PrePaid – Berry Blast (120ml)

PrePaid – Berry Blast (120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(615 customer reviews)

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Prepaid like the burner phone that always comes in clutch. This is a go-to juice for those days when you don’t know what to load in the tank. Fruity, but not too sweet, Prepaid is like a tropical paradise on your vape break at work.

Boss being a jerk? Doesn’t matter when you have the flavors of Blueberries, Strawberries, Raspberries and luscious Watermelon doing a conga line on your taste buds. Take a load off and upgrade to the Magnum if you want even bigger flavor!



  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon 
  • and a Little Magic

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

615 reviews for PrePaid – Berry Blast (120ml)

  1. Jeremy W

    Flavor for days!

  2. Matt ODonnell

    These juices are absolutely amazing! The key lime pie flavor is perfection at its finest! The adult milkshake will be loved by all who enjoy a dessert-flavored bourbon! The Strawberries and cream flavor packs some seriously delicious flavor, yet is not overwhelming like many comparable juices! The mixed berry flavor has a bit of a surprise with the cool mint aftertaste, but overall is absolutely amazing, especially throwing in the watermelon flavor to compliment the assortment of mixed berries. Finally, the banana cream pie is exceptional! It doesnt have too much of either flavor overpowering it, so bananas, cream, and maybe some peanut butter? 5 stars all around for this juice! I personally dont think I will every buy juice from anywhere else!

  3. mike hill

    very good juice has lots flaver. ordered the 120mill and get 1 only recived 1 120ml bottLE. STILL ITS A GOOD JUICE

    On every product it clearly states you can Mix & Match. BOGO only works if you put 2 in your cart.

    Richard Broke

  4. James Y

    These guys can make some juice!

  5. Dancer

    This one has the best Flavor that I have tried from Broke Dick. I will buy this one again.

  6. Sherrie Lehman

    All I Can Say is awesome, decently will be trying other flavors. Thank you Brokedick

  7. Brian Ceriani

    gd , but suttle . Needs a lil more flavor ,but all aound gd vape !

  8. Alec

    Love the watermelon taste and the amount of juice can’t be beat expecially cut I got another free with the 2 for 22 and some change probably gonna be my new go to source to purchase E-liquid

  9. Chris Hernandez

    Love this juice, great all day vape for me. Do I sense a bit of menthol?

    Its not menthol but we did just touch it with mint (touch of magic) it opens up your pallet and makes all the flavors sparkles.

    Richard Broke

  10. Ron Berst

    Out of the 5 pack I enjoyed the (Prepaid, Payday) Prepaid is berries an more berries excellent inhale an exhale nothing but intense flavor coming off my (RHX) and the flavor keeps coming, the same with Payday the Bourbon takes my breath away every hit, silky smooth hit Love it.

  11. Anthony Sinatra

    To me on first vape got some mean throat hits. I figured it tasted a bit like a Tart-Berry Yogurt. After reading some reviews it is definitely the Mint that gave me that idea. The more I vape on this juice the more I appreciate the flavors of all the berries with the juicy watermelon and a hint of that mint. 100% Recommend even though if it wasn’t my favorite.

  12. Lauren Meredith-Jones

    This is one of the best ejuices I have ever had! It’s crisp and refreshing with a slight cooling effect but not menthol-y. I have vaped this non-stop for a week! I love it and highly recommend it to anyone who asks.

  13. Brandon Adkins

    This is hands down the best fruit blend liquid on the market. I have tried so many others that say they are a fruit blend. This my friend’s tastes just like sucking down a fresh smoothie. Get this, you will love it!

  14. Drew

    Thanks Richard!

  15. Scott

    I was skeptical about how this would be. I’m not a fan of mint in my juice.. this has a strong fruit flavor and I dont even taste mint.

    Its is just a enough to make the fruits jump. Most would never even know if you didn’t tell them.

    Richard Broke

  16. James Y.

    By all means this is no knock on Broke Dick Juice or this flavor. Just my updated review. I have purchased 5 bottles of this juice. So, I am satisfied. I’m now giving it 4 stars because of the mint. I’m not much for mint or menthol (there is no menthol in this juice). Mint is the added touch of magic. Here’s my problem with it. Be it that it’s still good. The longer it steeps. The more minty it becomes. The more minty it becomes, the less you taste any of the fruit. I bought Mixed Berry Blast for the Berry Blast. Not the mint. I understand mint is supposed to “open the pallet”. But, it kills the fruit flavor.

  17. Bob

    Don’t be a douche like Drew . It’s good juice for the money

  18. Bill F

    I decided to give the sampler 5 pack a try. So far I have tried Payday and Prepaid. They are extremely well flavored. I have bought discount juice before but it tasted like discount juice. This is not the case with Broke Dick.

  19. William neustel

    I order this at 11 pm Friday night and received it Monday morning in rural North Dakota that is amazing. to vape first they are all first class today cash advance is my fav but I really like the hint of peanut butter in the 15 th

  20. mike

    not an all day but none the less good flavor

  21. Hazozita

    This is a very refreshing combo of mostly berries with a little watermelon. The melon is in the background, with the berries the up-front taste. It has just a little mint in it that really wakes up the flavor without it being too minty/cooling. Excellent balance of flavors.

  22. Janessa Liskovec

    Simply WOW, the flavor of this Berry mix is Awesome,, The slight mint is nothing compared to the Full Berry juice flavor so don’t be discouraged by it,,, This Juice is Definitely an ALL DAY VAPE juice,,, Great job Broke Dick. I will be ordering more Soon 😀

  23. Booty Hammer

    Good juice at a great price, tastes good and has a heftly throat hit making this 3 nic feel like triple, but you get use to it. My biggest gripe is how long it took to post this review, something seems fucky with the site when you want to post one. Hopefully you restock your inventory so i can try the other flavors i want.

  24. Daivd

    I decided to give the fruit 5 pack a try. They are extremely flavor full and spot on. Don’t let the discount price fool you this is Great Juice. Customer 4 Life! #Richard for President 2020



  26. Smitty

    what’s not to Love? I had given an incorrect address and before I could e-mail the correction it was packed for shipping and their shipping system already made the correction. Just loaded up Prepaid Mixed Berry Blast into a new build and loving it. I’ll be back for more.

  27. Michael

    My favorite flavors have always been the fruity ones so I figured I would try Broke Dick out and get this flavor and another for the cheap price. Prepaid is easily top 3 of my favorite juices that I’ve ever had. Let me cousin try it out, he’s not much of a fruit guy and he liked it so much that he ordered a bottle for himself.

  28. Shanika Garrett

    First I placed the wrong zip code on my order and it was fixed without any hesitation from you. Then I get the juice and it is the most amazing flavorful juice I have ever tried in my life. Why am I just now finding this place. Why have you been hiding so long from me. Whhyyyyyy. Ok sorry I think the juice has me emotional from the goodness of the flavor. THANK YOU FOR THIS GOODNESS. IM YOUR FAITHFUL CUSTOMER NOW.

  29. Kyle

    I received my bottle for “free”it was only a penny, and paid shipping, so I got 120ML of great tasting e-liquid for $7.40 and it was 2-day shipping, it’s amazing, I’ll probably be shopping exclusively from with website, the prices are too good not to

  30. Ethan H

    I’m pretty new to vaping but have spent a lot of time on the internet looking for deals on prices and without a shadow of a doubt this is the best site. I went to a shop and they tried to get me to pay $30 for 30mL… you truly understand business, I will be coming here for all my ejuice purchases. Keep up the good work Dick.

  31. Chad

    Just got my dicks in the mail.. Wasn’t sure what to expect which is a lot of the fun.. Straight into the Pre-Paid. It is soooooo good once i found the peak for me.. I am vaping it at 55watts in my Alien 220 and all the flavor started coming out. So delicious. I have a new fav. Keep up the great work and again think something grape drankish.. Thinkin you could call it Dumpster Divin.

  32. Mitch

    So, I received this just a few days ago. I have to say, for an 11$ 120ml it is pretty damn good. Thankfully, I’m not a broke dick. I’m a stable dick. So I definitely have had my share of “Premium” flavors, ans I still think that this is close to Aqua – Flow, Oasis and Pure. Almost as good to the point where I’d spend $22 for just 1 bottle. And please Dick, don’t raise the prices 😉 I must say I threw some sweetener in there, and it made it even better. Not only is it a fruity vape, but now a sweet fruity vape. Thought about adding some cream as well. Dick, make sweetener shots an option! Just about 2% Sucralose and it will be a freaking sweet fruity vape. I’m a fan of sugary juices and sugary spitback. Working at a WetVapes in Western New York, I get a ton of people asking for something sweet. I think making that an option would benefit you greatly. Just a suggestion, but it’s great as it is now. Thanks!

  33. Carlos Pinzon

    Remember when your mom told you “when something sounds too good to be true, it probably is”. Well the next time she tells you that shit, slap her in the face and tell her to try some broke dick. This ain’t your daddy’s broke dick, this is Richard’s broke dick and it is amazing! I’m not going to sit here and try and sound fancy as to the breakdown of the juices. You want good stuff? This is it! Remember the feeling when you bought your first used car and you thought you hustled the salesman because he threw in the little tree air freshener at no extra cost? That’s what it feels like when you pay $55 for 600 ml’s of premium juice. I’ve already contacted my lawyer as to the legalities of Richard not putting a disclaimer on the bottle as to the addictiveness of his product. Addictiveness isn’t a word you say? It is now. Truth be told I’ll probably settle out of court for a bottle or two of Cash Advance. If your still reading this crap, Stop wasting time and go order some juice. Happy Vaping!

  34. Laz

    I looked at my wallet after buying an absurd amount of juice for $55…that wasn’t broke
    I looked at my $30 mod, that wasn’t broke…but can use an upgrade
    I looked at my computer screen to double check the price, that wasn’t broke
    My tastebuds after trying the desert sample pack was definitely broke!
    The whole sampler pack was AMAZING!
    Stop double guessing and give the whole sampler pack a shot, you’re going to spend the money anyways, might as well get something you are going to enjoy!

  35. Michael

    So just received my vape mail today. 3 days before expected which is awesome especially since I’m across the North border. Just put my first tank in minutes ago and already refilling. Delish watermelon mixed with many ripe berries. This juice is an all day vape for sure and I will definitely be ordering more when I get through these bottles. Wouldnt mind seeing an grape-apple type added to the selection though 😉 Love the quality of your juice! Keep up the great work with bringing good juice and easily affordable prices! Thanks Dick!

  36. Joshua Warner

    Been looking for a place like this with incredible deals and even more incredible flavors! Prepaid so far is my favorite. I just I… Love it! Not even done with a whole bottle yet and came crawling back for more. Just ordered the 1st and payday and I’m hoping they are as great as prepaid is! Amazing job Broke Dick!

  37. Cameron adam naquin

    So I just received this amazing juice today I have a few buddies that vape and there all into these $30 for 10ml they were cracking jokes about it and I was like “yo let me see yours and i will let you try mine was vaping payday and he was like na cheap juices burn your throat i to him to shut up and just suck on this broke dick after a few good pulls he is hooked on this broke dick the only juice iv had so far thats name is funny and it saves you money i would honestly put this above house juices and into premium juices if I’m out of lime tell me but if been through bomb sauce and suicide bunny this for $11 A 120ml $69 for a premium 120ml………… 600ml for $55 guess what I’m gonna be sucking on broke dick for awhile.

  38. Rachel

    Thanks for making your juice so enjoyable. I can see it becoming an all day gig for me. Of course I plan on ordering this, and more if not all. Im looking forward to your new flavor that you promote on your FB page. I feel I made the right choice to switching to Broke Dick!

  39. Karen L.

    This is my favorite out of the five juices I ordered. They are all very good but this fits my fruit profile perfectly. Lots of fruity goodness, sweet but not too sweet. Even a little tanginess the way real fruit tastes. Will be ordering another bottle pretty soon as this one is almost gone.

  40. Derek

    Very nice! Helluva lot better than what I expected for the price! For sure a watermelon on inhale followed by a release of berry on exhale. Going to have to order some more of this fruity goodness.

  41. Donovan Melancon

    I’ve done the research and got nothing but great reviews. Nothing but praise to broke dick. What did the hooker say to the cop ain’t no broke dick here officer 55 for 600ml of juice you should call yourself insane broke dick. I’m a chef of 26 years I’m definitely going to promote all your juice to my chef buddies keep on being a broke dick

  42. Tanner Bowman

    Won a bottle for a penny and only had to pay for shipping, ordered 0 nic and made it 1.5mg, tastes and smells just like a baby bottle pop! Awesome

  43. Jason D

    This was my first order from this company and I was astonished at how fast I received it. Flavor was great right out of the package and it only got better after a week. Fruity and slightly sweet with great vapor production. I have already had several friends try it and place orders.

  44. Michael

    This mixed berry juice is spot on. Very flavorful, plenty of flavors to keep each drag different. Love it sooo much!!!

  45. Ron

    Still one of the best tasting, ALL DAY VAPES” I’ve found. Been using for months now with no complaint or plans to change. Price is fantastic! Thanks Dick, for not going limp over time!

