The 15th – Banana Cream Peanut Butter Pie (120ml)

The 15th – Banana Cream Peanut Butter Pie (120ml)


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(416 customer reviews)

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First there’s the 1st, then there’s the 15th, each date holding a little warm place in our broke hearts. This juice celebrates the King himself, whose tunes help power us through many broke nights in the vape lab trying to concoct the perfect cloud.

We basically took banana cream pie with whipped topping, spread peanut butter all over it, and then smashed it into our tank to see what would happen. The result is this ultra-flavorful, nutty, creamy, cloud-worthy experience to power you through to the 1stOrder a bottle, hound dog, and you’ll be vaping this sweet, salty juice in 2-3 days flat.


  • Banana Cream Pie
  • Peanut Butter
  • Whipped Topping

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

416 reviews for The 15th – Banana Cream Peanut Butter Pie (120ml)

  1. Trevor Marks

    I’m thoroughly impressed.

  2. Jerry

    One of the best flavors I have ever had. Rich & creamy notes of banana and peanut butter.


    This E Juice is awesome ! I can taste the creamy banana and peanut butter in every puff !It is the Best E Juice I have tasted !

  4. Hazozita

    Overall, this is a very good juice. The banana comes through very well. It’s a nice, ripe banana taste rather than the “candy banana” that I’ve come across in other juices. The cream is well-matched to the banana — you get the cream taste, but its not overpowering. The one area where I feel it falls short is the PB. It’s sort of, kind of there, but it needs to be dialed up a bit. But, all in all, it’s a solid juice and I absolutely will be buying again.

  5. Steve

    Great price and fast shipping with amazingly fresh flavor that is really smooth and just sweet enough.

  6. Sandra Hockersmith

    This is a great banana cream flavor and the peanut butter finishes the juice perfectly.Shipping was fast and accurate.I would highly recommend this product and look forward to trying some other flavors.Great job guys!

  7. GRANT

    My order shipped same day. Received super fast. The juice is velvety with a perfectly balanced flavor profile. A not-too-sweet banana and cream with a soft peanut butter finish. Truly outstanding. Well done.

  8. Chris Hernandez

    When I first started to vape this juice I wasnt aware that it had peanut butter in it but i could tell right away. To banana seems to be a little less noticable to me but none the less a very very good vape.

  9. Anthony Sinatra

    I really enjoy how smooth the banana and peanut butter flavors are in this. It’s sweet but not sugary and it’s definitely banana creme pie with some peanut butter. Definitely recommended for anyone wanting a decent banana flavor juice!

  10. Kelly Runberg

    Part 2 of my bogo…. win win! Great stuff!!WILL BUY AGAIN!

  11. Tiffany Fornes

    Didn’t have that much flavor at the beginning but after vaping on it for 2 days this stuff is the bomb!

  12. jeremy cranmer

    Super fast shipping. Ready to go out of the bottle no steeping required for me at least. Nice smooth vape, no harshness. Flavor is pretty spot on with description. Very yummy juice, decent cloud production. 🙂

  13. phil birkhimer

    I tried this when it came in the mail, I was not thrilled. Set it on the shelf for 2 weeks and WOW! I can’t put it down now…. I’ll definitely be back!

  14. Rusty Ramsey

    What’s this a budget juice that has pb flavor in it? Wait does it actually taste like peanut butter and not burnt hair from a cat? Yes, it does. Go buy it. It’s cheap. avoid tipgate2017 and get yourself a tip. Good stuff.

  15. mike arthur


  16. Drew

    This stuff is GREAT. I’m getting all that peanut buttery creamy bananey goodness on every inhale. It’s balanced, not too sweet, and boy is it nice.

  17. mike

    cant say enough………AMAZING!!!

  18. Wayland steinhour

    It was hard choosing just two flavors but i love bananas but wasn’t sure on the peanut butter but damn I’m glad i got this. It’s entered into my ADV lineup and the price? That’s just the bonus for my broke ass. Will buy more without a doubt and fast shipping too!

  19. Brian McLeod

    Holy moly this is like the effin’ e-juice holy grail for me – Banana Cream Pie with Peanut Butter? YES!

    I’ve vaped up so much candy-ass banana and mud-butt peanut butter over the years that never came close to the real thing. I more or less gave up on ever finding a juice that accurately represented this white-trash delicacy.

    The 15th is my ideal juice, neither over-sweet or under-flavored. Each of the flavor notes are right on point for me. Banana and creamy goodness on the inhale melt into a peanut buttery finish on the exhale. HEAVEN!

  20. Tony D

    When I bought this juice, I was thinking “Why not. For the price, it’s probably like a getting a bad BJ… even if it’s bad, it’s still pretty good”. Well, as it turns out…. It’s Freakin Awesome!!!

    **** Thank You, Dick… for knowing the value of being broke!… & sharing with us! ****

  21. Juan Quintero

    I was panic to buy this but I feel fuck it to buy i when I see most 5 stars of review and try it today plus it’s taste so AWESOME AS BOMB!! I would bet y’all guys try it!

  22. Luis Gascon

    Sooo dank

  23. Kevin H

    I am always sceptical of trying new juice. I’m glad I did. I ordered 2 different flavors. This one is so good. Can taste peanut butter and banana. Good flavor but not overpowering. Great all day vape. About to order some more flavors soon.

  24. gadget

    After trying Payday and loving it, I decided to give this one a try.
    I was a bit hesitant on the Peanut Butter but I must say it is delicious!
    I decided to try more flavors, I have 4 more bottles (two that I haven’t tried yet) expected for delivery tomorrow!
    Pricing is unbelievable!

  25. Blake

    Hands down best tasting juice I have tried yet. Broke Dick’s is half the cost for TWICE as much juice (compared to the next best overpriced crap juice I bought before) AND it tastes better!

    I have a really shitty sense of smell and taste because I smoked real cigarettes for so long; so the fact that I taste anything is good testament to the quality of flavor here. This tastes amazing to me! I rarely taste ANYTHING from most e cig juices!

    I haven’t tried any other flavors yet, but the quality of this one flavor has sold me. No one else will be getting my money for their overpriced crap. Broke Dick!

  26. John j

    Dam, thats good!

  27. Jaimee

    We purchased The 15th and The 1st and love both! I figured for $22, what do we have to lose? To be honest, when I saw the price, I wondered about the quality but was impressed by the sustainable business model and reviews and decided to give Broke Dick a shot. Shipping was super fast. Flavors are top notch and not overpowering or fake like so many discounted brands tend to be. We’ll definitely be return customers. Can’t wait to try some of the other flavors!

  28. GoddamnGloria

    This juice, and every flavor I’ve tried from Broke Dick, is tasty as hell. This one reminds me of a peanut butter banana sandwich, super creamy. Just won the Stimulus Package and ordered “Payday”, high hopes for that one. Looking forward to trying the rest!!!

  29. Bex

    This was my first taste of Broke Dick ejuice – was super excited to win a bottle in the Stimulus Package giveaway, especially since when I found it, I was searching for a bottle of juice for about $7 (‘cos that was about all I had to spend on juice at that moment in time, and was down to vaping my “icky” vapes) and my former usual supplier has gotten much more expensive since the regulations came in to play. Had no clue what to expect, but wow! I don’t taste the peanut butter too much in this one, but tastes like delicious banana cream pie, and I just ordered my second bottle 🙂 Have also tried Cash Advance (key lime pie!) and Payday, both great juices but so far The 15th is my fave. Thanks, Broke Dick! (and at first I thought the name a bit crass – but every time I say it, I crack up laughing, hahaha!!)

  30. Dustin Tidwell

    Again…. super fast shipping that will blow your Broke dick away! Flavor is awesome, I’d have to say its one of my favorites now, flavors really come through, will be buying again and again!

  31. Jason D

    This was the second juice are ordered and again, lightning fast shipping. Very tasty, slightly sweet but mellow enough, definitely all day Vape! This is my new go to juice!

  32. As Good As It Gets

    By mistake I got 2 bottles of The 15th. When I opened the package, I was blue after seeing what I’d done.

    I opened one, loaded a tank into my Smok Baby Beast, and my blues turned to joy.
    Absolutely the best nanna pudding vape I’ve ever tried and the addition of the peanut butter sent it over the top.
    This stuff is a perfect ADV and not a flavor you will grow tired of.
    Thanks Broke Dick.

  33. Jason Trott

    What more can is say? Flavor is a little different each time I vape it. I notice different flavors each time. Sometime it is more peanut butter, sometimes more banana cream, sometimes more whipped topping. Can’t get enough. For those dessert lovers, this is a MUST buy.

  34. Darren

    Easily my new favorite, there is a very nice banana taste with a nice underlying taste of cream and custard.

  35. Rachel

    ….pick a favorite broke dick! Is that even possible. Im afraid of the new flavor coming out, I’ll have like 4 favorite broke dicks. It’s crazy. Is this good? Hella good!

