Payday – Adult Milkshake – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)

Payday – Adult Milkshake – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(267 customer reviews)

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What’s better than getting paid? Getting a little more than usual. Whether it’s a bonus or you finally mustered up the courage to ask for a raise, that extra cash goes along way when you’re a Broke Dick.

MAGNUM Payday takes all of that original bananas foster, bourbon butterscotch flavor and cranks it up to 11. Trust us, if you don’t prefer those kind of sweet and sticky flavors, stay far away from this one. But, if you crave that dessert on payday flavor, you need this ASAP, and with our crazy stupid fast shipping, we can make it happen.


  • Bananas Foster
  • Bourbon
  • Butterscotch
  • Twist of Orange
  • Cappuccino
  • Whipped Cream
  • Toasted Coconut 

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

267 reviews for Payday – Adult Milkshake – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)

  1. Richard Broke

    Payday has and will continue to be our TOP re-order juice and I think if you really love our adult milkshake, this will blow you away.

    -Richard Broke

  2. Jeffrey W

    Put this shit in my veins, I’ve waited 1 year for more flavour and its finally happening!

  3. Matt

    Would love if you did this with the 15th too! I am definitely stoked you decided to do it with your top 2 sellers. I think if you did it with a few more you might get some more top sellers!!!

  4. James Kelly

    I have no words to describe this amazing juice. Maybe just wow.

  5. Mark Mccomb

    Very good flavor combo will buy again for sure

  6. Mack

    Payday has been a ADV since it came out so I was excited to try the new Magnum. I let it breathe for a day and found the added 25% flavoring a little to intense. The added flavoring seems to have changed the overall flavor profile of the juice…time will tell

  7. Lou

    Didn’t think I’d like this but had to try the 25% more flavor. I absolutely love it. At a time when the industry is watering down juices in order to sell you “boosts” Broke Dick gives you More Flavor for the same price. Thank you

  8. Rupert Webster

    I wouldn’t buy juice from anyone else but Broke Dick

  9. Adam William Burke

    Magnum is magnificent!

  10. drew gaspard

    Great taste

  11. mike arthur

    just got it a few days ago, will be even better after a good steep.

  12. SARAH

    I wanted more and you guys went balls deep. Don’t stop making these Magnum flavors! Everyday is Payday now!

  13. Tyrone Powers

    Really good favor surprised the price wasn’t raised, but then again, it’s brokedick y’all

  14. John Edwards

    This flavor is very complex with such a good balance of flavors. No one flavor is overpowering the others. Smooth and delicious.

  15. John P-Illinois

    Magnum Payday is the best, loaded with flavor till the end with endless clouds of smoke, this is by far my favorite to date, hope to see more of the flavors in the Magnum series in the near future..wtg Richard

  16. Kay Jay

    I won a bottle and I tried first day I received and it was pretty good but after a week steep it is AWESOME!!! I will definitely be buying a bigger bottle. This juice is great and if you haven’t tried you should ASAP!!!

  17. Edward

    Had to leave a review for this one. The flavor is complex and rich. I love it. Toasty coconut pokes out ever so slightly on the exhale followed by all the other flavors blending together nicely making a rich and full vape. I was weary at first because of the banana on the thumbnail (I’m not biggest fan of banana), but it all just mixes and works together well. I already I’ll be coming back for this one.

  18. mel

    one of my favorites fast shipping will be back for more

  19. Adam Barrow

    I was expecting big and bold. I wasn’t expecting the nuance of flavor. You can really pick up all the flavors. Great juice.

  20. Gary Ellis

    This is my top favorite vape juice! Love the original, but Magnum has blown me away!

  21. Jack Sk

    Pretty dang tasty. Like a bourbon and butterschnapps bananas foster, but no boozy aftertaste. No steep necessary, but doesn’t hurt either.
    I initially was suspicious due to the low price, but this is 100% better than any other juices that attempt similar flavors. Highly recommended

  22. Frankie Miller

    Very pleased with this juice! I’ve been buying Payday for over a year now, and the extra kick if flavor is just what it always needed. Please make this permanent, and please add Overdraft to the Magnum lineup!

  23. Jack Doherty

    Holy cow! Been vaping for several years and have tried dozens of juices from loads of vendors. Finally found Broke Dick’s Payday about a year and a half ago and it has been my ADV ever since. Gave up even thinking that I might someday find a better juice. Then BD goes and does the impossible by improving on perfection! Payday MAGNUM is the same great flavor but dialed up a notch. Obviously, my new ADV. Thanks to BD, I got a raise on my Payday!

  24. Michael

    Honestly the flavor tastes no stronger than the original payday which is an awsome flavor in itself but I expected this to be noticeably more flavorful and it wasn’t.

  25. Jeffrey W

    people reviewing this juice always say 5☆ this 5☆ that. This is hands down best juice for the price you pay. I have smoked from 12 monkeys (coil burner juice) to Kilo and I have to say, you need to try this juice. For this price you’re paying how can you say no? Try it first than come back and drop your 5☆s on this bitch.

  26. Rachel Anderson

    Love the new magnum flavor…curbs my sweet tooth!

  27. Jamie

    Gave a quick steep and if was of to the races with this ELiquid. Will be ordering this one again.

  28. matthew hall

    love it, steeped it 3 days with a taste here and there well worth the wait will be getting more when ever I run out

  29. Christina

    Awesome flavor. Will definitely purchase again.

  30. Karolyn Simpson

    This one is my favorite. Good low cost vape.