  46. Paul Nowotny

    I have tried almost all the flavors offered by Richard and they are both a great value and good clean taste…You can pick what interests you and won’t be disappointed

  47. Bill

    When I think about the money I spent for a certain monthly service (49.95) to receive a total of 110 ml’s
    and…. and…and… sigh.
    For the same money 550 ml’s of some of the best juice on the market no brainer! from now on i’m a Broke Dick kinda’ guy.

  48. Anthony

    Prepaid is a very good juice. It’s very smooth definitely my new all day Vape.

  49. Joshua Chambers

    I worked for a local vape shop making 100+ flavors for a few years. My flavors are great, but what I hated is the 1000% price markup. This juice matches my quality and is sold at an amazing price. 120ml at my shop is 60 fucking bucks. I can tell these guys truly are vaping advocates based on their price and quality along with the blogs they have. Much respect goes out to the broke dick team. Just clear your browser history after visiting the site. I had some fuckin hilarious conversations after my lady saw

  50. Lee

    Wow….stumbled across Broke Dick online, and took a chance…glad i did. This PrePaid is fantastic…watermelon up front, finishing with some mixed berries. If you are looking for a full flavor, mixed berry juice…this is it. Cant best the price and shipping was incredibly fast….

    Thanks, Richard!

  51. Kerry Hutnick

    I had this steeping for awhile although I did try it when I first got it. It is really quite flavorful and the cloud production is awesome. I do not feel that this is any different from any other premium liquid on the market and you should definitely go try it out. The blend of blueberries, watermelon, strawberries and raspberries is just perfect! My next taste will be Water Bowl however I want to try the New New!

    It’s “Water Cup”… as in going to McD’s and getting a water cup and filling it with Sprite. “Water Bowl” is just weird!

    Richard Broke

  52. Ricky Vong

    This juice is delicious!
    Smells super pungent in a great assortment of fruits!
    And I’m gonna guess that the magic is mango haha

  53. Amy krummich

    Keep up the good work! I’ve been telling everyone I know to quit smoking and Vape! And order through broke dick!

  54. Eduardo

    Great flavor quik delivery. Super affordable

  55. David Estep

    All 5 flavors were spectacular, I personally enjoyed the the 15th. But all 5 juices we amazing

  56. Todd Whitehouse

    This is one of my favorite e juices from Broke Dick. Once it sits for a week or two. Just make sure you order ahead of time. It’s not bad straight out of the box but so much better once it steeps. All in all can’t beat it for the price and it is good quality e juice.

  57. Joseph leger

    Great value and flavors are great its the best vape e-juice deal around

  58. Charles Stephens

    I first discovered the flavor from my buddy and I bought Pre Paid for my self. After I received it I’ve been instantly sharing it. It’s such a great flavor and cheap. I even laughed at the shipping and return policy on how honest they we’re that I thought it was great. Great product.

  59. James

    Good stuff started out skeptical but now love the stuff!

  60. Andrew

    Has a great flavor that isn’t overpowering at all. I’m not a huge berry loving person but this is quite nice and an all day vape e juice. The only criticism I have is that it could be just a tad sweeter but that is my own personal taste. Don’t hesitate to pick this up!

  61. Chris Tagg

    I bought five pack plus one I’ve only tried the 1st I’m hooked amazing flavor e juice awesome vape production I’m loving it

  62. Mike Cummings

    This is top shelf taste at broke dick price. Great watermelon inhale and berry exhale. Like the title says if you don’t try it you’ve got shit for brains.

  63. Harry

    The best berry flavor ejuice I have ever bought. I am vaping it in my Modfather with a .27ohm dual coil on my Wismec RX300. Definite main staple. Awesome e-juice guys. Thanks Man!

  64. Steven

    What an amazing blast of flavor, and you can’t beat the price with a hammer!!! Lol. Lovin the inhale of berries, on the exhale, the melon and berries marry into a nice almost sweetart”esque” hint , that’s what I’m getting. Oh I’ll be back, I went thr

  65. Jimmie Sanchez

    absolutely best fruit flavor. I have tried many of the broke dick flavors and by far this is my favorite. Clean taste and very tasteful watermelon and strawberry. Will be a customer for a very long time.

  66. Roger

    Love this juice. Great melon flavor. All day vape for me.

  67. Cj

    This e juice is great hey taste really really good so I will be ordering from you guys again and I also have friends there will be two thank you very much

  68. Sherrie Bratcher

    I’m much more than satisfied I’m strawberries and cream! I am so so grateful 2 broke dick for this site and for the juice cheap juice I was spending almost a hundred fifty bucks a month on juice it was ridiculous and I found this site and I am just over the moon grateful.! I LOVE ALL THE FLAVORS,..I was one of the 200 who had the chance to get a sample of the(soon to be new) flavor,OVERFRAFT, enjoyed it too!And as far as the shipping and goes I have never had such great shipping as I have with this company! I ordered

  69. Jon S.

    This is my second time ordering and just as impressed by the quality for the price. For less than the price of a 120ml bottle locally, I can get 600ml of the same quality. Yes I’m real, and do not usually take the time to review things, it’s really that good. I’ve turned my brother, his wife and a few guys from work onto Broke Dicks.

  70. Mike Mosley

    Best ever thank YOU

  71. Melissa smith

    I love this juice. The watermelon and strawberries flavor is great. Best one I’ve found so far. I would highly recommend buying this juice. It’s a high quality juice at a cheap price!!!!

  72. Harry Bowell

    I am a real picky person when it comes to what I vape and it is very rare when I can say that I like every flavor that I get in a 5pack of juice, but this is primo ejuice at a honest price. A must purchase deal. You will not be sorry. Great job broke dick. You guys rock!

  73. john boccaleri

    great price for a lot of good juice

  74. Bill

    One of the best juice companies o have tried flavors are awesome and the price is perfect for us broke dicks

  75. Edward Fletcher

    This is my favorite fruit flavored vape I’ve had to date. the blend is perfect very smooth and perfect for a everyday vape which it is for me. It’s not overpowering and all the flavors work very well together. It’s almost like the flavor changes with every hit and letting it steep makes it even more mind blowing.

  76. Maranda Miller

    I’ve ordered before and came back to this one this is the best one by far!

  77. Walker Lapinet

    I recently found the site and thought, why not go for a 5 pack at once, it’s so cheap? And believe me all, it was the best decision ever! I used a 2nd forward courier cause I live in Punts Cana, DR. and therefore pay more to get the pack here. I’m the happiest vaper right now! I’ll keep hiting reorder Broke Dick team. I love the juices, awesome creation at this price and from now on I’ll keep buying here. Would like to taste the new Overdraft though. The shipment was sent within the same day, super fast work. Don’t change ever guys!

  78. Tessa Buttram

    Tastes very tropical. I would swear there was some pineapple in there.

  79. April Mansfield

    I have already recommended your ejuice to my friends. I absolutely LOVE it! Perfectly blended taste of the fruits I love. I provided a 5 star rating for this & the 1st, only because I can’t choose a higher rating! In all honesty, I am really glad that I ordered from you, because now I found ejuice that I like @ a price that I can afford. I will definitely be ordering more!!

  80. Adam Glenn

    I was sceptical at first because the price…but after buying I couldn’t be happier. I love every flavor out of the stimulus package,I couldn’t pick a favorite I enjoy all of them so 5 out of 5 for broke dick. And I will be return customer. The only complaint I could have is the key lime pie flavour was amazing but after a day vaping it something in it irritated my throat(could be the lime)but switched for a day and i could vape for another day. But for the price it’s a steal!

  81. Kayden Petersen-Craig

    Love all 5! Strawberries and cream is my fav! Good flavors and great clouds.

  82. Laurinda

    Best flavor thanks

  83. Robert

    Great juice with an awesome price

  84. Greg Skipton

    This juice is very fruity, if you’re in to the fruity juices then this is the one for you!

  85. Mike goss

    this has an awesome berry flavor but, again im not crazy about the cooling effect. flavor is phenomenal though. another flavor i would kill to have the coolness removed but i see why other people like it.

  86. Prepaid

    Really a strong fruit flavor. Nothing else. By far the fruitiest juice I have ever had and I have had a lot. Insane. Would and will buy again!!!

  87. Lucky

    Great flavor great price great shipping time thanks

  88. brandon ayers

    this is some really good juice. I was worried about the menthol. It aint menthol cause i love this and hate menthol, its good whatever you call it dont worry. whats up with price you go up $1 and charge shipping now?

  89. Chris

    I put this in my TF V8 Cloud Beast and smog a whole room.

  90. john ables

    figured this stuff was gonna be good based on other peoples reviews
    however it taste like total shit even after steeping for several days one and only time i make a purchase of this shit i tossed it in the trash seemed every flavor was extreme menthol except the 15 witch was total ass

  91. Mike goss

    first off this is a great deal. when i first got the juice i didnt much care for the menthol cooling effect a lot of the juices have (not a menthol fan) but after shaking and breathing them a few days it wasnt so in your face and the flavors started coming through nicely. so far im really digging the banana and the wild berry. quality juice for the price. will order again.

  92. Kyle

    All the flavors are spot on!! My all time favorites are Water Cup and the 15th.. Great job, and you bet I will definitely be back for more!! Thanks Richard Broke for the best juice I have ever vaped!!

  93. Wayne W.

    This juice is fantastic. I’m a strawberry lover first and foremost, but I really enjoyed all the flavors in the 5-pack. Even the key lime pie (which I normally hate) was amazing. The strawberries and cream is the creamiest juice I’ve ever tried. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this juice. I will definitely be ordering more.

  94. Michael Methot

    My only complaint is I thought you didn’t include extra shit to keep costs down, and I open the package thinking I got a free bottle for my first order or something. Was mildly disappointed.

    The juice though? All 5 flavors? Stellar. The 15th, holy crap, I never thought I would get an authentic peanut butter and banana vape. Abso-fucking-lutely nailed it. Shipping was spot on, package properly marked so it breezed through customs.

    Tell me why there were two skinny bottles for the Payday and Cash Advance, and then two of the normal bottles you see in all the pictures on your site. Please tell me, Dick, it’s all I can think about the past 36 hours, and I can’t figure out any logical reason for this.

    For reals man, tell me or I won’t order again. ^^^(Does anyone believe this?)

  95. Michael Methot

    So I failed to mention in my previous review that by skinny bottles, I didn’t mean I got a couple of free Gorilla bottles. That would have been cool. I got two 120ml tall skinny bottles, full of awesome juice, and then two of the fat 120 bottles, appropriately labeled for the juice that was in the skinnys(real word?). WTF? Why?

    Dick, I know you see this stuff. I’m seriously not ordering anymore until I get a reply. There’s absolutely nothing in my cart. No Overdraft, no Water Cup, nothing. Why do I have my credit card out? Amazon. What, you calling me a liar? Oh, you’re saying I made an order, are you? Lies, all lies. Not a damn thing I will purchase until I get an explanation.

    P.S. I just want two bottles full of juice. No more, no less. That is, if I order again. Which I won’t, till you explain yourself. Stop wasting plastic. I have two 120 skinnys(this a word yet?) in the recycling. Such a shame. They’re really nice bottles, but I have no use for them at all. I tried giving them away. No one wanted them. Fools. They still had a few drops of magical, aromatic elixir in them.

  96. Glenda McFarland

    Seriously my husband has been using the stinkest vape juice ever. Now that we are not smoking and only vaping what he was using before would make you gag! Bought him this and bam! He loves it and it is reasonable along with the house smells like watermelon with a hint of blueberry. Thanks Broke dick for keeping me from gagging! LOL

  97. Paul N

    This is my favorite of Richards blends and even my non smoker friends say they like the smell of the expelled vapors…Always my go to

  98. Ryan Boucher

    Right out of the bottle it seemed a tiny bit harsh but after breathing it for a little while it smoothed right out. I diddnt get any one flavor standing out it was just a light mix of berries. It seemed a little more airy than an sweet. I’m not sure if it would benefit for steeping but I’m going to give it a while and see what that does. (Do you suggest any steeping?) Don’t get me wrong it’s good as is but I want to see if it can get any better.. Thanks to everyone at BD.

    Let that thing breath for a day or two and it gets even better. I also leave it in the glove box for about 4 hours (morning going to work and get it at lunch) and still gets better. FYI no more then 6 hours and not hotter then 109. Nic start to break down. Sound like a BROKE DICK TIP to me.
    Richard Broke

  99. Elliot

    I purchased a couple Broke Dick juices a few months back and I didn’t really care for them. The nicotine seemed overly harsh. I recently decided to give them another chance and I am so happy I did. I ordered Prepaid and the 15th and both juices are excellent. Prepaid might be in my top 5 juices and the 15th is definitely one of the best banana vapes I’ve had. I don’t know if you guys started using better quality nic or what, but these two juices taste immensely better than the previous two I got. Keep up the good work!

    We only use the best of every ingredient, but we listen to our customers and switched to a smoother nic. For all you guys that like that throat hit…. well sorry.