  36. Proven

    Juice is amazing. I ordered 4 of them an only 2 was i really satisfied with this one & the strawberry & creme which i actually had to add more of my strawberry flavor to it so really by itself this juice was the only one untouched by me that was very good. Now i will say this the key lime pie & fruit punch have amazing flavor 4sure but i myslef just didn’t like it. Other people would probably love it who like key lime pie cause it taste just like it & the fruit punch had a massive pineapple flavor it would be perfect for a person who has a taste for it like i said but overall satisfied cause least i know i can order a 2ple juices on here that i love for an amazing price…

  37. Julee Thomas

    Never had this juice and had to go by pick, it is amazing!! I’m not a peanut butter vape kind of girl but it’s just enough for taste. I will be ordering this and more bc it’s so good

  38. Beth

    Pretty good. My taste bud are awake

  39. Paul

    Was weary to try juice from a small company especially one called broke dick but once I ordered my first two bottles from them I will not order from another company and it’s even better it’s made right here in Florida

  40. Ryan Hanson

    Very good. Smooth and satisfying. Definitely an unbeatable price. And I would recommend to anyone vaping on a budget

  41. Bob

    This shits like going to a Cheap buffet and there serving free beer!

  42. David Stutesman

    This juice is one of my favorites from this Broke Dick company!

  43. Christopher moore

    Awesome price!! Awesome flavor!!

  44. Sabri Balcin

    This e juice is freekin amazing i seriously cannot get enough it always has me coming back for more. Ive been vaping this juice for a while now and its been my all day vape. Keep up the excellent work cuz i will b buying more of it in the near future!!!

  45. Chris

    Juice was excellent shipping always on time. I decided to try different juice this time was not disappointed. I hope you guys can siphon enough gas to make it to Illinois for a broke dick tour…

  46. Ricky

    So good str8 out the mail it’s gets better with a few days of steeping so happy I found this thank you alex Parker for her review on this stuff on YouTube I love her she’s absolutely gorgeous thank u so much

  47. Timothy John

    Now this was some G O O D e juice.
    Thanks Guys 🙂

  48. ON3OFF

    What the description says, is what it is. This is one of my ADV, will be getting more.

  49. Greg Skipton

    This juice is pretty good good for the price,you can definitely taste the peanut butter

  50. Mike goss

    this is my favorite of the dessert 5 pack i purchased. reminds me of fog cabins bad nana. might be a tad better and its only 1/3 of the price. this is top notch. not sweet or overpowering but plenty of full rich flavor.

  51. Kelly Marr

    This has become my favorite all-day vape. It is light and sweet and vapes very well. I seriously love this flavor and thanks to the team that created this. Excellent!

  52. stephan

    this is hands down the best banana creme pie with peanut butter ever. i spent 7hours in a house that cost 2 million dollars and the owner loved the smell of this juice and died laughing at the name. this 1 is highly recommended if u like either banana or peanut butter

  53. Gary

    Another great value from Richard Broke. I had just bought some Naked Go-Nanas, and prefer this one. It’s a lot cheaper, a much better value, and the Flavor is better

  54. Charles pittman

    I thought that this was a very smooth sweet juice just the taste was not my favorite. Will still buy from Broke Dick just other flavors.

  55. Good Stuff

    Best banana vape flavor I’ve had. Peanut butter is very subtle but definitely an ADV

  56. Chuck D

    So I ordered this liquid based strictly on the name of the company. And I really really enjoyed it. An awesome taste. I don’t get much cream out of it. But big banana flavor right on the front. Really really good.

  57. Michael rose

    Delicious flavor big clouds no complaints.

  58. Tim

    This is hands down the best flavor I’ve ever vaped. Y’all really outdid yourselves with this one. Easily my all day everyday vape!! I can’t get enough!!

  59. Eric

    my fav of all the BD products vape it all day long and never get tired of it, love the pb hit at the end

  60. Alex

    This juice is my vape all day juice. I use it in my tfv12, tfv18, apocalypse rda and others. And in all of them I get good flavor and awesome clouds. To me it taste mostly like banana with a little cream on the exhale. I don’t get much peanut butter taste. But when I let it steep for about a week or so. I do get a slight hint of peanut butter. In my opinion this is a must try juice, and when you do try I guarantee you will be hooked and buy it again. Also does. It junk up your coils like some other juices do.

  61. Murl Brown

    I’m not really a desert type of person,and it sounds like a weird combo so I decided to gamble on it after purchasing 2 other flavors. It is surprising good, It is nice and sweet, but not too sweet, and I love the subtle hit of peanut butter on the finish. They did very well with this one.

  62. Anya Mendenhall

    I bought 3 different flavors this time and I’m sure I got wrong juice itself. So I’m not gonna say anything bad because other 2 were great but this bottle I can’t even inhale it.. Maybe they will exchange it.. Great company, great juice

  63. Karen L.

    I’m not a dessert person and didn’t think I ‘d like The 15th. Was ordering Overdraft (also delicious!) and got The 15th on a whim. Wow, what a surprise! It’s my favorite of all the Broke Dick juices after Prepaid. For some reason, it tastes like a banana bubble gum to me. It’s smooth, sweet with outstanding flavor. Will definitely order more when this runs out. Been vaping it for three days and not tired of it, yet.

  64. Daniel Vinogradov

    I just recently ordered from this place and all of the products I have tried so far are spot on..The eat is my favorite ADV but this is the break I needed…Steeping only increases the flavor profile and really makes the peanut butter and cream pop..Love this and I give this 5stars…The price is unreal..But DICK knows that e juice shouldn’t be 22 dollars for a 30ml bottle..that’s highway robbery..If you look up how much vg and pg cost you would understand why paying 22 dollars for a little bottle is a rip off..Not saying some aren’t good…But price wise this place has them beat by far..I review for several companies so I have tried a lot of juice..I actually bought these not given to me and this is really what I think…Keep rocking DICK

  65. Toby

    i got this in my BOGO and i must say I’m far from disappointed. this was the first time going through Broke Dick and I gladly order more. this has a good blend of nana,PB an cream. not over powering with a good smooth full vape.

  66. Daniel Pesante

    Love the Flavor

  67. Alvin Holland

    The flavors are GREAT in this mix. Best I have had. REALLY THEE BEST I HAVE HAD. 120 bottle halfway gone in a few days.. We need to slow down on it.. LMAO We will be back for more of this most definitely. Great Mix…

  68. Jim B

    Nice natural banana flavor, a rarity at this price. The juice tastes good, but its my second favorite of the line with Payday in first.

  69. Ed Bewick

    Myself and my wife love this e juice!! You can’t beat the price for the amount of juice you get! It’s am all day vape!

  70. Amy Krummich

    I was very unsure about this flavor! But finally bought some..really glad I did! The flavors are really good! Been vaping on it since I opened it! Would definitely be buying this flavor again!

  71. davidmad

    This e juice is just as it says the best I have tried so far..if your looking for a sweet creamy banana flavor then u will enjoy this one the peanut butter on the exhale is awesome…so buy an try and enjoy u will not regret trying this awesome cheap e juice…more bang for your buck so stop looking at these reviews and just add to cart

  72. Dan

    Everything I was expecting. I would prefer a little more peanut butter…..but overall great all day vape for this broke dick.

  73. Jay H

    First order from Broke Dick. Juice arrived promptly and tasted wonderful for the price. Occasionally I get a hit that has an odd black-peppery finish, but nothing to complain about. Great job, Dick.

  74. Jim Raetz

    This is my favorite very good not to sweet I always went with custards but this is my go to now

  75. ernest schweidenback

    Definitely getting the peanut butter and a little banana. Once it steeps a little I’m sure it’s just going to get better.

  76. mattio79

    would definitely order again.

  77. Jaclyn Keefer

    New to vaping. I was hesitant on anything other than fruit flavors. But this Banana Creme Pie is incredibly good. Totally blew my mind. I stumbled across this page and basically ordered everything. This is the first one I’ve tried, looking forward to trying the others! Thanks for making it incredibly good, and incredibly affordable.

  78. Ellen Drucker

    Very good taste! Super fast shipping! Will be ordering more!

  79. Ryan

    Def one of my favorite juices out there. The mildly sweet flavor is a great all day vape. The cream and banana notes are just right and not overbearing. Great job!

  80. Gilchrist Arroyo

    Excellent flavor. This is my favorite. Keep them coming! The only negative I have is the bottle tends to leak where the cap is.

  81. Caryn from JERZ

    I have to say that I am VERY pleased with the e juice flavor and the fact that the description profile actually MATCH!! I would like it to be a bit sweeter, I prefer an 80/20 mix vg/pg but that’s just my preference…I’m gonna let it steep a few days… I have to say I really appreciate the pricing and rapid delivery, GREAT JOB DICK!!!!

  82. Kaylee Rytel

    Great taste love this stuff.

  83. Larry P

    Larry Pearcy

  84. Garrett Queen

    Sorry for my language but holy fucking shit this one takes the pie I just now put some in my tank just a little bit ago and holy shit is it good I would strongly recommend you to let it steep for about a week and then it’s golden and you won’t be let down off of this e-juice at all!!!

  85. Bobbijo Sherman

    The 15th is one of the best ejuice I’ve tasted. Banana on the inhale with a exhale of peanut butter. I love this juice. I’ve always have a bottle of the 15th on hand. Keep it up. You guys are awesome.

  86. Gil

    Awesome ejuice, great flavor.

  87. Dean Rhodes

    Damn! Right out of the bottle, no steeping, the flavor is on point! I’m hiding MY e juice from Elvis! I WILL be buying more from Broke Dick! Thanks Bro!!!