  31. Michael Faircloth

    Wasn’t sure what to make of this at first. Layers of flavor. A warm, sweet vape with smooth, rich exhale. Delicious! I will order this again.

  32. Sy

    Love LOVE this juice. So glad y’all decided to create this mag line.
    Please consider making Layaway in a mag version as well.

  33. Nichalos Farmer

    Its very great tasting vape one of the best i have had and at a great price

  34. Lou

    Same great taste as the original Payday, but more! Like finding a tax loophole, or getting a raise. The coconut seems to jump out just a little bit more in the Magnum version, otherwise it’s the same as the original. Hoping that The 1st is next up in the Magnum line.

  35. Brian Ferguson

    This one knocked it out of the park. My first bottle was simply fantastic now with more flavor it’s even better. Super awesome magnum flavor. Keep it coming!

  36. Jo Escher

    Best mix going and a step up from regular Payday of which I was already a fan 😉 My favorite notes in a juice and I will continue to buy and enjoy! 😉

  37. Adam

    If you liked original payday then you have to try this one.

  38. Shane

    Flavor is great.
    Will be purchasing again.

  39. John J Harvey

    What can I say I ether than this is a great product I’m a loyal shopper and I’m never disappointed

  40. Kimberly Locke

    This is what God would taste like if you could stuff him in a tank and smoke him.

  41. Danny Hernandez

    The original Payday was awesome, now it has become even better; keep it up!!!!!!
    I wish yawl would Magnum Layaway !!!!!!! 🙂

  42. Thomas R.

    Can’t say it any better than the previous posts. Tried others, came back to Broke Dick 😉

  43. Jeff Young

    I have to admit that when it came to this flavor and company, I was a skeptic. A skeptic because of the flavor profile and mostly because of the price. Well, after trying Payday, I am a skeptic NO MORE. The flavor is great, not at all sickening sweet like it may sound. That’s a great thing, very bold but not icky. I love it. Another great thing, the price. I thought at the asking price I would be getting a tamed down excuse for a juice. Nope. I’m a believer and a customer for as long as they keep true to this formula. Great job guys. I’m a believer.

  44. SleazyArt

    First off, I have never been into banana flavors. I have tried many brands looking for a good one. I saw this and since I was trying every flavor on the BD menu I got a bottle of Payday Magnum. After vaping this for a day I was impressed yet moved on to the other flavors. They were all good, but, everything I’ve tried is simply basic to me now after this. I ordered two more bottles of Payday Magnum. It is now my everyday vape. There is just so much goodness going on with this flavor. I absolutely love it and really don’t know what I’ll do if BD ever drops it from their product list. I will be ordering much more of this in the coming months. Great banana flavor, hint of caramel on the exhale, I can’t really taste the other flavors but I know the entire blend makes up this complex and flavorful vape. It really tastes like you popped a banana Laffy Taffy with a cube of Kraft caramel in your mouth. Treat yourself and try this at least once!!

  45. Gerardo Maldonado

    If you came here thinking that this is just a cheap eliquid that is going to taste “ok” you are wrong!! This is one of the best eliquid on the market. Even I was surprised on how good it taste, if you are triying to choose between this one and some other more expensive liquid, get this one, you wont regret it

  46. Travis Milgrim

    The extra flavor goes a long way. This was my second order only with broke dick and I was hesitant to make the second one. See I like to have a very flavorful juice one that is sweet and floods your taste buds with every flavor listed that is combined to get the final juice flavor outcome, so with that said the Magnum serious juices were the smartest decision you could of made Richard, I have Vaped for years with emphasis on the word years and your Magnum juice I would rank in the top 5 gourmet juices I have ever used (and I have tried every brand that’s been introduced regardless of price and been to 5 vape expo’s) now I am a forever Dick for the rest of my life! You have a brand that will outlast many companies that try to step foot in the door of vaping, regardless if they are independently owned or corporation your Magnum juices will put you over the top. P.S. Tell Slo-co to dig some holes in the backyard because you will need somewhere to hide all the cash you are going to make off this!

  47. Dave

    Great flavor with more GIRTH than the regular, well done.

  48. Raine

    Wonderful vape juice.

  49. Bevman

    This was one of first flavors that I purchased from here. liked it so much that I instantly purchased two other flavors to try. Then I liked the next two so much that I bought 3 more flavors and one more Payday Magnum.

    I did steep for 48 hours.

  50. Rupert Webster

    I’ve been using Broke Dick juice for over a year now and I won’t use any other juice

  51. Richard Motes

    Best fu***ng juice ive ever inhaled. If you like sweet and savory get a few of these bad boys. Will definitely re order.

  52. Mandi G

    This juice IS like payday. It’s my fave, hands down. It is so smooth and tasty.

  53. Joann Barile

    This by far is the best vape online store . I have shopped many but when I came across the name of this shop it got my attention..
    and discovered a gold mine.. Amazing fair price and delicious, bold with flavor…this flavor is so good that I just cannot get enough and difficult to stop /break from vaping.. A big Kudos to all who created this flavor that has made me a loyal subject to
    the broke dick family….⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  54. Noel Moran

    I already thought the original Payday was awesome………but then you mad scientists had to go and make it EVEN BETTER!! Admittedly I thought the first iteration of this masterpiece was lacking some punch….but the flavor was awesome so I shut my mouth. Now…………I CANT GET ENOUGH OF IT. Thank you Dick for spoiling my taste buds again, KEEP IT UP!!!

  55. Steven Wetlesen

    Best vape ever. Its my all day/week vape what ever you want to call it, I keep two bottles so I never run out

  56. Rodolfo Pena

    Extremely good juice, after vaping it for about a week you CANT get tired of this flavor!!!

