Water Cup – Fruit Punch (120ml)

Water Cup – Fruit Punch (120ml)


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(312 customer reviews)

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Like a cool, refreshing tiki glass of fruit punch on a hot, beachy day, Water Cup is the go-to. It doesn’t matter if it’s spring, summer, or the dead of winter, there’s a beach out there calling your name and Water Cup gets you in the mood.

We’ve got all of the usual beach bum flavors here, including Strawberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Orange, and Pineapple for that crisp, oh so fruity experience your beach-craving mind wants. We’ll ship the juice out to you super-fast but it’s on you to buy your tickets to the tropical getaway.


  • Fruit Punch
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Raspberry
  • Orange
  • Pineapple

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • 70vg/30pg

Made in Clearwater, FL USA

Great Taste, Cheap Vape.

Broke Dick Tips

Step 1 - Secure


Before using your juice, make sure the nozzle is firmly seated into the unicorn bottle. The nozzle can come loose.

Step 2 - Cut The Tip Of Bottle


We recommend clipping 1-2mm off the tip of the bottle to prevent spilling due to pressure build up.

Step 3 - Steep Your Juice For Best Flavor


For best flavor, we recommend letting our juice breathe with the top off for a day (steep).

Additional information

Weight 5.7 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 4 in
Nicotine Level

0mg, 3mg, 6mg

312 reviews for Water Cup – Fruit Punch (120ml)

  1. DAVID

    Im a sweet guy… This is the end all be all juice for me. Im with the Broke Dick REVOLUTION!

  2. Amanda

    I really like this one. It’s fun, fresh and fruity. The pineapple gives it a nice tropical kick and the berries are just the right amount of sweet. Glad I ordered 2 bottles of this one!

  3. Todd Whitehouse

    Got me a bottle when it became available again and it arrived Fresh! Let it steep for a couple days and tried it again and man its good. Lived up to everything I thought it would be. Vaping on it as I write this and then gonna order some more. Awesome Juice Dick! Keep up the good work.
    Todd W

  4. Matt The Beer-Guy

    Read the title.^^^
    Done? Good. I ordered a bottle of this, and the Key Lime Pie on a whim, and because I trust VaporJoes when they say something is good. Damn, they were right! Holy pineapple Batman! Gobs of pineapple and fresh berries smash into the palate, but remain balanced all the way through the vape. Not overly sweet… just right. This might just be my new favorite fruity vape. Well done, Dick, ya broke bastard!!! Cheers!

  5. Adam Blake

    This shit! This shit right here is bomb diggity!! Couldn’t stop vaping it!! Taste so much like pineapple its amazing!

  6. Jason W

    Really likin the WATER CUP. Should be called Jungle Juice as it reminds me of college parties without the next day puke. Really good stuff and with a TFV12 running at 120W this juice fills your piehole with all kinds of berry bliss. A nice pineapple blueberry pull with a clean pineapple/strawberry exhale.

  7. Carey

    Richard, where have you been my whole vaping career? Awesome juice and I can afford it! Thank you from western Colorado! I will be back for more for sure.

  8. Shanika Garrett

    I was super skeptical about ordering from here at first. I kept thinking juice this cheap can’t possibly taste good. I’m so happy I was beyond the definition of being wrong. This is literally the best juice I have ever tried in all my time of buying vape juice. I’m so upset I didn’t know about this place sooner. Like much sooner. The price is the best you will ever find for the size and the taste is superb and on point. Thank you also for the super fast shipping. I am now your loyal customer. Omg I can’t stop vaping and at this point I don’t even want to try another company again.

  9. Ammar

    I am really amazed by the fast shipping!! Although I haven’t tried them yet, I am really pleased on how professionalism on packing the bottles. Cannot wait to give it a try.. ThanQ ^_^

  10. Ben

    Seriously, so f*****g good. Tastes almost like a strawberry pixy stick, I can’t put this down. So smooth, a fantastic all day vape, worth every penny.

  11. Karen

    Right out of the mail, I love it! Flavorful and super fruity with no harshness. Also there’s none of that dreaded floral taste that I hate finding in a juice. I can’t wait to try the other flavors….off to order more! I’m hoping there will be other new ones coming along, as well. Would love a good strong blueberry candy. Btw, the customer service is wonderful. Richard is very responsive to questions….very helpful and friendly.

  12. marfey

    i ordered this stuff on saturday and it got here monday its awesome definitely will buy again

  13. Chris

    Easy to use web site, Fast shipping, Very tasty vape. Stop reading and dig into your couch cuisions and order it.

  14. Vape queen

    I am so glad I found this website! I have made several purchases from broke dick and have another order in now! This is by far the best place to purchase vape juice! Great flavors and low prices! A+ all the way and super fast shipping!

  15. Greg Cumby

    This one caught me off guard. With a name like Water Cup I expected like a Kool Aid flavor. First hit made me cough and I din’t like it at all ( y’all can laugh now) So I tried it some more and eventually the flavor sunk in. Kind of reminds me of hard candy or inhaling kool aid powder out of the can. Pineapple out of the gate, with a strawberry background. The blueberry and blackberry seems to get lost in the background for me yet I can enjoy it. Maybe it isn’t steeped to satisfaction yet. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll throw it into the drawer for a bit and see where it goes, but for now I’ll finish off this tankful. I gave 4 stars.

  16. Logan

    I’ve tried them all and this is my daily vape.

  17. John Tye

    Great tasting vape at superior price and quality. The flavor is subtle, but light and satisfying.. Smooth vape, nice clouds. Will buy again.

  18. Anthony C

    I don’t know what it is but something in the juice gives a slight numbing sensation on my palate. I vaguely remember eating a fruit that does the same thing so maybe it’s an allergic reaction to a certain flavor. I’ll let it steep for a bit and try the other part of my order, prepaid

  19. Amy krummich

    Keep up the good work!

  20. Turk

    I’m giving this bottle of e juice four out of five stars, the taste is there, but in my opinion the juice needed to steep for a bit before it was 100%.

    It’s hard to beat the price point:quality of Broke Dick juices, and I appreciate you providing us a cheap quality alternative to overpriced so called “premium brands”.

  21. Jeff Beedle

    Water cup is one of my two favorites the fruit punch flavor with pineapple is delicious. I order this flavor and Payday 2 bottles at a time and when they get low I will definitely reorder

  22. Trent

    Very tasty will be buying more highly recommend

  23. Shane Prusinski

    fruit punch to the T, immediatly smacks you in the face with pineapple leaving you nice and refreshed on the exhale. Best e juice I’ve had in a while.

  24. Broke fool

    I ordered water cup and love it!! 240ml for $22 that’s seriously cheap e juice! I’m a customer for life, thanks Broke Dick!!!

  25. Joe

    This one is great not as good as the adult milkshake but very tasty for a fruity blend I enjoy it best in am very good cloudy juice

  26. Takes me back

    Holy shit. I immediately went back 20 years to Mom making red koolaid. This will become my go-to once the other flavors I purchased are gone.

