payday!

  391. Philip Hulsey

    You guys are effing awesome I love you

  392. William Wintersteen

    Love this shit. Wake up in the morning feening for my nicotine. Grab a cup of coffee, throw this is my vape. Loving every minute of it. Richard don’t know what I’d do without you man. Good quality, consistency, and taste.

  393. Terri Cons

    1st time ordering from BD was looking for a new spot to order from and looks like I found it! Service is both affordable and FAST. The juice is pretty damn good. Not to sweet, NO nasty taste in your mouth. This juice is real good.

  394. Leonard Alexander

    At first taste I thought payday was lacking in flavor but after steeping I love it!!!!!! I’ve found out steeping is a must do for all my ejuice’S.

  395. David Spears

    This is the second time I’ve bought this juice, and I have it with me at all times~ I’ve been vaping it out of the Freemax Mesh Pro tank with double mesh coils, and it blows my freakin’ face off!~ I highly recommend this juice, and that tank~ (Although I’d prefer the triple mesh coils probably.. I’ve never had them)~

    I can’t describe the flavor of this juice, other than to tell you that it’s amazing, and you’ll buy more of it~ I Gare-awn-TEE!~ Dilly Dilly to you, Sir Broke!~

  396. Chris W

    It’s exactly like a payday! It’s all good till it’s gone!

  397. Dana Jeffcoat

    Excellent and fast love this vape juice


    Great taste vape, price and fast shipping!!!

  399. Judith Clarke

    Tastes like a blended caramel/coffee drink spiked with just the right amount of bourbon, topped with whipped cream. Light coconut flavor after the exhale. Better than Starfucks, knowmsayin?

  400. Kenny

    Great taste and fast shipping

  401. jimmay

    this vape juice is absolutely fantastic. its different outta every mod and rda/tank. amazing. will stay buying this stuff

  402. David

    Great juice! And not just for the price. Wife uses and loves it!

  403. Michael Hawk

    Great flavor, took me a little bit to get a good taste for it. Definitely a new favorite for me!

  404. Rick

    Second time ordering this. Sweet but not too sweet. My go to flavor

  405. Ben

    I honestly cannot believe how AMAZING Payday tastes. Literally, the first inhale and exhale made me say “WHOA!” out loud and immediately go back for another puff, because I had to make sure my taste buds hadn’t deceived me. I could have sworn I was downing an absolutely delicious milkshake, and it’s rare that I genuinely feel a particular liquid lives up to it’s flavor billing 100%. Well folks, Payday did that. Amazing was one of the first spoken words out of my mouth about this juice. If you like dessert flavors, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH PAYDAY!

  406. Frank Bartela

    Outstanding flavor I can’t keep my hands off it (like a women with big well you know). I have smoked half the 120 ml bottle and will be ordering again. Great price, great service and great team to work with, also, fast shipping. Have a great weekend.

  407. Theresa Stark

    this is an extremely complex juice. I really enjoy the caramel, banana and all the other wonderful things that are put into this juice. Hell yeah I’ll give broke-dick a 5 each and every time.!!! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again one of the best E Juices that I’ve ever tried just want to give a big thank you to broke-dick you guys rock!!!!

  408. Howard Huck Jr

    Great shit here! Flavors are blended nice and come through spot on!

  409. Bruce Cameron

    This vape juice is my favorite from broke dick. with notes of blended bourbon, combined with satisfyingly smooth hints of coconut, caramel, butterscotch, and just a kiss of cappuccino. pairs perfectly with my morning cup of coffee.

  410. Austen Bishop

    Using a 2 week old coil that had strawberry lemonade in it. I can still pick out all the flavors mentioned in the vape juice. Bananas come through and so does the bourbon and coconut on the inhale on the exhale I get the cappuccino flavor. Amazing!!

  411. Anthony Walsh

    One of the best dessert’s that i have ever had will differently be buying this one again

  412. Robbie

    Broke dick’s payday is not only a high quality vape juice but the price is incredible. I personally only buy my vape juice through broke dick and I highly recommend their products to everyone I happen to talk to about vaping. I should also mention that I am an advocate of quality over quantity so I’m extremely pleased that I receive BOTH when I purchase through Broke Dick! I love your product!

  413. Patty Marcote

    Tired of getting raped by the vape shops! BOGO plus free shipping. Can’t beat the price along with the quality. Broke Dick has a customer for life! I will tell everyone. GREAT JOB!!!!