    Richard Broke

  100. Los

    Top of the line ejuice!…and the price just makes it all the better..

  101. Michael rose

    Wow is all u can say. 10 stars if I could just an amazing flavor. All day vape

  102. Robbie

    I was worried at first I wouldn’t like a juice such as this but so far it’s the best juice I’ve bought.

  103. Adam Smith

    I’m very impressed with this juice!

  104. Traci R.

    Juicy as can be and a delicious satisfying vape! Great balance of flavor and I’ll be back for more real soon. Thanks! Well crafted!!!

  105. Diane Moran

    Love Love Love this juice! First juice I could actually taste the watermelon and strawberry in. Great clouds, friggin awesome taste. This is right up there with Payday for me. Both of which I’ve just reordered.

  106. Stephen Lindorff

    Order was easy and it is a great deal to bogo!!! Shipping was also increadably fast seeing as how it came from Florida to Washington state in 3 days!!! The flavor of this one is very fruity and I find it to be quite pleasant.. although as you try to figure out what the flavors are on the website it can be confusing on any of the companies flavors… as I said though I found this particular flavor to be quite pleasant and plan on trying other flavors in the future… again as I said with the buy one get one deal they have going on it ends up being an incredible deal to buy their products

  107. Gabriel Turner

    Broke Dick’s eliquids are a a steal for the price. I ordered the PrePaid not expecting much because of the price but I was completely wrong. This stuff is AMaZING! I’m not much of a fan of fruity flavors but I thought I would try this on a whim. Im really glad I did. The quality is superb and the flavor is great. It tastes to me like watermelon bubble yum with a hint of strawberry. Try it, you wont be disappointed. And the sweetness is perfect. I dont like really sweet overpowering juices and this one is spot on perfect. Great job Broke Dick

  108. Todd Blum

    Title says it all

  109. Yvonne Lund

    Luv luv luv!!! best watermelon i’ve found!!!

  110. Travis Houck

    The flavor description for this juice is spot on. So many berry flavors in this juice that it gives it quite the punch to your taste buds. Highly Recommend!

  111. Paul

    I had originally bought 2 bottles of Prepaid (3mg) last month and was blown away by the amazing flavor, soft nicotine hit, and overall quality of the juice, especially coming from a juice of this price. Needless to say, those 2 bottles did not last long, and I have just recently purchased 4 more. Prepaid is one of the best tropical/fruity juices I have ever tried, and THE best juice for this value I have ever found. I look forward to trying additional flavors in the future.

  112. Michael Miles

    Examples of what a F*ggin Awesome juice should cost “&” taste p.e.r.i.o.d.

  113. Dominic Drury

    This juice is the best ive had in a long time and the price is legitimately the best I’ve ever seen. This was my first purchase and I’ve been won over as a lifetime customer. Get this juice, it is amazing.

  114. vicki

    love this juice, you can’t go wrong!

  115. Chris

    By far the best cheap vape on market even better then some of the expensive stuff the person talking about extreme menthol must have been vaping extreme menthol there is no menthol taste to any of these it’s a hater of the best

  116. Terry Drawbaugh

    I was skeptical when I saw Broke Dick e-Liquid advertisements of 2-120ml bottles for $22.00. I have been stung so many times before buying cheap e-liquid that sucked and most times throwing it away because it just tasted so nasty I could not vape it.

    I pondered about it for several days, read all of the great reviews about Broke Dick e-liquids and wondered will this be another nasty cheap e-liquid who many reviewers said was really good; yea maybe to them but sucked for me.

    A couple more days went by and I saw Broke Dick was running a special ‘Buy 2-120ml bottles $22.00 and get a third bottle for $11.00 more; I said what the hell and went for it.

    Damn was I surprised; Dick’s Prepaid juice is Amazing, Succulent, Sweet and Tasty with wonderful flavors of watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry and I swear I tasted pineapple too. There is NO chemical or weird taste, just pure goodness….

    I ordered Prepaid, The 1st and Payday with 3mg of nicotine.

    This review is only for Prepaid as I have not tried the others yet. I always leave my e-liquids steep, maybe months and the steeping time varies before I do try them. Prepaid is a 70VG/30PG mix.

    I vaped Prepaid on an Aspire Atlantis Mega Tank with a new 0.5ohm Kanthal coil and a new Kangertech Dripbox 2 with a 0.33ohm. Yes the Dripbox had its cherry broke by Dick…

    Each provided a real satisfying vape experience with outstanding sweet flavor, taste and clouds. I enjoy a cooler vape. I vaped on Power mode and found my sweet spot for the Mega to be 30W and the Dripbox to be 40W.

    Broke Dick gets a 5-star rating with great pricing, fast shipping and damn great flavoring for a cheap priced e-liquid. Once I try The 1st and Payday I will review them but most importantly I will be ordering from Broke Dick again.

    I almost didn’t try this juice but I’m so glad I did.

    Over-all rating is 5-stars.

  117. William Jean

    Not only are the juice lines hilarious, they are delicious! I was thoroughly impressed with the flavors and even more so with the customer interaction. I’ll be a customer for life. If you’re on the fence, bite the bullet, you wont regret it!

  118. Nancy Diryawish


  119. Justin

    This is the best e juice I have tried hands down, my adv. I am glad I found this company I was using another company that had decent juice but shipping was awful, so I turned to Reddit to find another cheap juice source and I hit paydirt

  120. Toby

    I’m vaping this right now, definitely good all day vape. its a good mix of berrys and watermelon. i also like how the watermelon flavor doesn’t taste like candy… good stuff check this out .

  121. christopher

    Awesome flavor. Nothing overpowering. an ADV for me!

  122. Bryan

    I’ve been vaping the prepaid a lot it’s very refreshing but I wish you guys had a 80vg/20pg version though but that’s just my preference

  123. Dave

    Excellent x 5. All five flavors are on point. Well balanced and great vape. I’ve already converted two friends to Broke Dick and expect to earn even more referral rewards. I was skeptical but now I’m a promoter. Thanks for the great, cheap vape sauce Dick!!

  124. David

    Great juice great price

  125. Tina

    The juices are amazing… great flavor at an unbelievable price. Will definitely be ordering from you guys from now on!

  126. Dylan

    Purchased because of good reviews and hilarious name. No regrets at all. Great “e juice” at a even better price

  127. Michelle Swift

    I was impressed that I could get 5 good sized bottles for $58. My husband and I both vape, so we go through a bit of e juice. I expected to like the key lime and banana the best, but there’s something about them I don’t like so much. I’m hoping that steeping them will help. The strawberries and cream has a bit of a menthol flavor that I’m not pumped about. It’s not my thing… I really like the vanilla bourbon and mixed berries. I’ll absolutely be ordering them again solo.

    You need let them breathe and both 1st and Cash Advance get amazing.

    Richard Broke

  128. Jacob Hanebuth

    I have tried all of the Broke Dick vapes now and I would have to day if you like a fruit vape this one is for you get a great taste of watermelon and strawberries taste lingers from inhale to exhale, I am not much for the crème vapes but this one and the watercup takes the cake. Broke Dick has found a new customer for life. Only place where you can find 120ml and free shipping for 22 bucks. if you don’t buy here your crazy.

  129. DaleBaker

    Great product great clouds . Best e juice hands down.

  130. Josh Blake sr

    It came to the house when they said it would and the bottles are amazing and so is the flavor is spot on

  131. Kevin

    First time buying juice from here and I took a gamble with the 5 pack the flavors in it were good except for the water cup it tasted a little weird and it’s not something I can cape on often but the rest were great which was why I have it 4 stars

  132. DaleBaker

    Great eat juice I’ve ever tried. Thanks broke dick

  133. Mike Latham

    Ive been absolutely praising Broke Dick on Twitter and to all my vaping friends because it really is extremely high quality e liquid that just tastes through the roof amazing. Now onto the Prepaid. I mostly get the watermelon and strawberry and the fruity flavor is incredibly tasty and leaves a lingering aftertaste that I never want to go away. It is simply the best fruit vape I have ever experienced. As long as Broke Dick is around he has secured a loyal customer. Ive never been so impressed by a flavor in all my years vaping.

  134. Richard Fava

    Good stuff it’s very summery very fruitty I have the whole line of juices now there all good payday is bye far my favorite but there all worth more then we paid for them so thank u mr.broke

  135. Cliff

    This juice is just awesome,keep up the good work

  136. Jeff

    absolutely the best

  137. Dustin

    For the price this is the best juice I have had! Pure fruity!

  138. James

    Its like an Angel peed in my mouth! Soo good you should buy some and give them an extra 20 just for being awesome!

  139. Mac

    Good all day Vape. Love the new bottles. My wife however is a little upset with the absence of the funny card which she claims is the only reason she lets me order

  140. Misty Siefker

    I was Leary of trying this juice because it is so cheap but we absolutely love all the flavors, will definitely order more!

  141. Gerald schoeffler

    This e juice is my second favorite. The flavor is cool and sweet, but not too sweet. Great as an all day vape.

  142. John

    Usually only vape desserts and I occasionally hit some fruits and sweeter Ejuices. But this flavor has changed that drastically and now it’s one of my all day VAPES!


    Wow!! Love the e juice and the price!! Fast service. I wouldn’t order from anywhere else!!

  144. Wade Matthews

    Got a bottle and gave one to my nephew he just loved the great fruit flavor and totally agrees with my assessment

  145. Brett Frye

    What a great deal !!! I enjoy every flavor ….I don’t even like bananas, but the juice is awesome !! I will be back to reorder for sure !!

  146. Awesomeness

    Love the e-juice and the new bottles are nice!

  147. Justin

    Great e juice cheap price

  148. Michael Miles

    a run for their money.

  149. William Schwartz

    This was seriously some awesome e juice for a super awesome price. 600ml total for $60. I love the juice and will gladly get more. I would love to see some more flavors out too.

  150. John Galvin

    They are all great not a big fan of the water cup doesn’t taste like my mom’s Kool aid any way. Love the prepaid an the 1st.☘️ Thanks Dick fir the great e juice an supafast delivery



  152. Todd

    First off I never write a review for any products, but I had to for Broke Dick. This is by far the best e juice I’ve ever tried. So much flavor it’s delicious. I’ve found my new vape e juice company from now on. You have repeat customer for sure. Everybody at Broke Dick keep up the great work. Love the company name btw

  153. Garrett Queen

    I must say for the price and the volume of e juice I bought I will say it is well worth it a lot of these e-juice companies are a money pit in a half I must say I see broke dicks vision to make it affordable on any budget and the Flavor is on point as well as the nicotine I will continue to do business with him due to how great the flavor is and price I would say it’s an instacop

  154. Beatriz Matherne

    One of my favorites e juice. I like the flavor and it smells great

  155. Austin Watts

    I got my blog deal package in two days with first class shipping all the way on the west coast. This is my all day vape. I never get tired of it. I taste mostly the watermelon, with small accents of of berries. I’m surprised at how much this actually tastes like fruit though! Most watermelon flavored ejuices I’ve tried before tasted more like watermelon candy. This tastes like the real thing.

  156. Lesha Self

    Every good E juice you can taste every part

  157. Lesha Self

    Every good juice you can taste every part

  158. William

    Nice to see that this wasn’t a you get what you pay for type of thing the price was low and I was amazed. Not to mention my order only took 3 days to arrive will definitely be ordering here again

  159. Shawn watkins

    It is the best e-juice i have tasted in awhile the favor is great and the vapor clouds are thick i am only ordering from this company from now on and i am going to tell everyone i know about broke dick ejuice. Greeeaattt ejuice.

  160. Zach

    Fantastic flavor, very much worth the price

  161. Victor Dugger

    I’m pretty new to the vape experience but I can’t imagine it getting any better than this…great fruity flav. Definitely will reorder

  162. Calvin Wemigwans

    Best E-Juice Ever my all day VAPE

  163. Nathan Cotant

    Very good but could do without the touch of menthol

  164. sheree steffens

    I got the 5 pack fruit on thursday. I have ordered before and was completely satisfied. This last order came pretty quick. The only issue I had was that two of my bottles had cracks in them and some of the juice leaked inside the package. Other than that I am completely satisfied and will continue to order from you!

    Sounds like your package got crushed in shipping. Reach out to us for a fix.
    Richard Broke

  165. justin smith

    So damn good! Super fruity flavor, kinda like a mouth full of jolly ranchers!

  166. Tom Stone

    So I quit smoking about a month ago. I have vaped the best juices out there and blew a load of money on some shitty ones. Just got this in the mail today with The 1st. I haven’t even touched the 1st yet because it’s so damn good. It’s a perfect blend of fruits and a smooth refreshing taste that makes you want to keep hitting it until it gives birth. I will be a returning customer. Best fuckin ejuice and it’s cheap! Thanks Dick!!

  167. Jeffrey Wong

    After finding a hair in one of the juice bottles, they instantly shipped me out a new bottle. They all taste great, unfortunately I had already used 2ml from the e-juice with the hair in it. the rest taste amazing!