  88. John

    I’ve never thought of putting peanut butter on a banana cream pie, and thanks to this fun vape goo I will never have to. You pop this e juice in a dang uh, like a kinda tight rda on a series mech, boy howdy you’ll be slurpin up a dense and lovely pie fog. Great for the fall or winter, feels real autumn-y. Peanut butter is real subtle and, I think, just fleshes out the taste of the whole thing more than anything but you can definitely feel it there.

  89. christopher jarrell

    it tastes amazing

  90. justin smith

    My favorite e juice flavor from broke dick so far. I’ve ordered water cup, prepaid, and the 15th .

  91. eric stites

    hands down my favorite broke dick e-juice im on my 2nd bottle of this one the flavor does not get old will always be in my rotation!

  92. Jeffrey Morris

    I’m not a big fan of cream vapes usually. But with the 15th I find myself not being able to but it down. Banana on the inhale with the peanut butter on the exhale. An excellent peanut butter banana cream vape . Makes you wonder if grandma approved the taste. It would make Elvis sing them praises. I will be ordering this again soon.

  93. Amyie Whitfield

    This e juice is just wonderful. It provides a great “hit” while also consistently producing incredible flavor true to aroma. By far one of the best e juices I’ve had to date. Thanks so much for all your hard work!

  94. Myra Sargent

    Love, Love, Love this juice! Wonderful clouds, excelent taste, and a price that fits any budget..and that would be a good name for a juice too, Budget! Thanks for all the hard work to bring us these e juices, they’re great!

  95. Bradley Bishop

    Has to be one of my favorite e juices.

  96. Marcus

    Great tasting e juice that has become a all day Vape. Best peanut butter flavor ever.Blends perfect with the banana.

  97. Lynn

    I love to vape banana flavors. This e juice smells absolutely amazing. I can smell and taste the banana through the whole vape. The peanut butter is subtle but it’s there. I recommend this for fans of banana flavors.

  98. Ron

    Overall this e juice was really good I been vaping the crap out of it I gave it 4 stars because I couldn’t taste much peanut butter and that’s my favorite ingredients in the e juice but all in all the e juice is fantastic can’t go wrong with this one

  99. Tom

    For the price… this is a great juice! First off, you should buy this juice if you have plenty of juices already to vape and can use a few new juices that you can provide ample time to steep.

    I’ve been vaping on The 15th now after about a month of steeping, and it is great! Real mellow flavor; banana whip on the inside and a light peanut butter, graham cracker crust on the outside (yes, I know the profile says nothing of graham cracker, but that is what I’m tasting… and I love it).

    After a month of steeping this stuff gets SUPER thick and the cloud production is really nice. No harsh hits on the throat. I’ve been vaping this as a everyday vape and I will definitely be buying more from BrokeDick.

    Again, once you receive it. Let it steep 2-4 weeks, and then test it out. Its good stuff and for $23 for two bottles its well worth it!

  100. Luis O.

    I wasn’t sure on this flavor when i ordered it but glad i did. This flavor is as describe true to form… Feels good in the mouth. I suggest to let this one step for max flavor. The notes on this one are on point. Thanks again Broke Dick.

  101. Dani

    Love, love , love this flavor!! So worth it. Love the big bottle and super fast shipping!! I highly recommend.

  102. Prin

    I love this e juice! It is the only thing I will vape on. Mix it with Payday and it’s the perfect flavor. Smooth, all day vape. Just the right amount of flavor. No bad after taste. The flavor never gets old. I absolutely love it!

  103. Kenneth Ginter

    Would Like to say this has to be my favorite. Love anything. Peanut. Butter. Flavor and the bannana tops it off I recently added some to a little French toast. Flavor and it really. Is the bomb love your product have only been purchasing my juice from your site because the flavors. Are awesome and the prices. Are more than fair. Continue. The great flavors. You are producing.

  104. Brandon Ayers

    Awesome juice great price and got it in 2 days.

  105. Lorentsen

    Taste exactly like it says, a “banana cream pie covered in peanut butter”. A wonderful vape that I need to make sure I keep in stock.

  106. Kip S

    One word, ADV.

  107. Heather wheeler

    This is a great eJuice. I just started on my second bottle from my first order and I just ordered more, so I can allow them at least a 1 week to steep. Everyone says it makes a difference. 5 Stars. Never get rid of the 15th.

  108. Sarah Perry

    Best banana and peanut butter vape I’ve had! Will be buying again soon. Thank you Broke dick from another Broke dick.

  109. marty

    this juice by far is the best iv ever had,love PB,love bananas,if u like that sort of thing then this juice is for u!!! keep up the good work,o and one more thing cant beat the price!!

  110. Broke banana

    This is a great e juice and flavor is nice

  111. Chad reed

    Taste exactly what it says it is really so far broke dick juice is best by far!

  112. Robert Meyer

    This is my morning Vape from the moment I wake up til I walk out the door to go to work! It is simply delicious and smooth and loaded with flavor!! BROKE DICK MEANS PREMIERE PREMIUM E JUICE!!

  113. Randy

    Awesome e juice for an awesome price

  114. Pat Swart

    Thank you for saving my wallet from the greedy fucking vape hogs! This is my 4th order from you, and this time I bought my ADV which is the 1st and this was my BOGO. Great flavor, cheap vape! I would LOVE to see your spin on a rainbow sherbet!

    Death to the fucking greedy ass vape hogs in 2018!

  115. Nana

    I ordered the deserts pack as I couldn’t wait to try the 15th. I got my pliers out, popped all drip caps off and breathed all five for about 12 hrs over night. They’ve all been steeping for 5 days. Last night I tried the 15th on my RDA and thought,, coming along nicely. Put some in my 25mm super tank this morning and am pleased. I think another week of steeping and it will be even better. Not sure why people complain of slow responses by email? I’m also pleased at the quick responses I’ve received. First heard of B.D. from Utube reviewer Alexandra. So thanks to her too for reviewing. Think my next order will be another 15th along with Water Cup.

  116. Melvin

    Has become my all time favorite ejuice! The peanut butter flavor is real strong and rich, with lite creamy banana note to Ballance it out.

  117. Christian

    I have bought this juice on a whim to see if the reviews held up, or were just BS.. this juice is legit and is better then I could have imagined. Wonderful tastes of peanut butter and cream are just right and not over powering.
    Anytime I place an order I will be requesting this one for sure.
    The reason I had to knock off a star was not for flavor or price.. the bottle I received kind of was not up to par and ended up cracking as I was filling a unicorn bottle for travel. The bottle cracked at the seam, lucky I had some gorilla tape nearby and only lost a few ounces of juice.

    Other then that, this product is worth it!

  118. Tony Glock

    Great job guys this has to be the best banana cream pie/peanut butter flavor Ive ever had its delicious keep up the good work.

  119. Lenny

    this is my back-up ejuice when i run out of the 1st. you can really taste the bananna and peanut butter.
    and its very mild, decent cloud.

  120. Tony

    Bought this because I like to mix banana and chocolate, but couldn’t afford more VG chocolate currently so ended up just vaping this stuff. I was amazed at the cheap price, more amazed that I feel like I actually taste banana with a hint of peanut butter. Really don’t need the chocolate to mix anymore, this stuff is great e juice.

  121. Gary mcnabb

    Great tasting ejuice. Cap is really good thanks for making juice us broke people can afford

  122. Michael sousa

    This juice is so damn good. It’s like your eating a banana and peanut butter sandwich. The cream is just perfect. It’s a match made in heaven. This was the first flavor I ever bought, and I’m so glad I did! Thank you Richard for not F**king us over!

  123. Kristofor

    This is hands down my favorite ejuice out of the line. Great banana cream pie flavor in a perfect balance with the peanut butter flavor.

  124. brandon ayers

    Awesome juice banana on inhale and peanut butter on exhale

  125. Greg Walters

    I have officially now tried all of the juices in Richard’s standard 120 ml lineup. No surprises here, this is yet another damn good vape juice, just like all of the rest of them!

    The peanut butter is pretty subtle, and I think it’s the perfect amount to be honest. The creamy banana flavor is definitely the star of the show here. The subtle notes of peanut butter are just there to cut down a bit on the sweetness and give this juice a more dynamic flavor profile.

    Bravo, Dick! 5 stars. I’ll definitely be ordering more of this in the future.

  126. Amanda

    I really love the flavor, it tastes just like the picture..

  127. Ryan Mcarthur

    I thought payday was the best but the 15th is running a tight race. Well done here, I haven’t steeped at all, been vaping it straight out the mailbox and it’s delicious. Thanks Richard!

  128. Dylan Grimes

    This is my favorite so far. So damn good exactly on point with a peanut butter and banana sandwich. Outside of the flavor I’m impressed that it’s not too sweet and not a coil killer. Great job guys you killed it on this one

  129. Amanda Hoffer

    Light creamy peanutbutter taste, I don’t really get a strong banana flavor it’s more of a peanutbutter pie to me. Fantastic price, taste, clouds, and doesn’t gunk up my coils. Will definitely be ordering more!

  130. Amber Hill

    Great flavor as an all day vape. Not over powering and has a nice layered flavor effect.

  131. Paul Johnson

    Took a break from this flavor for a few months and decided to order again and still as good as ever I love this flavor and every other one too but this one is in my top 3

  132. Rich Baumann

    Great flavor. Just as advertised. Will definitely reorder.

