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Ask anyone from the ages 6 to 100 and they’ll tell you that pink lemonade is the far superior lemonade. That tiny bit of berry sweetness cuts the lemon tart for a crisp and refreshing drink of a hot summer’s day. We took that front-porch-sitting, chilled-out experience and bottled it up so every hit of this juice feels like a hot summer night.

The key to making a great pink lemonade flavor is to watch the tartness. We went for balance with this one so you get a nice hit of the lemonade at first, but the flavor settles down into the berry after. Give it a try and you might be amazed how fast we ship it to you and how fast you go through it.


  • Lemonade
  • Rasberries
  • More Berries

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 4 × 2 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

83 reviews for Pink Lemonade (120ml)

  1. Candace Roberts

    I absolutely love this juice. I’m a big fan of lemonade flavors but I find alot of other brands taste too artificial.I won this juice on the Live announcement of the flavor but I will definitely be buying more of it and I hope this goes to 120ml bottles. The juice is sweet and tart and the berry flavors are not overpowering the lemon. I didn’t steep, because I couldn’t wait to taste it. I found there was no need to but the .more I vape the better the flavors come though. You got a winner here, Richard!

  2. Chris

    This one is REALLY good. Truly taste like pink lemonade I’ll definitely be buying in 120’s.
    Thanks for producing some quality juice at a great price.

  3. Patrick Clevenger

    Frist try and loved it. Has a good flavor and is an easy all day vape. Not super sweet and has a bit of a tangy taste. Very pleased

  4. Ian Kline

    Pink lemonade is one of my favorite flavors period, I go out to eat and I want pink lemonade, I see candy that’s pink lemonade flavor I get it. The point is that I was skeptical about this put the cool refreshing finish and after taste of this juice is unparalleled hopefully it stays in stock for a long time.

  5. Zayn Mikhael

    This is a good juice. Not too sweet, but good enough for all day. I just wish it was more lemony. Otherwise, great product

  6. James kelly

    Love it! Best lemonade flavor I have found. It’s not too tangy and the sweet rasberry tops it off

  7. logantrousdale

    This is by far my favorite flavor and that’s saying alot this guy knows his shit when it comes to juice! Just wish it didn’t have to go away!

  8. Doug

    Please put in 120. Winner

  9. Cameron

    One I’d definitely like to see in 120ml.
    It has a crisp, tangy flavor with a bit of a bite.
    The only improvement I could see is the addition of some menthol flavoring to give the coolness of a real glass of lemonade.
    An easy every day flavor.

  10. Tina Pettis

    This is really nice! Should come in 120ml and not just limited Edition. I Love it!

  11. Jacob

    Very good flavor. The berry undertones work very well with the citrus of the lemonade. I’d say this is the perfect summer flavor

  12. Amanda

    Just cracked this juice open and vaping my first tank. It’s a winner. I’ve tried every single flavor juice you guys have and it’s my new favorite. Please please please make this into 120ml. I’m not sure what I’m gonna do if this is taken away. It’s simply amazing. Everything about this juice tastes natural the lemons, the berries. Just wow. I’m blown away!!!

  13. Terry Drawbaugh

    Bankroll #9 – Pink Lemonade is very tasty with a pretty great smell.

    Memories of the Wonderful smell and the taste of a tall glass of Pink Lemonade my mom used to make when I was a kid. Can you say ‘Awesome’..!!!

    Seriously this needs / must become available in the 120ml bottles. Just like the Lemon Layered Cake, I’d be buying multiple bottles each time. That said $30.00 for two 60ml bottles to get a normal 120ml bottle amount is a little steep for my taste.

    I tried it, I really love it and I want it to become available in 120ml bottles, just like Lemon Layered Cake. Both flavors are awesome…

    Broke Dick gets a 5-star rating with great pricing, fast shipping and damn great flavoring for a cheap priced e-liquid.

  14. Shawna steward

    Good stuff! Love the flavor!!

  15. Alison Roettenbacher

    It’s the best by far summertime juice. After a long day at work sit down outside with a fresh cold beer and enjoy a cloudtastic taste of this pink lemonade flavor. You instantly get smacked with fresh lemon and berries. It’s not an over powering juice. It is not an all day juice for me. But it’s definitely amazing. I recommend this to anyone who’s a fan of dollar menu.

  16. Brandon Bruce

    Omg this ejuice is amazing by far the best iv ever had I can taste like the sweetness on the inhale and the tart on exhale and it leaves your mouth tasting like as if u just drank a glass of cold pink lemonade deff need this in a 120 mil bottle I’m deff hooked on vaping this juice

  17. Stephanie Roberts

    Within 5 puffs of it being delivered today…. I came back to order another bottle.

    I love in your face flavor levels. Bold and strong. This is perfect as it is already. But could be even better with more flavor.

    Great balls of fiyah…..PLEASE put this on the BOGO list so I can stock up and not kill my bankroll lol.

