Prepaid – Berry Blast – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)

Prepaid – Berry Blast – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(277 customer reviews)

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Bigger flavor is always better in our book. Prepaid is a hugely popular juice that people love but some like to live large and have a flavor craving that can’t be met by no ordinary juice. Enter the MAGNUM. Our MAGNUM bottles pay respect to their OG’s with the same flavor profile except they’re even crazier.

We inject 25% MORE flavor into MAGNUM Prepaid than the standard one. That means you’re getting even more of that fruity, tropical, magical flavor in every puff. If you like your clouds to taste like straight up candy, you won’t be disappointed. Check it out and we’ll ship your bottle out literally as soon as you press that order button.


  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon 
  • and a Little Magic

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

277 reviews for Prepaid – Berry Blast – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)

  1. Richard Broke

    If you love flavor the way I love flavor this is the flavor for you. So much flavor you will find yourself chewing this vape.

    -Richard Broke

  2. Garland Segue


  3. Patricia

    I love this juice, it has so much flavor going on. If you like fruity vapes, you will not go wrong this one…
    Thanks for adding more flavor, love it

  4. Greg Hoefer

    I was one of those who “liked” the original but just felt the flavor was weak. This is great: bolder, stronger, and maybe even sweeter yet the juice color is clear (?). Just excellent, ordering more. Next please…a Magnum First — ramp up the strawberry and leave the cream maybe. Well done here.

  5. Lisa Harvey

    I won a free bottle in the contest and was very pleased with the flavor! Excellent job guys!

  6. Michael Smith

    Great taste but my coils are burningup fast with the extra added flavor in it. Maybe it’s my coils but I’m not sure I’ll be going back to the regular flavor after this order.

  7. N Reed

    The flavor is incredible! Great price, great service. Can’t complain about anything with this purchase.

  8. Lou

    Not normally a big fruit guy, This stuff is really good. More berry than watermelon. Not overly sweet, Very refreshing

  9. Russell HALL

    One of the best flavors I have ever tried. Very strong. Amazing! Well done

  10. Felicia T Harris

    I love this juice! The flavor is great and a all around good vape. I definitely will be buying this again!

  11. Marcus

    Excellent strong flavor. Just really good.

  12. Alona Klompien

    Love it.. Great vape flavor

  13. Joe Knecht

    Nice stronger flavor tastes great only thing I dont like is the label is missing the dick head

  14. Rachel Castro

    Has played such a huge part in aiding me to kick cigarettes after 25 years. While there is nothing quite like a cigarette, I just got tired of the mess in my vehicle, my Son riding my ass and worrying about running out of the damn things. This product helped in making a class act vape juice that was affordable to my income after a massive job pay reduction which was devastating… still. I so thank you I really, really do.

  15. Lane Weitkamp

    AWesome flavor

  16. ShishkaBerry

    I havent tried the original, but I needed a break from my banana kick lately so I got this one. The flavors work well together, making a taste that combines them all but still allows for them to individually shine. I believe the bit of magic may be a touch of koolada

  17. Jeremy Burton

    Holy flavor in my face! Ran out of regular prepaid the day this arrived. Popped the top and squeezed it straight into the tank. Shitballs if my head didn’t damn near explode! I thought it was amazing but then….IT GOT EVEN BETTER! Let it steep and Dear Jesus, the explosion. Great job BD!

  18. Philippe Shaker

    Like the subject says the flavor on the prepaid vape was fantastic . I was sold on prepaid without the extra flavor but with it it’s flawless.

  19. avery davis

    This tastes great

  20. John Edwards

    Great berry mix with just the right amount of water mellon. Very bright and fruity. Love this vape juice.

  21. Willis C Corbett

    Honey dew heaven on the inhail, berry bliss on the exhail. Got to get more before price increase !

  22. Bruce

    The extra flavor really makes this juice. Will buy again!

  23. Jay Welch

    I didn’t think it could get any better, But was I Surprised, This is Truly a Magnum Flavor!!! Fantastic!!

  24. John P-Illinois

    Ordered both Magnum Flavors an glad I did, an wow the flavor really hits an explodes from the first draw, the prepaid really blast you at first with the watermelon an you get the berries on the retro hale, better like watermelon an berries on this one because that’s what your gonna get blasted with…well done Richard

  25. TERRY

    Really awesome flavor. This is probably my new favorite vape flavor at broke dick

  26. Marcus

    Very good upon arrival yet really good after leaving out & open for 24hrs. Definitely worth it & have already ordered more

  27. Jaime L Pritt

    Wow i ordered when it came out the flavor is undeniable. It steeped then sat till today! Omg the flavor is undeniable! I love it just ordered more!

  28. Abbey Gingrich

    Great juice. Used it right away and was good. Can’t wait till after 24 hrs open. I think all the juice should have more flavor like these.

  29. Rachel Anderson

    So the new stronger flavor….great job Broke Dick

  30. SquirrelCommander

    Ordered this and Payday magnum. Not really a huge fan of desert flavours but Prepaid was completely unexpected and way better than the original

  31. Terry R Drawbaugh

    Grand Slam… BAMB..!!!

    That right folks, Broke Dick hit this one out of the ballpark and then some. Prepaid Magnum is not just a home run but the powers-to-be at Broke Dick hit a Grand Slam with this remake of an already great juice.

    First – they improved an already great flavor with more fruity goodness although I wish it was just a little more on the sweet side. But the Succulent, Sweet and Tasty wonderful flavors of watermelon, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry are there. Magnum is not as sweet as I was expecting, just a slight improvement in that area; truthfully that was disappointing. There is NO chemical or weird taste, just pure goodness….

