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TESTED & PERFECTED RECIPE – I’m a born and raised Floridian and this new bankroll flavor will prove it. Tropical Cheesecake.

Hints of tropical fruity awesomeness layered into a rich and creamy cheesecake. Think about the perfect dessert for sitting on a beach watching a sunset and you’re still only 70% of the way to the perfection that this All Day Vape is.

  • Tropical Fruit
  • Cheesecake
  • Icing

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

62 reviews for Tropical Cheesecake Vape Juice (120ml)

  1. Richard Broke

    Slo Co continues to out do himself! This is exactly what I imagine a perfect dessert on a white sandy beach would taste like. Get one before they’re gone!

  2. Pete Bucaccio

    Dick continues to make the BEST juice there is. This is the best to date! PLEASE MAKE A PACK OF ALL BANKROLL IN 120 ML!!!

  3. Tim Blackford

    I’ll make this short. A few days ago I ordered myself a new Prince tank for my majesty mod on eBay, and while I was checking out I was offered 5% off if I bought another item of certain sort. So I clicked on a page to see what they were offering…they had a stick Prince for 3 bucks cheaper than I was paying for the tank, so now I have 2 new prince tanks and a stick. Today as I was leaving work I dropped the stick Prince on the concrete floor…Ah the bulb broke and all my bankroll #5 poured out all over the floor and all that lovely lemon cake. Luckily when I got home I had some bankroll #6 in the mailbox a day early, and I still have the X tank from the majesty so I filled her up and God-bless it is this stuff good straight out of the bottle I can’t wait to steep it for a few days, and thank God it’s not a juice for a special occasion as this stuff has to make Bogo…great fucken job Dick and team! And thank you for making a cheap juice that taste great and don’t fuck coils up.

  4. Zach Robinson

    So I ordered this e juice Saturday, received it today, still fast shipping, if I ordered earlier I probably would’ve gotten it on Monday, I was super hyped and haven’t even tried it or smelled it yet, they are on point with this flavor, I know it said to steep for best results, but this shit was tasty right off the bat, can’t imagine how much tastier this gets tomorrow, and Richard this is my very first time ordering your juice and now I wanna try out every flavor you guys have. Huge thank you for what you are doing with the vape community, fuck those vape hogs, y’all keep killing it.

  5. Zach Robinson

    So I ordered this juice Saturday, received it today, still fast shipping, if I ordered earlier I probably would’ve gotten it on Monday, I was super hyped and haven’t even tried it or smelled it yet, they are on point with this flavor, I know it said to steep for best results, but this shit was tasty right off the bat, can’t imagine how much tastier this gets tomorrow, and Richard this is my very first time ordering your juice and now I wanna try out every flavor you guys have. Huge thank you for what you are doing with the vape community, fuck those vape hogs, y’all keep killing it.

  6. Edward

    I got it super fast like 2 days 3 at most. Came with a card saying let it steepossible for a day so I did but it was very hard to let because it smells so damn good. The flavor isn’t over powering but you get a lot of flavor. The first hit I really tasted the cheese cake in it with a fruit after taste and every hit sense has been better and better. Perfect combination of pineapple with cheese cake one doesn’t over power the other. Perfect blend! Broke Dick for life!

  7. Ashley

    Please make this into the 120ml so I can continue to order it! I literally just got this in the mail and straight out of the bottle it’s the best flavor! It may be even better than payday!

  8. Nicholas Howley

    Yep the subject says it all, please please please make this a part of the 120ml selection!!!! So glad I discovered this site!!!

  9. Joelene Peeples

    This flavor is on point! So good! Please make in 120

  10. Michael Buhl

    I just got this juice in, immediately filled my uwell valyrian with it and first hit was mind blowing. Absolutely fantastic. This juice needs to be a regular, if not I’ll end up crying myself to sleep at night. Please Broke dick make it happen!!

  11. Lance

    I love this flavor. Very creamy and tropical.

  12. Tammy Daugherty

    OMG. Just received my e juices yesterday. This is awesome. So glad I found Broke Dick

  13. Ryan Mcarthur

    Please offer this in the 120. Flavor is amazing. Come on Broke Dick nation let’s make it happen. This stuff is amazing

  14. Derek Cross

    This e juice just broke my dick… Thats how good it is. Please make it a BOGO 120ML

  15. Lorentsen

    Not as good as Bankroll #5 in my opinion, but still excellent. The flavor profile is right on the money. Highly recommend.

    BTW Bankroll 5 made the 120ml line. Should be ready by 3/1/18.
    Richard Broke

  16. Brendan Oldham

    I took a little taste before letting this steep. It might not make it to steeping. The tart, tangy taste of the fruit and the smooth, velvety goodness of the cheesecake are made for each other. This is one hell of a juice. Bravo! This needs to be a regular thing! Never has ballin’ on a budget tasted so good.

