Richard's Hemp Health (60ml) - Lemon Cake

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AT LEAST Half the price of our competitors.

The same way that Broke Dick changed the vape juice industry by introducing Affordable great tasting products, we're doing it again but with hemp. While others may be cutting corners and using inferior hemp products to bring their prices down, we're just not greedy Vape Hogs and charge a reasonable price for the best hemp oil on the market.

FLAVOR: With lemon zest, lemon cake and lemon meringue drizzled with icing, this is the perfect pound cake for dessert lovers! Already this Luscious Lemon Cake has become an ADV (all day vape) for almost everyone who tries it.  NON-Hemp version of the flavor can be found here.

  • 8.3mg Hemp per milliliter
  • Full-spectrum hemp extract
  • Other beneficial molecules, essential oils, terpenes, and amino acids
  • 100% organic, legally sourced hemp from the EU

Our Hemp Vape does not utilize Isolates or synthesized hemp. The benefits of using our natural hemp oil extract are the abilities to achieve the "entourage effect" which cause all the natural hemp oils and terpenes to work synergistically, for optimal benefit.

Made in Clearwater, FL USA


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  • 5

    Posted by james on May 21st 2018

    best value ever
    works great for me

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    Lemon hemp health

    Posted by Jewell on May 20th 2018

    I have been using this stuff for a year. It gets expensive on monthly vape purchases. I’m so glad I found broke dick! Affordable prices. I won’t buy it anywhere else!

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    Good, but very strong flavor

    Posted by Andrew Muenster on May 17th 2018

    I did not expect such a strong flavor but it is growing on me. I like that you notice each of the flavors. Great value.

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    Lemon cake

    Posted by Jeremy Ellis on May 17th 2018

    This is some tasty stuff. Effects are amazing as well. Calm cool and headaches and back pain subside with this e juice.

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    Hemp Health Lemon Cake

    Posted by Diane on May 16th 2018

    Great product. After using for a little over a week I feel it is definitely helping with my arthritis. I have a problem sleeping due to pain in my legs and restless leg syndrome. I have been sleeping much better. The taste is so smooth & I love the lemon. Thanks for a great product at a great price.

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    Amazing “hemp” ejuice

    Posted by Kyle Hall on May 10th 2018

    Absolutely fucking love it. Amazing flavor, pain relief, and anxiety relief. I got my gma and my mom to do it and they absolutely love it. Would recommend to anyone, especially people with anxiety or lots of pain

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    Great taste and effects.

    Posted by Alan Chambers on May 9th 2018

    This is the second hemp e juice i tried from here and it was great. Had an excellent lemon meringue flavor and works well. I gave a gave a full recovery on the mix Berry hemp on my Page and i will do the same with this one recommending it to everyone! Thanks BD #vapinAce

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    The BEST Hemp Vape Juice I have Found!

    Posted by Karen Lee on May 3rd 2018

    May 3, 2018: I ordered a bottle of "Richard's Hemp Health" 500mg/60ml (8.31ml Full Spectrum w/Terpenes per 1ml) "Lemon Cake" flavored Vape Juice for $29.50 on Weds. April 25 @ 13:30pm; Total price: $32.51 via Bank Debit Card w/optional faster 1st class USPS postage chosen. No errors or problems encountered with my bank card.
    *It was shipped out @07:17am the next day, Thurs., from Largo, FL and delivered to my PO Box in NM (approx 2,500 miles) @ 08:25am on Saturday, 2 days later. Absolutely perfect service, IMO.
    *I picked it up 2 days later, on Monday, April 30th; today is Thursday, May 3rd. So I have 4 days of Vaping experiences, using it twice a day now.

    *I put 2ml of Juice in a "oldie but goodie" eLeaf GS Air Tank w/o 1.2ohm coil. After playing around a bit with lower and higher settings; I found my "Sweet Spot" for this juice is @ 22.2W/5.12V via an eLeaf iStick Pico Resin 75W Single 18650 Battery mod.
    Lower settings of 10-30W are quite sufficient for this juice.

    (For Non-Hemp juices; I usually vape w/a Dual Battery Mod, 0.5ohm Coil, @ 31-40W settings; so, "less is more" pleasant and effective, I have found with this Hemp Based product.

    *The Juice has a lovely delicate, creamy lemon flavor; more like a light lemon frosting than a cake to my palate; like licking the spoon after frosting the cake. The flavor seems to be getting both smoother and stronger each day; so I have put aside 20ml and am steeping it for a week; to try in another month or so, for comparison's sake; when I reorder more (Which I shall be doing!).

    *****EFFECTS: THIS is what you want to know! NOTE: THESE are MY Body's Conditions and Responses so far; PURELY SUBJECTIVE without "Guarantees" for anyone else! CAPS are used for Emphasis of what I consider to be IMPORTANT SUBJECT RELATED INFO; and, to help others who have similar conditions seeking similar results to locate and find info; Not to "SHOUT" nor intended to be Offensive.

    *First, I assure you, despite the lower concentration of "only" 8.3mg Hemp per 1ml; this product IS POTENT!

    *I am Vaping 5-6 inhalations morning and bedtime. I inhale a 2 sec puff of Juice, followed by a 2 sec inhalation of air via my mouth, hold it in for 10-30 secs; exhale fully, followed by at least 5 DEEP BREATHS OF AIR before taking another hit of Hemp.
    *(This, BTW, is the correct way to Vape Hemp products to get the Full Effects with the least amount of product. I have only used up a bit more than 1ml of this product in 4 Days/7 sessions to date.)

