Vape Juice

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Vape Juice

Vape juice is the key ingredient that makes your vaporizer functional. Load up with your juice of choice and you can enjoy the perfect vaping experience. Whether you're chasing thick clouds or looking for a heavy throat hit, there's a product that can meet your needs. Our selection of vape juices includes an abundance of quality options that will give you a tasty and satisfying vaping experience.

What Is Vape Juice?

Vape juice is the liquid used in vape pens, e-cigs, box mods, and other vaporizers. This juice is heated inside the device to produce a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled for that satisfying vaping experience you're after. If you're using a disposable product like an e-cig, the vape juice is included in the device and disposed of along with the electronic cigarette when you're finished. Other vaporizers are refillable. This is where our vape juices come in.

You can select the vape juice of your choice and drop it into your vaporizer to customize your vaping experience. Choose the flavor of the day, pick a vape juice for its clouds, or select the perfect product for a smooth hit with every inhale. The options are seemingly endless when you dive into the diverse world of vape juices.

What's the Difference in Vape Juices?

There are many key differences that you'll find among different vape juices. The most noticeable one is flavor. You can find vape juices with a rich dessert flavor, a fresh fruity hit, or a familiar menthol taste. Vape juice formulas also vary based on their ingredients, which we'll tackle next.

What Is in Vape Juice?

Most vape juices contain only a handful of basic ingredients. Understanding the ingredients in your vape juice will help you choose the product that's best for your preferences. Your vape juice likely contains:

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG) - VG is the base for most vape juices. This thick plant-based liquid creates heavy vapor. Your vape juice can contain up to 80 percent VG.

  • Propylene Glycol (PG) - PG is combined with VG to form the base for your vape juice. This odorless alcohol contributes to the product's flavor and throat hit. The percentage of VG to PG determines whether your vape juice favors flavor or clouds.

  • Flavoring - The flavor is the most proprietary component of your vape juice. This is created using a variety of safe chemicals to provide a tasty touch.

  • Nicotine - Most vape juices contain some percentage of nicotine. If you're vaping to quit cigarettes, you will want to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine in your juice.

Selecting your preferred VG to PG ratio will give you the distinctive vape that you're after. Add in a delicious flavor and the right amount of nicotine to get the perfect vape juice for your experience.

Is Vape Juice the Same as E-Juice?

Vape juice and e-juice are the same thing. You may also hear the product referred to as e-liquid. Different brands and buyers favor different terms, but the item you're shopping for isn't any different. These interchangeable terms are all used to describe the liquid that's used in vaporizers.