The 1st – Strawberries and Cream – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)

The 1st – Strawberries and Cream – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)


Great Vape Juice Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive.

(111 customer reviews)

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The creamy, fruity goodness of the 1st gets taken to the next level. Basically, this juice tastes like the OG strawberries and cream but supercharged for all of you crazy flavorholics out there. You get the creamy vanillas goodness. You get the juicy fresh strawberries. You get the cool whip topping. You get it all! And you get it all in only a couple of days with our signature speedy shipping.

If you’ve tried the OG 1st, you’re going to notice a huge difference when you take your first hit. Why? Because we supercharged this one with 25% more flavors! If all of this sounds good to you, click that order button and the 1st will be here sooner than you think…


  • Creamy Vanilla Goodness
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Cool Whip Topping

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

111 reviews for The 1st – Strawberries and Cream – Magnum (Extra Flavor – 120ml)

  1. Richard Broke

    This is one of my new favorite all day vapes. It’s more cream with some delicious strawberry mixed in. Don’t think strawberries and cream, think Cream and strawberries. If you think that sounds delicious- you’re right.

    Vape On,
    Richard Broke

  2. Greg

    Solid juice. Still mostly creamy with strawberry in second (as advertised). Debit one star for “pepper” taste of nicotine which took nearly a week to fully dissipate. Not unusual that steeping makes a juice better and will still purchase again. Well done.

  3. Marcus M

    It’s pretty good. I’d like more strawberry, to be totally honest. For me, the cream flavor comes thru a lot more than the strawberry so that’s why I say that. But it’s still a good one

  4. Shammakh Moudrick Mou’affa

    Good flavour. Got more creamy notes than strawberries yet gotta streath to reach peak potential. ✌

  5. J.Y.

    My wife ordered this flavor for me knowing I was looking for a different take on strawberry and cream and boy did she pick a winner. This is a cream and strawberry with an extra kick of creamy cool whip. It is magnificent. Don’t you dare change a thing with this flavor.

  6. Tommy

    The regular flavor was also very good a 5 star. This is 20 ⭐️. I definitely recommend getting it. It is a bit dark the juice color but I’m all good with it.

  7. Patrick Sumler

    It is very smooth and tasty

  8. Mikael Billiter

    I really really enjoy the strawberry vanilla combo, would love more strawberry because the vanilla over powers the strawberries just a tad bit but all in all a really great juice!

  9. Joe

    I don’t need a lot of words…. Awesome juice sum’s it up.

  10. Brock

    I love a custard vape, and this doesn’t disappoint. A little more strawberry and this would spot on!

  11. Shannon

    Wow this is some good ejuice

  12. Paul Carlberg

    if you like a strong vanilla taste then when you get it start vaping, but otherwise wait a few days, not for me, but I love this company so it’s all good.

  13. Carol Lakin


  14. David Clark

    It’s good, real good and keeps getting better. I love strawberry milk ejuice a lot, this is not that. Creamy with a hint of strawberry, not a cheap taste, rich, full flavor. I highly recommend.

  15. Robert Whitehead

    Best flavor ever! I’ve tried a lot of other flavors from other places and this is by far the best. Even my mom likes it!

  16. GT

    Very smooth, very tasty. Damn good juice!!!

  17. Carrie Wisner

    1st time BD Customer, 1st time order, 1st Magnum Review: Ordering: 1st impressions I think, are everything. With that being said, Richard, you knocked it out of the park!! 3 days for my order to arrive, even tho USPS kept telling me it was arriving on Friday, SURPRISE, it came on Thursday. Then, being excited, I opened Magnum followed Richard’s tips, (no, not that tip), LMAO! I just couldn’t wait for a whole day so I filled up my Falcon King and Vaped away. At 72w, inhale was a cool, crisp wave of the Real Whip Cream from the can, the one that you squirt in your mouth straight outta the can!!! How the HELL did you manage to capture that flavor is beyond me!! But you did!! I’m not one for liking the menthol, even though I USED TO smoke menthols 5yrs.ago.menthal vape is not for me. This is a very smooth, crisp & creamy light, flavor. So, then on my exhale was a very light NOT sweet, strawberry “taste”, like when you buy fresh strawberries & your EXPECTING a sweet flavor, but you dont get that taste and your kind of disappointed, but you keep eating them cuz they’re still good! So, I decided to listen to “tip”#3, & keep the cap off, shake it up every couple hours, & then see what I get, OH & that worked out GREAT!! A but more strawberry but not strong, not over sweet. I’d definitely say his description is SPOT ON!! GREAT WEBSITE, GREAT JUICE, GREAT FLAVORSGREAT PRICES, great job, Broke Dick, thank you for your AWSOMENESS!!!