  27. Jen

    This is top notch! The very best flavor out of the ones I’ve tried. Which were payday and the 15th. I love the overall pineapple flavor in it. I will purchase this one again. Awesome!

  28. Joseph Scott

    This flavor reminds me of my love of classic Hawaiian Punch as a kid. I don’t drink it anymore, but this flavor is great for vaping. I just fill my tank and enjoy a day of remembering a more simple time.

  29. Fredrick Dinkledick

    Great juice, definitely an all day vape. Doesn’t taste so much like a fruit punch or whatever to me; more like gummy worms or something. Regardless, it’s a damn good vape, for a damn good price. Cheers Dick.

  30. Edward Fletcher

    This is a very good vape but it does have a weird aftertaste. It’s hard to explain but the best way i can describe it is you know when you break open a glow stick that weird smell the glow chemicals have it taste how that smells if that makes sense. the fruit flavors are amazing kind of like the prepaid but it has that weird after taste i don’t really care for. I would recommend it to other just not for my taste.

  31. John

    Wasn’t sure about this one from the description but I thought I’d try it glad I did awesome

  32. Cortnee

    I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Oh my gosh it’s amazing! I haven’t had any ejuice that pulls pineapple like this one and it’s lovely! It so smooth! Definitely one of my faves!!

  33. Chris

    Juice was good stronger than I would have thought not a bad thing though. Nice vape on a hot afternoon.

  34. AndyG

    Absolutely delicious, not overly sweet or syrupy. Authentic fruit punch flavor with pineapple in the lead role and a supporting cast of mixed berries. Will be ordering this one again, and SOON!!

  35. Ricky

    This stuff is fn awesome str8 krrzzack again thank you Alex Parker aka assassinsuicide awesome YouTube reviews I gotta try all of them thank you Mr broke

  36. Kelly Marr

    Light, flavorful and sweet and is a great all-day vape. This does not disappoint.

  37. Chris

    Just got this today. It reminds me of a cherry lifesavor.Awesome vape

  38. It’s me

    At first the juice wasn’t that great, it had a funny taste. but after letting it steep for two weeks, ahhhhh the flavor is exactly like the description, a yummy fruit punch. (honestly if you w had to pick between this and prepaid? Go with prepaid)

  39. richard vape to much shifflett

    all the vape juice i have got is mighty fine, my one complaint is that i use toooo much.. thanks broke dick, oh yeah i have to try the new vape juice. take care ,

  40. Victor Sanchez

    This is the best juice o have ever tasted. I really love it.

  41. Nick bidwell

    This juice is the best juice. Adv… why would you go any where else to buy juice, when this stuff is damn good and the price is amazing

  42. Adrianne Roblin

    I am absolutely in love with water cup. My husband is in love with the 1st. One thing i have to say to people who complain about flavors is it depends on what your smoking out of. Cause my water cup is good in a tank but not in my husbands dripper and vice versa with his flavor. So before you dog on something think twice about what your sucking!!! Bahaha. We love you broke dick and thanks for all you do!!!

  43. Kenneth Osborne

    I first bought this juice because of the price. when I first tried it I fell in love with it. I tell everyone I know who vapes how good it is and a couple of them have also placed orders. I will be trying the other juices soon hopefully.

  44. Collin

    Some of the best fruit punch e juice I’ve ever had. Like it is spot on

  45. Ricky Hall

    Excellent juice for an excellent price. Nice and fruity without being overly sweet.

  46. CW

    Shipping was insanely quick! Great vape as well! Flavors were full and the price? No brainer – get yourself some Dick!

  47. Paul

    I decided to add a bottle of Water Cup (3mg) to my original order of Prepaid, and I was not disappointed. It’s a delicious fruit punch flavor, with a refreshing pineapple kick. It ranks up there in my top fruit punch E-juices that I have ever tried, and will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

  48. Garrett

    Over all, this vape is an amazing flavor. All of the fruity hints of flavor without being overwhelmingly sweet all at an extremely low price point. Thanks for my new all day vape, Broke Dick!

  49. Felipe Ranieri

    Make no mistake, we’re talking about the very best your money can buy – for cheap! Watercup is a piece of art of no parallels. Unprecedented! I have smoked from almost all the major brands, and not even the self-claiming “premium”, more expensive juices even came close to this.

  50. Iceman213

    OK just going straight to the point and I’m gonna be completely honest, I’ve had better but this juice is just tasty real tasty. For what you’re paying you really can’t beat it it’s Excellent so if you like a nice fruity flavor that’s not overbearing I suggest check it out

  51. Liz

    This has a subtle flavor which I prefer for an everyday vape. It’s fruity yet subtle and delicious e juice.

  52. Blair Ginley

    This stuff is delicious! I loved prepaid and ordered this next! Wow, love the taste of this!

  53. christopher

    This stuff is absolutely amazing. The taste of pineapple and fruit punch complimenting each other so perfectly. This may be my top flavor vaped yet. ADV without a doubt.

  54. Joseph Feltz

    What can i say that hasn’t already been said about this amazing e juice its literally my adv i would highly recommend this flavor but every single flavor from broke dick is absolutely delicious

  55. David

    I love the pineapple ,great price

  56. Fritz Cera

    One of the best e juices I have tried. Tastes and smells so good. Will buy again and again.

  57. Dusty

    Just got my juice! New coils and cotton in my stillare rda on the alien 220. This shit is fuckin awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I heard of y’all through juice junkies vapor group!

  58. Don Thugness

    Great flavor and fast shipping

  59. KLXboy0128

    Easily the best fruit punch flavor Ive ever had. The fruit doesnt taste like fake candy and thats why I love it. Could vape this all day everyday. The only decent fruit punch Ive had prior to this was Mt Baker Vapor’s GWAR fluid bloodbath and that tastes like chemical backwash compared to this nectar. The fruit punch mix and pineapple is what mostly comes out of the flavoring and I couldnt ask for better. Will be ordering again on a constant basis alongside prepaid. Broke Dick I hope your business model never changes and I want you to be an absolute icon in the industry. You know EXACTLY what you are doing and what we want.

  60. Jim Raetz

    I bought this for myself but wife has claimed it very refreshing lots of compliments on smell

  61. Bob Patterson

    I bought this along with PrePaid as I’m partial to juicy, fruity and refreshing flavors. To me, PrePaid seems to be the weak sister to Water Cup; although to be fair, PrePaid is a watermelon based flavor, and by nature, perhaps a thinner flavor profile. Also, this is perhaps due to Water Cup’s addition of a delicious pineapple flavor. It’s a very bold pineapple, but after breathing and steeping, it blends well and is not as pronounced as when first opened. It however is still very enjoyably present; just an entirely smooth and pleasant addition to the great fruitiness of Water Cup; @ c. two weeks after arrival.

    Both juices, but particularly Water Cup, respond well to both breathing and steeping. It need not be a major project. I simply keep my juices on the top shelf of my closet where they are totally blocked from light.