    Second – they not-only improved the bottle itself but also improved the delivery nozzle too. No more leaking around the base and the nozzle is much more user friendly when trying to fill the tiniest of holes with the new long and thin needle-nose nozzle.

    Third – they changed the base color from a golden color to clear color on the Magnum and that is a Big Plus. My daily go-to tank is the Steam Crave Aromamizer PLUS RDTA mainly because I like the ability to hold 10ml of juice. Anyway with the old-style Prepaid after about 1 ½ days the coil and cotton would start to gum up, muting the flavor and by the end of the 2nd day the flavor was gone prompting a tear-down and rebuild secession. With Magnum’s clear color, I’m getting up-to-four days before the flavor starts to get muted. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a major improvement. And yes, I was using the same build and cotton; I use either a simple 4mm round wire or dual or triple Fused Clapton’s depending which Aromamizer PLUS RDTA I’m using. I have dedicated builds for each Aromamizer PLUS RDTA tank and I tried the Prepaid – Magnum in each with the same 4-day results. Hugh, Hugh Improvement…

    Fourth – Broke Dick gets a 5-star rating with great pricing, fast shipping and damn great flavoring for a cheap priced e-liquid.

    So for me, that’s a Grand Slam… BAMB improvement..!!!

  32. Jeff Stanton

    rekindled my enjoyment of this great flavor. Hands down my favorite

  33. Christina

    Awesome!!! The extra flavor makes a huge difference to me. My new fav. Will definitely be purchasing again

  34. Joe

    I wasn’t crazy about regular prepaid. But the magnum is pretty good, its for sure growing on me. As most BD juice very easy on coils.

  35. Debbra Czech

    Even though I pay much more as in Canada I am not disappointed. Thought I wouldn’t like it much as I vape a very sweet bubblegum flavor…..that is until now! I love it. Will definitely buy more but want to try some more of your flavors first. I’m impressed

  36. JeffRummelsburg

    Great flavor

  37. Alex

    Iv had the original one and loved it, so when this one came out I had to give it a try. And I’m telling you what the flavor just smacks you in the face it’s so good. It’s a must have if you like fruit/berry flavors. As usual broke dick never disappoints.

  38. Jason Nusbaum

    First time trying Broke Dick and this $#!t is awesome!!

  39. George Hinsch

    Magnum prepaid….Awesome! Flavor punch you right in tastebuds.

  40. Denney Enos

    I love nice flavor thank you

  41. Frederick(Ras’ZuLu) Little

    All Hail Richard Broke & The Broke Dick Co!..Long time fan of Prepaid for it’s my #1adv hands down.This Magnum is Killer!!.Just re-ordered as we speak & I’m still on my 1st bottle.Keep doing what’cha doing RD & The BD Co.Nuff respect every time.Continually spreading the word about your great deals & juices.Looking forward for the Magnum 15th to debut that’s my 2nd fav!..Big Ups to ya also SloCo!✌Excellent job

  42. Derek Miller

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better….Prepaid Magnum comes out. This is even better than the original recipe. This will most definitely be my new adv. Thanks again for another top notch product!

  43. Robert Herrin

    This juice is the bomb best I have had and I have tried quit a few different flavors and companies. I’m only half way through and I’m ordering more.

  44. Louis Nelsen

    Just barely into this juice and loving it so much. 3 people at work dripped it a little and they love it. But they thought i was being a “dick”. I told them it was prepaid. Well if you get it online…you have to prepay. Showed them your site. Then those dicks understood. Now, they’re onto you.

  45. James Lemkie

    Great taste better than other fruit vape I’ve had from other vape shops, you have me as a new customer , will be buying here from now on.

  46. Katlyn Dewey

    It tastes just like it smells which is very rare to find in an e-juice. Great product for the price.

  47. William Pollick

    Great juice, especially the Magnum. Can’t beat the price either.

  48. gary chandler

    my wife loves the taste and uses it every day its her everyday vape thanks broke dick two thumbs up

  49. Nathan C

    Magnum is absolutely delicious

  50. MacDav

    I don’t know what was done for these Magnum editions, but their flavor is intensified over their normal counterparts. This is with more depth to flavor, from inhale to exhale, and a little after you still taste and smell the flavor and aroma. This is really good, probably the best I’ve had yet. I’m going to try the other flavors when I can, but for now, this is tops.

  51. Keith J. Crawford

    same price and kick ass flavor

  52. Melody Reynolds

    It’s really good! Like the extra flavor

  53. Henry Hunter

    this Prepaid magnum is so much better than the reglur one

  54. Brian Starkey

    The price is good,the shipping is fast, and it’s the best vape liquid we have tried yet! I dont think you’ll find near the quality and quantity for the price anywhere else.

  55. Brenda Park

    The first berry vape I absolutely love! Perfect combination! Yummy!

  56. Drew

    Out of ALL the juices I’ve tried this is my favorite!

  57. Donald Crowe

    Cheap and fruity.

  58. Stan Wilcox

    good vape

  59. Beth Friedman

    Packed with fruity flavor, definitely more fruity than the original. My first impression was it may be too perfumey for me. After vapeing a couple rounds the flavor overpowered the perfumey taste. I really do like the flavor. Watercup is still my favorite and has been my everyday vape. The more I vape this Magnum Prepaid, the more I like it.