  57. Adam

    This juice sounded really great on paper, but in reality it was even better. The banana really pops and gives it a nice aftertaste.

  58. gary chandler

    great flavor its my everyday vape i think its way better than other brands i tried can go wrong with broke dick its one of the best thanks

  59. Julio

    Flavor, flavor, flavor

  60. Johnny Yarbrough

    Fantastic flavor. My second bottle and won’t be my last . Hard to beat the great prices and service from these folks .

  61. John R Crossland

    Excellent……. nuff said!!!

  62. John Dees

    This is the best tasting and best smelling vape mixed I have tried, also If your not buying from broke dick your just wasting your money.


    right all the way

  64. Joshua

    Man i really like the flavor profile. This time i tried 3 mg instead of my usuall 6mg. Wow im vaping Kylin RTA on a Voo Poo Drag & this flavor is on point. Great price, fast shipping, awesome juice !!!!

  65. Louis Teike

    I am so glad I ordered the PAYDAY with it’s extra flavoring. I am truly enjoying this purchase and will keep coming back for more!

  66. Stephen M Erwin

    The Magnum Payday is a fantastic vape juice. I liked the original but the Magnum gives that extra kick some of my coils needed. It is also great after a meal as a dessert replacement.

  67. Paul Carlberg

    Not bad goes great after a Florida gator meal

  68. Mow

    Love this juice, my second favorite so I will keep this in stock always

  69. Valerie Cremeans

    Love it, wonderful flavor

  70. Techonrye

    I’ve always been a fan of the Payday flavor. The increase in flavor has brought it to a whole new level. I can tell now. I will not be able to go back to the regular after having the Magnum version.

  71. Jeff

    it was very good. I really enjoyed it

  72. Bryan Magee

    Yooo, I tried BD for the first time when I ran out of juice and was immediately impressed. I promised myself that I would grab up as soon as I was able to. I bought two of them and let me tell you Flavor is hands down better than any of these other guys. Thanks Broke Dick for staying true

  73. EnZed

    I just made my 3rd order of this e-liquid yesterday. I was a fan of the “regular” Payday, but this is head and shoulders above it… I’d give it more stars if I could.

  74. Di Gamble

    Yummy vape. I don’t get all of the flavors described but it’s still a yummy one. The flavors are intense on this 1. One of the better banana flavors that I’ve tried. Not an ADV for me but very, very yummy.

  75. James

    My new favorite juice. Sooooo much amazing flavor. Best flavor too. Great quality.

  76. Jason

    Absolutely love this juice. I got it a week ago and have already vaped thru the whole bottle. I will definitely be ordering more in the extremely near future.

  77. Andre Garcia

    Yet another one of my favorite broke dick ejuices. I buy this on a regular basis. It is very smooth and loaded with great flavor. I recommend it to everyone. Try it, you will love it!

  78. Michael McCaslin

    Love this juice. Was worried it would be too much but it’s perfectly balanced. Tastes like a caramel and banana sundae, and is rich and satisfying. I’ll def be ordering this again.

  79. Ricky

    It’s good stuff but I enjoy the regular payday a little better so I got this one to try out and I figured if I didn’t like it I would just add 25% VG PG in my own nicotine and put it back to the original Payday on my own and it worked great I Vaped about 30 MLS of the Magnum payday and then added 30mls unflavored VG PG and nicotine back to the bottle and now it’s regular payday

  80. Mario Medina

    Another one of favorites I’ve vaped in awhile

  81. Krista Tracy

    I am a sucker for a good dessert flavor and this does not disappoint! This is the best banana flavored juice I have had yet! It’s a perfect blend. A+++

  82. Big H.

    I reviewed the payday.. robust flavors.. i think its awesome with the 3 mil nic. 6 mill nic seems a bit strong. But the flavor stands out… anyone that trys this will not be disappointed guarenteed 100% i will be wanting to try more flavors to get that full effect they got going on.. 2 thumbs up brokedick you guys are flavor gods!

  83. Bill

    Strong, smooth, tasty, flavor central! Good with evening coffee

  84. Shammakh Moudrick Mou’affa

    This is a good e juice to try and have. Amazing price for great flavour but like always gotta streath for peak potential✌

  85. Richard Broke

    Honestly, these flavors hit all the high points of their respective flavors but just add the right amount of “extra” for those of those who want more flavor out of their vape juice.

    Richard Broke

  86. David Clark

    Ok, not sure what this flavor is, all these flavors mix together. Not sure if I like it, but can’t stop using it!! It’s good, just couldn’t tell you what it taste like. I give a thumbs up, like nothing I’ve taste before.

  87. Walter Miller

    I highly recommend anyone give these magnums a try. Absolutely top notch. Best juices around.

  88. Brenda Short

    The best I have used yet. Love it will be ordering more .

  89. Jeffrey W

    my goto for all day vape, if you can find a better price somewhere else for this, you tell them to go sit on a cactus cuz it ain’t broke dick

  90. Steven Tharp

    My number 1 pick from broke since 2016,and now extra flavor,oh boy. HEAVEN I TELL YA ,HEAVENLY VAPE BLEND!! loving it Richard,keep it up brother. Knocked it out of the park, again sir. Keep on vapin people. ☁

  91. Brian T

    Don’t quite get all the flavors that are listed but it’s absolutely delicious. I will be ordering more of this liquid

  92. Kelly M

    Wasnt a fan of the original payday decided to give the magnum version a try and im glad i did. The burbon and caramel is great

  93. Morgan McAllister

    I’ve personally had a tough time finding a vape flavor that I actually like. During the 7 months I’ve been vaping I’ve ordered from various online retailers and only been marginally happy with a handful of flavors. All 3 of these Magnum flavors are fantastic and have great flavor that actually tastes like the label suggests. I’ll definitely be back for more.