  168. Jim e Bainbridge

    I quit smoking Sept of 2017 and started vaping, This is a nice easy going e-juice flavor, not over the top. Thank you.

  169. Jeffrey Morris

    Prepay is a delicious berries and watermelon vape with a slight hint of menthol (magic) for a cooling effect. I really enjoyed the flavor of this ejuice. The menthol is barely noticeable but not in your face. Makes for an enjoyable cool tasting vape. I will be ordering it again soon.

  170. Greg Walters

    This is an amazing e juice! It’s almost always in my monthly purchase from Broke Dick along with another flavor that I haven’t tried yet. The only two I haven’t tried yet are the Overdraft and The 15th. All of Richard’s flavors have been delicious so far.

    Btw… I wouldn’t be discouraged from trying this flavor if you have an aversion to cool or menthol juices. It’s very light and for me just adds that realistic ‘cool’ bite that you get when you bite into a nice piece of watermelon. I don’t really get any minty flavor from this juice. Just a delicious watermelon berry flavor that I have trouble putting down. Luckily this juice is so cheap that I don’t have to!!

  171. Bryce Damron

    Juice is such good quality and such an amazing price Mr.Dick is a game changer no more vape store e juice for me! Also such fast delivery & free! Cmon!!

  172. Sam

    Absolutely some of the most fantastic e juice I’ve ever tasted at the price they are offering. I’ve already recommended to all my fellow broke college dicks.
    If you want a nice fruity pull with a cool satisfying aftertaste, at 1/3 the price of other brands, look no further.

  173. Angelika

    but I sure do now. After I was so in luv with Payday and the key lime pie and wanted to try the other e juices and I took a chance with this one. Since I started vaping I loved the smell but I hated the taste of any juice that had just a touch of melon in it. Tried this one and it has become one of my favorite juice to my surprise. I have no idea how Richard does it but he manages to get the best out of everything he puts into these juices and they are better than any of the expensive ones I ever tried in the last 3 years. Good job- no excellent job!!!!

  174. J.b

    This is a great deal, and I will be buying this ejuice for quite some time love the 15th it is the best juice as a adv I have found to date IMO!!!!! Get it

  175. ronald penn

    best dam all-day e juice i have found in the past five years that ive been vaping. this stuff rocks. shipping is ALWAYS ultra fast. sure am glad i found THIS DICK finally.thanks and kudos to a job well done

  176. Amy Hebert

    The flavor is better than any other, more expensive vape juice I have ever bought. Love it!!

  177. Bradley Vist

    I would definitely recommend this brand

  178. Dan

    Amazing flavor right out of the bottle best juice I have had in a while with the price keep making these amazing juices

  179. Seymour Butts

    best dick juice i’ve had in a while…and believe me i’ve had plenty….HEAVY PAUSE!!

  180. pramoddheram

    Amazing e juice for amazing price. Thank you!

  181. Underwood

    Better then brain freeze and cheaper. Love this flavor. Chain vaping it tastes so good

  182. Wade.matthews

    Wanted to switch it up this time but I don’t think u can get 2 different flavors on the bogo it’s ok you can’t go wrong with prepaid #always satisfied

    Wade, any combination is possible with our BOGO deal. As long as there are two items in the cart the deal automatically applies.


  183. jacob hedahl

    As an E-liquid reviewer I was a skeptical of this deal. 5 bottles of e juice, each bottle being 120ml is a lot of liquid for $58. Each of these flavors are suitable as an all day vape, especially payday and cash advance.

    cash advance is the most sublime tasting key lime pie I’ve ever vaped. It has a nice candy overtone (the key lime) and a subtle pie crust flavor on the exhale.
    payday gives my a very natural light bourbon flavor on the inhale and a nice (caramel?) milkshake on the exhale.

    5 stars, will buy again.

  184. Ron Allen

    First tried water cup n loved it, got the five pack and love it. Highly recomend it.

  185. Pat Swart

    I let this steep for a week while I was vaping away on the PayDay. I swapped this into my Avacado 24 and jesus fuck let me tell you, Berry Orgasm in your mouth! Every pull is a rich, smooth berry explosion that has drained my 120ML to the point I’ll be needing to re-order soon!

  186. Ryan Hinojosa1

    This is the best e-juice I’ve tried I’m not one to buy a 30 dollar 30mls type of juice everyone said vaping is cheaper th en smoking well they lied it’s not and th is juice here is affordable and the quality is amazing plus bogo makes it even better will be buyi ng more this Friday thanks for making a product I can afford and now love. My fave is prepaid so damn good

  187. Cole Farmer

    Great juice for great price!

  188. Herschel Wolff

    1.) 1st- so far chemical taste, not that good, but I’ve heard it tastes better after steeping so I’ll see in a few weeks
    2.) 15th-my all time favorite/All day vape, it’s spot on banana cream inhale, light fluffy peanut butter exhale.
    3.) Payday- it’s kind of weird for me but not in a bad way, sometimes all I taste is coconut with almost a fruity taste, other times I get more butterscotch, and also a mild caramel taste, but everyone has different taste buds so it’s def worth a try, especially if you like those flavors.
    4.) Should be watercup but was sent prepaid- pretty good flavor none the less, to me it’s a spot on watermelon jolly rancher, sometimes I get a faint creamy taste on the exhale.
    5.) Layaway- I taste a slight creamy/slight corn puff flavor it’s pretty much how broke dick describes it though very mild and vague, I’m guessing this is another one that will do a lot better being steeped for a few weeks.

  189. benjamin

    f****** awesome. my all time favorite from broke. watermelon candy at its best.

  190. Joshua Treadway

    I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this e-liquid in fact I have made 2 orders this month

  191. Luis O.

    I purchased this for as Christmas gift for my brother but had to try it. I have to place a 2nd order because this one i cant put down. Its freaking good. My favorite now. I highly recommend if you like berry flavors. Thanks Broke Dick.

  192. Richard Phillips

    I’ve ordered from these guys twice and haven’t been disappointed at all. Delivery time is super quick and flavors are spot on.

  193. Lisa Helms

    Great fruity flavor – I will be buying again.

  194. Willard Smith

    This is the second time I’ve came to Broke Dick for the amazing 5 pack deal that they have. All of the juice I’ve gotten taste absolutely amazing, and it even tops most of the other juice I’ve bought. The only way I could see Broke Dick being any better than they already are would be adding a build your own 5 pack feature, and maybe a couple more flavors. Other than that the juice is absolutely amazing and I wouldn’t have any other juice for my daily vape.

  195. Angelika

    Still can’t believe how much I luv this stuff after I didn’t like ANY juice that had just a touch of any kind of melon in it. Going through a bottle faster and faster…. I am not addicted to it I just have to have it daily LOL

  196. Jordan Thompson

    So when I got the juice I was thinking it was gonna be kinda just ok cause of the price. When it came to my house one of the bottles was actually cracked and leaking juice but thats probably a ups problem and not them so Im not gonna take away from there review for that! But honestly I was so impressed with how good the juice was for the price, ill definitely be buying again!

  197. Marlo furney

    First time in a long time I’ve been happy with an online purchase.

  198. Drew

    Very happy with this juice. Would recommend to anyone that likes berry flavor

  199. Jonathan Wootton

    Fruit 5 pack is awsome! Amazing loved them all

  200. G Devant

    Prepaid is probably my favorite. I love the smell and taste, and the cooling effect of the exhale. Best part is, BD juice is great for those on a budget like me. Thanks, Richard, for making a quality juice that doesn’t break the bank!

  201. Kimberly Saulnier

    I love these e juice flavors all of them they are so great and with the price you can’t go wrong.

  202. Jeremy Sparks

    I have been looking for this flavor ever since I started vaping this is the best would give it 10 stars if i had that option. Been vapiing it since it arrived in the mail today. still got one more to try amd that i cant wait if its as good as this one. I can taste every Berry and watermelon and nothing is over powering. Thank you Mr. Broke.

  203. Wade

    Awesome e juice at a great price.

  204. Erik

    I used to buy a 30ml of ejuice called “Wookie” from my local vape shop for $15 a bottle. It was my favorite flavor they have, and I tried forever to find it somewhere else cheaper. I’m thrilled that I found a juice that taste so close to it for so much cheaper. My only wish for this juice is that the menthol be kicked up a bit. Other than that I have to recommend this juice. Almost perfect taste every hit. I’m definitely going to be buying this again!

  205. Jon

    Best e juice for the best price! Prepaid is my ultimate favorite plus free shipping? Can’t find a better deal!

  206. Jaden hepler

    Realy good price for good e juice I was surprised

  207. Alicia fowler

    I love this ejuice so much! It taste good, but in my vape it somewhat burns my throat, I tried it in a different vape and it tasted amazing with no burn

  208. Elaine Laskowsky

    Very good e juice, great price, fast shipment

  209. Irene Milbrandt

    I love this flavor!! They’re ALL good but the Prepaid is my favorite and everyday vape juice! I will definitely be ordering more! I bought The First and Water Cup also and the taste is awesome! Just as good, if not better than the name brand vape juice! Thanks Richard!!

  210. Ana

    It is a good liquid just wish it had more of that menthol flavor. Overall prepaid is a good juice!

    We add just a touch of mint to open up you pallet and it makes all the flavors almost sparkle. Was never meant to be a menthol flavor but maybe we will make one next.
    Richard Broke

  211. Nancy

    Enjoy the flavor wish you could drop the prepaid names on merch

  212. Brynn Siren

    We have purchased e juice from all over and this juice is by far the best juice we’ve had. All of the flavors are amazing. We will for sure be a returning customer.

  213. Robert Oliver

    Awesome I love it. I mistakenly ordered double what I meant to of payday and prepaid and im glad I did. These are the best I’ve tried possibly since I started vaping five years ago.

  214. Travis Houck

    Imagine the berry flavors in jolly-ranchers. This is what that flavor reminds me of. Really Enjoying it ❤

  215. Devon Clements

    This is some killa flava! Great taste of berries and just the right ammount of watermelon. Cant wait to try watercup!

  216. Jerry

    The watermelon and berries really come through and at 6mg it’s my all day vape.

  217. Kerry Alleman

    Delicious ejuice! Smells like cantaloupe, tastes like mixed fruits.

  218. Ceej

    Great taste, fast shipping.

  219. Ashley

    Love this ejuice. Awesome juice at an awesome price.

  220. James Wood

    I am currently vaping 3mg at 80w on akattaks fused Clapton’s reading at.37ohm on a dual coil build with cotton bacon on my obs engine and this vape is amazing after letting it steep for a week. The fruit flavors are off the chart! With no throat burn. I highly recommend this flavor!

  221. brandon ayers

    Damn good there’s alot goin on in this try it it’s awesome if ya like a fruity vape.

  222. David

    I like all fruit flavors , this is totally an all fruit flavor , I use to go to the vape shop and spend 20 on a 120 ml bottle , surprisingly this e juice has the same quality taste as the stuff I buy from the vape shop. If you like all fruit and no cream , this is totally an all day vape. Very good tasting.

  223. Ashley Harter

    Juice showed up in the mail early today (Monday morning) and I ordered it Friday night. Quickest shipping I’ve ever had on a juice order. Flavors taste amazing and they haven’t even steeped yet. Definitely excited to see the full flavor profile once they’re fully steeped. For the price and quality of the juice along with how quickly they ship I won’t be ordering from any other site than broke dick again! You guys rock! #premiumjuiceisfakenews

  224. Larry lunn

    Very good flavor,easy on coils

  225. Elizabeth

    I was iffy to try this, but it is a great fruit mix. This is my second order from b d and i am satisfied. Hope they have some new ones soon.

    Every month or so… Its our Bankroll series and If you love it we turn them into full-time 120ml line.
    Richard Broke

  226. Nicholas Howley

    At first I was hesitant on buying any of these juices because the price seemed too good to be true. But I went out on a limb and ordered three bottles. So far I’ve only tried this flavor and I am so glad I decided to buy these bottles!!! The flavor is a little subtle right now but I’m sure after steeping for a little while it will really come through. For the price, this can’t be beaten! I can’t wait to try the other two flavors that I ordered! Richard definitely has something amazing going on here! I hope to see a lot more new flavors soon! I’ve already recommended this site to a work buddy too. Keep up the great work Richard and anyone else who works for Broke Dick! I’ll be back for more juice come next payday!

  227. Richard Grove

    I would highly recommend this e juice if you like the sweet taste, although the flavors are kinda short it is still the best juice by far that i have tried online

  228. Emmanuel FERRERE

    Hello everybody it’s a good juice , I’m a french consumer and I love this juice because the watermelon is very intense. It’s good very good.

  229. Ryan

    This is by far my favorite e juice. I bought prepaid and water cup. I have to say they are both really good. But prepaid beats water cup by far. Great price for the 120ml and it’s buy one get one free. How can that be beat. Highly recommend this!!

  230. Some Dude


  231. Mike

    It’s definitely an all day vape for me. It’s my favorite vape from broke dick. Perfect combination of flavors in my opinion. Let it steep for 2 weeks for best flavor

  232. Rich K. (another Dick)

    I was feeling the squeeze so I bought the fixins to make my own e juice, but this is better and doesn’t break my bank.
    mine is good, but it’s like eating your own cooking all the time…sometimes you just want somthing good that is real and not a box of hype. Thanks from one Dick to another.