    For the first week, I shake each juice very vigorously until the liquid is full of bubbles. After the bubbles burst completely, I then gently squeeze the bottle, and allow this air to escape through the drip tip. Perhaps the tiny tip can be removed, but I didn’t find it necessary, and why fix something that ain’t broken. Some say that excessive breathing with a large cap removed from your juice can, in some cases, lessen the flavor intensity. Use your best judgement. I breathe the juice as many times as I can remember as I pass or open the closet. If it’s convenient; do it. If not, no blueprint is set in stone.

    I found the most improvement started at c. one week from arrival. I felt it was completely at its smoothest and sweetest at c. two weeks. The aroma just infuses your senses, and I just love the new found, and to me, increase in sweetness. If it weren’t such a great juice, I’d use it as cologne.

    On a final note, I often enjoy mixing it as a 75%-50% solution with VM’s Menthol; not mint…Menthol. Depending on the mood, I also find it’s fun to mix it with another fruit blend. PrePaid worked well. Again, nothing scientific here. I just layer it in a 2 ml. tank, and enjoy the great variety. Shaken; not stirred…

    Someday, I’d love to see some additional bold fruit additions to the menu. Orange is a start, but perhaps some more tropical recipes.

    Bob Patterson

  62. Jeff

    I’m fairly new to vaping but have tried dozens of flavors of juice from all kinds of companies. Broke Dick is by far the best of the best! Water cup is my favorite flavor so far. It’s the perfect blend of fruitiness. Broke Dick will definitely always have my business and I have also been spreading the word to all my friends!

  63. James

    Boy I tell ya what… Only thing better than a cold PBR while watching two hot chicks mud rassle is this here juice. Mmm mmm that’s sum good stuff right there!

  64. james musgrave

    Great Price

  65. Gerald schoeffler

    This e juice flavor is awesome! 2 weeks in my tfv8 and the flavor is still great. Will buy again!

  66. Vince Salerno

    No question about it, very strong fruit punch flavor. Tasted too strong until it steeped for a long time (I’m on the second half of the bottle, and it’s balanced out nicely.) Good ejuice, great price. If you like fruit punch, this has got to be the best juice for the best price.

  67. Carly

    Absolutely refreshing and delicious taste. I love this juicey e juice and it’s a very good price!

  68. John Lehman

    Really like this one a lot. This flavor is not over sweet, with a very balance finish.

  69. Garrett Queen

    If you are looking for a massive amount of flavor and also a great mix of fruits this is your best bet I highly recommend this to anyone

  70. Bobbijo Sherman

    The pineapple flavor just pops. Love it.

  71. ernest schweidenback

    So..remember when you were a kid and your mom was mixing up a batch of Hawaiian punch and you accidentally inhaled some of the powder as you dumped it into the pitcher? Yup, that’s what this stuff reminds me of, straight out of the bottle with no steep. I’m completely blown away! Keep up the good work guys. With e-juice like this, I may never buy from anyone else!

  72. John

    im currently rocking this stuff in a series box with a big ass single coil rda and lemme tell ya, it’s definitely intriguing. First thing I got is that its not painfully sugary, there’s just a little kiss of packaged drink sweetness in there, which is refreshing honestly. Its a lot more floral than other punch flavors i’ve tried, which I like. it tastes sorta like you’re wandering around the garden part of home depot with all the flowers on display and you’re drinking fruit punch arizona. hella summery for sure

  73. Mel Barber

    This ejuice is spot on. Taste like a fruit punch candy. If you like fruit punch candy or drinks you will love this.

  74. justin smith

    It’s a good fruit punch flavor !

  75. eric stites

    tastes very clean and lite i get a lot of fruit flavor maybe some pineapple in there not a bad e juice at all but not in my top 5 for broke dick

  76. Beth Friedman

    This has become my favorite all day vape. I highly recommend it!

  77. Greg Walters

    Sadly I can’t give this one 5 stars. With that being said, this is still a great flavor. Fruit vapes are part of my normal flavor profile so I thought this one would be my favorite or one of my favorites from BD, but there is something in this one that prevents it from being an ADV for me. I can’t pinpoint what it is… it might be a touch too sweet for me overall. This thing is still coming in at 5 stars overall though, and tons of people think it’s their favorite from the BD line, so give it a shot! At these prices you have nothing to lose.

    I get all of the advertised flavors from this one. I get the Pineapple, Berries, and Strawberries. This is a very sweet juice too! If you want a very sweet and fruity, I recommend checking this one out. If you want a more “crisp” and “clean” (and less sweet) fruit flavor, make sure to also check out Prepaid! That is my favorite Broke Dick juice from their whole lineup!

    Keep up the awesome work, Richard!

  78. Steven T. in Florida

    Smooth, definetly pineapple, I don’t usually like pineapple, but I think with some steep, breathing time it’ll shine, but not overpower! Berries? Hmm,not getting those as much right now, fruit punch is there for sure on the exhale, won’t be my fave edv as far as fruit blends from bd, love the payday; it just seems much smoother. But its a great blend,try it you might fancy it in your fruit blend rotation. As always, great affordable price,lightning fast shipping. Thx again bd!

  79. Kenneth Osborne

    I have now tried a few of the flavors that Broke Dick has to offer and I always come back to this one.
    I have used it in an RDA as well as A tank (TFV4 with a rebuildable deck). It is a great flavor for a great price. Keep up the Great work Guys love the juice.

  80. valerie

    This was in my first order from Broke Dick, and I have to say, it’s definitely one of my favorites now. The flavors are on point. Pineapple is present but not overpowering, and I love pineapple anyhow so that’s great. I get strangers commenting on the awesome smell which I have never experienced before. It smells just as great as it tastes. One lady told me it reminded her of fruit roll ups and made her think of being a kid again. I will definitely order this flavor over and over again!!!

  81. Daniel

    Seriously a great product and the 2 for 23 is a great deal, this is just amazingly flavorful all my friends who tried it loved it

  82. Bruce Cameron

    When I first tried this e juice I got a medicine aftertaste from the pineapple, but after I let it steep for a few days it tasted good with no bad aftertaste.

  83. Ryan Hinojosa

    This is the best e juice I’ve tried I’m not one to buy a 30 dollar 30mls type of juice everyone said vaping is cheaper th en smoking well they lied it’s not and th is juice here is affordable and the quality is amazing plus bogo makes it even better will be buyi ng more this Friday thanks for making a product I can afford and now love. My fave is prepaid so damn good

  84. Jean Luc Bourgeois

    Yo dick….you nailed it with this one. Accurate description this taste like fruit punch. More like koolaid punch not the hawiiai punch. I’m not a big fan of fruits in my vape but this is damn good. Probably my favorite after payday. Thanks for making good affordable e juice for us broke dicks out here. Keep up the good work. Vape like you mean it.

  85. Pat Swart

    2nd order from Broke Dick, and man, great results again! This fruit punch is spot on! awesome in my RDTA and even better on the RDA, the flavor just POPS!

    Great job again Richard!

  86. Neesa Whitaker

    This is my go-to juice when I’m craving a fruity blend. Reminds me of my favorite fruity soda “Tahitian Treat”! An amazing fruit punch you can VAPE all day!

