The 1st – Strawberries and Cream (120ml)

The 1st – Strawberries and Cream (120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(447 customer reviews)

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For most of us, there’s no better day than the 1st. Not only is it the first day of a brand new month, but it means the long, cup-o-noodles-fueled crawl to payday is over! We took that magic feeling of making it through those broke days and bottled it up, shipped to your door crazy fast. It doesn’t get any more classic than strawberries and cream, except this one puts cream in the drivers seat.

It doesn’t matter if you have a sweet tooth or just deserve a little afternoon delight, you’ll love the 1st. It’s the simple, creamy, fruity, treat you know you’ve earned.



  • Creamy Vanilla Goodness
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Cool Whip Topping

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

447 reviews for The 1st – Strawberries and Cream (120ml)

  1. Gregory noles

    I don’t get much of the strawberry but the custard is great they should add that it’s got a chill to it

  2. Jason

    Had alot of strawberry and cream flavors, but this easily takes it for the price. About $3 shipped thanks to the stimulus package giveaway going on. Will buy again, recommend it !

  3. Jonathan Hillman

    This juice is one of the finest I’ve ever vaped. The cream is most prominent but the strawberry is less bright than strawberry candy, soda, or fresh strawberries. It’s more of a strawberry preserves taste and its a bit subtle. I’m also getting a bit of a coconut taste which is a good thing. I’m really happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend it and buy it again.

  4. Mike walega

    Great Juice, Super fast shipping. Premium quality, and affordable for a Broke Dick LOL

  5. Philip Galbreath

    Way good juice. The strawberry is one of the best I’ve had.

  6. Jon Covel

    this is one of the best juices ive ever had. a couple people said the strawberry is mild but i think its perfect. these people are use to juices that just blast you with strawberry which is not my style. it is very flavorful and you get equal strawberry and cream imo. i also dont get the coconut and the chill a few said they got. this is exactly what ive been looking for in a strawberries and cream and DEFINATELY worth the price.

  7. Kristina Hall

    I had become accustomed to sweeter fruit flavored e juices so the mildness of the strawberry though me a bit however the cream was very prominent and nicely blended. And there were some undertones of mint but not overwhelming. The juice is very smooth overall I look forward to purchasing from broke dick agian.

  8. Drew

    Good for the price, though there are definitely better strawberry cream flavors on the market (that you’ll pay 4x the price for)

  9. Randall Miller

    Amazing deal on a good juice! Not the best I’ve ever vaped, but the price is unbeatable. Quality bottles and labels. The local shops have been switching to wide bottles whereas this one is narrow, so that’s an added bonus!

  10. Kevin Brunjes

    Let me tell you guys this is spot on. I can’t put the bottle down. I went though about 45 mls of the bottle on the first day cause it was good. Plus shipping WOW IT WAS FAST

  11. Paul Nowotny

    This is My second review. I have purchased 2 flavors since my Cash advance received with the stimulus package…I’ll review the third after I give it a good try…This one (The 1st) is very good…A nice light strawberry and cream with a minty finish…I might add a little more mint for my taste…Nice and clean and an excellent value for the money spent…Am telling my friends to try these products but want them to hurry up and buy them instead of using all of mine…Thanks Dick for a great alternative to paying $15 per 30 Ml locally…

  12. Tina

    I detect a minty taste on the exhale, but overall it’s smooth and creamy. I would order it again. Thank you for the fast shipping also.

  13. Tighe Hoodhood

    I cant smoke cigs because this wife and kids will drown me so I started Vaping. I “had” been looking for a smooth strawberries and cream flavor that would take my mind off the reg smoke. Lets face it you have a harder time if it still tastes like a smoke. I went online and started looking at different companies that produce and what others reviews were. I found reviews about this company and asked if anyone at the local shop use it and one older gent said he does. I understand that using mint does make the buds open and adds a little to a flavor. But as a chef and ex smoker I’m all good with that. I seen many and I mean many good reviews. Both at my local shop and online. I went and bought this (The First) and I have fallen in love with this flavor. I cook it at 160w with duel claptons and my coworkers in both the restaurant and at the metal shop I work in LOVE that smell and the ones that have tried it love the nice mild flavor that doesn’t overpower your palette. Once I can move down to 0 nic and not scream and yell at my workers I will really cherish the flavor that wont be ruined by a nic after taste. But hands down it is a super great deal with a wonderful taste that smells and touches the tongue. Flavor is as much the cooking smell as the taste so you got this sh** on lock down. I fully recommend this flavor and am thankful for the low price because lets face it. We all are trying to save our hard earned money. Thanks Rich!

  14. J

    Flavor is more custard then strawberry. But good non the less. It’s smooth and gives huge cloads

  15. Amanda

    In a world of “you get what you pay for” this juice is definitely an exception. It smells AMAZING. Soon as I cracked open the bottle and took a whiff of it, I thought if it tastes even half as good as it smells, I’m sold! And as it turns out, it tastes every bit as good as it smells. Will definitely be a repeat customer. Eagerly awaiting the return of Water Cup to stock because that one sounds like it will be awesome as well.

  16. C619V

    I received this juice via the Stimulus Package deal that Richard so graciously allowed to many individuals.

    When it first arrived as all juices I gave it an initial vape…I knew it was going to need a nap and it has now been over a month and I can say its pretty good.

    I am not a huge fan of mints/menthol but it goes well with this juice; the Strawberry is a tad on the mild side, cream is more of the mouth feel than a flavor profile, but that Mint/Menthol is alive and all together it goes very well.

    I’d definitely order this again.

    If I was to mix it, I’d probably go…

    1.25% Koolada
    9-11% Strawberry
    4% Sweet Cream
    1% Butter


  17. Juan

    It’s so delicious taste and would buy other when it’s gone! Lol thank you to make me pick right juice to taste it!!! Love it!!!

  18. Scott D.

    In a tank, it blew harder than Elton John on the Cali west coast. However when used with a good RDA, the Uwell Rafael X with two stainless steel Clapton coils in my case, and The 1st evolves into it’s final form. The smooth strawberry and cream flavor comes through with a blast. If K. Jenner handed out 120ml bottles of Broke Dick instead of soda to people, we could finally have world peace.

  19. Devan

    Not gonna lie, I was not a fan at all of this juice when I first got it. Whatever is in it to give it the “cool” flavor was very overpowering and I didn’t like it. Gave it another try 2 months later and it’s so much better. Would definitely order it again.

  20. Dom

    I ordered both this and the 15th for my first order. At first they werent that flavorful and i got vapors tongue easily, so i ordered other juice from a different site. They ended up sitting for a couple weeks, and i tried them after they yellowed up. Once i let them steep, OMG they tasted delicious. Both tasted spot on, this one was the best with a delicious strawberries and cream flavor. I cant wait to try your payday flavour, ive been looking for a cappuccino flavour so im excited! That along with water cup and key lime pie, my next order should be deliciously exciting!

    My advice: if when you first buy this juice if the flavor isnt enough, try to vape something else, and let it sit for a couple WEEKS. Then go back and try them again, I bet you will be very pleasantly surprised by a huge burst in flavor!

    Keep on vapin ‘yall

  21. Chuck

    Just received my juice and my first impression on the 1st is very creamy a bit over powering and not enough strawberry. I’m a strawberry fan and would love to have just a hint more strawberry but I must say I would order this again and a few others.

    Please please add a bit more strawberry. PLeASE

  22. TattooedGZus

    The 1st has officially become my all day vape of choice, and I just got it today! The flavor is so on point and nuanced, I nearly broke MY dick from hitting BrokeDick’s the 1st! Straight up boner inducing flavor. The flavor, the price…you might do better than BrokeDick, but I highly doubt it! Keep up the good work!

  23. Andrew Grenier

    This is a premium juice at a house price. I told my girl earlier that I am getting me some D, and I did… again! I’ll never have to do it myself again, instead I’ll just get me some D!!! The word “extraordinary” according to Websters Dictionary is going beyond what is usual, regular, or customary. This brand puts the EXTRA in ordinary. I used to make my own, but sourcing is a PIA. After trying many brands, I stumbled across this. The ingredients in here seem consistent, as well as the flavor. My Tanks love it, and it works well in my drippers too. This D is extraordinary!

  24. Michael Fiore

    I’ve tried quite a few strawberries and cream flavors and I have to say this one hits it dead on. It has a cool fresh ripe strawberry taste, and I can actually taste the cream too it’s not overpowering, I taste more strawberry than cream it’s just amazing lol. I’m using my Uwell Crown 3 on it so it’s not a dripper and I still have the full flavor (which is rare lol)

  25. Amy P.

    I recieved it two days ago. After a good shake, I think the vanilla custard is really nice and smooth. There is hardly any egg taste, which I don’t like. I can’t taste the strawberry yet, but it will probably come out slowly as it matures. I have a cheap 808d-1 setup so it may be me. I can’t taste the mint either, but I was a menthol smoker and wouldn’t mind anyway.
    The only other strawberry and cream I’ve had is Boosted and I can’t say Boosted was any better straight out of the box. I’m not sure yet, but I may like this better. I think it will make a decent all day vape.

  26. Tessa Buttram

    I really didn’t think it would be so good at this price point but it is delicious!

  27. Greg Cumby

    Srawberries and cream, nice and custardy. Simply delicious. I get very little of the coolness folks are talking about, just slight in the background, really REALLY digging this liquid .. 5 star ADV .. good job Richard B 🙂

  28. Kevin

    Great taste. Great price!!!

  29. The 1st

    This is the best strawberries and cream juice I have tried to date! It easily became my all day vape. I’m on bottle 4 now. That’s 480 mils!

  30. The 1st

    Juice so good it’ll make a broke dick not feel broke anymore. A nice refreshing take on strawberries n cream and it’s magnificent!

  31. pleasedontjoome

    this turned out to be one of my favorites that i’ll be ordering again in the future. at first, when it first arrived, i wasn’t digging the flavor too much. i put it away in a drawer for about a week and let it steep. after a week, it had a much smoother strawberry flavor. yes it has menthol, but it’s not very strong imo. i kinda liked it. anyhow, if you like strawberry, give it a shot. let it sit a week to steep and then try it.

  32. John Tye

    This is good juice, up there with other leading brands. The taste is excellent, though more subtle than I expected. Smooth vape, fluffy clouds. At these prices you cannot go wrong. Try it!

  33. Shawn C.

    This juice is delicious. It has a nice sweet and creamy inhale and the vapor smells amazing. I notice a hint of cooling menthol but maybe that’s just me. Brokedick has the best deal on ejuice I have found. I have ordered every flavor and a couple flavors, including this one, twice.