  94. garytheoldvaper

    One of the best I’ve ever had

  95. Abram

    Love it! Can’t get enough! Thanks Dick! Between the whiskey and banana don’t know wether to take a shot or just eat it? Don’t ever change the recipe. I’m in literally in vape heaven!

  96. Gary

    My favorite e-liquid of all time

  97. terry brost


  98. Thomas Fuller

    This was my first order from Broke dick, definitely not my last. I have started with Payday, smooth and full of favor 5/5

  99. Isaiah Simerly

    For some reason, I had a hell of a time getting this to steep properly. I did the recommended day without the cap on and just got a bitter flavor. But after doing two hot bath and letting it sit out for one more day I got the full flavor. Very very good vape, strong but definitely not overwhelming flavor. Will order again.

  100. Helen D

    Just got it today. Love it. You can sense the different favors.

  101. Barbara Eubank

    This juice is different from any other I’ve tried. BUT, after saying that, it is very good. I was afraid to drive after vaping it( the bourbon in it). Worth trying.

  102. Janice Coffman

    The taste is awesome. I’m a first time buyer at Broke Dick & I’m blown away by the amazing price & fast shipment. I’ll be purchasing all my future juices right here. Great job guys!!

  103. Max Lucas

    I liked this alot.

  104. Harold Schultz


  105. Bizzle

    It’s always been my favorite flavor.Now I’m lost in the sauce (deliciousness)

  106. Tony Hanson

    Excellent, my new favorite juice.

  107. SJZ

    This juice is really good. It is definitely not my favorite (because of the bourbon). However, if there was no bourbon I would LOVE this.
    I get that the bourbon makes people love this I. I don’t. I am giving it five stars because, I dislike bourbon. I still can appreciate the quality & complexity of this juice.

  108. Jo Escher

    Love this mix! Everyday vape…Thanks for the great service and low prices!

  109. Johnny Yarbrough

    Great all day vape. Best prices and fastest shipping in the industry.

  110. Debra Mcbride

    Love this for after supper, it’s my desert and drink without the calories and alcohol ! Lol I can even taste a hint of bourbon when I exhale!!! Thanks! I will order again, for sure!

  111. Foxy

    Great job Richard! Now I can re-order all my favorite juices not only in one click but also with more flavor WOW. I had a really hard time finding juice I could taste and like until I found Richard’s fantastic creations. Not sure what the difference is but I even like flavors that have never worked for me and these are my all my ADV so I am very happy.
    Thank you Rickard for making it easy and fast for me to get them. Oh and shipping is always super fast and free. You are my HERO!

  112. Michael Watson

    Awesome flavors in the magnum bottle. Would recommend


    Love them as all

  114. Wanda Dietrich

    It’s good! Best price! Fastest shipping! Thanks again!

  115. Paul Miller

    Awesome pack great favors

  116. Paul Miller

    All flavors are awesome glad I found y’all

  117. Janice Coffman

    Magnum flavors are the very best. BD has super fast shipping & the juices are fantastic!!

  118. Chris

    Very flavorful, almost like a banana liquor or sweet tobacco blend. Great value!

  119. Helen D Gwathney

    OMG!!! I have had people trying to steal my bottle of Payday, the flavor and the smell, is something that all my friends want to try and I tell them where to buy it. Love the taste and the clouds are big too. Way to go , the price is the best . The best part is it is made in the great state of Florida by a US citizen. Love it

  120. Aaron

    Wow! Tastes amazing. I will not be shopping anywhere else. Crazy fast deliver all the way in CA. I’ll spend the rest of my life making delicious clouds by sucking on all the BrokeDick that I can get my hands on…which is a lot since the price can’t be beat. GET IT!
    The banana and caramel flavors really do show up and combine to create the experience of the milkshake that is in the picture. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

  121. Lar

    Repeat customer, Dick’s juice is great and the price is right.

  122. Cat

    Its definitely good. Well done sir

  123. Angela

    My all time favorite, love this stuff!!!

  124. Jorge-Luis Navarro

    Man! Hella flavor! Soooo good. You can taste a hint of everything thats listed. Mmm!!

  125. Jimmy Speakes

    Being an avid DIY for years, I loathe paying retail prices for ejuice. Lately however, time has pushed me, more often than not, to purchase pre-made. Im not broke because of my incessant need to ensure I get maximum value for my dollars. That is why, for me, Payday is such a fantastic value in every respect. It tastes great and the “payday” earned, offset the savings value DIY. I”ll def be purchasing again, broke Dick or not.

  126. Robert Levin

    Tastes like a White Russian with Bourbon instead of Vodka. Definitely buying it again.

  127. John

    Here’s The Review Buy It Itz FUCKKIN Good
    MMMMM mmmmmm mmmmm BITCH !!!

    Go Buy It Now

  128. David Cowan

    This rocked

  129. Barbara Archer

    This is my first purchase from Broke Dick and I am so impressed! So much better than other much more expensive juices. I love lots of flavor and these Magnum juices really deliver! My only complaint is that I wish there were more Magnum flavors. I will be reordering for sure.