  414. Edward Goldsborough

    Not bad vape juice and very fast shipping

  415. Charles Smith

    I must say, love this vape juice! I love the banana that comes through with a hint of peanut butter and bourbon. There is no wonder why this is called the “Adult Milkshake” Will definitely purchase Payday again!

  416. Darren White

    I love everything I have ordered here and payday is no exception great taste and great aroma and great price

  417. Darryl D.

    The best tasting vape juice ever. Okay, more than one word, but this juice is more than your ordinary vape juice.

  418. Travis Grizzle

    I really wanted to like this juice, and i have been trying it every other day since i got it two weeks ago, but for right now, I’ll just stuff it away in the corner untill i finish my other three broke dick juices and try it again in about two weeks before i make my next order of four juices. I let my coworker try this juice when it was in my tank and he came straight back to his desk and ordered it and a bottle of Layaway because he said it was one of the best flavors for the price he has tried in years. We’ll see how it goes in two weeks or so when i try it again.

  419. Amber Binderup

    Got the BOGO deal for PAYDAY and it came with free shipping. My package came a day early which is always great. I love Broke Dick vape juices they are flavorful and HUGE so you save save save !!! Second time ordering and I’ll be back !!

  420. Thomas Lake

    My wife loves it.
    It ships fast too

  421. Steve

    I don’t mind doing reviews on products I buy. I know, as a buyer, I’m gonna take time to read other people’s reviews. The vape juices are great and the price is right. 240mls for $23, just make sure you add your free one to the cart. Shipping is fast and free. Can’t go wrong.

  422. Zimmy

    I was in a hurry and clicked on the wrong one. Boy I wish all my screw up were this good . The nest time I order Payday it wilol not be a mistake. This has become my favorite allday vape. Also got Overdraft, Dollar Menu,and Layaway, all great juices.

  423. Rob Z

    LOVE THIS STUFF! Great Flavor, Very Smooth, Amazing prize, and quick delivery to Canada. What else could one ask for lol

    Honestly better than any banana flavor premium juice i have ever had and at 1/4 the price! I will definitely order again!

  424. Demetrios soteropoulos

    Best vape juice on the planet, at a great price, we will continue to buy it for as long as we are vaping, it’s the best flavors ever

  425. Joe

    Tons of different flavors no draw tastes the same but are all good

  426. Brandon Bates

    This stuff is amazing, every drag is better than the last. Hard to stop vaping this stuff

  427. Norm Fennych

    Listen man, this juice is fantastic , although I was a bit skeptical at first and apprehensive of the old adage you get what you pay for, Richard and crew has broken that old stereotype with his juices….if you haven’t tried this juice yet, go for it….LET IT STEEP for a best flavor experience ….worth every penny.


    This juice is amazing! I’m so picky with my juice, and this one met all of my expectations!

  429. Tyrone Powers

    I’ve been a broke dick for so long i was happier n shit when I found this site.

  430. Norm F

    I had been looking for a good banana milkshake juice for a while, this is it !! It has turned into my All Day Vape for the last 2 weeks and never disappointed in it, the creamy flavor of the milk mixed with the banana flavor is unreal….I steeped this for 3 days before I hit it and it did not dissatisfy me 1 bit. If youre reading this and skeptical about this juice, take the plunge, you’ll love it and it will be one your go to e juices , good job fellas , excellent.!

  431. john BAILEY

    Had this from a friend, ordered right away. I’m not big on fruit flavors, need a rich, smooth darker type flavor. This is it!

  432. Ben Paugh

    Brokedick is awesome!! Payday is the best of all the flavors.. perfect for all day vaping.. goes great with coffee!!


    My favorite, perfect all day vape!

  434. Kevin

    Great flavor for an even better price!!

  435. Garth

    Quite mild but the flavor is there and I like it.

  436. Rebekah Rosenblatt

    I want to say these guys are awesome, my order got here in 2 days and they went through the trouble to contact me to make sure my address was correct. Definitely going to order from them again with these 2 for 1 deals, keep it up guys! But the taste is great, it was the first one I tried. It’s creamy with banana and caramel notes evident. I don’t really get much of the cappuccino, or orange twist in here but there is some small taste of coconut. Overall enjoyable, using a mod drip tank, the clouds are also quite nice. It also smells great, even my cats like it lol.

  437. Sheila C

    I’ve spent hundreds on juice over the years. Broke Dick’s the best.

    I really enjoy this flavor. Mostly caramel, but with the salt not too sweet. I highly recommend!