  18. Ronald Penn

    Plenty of cream flavor, whipped and regular. Not bad tasting just no stawberry flavor in multiple tank/coil combinations. All things considered, still not to bad. Keep trying man and so will I!

    The 1st has always been CREAM and Strawberry not STRAWBERRY and Cream.
    Richard Broke

  19. Debi

    I just received “The 1st” in the mail. First thing the shipping is super fast! This flavor is my new ADV! The creamy strawberry flavor is so AWESOME! Thank you everyone at Broke Dick for making wonderful ejuice at an unbeatable price!

  20. Kelly M

    Good creamy flavor

  21. Gary

    Payday is my favorite but this is a very good juice also, thank you for affordable vaping

  22. LUCAS

    This is a yummy cream and strawberry flavor that will not disappoint. It took me a couple days to figure out what it tastes like. It tastes exactly like the old school strawberry cream savers! I love this flavor. I will absolutely order this again and again!

  23. The First

    Decent flavor and clouds produced with this juice

  24. Samantha

    I am the type of person who gets a new juice vapes a half tank then dumps it out. Not with this one.
    I almost didn’t buy this because I don’t like strawberries & cream. However, I read the descriptions.cream with strawberries and cool whip.
    I decided to try it and I am so happy that I did . This is going to be the first bottle of vape juice that I finish.
    I ordered several bottles of juice from BD, this is the first one I tried and my first ADV. I am excited to try the rest.
    This is my first order. I will be a customer for as long as I vape!

  25. Kris Cope

    The incredible flavor from this Juice makes for a great all day vape. If you love strawberry vapes this is a must have.

  26. Isaiah Simerly

    This flavor is delicious! It tastes exactly like strawberry shortcake with cool whip on top. Great flavor, will definitely buy again!

  27. edward williams

    taste good

  28. johnny b

    love this flavor and the flavor gets better ad the days go on

  29. Kevin T

    Love it with the extra flavor, reordered. So there ya go, get some.

  30. Tracy Yost

    Liquid review it is fucking awesome !!!!!

  31. John

    Hot Damn !!! This Is A Milkshake without the Brain Frezze WOW And On My Kayfun 5 Holy Shizz The Flavor and If You Let It Steep For 2 – 3 Weeks Maaan ! Amaze Ballz And I Know Long Wait But You’ll Thank Later If You Can’t Afford a Kayfun Get a RTA Or If You Can’t Build Or Don’t Like To Get A Nice Sub-Ohm Tank Like The MAAT Tank From VooPoo Or Any Crown Tank Or The Falcon King Or Fire Luke Mesh Fire Luke 2 And Be Amazzed Enjoy !!!

  32. Susan Meyers

    If you enjoy a smooth and sweet flavor, this is for you. Delicious enough for every day, all day.

  33. hunterjuly

    They didn’t have to make it better. It was already so good, but yes it’s even creamier than before. Excellent strawberry and cream! I don’t buy this flavor from anywhere else.

  34. Alex

    This juice is in my top 3 strawberry cream juices. It’s definitely more of a cream with a hint of strawberry. So if you like a lot of whip cream then you will love this. Definitely worth trying, interesting spin on the typical strawberry and cream

  35. Aaron

    Bursting with flavor. Never thought I’d be able to suck such a sweet cream out of a BrokeDick! The clouds are just as milky on the way out. Will definitely be buying this one again and again. DO NOT HESITATE…BEST JUICE & BEST PRICE!!!! The picture is exactly what it tastes like. I’m sprung off that BrokeDick. 😀

  36. Vanessa Doss

    It taste just like vanilla custard! Very smooth. Can’t really taste the strawberry much but it’s great! Keep it up Broke Dick! Your Awesome! I’ll be a customer for life!