  87. Lorentsen

    If you want a fruity punch type of vape, this is for you. Though it is not on the list of my favorites here at Broke Dick due to my own personal preferences, it is still deserves 5-stars because it offers a great vape for those who like this a fruity flavor profile. You will find it a great all day vape.

  88. Terry Drawbaugh

    Delicious Pineapple Delight..!!!

    The most pronounced flavor I get straight-up is Pineapple followed by lots of berries. Water Cup is sweet on the inhale and still a little sweet on the exhale. If you like a fruit based vape you should really like this one.

    For me, it’s not an ADV, but close. It is good enough to reorder.

    Broke Dick gets a 5-star rating with great pricing, fast shipping and damn great flavoring for a cheap priced e-liquid.

  89. Teresa

    Really liked this. It’s not my favorite of the flavors, but it tastes really good and if I wanted to switch from my favorite flavor every once in awhile, this would be one of my choices.

  90. James C Vest

    This is a great vape if you like fruit punch. I was sick of paying tons of money for a good Vape so I tried out dicks water up and well let’s just say I will be buying other flavors to try because for the price this is some great stuff thanks Richard

  91. Lisa Helms

    Best fruit punch and I have tried several. Love it.

  92. Lyle Wood

    I ordered 2 bottles of Water Cup Tuesday morning. Got them the next day Wednesday! Gotta luv it!

  93. Abel nava


  94. Jorge

    Water Cup is a great ejuice. This my second time purchasing this amazing flavor. It’s so good I bought two of them.

  95. Patrick Nelson

    Good fruit flavor. Reminds me of the frozen fruit juice punch concentrate you get at the grocery store when you can’t afford Odwalla. This will definitely be in my rotation…it’s an all day vape…not just all day EVERY day…

  96. Mitzie Suzanne Primeaux

    Thanks so much Richard Broke Water Cup is amazing! I just received it in the mail put a fresh coil in my atomizer and filled it up with this fruit punch juice and I must say it’s some of the best juice I’ve tasted in a very long time, it DOES NOT need steeping either! It’s amazing right out of the package! I will “DEFINITELY” be ordering from them again! Y’all keep up the great work on these awesome juices Broke Dick! Again THANKS SO MUCH! Y’all Rock!!!!

  97. william alexander

    This is my new all day vape flavor! I am very happy with this product and will recommend it to all of my friends. Very well done Broke Dick!!!!

  98. Irene Milbrandt

    My son and I both ordered this and really liked it! Great smooth taste! I also ordered The First which is also good but my all time favorite so far, is the Prepaid. I plan on ordering 1 of each flavor because Broke Dick juice, is as good if not better, than the vape shops e-juice!! And costs half the price!

  99. Tim Dunbar

    This stuff is amazing after it steeps for about 3 days with lid off. Amazing flavors just wash over your taste buds and entire mouth. Will order more when done with this review.

  100. Michael sousa

    This juice has to be my all time favorite. I let it steep for a few days and it’s the best ever. I will order this all the time!! Plus how can you beat the BOGO!

  101. Jim Bates

    This is my favorite juice out of them all I’ve tried the rest from friends but “water cup” is the shit

  102. Kerry Alleman

    I was expecting Hawaiian punch, and got more of a natural, minute maid, flavor. Still good tho

  103. Jennifer Herron

    I found it to be a great ejuice. It is full of flavor and it tastes like a “Hawaiian Punch” type flavor as promised. The only thing I have an issue with is that the tip of the bottle is a bit too large for my top fill atomizer; but I can get the juice in without a huge mess. I would recommend this juice. The price point cannot be beat. Thank you.

  104. Isaac

    One of the best e-juice I’ve had . I’m not going to lie not the best but one of my top 5 ,,,,,, I definitely recommend this tasty juice

  105. Paul Johnson

    Been a while since I had watercup so decided to order it again and was not disappointed at all love broke dick it’s all I vape

  106. Carolyn Hart

    I love Broke Dick, I am so glad I found them, only juice I use now!!! I absolutely love their juice, this and Water cup are my two favorites and I go back and forth between the two all the time, or sometimes even mix them. Thanks for your prices and quality!!! I am sold for as long as you are producing these flavors.

  107. Justin Hunter

    Got an e mail out of he blue about Broke Dick. Have been trying and sampling affordable e juice for about a month now. Decided to try this one and was blown away by the flavor! It is a refreshing punch of sweet and tart. A nice not over sweet inhale with a good tart exhale. The flavors balance so well. If you enjoy a good refreshing fruit vape this is it! I will definitely be ordering more and sharing this one! I was very impressed with the balance. An ADV for me now.

  108. Ted

    I can’t get enough of this stuff. Great flavor, pretty close to Hawaiian Punch. My favorite juice right now.

  109. Douglas fountain

    I like this I will buy it from u now I love this eJuice

  110. Pelfrey

    This is the only juice out of my 4 pack that I want and need to steep a little longer. But right out of the box, it had awesome flavor on my rda. In my clieto, it needed a little help. I’m assuming steeping would help. Great flavor though

  111. Mike

    It’s a very good juice for people that like a strong watermelon flavor. It tastes just like punch

  112. Fruity!

    A great yummy sweet e juice. Love it!!

  113. Carl Link

    Very good tasting e juice, smooth

  114. Jeremiah Frank

    Great tasting. Great price

  115. Joy Adams

    I love this juice. It’s not too sweet. Great flavor blend.

  116. Angelo

    This stuff is awesome. Better than the stuff I’ve been buying at full price. This stuff might be inexpensive but it definitely don’t taste cheap. Will be buying again.

  117. Donna Conner

    This is one of the best, juiciest fruit flavors we’ve tried. Like vaping HiC Fruit Punch!

  118. Tony Goode

    Fast , no &$#% ! I ordered this saturday at noon it was in my mailbox monday shortly after lunch !!! Really great flavor and great value. I love it ! I read about this company good peapol . This guy has good sense of humour obviusly . Great game plan . This is one Dick I could work for !

  119. Heather

    This is a very good combination i recommend it to anyone and you cant beat rhe price

  120. nicholas fortner

    I’ve try so many fruit punch flavors and they all tasted gd but alot of them had a bad cough syrup like after tast !! BUT NOT THIS ONE IT TAST delicious from the inhale to the exhale and no bad after tast will recommend 2 friends or who ever give it a try i will be buying this one again for sure and WAIT can’t forget the price it nutts 120 ml for 23$ n get the second flavor or bottle for free and free shipping its a no brainer try some this juice GREAT PRICE FOR A GREAT WELL MADE JUICE

  121. Maddog081

    Great juice. The only thing i wish is that it was a little sweeter.

    We dont use sweeteners because it kills coils.
    Richard Broke

  122. Valerie

    This is honestly one of my favorite ecig juices I’ve ever tried. The price is unbeatable and I LOVE that you can really taste the pineapple. I had someone tell me that my vape smelled like fruit roll ups! It certainly does have that flavor. I love it, and I hope they keep making it forever. My tank burns through a lot of juice and this is the most reasonable site I have found.