  17. Sandi

    (Not a “paid” review)
    With 4 kids and 1 in college, money is tight. I thought I’d give Broke Dick a try. I read the mixed reviews and thought “what the hell”, worst case scenario it sucks and becomes a last resort in my “vaping cupboard”.
    My husband and I are PLEASANTLY surprised! We both LOVE this and the watercup flavor (have yet to try the overdraft). PLEASE make this your next 120ml, I am in LOVE!!
    I love how the flavor lingers well after you’re done vaping it. Although no butterscotch, it seems to have a hint of this flavor to me and my husband says it reminds him of caramel kettle corn. We are already looking at other flavors to buy and try.
    THANK YOU for providing a good juice at a fraction of the cost…
    You certainly have a repeat customer here!

    The “VAPE HOGS” are the only negative reviews. The Google reviews are only from people who have bought from us and have gmail. “97% positive” not haters who think great juice couldn’t possibly cost this little.
    Richard Broke

  18. Debra

    Another great flavor from the man brokedick delicios pineapple cheesecake hope this ones a keeper

  19. Sara

    This flavour is delicate yet satisfying. True to life flavour of a light cheesecake enveloped with fresh tropical fruit touched with a hint of vanilla cream. It’s an instant favorite with zero aftertaste and enduring freshness. The flavour is complex enough to prevent getting used to it and no longer tasting it as distinctively as before. Definately an add to the list of standard flavours. Great palate!

  20. Dallas

    First off i had to give this juice a 4 because this is the only flavor i have tried. I have 5 bottles of ejuice on the way so ill probably find one i like more. However this juice is sweet and full of flavor. The Broke Dick brand itself is the best juice i have ever bought, cheap sh*t or “premium” brands. This is the new juice for me. Thanks alot DICK!

  21. Jeremy Presley

    Got this yesterday and I must say I’m in love. Such a great creamy taste. The fruityness is just right. I highly recommend it. Please make this a permanent option. Can’t wait to be able to get a 120ml bottle.

  22. James Kelly

    I love the tropical flavors, it’s like a flavor explosion in the mouth. It’s gotta go BOGO 120ml!!

  23. Connie P

    Ding, ding, ding, you have another winner!! Couldn’t wait to try this (especially since you discontinued one of my favs the key lime pie) and it didn’t disappoint! Didn’t even let it sit and steep, started on it right out of the mailbox! Please continue this in 120 mil!!

  24. Terry Drawbaugh

    Tropical Cheesecake was better than I expected but definitely not as good as Bankroll #5 – Lemon Layered Cake which for me is Awesome and an ADV. ***** Would I reorder Tropical Cheesecake, probably not, but flavor profiles are subjective and I’m just not into the whole cheesecake vape experience. I’d rather eat cheesecake than vape it… ***** Overall, Broke Dick gets a 5-star rating with great pricing, fast shipping and damn great flavoring for a cheap priced e-liquid.

  25. Nick

    I have ordered 5 flavors in all from here and this is my favorite. I have been very happy with all the flavors I got and can vape even the ones I was iffy about but need this in 120ml bogo for sure!

  26. Nancy Erea

    The real reason I bought this was because I couldn’t wait for a 120 ml.

  27. hunterjuly

    The real reason I bought this was so I could get a bottle of ‘The First’ half price. I just wanted ‘The First’, but I knew it would be safe to try, I trust this co. And everything I tried is the best. And yah, it’s really good. I’m with the other guy on here, I like the ‘Lemon pound Cake, better. The guy who makes this stuff, Co, he’s a friggin’ genius. How did he make it taste like cheese cake? The longer it steeps, the stronger it gets. Predominantly pineapple and coconut. I’m stil hoping for some kind of coconut cream pie. I love you,Mr. Broke.

  28. David Yerke

    This is a keeper, would love to see a plain strawberry cheesecake!

  29. Ah13

    This is the only tropical flavored juice I’ve been able to vape without it hurting my throat. I’d definitely order it again!

  30. Daniel Halstead

    Hands down this is one of the best flavors I have ever tried! I would highly recommend this flavor and would love to see it upgraded to 120ml bottles! Broke Dick has the best ejuice and at great prices!

  31. Ed Sova

    Very suddle tropical flavor but great cheesecake Vape.

  32. Kyle Hall

    Best juice I’ve ever had. Also best customer service I’ve ever seen

  33. James Kelly

    This is always a great go too when your feeling like something sweet and tropical. The flavor combination is great! I have strawberry and blueberry cheesecake flavors. But this is by far the best

  34. Jeanene Colby

    This makes feel like I’m eating cheesecake on a tropical beach. It is literally cheesecake topped with tropical fruits. I taste kiwi and pineapple on the inhale and get the cheesecake on exhale. Definitely a keeper!