    Great ADV, just give it a try

  438. W. PRATT

    Always a great vape juice no matter how many times I’ve ordered it. I hope this formula remains the same.

  439. Theresa Stark

    I just love love Broke Dick and payday is my favorite E-juice extremely flavorful and balanced I just love anything banana flavor and with the Carmel and merang on top just to good to put down. Thank you Broke Dick and you make vaping possible for so many of us.You rock.

  440. Robin Farrar

    Like having an adult beverage without the alcohol. Very interesting and yummy!

  441. Casey

    I love all their flavors and they don’t eat coils like others we have tried!

  442. Steven

    Been vaping this one for quite some time, it’s a great vape for a great price. It’s my regular reorder. You can’t go wrong with this one !!!! Great job, Richard!!!

  443. Jeff Rummelsburg

    loved the flavor

  444. louis kokenis

    best desert flavor

  445. Amanda Coate

    This is my husband’s favorite flavor of juice he loves it!

  446. Lou

    A wonderfully complex but not confused flavor. Sometimes the bourbon stands out, sometimes the coconut, and other times all the flavors meld into a singular greatness. Take into consideration that I’ve had juices I’d say are only half as good at prices twice as high, and it becomes even more of a winner!

  447. Shayne Wilburn

    I payed for 3 day USPS Priority and it a week and 1 day to get here WTF????!!!

  448. jerry baker

    Excellent I always order this one !

  449. Patrick

    Overall Payday is a nice vape. I only occasionally catch a hint of the bourbon. A strong cream aftertaste. The banana flavor is light to me (which I am happy with).
    It is a bit of a heavy vape for all day but it is a flavor I will probably order again. Great value.

  450. Ryan Tate

    Tried it right out of the hot mailbox, which helped with a little shake mix. The aroma is intoxicating. I wanted to bypass the vape and squirt it in my mouth. Definitely top three favorite juices I’ve tried. This is the first juice that I’ve bought and am surprised at the quality for the price. You guys have a new fan and can’t wait to try the other flavors. Hopefully sooner than later. I fall under the broke dick category myself. But now can vape with the 25$ for 30ml guys. Excuse me because I think I just arrived

  451. Ralph W

    Try it you be hooked..

  452. Julio Rivera

    My only concern is I buy like 4 bottles and the pg/vg radio is not consistent but the flavor is on point that’s why the 4 stars

  453. Steve

    I just got 1200ml of awesome juice, 1/2 PayDay and 1/2 PrePaid. Dick got it shipped the same day and it arrived fast and free. The juice is awesome and you can’t beat the price. I’ve been a loyal customer since the day my son let me try this juice.

  454. Demetrios Soteropoulos

    Best juice hands down on the market today and great price as well dont miss out try for yourself today

  455. Christopher Pulsipher

    I have tried a lot of brand and flavor’s at double and triple the price. This is by far the best flavor at an unbeatable price with faster shipping. Thanks

  456. KT

    Great flavor as always. Great price as well. Thanks Richard!

  457. AARON

    Can’t beat the price or the service and quality just fine for this broke dick. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  458. David W.

    Perfectly sweet on the exhale, hints of the bourbon and coconut on inhale and none of the chemical banana taste. In my opinion a perfect blend of sweet and savory! Absolutely a must try juice

  459. Fernando Lopez

    Great taste, once it came in I didnt have to steep it. You can really taste the butterscotch. I let it steep for a day to see what would happen. The flavor got even better! I’m really happy with this juice. I haven’t quite been able to taste some of the other flavors but I definitely taste the cream and a hint of cappuccino as well as the bourbon. The bourbon isnt overpowering though. I’m really satisfied with this company. I’ll definitely be back !

  460. Charles Allison

    Payday is my first choice over any other juice the market.

  461. Anthony Klangwald

    I love this stuff and every flavor I have tried from Broke Dick has been a Winner!. overdraft water cup Bank roll #1 all Awesome flavors, just ordered the Orange candy and their coffe cake and can’t wait to try them. Getting great flavor from my sub ohm tanks at work, and when I get home to my RDA’S its Heaven. Keep that shit up Broke Dick and you’ll have a customer for life. As of right now its the only company I am getting my jucie from just I have a cabinet full of other brands but I always reach for the Broke Dick!!

  462. Steven Wilson

    Bruh!!!! Think I found my new ADV! Right out the mailbox into a baby prince tank with a new .15 mesh coil…. Flavor is BANGIN! Your hit right off with the banana and cream.. in the inhale as it’s in your mouth flavor develops into a carmal like bourbon exhale….. I’d give this 100stars if I could.