  233. Ashton N

    This e juice is amazing! I think it taste like a fruit roll up. Which I wasn’t expecting but at the same time I can’t put this juice down! Y’all make great juice!

  234. Ryan

    Excellent juice, tasty and sweet.

  235. Joy Adams

    I love this e juice. You can really taste the watermelon and it has just right amount of sweetness. Great everyday vape.

  236. Angelo

    Like this stuff. Just enough flavor without being too sweet.

  237. robert van brunt

    very flavorful and yummm

  238. James Thomas

    Great value as advertised. Taste like what it says, and arrived when it was sopposed to.

  239. Debbie Martin

    This ejuice is the best. I love all the flavors

  240. Kelvin

    Love the taste of watermelon, amazing juice. All the juices broke dick produces are Great!

  241. Van Goins

    Great quality juice at an outstanding price!

  242. AmBer Hill

    Great all day vape!

  243. Dory

    Tastes great! Super price!

  244. Nana

    Ordered bundle mid Jan and could only wait one week to try out the 15th. It was so banana-e and could tell that had I waited the full flavor profile would have come out. It was vaped quickly. I breathed all liquids 24hrs. Ended up doing a warm water bath on the 1st, layaway, and Prepaid, they came around some but back in the cabinet they went. Layaway may just be a no go for me personally. I’m going to give it more time. Today I decided to drip test Prepaid and OMG, berry explosion. Totally blew me away as I wasn’t expecting it that good. Payday is changing as I vape it, I like it too.

    Would I purchase again, definitely. No issues with shipping and timely responses from customer service prior to ordering.

    Next time I order, the bottles will go into cabinet for at least a month maybe two for good proper steeping. This experience has taught me a lot about how juices need time to stew to come to fruition.

    I would have given 5 stars if I could have picked the 5 flavors. Can’t wait to try other flavors. I totally see this as xmas or birthday gifts to my adult kids.

  245. Andrew

    Great Flavour

  246. Oz Fisher

    Very yummy,watermelon gives an almost ice menthol flavor on the end.Love it,and 240ml for $23 shipped can’t be beat anywhere

  247. jim masucci

    best value/flavor ratio ive tried i was worried to try this company since the price was so low $58 600ml. will only be getting my juice from here now. the bannana creme pie is my favorite of the pack but they are all exactly as described 10/10

  248. Ricardo

    Great tasting e juice

  249. Steven Lupher

    Great Taste, Cheap Vape
    Very fast shipping
    Looking Forward to trying other flavors

  250. Mandy

    I love this juice, the new bottles are pretty great too!

  251. James Farkas

    Great taste love the flavor must keep making

  252. Debi

    New to vaping but I have to say this is the best juice I’ve used. I will not use another

  253. Robin

    Awesome e juice flavors. Great deal. Fast shipping. Will buy again soon

  254. High Quality at a much lower price.

    Broke Dick delivers the same quality that you’d expect from any other major brand at a much lower price. Always shows up on time and never any problems.

  255. Brandon

    Great berry flavors

  256. carrie shaw

    Great shipping time great price thank you everyone

  257. Timothy Jonesi

    I first bought this juice from my local vape lab when they were having a sale. I fell in love with the adult milkshake immediately because I love the taste of bourbon. My wife bought the banana cream pie and loves it. So I bought from the website Tuesday. I received my order today. I’ll definitely buy more flavors.

  258. Brent

    Gotta be one of the best vape juices I’ve ever had. For the price, this is definetly a cop

  259. Ahmed Khattab

    I love this stuff, because it doesn’t have any after-taste or a creamy taste, sometimes you will sick to your stomach when you smoke vapes that has a creamy taste, this one doesn’t and neither does “Water cup”, try that one too! And the prices are the best I’ve been able to find!

  260. Jesse

    This flavor is “berry” delicious. Hella cheap and I’m damn glad about it.

  261. karen wood

    Price is so reasonable that I was hoping for something to help stretch my vape budget in between my “premium” juice. What I received was a new favorite adv! If the description fits your flavor profile don’t hesitate you won’t be sorry! This was my first order, will definitely be back and can’t wait to try more flavors!

  262. Ron

    This has been my everyday vape now for months. Fruity flavor is good to the last drop, consistently! Have tried many, for 2x the price, and keep coming back for more! “Keep it-up dick!

  263. Jessica W

    Love the flavors in this. Best watermelon flavor I have had so far! Thank you!

  264. Mo S.

    Reminds me of the mixed berry fruit by the foot. Really enjoying the flavor

  265. Nancy

    The best flavor I have been vaping this flavor for months No after taste sweet constant flavor you just want to keep vaping this one

  266. Kyle Hall

    Amazing juice and best customer service ive ever seen

  267. Jeffrey Wong

    Thick clouds, Big Flavour, and Unbeatable price, I’ve only exclusively bought from here and have not been disappointed yet! Great customer service and humorous emails.

  268. Amanda Piller

    I am obsessed with fruity flavors and am practicing cloud chasing…SO…this was my first order with Broke Dick, and even my husband (who is the brains of our operation and much more fiscally responsible than myself) gave it a thumbs up when he saw the amount of juice I got for the price of one. In retrospect, I only gave it 4 stars because the flavor IS a little ‘light’. Id recommend that you let it steep long and good, and give it a chance, because the flavors start to show themselves as you vape. But, in retrospect, I think Water Cup would have been a better choice for me personally. Its a light, fruity, daytime vape for sure and the price is most DEFINITELY RIGHT!

  269. Ronald Penn

    Always the perfect ADV. Refuse to try anything else, waisting my time and hard earned $. “Keep it up Dick”, you get it man!

  270. Buddy Watson

    This juice is great there’s no reason for you not to buy this juice it has great flavor and great Cloud production do not let the price scare you cuz I did myself and I had to take a chance and man was I surprised by it definitely buy this juice I highly recommend it

  271. Jonathon Misch

    I like this flavor but it is a bit too light for me to keep in my daily line up. Could use stronger berry flavoring and a bit more koolada. Overall good juice though.

  272. Justin

    Good flavor

  273. Candice

    Prepaid is by far the best juice I have Vaped. It’s amazing. It’s smooth and it doesn’t have a bad aftertaste like some other juices I have tried. Broke dick is the only place I buy my juice from and I let everyone I know who vapes know about it. The price is great the taste is great what’s not to love about it?! I’m a customer for life!

  274. Bobby G

    I am in love with 4 of the 5 flavors and all are great flavor profiles. Buy it now. Dont wait!

  275. Doug Kirn

    Prepaid is really good! I can not taste the strawberry. But if you like watermelon you will definitely like this.

  276. Wallace Brown

    Fast shipping. A little light on flavor but not bad. Will let it steep a few days and try again

  277. Jonathan Warren

    Excellent flavor fast delivery!

  278. Tyler click

    I love it

  279. Rob

    So far, so good. I haven’t had a chance to try everything yet but it promises to keep me stocked for some time. Good price and great variety.

  280. Mike

    I could sit here for an eternity trying to come up with the right words for yet another amazing ADV. So, to save you some time; Prepaid is absolutely perfect. Get it and you’ll see for yourself. 100% recommend.

  281. tracywalters57

    great flavor and great price,

  282. BOBO

    Would have been 5 star but I’m not a fan of the menthol feel.

    Leave that top off for a day and let it steep. That hint of mint lays down and makes the other flavors sprarkle. Those gorilla bottles are filled so high it just needs some fresh air.
    Richard Broke


    Great Vape!

  284. Angelika

    Still can’t believe I am vaping Watermelon and loving it. I hated any melon juice, even just a touch would make me reject it but this is one of my ADV, just crazy how much I NEED this juice!!!

  285. Robert Saletnik

    Prepaid is phenomenal all day vape juice, Broke Dick line is the only juice that does not burn my coils in short period of time due to high amount of sweetener or the type of sweetener used in other brands I’ve been a customer for well over a year and will not go anywhere else. Great job Richard!

  286. William Wolfe

    Love the flavor use it all the time

  287. Edwin

    Good flavor

  288. Sandra Proctorluv

    You can taste all the fruit flavors and it smells amazing

  289. Susie cherry

    The juice failed to deliver as much “flavor” as I like, but it does produce nice clouds and the price is right on!

  290. William Newson

    Excellent natural tasting

  291. Jacob breeding

    This vape juice was great definitely something different from the same old vape juice . Every flavor came in right after one another definitely injoyed it .!

  292. scott

    great taste and last a food while

  293. Andrew Sievert

    This juice has a fresh flavor. Strong hit of berries with a little juicy watermelon on the exhale.

  294. gary leonard

    Yet another awesome juice! The only issue is i can’t decide which one is my favorite 🙂

  295. Matthew

    never been a big fan of ‘dessert’ type vapes but even the marshmallow is subtle and doesnt leave a sicky chemical taste.

  296. Jim Bray

    This juice more than impressed me, awesome price and superb product. I will definitely be buying from you guys in the future.

  297. jeremy fisher

    Taste like sweet sweet candy love it

  298. Amanda Daccardi

    This one is ok. It still has good flavor just no one of my favorites.


    The flavor is there. And it’s good. This juice pops with flavor and even seems to have a hint of menthol to me. Very good juice

  300. Chris

    Great juice great taste

  301. Justin Hunter

    This juice is balanced just perfectly. Sweet and tart with the berries and a delicious exhale of sweet watermelon. One of my new favorites. Love all the juices I’ve tried so far and has become the only place I buy my juice now!

  302. James Kelly

    This is overall a pretty good juice. A nice flavor combination, except it’s a little heavy on the melon flavor. Besides that it’s great!

  303. Tim

    Exactly what I was looking for in a berry mix. Great juice and as always a great price!

  304. Mark tomat

    This is by far my favorite juice

  305. Shawna

    Would like to see you guys make some watermelon grape with menthol flavoring.

  306. Fenrir

    Great value for money. Only flavor I didn’t like personally was the berry blast, but I’m buying for two people and my guy loves that flavor, so between the two of us these juices are all getting vaped pretty quick.

  307. oldman

    This actually grows on you after afew vapes.The creme is a little strong for me,but the coconut flaver brings it out.Have not tasted the tobacco at all,mayby thats what smooths it out a bit.Definitly worth a try for those who like like cream base juice

  308. Dawn

    I am a super picky vapor. In 4 years I have found only 3 juices I consider to be adv material. In those years I have wasted so much money trying to find a juice I like. I am happy to say I love this juice, and will be ordering it again! It was much better after letting it sit a couple of weeks! Thank you for sponsoring the show!

  309. Suz

    Really good right out of the bottle. Better when steeped. 10 out of 10!

  310. Steven Smith

    The subject says it all. After trying many juices, even mixing some together, this is the only flavor I consistently use as is and never get tired of it.

  311. Ronald Penn

    Doubled up on some prepaid 3 mg this time. Adv for a year and still going strong. Tried most other flavors broke puts out but keep coming home to this one. It’s a delicious fruit juice n very affordable for “broke dicks” everywhere! Kudos!!!


    Always looking forward to unique flavors, I am impressed with the “Broke Dick” brand of e-juice’s. The flavors are robust and the mix creates a rich vapor.

  313. Clint

    I have found my new supplier, great flavors, great cost, wonderful.

  314. Aaron

    A good juice, reminds me of a kind of blue raspberry sucker. Definitely am enjoying this flavour.

  315. Joe A.

    This is my favorite Broke DIck Flavor. I can definitely taste the berries and the hint of watermelon. It’s a pretty even flavor overall with nothing overpowering the other which is great because you can adjust the temp and airflow of your mod to bring out the flavors you like. This and Overdraft are my current favorite flavors. I expect that to change once a 120ml of The new coconut, caramel almond flavor is available.

  316. RamBone

    Tastes like citrus and pineapple. Has a slight floral taste which is fleeting. Can be an all day vape but if pushed late in the day for me the flavor will get lost. Was not a fucking dumbass and got a free bottle of juice with it cause I added an even number.

  317. Jack

    This is one of my all time favorites a definite all day vape

  318. Ronald Penn

    Always great vape. Flavor is like a berry juice straight from heaven. Adv for over a year now n NO plans to switch it up! Keep it up Dick!

  319. Shaun

    Good adv.. people that try it off my vape always love the flavor too. For the price It tastes as good or better than the overpriced garbage at the shops nearby. As long as they make juice ill keep buyin

  320. Justin Jarboe

    Great flavor from the get go

  321. Moxie Bryan

    Really like this flavor. I was expecting more of a “candy” watermelon, like a watermelon bubble gum sort of flavor, but it’s way more natural than that, and I’m super pleased. Definitely will order again.

  322. DJ

    I’ve been trying to give up smoking and reviews led me to here. Gotta say, the flavors here are all pretty good, and not too sugary like so many other juices that I’ve tried. Payday is the star of the show with this pack, but I also enjoy The 15th a ton and surprisingly Prepaid is a great alternative to the other, sweeter flavors in this pack. I’m not so hot about Layaway personally, but I chalk that up to personal flavor preference more than anything else. Regardless, these are great, high quality juices from what I can tell, and at a great price.