  60. Christopher L Lucas

    Great flavor and a great all around vape

  61. Tommy

    Great Juice great price !!!

  62. PAUL


  63. Nyles F

    ordered Saturday received Tuesday and very impressed. Excellent juice and is half the price of local vape shops, this is dead on SAME as a 26$ bottle, and honestly way more flavor! Haven’t found one that matches my favorite ADV Riot by FFDA, its a mystery flavor as it has eluded more ppl then I can count to unlock the flavor, nope! Anyway for half the price I’ll take my second favorite style vape flavors, also first time buyers, you can vape it soon as you get it but just pop the cap off and let it steep! It rly added a huge flavor increase, especially on my other juice, the 1st, great stuff, keep it up..

  64. Chandler

    This was awesome right out of the package without steeping my new all day vape

  65. Paul Stanley

    Nice taste

  66. David Higgins

    Great extra flavor! Great price! Quick shipping!

  67. Justin

    Great flavor, not to sweet, simply amazing!

  68. Rachel Anderson

    Just love the new Magnum Prepaid

  69. Amanda Morris-Rubio

    Lots of flavor exceptional value

  70. Marcus

    This is my favorite right now It’s my all day vape. Mixes well w/ others too. Really good

  71. Jen

    Really enjoy the flavor and cloud with this juice

  72. Mike S

    I had never heard of this site before, stumbled onto it and decided to try some juice, glad I did! I ordered two bottles of prepaid. I steeped the juice for one day, then filled my falcon tank using a Mesh dual coil, found the flavor to be great! In fact, I think this is my new favorite juice! Day two was even better! And now that I’m a few days in, I haven’t went back to my other go to juice. (Apple Watermelon by Vista) excellent value here and I will definitely be trying some other flavors, very smooth fruity taste, pleasant aroma!
    These prices are awesome and I received my order within 2 or 3 days! If you Like fruity flavors try this one! It won’t let you down!

  73. Vickie Bawiec

    Great favor

  74. Steven Kassel

    I was worried it might be too flavorful, having never tried this brand before and ordering the extra flav version.. but it wasn’t, was just about right which leaves me to wonder if the regular tastes too weak.. juice was good tho, especially for the price. Delivery about what you’d expect.. I’d probably order from Broke Dick again if they produce a new flav that catches my eye

  75. James Butenhof

    This is the first juice i have ever bought from this website and it won’t be the last. Great flavor and at a great price. I can’t wait to try the other flavors now.

  76. Louis Teike

    I am so glad I ordered the Magnum with it’s extra flavoring. I am truly enjoying this purchase and will keep coming back for more!

  77. Ted Williams

    Really has great fruity flavor. I like this juice because the variety of flavors that come through.

  78. Mow

    Ok this is it!!! My favorite !! Tastes Incredibly good and the watermelon kicks in at the end. Lingering flavor of fruits. I am a forever fan!!!

  79. Mike

    Love the taste of this one. The cooling effect is perfect. Not too strong.

  80. Velvet Willits

    It has very good flavor

  81. Kim

    I received my first order and I love this juice. The flavor is spot on. Can’t wait to try all the other flavors. Price is awesome as well.

  82. Marcus M

    This is my Go to ADV. ITS GREAT!!!

  83. Earl Fleener

    This is my favorite juice. I ordered the payday and magnum to check them out. Both are good.. the magnum is fruitier

  84. Marcus M

    This is my all day vape. I make sure to have at least 2 bottles so I never run out. I think this stuff is perfect. Been vaping it for months & it’s just right so I don’t get tired of it. Easy on coils (Fatality M25 RTA). Great stuff. Great price.

  85. EnZed

    Ordered this one just to try it out, even though I didn’t really think I’d like it. Was I ever wrong… it’s amazing! I mainly taste the watermelon with subtle hints of the other flavors. Also, my coils last a LONG time with this, which is another plus. Now they just need to do Water Cup… 🙂

  86. Scott

    Really great flavor. Smooth intake and savory exhale. Super great prices and fast delivery. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.

  87. Lisa k Olin

    I am absolutely in love with Magnum prepaid liquid. I love the flavor of the watermelon and the blueberries on the inhale and the strawberries on the exhale it’s absolutely amazing definitely and all day Vape

  88. Melody Goetz

    I like fruity, almost sweet juices and this one fits the bill. I will definitely purchase it again.

  89. justin bradley

    BD was bugging me about reviewing. it’s good.

  90. Iceman

    There’s nothing I can really say about this juice that someone hasn’t already posted or said…..,, let’s . Good let’s go through the motions. It is excellent it is tasty ,great flavor way better than before ,,, the value is excellent, you can’t find a value anywhere . Best deal hands down. Five stars ,five thumbs up , just excellent .

  91. David Malcom

    The best juice I have had flavor is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be ordering all the flavors to try

  92. kelli myers

    This juice is amazing. I’m so glad I tried something new!! Will be purchasing again!

  93. Matthew Wallace

    I like it good taste good summer vape

  94. Kelli

    Delicious! Definitely purchasing again!

  95. Fred Kross

    I ordered Prepaid on a Saturday night. It arrived on Monday! The flavor is awsome. Would highly recommend it. You can’t beat the price.

  96. Dorothy Apodaca

    You won’t be disappointed, excellent flavor and a great bargain. By far my favorite!

  97. Dalton Lawhorn

    It was a great price but it wasn’t what I would call extra flavor , it definitely tastes good but just not as strong as I was hoping.