  37. Daniel De La Rosa

    Strawberry food not over powering I actually mix it with menthol to get a cool strawberry

  38. Susan

    The strawberry is strong in this juice. I was hoping for move of the other flavors to come through. All I taste is the strawberry. If you like strawberry, will should like this juice.

  39. Starry Bell

    Hey they call this the 1st and it’s the first juice I reorder, I am vaping it right now and its my ADV until my coil burns out then I switch to Water Cup for a couple weeks. The juice is great on my coils and my coils does last a couple weeks if not more. I’m really enjoying the extra flavor in the Magnum very much. It’s very creamy with a hint of strawberry just as BD describes. Oh yeah and this is always my 1st to go empty too. I love this company and the silly emails I get once in a while, you can’t beat the price. Even if I’m short on cash for the month I can afford to buy a couple bottles with free shipping. Thanks for a Great experience!

  40. The 1ST

    My weekly order

  41. Jason Park

    So much more creamier than the original, its also much better, the strawberry has a stronger hit now. The juice does not build up gunk in my coils. Overall, thoroughly impressed and will order more when mine is through. It gives me a nice saturated wet vape. I mean it feels almost like my mouth is covered in juice which gives a great feeling because it’s not really covered but all of the flavor is in my mouth.

  42. Megan

    Do durn yummy it’s unbelievable! Get you some!

  43. Scott

    Love this juice. Let them steep for the first time and what a difference in flavor. Been a loyal broke dick since the first bottle.

  44. Sandra Vuncannon

    Love the creamy taste of this and the hint of strawberry is a perfect touch if you guys ever add a cake flavor to it, it’d make a great strawberry shortcake!

  45. Blaine

    I purchased 2 bottles of juice from broke dick and did not enjoy it!
    Broke dick asked me to order 2 discounted on them and I tried the magnum prepaid and magnum the 1st and they are really good!

    Good job on the recovery guys!

  46. Sandra Vuncannon

    Super smooth and delicious

  47. Betty Jarnagin

    I was told by a friend about Broke Dick. I gave his juice a try. I have been buying for a few months now and can’t seem to get away from the 1st Magnum because it’s so good. Plus the price is AMAZING!!
    Thanks Dick your very much appreciated!!

  48. Astrid Beauvois

    I haven’t found a strawberry milkshake juice that I enjoyed this much since I had a friend who made their own concoction. This juice tastes EVEN BETTER and I have peace of mind knowing that this is a quality product.

  49. Donald Arnett

    I’m glad I ordered this juice. Placed the order on Friday,had it on Monday. Fastest shipping so far. The flavor from this liquid is phenomenal. Fresh strawberries and cream is exactly what it tastes like. My new juice company from here on out. Get you some!!

  50. Christopher Wall

    Very good

  51. Ronald Rich

    Great cream flavors but was a bit disappointed with the tiny amount of strawberry. This juice is still a great one just wish for more strawberry…

  52. Patrick Sumler

    Love the feel on the exhale

  53. Mike Caro

    I seem to have overlooked this one with my past reorders. It’s suddenly my favorites — along with Payday and Prepaid, also Magnum

  54. Karen Driver

    Could it be any better? As close to comfort food as you can get, reminds me of strawberry shortcake with homemade ice cream on top. The Magnum version is full of flavor yet not overpowering, smooth and satisfying! Please give my compliments to the chef

  55. tiff

    wow! best of the best. I’ve used as my daily for a while now and will continue!! price is amazing as well!

  56. Tamara B

    I can’t believe I toyed around with ordering this for a year! I finally broke down and ordered and I LOVE this juice! My favorite vapes are custards, creams and strawberry, and here it is..all in one! Delicious vape and I’m thrilled I got the Magnum version with extra flavor. This is my new all day, every day vape! I’m gonna stock tf up!

  57. Chuck

    If you like cream custard strawberry.. you’ll love this!!