  323. Philip Hoy

    Make sure the top is on when you try to fill up. I lost 95 percent of my juice the first time I opened it from the top not being on tight.

  324. Jeffrey S.

    This was one of the first flavors I got from BD and back then I did not like it at all. It literally tasted like ass! I decided to give it another shot and it appears this time I got a good batch. Very nice flavor. I gave it 4 stars out of 5 because I just don’t think it’s an all day vape for me. Definitely much better to drip this than a sub-ohm tank. I will purchase again!

  325. Travis

    Such an amazing fruity flavor. 5 out of 5 easily <3

  326. Darryl Carpenter

    I didn’t get a free one with it though.

  327. taylor martin

    the taste is on point, almost tastes like cotton candy and that makes it an all day vape heaven

  328. wayne birmingham

    First timer with this juice. I bought the 5 pack and tried each one before leaving a review. It’s so good that I won’t buy anywhere else. Do yourself a favor and try it out. I am now a life time customer. Thanks DICK

  329. Luke Cormier

    Thought it was buy one get one free guess not though but still love your products.

    You have to add 2 to your cart, its mix and match.
    Richard Broke

  330. DALE simon

    nice smooth taste

  331. Chelsea Robbins

    Wish it was a little thicker but will be ordering again when I’m done with all of them!

  332. Heather Lynn

    Such a great every day vape. I never get tired of it!

  333. Louis Suisi III

    Some of the best juice ive had and very good price will buy again

  334. A happy customer

    FIrst time buying juice online and i have no regrets. i havent tried all the flavors yet but so far so good. i usually stay away from desserty flavors because it just tastes weird to me but the layaway is amazing. tastes just like it says! fast delivery cheap prices and tastes great. im looking forward to trying the rest of the lineup

  335. wayne birmingham

    flavors are great. They are the best. I wrote this only after I tried each one. Treat yourself and try just one and you will always buy from Broke Dicks. I my now a life time customer. THANKS DICK

  336. DALE simon

    very smooth

  337. Frankie

    Amazing price and amazing flavor!

  338. Grace Guillen

    I totally love this ejuice, first time ordering and wasn’t sure because of great price. But I’m so glad I ordered and recommend to everyone.

  339. Jerry Winderweedle

    Nice suttle fruit flavor, just a little stronger would of been 5 stars

  340. Evan

    This juice has one of the best and boldest flavors I’ve had after vaping for almost 3 years! Great job and I will DEFINITELY be a returning customer!

  341. Diane Tiefenthal

    Awesome deal

  342. Lucas Springkamper

    Not to mention how cheap this stuff is, but this taste is great! Not a super hard hitting taste, but the flavor is definitely there. Will order again.

  343. Dan

    Great flavor great product. Love all there juices

  344. Solana Coffee

    Great to mix with Water Cup 2:1

  345. Charlene Quinlan

    Great tasting vape and excellent value

  346. Zachariah David

    This is probably the perfect fruit punch. Enough going on to not get bored, but it’s also a comfortable familiar taste. A+

  347. Andrew Clark

    What can I say, it’s it’s pretty good

  348. Lori

    So glad I ordered this. I love watermelon and this is delicious

  349. Jake

    Amazing and fast service with a delicious juice. I ordered my juice on Friday night and received it by Monday, I am on the other side of the country so this is phenomenal. That’s not even including the product itself, vape this juice of you want to get complimented everywhere you go. Its berry amazing, and the smell is soothing and the flavor is smooth. I highly recommend!

  350. Jess

    Amazing flavor, drips smoothly, Vapes wonderfully with tank or rda. Second flavor tried and I’ve never had cheaper or better! Recommended to my co-workers and they’re hooked too!

  351. Trent

    I have no complaints about the flavor quantity or price. However my only warning is the bottles. They were perfect at first but after about a 1/4 the way into the bottle. The lid and cap either dont retain the juice or just start to leak badly as you drip. Overall I will order again but will be putting the juice into other bottles

  352. Ace

    Great prices and they have Great juice

  353. BluE

    Another homerun for Broke Dick. A perfect summer vape.

  354. Rick

    The picture of Prepaid with the fruit flavors it contains is spot on! Great ejuice!

  355. Chris F.

    First time going with a 5 pack huge fan of payday the 15th is great also my wife loves dollar menu and the 1st

  356. Ivan

    I’ve always purchased the bogo deals and all of them have been superb!!!!!. The 5 pack fruit though is a way greater deal. You can’t go wrong.

  357. Joecue

    Great flavor, good clouds, amazing value. Broke Dick is the best Vape company.

  358. Tommy

    Most amazing juice ever honestly this is my favorite and has become a staple for my order thanks guys

  359. michael

    This deal can’t be beat. facts.

  360. Sarah

    Great flavor

  361. Chris

    Very good flavor love all five

  362. Mary.pope.1023

    I’ll definitely be ordering again!

  363. Adam Strahl

    Came early and very good juice with right amount of balance

  364. Bre

    I love Broke Dick for a number of reasons. It ships incredibly fast, the juice makes my coil last at the very least a month, if not more, and the flavor itself is really amazing. If you’re wondering if this is legit or not, it is.

  365. Deandra

    Love this shit

  366. Randi

    The best e juice this company makes by far!!!

  367. Nicki

    Love it!

  368. Jeffrey Wilkinson

    Overall a good juice. Quite different than your typical fruits, cant really pick out a single fruit flavor, just tastes like a berry smoothie.

  369. Brandon

    Blast of a blend of fruit. It’s really sweet and delicious. Hasn’t destroyed my shitty smok coil yet either. I’ll never buy juice from anyone else . Get some more flavors though man. Sour patch or sour worms or something candy would be fire.

  370. Alex

    It’s a great fruity flavor, and no where beats the price!


    One of the best vapes I every buy

  372. Ras Zulu

    PrePaid=Payday everyday in my book
    if your vaping this thru & true.Flavors & notes where all there when I received my order”Stead-fast”but still I steeped it for a week & now I can’t get enough of this juice.Will be ordering more & spreading the word.
    Big’Up Broke Dick..Nuff respects!

  373. Diane Tiefenthal

    Great pricing.

  374. Gregory Jenkins

    When I ordered this juice, I wasnt expecting much based on the low price point, and I have to say that I was amazed with the taste, how smooth it was to vape, and how fast my order was in my mailbox. 10/10 would smash!

  375. robert blevins

    one of my favorite flavors. great clouds and taste

  376. Justin

    Berry taste is yummy but i don’t taste watermelon at all. and that’s why I got prepaid, the big watermelon behind the berries.

  377. Benjamin Rodgers

    This is a solid flavor. The watermelon is good (which in my experience is rare).

  378. Justin

    Tastes and smells like ecto cooler hi c I like it wanted to add that. Still needs more watermelon taste though

  379. Alexandria Bokelman Doucet

    I love this juice. Super cheap! Arrives super quick! And it just taste amazing! Think about it- I buy one and get one free of 120ml and each bottle last me about a month- so I pay $25 for two months worth of juice!!! I will forever buy my juice from Broke Dick- no one else!! 🙂

  380. Randy

    While this juice is not my favorite, it is my wife’s favorite. I was turned onto broke dick by a co- worker. I was tired of spending more than a carton of cigarettes a week on the vape hogs. It took a few times to find the right flavor for her but we finally have and she loves it. It has a very good berry flavor. Thanks Richard for your product. A happy wife makes a happy life

  381. Jonathan Warren

    Tasty juice fast delivery love it!

  382. tiefs

    Great price!

  383. Jeff Stanton

    has been my standby for some time, good flavor and cant beat the value.

  384. Joshua Kiest

    Its better than i ever thought, and its awesome that there is so much for such a great price. Im very pleased

  385. Travis

    I can’t believe it, I finally found a wonderful fruit flavor that isn’t packed full of sugar. This immediately went to my #1.

  386. Keri Badaracco

    Great product! And the 2 day shipping was awesome!

  387. Jason

    Great juice. Will be buying again.

  388. Alex Michaels

    Super tastey but not much watermelon.

  389. Sheri

    This is not my favorite juice. It’s not Broke Dick’s fault, I just don’t care for the berries flavor. I am able to vape it by adding Dollar Menu (Lemon Layered Cake) to it.

  390. Linda Natale


  391. Stephen Piccolo

    Delicious fruity flavors ive been enjoying for a year now. Even people comment on how good it smells.

  392. Tommy hagins

    I like the juice a lot

  393. Justin

    Great juice but the caps are busting a lot lately after you open them I’m down to 2 caps 4 bottles lol! Help a broke dick like me out with some caps please lol but I love this juice and this company loyal buyer from now on !!!!

  394. Will Nicholson

    Good juice overall, it could have used a bit more of the mixed berry. I feel like it has a very strong watermelon flavor with a bit of candy. I think a bit more of the berries and maybe a kick of menthol would bring this juice beyond 5 stars. All in all I am still satisfied with this juice.

  395. Michael Baulis

    I was turned on to brokedick by a friend and amazed at the quality and flavor of his vape. Brokedick has a quality product, amazing pricing and lighting delivery. Thanks guys!

  396. Lui_z33

    Best goddang juice ever. It smells amazing and it tastes like how it smells

  397. Peggy Forman

    I really enjoy your juice, all flavors are the best. I will be ordering again from you guys!

  398. Nathan Imes

    Good stuff

  399. Richard Busby

    Great product with great taste, price and fast shipping. I also love that it’s made in the U.S.A!

  400. Heather

    Tried this flavor because I wanted something juicy for summer and wow! Main flavors that stand out are the blueberry and watermelon, then the rest of the berries just kinda sneak in there when you least expect it. It’s got clean, crisp flavors and just the right sweet-tart balance to be an adv without being overpowering. Also as a whole, I love all the flavors I’ve tried from Broke Dick because the juices are clean and help my coils last longer than other brands I’ve used.

  401. Mike Snyder

    Awesome juice, man.

  402. Kelly

    For the price, You wouldnt expect this flavor. I’m so pleasently pleased with the quality of this juice. Highly recommend to all my friends and coworkers.

  403. Crystal

    I’ve been ordering for over a year, love the juice and the taste. Great value! My past 2 orders the bottles have been breaking at the top. I think who makes them have changed because I never had that problem before. Might want to order another bottle to put the juice into because of this recent problem.

  404. Sam

    I love the fruit flavor of the watermelon and berries. Great summer flavors and all day vape

  405. Thomas Srygley

    One of my favorite All Day Vape juices. Not too sweet and easy on the coils.

  406. Jeremy

    Great juice, great taste, great price

  407. Tammy Lance

    Good price, good taste and vapes good.

  408. Steven Lupher

    I love this juice .I can vape it all day ,everyday and never get tired of it

  409. Sam

    This is another great vape flavor from BrokeDick. I was looking for a replacement for an “in house” brand of a local vape shop and this is it. It’s not overpowering, big beautiful clouds and a satisfying hit. I’ll be ordering again.

  410. Joe k

    Great watermelon flavor up front then the berries kick in fantastic flavor

  411. Chris Peterson

    Great juice!!!

  412. MOODROW

    I’m huge on the fruits and candies and this one is perfect f look flavor

  413. Nikkie

    I’ve purchased other brands before but nothing comes close waiting on new flavors

  414. Prepaid F***ing AMAZIN!!!

    This is an amazing juice and for the price it is completely worth it. Get it

  415. David Lossing

    This juice is my jam! Good stuff, keep it up Broke Dick!

  416. Kandy Dowell

    This right here is a fruit mix like no other. Order plenty. Thank me later.

  417. Joe


  418. Nick

    The juice is on point for flavor. I was wondeing if u could do a option for the VG/PG like 80/20? Idont know if its my valyrian tabk but its started leaking today and i just changed the coil.

  419. Gillian

    This is some great juice i used it after a review on YouTube and I got the two for 23 and this is the best juice ive tryed so far and I think I’m going to buy them from now on

  420. Catherine

    Really love this juice the best vape

  421. Jonathan Llamelo

    Been hooked on this flavor for about 4 months now. Love the fruity flavor and not a cool killer. It would probably be a while before I switch it up.

  422. Ashley Peterson

    This was my first time ordering from this company. A friend of mine recommended broke dick juice, not just for the affordability but also for the awesome flavor and awesome service. The juice has an amazing fruity flavor and it’s not a harsh hit. Will definitely recommend broke dick juice and will definitely buy from them again

  423. Tracy Sadewater

    Super fresh good flavor definitely recommend to everyone

  424. Bruce Offutt

    Very tasty juice. good price, will purchase again!

  425. Caleb Robinson

    Very good taste and good prices

  426. Matthew Cosenza

    This is one of my favorite flavors and the price is amazing.

  427. Stephen Piccolo

    Ive been using your juice for a year and prepaid is my all day vape its so juicy!

  428. Tracey

    Good stuff!