  98. Nate Anderson

    This flavor is great blasting with flavor as of right now this is my favorite

  99. Big H.

    I will be honest… the flavor is out of this world . I just got my order yesterday i been vaping on it.. but what suprises me on a new coil and cotton awesome flavor.. but… get this.. on a used coil i had.. omg the flavor was the same.. i was impressed.. my used coil had 2 weeks of use on it too.. no burnt hit nothing… flavor after flavor.. yall want a juice buy a bottle or 2 of brokedick… you wont be disappointed! And if you dont buy one you will miss out on the best ejuice in this world… thx for my review.. i will be making my you tube review soon.. 2 thumbs up brokedick… yall got it going on!

  100. Terrence Pires

    Prepay Has A. Nice Fresh Clean Taste, I’m Enjoying It.

  101. Scott

    Very tasty juice! It’s juicy and packed with flavor. I love it and will buy again.

  102. Earl Fleener

    A great fruity taste..does seem to burn a little quicker than other but its cheap. But an extra bottle. For 2 120ml it’s the same price as 1 60ml bottle from other places.

  103. Kriss L

    My current favorite juice of all time. Always satisfying, always the perfect blend of fruits. I’ll keep ordering this until I’m sick of fruit!

  104. Brenda Short

    I will not be ordering from anyone else again. I love every flavor I have tried so far

  105. Misty


  106. Ronald Penn

    Always use to vape prepaid as my go to, everyday vape. Now it has Magnum great flavor, what??? This stuff is delightful but not overly flavored as other strong brands I’ve tried. What else can I say but “keep it up Dick” !

  107. Tony Roberts

    This is some mighty fine juice! Great flavor at a great price. Great job!

  108. Shane

    Taste’s good.but for me it’s nice t adv good

  109. Steven Tharp

    Been vaping Brokes stuff for bout 2 yrs now, payday,prepaid my faves, but magnum is hitting it hard with flavor. I have a 120 of payday I’ve steeped over 6 months original,and vaped it and the new magnum in my vandy vape pulse squonker mods side by side, there’s no comparison, Magnum is great flavor. Try it,you won’t be disappointed, Richard,keep it up brother,you’re killin it with magnum. Keep on vapin people!!!! ☁

  110. Steven Tharp

    Been vaping Brokes stuff for bout 2 yrs now, payday,prepaid my faves, but magnum is hitting it hard with flavor. I have a 120 of prepaid I’ve steeped over 6 months original,and vaped it and the new magnum in my vandy vape pulse squonker mods side by side, there’s no comparison, Magnum is great flavor. Try it,you won’t be disappointed, Richard,keep it up brother,you’re killin it with magnum. Keep on vapin people!!!! ☁

  111. Gerardo Allen

    The one flavor I probably purchase the most. My favorite!

  112. Nancy

    Oh my gosh!! This has got to be the best place to get juice!! The taste is absolutely perfect and you can’t beat the prices!! This is one of my all day vapes!! Order some!!! You won’t be disappointed!!

  113. Ashlee Randolph

    Tastes wonderful!

  114. Mitchell Moore

    If you’ve ever had the watermelon blowpop candy before it tastes EXACTLY like the powder from those bottles!

  115. Tom

    Ordered this juice, and I LOVE flavor! I haven’t tried a bad juice from these guys yet! Top notch

  116. PREPAID

    My all time favorite all day vape juice

  117. Jessica Loyer

    In a juice you couldn’t ask for better! Magnum Prepaid is fruity, refreshing and satisfying all day vape!

  118. Kris Cope

    The enhancement in flavor really kicks this juice up a notch.

  119. Janice Coffman

    Love this flavor!! I’m a first time buyer at Broke Dick & the Magnum rocks!! Best price & flavor I’ve ever tasted. Buy some!! You’ll be glad you did!!

  120. edward williams

    taste good

  121. Rhonda Corley

    First bottle I have tried and it’s the best juice I have had since I have been vaping I order more flavors from here can’t wait to try them but kinda sad this bottle is are most gone 5 in my house vape and we all love it

  122. Cindy Skaggs

    Excellent price! Wonderful Flavor! I can’t believe I found broke dick. I will be re-ordering on my Vape juice from them.

  123. Jan Rein

    I love this juice. I just ordered 2 more bottles. Do not want to ever run out of this flavor. I vape this all day and never get tired of it.

  124. Christina

    This is all around fantastic. Smells good, taste good, and very smooth.

  125. Harold Schultz


  126. Tony Hanson

    Very good cheap juice, blows eliquid depot out of the water. Still good for the money

  127. Richard McCord

    By far my favorite flavor at the moment. This is my all-day vape.

  128. Bradley Danner

    Hands down some of the best juices i have ever had definitely gonna be buying more

  129. Rachel Anderson

    All of the juices Broke Dick has are yummy…I have tried many…but I had to pick just one of them and Prepaid Magnum is my absolute favorite….smooth taste just love love love it !!

  130. Debra Mcbride

    This has to be my favorite flavor! I had the best fruity taste I have ever had, especially with the extra flavor boost! I use it during the day and switch up after supper with a dessert flavor! Thanks broke dick, I will be ordering more!

  131. Mike Gephart

    This is my favorite vape juice flavor that he has. Its the basic great tasting vape juice thats packed with delicious flavors and surprise flavors . Its the best around no fking around

  132. Alex

    This juice is my go to berry flavor. You get a mixture of blueberry raspberry and blackberry, one of the best juices I have every tried. And burns very clean.

  133. Jessica Loyer

    Delicious all day vape!