  58. Betty Jarnagin

    Omg I can’t tell you how many juices from different companies I’ve tried. But this juice keeps me coming back every time!!
    I’ve tried three other flavors which are good. But this 1st Magnum is my all time FAVORITE!!

  59. tracy

    Love it… best price best juice will be ordering again soon and in bulk

  60. Jessica

    Excellent, full flavor all day vape! Delicious!!

  61. jorge

    Love it, amazing flavor, the extra sweet make it perfect for my taste buds, will order again.

  62. Paige Pierman

    Not too sugary-great flavor. My go to’ all day vape. I also love it mixed with Dollar Menu. My other fav!!

  63. Ryan Heath

    This is my favorite ejuice. It is the only thing I want to vape. I usually keep my supply up pretty seamlessly but with Christmas my broke ass was running thin and ordered last minute… I ran out the morning it was due to arrive. I had to bum some off my hubby (he loves peanutbutter banana). When I got home I checked the mail… it said it was delivered…wouldn’t you know someone stole my juice! I was so upset. I had to go out and buy some garbage $32 a bottle shit in the store cause I had an immediate need. I have to contact the post office tomorrow and get it settled… and wait till payday to order more 🙁 BUT I will say this is the best stuff around and when I dont have it I am sad so thank you broke dick for making awesome affordable juice.

  64. Angel

    This liquid is perfectly combined sweet, luscious strawberries with a light cream. The flavor is amazing, and better than most big brands that I’ve found in vape stores across the country. If you love strawberries, cream, and lots of flavor, you won’t be disappointed trying this!

  65. James Miller

    Strawberry is mild and good creamy after taste. 2 hours steep just cause

  66. Lord

    If you like a creamy vape with a little strawberry with a cool menthol’ish flavor then you will like this. Good price and company.

  67. Cody

    Its very creamy which is what i love, the strawberry is there but not very dominant its more on the exhale but still a great juice and a great price thank you so much broke dick i will be a returning customer

  68. Bruce Brown

    To be honest I made this purchase hoping it would at least be good enough that I didn’t have to add it to my “DO NOT VAPE” shelf of juices I’ve bought over the years that I tried once and wouldn’t vape again. But that didn’t happen and I really liked it. I’m very picky and generally don’t purchase juices that aren’t big name juices that have been on the market for years and aren’t mixed to order and require steeping. I was not only happily surprised I will definitely but this juice again and again and… It’s a must try juice!

  69. James Walbridge


  70. Sarah Carlie

    Oh my goodness I’m in heaven, this flavor is the best strawberries and cream that I have ever had to this day. And you can’t beat the price at brokedick so if you are a strawberry or a cream fan definitely definitely get this one! Yummy

  71. JK

    Man let me tell you all Magnum flavors are the best e-juices around,yes you definitely have to steep but it’s worth the wait so my advice is to keep buying–steep and buy–No BS here

  72. Andrew Dahl

  73. Harry dettloff

    This is my everyday vape you must try and buy it you wont be disappointed… keep up the great work brokedick…

  74. Gigi

    Owe the person that turned me on to this juice a “THANK YOU” Bottle. 🙂

  75. John Loss

    Can’t believe how much better the Mag is over the original but the flavor, cloud production & It’s Smooth! Dick out did himself Again. Quality ,price & free shipping. What’s not to love!

  76. Justin Evans

    My favorite Broke Dick juice by far! I love the creamy strawberry flavor and it is incredibly smooth. This is my number one everyday vape.

  77. Steven Belmont

    This is my all day vape juice. I love this flavor i cant get enough of it. I get like 4 bottles at a time. Great job Broke Dick keep up the great work.

  78. Lance

    One of my favorites, awesome flavor,

  79. Michael Gudino

    Highly suggest this over the other flavors, way more pleasant, no bad after taste. You won’t regret it.

  80. Rich

    My go to vape juice

  81. Amy

    Can’t say enough about how great this company is! Not only is the juice great their customer service is excellent as well!

  82. Bruce Brown

    Dick definitely knows how to make great juice. I have yet to try one I didn’t like. You may find cheaper juice but I promise you the quality and taste doesn’t compare to this juice. I always get the extra flavor also. Enjoy!!!