  130. Jesse Marshall

    This company is great! After the post office lost my order, Broke Dick made it right in no time and made sure I got my juice! Payday is an excellent blend, the most authentic bourbon flavor I’ve ever vaped. The 1st is solid all the way through, and Prepaid is just as excellent. Be amazing if you guys can figure out how to cram even more flavor in! Excellent product, wonderful company to deal with. Thank you!

  131. Adrian

    Just got payday and its one of the best liquids I have tasted in a long time. I’m bummed I didn’t try your juice sooner and the price is legit. It’s my all day vape now.

  132. Blake edward

    Pay day magnum is so damn good. I wish there was magnum ×2 I just can get enough of that sweet filling flavor.

  133. Leonard King

    Lots of flavor, burns good fast delivery, really great customer service u

  134. Anonymous

    You need to get some flavors that are not so sweet
    30% Kentucky Bourbon
    30% Columbian Coffee
    40% Irish Cream

  135. Kris Cope

    Amazing deal

  136. William Martin

    Great flavor and price

  137. Zachary Hendrick

    Less than 24 hours from me hitting pay to filling my tank.incredible.
    Flavor complexity is unreal. I will definitely be ordering again. God bless you Broke Dick

  138. Casey Renner

    I hit a wall I only like certain flavors so when I ran across a juice with all my favorite flavors I’m interested seeing how cheap it was lm sold! Although to me it’s not mind blowing it is good and for that I’m going to continue ordering from Broke Dick and explore new flavors. Also the mail man though I bought some E.D. Pills from the packaging. Made for an uncomfortable conversation

  139. Sandra Vuncannon

    Freaking amazing!!! Love it!

  140. Matthew McClure

    absolutely amazing it is so good and has a very strong flavor my favorite juice right now by far and such a good price for 120ml.

  141. Lauren Armwood

    I received this gift from the heavens om Saturday. I let it sit the whole day before I even touched it. I’ve decided to go back to school so I needed to vape to help keep me sane. SO GLAD I went with Magnum and not the regular. It makes sucn a great difference. The flavors seem more aged, like a good cognac. I’m going to let it steep more and I know it will be even better as time goes on. And of course, our good, nope, amazing people at Broke Dick keeping us all satisfied with the bomb flavors at SUCH a low cost. Can’t thank y’all enough. Keep slangin that diiiiiiiihhhhhh!

  142. Sandra Vuncannon

    Best juice ever absolutely loved it

  143. Signe Mackenzie

    Very good juice I loved two the 3rd one wasnt for me but love every other juice

  144. Ryan

    Love this juice, I’ve been set on the payday for years, and now the payday magnum is great also. Love it.

  145. Astrid Beauvois

    This juice is so complex but still absolutely delicious!

  146. julie connors

    out of this world…great flavor kick, glad I tried this one. Broke dick is my vape supplier always.

  147. Dineen DiGirolamo

    Wow. What an enjoyable flavor. One of my faves so far

  148. Twyla Kirby

    I like it! It’s a good, thick flavor.

  149. John Corn

    This is the best juice I have found and the best price thank you broke dick

  150. Jeffrey Wong

    Why try one magnum flavour when you can try them ALL. You can’t go wrong, all three taste amazing. the Adult milkshake is my personal favourite. As soon as I seen the magnum version, I had to have it. I ordered as many as my creditcard would allow me at the time. No regrets. The other two flavours are good too. lots of flavour.

  151. Travis Allen

    The shipping was extremely fast (delivered 3 days after ordering) and the flavor is amazing, it has been my all day juice for the past 5 months and it never gets old, it is like every time I take a hit I get a slightly different flavor but in a good way!!!

  152. alexandria walker

    My favorite out of the bundle is the Mixed Berry Blasted just the right amount of flavor. 2nd choice would be theAdult Milkshake and third choice Strawberry and . Can’t wait to try more of Broke Dick flavors

  153. Jay B Halase

    Very good vape. I am a convert…No more Slim’s E-juice

  154. Robert Hall Jr

    Man oh man!! Knocked this one out of the park with all that extra caramel and banana flavor..DEFINITELY AN ALL DAY VAPE

  155. James Bush

    yes it is good juice and yes i will be ordering more from this company, magnum is just perfect, man that flavor is out of this world, payday magnum is the way to go.

  156. Lee

    Ya know… sometimes you just can’t add anything better to say than FIVE STARS!!! Except, I keep this in the arsenal at all times, literally! This is a no brainer for the “Adults”. No mess, no drama! Like a fine wine (or PBR) under a clear, cool, starlit night. Ahhh…. twinkle twinkle 😉

  157. Raymond

    Extra 25% makes it so good. Thanks

  158. Angela

    My all time favorite!

  159. Mr.Gary

    Great price,expedited in timely manner, packaged well, I let it steep for 2 1/2 days. I think this could be my everyday juice. Smooth taste. I strongly recommend Broke Dick products. I’m a 100% satisfied, as a matter of fact, I’m happier than a man with two dicks.

  160. Sebastian Anderton

    This was the second bottle of Broke Dick juice and it was one of my favorite. But it needed to steep, prior to steeping I didn’t like it, tasted like it had almost too much flavoring. After a good two day steep, instead of the one day they recommended, I was in love.

  161. Janice Coffman

    I have ordered Magnum Payday several times & it always delivers a smooth amazing flavor. If you haven’t tried it then your missing out. It’s amazing!!

  162. caren cembalest

    My 1st Broke Dick flavor.Needed a good steep and then was really good. Have 3 or 4 more flavors to try. A great deal!!