  133. Keith Hilding

    Wish u had more flavors in 120 ml

  134. Jon

    I’ve always been into the fruitier, sweet and tart flavors of ejuice, mainly due to so many other brands not being able to get more complex flavors to taste ‘right’. However, Broke Dick has proven they can capitalize on the more varied and subtle flavors, without lacking impact. The banana cream pie flavor is real with this ejuice. Smooth mouthwatering banana (with a hint of cream) on inhale, and that wonderful pie crust flavor on exhale. Hands down, no joke, my absolute favorite ejuice to date! I will be buying this in perpetuity.

  135. Morella

    This ejuice is awesome ! It’s funny because I had it on my desk and my sister was surprised by the name. She thought it was a exhancement thing. I explained to her that Richard (dick) Broke created a line of ejuice that was inexpensive. It was hilarious! Anyway I love this juice! Lightning fast shipping! Thanks

    Who says it isn’t an enhancement thing… Great juice at this price does it for me. LOL
    Richard Broke

  136. Shane

    Damn good juice, even better price. Not a coil killer in the least bit, and it has a good throat hit, but not harsh. Like the order button says, just do it. I ordered on a Sunday night, and I had my juice on Wednesday. Fantastic service. Keep it up, and you wont be broke for long, you will just be Dick.

  137. Kelvin

    Great Juice. Quitting ciggarets again and was a bit unsure if broke dick juices would help. The banana cream plus the peanut butter………. Delicious! Thanks guys! Down to about 4 cigs a day form a pack in one week!

  138. Donna Conner

    Love this one…not to strong on the banana flavor (which is great, some banana flavors are so fake tasting!). Nice creamy finish with a hint of peanut butter. Vaping this one daily.

  139. Michael Lazarus

    Was very skeptical in the beginning of ordering because of the price turns out it’s an awesome juice at a really really great price also fast shipping awesome job broke dick

  140. James Kelly

    It’s still steeping right now. But so far I freaking love it. The peanut butter taste reminds me of the little sandwich crackers. The banana cream flavor is mild right now but can definitely taste it on the back side

  141. Keith

    Love this e juice great flavor!

  142. Brian Young

    Will be ordering more. Greatest e juice I’ve ever had. Ordered 6 nic and it’s smooth

  143. Charles York

    Subtle peanut butter with a lot of banana. Not perfect but close enough, for the price it is Definitely worth it.

  144. Connie P

    Currently my fav! I’ve been through many bottles of this flavor and it hasn’t gotten old yet! I’ve tried peanut butter flavors before but none tasted like real peanut butter. This one does! Slight hint of banana with peanut butter as the dominate flavor. Be sure to order ahead of time and let it steep a while to get the max flavor!

  145. James white

    This stuff is amazing, I can taste the banana, the peanut butter, and the whipped cream. Best e juice I’ve ever got for the price, will order again no doubt.

  146. Kristen Hall

    As far as price and delivery go, you can’t beat broke Dick lol no pun intended lol but honestly I got it in 2 days! Now for the taste I tried it when I got it and the crust and banana came
    through the most with a light Cream then I let it steep they way they suggest and the banana didn’t come through as much ao I then put it in a cool dark place for few days well a week and tried it and its getting better all together though its a good juice I will order more.

  147. T.J.

    Amazing price without skimping on flavor. Definitely can’t wait to try the 1st that i ordered. Both are steeping for an even better flavor even though I’m skeptical whether that’s even possible!!!

  148. Bill

    Love the smoothness and mild peanut butter flavor

  149. Shannon Gambill

    Great flavor, always fast shipping

  150. Cory lamb

    The peanut butter is spot on. One of the best tasting vapes I’ve had in a very long time.

  151. harold stapleton

    Ok so im not sure if i got a bad batch or if my taste buds are fried. Its not a bad juice at all pretty good but i taste no peanut butter or banana just cream but not over strong cream. I got the two bottles and honestly both taste the same. I am unsure but it is still a really good vape i recommend buying.

  152. David Rosado

    Just follow your pre-build coils recommendations and you’ll enjoy an outstanding burst of flavor, banana inhale and the peanut butter custards at the exhale….

  153. CW

    This stuff tastes exactly like banana pudding/banana cream pie. Great stuff!

  154. David McCann

    As a “thifty” vapor(Broke Dick), I can’t justify spending $40 on 60ml of juice. So, I have been around the block and tried every “Cheapo” juice line out there. They all either lose their flavor very quickly, use harsh nicotine, or just plain suck. That is, until I tried Broke Dick. This juice is INSANELY affordable at 240ml for $23, but the flavor, smoothness, and all around quality makes it hard to believe Broke Dick is not some overpriced, glass bottle juice. I am also very glad I chose “The 15th” as one of my first 2 juices. It is new favorite ADV. I love banana juices when they aren’t TOO sweet and FINALLY someone made a peanut butter juice that is not so strong it makes your stomach turn. “The 15th” is a lightly sweet creamy banana inhale, with a light and smooth peanut butter exhale. The blend is absolutely delicious and I must tip my hat to the mix master behind this concoction. On second thought, I’ll do you one better. I’ll gladly keep sending you my money! Lol. Keep up the great work, fellas. You’ve got another loyal customer and free mouthpiece in me.

  155. John Cross

    From the very get go I was excited for this one and it did not disappoint am so happy with this flavor would give it more stars of I could

  156. Myron Drawdy

    I’m too broke to buy juice, so I make my own. But sometimes I splurge and this is one of my treats.

  157. Nate Dogg

    You won’t be disappointed! Great banana taste and just fine for an all day vape!

  158. Ashley

    I love peanut butter but was hesitant to try any PB flavored ejuices because they are so hard to get right, but the 15th nails it! Very smooth, not dry at all, and tasty as hell with the banana cream. And the value for what you get is unbeatable for all of the broke dicks out there. Will deffinately order again

  159. Jessica W

    I recently came across your Web page and I have to admit I initially bought the juice because I knew the name would get a giggle from friends and who could pass up juice this affordable! My first order was the 15th, water cup, and prepaid. I of course had to try them all right out of the mail box. I immediately fell in love with the 15th! Prepaid I enjoy greatly but it kind of has an alcohol-is flavor so does water cup and water cup has a very strong initial pineapple flavor. Those two I have had in the cabinet for a couple days and alcohol flavor is almost gone and pineapple is blending nicely. 15th I didn’t need to lock away at all and to be honest has become my go to vape for sure. I’ve had a few banana flavored juices and this I can honestly say tastes exactly like banana cream pie on inhale and a slight peanut butter on exhale; sorry but I must not be refined enough to catch the whipped cream. I played with my wattage a bit and can’t be happier with flavor! Thank you so much!

  160. PAL702

    The 15th is one of the few eJuices I’ve tried that blends PB & Banana in an even way. Every vape I take I get the equal delicious taste of PB & Banana that I love! I’m not sure what other flavors are in there…but all I can say if PB/Banana DONE RIGHT!! Good Job Broke Dick!!

  161. Amanda Coate

    We love EVERY flavor we’ve ever tried and this one is no exception!

  162. Sheanna and Ryan

    We have tried almost every flavor and this is one of the greats! Can be vaped right away but if you allow it to steep for a week it is even better! Reminds me of a Banana Nut Cappuccino. We both love this one <3

  163. Jetta

    Like the e juice flavor overall

  164. Alexandra Gastelum

    Amazing flavor and quality e juice!! Keeps me ordering more!

  165. Eric

    Good taste. Cheap Vape. Definitely worth the money.

  166. Brandon

    Nice blend, neither the peanut butter or banana dominates, I think a sweet creamy touch ties them together well.

  167. Penny Radigan

    Although not my favorite, it still deserves five stars.

  168. curt cournoyer

    I would buy this again

  169. Janell Tropasso

    Omfg off the hook is a must have in the cape Arsenal

  170. Jeremiah Frank

    Awesome juice. Great vape at a great price.

  171. Samuel Fontenot

    Love all your juice but this is one of my favorite

  172. Phillip

    Amazing flavor, no crappy aftertaste. The aroma is incredibly pleasing.

  173. John

    Great for the price flavor abit on the weak side for me. im defenitely going to try other flavors though

  174. Matt

    My favorite

  175. Chuck Charlet

    Great juice! With my tank it mostly tastes like some sort of peanut butter desert. I didn’t get much, if any banana flavor but all in all it was delicious. Would recommend to all who are looking for a tasty, affordable vape!

  176. Charlie Williamson

    A perfect and beautiful balance of banana cream with a subtle almost coffee like flavor of crust. My number one morning vape!

  177. gary leonard

    This is just awesome! I finally found a place to get some of the best tasting juices i have used. Thanks Broke Dick 🙂 keep up the good work.

  178. Ellen

    I just recently found Broke Dick. I Love Peanut Butter and Banana flavored juices, and was happy to see they had one. It’s still steeping, but I am vaping it anyways. It smells so good, and like the other comments on here, you can taste both banana and peanut butter. I cannot wait till it steeps more, as it will only get better. Will buy again.

  179. John Warren

    I just ordered some of the 15th and the 1st and i haven’t gotten it in the mail yet but by far the best vape company for replying back quick and with the answer you need. BADASS!!!