  123. Douglas Hendrix


  124. Jessica W

    Tastes like fruit punch and pineapple! Definitely steep it for a while or pineapple is a bit harsh.great flavor great price can’t be beat! Thanks broke dick!

  125. Daniel Hernandez


  126. Helen Gibson

    Liking fruit flavors I tried water cup and prepaid and assumed I’d prefer prepaid…wrong! Water Cup is awesome. Very reminiscent of minute maid fruit punch bit not quite so sweet. And brokedick is the cleanest burning juice I’ve tried in 5 years… no nasty build up in my tank!!! Customer for life!!!

  127. Pamela Stong

    like it very much just wish it was more tart

  128. Kyle

    Has amazing flavor

  129. Brandon

    I really like this. It’s a light refreshing fruity vape that could be described as a Hawaiian Punch or almost a bubblegum flavor. It’s a good all day vape candidate.

  130. 2tha9s

    Awesome Flavor!

  131. Jimmie Sanchez

    I have ordered this flavor 4 times already and the consistency is perfect. Has a very refreshing taste. Perfect when u are trying to take a break from all the custard & cake flavors.


    This is my first time ordering from here. I ordered two flavors to start of with. I definitely like this one out of the two flavors. It taste like something I’ve had before but I can’t put my finger on it. Great job guys. You got yourself a repeat customer. I can’t wait until I try the rest of the flavors. I used to make my own juices there is one flavor I’m searching for. I have a recipe I am willing to share with y’all to see if it is something you are willing to make for all the vapors out there. If someone will reach out to me I live in FL not far from y’all.

  133. Moe Isaac

    I just got this a few days ago and after steeping it, gave it a try. If you love pineapple, this is for you. But its a suttle flavor of pineapple. Its mostly what u smell and sense. But its got a dull flavor to it. Hence the 4 stars. Good if u just want to try or into a light vape.

  134. Angelika

    When I first tried this juice it wasn’t strong enuff for me. so I put it away and 2 or 3 month later I decided to try one more time and now I just LOVE it. Not sure if was the steeping or my taste buds getting much better but this is now one of my favorites, Not to strong, just enuff flavor to make it an ADV. Richard surprises me every time. I don’t know how he does it but I can really taste his juices and that is more than I can say about the so called high prices Premium juices I have tried.

    You only needed a day or two day with the top off and you would have gotten there sooner.
    Richard Broke

  135. Heath Tackett

    TASTES GREAT! Reminds me of fruit punch bubblicious gum.

  136. Rodrigo

  137. Fred

    My wife likes this juice. Definitely not my thing. She said it has a great pineapple flavor. She actually wouldn’t have minded if it had more pineapple flavoring in it. Am not disappointed by the juices at all.

  138. twitch.tv/DaBiGBo5s

    This juice has an amazing flavor, easy on the throat, gets better while steeping a must have in my aresonal

  139. Josh

    It’s a great flavor for all day
    Will order regularly

  140. Benjie

    At first the flavor was all over the place. But as it sat my next fill was amazing. Must try…

  141. Dawn

    Being a super picky vapor, I was happy to win your juice. I think this will be a perfect summer time adv, as it has that nice cool hit that makes it refreshing. I will order it again! Thanks for sponsoring the show!

  142. Aaron

    Seemed muted to me at first . However after trying it in a different more powerful atomizer the flavour pours right in. I am not a pineapple fan. But the pineapple flavouring is not over powered in this juice. All quite balanced and smoke production is quite good. It’s also good that the juice is not overly thick. Nor is it overly thin. The coils on my crown III and vaporesso (forgot the model but it hits 100-200 watts) at about 130 watts it’s amazing. Would give it another go.

  143. John

    Great juice running on a crown uwell 3 .25 coils at 60 watts great flavor and lasts awhile. No issues clogging up my coils

  144. Joe A.

    I like this flavor, I wish the pineapple was a bit stronger so I could get more of that fruit punch flavor I’m looking for. PrePaid has a stronger flavor to me.

  145. Bobbie

    Will get again

  146. JC

    It tastes exactly as you’d expect. It’s not just a fruit punch flavor, but has the specific tang of Hi-C fruit punch. Easily my most favorite flavor to date. My new all-day vape.

  147. Michael Wilcox

    I just order my second bottle of WATER CUP best tasting fruit vape. I have had many different juices by far the best on the market.

  148. Dwayne Johnson

    This is my favorite Ejuice! On my 3rd bottle!

  149. Still my favorite

    Still my favorite!

  150. Jen

    I have to say water cup is my go to vape never disappoints. I have tried a lot of them and this is my favorite. You can’t go wrong with this fruity mixture.

  151. Rodrigo

    wonderful fruit flavors, you can distinguish each one of the flavors, I think that the product is very well achieved, I recommend 100%.

  152. Myra Sargent

    Just received my band new shipment of Broke Dick juices,(water cup and Dollar Menu) and I knew when I opened the water cup juice that it would be a favorite..I was right. Its the same great quality as all the Broke Dick juices I’ve come to know and love. Fast shipping too! I haven’t tried the dollar menu yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to leave a review on it too. Thanks Broke Dick, for another wonderful product. This is the only place I buy my juices.

  153. Pete Bucaccio

    The original “water cup” tasted a bit like medicine to me, and was my least favorite out of the 5 pack…This new and improved “water cup” however, is simply an amazing balance of flavors that now places it in my top 3 BROKE DICK Flavors!

  154. Scott swogger

    I’m really glad I tried the new formula. It’s a vast improvement. Very fruity and the chemical taste is gone.

  155. Stanley G

    I have bought this before and thought it was amazing then, I get an email stating that there is now a new and improved so I was like OK, ordered, steeped according to instructions and BAM, hooked even more. Amazing flavor, strong clouds and it doesn’t foul up my NX1 mesh coil, i can vape 240ml through it and this juice is so good the coil is still clean. I use the T-priv 3 at 70w

  156. Grace Guillen

    Love the taste, it’s smooth, just enough. I recommend to everyone definitely buying again. Thanks

  157. Damon

    I tried it out as soon as I opened it and it was amazing. After I let it steep it should be even better!!

  158. Dennis

    Great price awesome product and great flavor

  159. Joe

    Awesome flavor!

  160. Michael

    the new an improved flavor is great. I really love the combo of all the flavors.

  161. Heather

    Great jucie high quality and the best price this is not cheap pg/vg this us high grade juice for the best price on the net .

  162. Lynn Carter

    Received today. Very tasty with no steeping. Will order again.

  163. Kevin

    Wasn’t sure at first about the flavor but after vaping other flavors came back and tried again and really enjoyed this flavor it tastes like Hawaiian punch and for the cost I figured it would be a crappy flavor and watery but was very pleased with my purchase.

  164. Robert

    This stuff is awesome. Great taste. So far one of my favorites

  165. Jami Carpenter

    Nice vape Bogo great Deal

  166. Jonathan Warren

    Excellent flavor fast delivery!