  163. Barbara Rivero

    I’m in between this one and Layaway. We need it Magnum, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

  164. Trevor Fullmer

    The taste on these magnum juices are great prepaid was a pretty decent juice before but with 20% more flavor it totally changes into a better tasting juice!

  165. larry

    Great juice, great price, fast shipping, you won’t be going wrong here.

  166. Benjamin MICHAEL Stover

    great flavor great cloud.

  167. Josh Johnson

    Great price, the 1st and payday are spot on, but not too sure what flavor I’m getting with prepaid.

  168. Dallas Cutting

    Good flavor, great great great!!!!

  169. Norma Madore

    As always great flavor gonna let steep some more can’t beat BD juice co!

  170. Mike Watson

    Love this juice. My fav all day vape

  171. Callie Condray

    I had been hunting for vape juice that wasn’t so expensive. When I found this one, I wasn’t expecting much. Honestly, it blew me away. It’s so smooth and delicious. I’m pretty picky with my flavors and this one by far is favorite. Great price! If you love desert flavors, you should really give this one a try!

  172. julie connors

    I absolutely love this flavor. It is the smoothest of ever vape flavor I have ever tries. I think this was a second or third order for this

  173. Tonya Moan

    Great flavor. Still new to vaping this is really great tasting but once you taste this one a few other flavors taste like it. The 15th and overdraft are examples.

  174. Johnny Yarbrough

    Finally turned my wife on to Broke Dick juice . She’s very happy lady. Great service, fastest shipping and great prices.
    Thanks Broke Dick

  175. Michael Pratt

    1st time order, great juice!!. Will definitely order again.. Shipping was very fast

  176. julie connors

    Another great flavor and this one has a little something extra that I just love. Great for the cold winters here in Chicago!!! Great flavor, great price, fast shipping.

  177. Shanel Smith

    New favorite. This is now my daily vape!

  178. Janice Coffman

    You won’t find a better flavor. It’s full of delicious flavor that never disappoints.

  179. Shanel Smith

    Thus is my 2nd purchase of this flavor. I’d like to see a magnum in your lemon! I’ve just ordered the 3 pack of magnum juices to see if I like the others as much. Good job!

  180. A L Faircloth II

    Since the first time I tried this juice it has been my go to. Very tasty and makes pretty good clouds

  181. Kenneth Morris

    I get this just about every month.

  182. Derek5L

    Outstanding value and flavor. I keep coming back for the flavor but appreciate the value as well. Keep on….truckin

  183. Lord

    Good flavor profile. This was my first time trying this flavor but its just not for me. If you already like this flavor profile then you wont be disappointed getting this from BD and your coils will last a long time.

  184. Jan

    The best flavor ever!! Perfect;y smooth flavor with a hint of banana!! It just doesn’t get any better!!

  185. Michelle Cinquegrana

    I love your juice it’s got amazing flavor and taste great i will definitely be ordering more

  186. Debbie

    The Best juice ever, love the flavor

  187. Kellie Stulz

    This is my first time ordering from Brokedick, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. All I can say is…..WOW! I absolutely love this Magnum Payday juice. It’s sweet, and smooth. The flavor is nutty and caramel-like, with a hint of cream., and just a slight hint of bananas. I’ll definitely be reordering this again. Awesome!

  188. julie connors

    Another one of my favorites. It has a great smooth flavor when I change from my favorite dollar menu flavor. It’s a great combination of the flavors. Great service and super fast delivery.

  189. David Nelams

    I’ve tried several flavors from Broke Dick, this is absolutely the best one I’ve tried! How can you write a review without mentioning the price, 120 mls for $12.95 is nuts, I mean seriously who does this! I used to order a bottle at a time but since I love the flavor so much I now have a subscription for 2 bottles every month on the 2nd day of the month. I love the fact that I no longer have to wait for my e-juice, I know exactly what day it’ll arrive. If you’re still paying $25-30 for a 120 ml bottle of bottle SHAME ON YOU!!! Do yourself a favor and give them a shot, if you’re not satisfied what have you lost $12.95, heck that’s the price of a Starbucks cup of coffee. I guess you won’t be disappointed!!!

  190. Audrey Bradden

    One of my faves. Can’t wait to try next new flavor

  191. Bud

    Every flavor is perfectly blended. Quality control is top notch. Coils stay clean unlike other “High quality” companies it won’t gunk up your coils.You Need to try this, you’re welcome in advance.

  192. Diane Moran

    This is my absolute flavor by Broke Dick.
    I love the spicy taste of the bourbon, and the sweetness of the other flavors, the bourbon makes it so the sweetness isn’t overpowering like in other eliquids. I order this flavor every couple of months to have it on hand. It’s one I can’t do without!

  193. Jerry Brown

    Just keep doing what your doing , trust me I’ll be back , what a great vape…..✌️

  194. Jerry Brown

    You guys Rock , this Magnum Pay Day is the Best of the Best , Incredible Flavor , Wow , I’ll be back for more , Hell Ya !

  195. Carey Wrobel

    U got to love the Broke dick the items got to me almost over nite. Now all my friends are jealous of me because I got so much quality E-juice at such a affordadable price. I hooked them up with the contact. Now I’m the most popular kid in my small town of Paradise.

  196. Kara Zarle

    Best taste ever!

  197. Cynthia Waddell

    Let me start out by saying this juice is VERY GOOD. it is even BETTER after it steeps.. I highly Recommend the DICK….

  198. Cynthia Waddell

    Let me start out by saying this juice is very good. it is even better after it steeps.. I highly Recommend the DICK….