    Thx for creating another instant adv for me. My other Broke Dick adv is Dollar Menu. Both are delicious! This one may actually surpass my Dollar Menu obsession.

    Thx again!

  18. Brennan Gatewood

    Please Make This a keeper. Its so refreshing and by far my favorite juice from you so far.

  19. benjamin e nankervis

    my new favorite…. was prepaid but now wow

  20. Donna Conner

    Was almost afraid to try this in case it was too tart, but I’m glad I did! A slightly tart and slightly sweet pink lemondade flavor. Very refreshing!

  21. Sam

    First order with and didn’t know what to expect. Holy Jesus, this shit is so good. Perfect lemon, doesn’t taste like furniture polish like some other brands. It is perfect for the summer, it’s light and refreshing and I’m ordering my second bottle. Please make this a permanent flavor

  22. Julie

    I might order this again, but I do enjoy the bankroll line.

  23. Richard Hanlon

    I ordered this juice because I love lemonade and broke dick is my juice of choice….THIS IS THE BEST $@#%ING JUICE I’VE EVER HAD!! please make this a 120ml… it needs to stay!!!

  24. Tahya

    This flavor was amazing. I say was because my husband stole it from me after I had him taste it. It’s a splendid raspberry lemonade that will leave you craving more. Next time I will have to order 2 just so I can have one. I would love to see this one make it to a 120ml because 60ml is just not enough.

  25. Robert

    The best leamonade juice I’ve had

  26. Sam

    One of my favorite juices. My favorite from you

  27. Kandy Dowell

    Very very delicious vape. Taste like summertime. Broke Dick did it again.

  28. Carol Beyea

    Very good lemon.

  29. John Grathwol

    I think this is the first review i have ever written. This is fantastic. It tastes like real lemon!!!! I hope you keep this in a permanent basis.

  30. Kenisdaman

    Vape juice is by far the best. Clean, no coil gunk, flavor, cloud. I have some local faves I gotta support, because I’m an old school vape. But Broke dick juice, all of them but especially Bankroll, is the bestest. You need to make this in 120ml or like a 2 for 1 special or somethin. The #fugginbest

  31. Stephani Adams

    Delicious taste of lemonade . Burns great. Vapes great. Perfect price.

  32. Richard Slagter

    A well balance of all the flavors. This is a really excellent all day vape

  33. Richard Slagter

    Very tasty combination of all the flavors. Have found myself another all day vape

  34. Dawn Nolan

    I like the fruit flavors in this juice. I wasn’t sure but Broke Dicks lemon flavor are spot on so I tried this and really enjoyed it. not an all day vape for me, but I enjoy the change up when I use this juice,

  35. taylor Austin

    The flavor of this lemon had me yellin!! Every aspect of this flavor is on point!! Reminds me of lemonheads on the exhale, really great stuff

  36. Eric G

    Awesome flavor. Hoping this one makes it to 120ml production. Don’t miss out. Buy now

  37. Jack

    This juice needs to be one of there staples it’s the best flavor thay got in my opinion it’s not just my all day vape but my all month vape

  38. Michael Hawk

    I was looking for more ADV juice, and I have found it! Sweet… tart… love it, really bites at the taste buds. Mike Hawk approves this Broke Dick juice lol

  39. Kent Rankin

    I thought, “it’s ok I guess” on my 1st tank, to I really like it on my 2nd. If too tart for you add a dash of orange candy

  40. Rob Rossi

    Dudes I love your juice! Can you PLEASE make a bottle cap that doesn’t leak?? They all leak. Other than that, your stuff is awesome.

  41. Hope Gallant

    The best pink lemonade i have ever had and I have been gaping for 5 years now. Excellent flavor taste like I’m drink a big cold glass of pink lemonade.

  42. Janet Maricle

    My husband loves the juice also

  43. MIKE

    tried it after 2 days. tasted like watermelon. after 5 day steep tastes just like its name. a little too ‘pink’ for all day vape. would like it more tart but very good overall. let it steep for a week for best flavor

  44. Antione Graham

    The electricity that comes with the flavor is awesome.

  45. Johnathon Mcnew

    I never get over how you do it Rich. This juice tastes just like Country Time Pink Lemonade. It’s so juicy and delicious. Thanks man.

  46. PAUL


  47. Starrybell

    As a new vaper I’ve only tried budget friendly companies and I have to say Broke Dick is the best one so far! I’ll be sticking around for awhile. I never tried a lemonade vape before and I have to say this will make it very hard for me to ever try another. The taste is tangy and refreshing, the smell from the exhale is very nice and my family always asks what I’m vaping when they smell it. I mixed it with some orange candy (bankroll #1) to change it up and the flavors marry well together 🙂 Ty again Broke for an awesome budget friendly product.

  48. Jeremy

    Just like momma used to make! Spot on. Tasty…

  49. Kim

    I ordered the pink lemonade and the lemon dollar menu I loved the lemon it’s amazing I wasnt crazy about the pink lemonade but my son loved it so it was a win win I will be ordering again

  50. Nicole Kahrig

    Loooovveeee this!! Tastes amazing.