  34. Dillon Pearson

    Just got this E-Liquid today, got home and filled up the gorilla bottle they included with my order and filled up my tank and I absolutely love this stuff. My new all day vape for sure. Glad I got 3 bottles. Thank you, Richard!

  35. Philip Simeon

    It’s was like a fresh strawberry when you inhale and you taste the cream in the end with the exhale. I recruitment it to everyone. Very good ejuice.

  36. Jason DePeaux

    One day, when I was dabbling in DIY, I made a really nice strawberry cream soda flavor. It was creamy, smooth, fruity, cool and had a note of fizziness. It was perfect.

    I’ve never been able to make it again since.

    This is almost bang-on what that flavor was, minus the fizziness.

    One note on this: The coolness is REALLY overpowering when the bottle is new. If you breathe it and shake it up a lot, that mellows out nicely.

  37. Roger

    Nice Vape ,Nice Price , what more can I say. Will purchase again!

  38. Zeke Hart

    A perfectly blended strawberry milkshake with a hint of coolada to get that cold accent to make it like a real milkshake 10 out of 5 great juice. I definitely recommend the 1st.

  39. Kao Saechao

    Wow for a budget ejuice this is dam good. It’s just as good if not better than my local vape store ejuice that cost me $39.99 for a 120ml. I will be a returning customer! I love the smooth strawberry flavor on the inhale and all that cream on the exhale. Nice vapor production too!
    Richard gonna go broke selling it to us for so cheap!

  40. Tim

    Tastes great.

  41. David Stutesman

    This e juice is good would highly recommend. It is also a great mixer with other broke dick juices!

  42. Dustin A.

    This combo of strawberries and cream is delicious! There is definitely a mint/menthol taste to it. I really wanted it to be more subtle. I’m not a fan of mint/menthol. But I’m not going to knock the review because I knew what I was getting myself into by trying this juice. Without the mint/menthol this would be an ADV for me. The strawberries and cream are so good!

    Let that breathe for a day. It lays down to total perfection.
    Richard Broke

  43. April Mansfield

    I was absolutely amazed at the taste because of the budget pricing. I must say that the 1st is so delish! I love that I can afford an e juice that I actually liked before trying it. I was sceptical at first, but I have totally changed my mind. I will definitely be ordering more from your company. Thank you for providing the great deals that you do so people like myself won’t go broke in a local shop trying to buy ejuice. An AMAZING ejuice at that! The strawberry flavor, to me, really tastes like fresh strawberries. And that is perfection! Thank you, again!!

  44. Jennifer Barry

    First let me start off by saying I cannot believe how FAST this got to us, Ordered Sunday Night, here on Wednesday afternoon From Florida to Wisconsin!!! Now to the Juice part of this, My Husband and I are Both in Love with this Flavor, Awesome Strawberry on the Inhale with a Hint of Kool and Yummy Thick Cream on the Exhale. Was a little worried because the Price is unbelievable, but the Quality is Top Notch!!
    I also received a Gorilla Bottle with my Order and I like it but have a REALLY hard time getting the inner top off to refill it ( maybe its my Obnoxiously Long Nails LOL) But Nothing to complain about. If you Like strawberry and you like Cream this is the 1 to Buy…Great Job Dick!! Bet your not so Broke now with this Crazy Good E-Juice 🙂

  45. Charlie

    let this steep and breath for a couple days and mmmmm it becomes an e juice addiction

  46. Arturo barriga

    This is my new adv I love it

  47. Cozart Townes

    Literally, what more can you ask for? $22 for 240ml and this is my second purchase of this flavor. The first time I was skeptical because of the low price but after the first time, I have come back for more. I’ve tried 4 flavors and they’re all great, but when I am in need to purchase more, the 1st is always gonna be in my order. Interesting take on strawberries and cream. I’ve tried many, but this one is so different from all the rest and in the best way possible. Enjoy, my fellow vapers. You won’t be dissatisfied.

  48. loomeye

    I wasn’t sure if I’d like this one, as I am a strawberry snob. I also thought that the “whipped topping” element may have a similar effect as it does in Cash Advance (not good IMHO). I had to try it anyway since it is such a good price. It turns out that this stuff is the best strawberry juice I have ever had, and I’ve tried dozens. I have formed this opinion with zero steep time, so it will probably get a bit better with time too. I am very happy that there are two juices from BD that are among my overall favorites: This one and Payday.

  49. Mike goss

    i would kill to get this without menthol. the flavor is superb but the cooling sensation is a little strong for my taste. great juice glad i tried it but i prefer the non menthol flavors. the strawberry and creme part is top notch though

    Let it Breathe for a day and it lays down to total perfection. Its less then half a percent.
    Richard Broke

  50. Anthony C

    This is my favorite flavor her. Nice creamy strawberry flavour!

  51. Angel

    I am fairly new to vaping, but I gotta say that after trying a few other juices, this one is by far the best. The flavor is great and to me it just feels way more soft than some of other ones. If your are having second thoughts about trying “The First”, don’t hasitate. You will enjoy it and for the price of one you can get two!

  52. Gary

    It’s strawberries and rich cream, though I don’t get any of the COOOL. Don’t care – it’s fantastic. Why spend stupid cash for some boutique juice when this one is just as good – or better. Love it.


    This has a great flavor i don’t really get strawberry from it more of a creamy flavor with menthol hit. But in reading the reviews realized that maybe i need to let it steep longer great! Ok so i try to take the inner cap to let it steep and breathe for a few days break the tip off the cap. So now i can’t even transfer to another bottle. Other than that and the menthol its pretty good. Especially the price. Plus i just ordered to different flavors to test out so we shall see when those get here.


    Now i looked all over and I can’t remember seeing if this needed to steep or not but right out of the bottle it’s pretty good. I’m sure it will only get better with a little time. I did add a little vg to it to thicken up the vape (I’m use to a higher mix). But for the price and right out the bottle it exceeded my expectations. Thanks guys for the great deal and helping out all of us budget friendly people. *on a side note putting up a clearer notice of these need steeping or breathing might answer a lot of questions that I’ve come across and wondered my self. If I missed it some where then it’s on me but if you could clear that up for me it’s be great. Thanks again.

  55. chrissy

    This is very good, my first time trying broke dick and I will be back for sure. Love the cap to pour, make it so easy and no mess. I usually get 50 50, so that little change for me, but is great

  56. Custard Killer

    This is a very good custard cream and strawberry dessert in a bottle. I am really digging this line, and you will too! Great job Richard!

  57. Tyler Andrew

    The 1st is one of my favorite juices out there! It has perfect amount of cream to the wonderful strawberry flavors and you can’t beat the pricing! Thank you For providing us with amazing juice!
    – Tyler

  58. Rob Meyer

    Awesome Flavor from awesome people! “

  59. Daniel Vinogradov

    I let it steep for 2 days in a glass bottle. (Had to because bottle broke in shipping but DICK made it right because he is in the business of helping people out and making good juice you can afford)After steeping it was amazing..It was good to me even before the steep but menthol is not for me…Will be buying this again monthly..This is coming from a vape mod and e juice reviewer..Keep rocking DICK..does anyone else like saying that…

  60. Danny Dean

    Thus juice is excellent my new all day vape!!!

  61. Zachary

    Great vape amazing taste broke dick is the best bang for your buck when you are a Brock dick like me love this vape juice and will buy it over and over again the strawberry and cream is a vape I can vape all day

  62. Zachary

    Great vape amazing taste broke dick is the best bang for your buck when you are a Brock dick like me love this vape “e juice” and will buy it over and over again the strawberry and cream is a vape I can vape all day

  63. Lenny Hodge

    if you like that carmel and coffee taste you will love this juice.

  64. Matt Key

    i can definitely taste the cream, but the strawberry seems to be a very background flavor. i also detect a pepperiness somehow, like black pepper; without the exact flavor of black pepper, but the aromatic sting of it. might be the brand of nicotine used, but it’s not off-putting, just noticeable. if the strawberry is better when i order it again, i will recommend it more. as it sits, if you want more strawberry flavor, look elsewhere.

  65. DavidMad

    Awseome flavor and cloud production with my alien kit lots of flavor sweet custards with hints of bold strawberry

  66. Kevininindy

    A very solid and quality tasting e juice. The strawberry comes off with a very organic natural and not overpowering or overly sweet presence mixed with a hint or what seems like whipped creame and I think ends with a mild mint that almost makes it feel like a cool refreshing smoothie. I reccommend it and will buy again.

  67. m2Mtcal9827Roger

    Love this juice. Great Vape!

  68. DF

    Hands down the best e-juice they make, nothing in any price range comes close, strawberries and creme. I have had many years of subscribing to sample boxes trying to find the one, this is it for me. Never clogs cotton or causes burned coils, it just keeps working. I could not recommend this enough. Great Job!

  69. Tommy Conn

    I really like this juice. I’ve tried a handful of other strawberries and cream ejuices and this is one is distinctly different. On the inhale I get an almost icy flavor – not menthol, just ice – it’s interesting. And on the exhale is where I get the sweet strawberry/cream flavor. This is quality juice at an even qualityer price! Thanks Broke Dick 🙂

  70. Gerald schoeffler

    I just got this flavor in the fruit e juice 5-pack. It smells and tastes so good! Will buy again!

  71. Paul Hearn

    Was greatly surprised at how smooth this is. A great blend of flavors and a truly smooth vape.

    Did you know that we tested 8 different nicotines before we went with this one. We know as mods get bigger its more important for a smooth e-juice.
    Richard Broke

  72. Brock

    Definitely a good vape as far as the cream flavor goes. Would have given 5 stars, but the strawberry flavor is absent. Tasted more like a custard. Beef up the strawberry and it will be awesome

  73. Michael Miles

    That “tiny” amount of ice or glacier zing to it Without being grossly menthol… Great Job!

    Thats the Cool Whip topping.
    Richard Broke

  74. Amy K

    Love it! Not only are the prices great, so is the e juice (The 1st). Very happy w/ the quality & the quantity of this product, can’t wait to try the rest of them!

  75. Garrett Queen

    This one I will say gains amazing flavors with just a little steeping and continues to get better day by day and as well as to tank load to tank load I was surprised it taste just as described and marketed great job guys at broke dick

  76. Cindy

    The strawberry flavor is so refreshing. It’s amazing how the flavors come together in this ejuice

  77. Roger

    Love this e juice! It’s definitely a ADV for me. Have ordered several times and love it.

  78. Nathan Cotant

    Very very good e-juice for the money!