  180. Scott Mountain

    This is the best banana cream pie ever and I don’t even like banana flavored juice. But that’s what makes broke suck so awesome. I love all their flavors. Dollar menu and payday being my favorite. Best juice company there is. GAWT DAYUM RIGHT!!

  181. Tiffany

    Very good vape don’t really get peanut butter taste would like more of bananna to come through but overall I really like this flavor.

  182. Travis

    Exactly what it says!! Wonderful taste!! Great after dinner.

  183. James Kelly

    This is one of my favorites. A great all day vape. Very heavy on the peanut butter!! Which makes it soo damn good. There’s also a bit of cream with a hint of banana. It couldn’t be any better.

  184. Jennifer Stubbs

    I don’t even like bananas but this flavor is super good! great prices & great flavors! my new VAPE juice provider.

  185. Claz

    Exactly as advertised. Great creamy ripe banana flavor with good cloud production. A little more flavor would have been perfect, but I like my juice heavily flavored. I recommend this one and would order it again. Thanks Dick

  186. Greg Tursic

    This is the greatest combo know to man ….I wake up and vape this and cream me knickers …you gents are genius …pure fucking genius…thank u for this masterpiece….excellent taste great price …lighting fast shipping ..I will be buying more for sure ..

  187. Jeanene Colby

    The 15th is a perfectly blended ejuice! Just the right amount of banana and cream and a hint of peanut butter. As long as you follow the instruction card for steeping you will get way more than you pay for out of this one!

  188. Ralph Kitchens

    I don’t get the peanut butter. More banana creme

  189. Bobby White

    This is an awesome E juice. I am going to buy this one again . In addition, the price is awesome!!!!

  190. Andrew

    Good flavour, the best tasting broke dick juice so far.

  191. mike hill

    very good juice. have bought it many times. will buy again. great taste

  192. Kaycie Price

    This is my absolute most favorite flavor! Its a perfect combo.

  193. Rob Lyons

    The flavor is really great it’s just lacking a little more of the banana Wild love to taste more of it but overall really great juice thank you very much

  194. Kim

    LOVE this juice the flavors are on point I can vape this all day

  195. Andrea


  196. taylor martin

    a nice all day vape thats not to sweet in taste, an excellent all day vape

  197. Abbey

    So far I think this is my favorite. You can even add more banana

  198. Ted Karling

    Really like the banana. I would like a little more PB but I have not had a good PB from anyone. Kind to coils

  199. Wendall Elias

    So there I was expecting an okay juice from an okay company but wow was I shocked. The juice is excellent. No funky aftertaste and this may quickly become my all day, go-to juice!!! Can’t wait to try more flavors

  200. Daniel Hayes

    This flavor is great and didn’t require steeping. I was able to get all of the flavors of the juice right out of the package.

    Definitely one of my new favorite flavors and for a price you can’t get anywhere else.

  201. Brendan

    Great juice at a great price, had an issue with the bogo deal, and the guys at bd sent me my free bottle no issues, would 100% recommend

  202. Matt

    Good stuff…i only smoke broke dick

  203. Amber

    This juice is delicious. Definitely an all day vape for me. Wish I tasted more peanut butter, but I still love it the way it is. Coils last surprisingly long too which is a huge plus!

  204. Morella

    This is my favorite juice in the bd line! This is the second time purchasing this juice and I love it. I can definitely taste the peanut butter and bananas! This is my ADV! Thanks Richard!

  205. Cheryl Dunn

    Great taste and very satisfying! A definite fav!

  206. Keith Bentley

    I was surprised how good this is..

  207. Tristan Avera

    I’ve ordered many different affordable juices online, and this has become my favorite. The flavor profile is spot on, and it’s very smooth. I’ll definitely be ordering some more soon!

  208. Bill J.

    Really great juice. Love all the flavors, and the price is amazing!

  209. Joe

    This is so f’n amazing. This might be even better than the 1st. I don’t even really like banana flavors, so it surprised me that I like this better than a strawberry flavor. I can’t wait to try EVERY flavor on here.

    I just need to say that this is a great site. I had complained about my bottle leaking in my other review. A couple days later I received an e-mail on how to fix it. It’s not a problem anymore! I will without a doubt be supporting broke dick from now on.

  210. Robert Blevins

    This has a good creamy flavor but don’t tast much banana just mainly cream but all in all it’s pretty good

  211. John Miller

    This is my second favorite fluid you make. I love it

  212. curt c.

    e Juice taste is very good and fresh

  213. Jenn

    I’ve ordered this juice over and over. It’s always amazing, with no trace of the nasty syrupy banana flavor you get with most companies. Perfect all day vape!

  214. Robert Michael

    I originally just got this flavor because it was buy one get one free. I figured since it was free, I’ll try it. I’m not sure why I picked this one. I don’t particularly like banana vapes, and i definitely don’t like peanut butter vape. I threw this in a cleito exo tank on a Wismec 2/3. I don’t know what it is about this flavor, but i cannot put it down. It is absolutely delicious. Nothing is over-powering. I taste the banana cream pie and the PB, but it just works. Great clouds. Great flavor. Creamy as can be. I originally just wanted the Cash Advance ( which i also like very much), but this is OUTSTANDING.

    Also, they are based in Largo Florida, which is where i live. I tried to see if i could order it and go pick it up because i hate waiting. They couldn’t do that, BUT, I ordered on Tuesday morning, It shipped on Tuesday night and i had it on my doorstep on Wednesday afternoon. SUPER FAST. I will be trying a LOT more of their flavors in the near future.

  215. Paige Iverson

    I normally don’t like banana flavors but I ordered this because of the reviews. Creamy goodness in my mouth!

  216. Nangy Owens

    Awesome ….

  217. Shannon


  218. Brandon Tampke

    Not a fan of banana. But it’s not overbearing. Great flavor. 2nd time buying.

  219. Jeff fernau

    This is my everyday vape I’ve been using this juice for over a year do one bottle a week never gets old, useing a penguin with a .25 coil can’t beat it

  220. Amanda Smith

    I was iffy about trying this juice bc of all the bad peanut butter flavors I have Vaped over the years. Turns out this is my absolute favorite juice that you guys sell. Almost through my first bottle. Easy adv. will be ordering more soon!

  221. Andrew Davis

    Great tasting vape for a very affordable price. I’ll be coming back for more to be sure.

  222. Sheri R

    A hint of peanut butter along with banana cream. This juice is amazingly delicious. Sometimes I mix it with Adult Milkshake (PayDay) for a treat so dreamy I have to limit vape time so I don’t sleep the day away. 🙂 Excellent juice.

  223. Jeremy Adkins

    Love it. Great all day vape. The 15th has rode shotgun with me since I found it.

  224. Jay D

    A nice blend of banana cream and peanut butter. Well balanced. Give it a few days to steep to get rid of the alcohol smell.
    I’ll buy again

  225. Benjamin Rodgers

    This is a good flavor. You definitely get the banana cream. I’m not sure if it’s just my pallet, but I think it could use a bit more peanut butter flavor. Other than that, if you’re on the fence about this flavor, just try it out! Definitely good enough to buy again and All Day Vape worthy.

  226. J. Mayer

    I really enjoy this flavor, the amount of Banana is Just right and not at all overpowering. Would like to see some available in 9mg

  227. Sarah

    This one is by far my favorite!

  228. B

    Great taste Vape, makes you want more and more.

  229. Danny Hernandez

    Excellent, could use more cream flavor, but very delicious.

  230. Shawn Eversole

    I love the flavor.

  231. Robert Mckenzie

    Not a big fan of peanut butter, but along side of one of my fav pie it’s growing on me fast. This juice you need to steep. believe me you can’t give an fair opinion till you do. I really dig some banana cream pie. Thanks again Richard.

  232. Summer

    I get nervous trying new flavors and wasn’t entirely sure about this one but I love love it. It isn’t too overpoweringly sweet that I get sick of it or have a bunch of comments at work about smelling like a bakery. It’s just smooth and creamy with just the right amount of banana. I can’t believe how inexpensive these juices are and I’m so glad I tried these guys!

  233. Jonathan

    One of my favorites gotta get your hands on this tasty juice!

  234. Jason D

    The 15th is like getting a BJ with a finger in your ass. Wrong but oh so right at the same time. Good stuff

  235. Erin H

    Excellent Flavor, Price, and can’t beat the shipping time!!!

  236. Jonetta

    Love the flavor. And the price just makes it that much better. Will definitely buy again.


    My wife and I really liked it, We have already reorder it, and we have not even vaped half the bottle yet. Do not want to run out.

  238. Bob

    Very cheap

  239. clayton blachly

    This is my go to banana vape I
    just love it and the price especially.

  240. william tucker

    I want to give this flavor a 4 star but I gave it a 5. This juice needs steeping to really shine. At first it was straight up either PB or Banana Cream Pie. Like I stated before if all I have to do is steep to save so much money and still have great juices I am in!!

  241. Melisa Osborn

    I am a tobacco flavored vaper but my boyfriend vapes the 15th….I steal me a tank full every now & then as a treat! It’s pretty tasty!