  134. Ryan Sturch

    I’ve bought this juice now a couple times and love it! The fact it cost a fraction of the price for juices elsewhere is just an amazing bonus!

  135. Bubba Hopper

    This juice is awsome

  136. Joanna Holt

    The flavor was excellent! One of the best vape juices I’ve used. The extra flavor was amazing and it doesn’t leave a film texture on the roof of your mouth. Will definitely purchase more!

  137. Josh Jurgle

    this is the best vape i have had to date. its my all day every day vape

  138. Marcus M

    This is in my daily rotation for sure. Definitely a good adv. I mix a little strawberry in sometimes, but it’s great all by itself. Nic is not harsh at all yet satisfying. Really good juice at really good price.

  139. A Google User

    I’ve been vaping long enough (on and off) to appreciate more subtle flavors, or at least smoother flavors, that don’t make you gag after two or three hours. Prepaid and a random tobacco flavor from a local company in Pennsylvania (can’t remember the name of company or product) are the only all-day juices that I haven’t gotten sick of. It basically tastes like watermelon, strawberry, and Runts flavoring.

    I’m on a step-down plan from 12 mg (Northland Blu Razz) to 9 mg (Bad Drip Lemon Dead) to 6 mg (Prepaid) to 3 mg (Broke Dick Dollar Menu and Best Damn Vape White Tobacco). Only Lemon Dead and Prepaid are enjoyable for more than an hour or two, although I haven’t tried Dollar Menu yet.

    Broke Dick was able to ship 240 mL from Florida to Pennsylvania in about two days’ time, and the product is good, so I’d recommend the company and product to anyone.

  140. Jonathan Hopper

    This stff is the best

  141. Helen G

    Didn’t really notice any more flavor than regular prepaid. Really expected prepaid to be my favorite by flavor profile but Sangria (which I desperately miss and want back) has been my absolute favorite. Watercup is much frutier and has a more intense flavor. Prepaid would be perfect for you if you like really lightly flavored fruit juices.

  142. John Brodzinski

    Great vape. Prepaid is one of my favorites but with tea additional flavor it’s a winner

  143. Brian spalding

    Now if this is the best dam juice you should step it up and make some just plan STRAWBERRY juice without the cream that would be even better let’s do that MR DICK

  144. Philippe Shaker

    This is the best juice ever , Flavor is flawless and tasty !

  145. Mike

    Awesome sweet flavor! Easily my all day vape!!

  146. Jason Park

    The juice is so clear its transparent, which means it easier for my coils to last longer with gunk build up. Hell I usually see gunk 3 days after I use it but my coils are still clean and my cotton has no discoloration after a weeks worth of using. The flavor is just completely mind-blowing. I have no idea how they were able to make the juice so clear AND give it such a sweet fruity taste. I am now a broke Dick myself

  147. Norma M.

    Never tried this flavor before glad I did has excellent flavor full of fruit would buy again very juicy.

  148. Paul C

    I like this vape juice I normally like the blue Raspberry but this one is very good very berry and sweet, good on the coils too.

  149. Jim Lang

    It’s excellent. Noticeably more flavor than the original Prepaid which is great in it’s own right. And they kept the cost the same. well done.

  150. Matthew McClure

    Pretty good thought there would be more flavor though.

  151. Blaine

    I purchased 2 bottles of juice from broke dick and did not enjoy it!
    Broke dick asked me to order 2 discounted on them and I tried the magnum prepaid and magnum the 1st and they are really good!

    Good job on the recovery guys!

  152. Bob Barnhart

    A cool taste of Summer all year round, and that extra boost of flavor in the Magnum, makes it all the better. Don’t lose Summer to cold weather, get it all the time in Prepaid and Prepaid-Magnum!

  153. Jjpendl

    Good flavor and clean doesn’t kill coils and cotton like a lot of other fruity juices I’ve tried

  154. Skylar Gibler

    this is one of my favorites. thank you so much for the cheaper juice. all love. sky

  155. Mike

    The fruity taste is off the hook with this one. I use it as my ADV and never get tired of it.

  156. Jacob Snider

    Good solid flavor. Has a great throat hit not too sweet and not harsh on the coils over all 10/10

  157. Erik Jojola

    Tons of flavor. I only buy from broke dick. Tried others but nothing compares.

  158. Amber T

    I actually buy this for my boyfriend as I don’t vape myself, and I have noticed he really enjoys it. It smells FANTASTIC and tastes delicious 🙂

  159. Prepaid Magnum

    Nice flavor. Gets better with time. I love the Watermelon flavor, with a hint of Strawberry

  160. Jeff

    Amazing flavor

  161. Ronald Rich

    Astounding Flavor!!!! I hesitate to say that it is almost too much, but the concentration is so full bodied that the aftertaste is as much as a full hit of regular juices. This is definitely one of my alltime favorites!!! 12/10

  162. Rachel Anderson

    Love Prepaid it is my favorite!

  163. Mike Touville

    My ADV!!!

  164. Daniel Buskey

    It’s the best juice out there

  165. Lee

    This is top shelf! I have kept this on hand for a long time! As long as BD keeps this as is, it’ll stay on my shelf!

  166. nancy jaeger

    This juice is far the best. I only purchase this flavor . Love Love Love this flavor.

  167. Luke Clerlico

    The whole magnum line is good, but this prepaid is easily one of the best juices ive ever had and ive been doing this a long time. I will be reordering this on a regular basis!!

  168. Crystal

    Always recommend this flavor!!