  463. Luke Blackham

    Literally Tastes like a banana butterscotch cappuccino melting in my mouth. I let it breath for a day. Then kept it at a nice low heat in water with my rice cooker for 3 hours… then took it out and shook it up an let it breath for 25 minutes… then put it in my vape and it took my breath away… win win baby win win

  464. Dakotah

    Ordered earlier this month and you get this great taste and good vapor as promised. Richard I owe you a PBR for this awesome juice!

  465. Travis Shaw

    This is exactly what i have been looking for since I quit smoking!!! Best vape juice ever!!!!!!!

  466. Carlos Alvarado

    Great Flavor

  467. Aztzura

    I initially stayed away from this flavor. I was afraid it would be too much. I’m so glad I bought a bottle. I’m obsessed with this flavor. It’s complex and rich. I can taste cedar (bourbon), banana and buttery caramel. I will definitely stock up on this.

  468. Michael Eason

    This is not a “could be my everyday vape”, it IS my everyday vape. Has been for years. I always buy a couple bottles of it at a time and I will usually buy a bottle of something I haven’t tried yet or enjoy one I already had tried for another inbetween order times. There was another one I regularly used before but it got to be bad tasting to me. Then Payday did the same. And I’ve finally figured it out. When adding nicotine to your vape juice you can dramatically change its taste especially if you don’t steep the juices regularly after the bottles have smitten awhile. I’m just now figuring all this out and I’ve done a lot of mixing of Richard’s Juices and I could write pages on this. But as for now Payday in my all day vape. But now that I understand the effects on the nicotine levels and the necessity of steeping the bottle I’m gonna go back and retry a few I once found to be better but they were dropped by me because of my inexperienced uses of the bottles. I would like to also point out I’ve hacked and cough all day long since 1996 after burning my lungs with pesticides. I was smoking at least 2 packs of cigarettes a day ever since too. Because of These juices and their prices I have successfully dropped down to less 6 packs a month. I haven’t hacked or coughed in going on 2 years now and I haven’t been in the hospital either since I started using the vapor where before I was in the hospital at least 3 to 4 times a year for almost 30 years. My life is a whole hell of a lot better off since I got turned on to the website.
    With all that said, I may eventually do some reviews on each juice, how the nicotine effects them and need of steeping them and the time limits to each. But as for now I am very greatful for Richard’s products and prices. More than he will ever know. Believe that

  469. Jameson Walden

    Take in to account the price, the quality, the customer service and everything about Broke dick, and it just plain destroys its competition!!! Love this flavor, have ordered it atleast 5 times and dont plan on stopping anytime soon!!!

  470. Kelli

    I thought this would be too much for me but I was wrong. I love this one. It’s my favorite now. You can’t beat the price and fast delivery either.

  471. deborah adkins

    My all day vape juice

  472. Rob

    I get this vape juice every time I order from Broke Dick. The flavor is amazing, and delivery is fast.

  473. Richard

    This is a good dessert for the evening of after a good meal, but can be varied on all day long no matter what.

  474. K Poling

    Wrote a previous review on Overdraft. I ordered 2 bottles for the $23 and free shipping deal, can’t beat it. This juice is awesome, it has so many flavors going on and just works. I used the same tobacco flavor for the past 6 years and wasn’t sure if this would be something I’d like, but am happy I ordered. Not too sweet, just a really good, smooth vape. Ordered the 6mg coming from an 18mg strength juice and definitely vaping more, but I expected that. This flavor does not get old as many quickly do. Trying to figure out my new regular between this and Overdraft. Will definitely order again and likely need another 2 bottles to help decide. Thanks BD!

  475. Stephen M Erwin

    Payday is another favorite of mine. It is inline with the Ovedrdraft I had previously. If you like one you should try the other. I probably wouldn’t care for any of the products in the flavor profiles but they work exceptionally well together as a vape juice.

  476. John Moore

    Got my delivery 30 minutes ago. Washed my RTA. Juiced up my wick. Let it saturate for a few minutes. Then I took a hit. I was slammed with smooth banana on the inhale and soothed with creamy caramel milkshake on the exhale. At first I couldn’t believe it, so I took another hit. My eyes drifted towards heavens as I smiled. Payday made sweet love to my taste buds, and I love it. Do yourself a favor and try it out. Thanks Broke Dick!