  79. Tom Stone

    Now I love strawberry custards. As a matter of fact I vaped Vapetasia Killer Kustard for about a month. Loved it, I stumbled on Richards website and gave this one a try. Let me tell you it’s my favorite custard period. First hit I took my tastebuds went into an orgy. The best part of this juice is the pleasent cool whip on the exhale. Amazing amazing amazing. I am I loyal customer! Thank you dick for making a cheap affordable tasty vape. Your the king of the broke ejuice

  80. John

    Excellent flavor.

  81. Andrew

    I originally posted:
    “Where Is The Strawberry? on Oct 27th 2017 (date submitted was earlier)
    The flavor is like blending a strawberry into too much milk. It’s there, but lacking in the berry department.”

    As promised in the rest of that review, I am updating my initial post with a re-review. Since some of the other flavors I ordered were fully steeped I figured this one was as well, apparently that was not the case. Now that it has been several days later, the flavor is more pronounced. It has a slightly deeper creme flavor and the berry pops with some tartness to it . I would definitely order this one again! Thanks Dick!

  82. Greg Walters

    As soon as I wrapped my lips around the drip tip and sucked in the warm creamy dick juice, I was in heaven!

    I could not believe that I had only paid ~$11 bucks for 120ml’s of this heavenly concocktion! What a steal!!!

    If you are reading these reviews and are on the fence at all, you just need to take the plunge. These prices are obscene, and there is no reason to not take a chance on this company. This has become my sole ejuice vendor because the price and flavors are amazing!

    Richard – Stellar job my man!

  83. Rob Meyer

    I get Ripe Strawberry and cool whip!! Its AWESOME AND DOESN’T BREAK MY WALLET!!

  84. Joe Fry

    This is my go-to e-juice from Broke Dick. It is a very different strawberry and cream. I like the touch of menthol ( i’m pretty sure thats what it is) , it’s not too much, just enough to be noticed cooling sensation that almost feels like a strawberry icecream. They nailed this juice and the value is incredible.

  85. Teairra

    I’ve never had to contact their customer service besides when I was first looking into their juice to see what the PG/VG ratio was. I absolutely love this company. I switched to them from Juishy and never looked back, the juice isn’t thin and I don’t have to refill my tank multiple times a day. One of these bottles lasts me about a month maybe less depending on how much I’m vaping personally. The flavors are delicious, when I first tasted the 1st it tasted like popcorn to me. But after a couple drags it starts to taste like ice cream. It always ships the next day and is here in at least two days (not including Sundays if you order on a Friday or a Saturday. I always select free shipping.

  86. Anonymous

    Great stuff love this site absolutely best site to get e juice from

  87. Luis O.

    I got to say that this is a Premium e juice without the premium price. It’s a great e juice… Thank you. I will be placing a another order on my payday… 😉

  88. Marcus

    A nice light strawberry Vape that finishes with a creamy custard blast. Great flavor at a great price. Keep up the good work.

  89. Pat Swart

    This is my 3rd order from Broke Dick, got this along with another round of PayDay. With all BD e juices, I couldnt wait and cracked open the 1st, man oh man, I thought I was chillin with a fresh strawberry milk shake! Richard, you nailed it once again sir, thanks for the great pricing and freebie battery holders!

  90. Rik Noir

    This is the 1st time I have bought it after they changed the Nic supplier and bottles. I used to like it but it had an underlying pepper flavor from the nic. They fixed that. It’s so creamy Good. the Cream and Strawberries blend perfectly for a smooth draw and exhale. It’s not a real strong flavor but as my ADV I don’t want it to be overpowering. It reminds me of cream savers. Will keep buying. Thanks Dick.

  91. jason godley

    Not a bad flavor. It has a great creamy flavor and I do enjoy it. I wish the strawberries showed they more. It’s super lite on the strawberry but I still order it for a nice sweet creamy vape.

  92. William Drosche

    I’ve never had a juice that tasted so smooth and sweet like “the 1st”!! I was also impressed on how quick it got here, even with Christmas being on Monday! It beat my new Tpriv I ordered 2 days beforehand that was also coming from Florida. I’ll definitely be buying juice here from now on.

  93. Lorentsen

    A perfect blend of vanilla custard with a touch of strawberry and some cool whip to top it off . Being I am a huge custard fan, this e-juice fits perfectly in my flavor profiles.

  94. Ayla Jean

    I myself am not an everyday vaper but my boyfriend is so I got him this juice since he is into flavors similar to this. I saw the ad on instagram and knew I NEEDED to get on it, he LOVES the ejuice and I too tried it and enjoy it. Highly recommended!

  95. Valeina Taber

    I am not generally a fan of the fruity vape e juices, but this one is absolutely incredible. I will definitely be buying it again. Thanks,

  96. Nancy

    I was kind of upset when they cancelled Cash Advance. It was the best key lime pie! So I figured if it was that good, I’d probably like the strawberry and cream. I love it just as much. I am truly hoping Mr. Broke will invent

    a Coconut Cream Pie flavor. Coconuts are Popular In Florida. Dont change a thing. This Stuff is perfect. The strawberries blend perfectly with the cream. It’s wonderful.

  97. karen

    This is a high quality product at a low price. I am enjoying the flavor immensely. I do recommend this product for those wanting to try a strawberry flavor.

  98. Crystal

    Incredible taste and just as described. Definitely my favorite BD flavor I’ve tried so far…and they’ve all been great. Free shipping and quickest I’ve ever experienced. Order on a Friday and it’s in my box Monday…WIN!
    * Never had this issue before, but I’m guessing this bottle must have been defective. Took some serious muscle to open…it just clicked round and round. Then it leaks a little when inverting to fill tank. NBD, just annoying.

  99. C Put

    First review but have been buying for a long time! Let me just say that for the amount of e juice that I blow through in a month, there is NO way that I can afford other juices! I’ve tried just about all of these juices and all of them are great but right now this is one of my fav’s! Although steeping does make the taste even better, it is very good right out of the mail! Trust me, I’m usually stalking the mailbox for my order. Which, btw, shipping and delivery is lightning fast.

  100. Jaimie

    Tried this e-juice straight out of the mailbox and I wasn’t impressed, came back to the tank it had been sitting in for a few days and the flavour was completely different, super tasting, very smooth and creamy with just the right amount of strawberry. Yumyum

  101. Devon Clements

    From the moment I opened this juice, I could tell this was going to be great. As the description said, this is a cream with strawberries, not a strawberries and cream. Im a fan of cream so this was a hit for me. I cant complain for 11.50 a bottle. If your looking for ore a fruit flavor, i suggest you go with watercup or the melon berry juice. ive already placed my second order. thx richard.

  102. Brian

    Got the 1st for my wife and the 15th for me . After letting them steep a day the flavors were amazing. The wife vaped half her 120 and decided she was not a huge fan of the ‘cooling’, but I love it . She does however love the 15th. Definitely be ordering more real soon.

  103. lenny

    this is my favorite #1 go to vape juice. works great in any of the beast tanks. great cloud and very mellow.

  104. Joshua Miller

    On point with the flavor.

  105. Drew

    I enjoyed this flavor very much. It’s smooth, tasty and has just the right notes…except for one thing (which I’ll get to in a minute).

    The custard is superb; the strawberry light, but definitely adds a lot to the mix. It was almost a perfect blend…

    Except the “touch of ‘Cool Whip’, but it’s not. Cool Whip

    It’s very subtle, but it’s there and it sticks out like the proverbial ‘sore thumb’. I would have easily given this flavor 5 stars had it not been for that, but it’s on every hit and draw…and certainly on every single solitary exhale. It’s too noticeable and not at all like whipped cream.

    Such a perfect combination. This was really perfect, if it wasn’t for that.

    Custard + Strawberry = classic perfection.

    Add menthol and you lose me. I liked it, but won’t order again unless they get rid of the “cool” flavor. Breaks my heart for such a great juice, but I think a touch of graham cracker or another light fruit would be so much better (or leave it out!), but nope.

    Perhaps others disagree…and feel free to, but that “little something” put it at the end of my rotation.

  106. Kari Eversole

    Love the flavor, the VG/PG ratio is on point, price is out of this world!! Will definitely be ordering again!!

  107. taylor Austin

    the more I vape the juice the more I can’t get enough, ive tried plent flavors like this from other sites, and this is the one I been looking for and the price just simply could not be beat!!! adv for me baby!

  108. zach anderson

    just because you’re a broke dick doesn’t mean you need to be a dumbass and go and buy disgusting cheap e juice near your house. I live in Phoenix Arizona the juice comes from Largo Florida and I get it in 3 days with free shipping. the minute it comes in the mail I can start vaping it it’s already steeped and it taste like strawberries and cream. The flavor is so amazing the juice is high-quality my coils last longer and you get 240 ML for $24 shipped. Don’t be a dumbass by broke-dick Vape juice

    Its $23 bucks… lol
    Richard Broke

  109. Jennifer Herron

    Basically the same comment I had on the water cup; great flavor . Only issue is the tip of the bottle is just a bit too big for my top fill. Other than that very happy. Great prices. Recommend for sure!

  110. Jay

    Still great! Second time I’ve ordered it.

  111. kali kai

    my absolute faves, perfectly flavored. i was worried the flavor wouldn’t match the major brand i was used to but thankfully it did. broke dick is the best cock-a-doodle-do in the world. thanks again guys, i need stiches.

  112. Richard Horn

    I really enjoy the strawberry taste, it is a bit slight on the inhale but it is there on the exhale. The cream aspect is also very nice and has a slight menthol to it, not a lot but a touch of it and it is very enjoyable.
    I gave the 4 stars because personally I would go with just a little more strawberry flavor but all in all very very good. Sweet but a delicate sweet and I love it!!!

  113. Pier

    Just like the description. Great Taste Cheap Vape. The 1st is actually my first choice. It’s a flavor that does not have a nasty chemical taste like Vapewild. I wish it was available at 1.5mg.

  114. Emmanuel FERRERE

    Hello everybody it have some juices about strawberry and cream, I’m a french consumer and I have a surprise with this juice because the cream looks like “French Chantilly”. It’s good very good.

  115. Jameson Walden

    First off, the flavors are great, especially for the price! Theyve won a longtime customer with me. Great customer service. I messed up my order, which they were wuivk to fix for me before it shipped and they even upgraded my shipping from 1st class to priority for free, so i recieved my juice in 2 days! Nothing but great things to say about this company, their treatment of their customers and their awesome juices!

  116. Pelfrey

    Pretty sure this is my favorite strawberry flavor ever.
    NOPE, I’m damn sure it’s my favorite. Good job Dicks!!! Need to go order more now

  117. Bradley Mclean

    I’m not gonna lie, I wasn’t expecting the full bodied flavor I was hit with. I would recommend this to anyone who likes strawberry flavors

  118. Scott Speller

    I have vaped so many different juices, from cheap to expensive. Usually the first day I am wow this is good and by day 3 i’m over it. This juice is phenomenal. The flavor and price just can’t be beat. A week later its still delicious. Keep up the great work.