  35. Concetta Spinella

    Broke dick this is another one you have to make a 120ml. So delicious. You get the tropical taste in the inhale and cheesecake on the exhale. Love, love it. If you haven’t tried this ejuice you really need to. You won’t regret it. It’s become m

  36. Andrew Sievert

    I was not as big a fan of this one. The flavor was not what I was expecting and just wasn’t what I wanted. My wife enjoys it though, so I’ll leave it at 4*.

  37. Chase

    I hope this gets made in a 120


    I REALLY Like Bankroll #6! It is definitely a tropical

  39. Brandon Rogers

    This vape juice flavor is a winner it would have gotten a five star review but I won’t be able to see the consistency in batches, Otherwise Richard did it again.

  40. Tommy

    This really one hits the sweet spot, this tangy tropical cheesecake flavor is by far the best, it’s a tasty treat to remember

  41. Darrel Galorenzo

    Please i wanna try this…

  42. Anthony

    Its amazing and it’s similar to key lime pie but it’s like a tropical orgasm on my taste buds

  43. Tommy

    I wish this one could come in the BOGO dealio

  44. Kris Cope

    Amazing flavor

  45. Mike

    At first I didn’t know what to think about this juice, but then the more I dripped it the more I fell in love with it. I really hope that they keep this around for a while. What I can say is that if you typically run super aggressive builds it kind of ruins this flavor. Like if the vapor is super hot I get a more caramel flavor. If you run a tamer build ( like .15 fused Clapton’s for instance) the flavors meld perfectly

  46. Debbie Martin

    Taste so yummy and with out the calories

  47. Marsha Ryan

    My new favorite ❤️

  48. Allison R Frick

    I just started vaping to quit smoking cigarettes. This juice is excellent, love the flavor! Reminds me of a hint of tobacco. It’s not too sweet, so I am really enjoying it! Not even a single cigarette craving! Will definitely purchase this one again.

  49. Adam Driskell

    When the package arrived, I couldn’t contain myself & filled my tank withtjis “new to me” juice….. The fruit was not clawingly sweet, and there was a gint of cheesecake. I enjoyed it, however… I wanted to steep the rest & let it’s colors truly shine. The next tankful was such a wonderful blend of fruit that had mellowed slightly, allowing the cheesecake to shine through. Allowing this far boy to indulge in his favorite dessert, without any concern of calories

  50. Marsha Ryan

    My new adv love the tropical island flavor of key lime creamy yumminess! Highly recommend not only this juice everyone needs broke dick in thioer life

  51. Paris Hammond

    Sadly this juice surprised me in a bad way, I have loved every juice I have ever tried so far, even if they weren’t an ADV for my taste. But after reading amazing reviews I ordered this one and quit frankly I can’t taste much of anything, it’s just a slightly sweet vape. I thought I was just off so I had two other people try it and they both agreed! I’m hoping I just got a dud somehow, I’m still giving 4 stars because I love broke’s juices and stellar service!

  52. SJZ

    I love this! It’s tasty, creamy and fruity. I will keep buying this for as long as you sell it, thank you.

  53. JohnB

    I love the taste of the tropical flavor and coconut
    Nice vape cloud

  54. Michael Madigan


  55. Heather Robinson

    I really enjoy this juice!

  56. Andy V

    This beats both the lemon cake and adult milkshake as my favorite broke dick concoction yet. Delicious cheesecake, perfectly sweet and creamy. Please keep this juice! Im about to order some reserves!

  57. Foxy

    When I ordered it I was really looking for Bankroll #13 which is tropical fruit only, I am not a big fan of dessert flavors but I gave it a try and I have to say I am amazed how good this flavor is. At this time it has become my favorite, still can’t believe it. It is very smooth and I am getting more cheesecake than fruit but I am sure loving it! ….still wanting the bankroll # 13 Richard 😉 please bring it back!

  58. Susan Meyers

    Delicious tropical flavor that is desert like. I just don’t think Brooe Dick has any bad flavors!

  59. DS

    This juice has a great coconut flavor with hints of tropical fruits. I tried this since they got rid of my favorite coconut almond tobacco, and this one comes in a close second. Definitely hope they keep this juice and turn it into a permanent carry since I love coconut. A great ADV.

  60. Zachary Calvert

    Good flavor,it’s just a little to dark for a five star.

  61. Elizabeth Schmitt

    Soooooooo yummmy and I’m absolutely shocked at the price . Insane. Thanks so much!

  62. Daniel Cash

    Great flavor very smooth

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