  199. James Dunn

    Great flavor. Very creamy, savory, and sweet. You can definitely taste the caramel

  200. Dan Luther

    Wish it was a little sweeter but not bad! Will prolly order this one again. Great price & fast shipping!!

  201. Erica

    Amazing juice! My new favorite flavor!

  202. Sean Campbell

    Great flavor! I’m a fan I subscribed to get this every month.

  203. Paul Stanley

    Great value and great taste and taste and great service

  204. Stacey Sirois

    I love it so much it has become my all day vape!!!

  205. Jerry Brown

    Love It …..

  206. marty cocke

    love the extra flavor ,we’ll done on more flavor

  207. Morella

    This juice is sooooooooo good OMG! I definitely will purchase again! Do yourself a favor and buy this right now? Thank you so much!

  208. Morella

    WARNING! Extremely good juice! I finished my last bottle in a week. All day vape all the way! I would vape it in my sleep if I could! Lightning fast shipping! Thanks Richard! Will order again soon!

  209. Gary Herren

    One of my favorite liquids of all time, shipping is always fast, thank you

  210. Chelsea

    This is amazing! It’s smells and tastes delicious! Definitely my go to flavor of the week or month!

  211. George

    Really good tasting juice 25% more flavor, got it in 2 days, stupid fast shipping, let it steep!

  212. Clint Crisp

    I got the Magnum pack the juice is good the only problem I have is both of the fruit flavors taste like they have menthol in them if it wasn’t for that they would be perfect

  213. Ray

    Haven’t had a chance to try them all but the Prepaid is FULL of flavor. I’ll be ordering from Broke Dick for all my juices. Magnum, way to go!

  214. Joan Herrington

    The BEST tasting vape juice by far !!!also price is totally affordable!! I highly recommend it !!! Happy vaping!!❤️

  215. Toya

    I absolutely love this flavor. It reminds of the butterscotch candy I used to eat when I was a kid staying with my grandma. The aroma is amazing as well. The first day I got it, I was vaping for hours. My room legit smelled like butterscotch. The clouds were big as well. At the moment, it is my go to flavor. Sometimes I
    like to mix it with my cbd juice, it works well. I can’t wait till my other flavors arrive.

  216. Jan Coffman

    Perfect flavor. As always, BD exceeds my expectations.

  217. Casey Nygren

    This stuff is over the top AMAZING! Really grows on you the more you puff. Very complex flavor profile. Notes of banana and coconut are prominent on the exhale fused with brown sugary sweetness and a touch of caramel. Rich, decadent, unique, and very satisfying. Plus there is none of that crappy aftertaste you get from low quality juices. Definitely a keeper. If you like sweet desserts, this won’t disappoint

  218. Richard Rose

    I have been vaping only the first for around 7 months,I recently tried Pay Day ,and I was not disappointed,AMAZING!

  219. Tony Nuckols

    Excellent service

  220. Melinda Schmidt

    I absolutely love the variety in this pack. I have bought it about 3 times.

  221. Maura Munro

    Can’t put into words this this tasty delicious dessert vape but to say FABULOUS!

  222. Matthew

    Never tried the original, but this magnum blew me away. Solid flavor.

  223. Susan Meyers

    This is one of the best tasting multi-packs ever!! I’m so happy I found your site. I will only get ejuice here forever!!

  224. Kara Zarle

    This is such a great flavor and the price is amazing! Very happy customer!

  225. Josh

    I randomly picked this flavor and I was surprised by how much I liked it. It’s quite delish

  226. Hoss

    I love this juice. High quality, and delivery fast!

  227. Pat Smith

    I will recommend all my friends

  228. Joey Marks

    starting off with prepaid, This was my favorite out of the bunch strong fruity flavors that aren’t too powerful but very tasty, the berries are the star of the show here and the watermelon makes a great support 9/10
    The 1st was the tamest out of this line. but by far the weakest of the bunch. Still an enjoyable off vape. The Custard is prominet throughout and the strawberry walks hand in hand soild 7/10
    Payday is a great morning vape that goes well with coffee. Very creamy and overall enjoyable. The banana and bourbon are on the main stage here with the caramel and cappichino as backup singers. 8/10

  229. Svetlana Petersen

    Its my favorite juice. Great flavor

  230. Curtis Levy

    This is a Top Shelf ejuice

  231. Roger Goode

    I tried this with hesitation because I’ve never enjoyed drinking bourbon. Banana wins for this old guy. I’m so glad I did. This flavor definitely lives up to the description of taste complexities. I wouldn’t change anything. It’s become one of my ADV and I find I’m careful of what I eat when I vape it because certain flavors, “break” the excellent balance this juice has. Other flavors enhance it, like coffee, tea and I can vape my dessert. You have not been out one time when I order, ships stupid fast, Well done! I found this flavor after vaping a certain ‘unpleasant drop’ brand. I think this is so much better! BTW: I usually hate bourbon.

  232. Paul Stanley

    Great juice

  233. Douglas

    I liked it well enough BUT I really dislike coconut. This tastes and smells like an old suntan lotion from HT..bizarre if the description would have mentioned this I would not have bought…Regardless the service is grand and the juice is good…

  234. David Nelams

    I’ve been using BrokeDick as my vape juice supplier for a few years now, not only is the price awesome the juice is fabulous!! Funny thing is when I first started getting my e-juice from BrokeDick our mail was put in my in-laws mailbox,after the second shipment my mother-in-law asked my wife if I was ordering Porn!! She said what’s he ordering from someone called BrokeDick? I just about feel out I laughed so hard! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a great tasting,cloud bursting experience! Customer service is beyond anything I’ve ever had before, they’ve helped me in more ways than I can count! I’m absolutely a BrokeDick customer for as long as this old body vapes!!