  167. Taylor Martin

    this juice is new and improved and it shows!!!! The pineapple flavor really comes thru on this and makes it taste like fruit punch. I have been vaping it for two days straight and it is now one of my favorite all day vapes. You guys have a customer for life, I exclusively vape Broke Dick Juice due to the price and the taste of all your juices. Job well done!!!!

  168. DALE simon

    great taste

  169. Bobby White

    This is a pretty good punch e juice.. I feel that not one flavor is over pronounced.

  170. Zachariah David

    Super pineapple forward fruit punch. Sharp pineapple flavor up front and some nice fruit punch backing it up.

  171. Dwayne Johnson

    This is my all day vape everyday. To be honest though. To me it still tastes the same as it did before it was new and improved. Doesn’t matter because the stuff is awesome!

  172. Paige Iverson

    The flavor is stronger than I expected, which is good! It definitely packs a punch. Reminds me of hookah.

  173. Lori

    Each time I fill up my tank it seems to get better. Can actually taste different fruits every hit. I definitely will be ordering again.

  174. Chase

    Its awsome

  175. Iven

    This great stuff didn’t think it would be this GOOD!!!!!!

  176. Suz

    When I first got it I did the finger test and it had a very strong pineapple taste. Surprisingly the pineapple is not overly strong. Very good fruit medley e juice.

  177. Taylor Clay

    Water cup is a delicious blend of tropical flavors and berries. The pineapple is a subdued flavor and is added in just the prefect amount. I don’t know how they sell their products for the price they do, but I was astounded at the amazing flavor of this product. Highly recommend!

  178. Isaac Barajas

    For the record I just want to state that water cup is my favorite …. I’m not going to bullshit I honestly expected a little more flavor from this new batch and I didn’t feel that it had more flavor . the one thing that I did notice compared to the old batch …the new one was much more smoother …. sorry just being honest ……. still my favorite …..

  179. Shonda

    First time customer and this flavor did not disappoint. Very smooth and fruity!!! Love Vaping it and the price is AWESOME!!!

  180. Joe Akers

    Holy hell this stuff is amazing and for the price u can’t go wrong.

  181. Jim Bray

    Great freakin juice that’s why I come back for more.

  182. Nicki

    Love it!

  183. Michelle Manuel

    This is the best juice I have ever had. I will have to come back to try their other juices

  184. robert blevins

    this is my favorite by far. the flavor is amazing.

  185. Jonathan

    You can taste the sweetness of fruit punch this is well worth the re try and it is a great juice to grab to give you that sweet taste of summer

  186. Sheri

    It never seems like summer until I’ve had my first taste of watermelon! This juice tastes like summer.


    I really like the fruit punch type flavor. Its nice and strong.

  188. Tim

    Well I have no choice but to leave a 5 star rating because I never got the juice. Checked the tracking and it said delivered in mail box. So I got all happy and skipped down to the mail box with a huge smile… open the mail box to see that there’s nothing in there… ain’t sh**…. call the post office and they’re all like.. oh are you sure?? Blah blah blah.. so I slowly walked back home looking at the ground hoping to find my pride…

  189. Abbey

    This is my first time with this flavor. It’s new and improved and good. Would recommend this vape to everyone.

  190. Seth Jasiewicz

    Taste great Vape

  191. Ewing

    Awesome taste. Just like Hawaiian punch

  192. Robert McDevitt

    Great tasting Vape.

  193. Tammy Lance

    Vapes good, good price and good taste.

  194. Terell

    Since I started vaping about a year ago I’ve been looking for a good fruit punch e-juice. I tried about 5 or 6 and gave up….till I found Broke Dick on IG. It is absolutely what I was looking for, easily one of the best juices I’ve ever had. It doesn’t just taste and smell like punch, it has the after taste and zing and everything! Great job sir, great job.


    Very flavorful little strong on my drop but non the less still great flavor definitely will be buying again

  196. Darc

    I didn’t expect it to be this amazing. My new ADV. I use a dripper and love this flavor. It even holds up well to me living in Texas, riding a motorcycle, and working in a bakery (translation my life is VERY toasty)

  197. Nikkie

    I’ve purchased other brands before but nothing comes close waiting on new flavors

  198. Dmatt

    This is an amazing juice the fruits that they blend together is genius itz an amazing juice…

  199. Clifford L Ferguson

    will buy again

  200. Iven Ansley

    What a cup is a pretty good Vape

  201. John Purdy

    Water Cup is bae af

  202. Matthew Briggs

    Nother great ejuice…

  203. Tracy Sadewater

    Love it!!! Super fresh awesome fruit flavor.

  204. Isaac Barajas

    Great Vape

  205. robert blevins

    this is one of my favorites. awesome flavor

  206. jerry key

    its a great ejuice but it had to steep like the company surjested fast shipping great price 2 120 for 23.00

  207. Brian Ferguson

    Great juice for those summer days perfect blend of flavors and overall enjoyable vape experience.

  208. Blair Ginley

    You just can’t beat this vape juice. Great taste at an amazing price. And free shipping! Amazing. It’s my ADV

  209. Matt Dunkin

    I had been looking for a new company to order from as I was sick of settling with third-rate juice from companies charging first-rate prices. After doing some searching online, I read some reviews on Broke Dick and my interest was piqued – especially after going to their site and seeing their prices. I went with Water Cup and have to say I couldn’t be happier – this juice tastes excellent, my new favorite and every-day-vape. I’m looking forward to trying some other flavors in their line down the road, but this flavor is awesome!

  210. Zach Knox

    Water cup is a great combination of flavors. This fruit medley is very smooth and taste amazing!

  211. Shane Scalise

    I’m not sure if I like this one yet. It is a nice, sweet and tangy, clean burning juice, but it kinda reminds me of child’s cough medicine because of the mixed berry.
    It has an awesome, and surprisingly hard throat hit, and its clean on the coils. I just have to get past my brain block on it.

  212. Ben Duthu

    One of my favorite juices. Solid all day vape

  213. Nick Bowles

    I have love ld this flavor since i first came across broke dick

  214. Blaze

    I received this vape juice and it came in an old bottle with the old label, very fast shipping though received it in 3 days after order

  215. Joel Williams

    Vaping saved my life! Quit 40 year smoking habit after Heart attack 2 years ago. Jumped on cig-a-likes, then Sub Ohm, now ENJOYING these Awesome Broke Dick Flavors in several MTL Above Ohm Flavor Tanks! Not sure how I’m gonna get through these Two HUGE (Buy-one Get one!!!) Bottles! Best Price EVAR!

  216. Shane Scalise

    Not bad at all. Good mix of flavors, easy on the coils, and the throat hit is like a swift kick to the uvula from a donkey. Not my favorite Dick vape juice, but i’d buy it again.

  217. Travis Grizzle

    By far the best of four broke dick vape juices I’ve tried. Amazing flavor

  218. Brandon Littler

    Great taste! Not a strong nicotine hit either. A good all day vape juice.