  51. Scott

    Very good!

  52. Martin Heckard

    This Pink Lemonade is the truth

  53. rich burkhart

    Flavor is ok. Wish this was available in 3mg nic when I ordered.

    Bankroll series is a limited editions and when they are out they are out.
    Richard Broke

  54. Matt Madrid

    The best I’ve had so far! This needs to be on the full time list

  55. Cheryl Dunn

    Great pink lemonade flavor and doesn’t burn my coil! Love it!

  56. Greg

    The only thing I didn’t like about this was how fast I went through it. Guess I have to order more next time.

  57. Big Al

    Nice summer time treat!! Good flavoring!! Thanks dick!

  58. Domonick Lane

    This stuff here is mfin delicious

  59. Dom

    Pink Lemonade is an excellent choice that really captures the flavor profile that the name implies. Judging by the exp date and color, I received a young batch, so keep that in mind. The juice fresh out of the mail was unvapable due to the harshness. That has been vastly improved after steeping and given time to mature. It still has some harshness, but it is reminiscent of how real lemonade has some bite and quickly became one of my favorite aspects of the juice. Lemonade mixes very well with the berry flavor to provide an authentic pink lemonade taste, which with the bite makes for an amazing vape. Pink Lemonade is one of the best Broke Dick offerings and is easily comparable to juice that costs 2+ times as much. This juice is a must buy for anyone who enjoys pink lemonade.

  60. Randy

    Exact pink lemonade flavor! It’s delicious!

  61. Pink Lemonade

    It has a very nice Natural Lemonade taste. Let it Steep, shake it up several times. The flavor gets better with time! My new favorite flavor

  62. Ken

    Love the pink lemonade, mix it with other flavors occasionally but it is great by itself…. it is just awesome.

  63. Christine Farrell

    Like mom use to make. Still little fresh tasting, so I’ll let it steep a bit. Has a lot of potential.


    Love it!

  65. Caitlyn Blair

    It is really fantastic. Get the flavor nicely and I’m using old recycled coils.

  66. Adam

    Starts out strong then levels out to a delicious sweet awesomeness.

  67. Heath Otterstrom

    A refreshing Pink Lemonade flavor

  68. Brian owens

    Best flavor of all of them…a very smooth and delicious flavor.

  69. Drew Gullick

    Definitely packed FULL of FLAVOR!!!

  70. Osias dummar

    This juice taste’s exactly how I want it to,
    It taste like country time canned pink lemonade its dank,
    I doubt it’s the juice but also my tank is having a hard time wicking this juice with a brand new coils so I can only use it at up to 50 watts on a 80 watt coils,
    Overall this is the best broke dick juice I’ve tried I ordered the summer pack but I only liked pre paid and cash advance the other were terrible overall I personally think most juice from broke dick is either trash or I got a bad batch but this pink lemonade changes my whole perspective on broke dick, good job on this juice.

  71. Pink Lemonade

    My dick is only newly broke, so so far I haven’t had a chance to try too many flavors, but this is definitely my fave so far. By God! I tastes just like pink lemonade! The downside is that it tastes SO MUCH like pink lemonade that when I vape a lot, I have to pee too often. It’s weird I tell ya….

  72. Jennifer Johnstone

    This is my favorite juice ever! Tangy lemon with a sweet finish! I hope this gets added to the everyday lineup! I can’t get enough of this flavorful juice that doesn’t burn coils!

  73. Michael Dubinski

    This is IMO the best flavour yet! I’ve been enjoying Prepaid Magnum for a while. If you like that, you will LOVE PINK LEMONADE! Not to sweet, not too tart. Nice balance of flavors. Great job Mr. Broke!

  74. Karen Earls

    It’s so like drinking a glass of it, so true to the flavor

  75. Cody Fields

    This tastes exactly like Pink Lemonade. Not disappointed at all.

  76. Matt Madrid

    Thank you BrokeDick this is a great flavor! More tart than others and more lemonade flavor. Ever considering to do a Magnum of this one? And really great service too!

  77. Matt Madrid

    Could be sweeter but I definitely like this pink lemonade. It seems to be the best I’ve tried from Broke Dick vapes. Could there be a magnum in the future?

  78. Sheri Ciambello

    Love it! Great taste! Exactly what I was looking for!

  79. David

    Once the juice steeped it tasted amazing. I’ve officially switched to Dick. Come out with a just reds flavor, because you do everything better at such a lower price point. Thank you from all us broke folk.

  80. Michael Breen

    Please make this a permanent flavor. This just might be my new favorite

  81. Brianna Moore

    The 2 products i have tried are amazing keep up the good work.

  82. Kenneth Hesse

    I like acidic juice

  83. Tevin Brown

    This has a great smell and tastes even better! Not sure why the juice is so dark in color, but I don’t care lol. This will definitely be my go-to flavor!

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