  119. Rob Meyer

    This ejuice is FUCKING AWESOME!! Fuck anyone who says it’s not

  120. Morella

    This juice is pretty good! I know many people mention a menthol flavor but I don’t taste it. I love it! Lightning fast shipping! Thanks Richard

  121. Kayla Williams

    Absolutely great e juice, but a little disappointed the drip tip on the bottle was broken and it leaked a little on the way here 🙁

  122. Kelley King

    Great tasting ejuice this one taste like vanilla and strawberries with cool whip flavor it is very rich no chemical taste and i wont buy any where else now glad i found yall

  123. Kevin Kaupa

    One of the best strawberry custards I’ve had very creamy yummy

  124. Noah Gruender

    I read a lot of reviews around the internet about Broke Dick, granted most were at least a year old, which made me skeptical. I decided to order the 1st and was really surprised. Tastes just like the description. Just an ordinary authentic tasting strawberry and cream with no gross chemical tastes you expect from the more “affordable” juice manufacturers. If you’re on the fence about ordering then just go for it, you only lost $23 if you hate it and you still get a spare bottle of a different 120ml free! I don’t think you’ll regret it!

  125. Melissa Rios

    Not a bad e juice. Vapor production and price make it a really good quality product. Wish there was definitely more strawberry flavor. Cream is a little strong for me. But still a great juice would recommend for anyone to at least try!

  126. Chad

    Full disclosure : I have the worst case of vapors tongue ever!

    I can’t really review the flavor profile because my tongue is broken. However, I can still tell that this flavor is smooth as silk & the price & service can’t be beat!
    I’ll be buying again & again.
    Fast & free shipping!
    Great job BD!

  127. Robert Walters

    I absolutely love the flavor! I have ordered it several times now. However, the last time I ordered, one of the tips was broken on one of the bottles and my order was covered in juice and I was down almost 1/4 of a bottle. I have ordered several times and never had an issue. Assuming this was a fluke.

  128. kelly

    i dont leave reviews anywhere because everything i come across is such garbage that it isnt worth my time…this juice is amazing!!every flavor i order is perfect…

  129. @ohmbray

    I always make sure to get a bottle of the 1st when placing my order with BD. It’s great i find the slight mint refreshingly different and delicious

  130. Kathleen Aguilera

    AWESOME FLAVOR!!, I have ordered this several times. I love the flavor. The only thing I don’t like is… I KEEP RUNNING OUT

  131. Ah13

    Let it steep for 2-3 weeks, tried it, the strawberries and cream are really good but the menthol was too much so I let it steep over night with the lid off, tried it again a couple days later and the menthol is just a very subtle hint on the exhale now. Good flavor good price can’t go wrong.

  132. Andrew

    Very good ejuice for cheap

  133. Tiffany Spivey

    Wonderful flavor can’t wait to try more…

  134. Taylor Martin

    I am a retired chef who’s taste buds are finely tuned and this juice tastes just like a bowl of fresh strawberries and cream with just a dusting of sugar. For the price this is top notch juice and I highly recommend it to any one.

  135. Vickie Woodard

    Love it. Amazing flavor

  136. John Holland

    This was my first purchase from Dick and im definitely ordering more! The 1st and dollar menu were the flavors I ordered and very happy with both. Dollar menu was 5stars, I would have given it 6 if possible, one of the best flavors I’ve ever tried in 7 years vaping. The 1st I gave 4stars and only because of the cooling agent that is in the juice. Don’t get me wrong I like the flavor but the coolada/menthol added turns me off. It’s very light, nothing like a true menthol vape but without this in the juice I feel like I would have loved it instead of just liking it. Love the flavor so would really like to try this juice minus the cooling part because I think it would be a 5star adv for sure! Either way for a first order I’m super impressed! Definitely recommend.

  137. Sue Wilson

    I like this juice a lot. Could be heavier on the strawberries for my taste. But I was warned. It says in the description to note that this is a cream ‘n strawberries, not a strawberries ‘n cream. This is true.
    Also I’ve only had it a few days. If I let it steep couple weeks, the strawberries may pop more. I did not get the menthol flavor others have reported.
    I like the Dollar Menu better, but not every juice can be your instant ADV like that one for me. Based on both juices in my first order, of which this was one, I bought two more flavors from Broke Dick without hesitation. Waiting for those with great anticipation.

  138. Joshua Springer

    Very strong custard taste I get no hints of strawberry but I love custards vape so can’t complain to much

  139. Sue Wilson

    I’m revising my review of The 1st from a couple days ago. This time I found the link to “How to Steep Your Juice” here and burped some air into the juice and let it sit. NOW I taste the strawberries! Yes, that’s just fine. I like a creamier vape juice myself as an ADV (with the exception of the amazing Dollar Menu). Great juice. Now I’ve got it and Dollar Menu in two devices and am switching back and forth as whim takes me.
    So I have 2 ADVs going, and they’re both Broke Dick juice.
    I think NOT!

  140. James Farkas

    Great flavor just open it for a day and get even more flavor

  141. David Rosado

    Awesome flavor and excellent clouds from the beginning ti’l the end of each vape.. Keep it up…

  142. Kelvin

    Lemonheads……. (Mic Drop)

  143. Rob Meyer

    Fucking Awesome!!

  144. Steve wesley

    Great juice all around great flavor and great clouds

  145. David Smith

    I’ve hesitated for a long time I’ve nvr been happier that I pulled the trigger n tried this juice strawberry cream is amazing!!!

  146. Harry hurski

    Good taste

  147. Ralph Kitchens

    Its good e juice flavor but I’m not getting a lot of strawberry. That is a good thing

  148. robert blevins

    I love this juice. Very good flavor. Very impressed. Will definitely be ordering this one again

  149. Shannon Gambill


  150. Sherrie Bratcher


  151. Lisa

    Picked this vape juice up for my daughter and she loves it. Very smooth.


    Best testing e liqud

  153. The 1st

    Super good flavor! I am blown away with the quality and low prices on broke dick. Thanks so much!!

  154. Ryan Duchaine

    Broke dick ejuices are the best Everytime. The don’t burn out your coils and they have great flavor! Would recommend and this is the only company I will buy from!!!

  155. Jason Vinberg

    Great flavor and quality I highly recommend this juice if u havent tried it go get it !

  156. Brian C

    Love it! Great flavor, love the hint of coconut at the end, Very good for a budget juice!

  157. Justin

    Juice came way quicker then expected ane the flavor was amazing

  158. Gigi

    I received this in the five bottle fruit pack and I can’t get enough. This is one of those hand to a smoker juices that makes them quit that day (based on actual events). Really do love It. It’s smooth and does not have that weird after taste you get with some milk juices. Definitely getting more.

  159. Alton Rice

    This juice is good but not my favorite BD juice. I still cant get enough lemon layer cake!!

  160. Dink

    For the price that its at Broke dick has good juice but you got to steep it for a few days, just take the cap of and make sure there is no juice in the tip so air can get in and let it sit, the longer the better

  161. Amanda Daccardi

    I have to say this one if AWESOME! I love it. It really has a Strawberries and cream taste.

  162. kenny

    This is my favorite all time juice! I always go to it every day and when I get low I order two bottles. It is an awesome deal to. I have gotten several friends hooked on this juice! Thankz Broke Dick!!

  163. Eric Guzman

    Best strawberry and cream I’ve had

  164. Tara B

    Smells so good only downside is my bottle came leaking, but no worries didn’t lose much just got a little sticky. Tastes great, smells great, gotta love those clear juices with strong flavor not damaging my coil more than it needs to!

  165. Aron

    I have tried several “Strawberries N Cream” juices. I would have to say “The 1st” is tied for my favorite (less expensive) as well. This juice is perfect for an all day vape. From my experience, its difficult for companies to get this flavor right. I think Broke Dick did an excellent job. I will keep this on my favorites rotation, along with the Lemon Layer Cake from Broke Dick. Has anyone else noticed that you get twice the life of your coils from Broke Dick e-juice? Amazing. Makes you wonder what other companies are putting in there

  166. Joaquin Herrera

    Creamy strawberry deliciousness!

  167. Jake Stich

    I bought this expecting a CREAM and STRAWBERRY juice and all I taste is CREAM and STRAWBERRY. Also, the flavor gets brighter after steeping. Annnd, I got it for free because I added an EVEN NUMBER of 120ml juices in my cart. Total bullshit. I guess you get what you expect when you pay attention to details and don’t just blindly throw items in your cart on the web. Seriously thou, the EXP date is 3/20, can I assume based on that, that the BOD was 3/18 and it has a few weeks of bottle time?

  168. wesly barker

    One of the best vallina flavors i had in a very long time and the strawberry is just icing on the top

  169. Dakota Tunnell

    Awesome taste after letting steep. SO glad i found this place.

  170. Donnie Naugle

    I came close to a bad review.. Than it hit me!!! Dude change your coil!….
    After a new coil I got a nice smooth flavor. Hint of vanilla, nice whip cream, could go a little harder on the strawberry. But that’s just me. Another great flavor over all. Thanks broke dick. My only goto source. Yall rock.

  171. Very good

    Mostly cream flavored with a touch of strawberry. Tastes like a strawberry creamsaver, without tasting artificial like many fruit flavors. An ADV for me

  172. David Danek

    Very good flavor. So much for the competition charging crazy prices for so called “premium ejuice”.

  173. Michael Wilcox

    I just order my second bottle of THE 1ST best tasting fruit vape. I have had many different juices by far the best on the market.

  174. Michael

    Awesome as always…..

  175. Baley Snell

    This Juice is accurately described as a Custard WITH strawberry. But you still get a good, fresh strawberry on the exhale. Fantastic juice, and despite its unbeatable price you can tell this is a premium juice with no corners cut. Comparable to Killer Custard Strawberry, but even better. Not to mention you can get 240mls of this juice for 2/3 of the price of 100ml of Killer Custard

  176. Laura

    Yummy! Love to mix this with the Dollar Menu! Perfect combination!

  177. Fox10

    Great taste, fair price, fast shipping, tremendous communication! Would highly recommend! I’ve had problems tasting other brands or gotten sick from artificial sweeteners…NOT with this product. Absolutely the best!!

  178. Krasimir Tabakov

    Let me say . DO the steeping for 24 hours. then try it. I made mistake to vape right away and had bad impression. But now on the second day its goood. So steeping is important as it says on the card included in the shipment. So final thoughts : Good juice for good price. only if it was a little sweeter even better . but i will enjoy this bottle anyway . Thank you Broke Dick for making this affordable juice. Have a good day and keep vaping !