  169. Cody Butler-Arnett

    The shipping speed and the price were beyond worth it. My order arrived within 2 days of purchasing. The quality of the product is superb. Very recommendable!

  170. Seriously, don’t hesitate.

    I myself use a caliburn by uwell pod system, bought a 6mg bottle and I’m saving $ using brokedick. It doesn’t even feel like cheap e-liquid. This is great. Highly recommend.

  171. Karen Driver

    Though the Magnum the 1st is my favorite so far, this one rates a close second. Its a wonderful blend of many fruits and is the full of flavor yet not overpowering. love this.

  172. Tevin Brock

    The best I’ve ever got it

  173. Quinten Hapner

    So I stumbled across the website and this juice and was like ah funny name see what ya did there but surprisingly enough it is a baller juice

  174. Tim

    This is by far my favorite flavor I have tried from brokedick thus far and has become a flavor I keep on deck all the time. Try it if you haven’t.

  175. Tomi Phipps

    I have not received my subscription order sent out Nov. 7. The only tracking is the label being made.

  176. Deborah Mills

    Keep up the great work and prices! Love the fact the juices are made in America. 🙂

  177. Brandon Ayers

    First time I be ordered the Magnum and personally I liked the regular better but it’s still an unbeatable deal. They are absolutely awesome at getting it shipped to ya. I live in Alabama and it’s two days every time no exceptions. If you vape order this f*** thinking bout it

  178. Charles Smith

    I Love this juice. I order it everytime I order

  179. Chris Hargis

    Tastes good like fresh fruits just wish it was a little sweeter

  180. Brian

    Great juice

  181. Debi Leak

    I got a bottle of this it was ok, then I received a new bottle, I wasn’t expecting, just because they didn’t think my 1st one had enough flavor the 2nd bottle was AMAZING! GREAT company thank you. Btw I never said anything about the 1 st bottle so not sure how they knew

  182. Jessica

    Excellent flavor, all day vape! Can’t beat it!

  183. Sherri Marshall

    Flavor is elevated but so much to make it too sweet to enjoy.

  184. Jackie Wagner

    This is what I’ve been waiting for! As someone still struggling to quit smoking, subtle flavors are not enough to walk up old tired tastebuds paralyzed by decades of cigarettes. Having an e juice that kicks them in the ass with excellent flavors you can taste is a huge win. I think you might get even more of us old lung hackers if you offered something stronger than 6 mg. People quitting smoking need a stronger hit of nicotine and throat hit, more like 12-18 mg to quit successfully. Maybe if you offered only the Extra Flavor Magnums in more powerful doses of nicotine? Anyway, I came back for The 1ST and Paydayl because this juice is just that damn good. And amazing prices and sales! I’m sold.

  185. David Nelams

    So far I’ve enjoyed the flavor, I would have given it 5 stars but I thought it would have a bit more flavor. That’s my fault, I normally don’t buy anything with watermelon flavor. Overall it’s a good product but I will be changing my flavor on my next order. Oh and did I mention how much I love not having to order every month, being a monthly subscriber definitely has its perks!!

  186. Rodrigo Ruiz

    100% satisfied

  187. Christine Farrell

    Always my favorite all day vape! Started with prepaid then stepped it up in flavor to the magnum version. Keep it up Dick!

  188. edna shuck

    awesome, will certainly purchase again

  189. Christine Farrell

    Always great. After steeping it’s the bomb! “Keep it up Dick”!

  190. David Brody

    The juice is good but the ordering is hard to navigate. I was trying to use my store credit. Please subtract the credit from my order or I will refuse the delivery

  191. IVAN LEAL

    Good flavor,I like it but I think is to many fruit flavors,I wish they make a mix of watermelon and apple….

  192. Evelyn Kerr

    My husbands favorite all day vape

  193. David Brody

    I had a store credit that I was not able to use because when I added it to my order it did not work. Now I am stuck with 4 bottles of juice that I don’t need

  194. Marsha Southcott

    Wow!! Finally flavor!! Awesome

  195. James

    Cant go wrong with this price. Love broke dicks

  196. Harry

    This juice is packed with flavor.. made it my everyday vape… the berry flavor is Awesome! Would i recommend this to my friends… OH YEAH!! Keep up the great work BD…. you guys got the flavors!!

  197. Janice Coffman

    Prepaid Magnum is outstanding. Lots of extra flavor for a smooth hit every time. Love this flavor.

  198. Dionne Dixon

    Been looking for a good website to order good juice from without breaking the bank! I found it! This flavor was just what I expected it to be. It’s very fruity and lacks nothing! I love it! Will definitely be a loyal customer. I plan on trying them all!

  199. Christian Madison

    These juices are incredible. As long as the prices don’t inflate (unreasonably) I will keep coming back for more. This is hands down some of the best juice I have tried and the price is simply unbeatable. So far, the 1st is my favorite and I have liked every flavor I have tried (Prepaid, magnum flavors). Normally I would be wary of trying anymore juice once i have found something i have liked, but because my experience with 4 different juices has been so positive, I plan to try them all! Thank you BrokeDick!!!!!

  200. Jeremy Schooler

    Love it

  201. Brandy

    What can I say about this juice, other than it’s amazing! The flavor is bold and delicious. The juice bottles are huge (120 ml for $12!) You can’t get quality at that price anywhere but here. Most shops sell you a juice that isn’t as amazing as this for $50-$60. The juice is so clear and doesn’t gunk up your coils. I’ve found my new favorite and I will be back for more!