  477. gary chandler

    great flavor very good cloud production the taste is what hooked me its my go to vape use it every day juice cant beat the price but the folavor is best i ever had vaped

  478. Jason Park

    I bought this juice thinking of the flavor to be more of a candy but BOY WAS I WRONG this juice ACTUALLY TASTES like alcohol with sweet notes, I was taken back and I became curious as to how they replicated the flavor and it will forever be one of the greatest mysteries in human kind

  479. Kipp Poling

    Love the flavor! Switch between Payday and Overdraft, both are great. Can we get Payday in 9mg Nic strength?

  480. Luis

    Enjoying it right now with my morning coffee! Hard to believe I got 120ml at this price.
    A Customer 4 life!

  481. Vivian Denton

    Just when you are tiring of one of the flavors in payday’s blend another flavor rises to the forefront. You will never tire of this blend.

  482. Kenneth Patarozzi

    Great with a dab of the minty mint

  483. Thomas Lake

    Good vape
    Fast free shipping

  484. casey Benson

    Tastes great. More than worth the price

  485. Don Burton

    I usually don’t like any vape with a caramel flavor, but this on surprised me, usually they taste burnt. Not the case here. Follow directions on steeping and you will be a lot happier 🙂 It usually takes me time to pick out the flavors on e-liquid, so this far I am tasting the caramel more than anything else. I know that taste is subjective, so it may or may not work for you, but it’s not a bad flavor profile. I may try the magnum version next time just to see if the other flavors pop quicker. I am giving it 5 stars just because Richard got it right on the caramel 🙂 Vape on!

  486. Amanda Rye

    This juice is so yummy! Tastes exactly like advertised. Didn’t even need to steep it to taste it, but steeping it made it even better. My new favorite vape juice!

  487. McKinley Buckley

    I’ve tried a lot of vape juice, and there are many on the market that are 2-3 times the price that are not even close to as good as this. Silky smooth, great taste. Fast shipping. I will certainly buy again.

  488. Michelle Cope

    Bought this on a whim. Got tired of all the fruity tooty juices I have and wanted something “different”. This is it! Milkshake heaven! Yummy banana-caramel-bourbon-creamy goodness! I’ll be back to stock up on payday!

  489. Matt Adkins

    By far the best and only everyday vape juice! Been using this Payday for well over a year now and nothing compares to the flavor especially for the price. Never have to shop around for anything else. 100% completely satisfied with every purchase made with BrokeDick. Thanks for the awesome service and juice!!

  490. Cristi Webb

    Absolutely delicious. I will definitely be purchasing again in the near future.

  491. Luis Reyes

    On inhale you get nice hints of banana, cappuccino, and butterscotch. Upon exhale, you get another round of cappuccino and butterscotch. A good combination for an all day vape, I would have to agree with her. This is a delicious go-to juice. I will be ordering a bottle of the Magnum beings I’m a desert junky who loves a good strong flavor. Good job @Richard!!

  492. Morris Parker

    This is a great mix! Flavorful and the caramel—oh! The caramel is divine!!

  493. Jan

    First time trying Broke Dick. Absolutely wonderful! Only steeped for couple hrs can’t imagine what it will taste like tomorrow! Crazy paying these high prices when u can get this quality juice at a great price. Will definitely be ordering again!!!!

  494. Tom

    Ok so this is definitely one of the best flavors I have had but I will also say the flavor could be just a little stronger in the higher nicotine mg but other than that it’s great all the way around

    Ya we can that MAGNUM and we made it.
    Richard Broke

  495. JohnB

    Good vape juice
    Love the flavor of caramel , bananas and bourbon
    Good vape cloud .

  496. Timothy Paige

    Excellent flavor. Great vapor, Great price. Need I say more?

  497. Theresa Stark

    this is the best E-Juice that I have ever purchased in my entire life! this is the best E-Juice that I have ever purchased in my entire life! Its the effing bomb!!! Broke
    Broke dick you are awesome I just love your payday e-juice it’s the bomb I enjoy it all day long

  498. Joe

    Definitely my favorite.

  499. Thomas Lake

    Fast shipping .
    Good vape juice i buy it for the mrs.
    Nice clòuds of smoke.

  500. Greg Booth

    Found a new favorite. Glad I finally tried Broke Dick. Nice & smooth flavor that I keep going back to.

  501. Chris Miller

    I’ve been using this juice for well over a year and it is my go to daily sauce. BD has never let me down and produce a great product with great service.

  502. Vivian Denton

    Subtle flavors. Perfect blend. Price is right. Come on down!!!!