  179. Brandon Tampke

    Tastes great. Except for the menthol. Didn’t see that in the description so I bought it. The menthol seems very light, but I hate menthol. Wouldn’t have bought it if I seen it had menthol

  180. Brian Young

    Best juice ever. Can’t get enough

  181. Mike

    One of my favorite juices and you can not very the BOGO

  182. Joe

    This flavor is extremely good. I have tried tons of different strawberry flavors, this is one of the best. It makes me smile on the exhale, making me forget that I’m broke. I’m just wondering where dick has been all my life.

    The only thing I would change is the bottles, they seem to leak just a little bit. Even when I get the tip right in my tank, I still get drips on my hand.

    Oh and my tank Burns through this juice fast. This may be because I’m smoking so much of it!

  183. Jon Mabrey

    Awesome juice fantastic flavor

  184. Gloria Holmes

    Great Taste one of my favorites

  185. Sharafadin Ahmed

    Thank you for making the flavor taste good.


    best I have bought yet

  187. Miguel Leal

    Good flavor

  188. Frankie

    Amazing price and amazing flavor!I highly recommend this juice!

  189. Kevin Hsiao

    Before I get started, I want to tell you, I am the STRAWBERRY type of guy. All my juices are either strawberry milk, strawberry fruit, shakes, mixed with strawberry, and anything that has ‘strawberry’ in it.

    First glance, skeptical because its not a big brand (or maybe I’m just ignorant ? ) and the advertisement is a bit weird. Who would do buy 1 get 1 free when its at 120 ml juice. It must either mean its bad, or too much stock and trying to get rid of it. However, after trying this juice, I realize its not a mistake, Broke Dick must be reaching out its products to people, hence the buy 1 get 1 free.

    This flavor of strawberry creme is DELICIOUS. Don’t let the smell of the juice fool you, it may not smell like creme flavor, but once you try it you WON’T STOP. I use a Dead Rabbit (DR) RDA, and it’s just so good!!

    Definitely for someone who is looking for an all you can vape kinda juice. I would highly recommend this flavor to EVERYONE!

  190. Heather Tharp

    I went out and ordered something out of my “comfort” zone and I was not disappointed! Smooth flavors of strawberries and cream, almost a yogurt type flavor, which I fell in love with. Not nauseatingly sweet like other places.

  191. Shane

    Damn good juice. No coil killer here. Mr. Broke says he doesn’t use sweeteners, so if you are looking for some sugary bullshit like Cuttwood, this isn’t for you.
    Also, this is cream with strawberry, not the other way around.
    Heavy on the creamy goodness, with a nice tangy strawberry lingering on the hind notes.
    As always, listen to Dick and just do it.


  192. Michael

    I just got my 2nd bottle of The 1st i got to say the best deal on the vape market & the strawberry flavor is way above any others out there.

  193. T.Castillo

    The 1st is accurate for me. I have tried 4 different Broke Dick juices and I have enjoyed everyone. So far this one is my favorite. I plan to keep trying different flavors and products. I also enjoy the emails. It’s pretty much the only advertising emails I open because I know it’s going to be entertaining

  194. Van Goins

    By far the best deal around on juice. Great quality product at an awesome price..

  195. Robin Gauldin


  196. Nick

    Best Strawberries and Cream flavor I’ve had!!!! The flavor of strawberries being back memories of picking strawberries fresh from the garden. Well done Brokedick!!!!

  197. Andrew Muenster

    Good flavor mix and each one is noticeable and not over powering.

  198. Grant Itson

    Definitely one of my favorites so far, great smooth and creamy makes the strawberry for so much better.

  199. Frankie Valdez II

    The 1st is one if not my very favorite ejuice from broke dick. It comes in very rich and smooth which is a lot of the cream flavor that I get which is very rich, sweet and of course creamy. But what really gets me is the exhale which gives you this faint strawberry flavor which is sometimes is just in my face, or either very faint and almost not even noticeable which isn’t quite a bad thing in my opinion instead it’s almost like having two vape juices in one which is very good.

  200. Gary Ellis

    Very good vape. Clean and fresh! Arrived in a very timely manner!

  201. Zachariah David

    Like you’ve probably noted, this is mostly cream with a touch of strawberry.

    Needs a week to steep, but pretty fantastic when you get there.

  202. John Stanier

    Ok I ordered the 0 Mil on accident but still great flavor and awsome amount for the price shipping was fast

  203. Kevin

    honestly a great line for e juice, you wont find anything else as good as this stuff for the same price.

  204. Chantell Kirby

    The taste is really great. Nice and creamy with a great strawberry flavor.

  205. Jose Beltran

    I had one before that was strawberry, pineapple & coconut and it was the bomb how about you guys make one like that and name it THE TROPIC..

  206. Sherrie Bratcher

    Love them all. Shipping is awesome

  207. Izzy

    I won’t subtract points for being too sweet for my taste, but it is fantastic otherwise. I used to eat Creme Savers Strawberry and Cream hard candy as a kid and was hoping I could find a vape liquid equivalent. Well I found it. Unfortunately I realized my dream was a nightmare in disguise. My girlfriend loves it though. Smooth, sweet, and a hell of a good deal for a 120ml bottle.

  208. Mehh

    Definitely need to let these bottles steep. I’m not tasting strawberries at all but I enjoy the flavor for morning vapes with coffee. For the price, broke dick can’t be beat

  209. Greg Cumby

    This one is my favorite juice .. have ordered it last summer and grieved it when it was gone .. delicious creamy with a slight cooling surprise that just stes it all off..

  210. Caleb Bigley

    Not the best juice I’ve ever had, but it is good. On and off using it, and it always has a sastifying taste that don’t change after using it for a couple weeks.

  211. Roy

    This liquid is the best and the taste is great

  212. James Upson

    10/10 for Strawberry cream… The water of vape juices. This one is like Fiji i guess.

  213. LaShonda Boatner

    Love it!!!

  214. DAN FORD

    I wish you sold this by the gallon with a pump nozzle, I can’t get enough of it!

  215. Eric M

    Amazing flavor smoothie And you can’t beat the price I definitely will be buying more juice

  216. Roy McMahan

    Absolutely love it, great blend, smooth and rich, like puffing a fuckin strawberry wet dream

  217. B

    Taste just like the picture. Smooth and delicious Vape.

  218. Jhan Fajardo

    The flavor on this one is amazing. It’s smooth and leaves a nice aroma that keeps you wanting more. That and the price = Good purchase

  219. Danny Hernandez

    Very delicious, and refreshing.

  220. James

    Best juice, everyday vape beats all high dollar juices any day!!!

  221. Jeffrey

    This juice is awesome! It’s like a strawberry orgasm in your mouth. It’s tastes like REAL strawberry not that fake candy flavor shit

  222. Robert Mckenzie

    When I first received this juice didn’t like it much.But like just about any E-juice out there it’s gotta steep a bit, After steeping a short time the flavor is starting to blend together well. good stuff. I will be back for more. thanks Richard.

  223. Justin brooks

    Awesome u guys are the best

  224. Summer

    This was my second order of the same two flavors I tried before because I loved them both (#1 and #15). I started vaping this right after it arrived (so quickly) and noticed that it was so much smoother and yummier than the expensive strawberries and cream flavor I had been buying at my local vape shop. I’m hooked.

  225. Tbrady

    One of the best juices. Ever. Love the smell, taste, and the amazing prices. Love love love Broke Dick’ s tasty juices;)
    Fast shipping (for me anyway) and always happy to see when it’s delivered!

  226. Tyler Szwed

    This is my second time getting this flavor and I have to say it is right up there with the pricier, high quality stuff. Favorite juice of all time, thanks Broke Dick 🙂

  227. Erin

    This is GREAT juice. Delicious right out of the mail, I can only imagine how good it will be once it steeps a little. Broke Dick has not let me down yet and I’ve now tried 4 flavors! Thanks guys!

  228. Ian Lamb

    The 1st is my favorite flavor. Can’t go wrong with this 1

  229. Donny

    Awesome ejuice ,great flavor.good price

  230. Matthew

    First off I would like to say the price is amazingly cheap and the taste exceeds how cheap the e juice is broke dick keep up the good work and I will keep buying

  231. Robert

    One of the best strawberry ejuices I’ve tried. This is my second bottle

  232. Steven

    I love this flavor and for the price it’s out of this world.

  233. Sandra

    I bought this for my son and he absolutely loves it. He says it’s a vape all day flavor for sure.

  234. Kent

    I loved the “adult milkshake “ for a couple of months. After about 3 months as adv, I was totally burned out. Dick says this is cream and strawberries not strawberries and cream, I disagree, I say perfectly balanced, maybe a bit more strawberries then cream

  235. Corey Winters

    One of the best strawberries and cream juices I’ve had. Actually tastes like real strawberries!

  236. Janell

    Killer juice love the cream flavor and not overwhelming strawberry flavor. Definitely a must vape

  237. clayton blachly

    I really like this flavor coming off of a banana bender its a pleasant change alot of cream with a decent strawberry hit and it doesnt taste fake.

  238. Jacquline Dalton

    I love this juice, I like almost all the flavors you guys have but I keep coming back to the 1st.

  239. Kevin Dowell

    Thanks Richard

  240. Chase Miller

    Best strawberry and cream flavor i’ve tried and have ordered this twice now.


    I can taste both the cream as well as the strawberries. This is a good combo for any occasion

  242. Eddie B

    My favorite liquid, I vape this from the moment I awaken until my last breathe at night. By far and away the best strawberries and cream flavor I’ve had. Do yourself a favor and get 2 bottles at a time.

  243. groves786

    I love this flavor profile and the 1st is one of the best I have ever had

  244. Paul Carlberg

    I don’t smoke I vape, the flavor level is intense, but I use zero nic, this one is my favorite big cloud big taste.

  245. Heather

    This is the best strawberries and cream I’ve ever tried. Have bought this flavor twice from Broke Dick and each batch did taste a little different. Maybe second batch was steeped a little longer, biut the flavor the second time was much creamier, almost more like a strawberry cheesecake. Rich taste, not too sweet, but will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings! This one is my all day, every day vape 🙂

  246. Mo S.

    Delicious cream with strawberry flavor.
    Used to pay about triple for a very similar juice and I actually think the 1st is better. Definitely recommend


    Still very worth it

  248. Dennis Enos

    Love it

  249. Zach Burd

    Always love strawberry juices! This is a great juice! Good flavor on inhale and exhale! One bottle is steeping but the other is good fresh out! Def a solid solid deal from this company! Thank you for the great price and great juice!