  202. kelli myers

    I always come back to this one because it’s sooooo good!!

  203. Jan

    As always, prepaid Magnum is an excellent smooth fruity flavor. BD has certainly cornered the marked in providing excellent flavors, price & quick shipments. I highly recommend.

  204. Christina Rodriguez

    The only juice I will buy. Great flavor.

  205. Drew Gullick

    My regular juice, has to be my favorite!! But this last time it wasn’t as flavorful as normal. But still my go to!!!!

  206. Tomi Phipps

    This is my main subscription juice and my favorite. Not only that…add a little Tropical Punch to it and WOW!!! The combo is yummier!!

  207. Lou

    The 1st is the first flavor that I really considered an all day vape, and this is about 1000% better than the original! Absolutely love The 1st Magnum!

  208. Jay Welch

    This is my go to after I have tried everything else, I Always come back to Prepaid.

  209. christine roth

    This is by far my best flavor vapor juice , so flavorful it is like having a bowl of mixed fruit right in your mouth. Love love love this juice

  210. christine roth

    This is best ever flavor , it’s like having a starburst of fruit in your mouth … love this prepaid

  211. Superb Flavor

    An explosion of flavor! It has secured its spot in the rotation of my everyday vapes.

  212. Rhett Burnett

    Just got this juice yesterday. Wow great flavor but not to heavy or overpowering a perfect go to everyday all day vape. Highly recommend this juice as a anytime all day vape favorite great job Broke Dick!

  213. Brandon Ayers

    My favorite juice of All time. Get ya some! First class Service that hasn’t been bothered by the pandemic.

  214. Dawn Lytle

    Has awesome flavor. Would definitely recommend. Am buying again.

  215. Moe Cromwell

    It was really smooth and flavorful. First time buyer but will continue to get my products through them!

  216. Darrel Mohney

    I have been buying from E liquid , they want to charge more for a 100 ml plus another $7 for fast shipping but your free shipping is faster, they have been running a. Room stick up my ass and braking off up near my anus Broke Dick is alright Thanks amigo

  217. Daniel Buskey

    It never gets old the flavor is awesome thats all I order 5 ,6 at a time. Best juice you can find and the price is right

  218. Sasha Matta

    Absolutely the best value. I usually pay $10.99 for a 30ML 18mg bottle at the local vape shop. Close to $20 a week. If not for corona virus and everything shutting down, I still would be. When I ran across broke dick, my initial thoughts were that it was too good to be true. There is no way this dude is selling that large of a bottle unless it’s absolute crap but I was completely wrong! I got 2 flavors, prepaid magnum and bankroll sangria. Both are amazing! The bottles are HUGE, the shipping was fast, and the flavors are excellent! I would definitely recommend. If you’re on the fence, just do it! I won’t be returning to my local shop I unless I need coils. Thanks Broke Dick

  219. Mark

    Out of all the flavors I’ve tasted from broke dick this is the best one. They ship super fast. Thats all enough reason to make your purchase.

  220. Jason Alarie

    As advertised. Great taste and flavor throughout. No aftertaste or loss of flavor.

  221. Jodi Thomas

    Good fruity flavor. Kind of leaves an aftertaste

  222. RAE

    Best juice I’ve tasted so far!!! I will be back to purchase some more! Thanks!!

  223. Paul Stanley

    Great value and great taste and great service

  224. Sonia E Castro

    This is my favorite juice, I love the sweet taste of berries

  225. Michael

    Awesome flavor and cloudzzz… Did I mention great deal for the 120ml!!!

  226. Mary Loftis

    I’m a fruity vape flavor lover – as a matter of fact fruit flavors – mainly berry – is ALL I vape. My order was super speedy and correct. I’ve not let this steep and the flavor is already amazing so I can only imagine after some time it will only improve. Most def will order again. Thank you guys for your hard work and dedication.

  227. Zaida Bonilla

    I love prepaid it’s so delicious nd u can tastes all the fruit it haves I love it thank u

  228. ashley Satterfield

    PREPAID – MAGNUM is AMAZING! Definitely my new favorite! Awesome flavor, doesn’t mess my coil up, hits nicely and actually smells great! I will most definitely order this again and again!!

  229. Emily Belote

    Y’all have THE fastest shipping ever. But as far as the juice- its really really good. Not to sweet but its definitely full of yummy fruit flavor. It is easy on my coils, too. It doesnt have any of that weird chemical taste that some fruit juices can either. Would recommend.

  230. Sean

    Excellent flavor and easy on the wallet. Clean juice that has given me a longer lasting coil life as well. Received the juice less then 48 hours after placing my order.

  231. Terry Nickels

    the taste is good but its a bit too fruity if it was a little less on the fruit taste it would be 5 stars but its still a good juice i use it as a backup when i run out of sangria

  232. Sean B.

    great flavor, and great clean juice that has my coil lasting over a month now, about twice as long as normal for me
    shipped the same day, USPS was to blame for a longer wait time, not Broke Dick. when the post office slow shipping screws you, you can’t blame it on Broke Dick. Obviously.

  233. O.M.G.

    As a woman, I’ve never had the pleasure of using a magnum before. And let me tell you chile, once you go black (bottle), you never go back! Will definitely be making this my go-to juice company! I love a good magnum broke dick!


    Second time ordering in a month and still haven’t gotten either order. I suggest getting rid of the post office for your deliveries or giving the buyer the option to choose shipping method.