  83. Vanessa D

    The 1st Magnum is the best. It’s the only juice I use and it’s my all day vape. It’s top shelf quality for a great price. My all day vape. And also very fast shipping. I always get it within two days of placing my order. I know I can always depend on Broke Dick! Thanks guys your the best!!!!

  84. Jonathan Diaz

    Best juice i had price unbeatable taste awsome and i purchase this juice all the time

  85. Kevin Durler

    Great flavor taste like Lucky Charms. This is one of my favorites.

  86. Kevin Durler

    This is my favorite ejuice. All the ejuice a 5 star but again this is my favorite.

  87. Luke

    One of my favorite smooth an sweet i like to mix mine up an it always pops out!!!

  88. Sheri Ciambello

    This Co. Is amazing! Fastest delivery! Amazing prices! Great products! I know I’ll be staying here!

  89. Sean Campbell

    Great Flavor I get this 1st.

  90. JimB

    I keep coming back to order this juice. The strawberry is fantastic. The customer service is outstanding. The shipping is fast.

  91. Cynthia Waddell

    The 1st is a Great juice!!! I like to Steep mine for a week with the lid off in a closed Cabinet. The more it Steeps the better it is. I Recommend it..

  92. Robert Whitehead

    Got this for my girlfriend but I may take it back. That’s how good it is! Great strawberry taste!!

  93. Cynthia Waddell

    It’s Really Good Juice at a Great Price.. I Recommend the 1st to all you Broke Ass ppl.

  94. Jon W

    Delicious juice, creamy without being too heavy. Great price and lightning fast shipping. Broke dick is a winner!

  95. Sir vapes aLot

    Yup ok. First purchase from the broke dicks lol and from one to another,this juice is awesome. Flavorful premium taste cloud production is fantastic. Price point wonderful. Flavor profile is good. I Can’t wait to get more. I’m Pushing it thru the dead rabbit RDA straight old school 22 gauge kanthal 6 wraps coming out at about .16ohm running 78-82watts. Bingo!
    Thanks guys well done,well done

  96. Paul Stanley

    Great juice


    Non magnum flavor has more strawberry taste. Magnum is more creamy. Both are excellent.

  98. Gianni R.

    Just got this stuff yesterday. I’m not sure a 120ML bottle is going to be big enough. Just wow. This was my second order from I don’t think I’ll be buying juice from anywhere else.

  99. Carrie Diane Richardson

    I absolutely love this one. The flavor is awesome. Will always order this one!!

  100. Kim

    My all time favorite go to vape flavor. SUPER FAST shipping. Best price for the quality. Excellent excellent excellent!!!

  101. Barbara Overbaugh

    Awesome. I will order again

  102. Steven Belmont

    I love this flavor and my wife does to. It’s one of our all day vapes. It’s smoth and get just the right amount of strawberry & cream. Great job Broke Dick keep up the great work.

  103. Stephen M Erwin

    I have ordered from Broke Dick regularly for quite a while now. Never had any trouble with my orders, until the postal service damaged my order. I contacted them through their contact is tab, received an email the next business day, and had resolution with no fuss. Thanks Richard and your awesome customer service crew.

  104. Steve T Marks

    Good taste, Good smoke.

  105. Rachel Bolen

    Great tasting juice, and the shipping is quick. Best prices ever! This was my first order from Broke Dick, but not the last!

  106. David Nelams

    I’ve been using BrokeDick for all my Vaping needs for years, not only is the juice great Tasting its also affordable! Their Magnum line of e-juice taste amazingly good and it doesn’t break your wallet!

  107. Candace

    This one is my all time favorite I love the combo of strawberry and cream not to overpowering just the right amount of each

  108. Mark Billen

    This is a top notch, full of flavor Ejuice. Personally one of the best I have tried. I will defiantly purchase a lot more of this juice. And for 1/2 the price of most other brands. You just can’t beat Broke Dick!

  109. John Grathwol

    The flavor is great and the cloud is fantastic! You definitely can’t beat the price.

  110. Steveo cole

    Outstanding juice

  111. Diane Cook

    I haven’t been able to find this flavor any where else and now I won’t be able to get it from you because of stupid gov regulations.

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