  429. Amber

    Great juice. Good taste of berry

  430. Valerie Guilford

    wonderful vape

  431. Greg

    Been trying for a long time to find fruit flavor I really enjoy and Prepaid did it.
    At this moment I have a pocketful of Broke Dick right next to my working one!

  432. Kimberly Cunningham

    This is nice, as it steeps the flavors come out more, A nice blend that tantalizes the taste-buds, clean fruity and not cloying. I mix this on occasion with The 1st. in a 50/50 mix. Worth a try guys and gals!|
    Definitely on my favorites list and will order again.

  433. Dirk Florence

    This was my first order from Broke Dick. Arrived very quickly. I like the flavor but it is a little harsh on the after taste. It might be my vape tool settings – but I’ll reserve the 5 starts for the juice that is the most awesome ever.

  434. Andrew SNOW

    Product is great but i got the buy one get one free deal but was sent only one bottle. Unsure if select 2 bottles but didnt think i needed too.

    You can mix and match so you have to add 2 to your cart!
    Richard Broke

  435. G Money

    I was pleasantly surprised at just how flavorful prepaid is. In the past I have enjoyed Naked 100s Berry Belts and this is superior.
    Great throat hit and plenty of flavor, a must have.

  436. Caleb V Robinson

    It is very good I love the flavor

  437. jerry key

    its a good ejuice but i let it steeped and it was better it was fast shipping great price 2 120 for 23.00 but all great

  438. Daniel Warren

    Love it…

  439. Tory Kelsch

    This juice is very good. The taste is excellent! I am very satisfied with my purchase.

  440. Nancy


  441. Shawn Graham

    I found out anout Broke Dick just a little while ago. And I have to say I’m hooked. Prepaid has a nice,sweet,subtle watermelon taste on the inhale and a kind of tart,sweet berry flavor(with just a hint of watermelon)on the exhale. I just love this juice it’s become my adv since getting it. Now all you need is a nice sweet tea/sweet peach tea flavor and this would be the only place I buy juice.

  442. Diana Luddy

    This vape juice has a very pleasant taste and aroma and it does not taste like plastic, I really really like this one!

  443. Chelsie Collins

    MY ALL TIME FAVORITE! This juice is one of the only juices that actually tastes fruity and not candy like. Also doesn’t get perfume like after vaping for a while like other juices. I totally recommend if you want a fruity vape!

  444. Kevin

    Very nice taste, can’t beat the price! I’ll continue to shop at BrokeDick!

  445. Brian

    Need some juice for sitting around the house on the weekend with margaritas?
    this is it.

  446. Michael Hawk

    Just got this today, flavor is booming! I love this one, my new ADV.


    Would like a choice of menthol but otherwise great. Thank uou

  448. Dre

    It has a nice mellow taste that doesn’t overpower your pallet or make you feel like you inhaled sugar.

  449. Rachel

    Good flavor

  450. Mike

    Great mixture of different fruits to creat this juice. Never would have expected such a delicious and smooth juice for the price. Nothing beats a broke dick!!!

  451. Tami Simkins

    This is another favorite flavor of mine. So refreshing and delicious! If you like fruity flavors, this is great. This gets re-ordered because I use it a lot!

  452. Stephanie Lankford

    I am happy with my purchase at price/quality comparision. The Banana layered cake and strawberry cream is top quality. The keylime and lemon could use a little work it’s not that bad though. The adult milkshake I tossed it was discussing. The tops do leak, just trim a bit off and done. Be sure to shake your juice before every use. Make sure to take the cap off and let sit for 2 days for best quality. I would buy 3 out of 5 again.

  453. BRYCE A NIX

    Fruity fruity fruity, followed by a creamy finish. Absolutely delicious.

  454. David Spillman

    Taste great .

  455. Dustin

    This pack is nice for the price! The Flavors are there even if they are not blasting with it. Out of these 5 I am happy with the purchase and plan to buy more in the future.

  456. Kymberli

    Love this juice! It’s so fruity!! It’s gonna be one of my new ADV!!

  457. Spencer Ashley

    This is a great all day vape juice

  458. Tom F.

    Been using this over another discount juice brand, and DB’s juice makes my coils last much longer.

  459. David Gary

    So far all of the juices I have gotten from Broke Dick have been great and this one is a good one to go with especially if you like a berry flavor. The only negative experience was this last time I ordered watermelon but got the berry mix and one of the bottles was damaged and leaked out in the package.

  460. Mike Noel

    Fantastic juice. All that I’ve ordered the past few months with little reason to stop. Not only that but there was an error (possibly on my part) but my confirmation listed 0mg. Within minutes of notifying Broke Dick, I got a response that it would be fixed. Fantastic stuff.

  461. Jason Winkler

    This is the best vape flavor from BROKE DICK. Very fruity I love it!

  462. Tammie Anderson

    Great vape juice great prices and an awesome guy! Not a Dick at all.

  463. Vape Juice

    Always great flavor

  464. Lacey

    This has a sweet yummy flavor that i will order again

  465. Shannon Burns

    Great vape juice, great price, excellent service.

  466. William Newson

    Prepaid is my favorite cant get enough of that berry taste

  467. Diane Harsh

    I love this e juice and your prices! Thank you!

  468. Keith R Kuiper Jr

    i love this company, great juice, great price, fast shipping. this vape juice is one of my favorites. try this companies juices, its all first rate. i really don’t know how they do it. enjoy!

  469. Lacey

    I just gotta say, I had really low expectations. I read some iffy reviews online and figured, “you get what you paid for”. but damn, this shit is good, a nice fruity taste that is almost like a jolly rancher but not too overpowering. also, no chemical taste which i find in a lot of vape juices. this is pretty good mate.

  470. Christina

    Good flavor but was hoping to taste more of the watermelon. Would buy again.

  471. Justo Hernandez

    This is become my go-to juice the quality toppled by the service The Taste all the way on down to the free shipping mr. Broke has set the bar!

  472. Brian Ferguson

    One or the most interesting vape experience on can have. A perfect blend which leaves you satisfied with each vape. Simply awesome!

  473. Rachel Castro

    I was getting to where I couldn’t afford to buy juice from a nearby vape shop (which has super customer service & juice) and went to Broke Dicks to be able to keep enjoying to get my vape on (quit smoking just 7 months) . I was seriously grateful for how quick shipment got to me – good quality and super quantity and I get to keep vaping. I thank you.

  474. Bryce Medlock

    Absolutely love this vape juice, the flavor is great and it’s super cheap. The shipping is fast as well!

  475. Tildon Baker

    This is my favorite vape juice so far! If you like a berry blend this one I highly recommend.

  476. Nicholas Froehlich

    This juice is definitely worth the price. Buy one get one free, too good of a deal.

    The only negative that I have about this product is that it is a relatively light flavor. Don’t expect a sugary tasting, candy like juice. This is closer to natural flavor I believe, and reminds me of REAL watermelon juice.

    Also, the 3mg seems to be a bit strong. Compared to my other 3mg juices, this one tingles my lungs slightly more.

  477. Carolyn Costain

    I love your juice but now you got to come out with a simply strawberry and simply purple grape and I and I will be buying twice as much juice from you. Love all your flavors you need more of them. 🙂

  478. S. Marshall

    When I joined the vape world Dec 2013, my first ejuice was a watermelon bubblegum. I tried other watermelon based juices and tastes went flat. So was skeptical to try again with yours. I’m glad I did. Brought me back to my first experience in vaping. This juice has more flavor than any other I’ve tried. Lots of fruit flavor once it is steeped 3 days. Thanks for the great pricing and the flashback!

  479. Kael Bronson

    Great vape juice. Awesome taste in my tfv-12

  480. Max leppert

    Best value and best tasting !!!!!!!!

  481. Travis Grizzle

    Blown away by the flavor of this juice. I wasnt expecting the juiciness of this vape juice. I will be ordering again

  482. Mark lyter

    My wife bought this for me last year and i loved it, this is my 4th time ordering it.. cant beat the price and the flavor is great

  483. Brittany Banks

    I was wondering through and looking for a good flavoring online and i came across this website. The reviews are excellent so i decided to give it a try. I was on the search for a flavoring company that had flavoring that would wick properly through my atomizers. Since im a chain vapor, its hard to find a flavoring to work properly. 7 days later, ive not needed to change my atomizer. Im so amazed! Great job guys!!!!

  484. Marty Feng

    Im new in broke dick, I like this e-juice but I buy another e-Juice (Overdraft) but I dont like it. But I will come back and buy again The Prepaid its very good and for the price its very cool.I Will Try another flavor but The Prepaid its my favorite at the moment.

  485. Charles Joiner

    For the price u can’t beat this juice. Have not found any better for the price

  486. Critter

    Probably some of the best vape juice I’ve ever had especially at this price! The flavors are amazing.

  487. Kiana

    A good, smooth fruit flavor, sweet enough to be enjoyable but not overpowering. “A little magic” must mean menthol here as well because I’m getting a menthol aftertaste on this juice as well (I got The 1st and Prepaid at the same time, both have an unexpected menthol/mint flavor). Not a fan of the menthol, but its a good juice for the price.

  488. Brittany Banks

    Works better in my tank than other brands. I tried vaping off of several brands. Each one, has nasty extra sugars that caused my atomizer to be changed every two days. I vape off of this flavor/brand and I don’t need to change my atomizer for two weeks. Mind you, I vape at 55watts in a fireluke pro mesh double coil.

  489. David Owens

    My favorite juice so far

  490. Amanda Coate

    My absolute favorite flavor!!! The description is so perfect

  491. Andrew

    Really good juice great flavor!! Broke dick I love your juice my coils last longer with your juices and your fair priced!!

  492. Greg Hult

    My favorite juice. I vape it all day everyday and it’s the only juice I’ve vaped since I first tried it probably around a year or two ago now.

  493. Brandon

    Amazing flavor cant exactly put my finger on it but it’s like grabbing a handful of jelly rancher flavors and eating them all at once broke dick does it again great flavors great price

  494. Logan


  495. Steven Tharp

    This was the very first blend I tried from Richard,really enjoyed it, was hooked on Broke Dick from that point on,bout two years ago, and now I’ve got my fair share of the 1st,payday,the 15th, with payday being my all time fave of them. Prepaid is a great balance of berries, not overly sweet,and can easily be an all day vape for sure. Great prices, great taste,lightning fast shipping, I live in Florida,so I get his stuff like less than 36 hours!! Love it!!! Just get it and try it,you’ll like it I guarantee you. Happy holidays to the crew at Broke Dick . Thanks guys and gals for all you do to offer affordable,great tasting juice!!!! YOU ROCK BD!!!!!

  496. Patrick

    Wasn’t thrilled with this juice at first in a sub-ohm tank.. In fact it made me shy away from other strawberry and watermelon juices out of fear they would taste like this.
    Running low of varieties I gave it another shot in an RDA. Still wasn’t “great” but passable.
    Just got a Gear RTA and tried it in that. Huge improvement. Nice and smooth and no bitter aftertaste like in the sub-ohm tank.

  497. Tiffany Carden

    Best flavor I love it!!! The buy one get one is a good deal but I had to get my 2nd one frozen account!!

  498. Matt

    All of Broke Dicks juices are of amazing quality. The Bogo pricing and fast shipping make it my go to place.

  499. David C

    This is a great flavored juice. I have also enjoyed not having to change my coils every week. Perfect blend of flavor. Excellent job!

  500. Henry Hosbein

    Love the strong blueberry flavor

  501. Christopher Pulsipher

    I have tried a lot of brand and flavor’s at double and triple the price. This is by far the best Vape Juice flavor at an unbeatable price with faster shipping. Thanks

  502. Michael Noble

    So far everyone I tried is amazing. Will definitely be ordering more.

  503. Jay Brafford

    Reasonable pricing taste good full flavor

  504. Karen

    Love this vape juice! I am totally hooked. My favorite juice by far! Love the price too

  505. LadyDee


  506. PixelGrrrl

    This became my daily vape the minute I tasted it! Soooo berrydelicious and just the right amount of tartness. I went through the bottle in 3 days…

  507. Jess Valdez

    This is one of my absolute favorite flavors! Especially this batch, so rich and perfect. Can’t wait to try the boosted flavor!!

  508. Lukey D

    Guys listen.. I don’t give a shit what kinda juice you “like”.. if you like fruity flavor… leave this bad boy to breath for a day and then seep it with hot water in a low heat crock pot for 4 hours… take it out of the water… shake it.. let it breath for 25 minutes… this vape juice is AMAZING.. Like not just okay.. it’s like unrealistically good.. damn guys.. keep up the good work.. I applaud you

  509. Jay Welch

    Just like a Broke Dick, Can’t beat It!!!

  510. JB

    This has been my go to juice ever since I’ve started vaping. I hate all the milky flavors that all of the other companies have out on the market so this was a sigh of relief. Great juice and can’t wait for the “extra flavor” option to come out!

  511. Johnathon Mcnew

    You out did yourself Rich. This shit is delicious. Thanks for helping us broke dicks out.