    *Morning results are noticed within 15-30 minutes. A LOOSENING UP of all of my STIFF, SORE POLYARTHRALGIA joints and FIBROMYALGIA Connective Tissue PAINS; especially in the low back and hips.

    *I have also noticed that it has a rather CALMING EFFECT also.
    I don't suffer from ANXIETY or PTSD, but I definitely notice a Strong MELLOWING of my whole being.

    *The first time I used it; after I did about 10 puffs, I noticed it was giving me a SLIGHTLY GOOFY IN THE HEAD and MARSHMALLOW BODY SENSATIONS; like I was getting a little high.
    As I had to drive somewhere, I definitely did NOT want That effect, so I stopped sampling it. These sensations wore off within 30-40 minutes. Since then, to avoid these feelings; I limit my inhalations to 5-6 per session.

    *I have also noticed that I am no longer having my CHRONIC HEADACHES every afternoon. These are a side effect of a prescription drug I am on for another condition; which causes me to have to lay down for a few hours every day to escape light and sounds; resulting in INSOMNIA every night.
    This has been going on for months and has been Very Annoying.
    I get nothing done all afternoon; then, despite "feeling sleepy and tired" at bedtime; after I go to bed I can't sleep because my BRAIN IS WIDE AWAKE.

    *The past 3 days and today I have been able to be AWAKE, ALERT and HEADACHE-FREE All day; resulting in more productivity and feeling HAPPIER because I don't have a HEADACHE and have gotten more things done with LESS BODY ACHES AND PAINS; resulting in MORE ENERGY, FOCUS and STAMINA.

    *In the evening, I do another 5-6 puffs; resulting in lessening of returning Body Aches and Pains, Slowing Down of Brain "Concerns, Worries and To-Do-Tomorrow Thoughts"; and, a GENERALIZED FEELING of RELAXATION until I decide to go to bed @ around 11pm and am ABLE TO FALL ASLEEP WITHIN A HALF HOUR.

    *As described on the Products Page and bottle of "Richard's Hemp Health"; the inclusion of all of "the good things" that Mother Nature creates in a Hemp plant that is later processed and reduced to a Full Spectrum Hemp juice with the retention of the plant's natural terpenes and other bio-available components makes

    *For those of you who don't know; "Hemp Isolate" is only THAT; ISOLATED Hemp from the Hemp plant with ALL of the other viral plant components REMOVED; and many of those components are NECESSARY for the Hemp part to be fully effective.

    *Think of it this way: You have a car with a full gas tank, but you can't drive it if there is no Oil in the Engine Block; the Gas (Hemp) can't take you where you want to go (Desired Effect) because the Oil (Other Hemp Plant Components Minus most of any THC) isn't there to boost and get the Engine running smoothly.

    *Sorry for the Digression; but over the past 1.5 years, I have tried a dozen of the less expensive but higher concentration Hemp ISOLATE products: Vape Juices, Candies and Oral Sublingual.
    I have found them ALL to be NEXT to NOTHING in effects desired compared to the more costly FULL-SPECTRUM Products; of which I have also tried another half a dozen.

    *If you're new to hemp, Please Learn from my financial waste mistakes ($500-ish) thinking that I was "Getting a Bargain" and SAVE YOUR MONEY to Buy FULL-SPECTRUM products.
    Don't think that you are "getting more milligrams for less money so it will Be/Work Better and Last Longer" by purchasing ISOLATE Products. You Aren't.

    *MAYBE a small percentage of you get the desired effects that you are seeking from SIMPLE Hemp ISOLATED PRODUCTS; Especially Dabbers and Waxes; but Most People, Especially those with a VARIETY OF CONDITIONS, like myself, WILL BENEFIT MUCH MORE FROM FULL-SPECTRUM products.

    And these have resulted in INCREASED: OBESITY and GENERALIZED OUT-OF-SHAPE Body.

    *Prior to the onset of these conditions in my early 50's; I spent my adult career, as a Nurse; on my feet almost constantly, lifting, moving, working 12+ hour shifts 4-5 days a week in ICU, ER, Med-Surg Units Non-stop for the previous 30 years. I also served as a Licensed "Ready, Willing and Able" EMT-B doing 35 mile Ambulance Rural Health Emergency Runs on my nursing nights off for several years. I was built like a working pony, "Strong like Bull", Social Butterfly @ 140-160# of Muscles with only a little "Extra Baggage" as Fat. Now, from my conditions, sadly I am much more "Fluffy than Muscled".

    *I do not take drink alcohol or take narcs other than an occasional Tramadol, Medical Marijuana is Not an Option since I continue to drive independently and G*D Forbid I'm in an accident with a Positive DUI Drug Screening. I can not take NSAID's or Aspirin products due to Another €»©}¡^¿ Condition; So I am "desperate" to find alternative, more natural products such as Hemp to help me be able to be Pain-Free enough so that I can increase my mobility, activity and strength levels to decrease the body fat and reconditioning.

    *That is my goal. As for Vaping Juices; after trying quite a few brands; both Full and Isolated Juices; I think that I have finally found a great, affordable and effective source @ "Broke Dick's".

    *Hopefully, you will also. Have a "0-3 Pain Level Day"!

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    Lemon Cake Hemp Health

    Posted by Ramah Navidi on May 1st 2018

    I really enjoy this flavor of hemp oil. It mixed really well most flavors of vape juice. Out of the three hemp health juices I prefer this one the most