  219. Diane Harsh

    I love this one also!

  220. Joe hookin

    I have been using this flavor as my all day vape for over a year now every month I make my order I don’t vape anything else this is an amazing ejuice even through all the changes to better more flavorful ingredients it just got better 5/5 keep up the good work rich

  221. Fernando Flores

    Sooo Fruity to taste!!! Very Refreshing and Cool!!! This is the Best so far!!!

  222. Daniel Murphy

    Excellent! True fruit punch. Refreshing and great alternating between it and Overdraft. I gave it a 5 because it is so close to real fruit punch. Anthough 1 day is the reccomended steep time it is best for me to steep these juices 4-5 days. After vaping since 2013 I find Broke Dick among the best and it goes without saying the pricing is insane lolol

  223. Lawrence Llamas

    So I got water cup man I was not to sure about it but I wanted to give it a try I really appreciate the favor damn good I telling all my friends and they all like it

  224. Shon L Vander

    Great flavor, and the price is unbeatable

  225. Iceman

    Excellent flavor, nice fruity blend, thumbs up

  226. Hunter Seeton

    I’ve tried many companies’ juices with expectations of flavor that weren’t being met. Water Cup shattered these expectations and delivered where others couldn’t. Tastes like the dry powder of fruit punch mix but with all the juiciness of the fruit in it.

  227. Tim Jenkinson

    Very fruit punch flavor I like it. I got the 3 mg. Not the strongest lung hit but everyone I let try it liked it. I’d definitely buy it again.

  228. Ashley C.

    I love this juice it’s my every day vape. I love the sweet taste and all the notes it hits.

  229. Andrew

    Great juice taste really good!! Great place to purchase from!!

  230. Rachel Castro

    So grateful I found affordable, quality juice. Thank you for the seriously quick shipping as well.
    For the enormous amount of juice I get for a very fair price and no extra charge for shipping plus 5 star quality flavored juice – you cannot go wrong .

  231. Matt

    Great tasting but not for my suorin air device

  232. John York

    I didnt like it at first, put it in the back of the cupboard. Revisted and wow it had changed! Very tropical, great job guys!

  233. Christina Meredith

    Great flavor. Will definitely purchase again.

  234. Christopher Pulsipher

    I have tried a lot of brand and flavor’s at double and triple the price. This is by far the best flavor at an unbeatable price with faster shipping. Thanks

  235. Charles Joiner

    Damn fine juice for the price!!!!

  236. Tyrone

    I love this juice. I’ve ordered about 7 juices and like them all but 1.

  237. LadyDee

    Real tasty

  238. Iven Ansley

    Started using broke dick because I lost my job need it Vape juice and found out water cup is the best you have to let it steep for a while and use a low setting on a sub ohm tank but this is really good juice and it’s really inexpensive wish they would start the BOGO again!!!!!!!

  239. Isaac

    Excellent, great, coolness.

  240. Stephen Benesch

    So I am picky on juice. But after some stuff happened in my family I started back smoking stinkys. A friend told me about broke dick. Well let’s just say I will only be ordering from here because the taste is amazing and you can’t beat the price. Can’t wait to try some more flavors.

  241. Callie Eckelkamp

    Tastes like Hawaiian Punch except it doesn’t leave your lips all red. Great juice!

  242. Trisha

    My favorite

  243. Kellii Scott

    F’ in love this juice. Holy Shite it’s such a delicious mouthful. This is so delicious I have to keep coming back to get more more more..

  244. Denise Mckinley

    will order again its a keeper

  245. Thomas Pawlak

    Great juice at a great price!!!

  246. Beth Friedman

    By far my favorite! I have purchased Prepaid and 1 of the limited editions in the past. I like Prepaid, but Water Cup I love!

  247. Kyle Gaut

    love the hell out of this definitely ordering more through this site in the next couple of days.

  248. Russell HALL

    Great flavor! Takes me back to drinking fruit punch as a kid. Well done

  249. Jack Sk

    I expected this to be overly sugary and intense. It was not. It definitely had strong flavors, but nothing overpowering, so it’s not going to linger when you’re done. This was very well blended.
    I was afraid of the soap/perfume taste that others mentioned, but it never presented to me.

    It’s in the top 5.

  250. Karen Shea

    I can’t believe the quality of this juice for the price! Thanks Broke Dick! Will be a returning customer for sure!

  251. Starry Bell

    Wanted to thank Broke Dick for a very tasty and affordable vape juice. I order Water Cup along with a few other flavors and so far this is my favorite. I use this as an ADV and I love love love it. I had to steep it for a little bit before It tasted right but that was expected. I left the cap of like instructed for a couple days and then I threw it in a box and about a week later the chemical taste was gone. I’ve vaped about 1/4 of the bottle and I’ll tell ya I can’t wait to order more. It takes like Kool-aid and Hawaiin punch! Ty again

  252. Joe Rather

    one of the best flavors I’ve ever had!! and the price is unbeatable

  253. Louis Nelsen

    New Clapton. New wick. New flavor. New and last new company. This flavor is everything you read and more.

  254. Cameron Counts

    great flavor with no signs of it getting boring!

  255. Louis Nelsen

    Where have you been all my life? I steeped it for about 24 hours. Great flavor. Then another 12 and OM GAWD! What a difference. About a quarter of a bottle gone and haven’t burned through my Cleito 120 mesh coil. If i gotta be broke to get great flavors…broker i be. Keep it up.

  256. Melody Reynolds

    It’s good, but it burns quick.

  257. Heather Robinson

    So far this is my favorite flavor!

  258. Reginald Cajuste

    This is one of my favorites.

  259. Debra Mcbride

    As described in the name, a watered down fruit taste! I’m not a fan, sorry

  260. Dee Robertson

    I would like to have a boosted flavor of Water Cup. I mean make that pineapple pop !!!

  261. Lizzie M

    This is my favorite flavor!!!

  262. Brittany Wells

    BROKEDICK’s Water Cup E-Juice is totally rad. Its the best Fruit Punch that I’ve ever had.

  263. Vickie Bawiec

    Great favor

  264. Julia Cody

    Anxiously awaiting my first ever order from Broke Dick, I couldn’t wait to fill my tank when my juice arrived. I’d heard about steeping and didn’t give much consideration to it because-well- out of all the vape shops I’ve been to… none ever one time said a thing about steeping a juice. I get why they don’t now. I decided to steep the water cup and after a week it made me a believer. The flavors were rich and full but not distinguishable. I really dig how these guys meld their flavors!
    I’ve dropped a little lychee menthol in and found nirvana.

  265. EnZed

    This would be an absolutely brilliant Magnum flavor, I think. I’m not a huge “fruit” vape fan, but I like this a lot… and I think I’d love it if there were a bit more flavor.

  266. Pamela Morey

    Thanks for keeping my juice so cheap!

  267. Jacque

    This is my 4th flavor from brokedick, and i must say how impressed i am without time to steep a few days. I cannot wait to taste this again in another week, to let the pineapple settle down a bit as Richard says will happen. This is likely to be an adv for me, and believe me when i say i’ve never had a liquid that i liked enough to vape it exclusively, until now! Kudos to Brokedick…you are the first!