  512. Robert Bethany

    It’s like a berry farm bukake on my taste buds…great smooth flavor..just the right sweetness…I just started vaping again and gave these guys a shot and out of the 2 flavors I ordered they both are ADV material…love this flavor and no steeping necessary.

  513. Dawn Attridge

    If I had to describe this flavor in one word, it would be “happy”. This is a very refreshing fruity combo that feels smooth and tickles my tastesbuds. With the odd name, I wasn’t sure what to expect. After trying it, I am telling my friends to try it. If you like fruity flavors, you won’t be disappointed.

  514. George Honsch

    Prepaid is my best flavor that tangerine is running 2nd

  515. Kevin Gills

    Lovely aroma and taste aligned with a great berry blast! Much better than most of the other liquids out there. It has a very nice kick of nicotine (6mgs) but does not over power the taste buds. I give it 8 out of ten.

  516. Thomas Pawlak

    I use 0 mg nicotine. This juice is very smooth. Highly recommended.

  517. Thomas Pawlak

    I use 0 mg nicotine. This juice is very sweet but not overdone. Highly recommended.

  518. KAREN dowdell

    I love this juice. I was so stuck in it I didn’t want to try anything else

  519. Kerry Fisher

    Everything was tasty and great just the graham cracker flavors in the pies we’re too strong and can’t taste nothing else but that. I would like a lil more lemon flavor in the lemon layer cake and more bananas and cream in the banana cream pie. Great service great prices for a great product.

  520. loyd briscoe

    I was really skeptical on my first order, I’m happy to say that this is some pretty good stuff and for the price you just cant beat it. I stopped dipping for 3 months but couldn’t afford to keep vaping so I went back, with this juice I might get to keep my jaw.

  521. Doug

    The flavor is on point. Great juice at a low price. I highly recommend broke dick.

  522. Stan Wilcox

    I like it as an all day vape.

  523. Michelle Graham

    This is my go to ejuice. I’m super pleased with it and I order it at least once a month.
    I recommend this company. All orders come quickly.

  524. John

    I’m having a hard time describing this one. I’m not big on berry fueled vape, however, I’m beyond enjoying this one. It’s sweet and there seems to be a touch of mint. It’s an exposition of flavor. Your welcome.

  525. Amanda matthews

    A great assortment. My hubby loves them

  526. Levi Carpenter

    Must be selling these quick they arent steep and can be very very dry tasting at first. letting it sit for a week or two is perfect

  527. Sam pike

    I ordered prepaid and the 1st on friday and they were just delivered to my house. I opned both and they smell fantastic! Im so excited to try them! Price is fantastic and if they are as good as they smell i will be a long time customer!

  528. Quincy Hurley

    It is pretty good and 6mg definitely hits hard but the flavor is a little less strong then I thought so u might want to get magnum prepaid.

  529. Vickie Bawiec

    Great favor

  530. edward williams

    i can vape it allday

  531. Earl Fleener

    it’s a good fruity taste

  532. Jake

    Its not bad but not the greatest flavor ever. Its super cheap and wont ruin your could like the other overly sweet juices on the market. Its got a good flavor but not a lot to it. Its good for an everyday vape because of this aswell.

  533. Michael T Temple

    absolutely incredible! my new favorite

  534. Marc

    Flavor is great wish went with 3mg the 6 packs a punch

  535. Mike

    If you like fruity tastings Juice this is for you.

  536. Byron Gomez

    Good cheap juice. If you dont buy then you like to waste money.

  537. Paul Carlberg

    The girlfriend loves it, that’s good enough for me. Rich taste, smooth inhale great all day vape.

  538. Daniel Ewing

    Good vape would have gave it 5 stars but the fruit taste needs to be a little bit stronger but I would definitely buy again

  539. terry brost


  540. Christopher Wall

    Very good

  541. Matt Madrid

    Pretty good taste. I like the bank roll the best but until it’s back in stock this will be my go to juice

  542. Greg Anderson

    Loved it!

  543. Robert Denney


  544. Jonathan Welch

    Great flavor, great price, fast shipping. The juice tastes like Juicy fruit! Will order again.

  545. kaitlin klein

    Great price and good flavor tastes a bit more like cotton candy than I think was intended, but otherwise awesome consistency and cloud output.

  546. Jan Coffman

    I’ve purchased several different flavors & sold on them all. BD always delivers with the best flavors & price. The mixed berry blast is on the top of my list. The smooth fruity taste is amazing.

  547. Matthew Pitts

    Well Its gonna be hard to find a better juice anywhere but at broke dick. I probably won’t order my juice from anywhere else again!!! Oh did I forget to tell you that the price is almost as good as the product!!

  548. Paul C

    Keep the girlfriend quiet, that’s a 5 for me.
    Good all day vape taste real smooth.

  549. Christine Roth

    This is one of my favorites, taste good and just the perfect amount of fruity flavor

  550. Derek Fivel

    Looooove this flavor

  551. Chris Perez

    Great taste great value

  552. Jason Rhodes

    Love the taste, cost, ease of purchase, and speedy delivery. I won’t buy from another place again!

  553. PAUL

    Great fruity taste not sweet good all day vape

  554. John Fowler

    I have to admit that this juice is pretty good and I definitely will buy it again…thanks broke dick

  555. Amber Telleson

    I purchase this for my boyfriend and he likes the one with more flavor but the website was broken that day I guess lol so we got this one. Tastes the same for the most part but there’s an aftertaste he’s not super fond of with this one. Getting the extra flavor one hides any of that, but if you Like a more toned down flavor this one is fantastic

  556. Janet Maricle

    I have enjoyed the prepaid fruit juice and I had to order it again. Thank you broke dick for the money saving items and the great ejuices

  557. wayne GOYETTE

    broke dick rocks hard

  558. Eric R

    Great juice great price. Short mail wait

  559. Paul Carlberg

    Great prices and fast shipping, I can’t say enough when it comes to BrokeDick, I don’t vape this one but my girl does and she loves it if she’s happy so I’m I.

  560. PAUL

    Smooth and sweet and doesn’t gum up your coils, great taste, very good all day vape.

  561. Clifford Michealsen

    Inexpensive and great flavors

  562. Adam

    Love it great taste and totally worth the money!!

  563. Michelle Veto

    Love the magnum you sent better

  564. Liam Kennedy

    Was skeptical after seeing how cheap this e juice was but it’s amazing just the right amount of flavor and so smooth

  565. Mark Sigmon


  566. Daniel Townsend

    This juice tastes great, the flavor never gets old & I don’t break the bank to keep it stocked up.

  567. Heather

    One of the best tasting juices ever at the best price around.

  568. Rachel Castro

    I’ve tried most of the flows but I always come back to the Prepaid. The flavor is not so strong and apparently I’m just used to it. I’ve been skiing biz with Broke Dicks for a long time and I appreciate their fast shipping and have NEVER had a bad business transaction and they save me so much $ that helps me to be able to continue vaping. I’m always grateful for Broke Dicks.

  569. Dustin Wynn

    Juice is fantastic. My order said delivered but never reached my mailbox. Broke Dick made sure to compensate me immediately.

  570. William Cherry

    Great combination of fruit flavors

  571. Paul Carlberg

    After 20 years of being together, she still likes it, but she likes this juice more, thanks, Richard.

  572. Jeffrey W

    adult milkshake and peanut butter banana cream pie. game changer.


    I have tried this it’s nice and not too sweet I’m not a big fan of fruity vapes, I buy this for my girlfriend who loves this juice, this is her go-to all day vape.


    This is by far your best juice. The others have a medicine taste probably due to not steeping long enough. I wish you offered 80 20 mix which would make it much better.


    Great vape and it makes my girlfriend happy, thanks broke.

  576. Logan Smith

    Subtle mixed berry flavor. Not too overpowering yet perfectly airy. Don’t let the price scare you this is good juice.


    I had to get the girlfriend two, she’s happy I’m happy, Happy Mother’s day,

  578. Don cheaney

    highly recomended


    A few times I have reviewed this juice it’s how much my girlfriend loves it, I tried this it’s really good inhale fruity Mellon exhale a tasty strawberry, it’s surprisingly good.

  580. Jerry


  581. Stacey Simpson

    Great flavors for a great price.

  582. Chris

    The ejuice is great ordered multiple times never had any issues.

  583. CAROLYN M Newton

    They have the best juice and fastest delivery they have the best prices

  584. Catherine Balfour

    Best juice, best price!

  585. Carrie

    Frickin awesome

  586. Rachel Castro

    I have never had a poor transaction with this company in 2 years. Prices are where I can still afford to puff on something now that I don’t smoke cigs anymore.
    Thank you B.D. for consistent great flavor,& errorless free shipping.

  587. Curtis D Levy

    Only open 2 so far, Ejuice tastes best after it steep !!!

  588. Ashley Minor

    I dont order my liquids from anywhere else. These are the best

  589. Jacob

    it is a hell of a deal. The flavor is a little underwhelming and the 2 cream flavors and the cereal taste almost identical. Overall though I would and probably will be buying again.

  590. Paul Carlberg

    I’m broke, but she still love this juice, and that’s okay with me, and that’s okay the more she likes some thing the less she complains..

  591. Jason Brown

    Very tasteful juice at very good prices

  592. Andy

    This is a great bundle with many of my favs included. Quality stuff. However I have been ordering this same bundle for a while now, would be nice to see a new rotation of desserts! Thanks BD!

  593. William Myers

    Really glad I tried their juice great taste and price my new go to for vape juices

  594. Andrea Johnson

    A+++ on their prices, services & quality of juice! Keep up the great work!

  595. Paul

    I buy this for my girlfriend we are still together, and this might be the reason we are, she loves this juice it’s all she vapes, thank you Broke Dick.

  596. Paul Carlberg

    This has a really good flavor, I buy this for my girlfriend, this is all she will try, I can’t complain, she doesn’t listen anyway, the inhale has a berry taste and the exhale is a hint of strawberry flavor, I like it, she loves it, thanks Broke Dick.

  597. Hannah

    Absolutely LOVE this flavor!! One of my favorites!! Thank you BD for all that you do!!

  598. dave king

    good juice. doesnt clog coils or burn to quickly.

  599. D.

    I have probably tried every flavor at this point (I only buy from this store) AND THIS IS THE BEST FLAVOR EVER!!!!! Im pretty sure its new because I dont recall ever ordering this. I have never been inclined to write a review but I had to because of how good this one is.

  600. Jim

    So far I have tried the banana cream pie. Very nice treat. Excellent quality!

  601. Theodus farrarIII

    Taste and smells great good company

  602. Susan

    Best juice ever alng with best prices and super fast shipping!!

  603. Paulene

    I will continue to buy my juice from this site

  604. Jeanette Prior

    I gotta say that this juice is amazing!!! All the berry notes are strong and not too harsh. Love it!

  605. Paul Carlberg

    she loves it

  606. Myles Burton

    I live in Texas. Texas juice prices are ridiculous. I’d spend at least $20 for a 60ml of some mediocre juice. I just got my order of 2 Prepaids for less than 30 bucks. That’s 240ml for less than 30 bucks. It’s super solid juice, for a super generous price. As long as this company is selling, I’m buying.

  607. Kelli Castro

    I have been a customer well over a year and not once have I been disappointed. The price and quality of this product allows me to be able to keep on enjoying “the drag”! 3 years next month no cigarettes! Shipping is fast and orders are always updated in a timely manner. Thank you Richard and the entire Broke Dock family.

  608. mike r

    This had been my all day vape for years. The regular and now the magnum. Bottle comes clear and tastes fresh. The magnum version just has a bit more flavor than the regular.

  609. Nathan Ward

    I like the berry blast from BD. To me it taste like blueberry and raspberry on the inhale and berries (hard to explain) on the exhale. My only complaint is I wish it had more berry but I wanted to try this one before the magnum which has twice the flavor. The best thing about this juice is it lasts forever. I was filling up Burst Citrus twice as much. You can’t beat 12 dollars for a 120 ml bottle and the quality is outstanding. I’m not going to penalize BD with a rating lower than 5 stars because I knew I knew there was a berry blast juice with twice the flavor. Great job BD I will be buying again… too bad there is a vape ban coming I just started vaping again and found a good connect on juice… such is life.

  610. Brenda Williams

    I don’t always have the time to just sit and search through every ejuice’s description and choose what I want. It’s nice to be able to choose a pack with all or most of my favorite flavors already packed together. Quick checkout! Not only that, I’m only paying around $10-12 a bottle for quality flavors AND fast shipping! Thanks Dick!

  611. Bradley Sargent

    Nice variety and wonderful taste with my V12 Smok tank

  612. John Moore

    A lot of berry flavored juice either tastes like like candy or like chemicals. Broke Dick however, absolutely nailed it with this one. Not only does it taste like real berry, but it’s also really smooth. I highly recommend this one.

  613. Rachel Castro

    First of all, thank you to the government for the damages you are causing this company!! Ugg.. I will deeply miss this juice..

  614. Paul Carlberg

    My girlfriend’s all day everyday vape pleasant inhale very nice berry exhale

  615. Lee Webb

    Size of bottles are good.

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