  235. Cody

    I was paying a lot for juice until I found broke dick this juice is great I will be saving a lot of money thanks again broke dick I will be back again

  236. C..J. Williams

    When I first tried it I wasn’t a huge fan, but like every juice good things can happen with age. I let it steep for a few days then gave it another go. It was so smooth and so mellow! I don’t know if it will overtake my all-time fave, Dollar Menu, but it comes in at a close second.

  237. Steven R

    Prepaid and The 1st are freaking banging. Payday is just not my style, though still very good, absolutely nothing wrong with it. The 1st is the first cream that I actually like. And Broke Dick has stupid fast shipping. Thanks guys. Will definitely be ordering more.

  238. David N

    I’ve tried several ejuices from BrokeDick, every one I’ve tried has been stupendous!! What I like about Payday Magnum is that particular taste I like. Cranked up! It’s smooth and clean never harsh or dry, so good that I’ve been getting my subscriptions every month. This is the only company that I’ve dealt with that has shipping as fast as they do! Great juice, Fast shipping, sounds like a win win situation for anyone!!!!

  239. Charles Williams

    Personally I did not like the Bourbon flavor but it’s probably just preference

  240. lee williams

    I love this flavor and it’s even better as a magnum flavor!

  241. Jimmy Jameson

    Fast shipping and nice flavor

  242. Jimmy Jameson

    Fast shipping and great flavor and good priceing

  243. Jimmy Jameson

    Great juice good priceing and great flavor

  244. Brian

    Great juice at a good price love this manum

  245. Robert Hall Jr

    Just plain yummy goodness!! Pure bliss of a flavor..

  246. Indeo Fox

    I will continue to deal with you guy do to it is a good product

  247. Hazel

    By far the best juice company. Inexpensive and quick delivery.

  248. Marissa Carter

    The 1st and Payday are amazing! For me, prepaid is not anything special since it has a much lighter flavor, but I will have no problem finishing the bottle. 🙂 For the price, this is a great deal! Also, these don’t irritate my throat like some other juices have.

  249. Eric McDonald

    Always consistent in great flavor

  250. Judge Stone

    Always loved Payday, but had been vaping another cheap companies juice for a good while but they jacked their prices and shipping cost more than the juice now, so good bye other company and I came back to Broke Dick and this Magnum Payday in a Falcon with the Bamboo Coil is OUTSTANDING!!! I did, please forgive me for swaying for a while from this delectable juice. Just wonderful and brings back memories. Forget tasting like a Buttery Nipple, it makes me want to Butter mine with it.


    First time ordering, love the flavor that pops in your mouth and price can not be beat will definitely be ordering again

  252. Bobby Herrick

    Very good flavors, order every month.

  253. Jan

    I have yet to purchase any juice from BD that I didn’t like. All available flavors are the absolute best. The price is beyond amazing & shipping is extremely fast. You’ll never be disappointed with a purchase from BD.

  254. Angela J Ruszala

    This is the best Vape Juice ever, fantastic price, free shipping, OMG! Unbelievable deal!#!

  255. julie connors

    I used this bottle last from last shipment and it was the first time I used this flavor. It was really really good. The flavor was just perfect. My favorite is lemon cake(dollar menu Name). I would say this comes in after my second favorite of banana cream pie. The flavor is very smooth and was nice to vape compared to my usual two flavors that I have been ordering for a couple years now. I would give it a thumbs up and suggest you try it. I am pretty picky with flavors and I really liked this.

  256. Sheila Hale

    All three are perfect and absolutely worth the money

  257. Tracey Cummings

    Payday Magnun is now the only E-Juice I will buy! Great flavor and aroma….won’t go anywhere else. Thanks!!!

  258. Sheri

    For just a few more pennies these magnum flavors bring you even more deliciousness!! You can’t beat the regular flavors so these are a treat.

  259. Paul Hearn

    Just bought a new Smok RPM160 and put a Magnum juice in it. Just absolutely love the flavors of the Magnum series.

  260. Debbie Leach

    DELICIOUS hint of vanilla and coconut. Smooth and creamy.

  261. Paul E Hearn

    One of my all time favorites. When they say extra flavor, they mean it. Tastes fantastic.

  262. Walter Miller

    This is one of the best tasting, smoothest flavors on the market. I was pleased

  263. Rocky Berry

    Ive made several orders from you all. Always been well Satisfied with the juice as well as the Fast shipping!! I Hope that the shipping ban is will be lifted. If not i would hope that maybe y’all would use a private carrier like FedEx. I believe i had heard that UPS WAS GOING TO VOLUNTARILY FOLLOW SUITE WITH THE BAN ALTHOUGH THEY DONT HAVE TO.
    Anyhow thanks kindly Rocky Berry

  264. Paul Carlberg

    it’s a very well made juice one of Broke’s best IMO it has a faint cinnamon taste on the exhale. It’s a all day vape for strong but not overbearing, I love it thank you Richard. I hope you can still send me these juices walk in shops are now raising their prices, now they are the go to shops, I hope all of this works out or we’ll all be broke dicks.

  265. Joe Medeiros

    Awesome flavor and the price no where like it . Amazing shipping super fast received next day .

  266. Dannie Stewart

    Fast service good juiceThis is about one of the best juice company that is around took a little time for me to recognize that but it is I hope things work out for you guys or you can keep getting us a good juice thank you

  267. Melinda Loveless

    Best juice flavor!

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