  268. scott schwermer

    Very smooth. My first purchase and I am pleasantly surprised. More flavor than I expected.

  269. McKinley Buckley

    This is a wonderful e-juice. I had to let it steep for a day or two to get rid of some of the harshness from the pineapple, but the flavor is intense! Very impressed with this company.

  270. Megan

    Absolutely love this juice. It’s definitely my favorite right now!

  271. Theodore

    All the flavours are spot on. Great price. Fast shipping. I’m never disappointed.

  272. T Carswell

    Literally the best I’ve tried.. wish it came in magnum.

  273. Kadyn

    I’m juicy for this juice. It’s the best flavor and the best brand I’ve ever had.

  274. Parker Linson


  275. Susan Meyers

    This is a favorite of such a tasty mixture of fruity flavors. You can’t find a better company to do business with!

  276. Janice Coffman

    Love the smooth pineapple flavor of this juice. Lightning fast shipping!! BD has the best juice I’ve ever tasted hands down!!

  277. Helen G

    Water cup is my go to broke dick ADV. The only flavor I think is better was Sangria and really wish it would come back! I would describe water cup as the best fruit punch I’ve ever tasted. Great strength

  278. Starry Bell

    This is my third time ordering the tasty, delicious, flavorful Water Cup. I have to say I have two favorites and this is one of them. It tastes like Hawaiin Punch without the super sweetness and its my ADV. 🙂 TY Broke Dick I am so Happy I found this company. While I was already vaping full time your juice got my husband to drop the cigarettes and for that I thank you. You have customers for as long as we vape over here! Fast shipping to NJ and my juice came a day early.

  279. Shawn

    Great liquid, love the pineapple. Excellent price for quality liquid. Will be doing business with BD.

  280. Matthew Pitts

    Okay welllll its just soo hard to compare to the only other juice I’ve gotten was prepaid. They are both unbelievably GREAT. I CAN’T WAIT TO ORDER AGAIN AND GET A FLAVOR BOOST!!! OH DON’T FORGET BROKE DICK IS THE VERY BEST VALUE IN VAPE JUICE I HAVE EVER FOUND. BEEN VAPING SINCE DAY 1 !!!! Keep up the good job guys!!! Customer forever!!!

  281. Jim

    My go to flavor, nice smooth fruity flavors, give this a try!

  282. jonathan White

    Awesome flavor at a good price. Will be ordering more from broke Dick soon

  283. jonathan White

    Great juice at a great price. Thanks BD

  284. Kenneth Lemoine

    Not bad at all will reorder again

  285. Barbara

    Price is great and a good product but it needs to be a little sweeter.

  286. reginald bradshaw

    love water cup, love this company

  287. Sebastian Anderton

    I steeped mine and it still had a little bitter like taste to me. Not a big fan but every other flavor I’ve had I’ve liked a lot.

  288. Shirley. Tripp

    After letting product breathe, it is light for me but useable.

  289. Stephen Higgins

    Good Flavor good product

  290. Chelsea

    Amazing flavor. Smooth hits.

  291. Steven Belmont

    This is my go to flavor when I need to switch it up from my adv. I love this it’s just like the red Hawaiian Punch.

  292. Josh Pfeil

    Ordered on April 31st…today is may 10th still haven’t received my juice. Probably USPS problem not sure

  293. Brenda Williams

    I expected this to be like other fruity flavors I have tried—too sweet. The smooth well-blended fruit punch flavor was unexpected. Usually, with multiple fruit flavored ejuices I’ve tried, there’s always that one fruit that’s overpowering. Water Cup doesn’t have that, nor is it too sweet. I don’t care much for the real sweet ejuices., so when I end up with one, I usually either give it away, or mix it with something else to try and tone the sweetness down. I’ve not had to do that with Water Cup. It’s smooth and tasty. Just what I like!

  294. Eric LaVoie

    Great juice even without steeping. Not too sweet. Just perfect.

  295. Catherine Balfour

    My all time favorite.


    Like it, but needs to be sweeter. Maybe Magnum?

  297. Daniel Buskey

    Very good flavor

  298. Amanda

    first time order and won’t be my last. I haven’t even changed my coil yet but this flavor is fantastic I can definitely pick up the raspberry and strawberry notes and citrus on the exhale. Great vapor production
    Great job Broke Dick from a flavor snob ❤

  299. Ruben Gonzalez

    Simply said it’s my favorite flavor. I wish they sold in a three pack.

  300. john corsetti

    good juice fast ship great price

  301. Alfred

    This reminds me of the fruit punch I would drink as a kid. It is very fruity and smooth I have vaped it all day and want more. It is that good trust me.

  302. Heidi W.

    Broke Dick WaterCup Fruit Punch …
    What can I say other than this is a one…
    I have tried so many types and different flavors of Vape juice but as soon as discovered Water Cup , this is the only one I ever use anymore . Seriously guys . I’m totally not kidding I dont work for this company nor am I being paid to write this.

    It has a fruity taste, but not to much , just the right amount , It’s light and smells good the flavor lasts quite a while . So just try it . YOu’ll know what Im talking about.

  303. johnny whited

    I ordered a bottle of this it tasted pretty good but it’s not the best I had worth the money though I would buy more

  304. Curtis D Levy

    Really Really Loving It

  305. Kay Ireland

    I love it! The flavor is great, not overbearing or too sweet. The cloud is very satisfying, too. I will get this, again. You guys know how to mix em!

  306. Iven Ansley

    Very good juice nice and clean and great flavor

  307. Heather Webster

    I’ve been buying and using Broke Dick’s Water Cup for two years now, it is my every day vape – can’t beat the price, speed of shipping, and flavor – AND, this juice just doesn’t burn your coils out…no joke but I get so much life out of my coils that you probably wouldn’t believe me if I told you how long between coil changes. Broke Dick…best hands down!

  308. Ashley S

    After years of searching for something that has a delicious flavor without tasting like I smoked a carton, I have been blessed with this holy grail in the form of vape juice. This is such a smooth, not too sweet, delicious juice. Anyone who takes a puff, is immediately dumbfounded by how flavorful and fresh this juice is. If you are looking for something that is akin to a fruit punch, stop looking and buy this.

  309. Dianna Robertson

    Best BrokeDick I ever had

  310. Nathan Ward

    I bought Water Cup fruit punch! I bought this and another flavor and I really like the fruit punch! To me it taste like Kool Aid red on the inhale and juicy fruit on the exhale. It’s a solid all day vape. I’m exited to try the magnum (2X flavor) Water cup next! I’ll be a customer until the mail vape van hits – I just switched to vaping and finally found a good connect on juice and the vape ban is coming… I guess that’s life. Thank you again BD!

  311. sherri wells

    Awesome flavor and awesome vaping with.

  312. Avis Garcia

    This is my favorite I love the great flavor and smooth hits I highly recommend it

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