  235. Javier Colon Jr

    Magnum Prepaid has the best all day vape flavor!

  236. Denny Middleton

    Great flavor

  237. DAVID

    We all know how stupid fast the shipping is, but the flavor for the price is something I cannot get over. Broke dick vape juice is one of the absolute best companies for liquid. It always tastes phenomenal I have yet to have a flavor I did not like. The prepaid flavor is a great subtle and clean all day vape.

  238. Alfred Britt

    This is one of the best vape juices I have ever had in my life. I can vape it all day and not get tired of it. It has great flavor with a great blend of berries and a hint of watermelon. This is one of my goto juices Keep up the great work.

  239. Joseph Mossman

    Great Flavor

  240. Casey Nygren

    While this is a very tasty juice I thought the raspberry was overpowering to the point where I could not taste any other fruit flavors. A bit less raspberry and a bit more of the other fruits would balance this out so it tastes more like the profile picture. Other than tha the stuff is pretty dang good


    I used this when it first came out to the public, it was STRONG, but it has claimed down, the flavor is awesomely sweet and good on the coils it still packs a punch but not as crazy as before, good all day vape.

  242. Jon W

    Delicious combo of berries. Bright and tasty. Vaoes well and the price is right.

  243. Brian Sennett

    Prepaid is a nice flavored berry juice with a hint of ice, I do like to mix it up a little and add this ti my frozen account.

  244. Joe Hammett

    Havnt ordered for a while.but when y’all first came out I jumped on the short bus!! Lol thanks again

  245. Yvette Gordon

    Great fruity vape, the raspberry is a little more intense and can overwhelm the other flavors though. Still an enjoyable vape experience!
    Thank you BD!


    Like fruity flavors, you won’t be disappointed. Bought twice already.

  247. donald eurto

    absolutely one of the best juices I’ve tried. Awesome strong flavor will definitely be buying again.

  248. cody garrett

    Best juice I’ve found so far

  249. Erik Piekarz

    This juice is straight heat. Next-level-slap-ya-momma good. 10/10 would recommend to anyone who will listen. I like my juice pretty sweet and it definitely hits the spot. But it not so strong that it tastes chemically or anything. I read on another comment that it can be mixed with the Frozen Account (menthol) to add some ice to it so I got that as well and it super cool having the option to go either way with it. It’s also stupid cheap, which is a big plus as well.


    This is my go-to everyday flavor. Always tastes good even if my could and cotton need work.

  251. Alisia Stevens

    This is one of my go to favorites. Love the blend of fruits.

  252. Joseph Arce

    Flavor is good my favorite i only order this one for now

  253. Julie Gorman

    I’m definitely ordering again, I was hesitant at first but I’m glad I made the purchase.

  254. greg radach

    It’s yummy yummy good it’s the shit. !! We’ll definitely purchase again

  255. Alfred

    Wow-what can I say. I get strawberry cherry and just a little grape flavor plus others. It is very good you can vape this all day and not get tired of it at all.

  256. Alanna Farrell

    It has a good taste look forward to ordering again

  257. Lisa Ritsick

    Love this one i could vape it all day. Will be ordering it again

  258. Mike Leal

    Best prices for good juice

  259. Barbara Overbaugh

    Very good. I will order again and

  260. Dave

    I have not found a better tasting flavor like this for the price, would purchase this product again .

  261. Cynthia Ellis Waddell

    I think the Berry Blast is BERRY BERRY GOOD….

  262. Amber

    This has become my favorite daily flavor. It is amazing and it arrived super fast!

  263. Derrick Monroe

    The prepaid is one my favorite all day vape from broke dick when I got my package out the mail box my whole bottle of liquid had leaked out this is the second time this happened

  264. William Myers

    Really great company great juice flavors and you can’t beat the price!

  265. Jan

    ALL the berry flavors are fantastic. BD always delivers the BEST flavors for a low price & extremely fast shipping. You’ll never go wrong with BD.

  266. nancy

    Love it. Great taste and it is smooth.

  267. Debbie Leach

    Very smooth. Great flavor. As good as Lung Hits Berry Blast. (My favorite juice). I will buy this one since it is as delicious.


    Only 4 stars since payday was shipped instead of prepaid. I like them both. So it’s ok. But prepaid is the bee’s knees.

  269. Rahmir

    You guys are the truth the prices are perfect the quantity and quality. Subscribed i shall remain and regular i shall be.

  270. Candace

    Love all the way the fruits blend together

  271. Jayson Coomer

    This is a fantastic juice for the price. I’m definitely going to order more. I recommend this to anyone that likes a lot of flavor.

  272. Bailey

    Good juice flavor could be a little stronger

  273. Janice Coffman

    I just love that wonderful berry flavor. The Magnum extra flavor makes it even better. BD always exceeds beyond anyone else in providing the best of the best.

  274. Cynthia Waddell

    Love every Drop of that Dick Juice..

  275. Chelsie Nichnadowicz

    This is an awesome juice for those who love extra fruity flavors to the extreme. I’m not in love with overly fruity flavors, but you can’t beat the price and the flavor is tolerable for me when I mix it with other juices.

  276. Deborah Leach

    Love the flavor. I was buying Lung Hit Berry Blaster, but this is so much better. Smooth, great taste. Love it

  277. DZ

    Usually I shy away from fruit flavors.
    However, I wanted to try something different.
    I read the reviews. I decided to give it a try. Wow, I can’t believe what I have been missing! I ordered 9 bottles 4 of this one.
    My only regret is I didn’t order all of this

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