  250. Nasairo

    this juiceis great i love the strawberry but the cream taste is amazing it’s like when you get a milkshake but crave more whop topping well you get it here absolutely blown away

  251. Shovelmick74

    Great taste

  252. Tatiana

    Delicious cream and strawberry flavor for little hits, but with throat hits the menthol really hits the back of my throat and it’s a bit much. I’ll use up the bottle and it’s a good flavor if you just take smaller hits or you like menthol flavor, but it’s not for me and I wish that the menthol feeling was mentioned somewhere in the flavor profile. I’ve been vaping this in a tank nonstop and I will say that it’s kept my coils impressively gunk free, the other flavor I purchased, layaway, has as well. I have a feeling I’ll get a pretty good lifespan out of my coils using this. Overall great juice, the flavor just isn’t for me.

  253. Justin

    This is a really amazing strawberries and cream. the first hit off this juice I tasted strawberry milkshake like for real. This is my fav strawberries and cream now 😀

  254. David

    Always great! just like a creamy strawberry!

  255. Timmy Copley

    A great blend of strawberries and cream! Highly recommended!

  256. Brian Spalding

    If you want a good juice to smoke every day this is the one

  257. Victor Minnick

    Love this juice. It’s def my new favorite all day vape!

  258. Kandy Dowell

    Excellent evening vape or all day. Its perfect.

  259. Clifford L Ferguson

    will buy again

  260. Amanda

    I wish they would make more of the creams! This one has been my favorite!

  261. Leonora Palumbo

    Love this flavor strawberries, and cream flavors are vibrant. Broke Dick is an awesome company last order I placed, I forgot to put the correct quantity to get the bogo offer. I emailed this company inquiring why I did not receive 2 bottles. They informed me I did not put the correct quantity, then offered me a 120ml bottle for a cent. AWESOME COMPANY!!!!!!!

  262. Ken Hillman

    My two favorites. Will buy again and again

  263. Julie

    Unbeatable deal on awesome juice!

  264. AngryGnome

    Named this for a reason. It is amazing, but could use a hint more vanilla or whip cream for my taste. I personally love bold flavors. I would definitely recommend it to my friend for sure.

  265. Tyler H

    Amazing quality. Fast shipping.

    Love it, its the perfect blend of strawberries and cream vape.

  266. Meg

    These guys are awesome and they make the best juice IMO

  267. Jason

    Great flavor and cloud production! Needs a bit more strawberry flavor, though. All in all, for that price deal, there’s no better!

  268. Kimberly Cunningham

    Very pleasantly surprised, have to admit that I didn’t expect much at such a low price, but I was wrong, this juice easily rivals higher priced juice all day long. A short rest (open) allows the flavors to mature a bit and come together. Subtle strawberry with a nice creamy ending. Sweet enough to enjoy without being overpowering, Well worth trying!

  269. Jamie Robinson

    One of the best strawberry cream custards i have ever had, bangin

  270. Brandy

    I was pleasantly surprised by this juice. It tastes as good as more expensive bottles for a fraction of the price. I will definitely be ordering more!

  271. Tim Christiansen

    Keep up the good work

  272. AMY

    This stuff is what juice dreams are made of, it’s so good and affordable plus this company has great consumer service!

  273. Justin Gower

    If you are hesitating on purchasing this product. Just buy it. It is heavenly and you cannot beat the price. Amazing flavor! Vaped it on a tank and an rda and at many watts. The juice holds flavor very well and the nic is nice and smooth. I haven’t even let it steep yet and the flavor is amazing. Buy this!

  274. Samuel J Nuber

    Great juice, great price, great customer service.

  275. Jeremy

    Very smooth cream flavor with hints of strawberry. Excellent flavor

  276. Mike

    Very smooth and berryful vape juice good flavor.

  277. Kymberli

    I’m a huge fan of strawberry cream vapes!! It’s my go to anytime I’m trying a new juice company! This is so good!! I absolutely love it! And for the price, I’ll definitely be buying again and again!! You are now my new go to vape juice company!!

  278. Alex

    Great flavor, price, and coil friendly

  279. Mary Roberts

    I love how cheap this awesome vape juice is

  280. Ras Zulu

    Great vape juice..Another fav on my list no doubt.Got a more strawberry flavor after I let it steep for a week.PrePaid is hands down I&I #1 adv. Big ups on the fast shipping BD!..Nuff respects

  281. Gerardo Maldonado

    One of my favorite e juice dessert flavors

  282. Chance

    Every vape juice I get from here is half the price and double the quality of my local shops. I’ve recommended this website to every person I know and I’ve yet to see them buy juice anywhere else. Thank you for being such an awesome company.

  283. Brian Ferguson

    The best Strawberries & Cream vape juice I’ve ever tasted. One cannot go wrong with this selection and it’s surely a pleasure with the best and balanced taste for all those who love Strawberries & Cream. Get Some!

  284. Charles Smith

    The 1st is absolutely my favorite all day vape. I love the creaminess and the not in your face strawberry. This is perfectly balanced and well made. Loving every minute of this vape juice. Thank you Broke Dick for total awesomeness.

  285. Logan Carpenter

    I received this E-Juice as my free bottle that I picked out last minute after choosing another flavor first to try. But, as it turns out this was my favorite flavor over both bottles by far!! Sweet and Smooth, absolutely love this juice!

  286. Rachel Anderson

    Absolutely love the flavor…I have several different broke vape juice flavors and I love them all.

  287. Travis Grizzle

    Great vape juice. Just took 2 weeks of steeping

  288. Kevin Greenwood

    Great strawberry flavor vape

  289. Robert h

    It’s an awesome flavor my top best choice from Broke Dick has to be overdraft but the 1st is still amazing. I got a bottle that had lower then stated nicotine. Didn’t quite notice really but Richard broke called and verified that it was part of the batch that was affected. So he sent out a replacement bottle and another one to try out this site has been my top pick for a couple months now. I have had zero complaints and nothing but praise from the amazing products offered. I order every 2 weeks and that isn’t going to change any time soon thank you Richard for providing amazing products and amazing service idk any place that would’ve reached out like you did.

  290. Nangy Owens

    Always satisfied

  291. Benjamin Cruz

    I’ve been vaping for a bit & im always trying new flavors. But The 1st is my ultimate flavor. During the day is my test faze, but once I get to the house all I vape is The First. Thank You BD!!!

  292. John Chaney

    I’m new to vaping, but In the short time I’ve tried some terrible juices. The 1st is great and it is the first one that I would consider an “all day vape”. I’ll definitely be ordering it again and have recommended it to many of my friends.

  293. Shawn Graham

    I’ve vaped two other juices so far and decided to give another flavor a try. And boy am I glad I did. This has a subtle strawberry with a nice cream flavor. Not too sweet and no candy type flavor to the strawberry either. A nice milkshake made with fresh strawberries flavor on the inhale with some extra creaminess from whipped cream flavor on the exhale. Another winner from Broke Dick. One thing I did discover after letting it steep for the recommended time is that the flavor gets better and smoother the longer it steeps. I gave it a few days and yuuuummy.

  294. DraeOneDFA

    Oh Richard!!! This juice is the shiznit! My all day vape fa sho, & for the price…. it’s well worth the money! I will keep buying it as long you keep making it!

  295. Fernando Flores

    I just love this juice!!! Really tasting the vanilla cream although only a short burst of strawberries at the exhale but still satisfying!!! I Love this juice

  296. Monstro

    This is my ultimate juice. This is what I vape when I’m home & on my days off. Product as described. & rich in flavor. My go too.

  297. DemetriosSoteropoulos

    Wish I got some payday for free for all these reviews its hands down the best juice I have ever vaped.

  298. Sherrie Bratcher

    Has a nice mellow flavor..1 of my favorites..i don’t order from any one else. The shipping time.. is the best anywhere.. thank you, for the cheap prices..

  299. Rich

    My ADV, every order I put in ,this is on it

  300. Norm f

    Listen Richard…..I was skeptical about Brokedick, I mean ome on man…..$11.50 for 120ml of juice……no way it can be good. Shit was I wrong…this is amazing stuff youve concocted here , it ranks right up there with some “premium” juice Ive had, and letme tell you….that taste is spot on, the creamy inhale with the strawberry flavored exhale is fantastic . I surely will be a repeat customer….I cant emphasize how much your direction to steep this juice helped with the superb flavor, I have begun to love it more and more the longer it steeps….good job man.

  301. Chase krissman

    Very good well done

  302. Alicia

    It had been a while since I had purchased another one of these with the newest nicotine type and I have to say it’s MUCH better and smoother than the initial version I tried. Super happy.

  303. Charles Smith

    Love this juice. 2nd time I have purchased it and can’t stop vaping. Definitely my All Day Vape. Thanks Broke Dick

  304. Kenneth Eddins

    Great tasting juice

  305. S. Marshall

    Saw your product on Youtube. Cant recall the guy’s name, but his review was spot on with the flavor. I typically alwsys go for strawberry based vape flavors. On his review alone, I ordered 2 120 ml bottles with outstanding price deal. I am so glad I did! It is my all day vape. I went through one bottle in two weeks! Awesome flavor! Right on!

  306. Sheila C

    I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on juice. Now that I’ve found Dick, won’t be ordering from anywhere else.

    This flavor is awesome. I taste custard, then the strawberry. Also, not overbearingly sweet. Nice ADV.

    Just put it in your cart and try it!


    This juice tastes like “pink milk” to me. You know, the strawberry milk we all had growing up? It’s amazing!

  308. David Owens

    Great flavor and very smooth will definitely purchase again.

  309. Critter

    Probably some of the best vape juice I’ve had especially at this price the flavors are amazing!

  310. Jacqueline

    This quickly became a favorite when I ran out of my ADV – Prepaid. This is now my new ADV and I love it!! Great work on this one!!!

  311. Steven Beckley

    One of the best I’ve ever tried

  312. Kiana

    I really enjoy this flavor. It is nice and well balanced – not too sweet, not too bland. I usually only vape 3mg, and tend to chain vape from time to time. The nicotine in these doesn’t hurt my throat like some other brands do at 3mg for some reason. However, seems like the “cool whip” mentioned in the description isn’t actually more “whipped cream”, but a mild menthol, which I am personally not a fan of. Its mild enough that I’m not mad and I don’t hate it, but it bugs me *just* enough that I’m writing about it, you know? Just a heads up for anyone who doesn’t like menthol. Decent juice for the price though.

  313. Lou

    I picked this one because I thought my wife would enjoy it, but it ends up being my favorite flavor so far, out of any brand! Natural strawberry flavor, not like an artificial candy, and the creamy vanilla makes it taste almost like strawberry shortcake in the summertime. Will definitely reorder!