  503. Martin Waller

    Received this in the mail a few days ago and just tried it & immediately ordered 3 more bottles!! After vaping this, Overdraft & The 15th, I’ve found my new ejuice company!! Fast shipping and great prices!!!

  504. Jennifer Smith

    I love this juice, is my favorite.

  505. Michelle Manuel

    I normally don’t like desert liquids but I ended up like the lemon layered cake on here so I thought I would give this a try. I am glad I did. It is not overly sweet like some of the dessert flavors can be and it has a nice caramel after taste that I like. This is going down as one of my top favourites of all time. One of is another on here too.

  506. Ernesto Guzman

    Wanted to try it to see if I liked this reasonably price E-juice I’ve been hearing about on the internet. At fist I didn’t like it but it is growing on me now! It does needs some steeping. It really taste like it is described with all those ingredients. Will try more of the other flavors ….Excellent Job Broke Dick!

  507. Mary Thompson

    Payday is my all time favorite- wasnt sure I would like it but, it is so smooth. It has a really good flavor – not to strong or too sweet

  508. David Nelams

    This is my first time trying Payday,the flavor was everything the folks over at Broke Dick said it would be! This would be the 3rd brand I’ve used, not only are the flavors great,the price doesn’t hurt either! I would definitely recommend this product!

  509. Gary Herren

    I’ve tried a few of your liquids this is the best by far, my ADV can’t really pinpoint the flavor but no matter still love this juice, thank you very much

  510. Deborah Mills

    Keep up the good work!


    Arrived fast great tast goes great with my coffee

  512. Vivian Denton

    Always my go to.

  513. Nathanial Ruland

    Super good juice, The vanilla ice-cream flavor is prolific, tantalizing your taste buds every hit with a creamy smoothness to die for, Then the banana swoops in with a karate chop to the mouth that makes you beg for more sensei but martial arts class isn’t over because the caramel comes running in tackling your tongue to the F***ing ground in a way you never expected beating your tongue into submission. Honestly one of the best flavors I’ve tried on this website thus far and has me wanting more. To Richard and the Broke Dick team, I salute you! You have brought my vaping experience to a whole new level in an unprecedented way I have been vaping for 3 years and I have never had juice this good and cheap, Ive had very premium juices in the past (50+ bucks plus) and they cannot even hold a candle to this amazing juice.

  514. Michael Johnson

    The quality and taste for the price of this vape juice is great, especially for this broke dick!

  515. Jennifer

    I love Broke Dick

  516. Justina Lemoine

    He loves it

  517. Matthew Sise

    I was a little skeptical about so much juice for such an insane price but I took a chance and ordered payday and cash advance and have to say I absolutely love them both and have been blown away by the quality and flavor of the liquids!! I will be a customer of broke dick from now on and can’t wait to try the rest of the flavors!!

  518. Harry J. Dennis

    Haven’t used product by itself as yet. Have added to top off my tank that has Overdraft in it and adds more flavor. Like it alot.

  519. Shayne Wilburn

    The vape juice is awesome! The packaging is not. I actually have to take a knife to it to get it to open. Very difficult, which is why I give it 4 stars instead of 5.

  520. Daniel Ayala

    The juice is really good but I remember that the juice was much tastier than what I is now.

  521. john oliveri

    Can’t review something I haven’t received still waiting still hoping

  522. Shadrach Ramsdell

    Tastes great,
    less filling

  523. Connie

    This payday is the best. All of them are really good. Between myself and my son we have had every flavor there is. For me i really can’t pick 1 that is my favorite. Lol there’s to many i love.

  524. Harry J. Dennis

    Wife enjoys the taste

  525. Bill Morse

    Great price, fast shipping and one of my fav’s from BD

  526. Harry J. Dennis

    Easy order-fast shipping

  527. Jan

    BD always has the best flavors at the best prices. Shipping is extremely fast. I highly recommend.


    Smooth, creamy and sweet!

  529. Reynaldo Guerrero Jr

    I love how much I can taste the bourbon

  530. Jerry Brown

    Guys , this is the best juice I’ve ever vaped , omg , this is just 1 great flavor ! So please don’t run outta stock on this jewel, I’m definitely gonna get more real soon…..The Bomb. Thanks for get this juice out to us diehards , we love it !

  531. Shirley E Tripp

    When I like good good, I stick with it. Payday & Prepaid are my favs.

  532. Lillie Louise Harris

    I’m BANANAS for Adult Milkshake! Pun intended!

  533. Harry J. Dennis

    Wife likes it alot

  534. Harry J. Dennis

    wife likes the flavor

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