  242. Ashley

    The 15th is one of my favorite juices from broke dick, this is my second time ordering. I LOVE a good banana cream pie. This juice hits that sweet spot right in the trifecta of sweet, banana, and cream. And kudos for that. It’s just sweet enough that it hits your palate, but it’s not overpowering. It’s perfect. Very low (almost non existent) throat hit, great cloud production, and the flavor is amazing. I have vaped this out of the kensei rta using dual alien claptons, and then out of the ares mtl rta in a single clapton. The experience with this juice is very consistent whether blowing clouds or using a mtl. It’s just awesome.

  243. Trey

    This is a smooth, mellow vape, with subtleties of banana and cream ringing throughout. I wanted more of a punchy flavor but I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m using Q2 coils instead of my preferred Q4, so I can’t blame the juice. Overall it’s pretty delicious.

  244. Adam Wilkerson

    This flavor is absolutely delicious! It is my new ADV. The peanut butter is not overpowering, yet you can definitely taste it and it’s amazing. It’s got the perfect amount of sweetness and doesn’t burn out your coils. Try it. You won’t regret it.

  245. Jeff Vermilyea

    Fantastic flavor as all of Broke Dick is !!!! Highly recommended

  246. Ryan Kennedy

    This is one of the better flavors I’ve had after trying about a 50 different flavors from a dozen different companies. It’s really smooth, not too weak and not too overwhelming. It also doesn’t gunk up my coils, so I can vape on this flavor for a long time without problems.

  247. Heather Dickson

    Ok so I was leery of trying banana flavored anything but my bestie wanted to try The 15th so I got one for myself at 6mg and one for him at 3mg. I’m impressed! Banana and peanut butter are 2 flavors that are hard to get right, but BD found the right supplier for their flavors. So realistic, it tastes just like my friend’s famous banana pudding. The scent at cracking this open was overwhelmingly peanut butter BUT the flavor on the first few hits was totally sweet bananas and cream. It starts off quite sweet, then the peanut butter sneaks in to mellow it out. It’s a really good combination and I highly recommend it for dessert fans or anyone who wants a delicious sweet treat!

  248. Nasairo

    Wow stunning mind blowing are the words to use for this juice im a big guy and i love pie don’t hesitate to buy this the banana is bananas it’s like going to the Willy Wonka Factory a joy to be in it presence

  249. Derrick

    Man this juice is like all the other juice I have tried here at broke dick it is so cheap and it taste just like the real thing

  250. Todd Hatch

    I will most definitely be reordering this flavor. Taste is spot on and is extremely smooth. This is my new All Day Vape!

  251. Broke Nick

    While vaping my third tank of the juice, the top popped off and half of the whole bottle spilled on top of my mod and all over my desk… which was a huge bummer. But other than that, this juice is great! Great full bodied flavor.

  252. Tim Lint

    So far this is my favorite flavor from Broke Dick. Definitely will buy it again

  253. Todd Hatch

    It doesn’t get much better! The flavor of this juice is spot on, and not to overpowering like a lot of other brands desert flavors. I will most definitely be reordering this flavor. My new ADV

  254. Brian C

    Really great juice (not just for the price), but entirely, all around. Good flavor, good vape production, fast shipping. I will say, there should be an option for “premium bottle” because I would pay a dollar or 2 more to get a little better quality bottle. Once in a while I get a leaky bottle, not a big issue, but consider an option for regular bottle or premium +$1. Great work guys!!

  255. Adam Burke

    Very good, but I taste no peanut butter at all.

  256. Heather wheeler

    I can’t get enough of this flavor. It’s amazing! I LOVE Broke DIck. XOXOXOXOX

  257. Lucas

    Very smooth flavor. Peanut butter isn’t too overwhelming and nicotine is very smokth

  258. hunterjuly

    This was one I hadn’t tried yet. I have been vaping this for a month now and I can’t believe how good this is. It tastes just like banana cream pie and the creamy peanut butter is very prevalent.

  259. Sam

    I love this choice. I brought a bunch and this is by far my favorite so far. I love the peanut butter and banana combine. Definitely getting it again

  260. Tim Welsh

    I like the taste , I like the bottle the juice come in.and love the price.

  261. Abbey Gingrich

    This is the 2nd time ordering it. So what can I say except I love it

  262. Theresa Stark

    OMG I just love this banana cream pie when you first inhail you can taste meringue taste the banana and then when you exhale you can taste them all together !!! I only have one issue I know I ordered two but I only received one. and I will forever be your customer as long as you are selling it!!! Thanks broke dicks you rock!!!

  263. Theresa Keeney

    I just love love-juice this is a new flavor for me and I find when I inhale I can taste the peanut butter and as it’s hits the back of my throat I can definitely taste the banana cream pie thanks broke dicks you guys rock you’re awesome

  264. Jonathan Chavez

    One of the best juices from the line. Would reccomend to anyone who likes sweet juices that aren’t overpowering.

  265. cheryl marques

    I bought the the 15th for my Son because he love bananas and peanut butter… He’s extremely happy with the flavor. Between the payday & the 15th I purchased and the price…… I’m so happy I found this company… Actually 5 stars doesn’t do the product, quantity of flavor any justice! I’ve been giving friends and family free samples to try because it’s truly AMAZING

  266. Brandon

    Definitely one of the best banana cream pies I’ve had in a long time. I’ve been looking for a new banana cream vape that I approve of since my local shop quit making theirs, and this is definitely one of the best I’ve ever had. Definitely don’t taste too much peanut butter, but still in my top 3 for best banana cream. Definitely my new all day go to vape, highly recommend this to anyone who loves banana creams as much as I do. Will definitely be in every future order I place!

  267. Nasairo Delarosa

    This is my second go at this juice and waow just like i remembered it absolutely amazing

  268. Matthew Briggs

    Thanks for makeing a great but cheap ejuice broke dicks…

  269. John G.

    Smell: Strong, robust, in your face of peanut butter and like a cream to mellow it out so it’s not so over powering. Definitely pleasant and can even be comically a candle haha.

    Cloud: Thick and plumey. Can also be quite light if vaped at a low wattage. If you’re cloud chasing though this juice won’t disappoint cause you’ll also get great flavor along with it.

    Taste: *sigh* What can I possibly say that isn’t predictable if it’s one of my ADVs? Well it’s a strong flavor, not like OMG this is too much but more like I have vaper’s tongue and I can still taste the damn thing lol. The peanut butter is definitely the star of the juice so if you’re looking for peanut butter you’ve come to the right juice. It’s also nice how the banana is the cream part of the combo to mellow out the peanut butter as well as the cream itself. So it’s kinda contradicting how I say it’s strong but mellow. I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s flavorful, smoooooooth, and absolutely fantastic.

    If you’re getting sick of juice that’s good for like a day and then all of a sudden you can even taste it anymore, this is the juice to give a shot cause it is the juice that will always have your back if you want to taste something. Absolutely amazing!

  270. Melissa Slayton

    Definitely found another affo juice company

  271. Greg

    Good flavor, banana on the inhale, peanut butter on the exhale.
    Needs stronger on the banana tho IMO
    Maybe they’ll do it on The 16th

  272. Brian Ferguson

    My first order included The 15th and I must say this is one of the best flavors to ever hit the market and at an awesome price. A perfect balance of flavors as advertised which will provide an all day vape experience like no other. After trying many brands which don’t even come close to The 15th I can truly say one will not be let down by this pick. Simply put you have to try it and you’ll be hooked.

  273. Dwayne Slife

    Love the juice, will buy again!

  274. Steve

    This could be one of my favorite vape juices of all time. I was never able to taste banana flavor in juices (not entirely sure why) but I can taste a “real” banana flavor in this one mixed with a great peanut butter. Definitely my favorite out of all the juices I’ve tried at Broke and that’s saying a lot. I’ve enjoyed all 5 flavors I’ve tried here so far. I look forward to trying more.

  275. Darren White

    The flavor of the 15th is spot on the best banana cream pie juice I have tried I was paying $ 24.99 per 100ml from a local store in town but I will not be doing that again when for $ 11.50 the 15th is far superior in every way

  276. David Spears

    This is the third juice I’ve tried in the Broke Dick lineup, and it’s been a homerun for me in everyway possible!~ I used to vape Grandmaster by 5 Pawns back in 2012/2013, and then I quit vaping until this year.. so a lot had changed during my absense from the community~

    I’m so happy that I randomly found this company, because they kick butt, and don’t dick you over like some “premium” juice companies~ I find this to have a better taste than Grandmaster, and it’s a freakin’ crap ton cheaper!~

    Richard Broke is a freakin’ juice wizard, and I look forward to trying the entire line of products as time goes by~ Very nice, and quite stong (though in a pleasent way) peanut butter flavor, with a hint of banana, followed by an RY4ish (caramel) finish~

    Of the juices I’ve tried, this one is my second favorite.. but I have an odd obsession with Payday, and just vape the cat piss out of that stuff!~

  277. Chris W

    So yea this is the fave for me. Smooth, Tangy but sweet and well you know. It makes me feel all warm inside!

  278. Kristin Allen

    Order got here at about 4:30pm, by 9 I was on my 2nd tank!

  279. Forrest Bellue

    I’ve tried several different banana flavors before but this has to be one of my favorites! Smooth banana with that hint of peanut butter really hits the spot!