  314. Jimmy Anderson

    I am a fan for life. Once again I find another amazing juice that meets all expectations. Thank You for everything that you do. I appreciate saving so much money on vape juice and would compare all of your juices to expensive high quality juices on the market. Can’t be beat. Keep up the good work. Shipping is amazingly fast. I have always received no later than 3 business days and sometimes 2. I would give you more stars if I could because it’s well deserved.

  315. Reggie

    Great taste and great price

  316. Tomi Phipps

    This is one of my favorites. Smooth and tastes yummy!!

  317. Jason

    Probably one of the best custards that I’ve ever had

  318. Steven

    I’m a diy-er with over 30 blends,and this one along with prepaid,payday,and the 15th, their just Soooo damn good, I gotta get em from here. Richard,another great one sir, I do my own blending,but brother I always come back and buy commercial from here on this and those blends above. Shipping,lightning fast, less than 36 hours for me here in Deland Florida, hope you and the crew at Broke Dick have a great,happy,safe,blessed holiday.

  319. Steven Tharp

    Great blend, just the right balance of flavor notes in this, not overwhelmingly sweet to the palate!! While payday,and The 15th holds the ranking of being my fave in your line,this one holds a close third in my top 3 of those juices. Just throw it in your cart,once you get it in ( which in my case was not even 36 hours from order date); you’re gonna wish you’d ordered 2 bottles of it with the two-fer deal Richard offers. Great blend Richard,happy holidays to you and your great crew, just coil it,wick it,drip it,vape it!!!! BROKE DICK BABY!!!! OHHHHHH YEAH.

  320. Stephani

    Sweet strawberry taste and plenty for the price!

  321. greg cumby

    Not just another Strawberry and cream, this one is more like cream first and strawberries to follow. Very flavorful and delicious with a satisfying oh so slight coolness to it that surprisingly sets it off perfectly. Ordered 3 120’s on my last order just because I need this flavor in my life. Richard, you knocked this one right outta da park buddy .. 5 star plus from me

  322. Peggy Schwalbe

    Very tasty, smooth and enjoyable.

  323. Henry Hosbein

    Strong strawberry flavor!

  324. Andrew McIntosh

    a little sweet but exactly right flavor. when I run out will definitely get again.

  325. Christina Meredith

    Good flavor. A little mild. Good on coils.

  326. Excellent

    Excellent product, great value

  327. Christopher Pulsipher

    I have tried a lot of brand at double and triple the price. This is by far the best flavor at an unbelievable price with faster shipping. Thanks

  328. Steven Belmont

    This is by far one that I can vape on it all week. And don’t let the cool whip topping fool ya it has no cooling agent or Menthol at all. This is one of my most ordered juice. Give it a try you will be surprised.

  329. david

    great vape juice, just read other reviews on that, Really cant beat price. Of course its good flavor also

  330. Eddie Locke

    Before I even recieved my order I recieved an email from the company wishing me a happy new year so I decided to reply, since the email claimed that they welcomed my correspondence. I didn’t expect to get a reply but I did and it wasn’t some generic reply either. So I though that was pretty cool.
    Then the juice arrived. Shipping was prompt, no complaints there. I steeped it for a day and used my iJoy Avenger to test it out. Now it’s my new all-day vape, I absolutely love it. Even the aftertaste is creamy and delicious. I honestly can’t believe they sell this stuff as cheap as they do and I know it sounds cliche but it’s true, this juice tastes just as good and in some cases better than $25+ bottles that I’ve tried.
    Keep up the great work Dick & Company, you guys have a real winner here and I’m looking forward to trying the rest of your flavors.

  331. robert van brunt

    Very nice flavor and vape i almost always pick some of this up on every order!!

  332. TruGuy

    Great value and amazing shipping and customer service!!!

  333. Gary Fassel

    Great flavor, outstanding! Best strawberry cream I have ever tasted. Cant go wrong with this. Very fast shipping also.

  334. Daniel Greenhaw

    This is a great flavor, I only put it at 4 stars because I have been vaping a stronger strawberry flavor for a while and it has muted this flavor. It still has great flavor and other people that have let try said they want to now get some so that says a lot to me

  335. Luke Blackham

    I have already bought 6 bottles from broke dick. Never ever tried broke dick before and I’m new to vapeing… my brother vapes as well and let me try a hit of his $30 bottle of “better berry” juice he got from the vape shop… it was pretty good… Then I decided to try this stuff out so I filled my tank and me an my brother took 1 hit each.. we were speechless… it was that good… I showed him broke dick website and he nearly shit his pants in excitement!! I’ve ordered this in 3 and 6 nicotine (and a few other flavors to)… they are all just like heaven honey

  336. Aztzura

    Rich and creamy vape with a touch of strawberry. Much different from the other strawberries and cream vapes.

  337. Shirley Frazier

    My favorite is payday and The first is also really good. I have been buying from Broke Dick for a while and will continue to do so.. Very fast shipments is really great plus free shipping, a lot of other companies don’t do .

  338. Haydolf

    So I got this and right off the jump it tasted okay. I mean it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t outstanding. And with this I was looking for something I could vape on all day, and I wasn’t getting that. But then I put this one in the fridge to steep for a day or two and i got the finished product and it was exponentially better, the inhale was crisp strawberry and the exhale was really rich cream. I can say I’ll definitely buy again. And shipping was actually a day early

  339. Punx4lyfe

    Super tasty product!!!! I love it!!! I would like a little stronger flavor,but I can’t complain for the price!!!! I will definitely be ordering from Broke Dick again!!!

  340. Heather Robinson

    I really enjoy this flavor. It’s sweet and smooth.

  341. Robin Farrar

    Not to overwhelming and an all day vape!

  342. shah daud

    I have steeped my juice for 2 days and it does not produce the flavour as in the description. Steeping it for 2 more days and hopefully it would be good as the reviews says. Overall it’s amazing quantity and fast shipping!

  343. Rusty

    Love this juice

  344. Geoff

    So good. Like those strawberries and cream life savers

  345. Timothy Smith

    Great price for this juice

  346. Timothy Reeves

    Its good stuff. Good price. Good people.
    Deranged but good.

  347. Michael Faircloth

    Exactly what I was looking for. Spot on strawberry milkshake! I need a gallon of this vape juice!

  348. SleazyArt

    I love strawberry vape juice and when I was turned on to Broke Dick it was THE FIRST I tried. It is my all day vape now in the new dripper I built. Can not wait to try some of the other flavors, unfortunately on a limited income and purchased two bottles of this to last me the month, so I must wait a couple more weeks. Glad it is Feb (short month).

  349. Lucass

    This juice is so good, when I first hit it I get a vanilla taste, with a strawberry after taste, and a slight custard taste throughout the whole experience, definitely going to re-order this one!

  350. barbara reeves

    great product and fast delivery

  351. John Edwards

    Great strawberry flavor and I love the cool cream finish. The best strawberry and cream vape juice I’ve tried and I have tried a lot of them.

  352. Matt

    they seem to have removed the offensive pepper taste. A+

  353. Anthony

    Let me make things easy. Not a fan of bankroll 13 or water cup or that other fruit one with a hint of menthol. All the other flavors are 5 stars

  354. Ricky

    I have consistently used this juice flavor for about a year now and I love it. Price! Flavor! Shipping! Five stars!

  355. Joe

    This is my everyday favorite. Great flavor, And very easy on the coils. I would love to try this in magnum.

  356. KT

    This is a good, and tasty. Oh wait, forgot the ever popular HUGE CLOUDS for the cloud bros.

  357. B

    I have been buying broke dick for about 2 years as my main juice for my vape. I am VERY happy with my recent order in which they got new packaging. They are SOOOO much easier to open now and the new tips don’t drip as much and make no mess. It would always take me so long to get the old bottles open. Very happy. The only future improvement I would suggest is more clear ingredients list. I’m just interested to know the percentage of PG/VG and the organic compounds in the natural flavoring (which I know no other vape company discloses) but there are a few compounds in flavors I try to stay away from. Very thankful for the recent improvements because this is my favorite juice!

  358. Stephen M Erwin

    This was a decent vape and I feel bad leaving a 4 star review. It probably deserves a 5 star but I have only had it through a Smok Prince tank with a standard mesh coil. Through my Falcon tank I think this would be a 5 star juice. That tank just does not like this juice and the flavor is either muted or burnt through the mesh coil at 50 watts. I can only review it how I’ve tried it though.

  359. Dan

    Beating to the Bush, your shipping is the fastest and flavors are great, these other ass clowns wait a week or 2 just to print a label, shit is leaking and the flavors blow. I’m not sure enough praise is given for your great customer service, keep up the good work.

  360. Peggy Schwalbe


  361. Kevin Milner

    Really good flavor tastes just like strawberries and cream!

  362. Wes King

    I had to let mine steep for a couple of days to really make this juice shine. But after that I have no complaints! I don’t really view that as a con as I was pre warned that this is the case. Tastes spot on to a cream with strawberries vape. Delicious and easy on the wallet. I will be back for more most def.

  363. Scott

    This has been my all day vape for a long time now. This hits the strawberries and cream cravings I get completely. I love the new bottles too.

  364. Cameron Counts

    It was good but the strawberry wasn’t present enough

  365. christine roth

    This is my favorite , good sweet strawberry and cream taste

  366. James Lemkie

    My new adv great flavor

  367. Keith J. Crawford

    full flavor ,never loses taste

  368. Bevman

    Usually I like more of a desert flavor, but wanted to try this as I have liked Broke Dick’s other juices. I am glad that I did. Taste just like fresh strawberries and whipped cream, kind of reminds me of taking a spoonful of the strawberries and cream off of fresh pancakes (before the syrup).

  369. Andrew Jusino

    I would order from them good liquid and fast shipping

  370. greg cumby

    My favorite of the whole line .. vaping it as write. I can drink this stuff lol .. all day vape when I have it. So many companies have strawberries and cream e juice but this one is cream and strawberries with an oh so slight cool. If I could give 6 stars on the review I would. You need to cart this ..

  371. Richard Motes

    For the price id definitely reccomend if you love strawberry as much as i do.

  372. Hannah Putnam

    You cannot beat the price and the flavor is exactly what they say. You can taste the strawberry and cream. I will definitely be a returning customer!!

  373. Tommy

    Great taste fast service and a great price, what more could you want.

