Temperature Control Vaping: Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Richard Broke on Jan 21st 2020

Experiencing a dry hit can be one of the worst things about vaping, and it's a concern whether you are a new or experienced vaper. Fortunately, you may be able to say goodbye to dry hits, burned wicks, and other vaping drawbacks, thanks to temperature control vaping. Here are a few things that you should know about temperature control vaping, including how to get started.

What Is Temperature Control Vaping?

Vape devices come in all shapes and sizes, including something known as a box mod. A box mod is a type of modified vaporizer that features a circuit board that allows for advanced features such as temperature control. Temperature control vaping is simply setting a maximum coil temperature. The temperature control feature in your vaping device will monitor the temperature of your heating coil, and when the maximum temperature is reached, the power to your coil will be limited or stopped completely to make sure this temperature is not exceeded. Temperature control makes it easier to enjoy your preferred style of vaping, whether it's taking small, frequent inhales or inhaling big clouds of vapor. Once you get the hang of temperature control vaping, you're virtually guaranteed to have a great time whenever you pick up your vape pen.

How Does Temperature Control Vaping Work?

If you're interested in temperature control vaping, it's a good idea to take a brief look at how the process works. Temperature control vaping is possible because of resistance, which you may already be familiar with if you're an experienced vaper. Resistance means how much current is able to pass through the coil in your vape pen. Some coils have a set resistance, while the resistance of other coils will increase as the temperature increases. Typical vape devices use Kanthal coils, which have the same level of resistance regardless of the temperature. With temperature control vaping, you'll need to use a type of coil whose resistance increases as it heats up. First, the temperature control feature will check the room temperature resistance of your coil. When you start vaping, your box mod will continuously monitor this resistance and will adjust power output to make sure the coil never heats up beyond the temperature that you've selected. If you've never tried temperature control vaping, the easiest way to understand how the process works is comparing it to the cruise control feature of your automobile. With cruise control, you set your desired speed, and then your vehicle maintains that speed. Temperature control is very similar. You set your preferred maximum coil temperature, and then your box mod makes sure the coil reaches, but never exceeds that temperature.

The Advantages of Temperature Control

Now that you have a basic idea of how temperature control vaping works, it's time to take a look at some of the biggest advantages of temperature control. Avoiding dry or burnt hits is probably the biggest benefit of temperature control. Normal vape devices will keep working when the wick dries out, but this isn't the case with temperature control vaping. When the wick dries and the temperature rises, the box mod will cut power, allowing you to add more vape juice and prevent an unpleasant dry hit. Extended wick and coil life is another advantage of temperature control vaping. Because the vape device cuts off before a dry hit, you won't accidentally burn your wick, which allows it to last much longer. Similarly, controlling the temperature of the coil helps to reduce wear over time, meaning the lifespan of your coil will be a lot longer than with a normal vape device. With temperature control vaping, your battery should also last a lot longer before it needs recharging. A temperature control device will only use as much power as needed to keep your coil at your desired temperature, and because of this reduced power consumption, you'll be able to enjoy lengthier vaping sessions. Finally, but maybe most importantly, temperature control vaping offers better vape consistency than normal devices. You should get the same vapor production and flavor with every hit you take off of your vape pen, which isn't possible with regular vape devices.

The Disadvantages of Temperature Control

While temperature control vaping is beneficial in several regards, there are several disadvantages that you should also take into account. Once you're aware of the potential drawbacks, you should be able to decide if temperature control vaping is right for you. Complexity is the main disadvantage of temperature control vaping. If you're new to this form of vaping, you'll probably need to do a little experimentation before you're able to get the best vaping experience. Also, if you're new to vaping in general, you may prefer a simpler device that you can just pick up and use without having to worry about adjusting any settings. Another drawback of temperature control vaping is that it can be a little difficult to find the right device. Not all vape mods allow for effective temperature control vaping, even if they include a temperature control feature. Low-cost mass market vape mods can be especially limited in this regard. If you want quality temperature control vaping, you'll need to take your time choosing your device, and you'll likely need to spend a little bit more money. Lastly, with temperature control vaping, your choices for pre-built coils will be somewhat limited. Generally, most tanks don't come standard with a coil suitable for temperature control vaping, which means you'll need to purchase and install a new coil before you can get started. You do have the option of building your own coils, but this can be very difficult and is best left to more experienced vapers.

How to Get Started With Temperature Control

While there are several factors that you'll need to consider, getting started with temperature control vaping isn't as difficult as you might imagine. Selecting the right device is the most important part of starting this form of vaping. Most devices that allow for temperature control vaping will clearly state as such, so you shouldn't have any trouble finding a device. That said, not all vape mods are the same, meaning some will be better at temperature control than others. Once you've purchased your vape device, you'll need to make sure you have the right type of wire for your coil. Most vape devices come with either a Kanthal or nichrome coil, which aren't suitable for temperature control vaping. If you want to temperature control vape, you'll need a coil made from one of these four materials:

  • Nickel 200 (Ni200).
  • Nickel ferrous (NiFe).
  • Stainless Steel.
  • Titanium Grade 1 (Ti).