  280. Jeremy

    Very good banana vape juice flavor, arrived very quickly. Only downside is i get no peanut butter flavor at all but that could just be me as i have had the same experience with other multiflavor juices i have ordered from other places, one flavor stands out and i get little to no hint of the other flavors.

  281. Kevin Villani

    Great Vape all day!!

  282. Leonard Alexander

    Liked it right out of the gate. Now I’m letting it steep to get the full flavor!

  283. Osvaldo Villafane

    Caramel sweet taste with an. Wxjale6of peanut butter. Is so good your mouth will have the taste for hours. Thanks

  284. Michelle L Lowmiller

    Good vape juice on of my favs so far

  285. Sandy

    Best juice ever!!

  286. Michael Hawk

    Let it steep for a few days after breathing, and the flavor is pretty good.

  287. Ashley Peterson

    Bought as a palate cleanser. Haven’t ran it through a tank, however on a dropper the banana flavor really comes through

  288. Joan & Frank Lockman

    Would love to have more Banana and peanut butter flavor.

  289. mike arthur

    after steeping great flavor but missing some more crust IMO

  290. Cameron E Butler

    Wonderful taste, an all day vape!

  291. Shane Scalise

    Awesome shit man. Creamy, sweet banana on the inhale with a nice peanut butter on the exhale. Fantastic throat hit, its got a nice kick to the uvula. And it is as gentle on the coils as a virgins first time, no gooey black gunky wicks here, even after 60ml on dual fused claptons at 80W.

  292. Tami Simkins

    This is one of my favorite flavors! I have re-ordered this several times. Smooth and delicious. It has that sweet/salty taste from the bananas and peanut butter that just can’t be beat. Love it!

  293. Kaos

    Loved it will be buying it again highly recommended for the dessert vapers

  294. Howard Huck Jr

    Great juice, great price, great customer service! Oh and did i mention the juice tastes great!

  295. Kymberli

    I really like this vape juice! I would like to have a little more peanut butter to it but the banana cream really comes out!! I will definitely buy it again!

  296. Peggy A Forman

    Great ejuice and fast shipping!

  297. Scott B

    This is just a solid ADV for me and you can’t beat Broke Dick prices.

  298. Tim Simmons

    Love it…great taste, ONLY reason for not giving 5 stars is BANKROLL #10 is my 5 star but this is absolutely amazing as well!!!

  299. Stephen Goodall

    I like the flavor very smooth. I also liked the timely delivery of your products I will definitely be reordering this one

  300. Rachel Anderson

    Absolutely Yummy taste…love the fifteenth!

  301. Kyle Haas

    Wow blew my socks off if you haven’t tried these vape juices they are well worth it. Thought it was a Carmel banana pudding but turns out it’s peanut butter I’m not a big fan of peanut butter but I’m glad I miss read it. It’s great best juice I’ve found. 5 star smooth great flavor used an rda and tank both great flavor

  302. Denney Enos

    Love the flavor.

  303. Michael

    This one i really like a lot it has seperation in flavors so you can taste like keylime pie then the crust and the finish of whipped cream…good job on this juice. I will buy again.

  304. Travis Grizzle

    Great flavor, not a fan of banana but i do like this juice alot!!!

  305. Derek Miller

    This vape juice is amazing. It’s became my new all day vape. Buy some, you won’t regret it!


    I have found my new favorite juice! It’s delicous!!

  307. Steven

    Wow, I thought payday was good,but man this one almost tops it for my favorite, I always order payday,but this’ll be the other one I order from now on with the twofer deal,great job richard, The King would be proud of this one!! He’d say “Thank you, thank you very much” Broke Dick. Just like biting right into a peanutbutter sandwich. NAILED IT!!!! GREAT BLEND, ALL DAY VAPE 4SURE!!!!

  308. Marc

    Best Banana vape I have had! It’s not overly sweet like a banana taffy candy, it’s just perfect.

  309. Ray

    My all day everyday for the last 2 years. Tired of wasting money trying new flavors and brands that I just end up giving away.

  310. Paul

    Great vape, I’m not into the sweet vapes I like a tobacco vape, but I have to admit this one is 5 star

  311. GB

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – along with BD’s RY4 this stuff is an awesome vape. So well balanced and a great throat hit. It’s good straight after delivery and even better if steeped for a few days.

  312. Jason

    Amazing taste the peanut butter and bananas equal perfection

  313. Mcs

    I had to try it before steeping and breathing and this is my new favorite all day vape juice. I will definitely be ordering more of this in the future.

  314. Paul

    My new all day vape taste inhale is a hint of peanut butter, exhale is a banana party. I love this Juice.

  315. Patrick

    Great vape. Strong on peanut butter very light on banana. Excellent to switch with Payday throughout the day to keep the flavors fresh.

  316. jim mann


  317. Andrew McIntosh

    nice flavor good vapor. a little dry but still enjoyed it.

  318. Christina Meredith

    Nice flavor. Mild taste.

  319. Trina Christian

    This vape juice tastes and vapes so good! I has a banana and peanut butter overtones. People who don’t vape smell it and comment on it! It has that everything! The company is awesome as well, they offer an excellent product for a low price and you get a free bottle! I love this company!

  320. Aztzura

    Rich and creamy vape of bananas and cream. I don’t get any peanut butter but I don’t care because it’s so yummy.

  321. Matt

    My top favret ejuice i always order at list one of this a month great flavor awsome vape…

  322. Punx4lyfe

    Really good,especially for the price!! I’d like a little stronger flavor,but overall-I WILL ORDER FROM BROKE DICK AGAIN!!!

  323. Chris Solomon

    Awesome! My adv.

  324. Robin Farrar

    Love having Banana pie without all the calories!

  325. Khan

    Very flavorful

  326. John Harvey

    This is a great flavor taste and vape awesome for the price

  327. Patricia

    I tried this one before, I didnt think it had much flavor. I gave it another shot glad I did, it is really good, love how you can taste all the flavors.

  328. Rebecca Farr

    This flavor IS THE BOMB!!!!!!!!!!! The flavor is exactly how it’s described. I LOVE IT, & I’ve found my new flavor!!!


    WOW. Great flavor! I taste the peanut butter most with the banana on the exhale. What a yummy juice! Dick did it again!

  330. Alex

    This is a pretty good juice and required very little if any steeping. From what I can remember, it reminds me a lot of the juice from Cuttwood called “Boss Reserve.” Great juice for great price.

  331. christine roth

    I give this four stars just because you taste more peanut butter than banana cream , however that being said it is pretty good taste

  332. Jason Park

    Creamy notes with hints of bananas do make an awesome flavor and the fact that it is so cheap is VERY enticing. So good so cheap and the shipping, I live in Florida and it only takes two days to get it

  333. Austin Jessup

    Definitely a great deal and the flavor profile can’t be beat. Don’t hesitate, buy today

  334. Mandi G

    Broke Dick’s products are my all day vapes. The 15th is all that is promised. The peanut butter was subtle and nice.

  335. Debra Mcbride

    Loved the peanut butter flavor! I could not taste the banana, but love the peanut butter so much that I’d buy it again!

  336. Johnny Yarbrough

    Hard not to like this juice . Great flavor. Will definitely buy again . Fastest service and prices on any juice I have ever bought. Thanks for your service!!

  337. Joe

    flavor is subject to device used as is most flavor combinations.
    In a pod the banana cream really comes through.
    In a sub ohm tank the peanut butter stands just above the pie.
    Dripping it the peanut butter overwhelms.
    (Not in a bad way)

  338. Mal

    So I made sure to wait before I reviewed this item. I steeped and steeped and STEEPED and could not get a good flavor until I left it unopened and completely forgot I had it. Tried it again after about 3 weeks of steeping and now it’s pretty damn good. I wish I tasted more banana over peanut butter but it’s still good. I’m only giving 4 stars because of how long I had to steep for as other people said it worked after a few days. I will buy again.

  339. Skyler

    Tastes more like a banana nut muffin but still bangin

  340. Larry Oster

    Nice and smooth with very good flavor.

  341. Donnie Bradley

    Could use a little more banana cream and a little less peanut butter. The peanut butter is a welcome addition and you can’t beat the price.

  342. Skyler Clarke

    Tastes more like a banana nut muffin than a cream pie but it’s still fucking delicious

  343. David

    High quality and great flavor

  344. Steven Lanman

    This is my favorite out of the 2

  345. Cam

    I love this juice. It has a great flavor and smell. You can’t go wrong buying this. Great every day vape also

  346. Cam

    Just like a broke dick, ya can’t beat it lol

  347. Jeffrey W

    amazing shit, elvis would be vaping this

  348. Tony Glock

    This is a great rendition of a banana and peanut butter cream pie. This is the 2nd time ordering this flavor and its just as delicious as the last time I ordered it. Im a dessert Vape fanatic and this hits the spot.

  349. Ron

    I’ve tried several banana juices and this is the only one I really like. It also doesn’t hurt that it’s cheap, being a broke dick myself

  350. James Hearon

    Love this stuff. Will be ordering more.

  351. Griz

    My wife won’t vape anything else. She loves this.

  352. SJZ

    This juice is sooo good!! I don’t tate the pie crust( I don’t know if I should). I get a creamy fresh banana on the inhale, on the exhale I get a blend of slightly salted penutbutter mixed with a creamy deliciousness! This is my favorite so far! Honestly, I was afraid to buy this juice because of the penutbutter. It is so so amazing. BD should make this a Magna flavor ( I would buy cases)

  353. Susan Meyers

    Such a smooth flavor and I love getting 120 mL at such a great price!!