  374. Austin Jessup

    One of the best juices I’ve tried and definitely the best deal out there. Highly recommend to all

  375. susan

    its a great juice love it

  376. Brittany cook

    Pretty decent for the price

  377. Robyn Alspach

    This is a great ejuice…smooth, creamy and very tasty. For my personal taste, I wish the strawberry taste was just a tiny bit stronger. Maybe this will become a Magnum with the extra taste. Regardless I will buy this again.

  378. Noel Moran

    Every thing I hoped it would be and MORE!!!!! Ever sense I found Broke Dick I dropped my local juice company and this is just one more affirmation that I made the right choice. Cant wait to see what you crazies dream up next!!!!!!

  379. Debra Mcbride

    The stuff is the bomb!!’ Very good strawberry flavor! I’d buy again

  380. Jack Large

    Honestly, great flavor for the price.

  381. Gilberto Torres

    Not bad very vapeable but a little light on the flavor. Throat hit is good smooth in and out. Overall I think it’s pretty good!

  382. Gary Fassel

    Absolutely my favorite ejuice! What I like most is the flavor lasts. I have been vaping for 8 years and this is my go to juice. Have used a lot of other companies but found broke dick a year ago. They blow other companies out of the water. Fantastic prices and fast shipping.


    More like this please!

  384. Wayne Davey

    Creamy Taste Very little Strawberry flavor all in all a pleasant vape

  385. Nathan Kellie

    This was my number one vape juice but now my favorite is bankroll number 14

  386. Mary Thomas

    This is my first order and I am very pleased. Great taste, crazy fast shipping and the prices are amazing!! Love the humor also

  387. Brittany Wells

    Hands down the best broke dick I’ve ever had lol Low Prices for Big Flavor. Who the hell doesnt love that? If you dont then your mother’s didnt love you and I’m sorry! You da bomb broke dick!

  388. Mike

    New customer, will be ordering from here from now on. Ordered 2 flavors both are great!

  389. Mike

    Perfect juice, Perfect price, I will be ordering broke dick from here on out!

  390. Larry Oster

    To me there is no strawberry or cream….more like buttered popcorn.

  391. Joe

    It’s simple… great juice, good prices and super fast shipping.

  392. Andre Garcia

    This is one of the flavors that I purchase regularly. I love it! And highly recommend it!

  393. Don Burton

    I did a crack and vape, as I always do when I get e-liquid…just don’t. LOL. Then I followed the directions offered about steeping. I was really impressed how the flavor improved drastically. I can taste the Strawberry shake, and the only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is lack of sweetness. Taste is subjective, and I know a lot of people don’t like sweetness in their e-liquid, but I do. Still a great flavor profile and will absolutely be back for more! Also a great price! Thanks Richard!

  394. bruce dennis

    creamy vanilla shake with a hint of strawberry amazing vape Thanks Broke Dick I will be buying more soon

  395. Mario Medina

    Best juice I’ve vaped in awt

  396. Aron

    Only reason i gave it a 4 n not a 5 is because i got the magnum with it. Where this juice really only has 2 flavors. The magnum has such good flavors. Just close your mouth n exhale through your nose n then switch back to exhaling out of your mouth…. Banana, coconut, caramel a hint of bourbon maybe. It’s a really great exsperience!!!

  397. Steven Lanman

    This juice is delicious

  398. Ray B.

    Decent juice! Could use a little more strawberry flavor.. Hesitant to get the magnum version as this may be too much flavor.. Can vape this daily!

  399. Colt Thompson

    It’s a halfway decent juice, I wouldn’t call this a cream and strawberry flavor but more of a vanilla custard in my tank, don’t get me wrong I like it but it may need a one or two more days of steeping to taste perfect

  400. Marsha Ryan

    Good let steep for all flavors to emerge recommend

  401. Morris Parker

    This product is exactly what I was thinking and Hoping it would be!

  402. Jennifer

    This is by far the best value I have found with the same great quality I expect. I will continue to order from Broke Dick.

  403. Pamela Johnson

    This is a great product always a great company you have a forever customer

  404. KIMBERLY Jones

    I love it

  405. Helen D Gwathney

    liked the taste wished I had order the magnum for the extra flavor. still loved the taste. Haven’t gotten a bad taste from any of the flavors. I just keep coming back Keep it up Guys at Broke Dick

  406. Jason Ohlgren

    I love the creamy custard flavor in this liquid, would give 5 stars but it has a slight mint or mentholish accent that kinda takes away from the profile.

  407. Vincent Corley

    I absolutely loved this juice, I’m subscribed to it monthly, I recommend the magnum

  408. Myles Riley

    I would recommend Broke Dick to everyone who likes vape flavor

  409. Steve Marks

    Also a good Juice. Light and airy. Recommended

  410. Cheryl ball

    Love how fast i got my product and how this compant treated me as a value customer

  411. David Zapata

    Badass juice

  412. Andrew Duran

    This juice actually surprised me by how good the flavor was for a cheap juice. It is more creamy than it is strawberry but that’s how I like it. Does have a cooling or a bit of menthol at the end but it’s not over whelming just a hint. I vape a 6 and it’s a 6, I quite enjoyed this cape

  413. Jennifer Barber

    i enjoy it very much and i mix it witha touch of the french toast brand and makes it wonderful! i just wish they came with higher nicotine lvls, but that is just me =). They helped me when A mistake happened with my order quick and were very kind about it. They have a very loyal customer in me for sure!

  414. Andre Garcia

    So far this is my favorite flavor, I absolutely love it! BUT I have yet to try them all, and I guarantee that I will at some point soon!

  415. Gary Herren

    A very tasty juice but it tastes like it has menthol, I hate menthol, but the juice still isn’t bad, thank you very much

  416. Alyssa Gentry

    I accidentally ordered 4 bottles of juice from here (life tip: don’t save your credit card to your phone) BUT best accident I ever made. The shipping was super quick and free, can’t beat that, packaging on the bottles looks good, and the price you really can’t beat. I’ve been paying $17-$25 for 60-100ml bottles at stores in town but these are way cheaper. I love the quality and flavor of each of the juices I got from here and will definitely be purchasing more!

  417. Jonathan Diaz

    All I have to say is wow this flavor is amazing shipping no one can beat you guys rock

  418. Andre Garcia

    This is my absolute favorite flavor! I’ve tried almost all of them but this one is definitely my favorite!

  419. Feliciano Chavez

    Good juice right out of the box. I love the super fast shipping. Will be returning cause of thr shipping. I would definitely recommend.

  420. Sebastian Anderton

    This was the first juice I tried from Broke Dick and I’ve been hooked on their flavors ever since. It’s very balanced, it’s not a juice that loses its taste cause of all the sweetener. It also doesn’t burn up my coil after a week. Definitely worth it and I don’t even like strawberry juices but this one is well worth the money.

  421. Chuck

    I have been using naked – unicorn which is a strawberry cream flavor juice. The cost of this juice ($22) per 60ml lead me to look for an alternative. I tried broke dick’s cinnamon toast juice but didn’t care for it. Recently I received an email from broke dick regarding their cream and strawberry flavor called “the 1” as well as an extra flavor “magnum “ .. so I decided to give it a try. Well.. I am pleasantly surprised to say that the flavor and smokeability of the regular and magnum “the 1” is equal or better than the naked juice I had been using. I prefer the magnum flavor but both are very good. The price of this juice is half of what I was paying plus.. it’s a 120ml bottle! So for half the price and twice the juice.. I’m sold on this juice! Thanks B. D.!

  422. Michael Johnson

    The quality and taste of this vape juice is great, especially for this broke dick!

  423. Rey

    Such a smooth creamy strawberry taste! Love it!!!!!

  424. Rose Russell

    It has great flavor tastes like your eating strawberries

  425. David Hatfield


  426. Jam

    This juice is great. Vapes very well, but keep in mind this juice taste like strawberry’s with cool whip not a str milkshake like the picture implies but I still love it. I left 4 stars because I don’t like that the word broke dick is on your shipping labels. Plz fix.

  427. Samantha

    I’m always amazed with my orders. From the quality of the juices, the full spectrum of the flavors, the prices, and even my orders always coming in early.

    I can’t speak anymore highly of BD, the quality of products, and quality of service. 100/100 will always recommend!

  428. Kristina Snyder

    This is a nice smooth flavor. Very creamy, more creamy than strawberry. Very satisfying. It also smells really great!

  429. Albert Paul

    Great juice at an even better price!

  430. Patrick

    Great flavor that I never get tired of. One heck of a price too!

  431. Pamela Johnson

    First I love brokedick product! I do not buy juice for anyone else except for in emergency situations. I love this product and this is my favorite flavor!

  432. Robert Gutierrez

    Aswome product fast shipping I will buy again The flavor is the best every time you hit a Vape the flavor is amazing I’ll be buying again this will be my store to buy the juice from now on

  433. Alexis Perez

    This product I bought for my friend as this is 1 of his favorite flavors from Broke Dick. I have tried it as well in the past and I also like it.

  434. LRH

    Really mild taste with the perfect amount of smoke. Sure glad I found this place.

  435. Brentney Brown

    Quick shipment the flavor taste exactly like a strawberry creme pie absolutely satisfied with my purchases

  436. tammy cooper

    very good juice and has very goood flavor and i love this jucie can tasted the strawberry snf the whip topping

  437. James

    Fist class mail my butt more like last class seven days in transit have not received it yet. Be in today MAYBE

  438. Ally Embrey

    It could use a little more strawberry flavor in my opinion.

  439. Curtis Arcand

    I was not sure about it at first but I am really glad I bought it. It makes you want a strawberry and cream milk shake. My RTA really brings out the flavor

  440. Svetlana Petersen

    Great taste. Good juice

  441. Mark h

    I removed the the cap and let it breath for 24 hours. It went from dam good to great!

  442. James

    Did not receive last order still waiting Hurricane is the delay still in transit 10 days now

  443. Zach

    3rd order of the 1st and its still a top fav of mine!! Huge stawberry and cream anything fan!! Good all day vape and of course GREAT PRICES!!!! THANKS BROKE DICK!!!!

  444. David Nelams

    I’ve tried just about every e-juice BrokeDick has to offer. Each one has their own special qualities that I enjoy. To be honest I’m having a hard time settling on which flavor I enjoy the most! The 1st has its own special qualities, such as cream pie on the front end, straight on the back side! I gave it 4 stars because I believe there’s always room for improvement in everything. Grab yourself a bottle or two, sit down relax and Vape away!

  445. Jeffrey Vahlstrom

  446. Lewis Bowling

    I quit a few months ago because I could no longer afford good juice.. at least, I thought I couldn’t. There is no beating Brokedick prices and The 1st is spot on my flavor profile; Sweet but not overbearing. And if I want more cream flavor, The 1st Magnum is not too far away.

  447. Daniel Cash

    Will buy again

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