Stainless steel is generally your best option, as it comes in several grades, is widely available, and can be used in both temperature control mode and wattage mode. NiFe is also a good choice, but it can be a lot harder to find than stainless steel. Whatever type of wire you choose, you'll need to know its temperature coefficient before you can temperature control vape safely and effectively. Your vape mod needs to know the temperature coefficient so that it knows how much power to send to your coil and when to cut power to limit coil temperature. Fortunately, many vape mods come preset with the temperature coefficient for common materials such as stainless steel. Because many of the wire materials that you choose are available in different grades, you should probably look for a vape mod that allows you to input a custom temperature coefficient. Making sure you can set the precise temperature coefficient for your coil will lead to a much safer and pleasurable vaping experience.

How to Vape With Temperature Control

Temperature Control Vaping Image via Flickr by oron3 Vaping with temperature control is a little more involved than normal vaping, so let's take a look at the steps so that you can make sure you vape the right way. First, power on your vape mod and make sure that it's in temperature control mode. Once you've selected the right mode, you need to make sure to select your type of coil. Both your vape mod and your tank will need to be at room temperature to ensure the accuracy of temperature readings while you're vaping. Installing your coil is the next step you'll need to take. Make sure that your coil is firmly attached in your atomizer or tank. After your coil has been installed, you should attach your tank or atomizer to your vape mod. Check to make sure the connection is as tight as possible. Examine the screen of your mod to make sure it is correctly reading the resistance, and if so, lock in the setting by pressing the appropriate button. In most cases, your vape mod will automatically set the wattage, but some mods allow you to adjust this setting manually. Adjusting the wattage yourself is usually a good idea if you're using the coil that came standard with your tank. Check the coil head for the lowest recommended temperature and wattage settings, and then input these settings into your vape mod. While you're vaping, you can adjust these settings according to your preferences.

At What Temperature Should I Vape?

One of the most difficult factors in temperature control vaping, especially for newcomers, is choosing the temperature at which to vape. Generally, you should start at the lowest possible setting, and then increase it 10 degrees at a time depending on your preferences. Set your temperature on your vape mod and then take a test hit. Hopefully, you should get good vapor production and flavor. With the right temperature, you'll be able to take long draws off of your vape device without risk of burning your wick or overheating your coil. Like most things in life, the temperature that you choose will depend almost entirely on your preferences. If you prefer cooler vapor, then you'll obviously want a lower temperature, and if you like your vapor hot, you can raise the temperature. If it's your first time temperature control vaping, experiment with a range of temperatures until you find the spot that's right for you. Keep in mind that the temperature you choose can impact the amount of moisture in your vapor. If you take a hit and notice that the vapor is a little dry, you should lower the temperature a bit to restore moisture. Again, it may take a little trial and error before you find the temperature setting that you prefer.

Where to Buy Temperature Control Vapes

As mentioned, having the right device is key if you want to enjoy temperature control vaping fully. If you've never purchased a temperature control vape before, however, it can be hard to know where to shop. Fortunately, these vape devices are widely available and can be purchased from several different sources. Generally, you should be able to visit your local vape shop and find a wide array of temperature control vapes. Purchasing your vape device from a physical store can be a good decision if you've never used one of these devices before. One of the employees should be able to tell you about the different temperature control vapes available, and then help you choose the device that best meets your needs and preferences. You can also buy temperature control vapes from an online vendor. Vaping is extremely popular, and there are countless websites that offer both vape devices and a wide range of vape juice flavors. Wherever you decide to purchase your temperature control vape, you should make sure to invest in the highest quality device possible. Spending a little extra money will give you access to advanced features and should result in a much better temperature control vaping experience.

Is Temperature Control Vaping Right for You?

While temperature control vaping isn't for everyone, it can be an excellent choice for many vapers. If you're tired of dry hits and burnt wicks, for example, then temperature control vaping is an excellent option. Temperature control vaping is also a good choice for anyone who values consistent vapor production and the ability to customize their experience. If you're the type of person who prefers ease of use, then temperature control vaping probably isn't the best idea. Vaping with temperature control is much more complex than other forms of vaping and also requires more of an investment of your time and money. Try out temperature control vaping once, however, and it's the only way you may ever want to vape. Like what you just read? Consider clicking one of the affiliate links in this post or using the Vape Deals page on the site to make your next purchase. You get the chance to buy products (at a discount) from great companies, and we get a small commission when you use these links -- which helps keep the lights on and pay for more great content. It's a win-win!