  354. Michael Watson

    Awesome flavor in this juice, nice creamy banana followed by a smooth creamy peanut butter

  355. Stephen

    Really like this flavor. Only thing is I wish there was more banana flavor. But overall very happy.

  356. hunterjuly

    I ran out, I need to buy more. I love this stuff so much, that’s why I never get to try the newer flavors! They practically give the e liquid away in these huge bottles and it takes me forever to vape all that! I don’t know how they blend 2 flavors together like they do and it balances out perfectly. They did this with the almond/ coconut, too. I miss my banana cream and peanut butter. If you have not tried this wonderful e juice from Broke Dick, , try this, you won’t be sorry. Read the reviews. I don’t hear any complaints. I’ve gone through more than one bottle and now I miss it.

  357. Mike Reed

    I have tried most of your juice,this is the best.

  358. Jason Park

    I’m a simple guy, I buy a liquid, I vape it, I finish it, I throw it and then move on to another liquid from either the same manufacturer or a different one, but I NEVER order the same liquid twice. Well, until I tried this juice. I have ordered two and right now I’m at about 20 mls, as soon as I finish this one one I will order another bottle, possibly 2. Broke Dick is the only company that has made me stay this long.

  359. Greg Snyder

    I will be back I’ve tried four different kinds of their juice and not one disappointment thanks again great job guys.

  360. Greg Snyder

    So far this is my favorite juice love this stuff.

  361. Larry

    Love it

  362. Jan Coffman

    Amazing flavor!! Very smooth & tastes just like banana cream pie. I will be ordering this again.

  363. Bob Barnhart

    Great Banana cream pie flavor, needs a touch more Peanut Butter. Still amazing, I highly suggest giving it a try. You won’t regret it!

  364. James Crull

    Ordered this wanting to try something different. Never disappointed with Broke Ducks juices. Best one yet. Thanks.

  365. julie connors

    This is my second favorite flavor and smell. Dollar menu is first. This stuff is awesome. Bought three different kinds this time rather than my usual and I am not dissapointed. Keep it up.

  366. Jan

    Wonderful flavor & extremely fast shipping. Highly recommend.

  367. Tami Simkins

    This is my favorite flavor. It’s really good and tastes like banana cream pie with peanut butter. They hit it out of the park on this one.

  368. Ken

    Juice is great,way better than I was expecting for the price…the shipping is so fast,every time I’ve ordered the drops are in my mailbox in two days,three tops

  369. Jeffrey W

    My girlfriend loves this particular flavour. I usually order one of these with my regular order.

  370. Ginger B

    This has replaced my previous ADV. It’s absolutely delicious. I’d order a jug of it if that was an option.

  371. Lee

    Just one of several BD Juices I regularly vape.

  372. James Bush

    ok first let me say, that the 15th is great, that banana cream pie with peanut butter, WOW for me that is an all day vape, i highly recomend this one you wont be sorry, and the service is top notch, i cant say enough good things about this juice and the company.

  373. Kennedy moore

    Fresh banana with a touch of peanut butter…very good.taste clean I would purchase again.. keep it up broke dick …oh ya fasttttttt shipping

  374. Darren

    Great flavor and OMNI Fast shipping – Thanks Dick

  375. Little buster Brown

    Truly the frist banana flavor juice that tastes like real fruit. One of my favorite

  376. Nathan Hero

    Its a DAMN good banana flavor, would recommend!

  377. Sebastian Anderton

    I’ve had watercup(not a huge fan but still good) the first, overdraft, layaway, dollar menu, payday magnum and French toast. This one so far is my go to, definitely will order again and again.

  378. Johnny Yarbrough

    Great flavor everyday vape . Great company to do business with . Best prices and fastest shipping

  379. Raine Rich

    This ejuice is delicious. Peanut butter on inhale, banana on exhale. Quality flavors, doesn’t taste artificial. Great prices for HUGE bottles. Order enough to get that free shipping and you’ll feel like you are ripping Broke Dick off!

  380. Lee

    I’d rate this at 3-4 stars. To be nice, and for the price, I’ll give it a 4. It may just be a really fresh batch, but all I get is a hint of banana and sweetness. Not fresh banana, but a candy-like banana flavor. Honestly though, for the price, I’ll buy this again. Maybe as it steeps the other flavors may develop. It doesn’t taste bad and it’s affordable, so I’ll give it that fourth star, and come back for more.


    The 15th is a great juice it’s alot like crazy custard with one catch I get way more with broke dick I get 120ml for less then I was paying for 50 ml

  382. Angel

    This e-liquid is full of flavor, yet it still manages to be amazingly smooth. I was a little worried about the peanut butter flavor overwhelming the banana cream, but it’s perfection in a bottle. I highly recommend trying this liquid if you’re a fan of banana cream pe!

  383. Virginia Hasircioglu

    Hands down my new favorite flavor!

  384. julie connors

    My favorite is dollar menu, but this one is a close second. I love the flavor, the price, the fast shipping and that I can enjoy Banana Cream Pie taste without the calories. LOL

  385. Rose Russell

    Tastes just like a banana cream pie .its the best banana juice I’ve had

  386. Sharon Summerford

    Smooth, full flavor while producing huge clouds, is MY kind of EJuice. That IS the 15th. Payday was my favorite until I tried The 15th. Thank you for another favorite.

  387. William Cherry

    The best tasting juice I have had in a long time

  388. julie connors

    I love this flavor also. It definitely tastes like banana cream pie, which I love. Especially the hint of peanut butter. It is a great vape juice and you can’t beat the flavor, price or super fast delivery.

  389. Christie Bewick

    This is mine and my husband’s go to vape, we’re both love it!

  390. Cynthia Waddell

    Its GREAT RECIPE. BROKE DICK IS the best value. I have ordered a ton of juice (all different kinds) lately.its great right out of the box
    But even better with a little steeping..

  391. The Smiths

    My husband and I have been using this juice for years now. An amazing flavor, fast delivery and the price is fantastic. Better than any of my local stores. Highly recommend, you won’t regret it.

  392. Jan

    This is such an amazing flavor. I absolutely love it. I highly recommend it.

  393. Cameron Allen

    It‘a pretty good! More banana and hint of peanut butter. Can’t really taste the whipped cream but hey it’s still good.

  394. Morella

    This is absolutely my favorite juice! I’ve purchased this many times. It’s really good! I hope this makes it into the magnum line! Thanks!

  395. Morella

    This is my ADV! I’ve been purchasing this for years and I never get tired of it! Lightning fast shipping! Thanks again Richard! Like The Terminator I’ll be back!

  396. jabony1269

    Amazing flavor! I forgot about the peanut butter until I breathed out.

  397. Will

    My wife enjoys this flavor taste like it’s described best value per dollar.

  398. Brandy Samplawski

    This is the smoothest smoke you can get! Store a bottle or two for six months and the flavor really comes out. You must try it!!!

  399. Tina Hammett

    I liked it, smooth, not a heavy taste, I’ll order again for sure.

  400. Matthew

    Just wow, got this and 2 other flavors as my first order. VERY satisfied. Will order again.

  401. Mark H

    Being a banana fan is like being a Tampa Bay Bucs Fan. Which I am. No matter how poor they are you keep going and hoping. Well, I found the Tom Brady of Banana ejuice!!! A must try!!

  402. Christopher Threatt

    I am not a desert fan but this is good. Great flavor but no over powering.

  403. G in OH

    I tried this as soon as I got it. I liked it but I wasn’t in love with it. I took Broke Dick’s advice and steeped it for a day and the difference was huge. The flavor increased tremendously. They’re sending this stuff to you ultra fresh. Because of that, it needs to steep so the flavor develops. You’ll be glad you did. I will buy again.

  404. Brenda Demps


  405. Michael Wells

    Excellent flavor great blend of banana and cream and peanut butter at the end. I would definitely recommend it especially for the price. I enjoy it with a prb. Lol

  406. Lisa Ritsick

    Awesome juice i love it. Taste just like a banana cream pie

  407. Paul Carlberg

    I like this one it was one of the first juices I tried, revisiting this is a pleasure very good vape I’ll be getting more this week

  408. Paul

    This juice is perfect, if you like the banana inhale and the cream exhale I love it going to order another today or tomorrow, all day vape for me.

  409. Paul

    I am starting to order more of this I really like the peanut inhale and the creamy pie exhales, I will be buying more this week.

  410. Cody

    I was never really into the desserts until i tried this one. Perfect amount of flavor i love it!

  411. Dee Russell

    I am really enjoying this flavor

  412. Chris

    More Banana flavor than peanut butter. Good smoke, satisfying throat hit. Definitely a great value!

  413. Lanie

    This is LITERALLY the ONLY juice I Vape!! PLEASE don’t ever discontinue it!! By far the BEST juice I’ve EVER tried and I’ve tried the all!! Lol

  414. Mike

    this is the only juice i vape.LOVE IT

  415. Janice Coffman

    BD “always” delivers when it comes to flavor!! You will love the rich flavor of this juice. It is beyond smooth & amazing.

  416. alicia smith

    Pretty good….could use more pb flavor

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